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"Growing With Growing Omaha"
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The New Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothing.
with that characteristic readiness which
is evidenced in all the actions of this store
Suits $
Supreme Style and Satisfaction
Foreign makers that have been copied are:
Drecoll, Bishop Ormed,
C allot, Beer, Premiet,
Jenney. Francis, Etc.
The materials are the ones that you will find
in every line of the more expensive suits
l Gabardines, Poiree Twill, Pop
K lint, Serge, Worsted Checks,
f Mixtures, Etc,
A special feature this season that will he met
with delight by the stout women, is the lino of
good dressy models that The Fashionseal makers
have made for them. Sizes that run in the half
sizes, 42V2, 44V2, 46ya and 48V, also in the odd
sizes, 43, 45, 47 and up to 53. Special attention
has also , been given to the misses and small
Fashionseal values always compare with other
suits at $32.50, $35.00 and $39.00.
These Suits which we offer at $25.00 are simply
incomparable in this vicinity. For style, for ex
cellence of material and satisfactory wear. they
are supreme. And the approval of Dame Fashion
goes with every "Fashionseal" Suit.
House Dresses for Spring
Made to Look and Wear Well
STL YE in a House Dress t Yes it all de
pends upon the cut when the Dress is pat
. terned right it is sure to have a certain style
to it that is not to be obtained with the or
dinary wear. These Dresses are RIGHT.
New Spring House Dresses, In light and dark per
cales and ginghams, also nurses' stripe. High neck
and long sleeves or "V neck and elbow sleeves;
neatly trimmed with bias folds and embroidery col
lars. Ranging In price from f 1.00 Q
Dainty Bits of Neckwear
' For the Outdoor Seasons
Dainty Swiss Vesteea, lace trimmed. Unusual
values at 29 O
Collars and Collar and Cuff Sets, Swiss em
broidered and lace trimmed. Special values,
while they last 150
The Right Ribbons
Millinery Ribbons, 6 Inches wide, plain taffeta
and moire taffeta, In all the good millinery shades.
Yard IOC
Hat Bows In different styles; wired and ready
to place on the spring hat Special, each....05o
Grepe de Chine and Plaid Silk Blouses
. Right at the time when
spring bids every woman
look well to her ward
robe, comes this news of
Dainty , Waists at very,
moderate prices. There
is wonderful variety here,
but at this time we spe
cialize on just two lots of
Waists.-- A comparison
anywhere else will prove
conclusively that these
values are nnmatchable.
Crepe de Chine Blouses,
Plaid Silk Blouses.
Striped Tub Silk Blouses
at $2.50.
Made of extra Quality materials.
Low neck and long sleeve models.
Colors Nile green, peach, tur
quoise blue, white, flesh and malxe.
New Striped Crepe de
Chine Blouses for
Sport Wear.
These blouses are tailored beau
tifully, some hare white crepe de
chine collars and cuffs. All the
new shades.
$5.00 and $6.50
Local Society Hai Already Sent Over
Thouiand Dollars to Aid Lit
tle Suffereri.
New Hats Show Turn-Up Brim
By JIEUIKK I A March .
The Omaha branch of the Society of
the Fatherless Children of France has
received over ll.cor) In contributions to
Its treasurer. Mrs. August M. Horglum.
"Kanjr letters accompany these con
tributions, proving there are people In
our midst who are willing- to make tell
ing sacrifices to help the most helpless
In a war-stricken sister republic," says
Mrs. Rorglum.
Following is a letter received from a
young woman who is earning her own
"I have been much Interested In the
newspaper accounta of your project to
care for tho French orphans, and I want
to help the little people left orphans by
this cruel war. 1 think this appeals to
me particularly, because, my mother was
left a widow with five small girls to raise
and I know something of the hardships
aha endured in raising and educating
us. I am Inclosing my chock for IJfS.W,
and If it la allowable to chooae, I prefer
a littlo girl as my protege."
Wand an Orphan.
When the littlo daughter of a rich and
prominent Omaha family was asked the
other day what she wished for her birth
day she replied promptly. "Oh, please.
mother, give me a French orphan!"
