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fot Much Inquiry for the Favorites
nd Dullness it the General
Role with Tradert.
Ni:W YORK. March . Asde from
h lous nianlnulatl'itis In n unusual
variety ct special stinks, today's market
wns rather dull, thoiiRh conslsteri'y
strong. ln.trlrrir the early purt of th
fiiin tcr,tlon ccnllnued to focus 'in
V( jhlmmn, but advices from thst
ociiii r Kfiv too confl i (Inn for tlm niosl
part to Justify resumption of active Ind-
Vie professional utile of the TiarKet was
further eldcnred lv the steady lark of
Inquiry for erstwhile favorite, partic
ularly rail. Thla "ondltton wa largely
riodtried In th final hour, hnwovfr.
Vntel States Htel anil some hi l claH
Investment share liaillnir the movement
to Pa beat and broa lest tone. Ste-I m ored
maximum n of IS at M'n. and Beih
l he n Steel, on very ll:;ht rfUrtiiit. ros-i
11 tc 47.
n.'neiiW Motors, Willv 4.verlsud and
munllicns am' motors were taken up bv
K-iol and clliU. r-otr.e of these rnlx-d
sues aenrlnmc gain of extraordinary
proportion. Curan American Huaar roa
h to V am! South I'crto Klco Suirnr
falnc.i t at the new re.-oid p-Ice of lit.
Uenrr al Motora. Wills-Over land and
Stuc'eprtker rcae to extreme advances of
rom 4 to 12 point and allied shun
tialird nlonaj with asti.s of Z to 3, the
movement belnii accomiisnied by reports
or f ir! her lane contracts.
Mexican Petroleum added f' polnla to
1t Saturday's m'vini'" and T'im coiii
ranv rose t. Cruc'.blo rUcrl featured the
belter known war stork, with a rise f
and Butle Ar Superior wi foremost
arnotitr tha metals on lla advance cf 4 n
to tho new high price of .
Half a acore of .-ilH"cllnnecua stocks.
Including Aleroantile-Msilnc, Inlted
Fruit. e( and lertfliier. wer.
blatter bv '.' to E p.iiiis. and lo
racco I'rcdurt preferred added 4 to lla
i-ecent rlae, inriitciuaiiv nmnn new
mnnl at Htrcnath apt roHi hiiiB tuo
nncy mi
narked We conrae or iiwhium
th close. ,
Total sale of sttvk amounted to 4M,
H) ahaiea.
Further noteworthy January return
were, submitted bv leading railway sya
tem Purllnaton repurtlnn a net calii of
t'V.niA. Soo" .7ti.Ww and (Ireat Northern
Honda were moderately active and
atronff. with total aalea, par ulue, of
Wited State bonds were unchanged on
Number of aalea and leading quotation
on stock were aa "'-
HalM. llh. low. Clnee.
AUka On
AmerM-aa HK Ituaar
Anefion n
Amerfaa loeooioll ...
AnMfiraa B. It
Am. 8. K PM
Am. )uar Reflnlnc
Amaiiraa Tal. Tl
America a Threa
Anarnnla lXiPr
Atrhlana '
Paldvla Ixwwnntl ....
Italtlranra ohla
!ilheni Klol
Knvltlrn 3UpM Tr
-:llornl l'lr.leUBI ....
Iltnadlan Ptilflo
Central ltlher
haaiMVe a Ohla
fhtcaa-i O W
ricm, m. m P
-hli-. II. I. P-
4'hlno t'apeer
( olnraila Fuel at Iroa ...
oructhla Slwl .,
Pnvar a It. O. pf d
P'Hlllem' a-urtiia ...i
fneral Rlei-trl
Ureal Nirthr p'i
lrt Kn. Ore -tf
4)imRhelm Kxplaratlon.,
IKinoln IVatral
lnterhitreiiffh t'oa. CiirV-
lnnlril ivor
Intcrmitlnnat Hrretr...
Kanna "ll Houtharn.;..
1-ehliil! Valler
liMtiivllle Naaarllia...
