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    nm omaha Sunday bee: march 12, mtr.
11 A
Horses firought to Yards Fail to
Meet Requirements of French
Many Would Adopt Bright Baby Left
on Doorstep by Broken-Hearted Mother
Loral horwmen at the stock yards ar
ending out another of many request! to
farmers and horse dealers to keep away
from the market with horses that do not
come up to the exact specifications of
the French buyers In this country. Prac
tically all of the trade In horses Is with
the foreign buyers. Horses are repeatedly
rejected by the Frenchmen.
Thlerea Attain Busy.
Thieve again Invaded rrlvato homes
and stores of the South Side yesterday.
Between 1 and ( o'clock yesterday morn
ing; the glass In a window In the store of
Mrs. William Freed, 4932 South Twenty
sixth street, was broken tn, and besides
six pairs of gloves, a half crate of or
anges and a bushel of apples were taken.
Someone entered the front door of the
home of H. H. Cook, 2223 N street, Thurs
day enlng when the family was out
and stole Hi from a vase hidden under,
the dresser In one of the rooms. .
Base Ball In Fall Sway
Base ball among; local public schools
Is in full sway at present. In the first
game of the season South Lincoln school
defeated Hawthorne school by a score of
11 to 9. Yesterday the Hawthorne team
won a tight game from the Garfield
school team by a score of 2$ to 22.. The
same day sSt. Bridget's team defeated
Garfield by a score of 22 to 9.
Basket Ball Game.
.South High basket ball girls play Ne
braska City In the final' game of the sea
son this evening on the local gymnasium
floor at Twenty-third and J streets. ,
The local Quintet has already defeated
Nebraska City. The game tonight will
begin at 8 o'clock.
' Sooth 914 Chvrch Note.
Friday, March 17, the Ladies' Aid so
ciety will meet at the home of Mrs.
English, 3806 South Twenty-third street.
Rev. J. "W. Morris, pastor of Grace
Mtcthodist church, will speak Sunday
morning on "Prophecy ana the Jews."
Sunday evening' he will deliver a special
talk to the young people on "Dreams.".
Sunday school at 9:45. Junior league at
2:30. Kpworth league at 6:30.
South Omaha - United Presbyterian
church, corner of Twenty-third and H
streets. Albert N. Porter, pastor. Preach
ing at 11 and 7:. 10. Sabbath school at
4u. Juniors at S o clock. Young Peo-
Vedncsday evening at 8 o'clock.
J. S. Albers, pastor of the South Side
Christian church, returned from Browns-
iiltr, ncu., wilt re hub uwu bUllUUUl"
where his work met with gratifying suc
cess. He will fill the pulpit again Sun
day morning and evening in lils own
church. Twenty-third and I streets. South
Side. .
Trinity Baptist church. Twenty-fifth
and H streets, Sunday, March 12. Sunday
school at 9:45. At 11, Rev; F. A. High,
secretary of the Nebraska Antl-Salooiv
league, will preach. Junior union at 2:30.
Hnptint Young People's union meeting at
6:. 'M. At 7:, an Illustrated lecture, given
by Rev. W. Reinhard, western field sec
retary of the American Tract society.
Hillside Baptist Chnrch, Forty-third and
1 streets. Bible study af 10. Evening;
service at 7;).. conducted by a . gospel,
team. Thurnday evening, 7:45, those de
siring to enter into membership with
the " church -will meet "with the ohuroh
officers.' Neit Saturday evening at 7,
o'clock, there- will ba a supper and Je Ktjv., George. M.acPouga). ' .
St. Luke's '.Lutheran church, "fwenty
flfth and K streets. Rev. 8. H. "Yeriarfv
pastor. Sunday school at :45 a. m. Morn
ing sermon, ut ll o'clock. Preaching by
pastor, topic, "Nearness to the King
dom." uLther league at 7 o'clock; Edward
Max-las, ' loader.- Bventng service at 8
o'clock. Everyone welcome.-.
Woat Rlria Interdenominational church.
Thirty-eighth and Q streets. Rev. Shall
cross, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
Preaching at 11. Christian Endeavor at
(1:45 p. m. Preaching service ai : o ciock.
n.hlo r-laxa Tuesday at 10 a. m. at the
home ' of Mrs. Sam Whittens, Thirty-
i-ighth and P streets. Ladles' Aid society
Thurarinv at church at 1:30 D. m. sharp.
Home baking sale Saturday afternoon at
church, ' .