Nine-year-old Elinor Kountse, tho only
daughter of the Charles Thomas
Kountzes, asked for a war orphan when
Miss Schofield first came to Omaha on
her mission of mercy. The contribution
was sent In the child's name with her
request that It be a girl.
It was only recently that little Elinor
learned that the orphan not going
to be sent to her In Omaha she had
formed her own childish conception of
what was Involved, and she was bitterly
disappointed to discover that a little
French girl was not going to be raised
by her, under her own care and super
vision, "Just as If she were my own lit
tle sister," the child expressed It.
The youngest contributor is now Stelllta
Stapleton, daughter of the Daniel C
Chicago Guest Honored.
Mrs. Fred C. Hill gave a tea from S to
o'clock this afternoon at her home for
her mother, Mrs. Henry Hardy of Chi
cago. A very pretty spring effect In
flowers and shaded candles was) produced
In the decorations. In the dining room
yellow tulips and yellow shaded candles
were used, with pink and white sweet
peaa In the living rooms with pink and
white variegated candle shades.
Assisting the noseless were:
C. M. WUhelm,
Karl Krtgecomb,
Percy Stevens,
Ruth Hlabavgh.
J, O. Russell of
Falls City.
John Beaton.
Grace Slabaugh.
mmons-Groh Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Anna Oroh, daugh
ter of Re v. Leonard Oroh, to Mr. John
Gray Hair Restored
to its Natural Color
Id a tew applications to Its original dark, glossy
bade, no matter bow loot It has bees gray or
laded, and dandruff removed by
It Unla Jyrtio one will know yon are using
It. 26c. 600, $1. all dealers or direct upon receipt
of price. Bend tor booklet "Beautiful Hair."
Philo Hay Specialties Company, Newark, N. 1.
fJutlin and Silk Undergarments
Dainty Underwear of Mualiu and Lingerie
Cloth fashioned right and made and finished
in an excellent manner.
Muslin Underwear, most beautiful display of styles
la Muslin Gowns with lace yokes and Inserts of em
broidery and ribbon rosettes. Cut full and long and
made with set-In or kimono sleeves. J i ff
Specially priced ? 1 eUU
Camisoles, made of wash silk and trimmed with
lace Insertions and net; ribbon run. Regu- f r"
lar $1.00 values, special DOC
Envelope combinations, made of fine quality lin
gerie cloth, trimmed front and back with val lace
and embroidery Insertion. Exception- t ff
ally good values at P leUU
Imported Novelty Jewelry
Consisting of Bar Pins, Brooches, Beauty Pins,
Cuff Links, Hat pins, etc.; Thursday, In i A
two lots, at 5o and 1UC
Delicious "Pomp lan Bitter Sweets," fresh from
our Candy Kitchen. Pure, rich flavor, creamy
chocolate with crushed fruit and nut centers. Our
great big attraction for Thursday.
At other times we sell it for 40c a
Hosiery Offerings for the Entire Family
Women's Pur Thread 811k and
Fiber Hose, black, white and colors,
seamless and faahloned; spliced
aolea. heels and toes, wide lisle
garter tope, worth 60c. Of"
pair JuC
Fiber Silk Hose, In all colors and
black and white; seamless, double
soles, heels and toes and gar
ter tops, worth S5c. special.
the pair .
Misses' Children's and Boys' Hos
iery, mercerised and plain lisle;
double knees, high spliced heels
and toes; medium and OC
huvf welrhta
Get into business via the "Business Chances
( ) i
r If :'1
I- , n - J 6, mi (MMiiirrf ftrni i
Br i- mroxTEiKE,
The extreme turned-up brim aa shown
r-n many of the dresxy hats created by
Georgette, affords a charming frame for
the faco of the wearer, possessing piquant
features. Tho hat illustrates with its
wide turned-up br!m Is softened by tho
ripples that are evident. The hat Is de
veloped In navy straw and faced with
satin In a matching tone. Clustera of
ostrich tips In flesh color afford a smart
Plmmons of Valley Junction, la., took
place Tuesday afternoon at the Grace
Lutheran church parsonage. Rev. C. N.