Mnlraa rV-troleum ......
Miami fvtper
t IW !' 17', 1S
2.W9 ) !"4
It an "
.l'i IM'k a Mt
!!. 7f4 S 7i"
jl.i M : tii4
m ill III HI
l. ill in'4 in
l,n u: 17S i!"l
tin W 1M iw
14 tan M-i a'4
i.ea nij'i V2S i'"1
l'.S I"47
1.7W1 KB N !'
4l W
1 ) ti4
Wl !
J.i0 '.
I. pa i
4. Ml h,
,in 4 2
17 '
fit i,
J dim 40
l"i) it
1 im Ul
f.o :"
13". HI
41 4!Ujlw
111 '.It 1
1.4 nit
loi' mt.
t.m ' 4SS
inn 114 114 1)4
,vrfi f.
at.) T1S 77 VIS
ta.VM IMS W !
1.1'is hH !' S
V 4'4 41 4'J.
T( 7i, a 1
1 ana in ii
1.4M l4't 1W4I 1044,
una -v rs Ti
ha inn lis lt'4i
Mlaanuri Paclfle
National ttlafutl
riatlrmal IaA
Keraria, Copper ,
Nar York Antral.
N. T . N It 4k H..,,
Norfolk Waataro.,.
Narthara Parlftc
e.iiric Mall
Pacific Tel. Tal....
Pullnwa Palara rr. .
Har can. Cupper
prpnMio Iron A rVecl
anulhara Pa-'lflo '
Botithera Rallwae
atiwlabaher Company
Tnuae Cnppar ....
1'avaa cnmpany
t aloa Parlllo
. I nlnn I'acldo pM
t illirl Blalaa Ht...
r. . Pt-i ptd
I'lati Tfipopr .........
alern rntaa
attnahoaee Wertrle
Mnnlaa Prtwe
1.! V 113 lift.
4.4O0 U
J.0 74 M 67
14) ICt 141
1 yv 11 .', 34
4 ( fc 11 ' HH
I US 1'4 (14
I.4"0 1 PH4, 7
l.ia ti'4 n Vi
141 m;h i
1 7 N4 MS
l,8"0 n4 " f"S
r.i'i I'S'i
tl.jna "', l 1
i.sw iim, nv, n4.
tht W, US
l.auO 14'4j
Otiaral Vnra
lh B nM a9
,lntiriallor.n! Marina pM. f VWi
.Krnnaott iptar K.lili
Total sales tor ttia ear. 4Vrx aharaa.
Xrw Tork Maary Market.
V4VT1T,K I'APFH aii.lVi rer cent.
STKRI.1NU F.XCH A NOB Klxtv-rtay
bllla, U TtH: demand. I4.7SV; cables. II 7'i.
fllaVF.It -Bar, WSc; Mexican dollar,
4SS c.
. HOVDS Government and railroad,
liteadv. .
T1JPK t.ftAKS-Pteady; atxtv and nlnetv
daya. Itr3 per cent; all montha, MHV
ALf? 'MWTr-Flrmi Ma-heat, I per
rent: loweat. t per rent; ruling rte. t
per cent: last loan, 1 per cent; closing
bid, 1 per cent: offered at I per rent.
Closing quotation on bonda today were
as follows: .
I. ref. ta, e... 4lt a . al. 4s.... i
. nsaoaa M K T. lat as... 44
V 9 Da. m WHMr ran can. U 1Anl
laavaMovt. Powar la..!..!
rla rovi DOB ,.
art . ,. na Ul N T. 41 eh. ta....U4
do emiraa Ul4r. T. HI. 4a....l7
Am. Smtara a....U'4N. T.. N. M. M.