Central Interdenominational church.
t 9.ih a. m. Morning worn nip ai n. oer-
Ball or ine nari.n. iounj
Mrs. Rose Ponnell was sitting with two
of her children. Clifford and Goldle, In
their home, 2213 Dodge street, Friday
evening when they heard an odd sound
on the front porch.
"Oucrs it's Just the cat." said Clifford.
But it didn't sound like the cat. So
Mrs. Ponnell went to Investigate and
found a baby! Yea, sir, a regular human
baby ! . ' j
Ah, the glorious mystery of a baby's
effect on woman's heart!
How Mrs. Donnell fluttered about! How
soma women roomer In the house arrived
there as' If by maglo ' when they heard
the bahy'fl voice!"
How they fondled it! How they fed It
with milk from a spoon! How they car
ried it into a darkened room and sang
lullabys to Itl How they smoothed its
clothes and kissed Its dimpled cheeks
and chubby hands! ,
Mrs. Donnell finally called up the au-
thorltles and soon cams 'Detectives Dunn f
and Kennelly.
They looked upon the baby with mas
culine calmness. They poked stubby
flngerr into baby's velvety cheeks. They j
spoke In baby language thus: "Da-da,"
Dunn looked at the pretty little waif
and sagely remarked:
" 'Bout months old."
But he didn't go away with his pre- '
tense of wisdom about babies, for Mrs.
Donnell exhibited a note found pinned
on the bundle. It read:
Born February 19, 1918. I can't keep
her. Please give baby a home."
It was the farewell note of a sorrowing
mother making the greatest sacrifice that
poverty can force a mother to make.
The child was fully dressed and had a
cotton flannel nightgown and a thin serge '
coat wrapped around it.
And, so, after the women had kissed
It goodbye a dosen times It was bundled
up and entrusted to the two big men,
who took it to the Child Saving Institute.
One of its little hands took firm hold on
Dunn's forefinger as he carried it away.
"Oh, I'd have loved to keep it," said
Mrs. Donnell later. "If I'd only had some
way to take care of It. Tt was such a dear
little thing. I've had six phone calls this
morning from women who wanted to
adopt it."
non topic.
Ice at 7:30. Gospel team at s o ciock. con
cert n v vv nir it-naii-indnjunuii , , n. , ,
ronday evening under ausplcea of Sun
ny achool. Ladles' Aid meet" Friday
afternoon at 2. Wednesday, prayer meet
ing and teachers council.
Maglo fltjr Goaslp
rtrrlna .Tinea for rent in Bee office. 2318
N street. Terms reasonable. Well known
location. Tel. South n. -
The Women's Home Missionary so
ciety of the Grace Methodist church will
meet at the home of Mrs. J. W. Morris.
; South Twenty-fifth street, Friday aft
ernoon, March ll. airs, uoerne aou air.
1. Robb are assistant hostesses.
The women of the west side met at the
home of Mrs. 1. Thompson, Thirty-eighth
and P streets, Tuesday morning and or
ganized a Bible class. Mrs. John acted
as chairman and Mrs. Harry Bruce was
elected teacher. The first meeting will
b held Tuesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Sam Whltten. 50S0 South Thirty
eighth strct-t, next Tuesday morning at
u o'clock. Women of the neighborhood
ni-o Invited.
Bryan Says Sending
Army AfterVilla O.K.
SOUTH BEND. Ind., March . William
J. Bryan on his arrival here late today
nave out a statement in which he ex
pressed approval of President Wilson's
course in sending troops into Mexico aftei
"While the outrage is a distressing one
and deserves the severest punishment,
n glad that President Wilson is not per
mitting hlmHelf to be forced Into Inter
vasion by those who have been trying for
two years to Ret this country into war
with Mexico." said Mr. Bryan. "This is
the first time we have had sufficient
luuse to crofcs the border."
- V., O 1
choose delegates to tha national conven
tion.' One faction headed by W. H. John
son, state chairman, will meet in Macon,
and the other under the leadership of 11.
B. Jackson, national committeeman, will
convene in Atlanta. I
WASHINGTON, Merch 11. From un
official but reliable sources it was learned
today that the long standing cases of the
American packers, Involving the deten
tion by the British government of large
quantities of meat products shipped from
the United States to the neutral'countrles
of north' Europe, have been adjusted. "
While details of the settlement are lack
ing, it Is known the British government
has 'undertaken to 'secure' the ' exporters
against loss of long time contracts.
Firemen Are Overcome.