Swlhart, pastor of tho church, officiated,
and the attendants were Mrs. Lenore
Keller and John J. Nugent.
In the evening a wedding supper was
served at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John J. Nugent. 2033 North Twentieth
street. Forty guests were present.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. L.ibal wish to an
nounce the engagement of their daughter,
Anna Frances David, to Iester P. Wes
cott of Omaha, formerly of Creston, Neb.
The wedding will he solemnized In June.
For Mrs. Coffey.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Baldrlge will
dine Informally at home this evening
with a few guests In honor of Mrs. Titian
J. Coffey of Iyos Angeles, guest of Mrs.
Coffey's sister, Mrs. Howard It. Bal
drlge. Mrs. Howard II. Baldrlge will give an
Informal luncheon at her home tomorrow
for Mrs. Coffey.
Social Gossip.
Mr. and Mrs. Josenh M TtfllHrive enH
Mr. Grafton Wolfe will leave npit Tup.
day for Atlantic City, intending to make
sojourn or four weeks on the New Jer
sey coast.
Mrs. J. O. Russell nt Valla flttt 1a tho
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Earl Edge
comb, and Mrs. Fred C. Hill.
Mrs. Charlea A. Hull will go to Lincoln
In a few days to visit with her mother,
Mrs. R. T. Holmes, for two weeks.
j-Mrs, Frank H. Myers returned Tuesday
from a short visit to Chicago. .
Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Davis -will leave the
first week In April for the east At Ithaca
ur. and Mrs. Davis will be joined by
their son Herbert, who is a Junior In
Cornell university. Mrs Davis will go to
New Tork City and hear grand opera the
two weeks that the doctor and his son
will visit and study the medical colleges
of the various universities, including Har
vard, Columbia and Johns Hopkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Megeath have gone to
Washington, where they will be Joined
by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Towle. Miss
Mary Megeath and Mlsr Marion Towle. I
Personal Mention.
The Mayor and Mrs. James C. D oilman
are gueata for the week at the Elms at
Excelsior Springs. Mr. Dahlman Is meet
ing many old friends from Lincoln who
are now at the Springs.
Mr. E. O. Hamilton is at the Elms
hotel, Excelsior Springs, Mo.
Miss Nell Dudgeon, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. D. W. Dudgeon. Is quarantined
at her home with scarlet fever.
C. E. Reese, the Jewely man, Is taking
advantage of the fact that his wife is on
a visit to tho east and gave a theater
Party at the Orpheum yesterday followed
hy a dinner and dance at the Henshaw.
Following are tho twenty women who
were the guests of Mr. Reese:
Mesdames Mesdames
L. A. Dermody, C. o. Wilson,
K. C Onerke V c
-'. A. Sheller,
A. I Lemon.
Anna. Menemson,
John Overstreet,
C. B. Whitney,
Lee Huff.
A. M. Ijongwell,
H. H. Hauke.
W. L. Huffman,
F. C. Voorhles,
L. J. Pulman,
Rertho, S warts,
Laura Cottmlre,
Florence Cottmlre,
Grace Robertson.
Armeta Ansbrough.
Mrs. Booth Will Not
Come to Omaha Now
Major McCormlck of the Volunteers of
America has received a wire from Gen
eral Balllngton Pooth raying that Mrs.
Booth is at the bedside of a life-long
friend and has been compelled to cancel
all of her speaking engagementa, includ
ing the one at the Boyd theater in Omaha
March 16. Major McCormlck, however,
has received assurances that Mrs. Booth
will visit Omaha later.
A New Boot
for Ladies9
This Is the very latest boot
for Milady, direct from Fash
Ion's headquarters.
We have It la lace, in light
grey. Ivory and black, nine
Inch top, in button, in battle
ship grey, eight and one-half
inch top.
This boot Is Genuine Goat
Kid (not sheep skin) and is
Drezel Quality throughout
Turned and welt soles; AAA to
D, sises to 9.