A .T. T. e.'4 e?. a 114U
Analo-r-ranf. ft .... 44Kiv rTaclfle 4a SH
. Atrhlaoa SB. 4a....4S n to
Hal. 04.10 4a HW, S. U ft 4a.... M4
Held. Wal r. M....IM I'aa T. T. 4a 1"N
I wn Pailflo 1st anpaim. ena. 4a 1
rea. o. e. 4Va. " aaa. 4a iaiv
C B Q. 1. 4s ... anaa1lBs aan. 4a '
t M. A P. P. a. a .W U 8 t r. 4a. M't
C R. I. P. r 4a. 4M4"Ho, ra. ti. as IH
f a m rf. 4 iia ... mk da rf 4a nt
T . n. . a ., nHn Wallwar U
F-te ran 4a .... 4Valia Ptrifla .... 7k
4-raa, Rlan. Is 14 do ex. 4a 3'
lt. Na. 1st 4a..... V. S. Buhhar 4... .K'1
ill. Can. ref 4a.... a V. P fet la lms
lnt M M. 4U M,Weal. I'nloa 4a.... s
K r P. raf. ... Wear. Else c. s..ia
mi. ,
Loafloa Pterk Market.
TNPOI, March 6. American aecurl
' tie on the atock market had a good tone,
but trading waa meaner.
PIIVKR Bar. 3b 15-lhd jfT ounce.
MONKY 4V.I4I per rent.
I)?srOt"NT RATKS Bhort bllla and
; three months, per cent.
. Bask C'leartaaa.
OMIAHA, March . Bank clearings for
Omaha today were fc,.R3a.lfi and for
the corresponding day . last year I3.1H1.-
M7 8.
Coffee Market.
Ni;W YORK. March (.The market for
coffee future opened at an advance of
. two to five point today, and th active
montha sold about five to seven points
net ttltfher during ti e early trading on
eome Blattered cover hk and a little buy
ing by house with l.uropean connec
tions. Ti er wa no general or agnres-
: ait demand, however, and price later
sagued off undr realism-, with May
contract selling down from 7.Kc 4o 7 7c,
and IwreinlMir from aiac to disc. The
close waa net two point higher to two
iwitnta lower. Hales. 17,360 bags. March
April. 7.78e: May, 7 taic; June. J Hue;
.1 1; t v. 7 Hie: AuFuat. 7.!Bjc; Krptamlier,
I mm ; October, -S.uV; November, .c; IVe-
ember S He: January, Itirc: February.
h Zle. Piot, td ; Klo 7 . Santo
4 a, 10 c. Owing to th partial holiday
in Brazil, very few cost and freight of
fer were received. It wa reported that
one ahlpper otfered Santo 4 a at 10vc,
KnL'lleh credits. The official cabiea re
riorted no change la mllrtta prices, with
Kio exchange l-16d lower. ,
Tarsieatlao Rala.
6rtc; sale, none: rceliH.
,.,!-: (iiipmeiiis, 6 barrel; stock, S.Cjl
' l,r .r-ta.
KOSIN Firm; sales 1,472 barrel; re-
elm, Hl barrels; shipment. 1,SJ'2 bar
. reie: stork. M.4M barrel. Quotations:
A. H. and I. HI'IiH.k: K and F. U '0
IM; G. S4 .e4 K"4; It. 4 ; I. .(; K.
m i iUu mi. N. so; WO. u.a
Alabama, Ohio and Georgia Will Be
Stricken from List of Fight
ing Ships.
lattlpflhlpa Alahama, Ohio and Geor
gia are to be atricken from the navy
roatfr a real fighting units and
probably will end their daya at train
ing ships for the naval reserve. Thla
was the aaaertlon made today by sev
eral officers of the Philadelphia navy
On of the officer aaaerted that tha
battleahipa, "deaplt tlielr excellent con
dition, are ohaelete and aere no pur
poae other than to retard the prograaa
and impair the efficiency of flrt Una
The Alabama, flaaalilp of the reserve
fleet, and the Ohio are at the Philadel
phia navy yard. The (Icoigla I now
on it way to the local yard to Join the
reaerve fleet.
The Alabama wa laid doan twenty
year aa:o and I a l!,WjO-ton ahlp. The
Ohio and Georgia, 'built a few year
later, are virtually tha aame alxe and
carry almllar armament.