MINNEAPOLIS, March lLiTwenty-flv)
firemen were overcome by, smoke while
extinguishing a etubborn blaze In the
basement of tha standard Clothing com
pany. In tha center of the business dls
trlej. early tonight The monetary loss
approximated $30,000, principally due to
smoke. . -
CLEVELAND, O.. March It-Seven
members of the Cleveland Board of Edu
cation, constituting the entire member
ship 'of that body, have united in a re
quest for the resignation of J. M. H.
Frederick, superintendent of the Cleve
land city schools, on the grounds of al
leged inefficiency.
- i
NEW YORK, March 11. Trouble bs
tween rival v Irish organizations, both
claiming to represent the Ancient Order
of Hibernians, over the question as to
which is entitled to permit to parade her
on St. Patrick's day got into court today.
Coroner Timothy Heal y, grand marshal
of one organization, described as the An
cient Order of Hibernians of New York
county, and which has already obtained
a permit, was ordered to show cause why
It should not be restrained from parading.
The order was obtained by the Ancient
Order of Hibernians in America, of
which Roderick J. Kennedy is the head
In New York county..
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Maroh 11. Prac
tically complete returns from Tuesday's
primary, tabulated her unofficially to
day, show that ' former Vice President
Charles W. Fairbanks, candidate tor the
republican nomination,'' received ltfcfl
votes more than were oast for President
Wood row Wilson, candidate for renoml
nation on the democratic ticket. Fair
banks received a total of 174,129 votes to
Wilson's 168,847.
Man Who Ran for Vice President
with Judge Farker in 1904
It Dead.
WASHINGTON, March 11. -w-
Hcury Gassawav Davis, former
United States genator from West
Virginia and vice presidential candi
date on the democratic ticket In
104. died here early today after ft
brief UlncBB. aged 93 years.
Henry Gaeeaway Davis' remarkable ca
reer Is a distinct encouragement to tne
eugenlMs who believe men should live In
hnnli h a rentury. When he ran for the
vice presidency, the oldest candidate ever
known for that office, there was some
criticism on this score.
Mr. Davis was born In Baltimore, No
vember 1. 1R23, and received a meager
education in tha public schools. At a
very early age he was hard at work. He
was the eldest of five children, and the
death of his father, Caleb Davis, mad
him the family breadwinner. H becam
a railway brakesman and soon began his
long career as a railroad man. His ad
vance was rapid and In a few years he
was known as a railway magnate and a
lumber and coal operator. He owned
vast coal fields In West Virginia.
He entered polities soon after the close
of the civil-war and led the delegates
from West Virginia In six national dem
ocratic conventions. In 1904 he rsn for
the vice presidency on the ticket with
Judge Alton B. Parker.
Ilara Ilia Iteleaae.
UTIA, N. P., March U.-The t'tica
club of the Mtata league Unlay bought
from the Hyraouse club the release of
Second Hsemsn Ambrose McConnell for
$l,(i0. McConnell will manage the Utlea
team, lie formerly played with the Bos
ton and Chicago Americans, Toronto In
ternational and Atlanta of the Southern
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City Stattft e e s
PHOENIX, Ariz., March 11. Testimony
that the father had tried to persuade the
ettendlng physician and nurse to end the
life of the deformed 6-wecks-old baby,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Richard
son of this city, was given today at the
coroner's inquest Into the death of the
child.' which, according to the verdict,
was "smothered to death." The Jury
made no direct charges.
Dr. A. B. Nichols and Jeannette A.
Failfy. the nurse, testified that Richard
fon had asked them to give him a dru
with which to "kill the child because it
had only a thumb and one finger on each
band." Otherwise the baby was perfectly
formed, they stated.
MACON, Go., March ll.-A meeting of
the republican state central committee
I ere today broke up in a series of fist
fights and after the polk- had dispersed
the committeemen and tent three of the
negroes present to jail, leaders of tha
rival factions announced the call of two
k pa rate state conventions April 12 to
Jiq Standard of VqIuq and Qualify
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Flcrtweod "Sim Sff" . . .$10!9
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ON'T accept claims or opinions. Eivery '
rnan soiling an automobile will tell yon
his car ran be run at low coat. '
He'll tell you this because he knows and
you know that (wolln oil and tires are cost
ing more and more all the time. He know
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Maxwell World's Non-Ktop Record Facts.
Miles without a motor slop J8.02S
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Miles rr ea'ilon of gasoline 21.M
MlUs per gallon of oil 00
Avcragn miles rr tire MTl
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sults than these but we are Just giving the,
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When you get your Maxwell yoir-can to
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Touring Car, $653
Roadster, . $635
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