Light Qrey and Ivory,
Black 8op Kid,
Battle Ship Grey Button,
8 't-inch top,
Shoe Co.
Formal Opening of the Ray
mond Furniture Company
Will Appear In Fri
day's Papers
The big stock is being placed on our
lx roo.ny sales floors at 1513-1516
Howard street as rapidly a cabinet
men can remove the crate. The
store will be ready to open lt doors
to Omaha and the public SATURDAY
Aside from our interesting display
the big and wholly new stock of
furniture, rugs and draperies there
will be mualo to add to your enter
tainment and there will be flowers
for you. Also there will be refresh
menu, and there will be such a per
sonal welcome for each visitor that
you will be glad you came not alono
that we shall feel honored and grati
fied with your presence, but your
welcome and your part taken In the
beginning of the structure of GOOD
WILL' which the Raymond Store hopes
to build In Its future business rela
tions with you, that ahall live much
longer In your minds than any passing
entertainment that could possibly be
offered you, and after the flowers have
faded and the music shall have died
In your ears.
Watch this paper for our big an
nouncement Friday.
Divorces granted by Judge Day: Zerma
from Nathan Kendall, upon allegation of
Divorces asked: Fessle from Morris
Kelley, charging infidelity. Married here
in 1914. Mollis from Nels Jensen, charg
ing non-support. Eula from Harry Hoff
man, charging desertion. Robert J. from
Henrietta Hamilton.
Ban D. Shaw, 614 North Sixteenth street.
was fined f and costs in police court
for quarreling with his wife, Norah Shaw.
Mreproof. European.
lets aa4 Capitol,
State Trade Specialty Invited
Rooma, $1.00 and 1.60
With IWuh, t.50 and Vp
Cafe the Very Best
Popular Fricee
' t w I
A Simple Way To
Remove Dandruff
The Manicure Lady
' She Tells the Htad Barber slew
the Picture Show Impressed Her
"I was to tee a picture show last
night," ssld the Manicure Lady, "and it
was so sad that I cried right In the
theator. My escort looked kind of cheap
because he didn't bring no handkerchief,
and mine got so damp I couldn't use It
no more."
"It ain't no disgrace to have a tender
heart," said the Hosd Barber. "I wish
my landlord was galted more that way."
"This picture wss about a young girl
that was Jilted at the last minute." said
the Manicure Lady. "She read them
cruel words which he wrote to her, and
then she put on her bridal .dress and
tried to kill herself. Her mother came in
Just In time and saved her."
"If I was a girl I wouldn't kill myself
for no gent," said the Head Barber.
"Gents is too easy to go. If a girl la
wise, and of course If I had been a girl
I would have been a wise one."
"Of course!" said the Manicure Lady,
freexlngly. "Of course you would be a
wise girl. I don't see what keeps your
brains from oozing out of your ear.
George. If you had been living In them
days, Mister Sockratcs would have been
working for you.
"I'll tell you one thing, though. If a
young man ever trifled witn my young
heart and I got wise to it, I would make
a awful tramp out of him before I got
through. I think that kind of a man is a
awful low sort. George, even if he hap
pens to be a rich aristocrat. As Master
Tennyson once said, 'Kind hearts is
more than coroners."
"This Is a funny old world," mused the
Head Barber. "Sometimes I think some
of us gets more than our share, the Same
as I did when I married the Missus. I
never deserved no such grand girl. And
when I think how I've got her and then
think how lota of better fellows gets
stung. It seems to me I'm a pretty lucky
dog even if my horses don't always win
for me."
"Of course you're lucky, George, but
not no more than you deserve to be. I
only hope that when I have whispered
yes and walk up the aisle of the church
I will be walking along side as true a
gent as you aro, only more handsome."