"A battleahlp," aald the officer, "muat
perform the dutlra of a battleahlp. None
of the old ahlpa would be able to atand
up againat the newer ahlp. For In
atance, a ahlp like the fennaylvanlt
could aluk the three battleahipa In lei
than a half-hour and auataln no damage
berauae the new craft would be able to
keep out of tha range of the old battle
ahlp. They have had their day, and
while they appear formidable on paper
and awell the number of battleahlp
they would be of 'title aervlce In an
. i.h I.a .... a, I...!
riia"a'"iiiiiv aa i vi ill nt-i
naval powers."
CAPPER, Wyo., March 8. (Hpcclal.l--t.rtter
received here today stated that
Jame Bogey of Casper had been seri
ously wounded while fluhllng with the
British troop In France. He left thla!
nlace at the outbreak of hostilities and
Jolned the Scot Grays, In which he waa
given a lieutenancy. While a resident r
Wyoming he wa employed by the Swan
Land and Cattle companr.
: llanrhrr Fatally Hart by Awt.
CODY. Wyo., March S. (Special.) John
Luitnchberry of Kagle' Nest, one of tha
oldest resident of thla section of Wy-
I coning, j dying at his ranch from In
juries sustained when his automobile
turned over. He eustalned concussion of
the brain and Internal Injuries, from
hlch there I no chance for lilm to re-
Qaotatloaa1 of k Day a Varlnas
NEW YORK, March .-Fl,OVn
Firmly held; apt lug intents. t:.liii.)it;
winter pafnts. fc.tsXiiS.W; winter
atralKhts, ii.fli'K;.:).
WJiEAT -Spot, atrong; No. 1 dururi.
II.So; No. 2 Pnrd. $l.3o; No. 1 northern,
liil"th. : No. 1 northern, Mnnltoh.
l.4l'4i . f. o. b.p New York. Future, firm.
Mn, $U'4.
CORN Spot, firm- No. 2 yellow. IVii
i c. I. I.. New York.
OATH pi pot strong; standard, 4fH4c
HAY Firm; No. I. l.i7'ilj !..; No. '..
tlU.2&: No. 8, tl.00trl.Uu; rthlpplnB, S5
IIOP'4 Quiet: state common to choice,
'MR. 14Hir.c: 114. bb9e; Pacific coat, WI5,
liiric, 1HI4. Mi'lOc.
MIDFH-Plrm: Boaota, satjllc; Ccntrr.l
Amerleti, ;;ic.
Ij'.IATM I'lH Firm; htmlock flrat. 3.1fr
S4c; si co. ida, Sl'ififflc
1 'KOVIHIONM Pork firmer: mea 2.5i
fi33l: fanilriv,; shut cl"ar.
:i..vti.' ncer. firm; mesa, li.0(Ki 17. i.i:
I family, tk rti lli.rxi. Iard. atrong; middle
.'ML liO Willi )WV.
TAi.J.oW Firm: city, 'tc; country,
iH'il'.'c; special. O'.-C.
Bl.'TTKK-Mrm; receipts. ot2 tub;
creamery extraa, 9;i;Mc; firsts, ViHU'.ic;
ei'onds, :i:i'c.
KtltlS Hleadv; receipt, 1TS44 eases:
fresh gathererl, extras, !V1i'Ha extra
firsts. JKtjS3o; firsts, $lb-!V; second,
OI1KKRK-Steady; receipts, 626 boxes:
state, whole milk. flat, held, colored.
special. l"c; same, white. 17c; same, col
ored, average fancy, liv'ti 1'xc; aame,
white, 17c; flats, current make, specials,
17c; same, average run, 17c.
POVlTKYAllve, uncertain: no aalea
and price unsettled. Dreased, firm;
chicken, 17QSH-; fowl. 14,nc; turkey,
Cotloa Market.
Steady: middling upland, ll.T&c. Sales,
8,0m ba'ea.
Cotton futures opened steady : March
nffere.1 11 Mk'. M.V 11 tilV: JlllV
! October. IJ.ICe; Iecembcr, lllSc.
Tha cotton market cloaeti rirm at a net
gnln of from 1.1 to 17 olnt.
Futures closed firm; March, H.faV; May,
11.79c; July, ll.fWc; October, 12.13c; le
ccmber, L' 30c.
barely stenily; good middling, R OM;
middling. T.ttd; low middling, 7.62d; sale.
7.0U) bales.
KitM) City (train and Provisions.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., March ,
WHF.AT No. 1 hard. ll.OtViii 10; No. 1
red, tKWl.10; May. 11.07- July, 1106,.
CORN-No. ! mixed, tttawc; No. 1
white, !r; No. t yellow. 6o; May, 701c;
July, aSo.
OATH No. I white, 44rj vc; no. i mixed.
4& 4.'c.
BI TTF.R Creamery. 33c; firsts. J31c;
seconds, ?tv; packing, lOV".
KG.t4 Firsts, Hc; seconds, not quoted.
Ol" I, TRY Hen. 16c; turkeys. JO-;
springs, inc.
Kvapnra4r Apples and Dried Frails
ATKD APPLBS Dull; fancy, Misc;
choice. fi'lMiSic: prime. SViuVc. Pruncei.
firm; California, 4)llVic; Oregon, IVf
DRIF.D FRCIT8 Apricots, dull; choice.
JViituc; extra choice, loiuluc; fancy,
Htil2c. Peaches, dull: choice, hc: ex
tra choice. Mm'; fancy. -c. Haisina. firm:
loose muacatels, 7VliVc. choice to fancy
eraei. i'J"j'c; L,onuot layers,
Minneapolis (irala Market.
MfNNKAPOLIS. Minn.. March
W II KAT May, ll.lCV.til l.rS: July. 1115,
tll.li1,; rash. No. 1 hard. c: Nu. 1
northern. Il.lBVu l.a)1; No. 2 northern.
l.lSS't 17V No. 1 wheat. Jl. 1.14,.
Kuil It I nuhanged,
HYK iNe.
HAH1.KY t4S7c,
HltAN 1 7. 7oj'l a. tx
I'OKN No. S yellow. 7,Mj76
OAT.H-No. 1 white, 4"U4tc.
FLA X S iuHD-tt.Hl 4u? .34
agar Market.
NEW YORK, March l.-8t'(lAR-Kaw,
firm: eeutrifusal. molaaaea, 4 6io.
Refined, firm; cut loaf. 7.5uc; crushed.
7&: mould A, .tc: cubes, Sfto; xxxx
powdered, t.faic; iowderd, 4.,c; fine
granulated, .; diamond A, 6.J.V: con
fectioner' A, .3uc; No. 1, t aOc. Future
continued firm on demand from trade
source and commission houses, prompted
by firmness of spot market.
Mrlal Market.
Lead. M.&ft. Sielter. not quoted, f'oiiper,
aleadv: electrolytic, r.earliv.
Jhii i and ,'a,r--'f,.a''v'ro,'V t shortly befor noon today. Th attor
No. 1 m.rtliern. IJO A s 7. No. J. HH TMri ' . . . . ,u. .,,.
t 36: No. 1 soulhern. iD.ftk-.U.,: No. t,
W.1r;u.35. Tin. strong: pot. ( 60 bid.
At I.onilon: tipot copi-ei'. 101: future,
ekctrulnic, lT3. 6pot tin, ilii.
Printers' Unions
Nominate Men for
the Head Offices
INI'lANAmM. Ind., March fc-Nom-
I nation for officer of the International
I Typographical union, delegate to the
convention of the American Federation
of lbor and to the congrea of trade
and labor of Canada will cloae March S.
according to an announcement made to
day. The official ballot containing the
name of all candidate baa been dis
tributed to the member making up the
42 union throughout the country. The
election will lie held on the fourth
W'edneaday In May. Maraden O. Pcott,
New Tork union No. . ha no opposi
tion for renotnlnatlon for the presidency.