"I never was much on looks, I know,"
said the Head Barber. "When I wae a
kid they used to call me Frogfaoe. That
ain't nd pet name, no way you figure it,
because nobody ever seen a frog that
you could call handsome. Their eyes Is
big, but too bulgy, and they ain't got
no expression. Their faces never lights
"No, frogs certainly ain't handsome."
agTeeed the Manicure Lady, "but who
ever started the nickname on you must
have been kind of Jealous. You ain't the
handsomest man In the world, George,
hut goodness knows you are above the
average, and when a man gets too hand
some he ain't usually a good provider.
dereagH ivrd.. iCk.. oth.k etoaln ta
"One of my neighbors uptown is mar
ried to a man that looks Ilka a Greek
god and provides for her like a Greek
peddler. There is Greeks and Greeks, and
she got a little of both kinds.
"My nature is one of them gentle kind,
George, like a rippling river, but when
It overflows everybody usually takes to
the high grounds."
"I've noticed that," said the Head
Barber, admiringly. "Nobody gets very
gay around you. At least. I never seen
'No. you never seen anybody," said
the Manicure Lady. "No gent ever treated
me disrespectful fcr more than two or
three seconds, and they better not had!"
There is one sure way that haa never
failed to remove dandruff at once, and
that la to dissolve it, then you destroy it
entirely. To do this. Just get about four
ounces of plain, common liquid a iron
from any drug store (this Is all you will
need), apply it at nlfht when retiring:
use enough to moisten the s-alp and rub
It in gently with the finger tlr.
By morning, moat if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or four
more applications will comiMetely dis
solve and entirely destroy every single
sign and trace of It, no matter how much
dandruff you may have.
You will find all Itching and digging
of the scalp will atop Instantly, and your
hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky
and oft, and look and feel a hundred
times better. Advertisement.
Deputy Sheriffs
No Longer Search
for Five-Year-Old
Deputy sheriffs no longer search for
6-year-old Willie Russell Southwell.
Tuesday Willie's father requested Judge
Bears to Issue a writ of habeas corpus
so Willie could be taken from his
mother, who, said the father in request
ing the writ, was not competent to care
for the child.
Deputy sheriffs surrounded a house at
1M6 Chicago street, where Mrs. Southwell
and the little boy were supposed to be
In hiding, but the tot could not be found.
The search came to an end when Mir.
and Mrs. Southwell appeared before
Judge Sears and Informed the Judge they
had "made up" and Southwell retracted
hla assertion that his wife was not com
petent to care for the boy.
City Commissioner Kugel has left his
home and family and has taken a room
In a downtown hotel. The reason for thle
unusual action la that his 8-year-old son,
Charles, haa been stricken with scarlet
fever. The Kugel residence at 824 Forest
avenu-j Is under quarantine. Mr. Kugrl
will be away from home four or five
Monday afternoon Harry Fessler, 14-year-old
nephew of Mr. Kugel, was ex.
am'ncd and Ms case pronounced as scar
let fever. He was sent to the City Emer
gency hospital, but when the Kugel boy
broke out it was decided to attend him
at home.
The following twelve new cases of scar
let fever were reported to the health of
flc on Tusday:
Annette Nouroe, 30St Poppleton.
Italian tby, 1115 8outh Seventh.
Mary Komech, 21 South Fourteenth.
Freslln Kats, 1SW South Twelfth.
Apnea Walters. 2f4 Arbor.
Kred Skinner. 4323 Cuming.
Claud Rusland. 313 North Twentieth.
Marxaret Dohaney. 3010 South Ninth
Mildred Btevens, Room 402, Wlthnetl
Frances Conlan, lTflK Pass.
Barbtira Sveska. 23:7 South Nineteenth.
Carlson. 2122 Bancroft.
City Commissioner Jardine believes the
members of the Board of Education may
be impressed by pictures. When ordinary
conversation fails he holds that pictures
are effective. He Is trying the picture
stunt on the school directors and believe
be will succeed.
The school officials do not take kindly
to the proposed grading of the Dodge
street hill on account of Central High
cchool. They believe tho grado would
leave the school building in an unsightly
position. Mr. Jardine drew a picture of
the school as It will appear after the
grading. He had one of his draftsmen
prepare a correct view and then he sub
mitted it to the School board.
"Just show them pictures." remarked
the commissioner.
Key to the Situation-Bee Want Ads.