The ame la true of Walter W. Barrett,
CThlcago union No. 16. for vice prealdent.
J. W. llayea, Mlnneapolla union No.
42, preaent aecretary-treaaurer. I op
poaed by John V. Bramwood. lwliaa
apolla Vnlon No. 1, and W. E. Men-It,
Houston (Te ) union No. 87.
The union will end four delegate to
tha convention of the American fedeia,- , sort would have sat absurdly upon her
Hon of Labor and there are six candi- slender ahouldera, but In the part of the
dale for these positions, a follow: Insouciant Ingenue she never failed to
II. W. Iennett, Lo Angele; Max It. I core. Hhe waa the quaint blending which
Have. Cleveland;, T. W. Mofullough, modem life has evolved, of an old
Omaha; Frank Morrison. Chicago; l. H. fashioned (mail town upbringing, ve-.
i Pltlenger, Mount Morits, and Hugi Toronto. I
I There are also lx candidate for the j
four truateea of the Vnlon rrinter'
home th.t are to be They are:
Malcolm A. Knock. Boaton; Thorn.
Met.ffery. Colorado; William Mourn, j
New York' T. T. Nock. Birmingham;!
j.,om v. lUIara. New York, ana
Michael Pawell, Ottawa, Ont.
Joe M. Johnaon, Washington, V. C, I
n.e nnlv i-andldate for agent of the
home. There are three j
Vnlon rrlnleia'
candldatea for delcgatea to the trade
and labor congress of Canada, n fol
low: Jame Unity. Montreal; Samuel Had
den. Toronto, and W. n. Trotter, Van
couver. French Papers
Rejoicing Over
Wilson's Victory
PA It IS. Match .-Oreat pleiire at
what I generally called "a Wllejon vlc-
tory" over the German-Americans is
unanimously expressed by the French
press, regarding the submarine-armed
ahlp controversy In America. The presi
dent' action, according to the Journal,
ahow that the American peonle are be
hind their prealdent. The ame writer re
mark: "The mechanism of the American con
stitution ha worked to perfection; that of
the Initiative, which belong to the presi
dent, and thnt of control over the Initia
tive, which belong to the ente, have
worked In harmony. The house of rep
vote "J
resentatives now can only pas a
of sentiment.''
According to the Petit Paria, en th vJ-
will make a profound Impression on the
European neutral, "a it la the great
eat neutral which ha poken." ;
President Wilson, according to the
Figaro, now Is armed by the senate and
Is certain to act.
The opinion Is expressed by Gaulota that
after this President Wilson is hardly
likely to settle differences with Germany
diplomatically, "as It Is clear that Amer
ican opinion will not stand for American
clt liens being sent to the bottom of the
sea whether vessels they sail by are :
armed or not."
Russian Black Sea
Fleet is Extending
Onerations to West ;
. F I
. ,-, . . , , w c
rETROORAD (Ma Iindon), March 6.
The Russian Black Boa fleet Is extending
the scope of Its operations far to the
westward of Trcblxond and has bom
barded tho mouth of the Terma river,
where a fleet of sailing vessels had
taken refuge. Tho Terma is 210 miles
west of Tiehlxond.
Thirty m'les st at the Terma the
fir of the warships destroyed barricades
and depots and manv Turkish craft
Along the coat line included between
these two points the Russians during the
last few days have sunk more than thirty
Balling vessel laden with war supplies.
The civic population of Treblsond Is re
ported to have virtually all left th city,
those remaining falling victims, accord
ing to dispatches received here, to the
demoralised Turkish soldiery, who are
i, t looting stores and houses and
creating a reign of terror.
Over th Russian front southward of
th Caucasian theater operations are
being carried forward cautiously.
The Rulan advancj ia still 360 miles
from the nearest point of approach to the
Bagdad railway, south of liltlls, namely.
Has El Ain.
Rancher Gets Pay
for Steer Stolen
Twenty Years Ago
LANDER, Wyo., March's. (Special.)
After nearly twenty-two years Con
Bheehan, a ranchman on the Sweetwater,
has received 129.8s In payment for a
steer which waa marketed at Chicago
In 1SS4.
The money was transmitted by the
Wyoming Stock Growers' association,
which haa been holding It since Septem
ber. 1K4. when Its Inspector at Chicago
discovered a steer branded with a cross
curb C m a shipment made by J. M.
Carey A Bro. from Casper. Not until re-
Icently waa it established that the cross
curb C cattlo were owned by Sheehan
Broa., a firm of which oCn Sheehan Is
the surviving member.
Th delivery of the money recalls that
twenty-two years ago Wyoming beef waa
bringing only J cents on th Chicago
market, which ws the beat market to
which Wyoming stockmen could ship at
that time. The Sheehan ateer weighed
t.lM pounds and brought SlS.SS. The dif
ference betwen th selling nrlc and th
price which Sheehan haa received after
twenty-two years was deducted for ex
penses of Inspection and dlcoverr.
Jury for Loriraer
Case Completed
CHICAGO. March . Th selection of
a Jury for the trial of William tsrimer,
under Indictment In connection with the
failur of the Salle gtret Trust and
Bavins bank, wa considered completed
ney agreed to consld-r tne jury a
worn and then adjourned' until Wednes
day morning berauae of the absence of
I , IWarila M amount 4f IlllieS.
Thcaro?8e Mary Page
Dy Frederick Lewis, Author of
"What Happened to Mry"
Mary Page, actreaa. la accused of the
murder of liavld Pollock and la dcfendcii
by her lover. Philip Iingdon. P
waa IntoKlcated. At Mary a trial she ad
mlta ahe had the revolver. Her maid
testlfifv, that Mary threatened Pollock
with It previously, and .Mary leading
man Implicate I.anirdon. How Mary dia
appeared from the scene of the crime la a
myatery. Hrandon tella of a at range hand
print he aw on Mary'a shoulder. Further
evidence show that horror of drink pro
dues tenfiirary Insanity In Mary. The
defenae la "represser! pavchoala. Wlt
nesaea describe Mary'a flight from her In
toxicated father and her father's sulcld?.
Nurae Walton dracrlbes the kidnaping of
Mary by Pollock and Arm- Barton tells
of Mary'a atruKglea to become an actres
and of Pollock pursuit of her.
'Continued from Ijst Saturday.)
Amr'e atellar Role.
Nature had Intended Amy Barton to ba
; a great actres. Kmotlonal rolea of any
"eered with a bright . crust ' of bravado
horn of. battling for .her living In a city
brimming with temptation, but ahe had
never iot her gay defiance nor had h!
the corner.tone of her simple creed.
' cent. loyal to your frlendfl and
" with ia grouch."
gaiety wa. Infectious, and a she
-k ... . mHi,.
chair ahe nodded a familiar greeting to
the Judge artd smiled at the Jury.
"Mis Barton." said Langdon, "you
h"ve old u of the experience with Mr.
i'oiiock that led to your Ruddcn resigna
tion from 'The Blue Feather' company.
Did you see him at any time after that?''
"."ee him again!" she retorted. "Why
that man wa a regular epidemic!" A
delighted giggle greeted the word, em
anating from the Jury-box Itself. "We
humped Into him the day we landed our
first real Job for the road. We were on
our way 'to tf-.e Prentiss' Agency. We'd
been there before and they handed u
the Vail again' sign, so we were playing
a return dale though we hadn't much
hope. Old Mis Prentiss la such a aour
old maid she'd never hand anybody a Job
If she could get her commission any
other way, hut ahe haa the Inside with
some of the good manager and you
can t overlook any beta In the how bul
nes. 80 we went back, and while we
were going down the halt Mary looked
o blue that I had to play Little Sun
shine with much business of Tve-a-hunch-that-we'H-land-4oday'
to try to
make her smile and look pretty for any
poasiblo mnnager. That why we didn't
see David Pollock until we fairly bumped
Into him, and he made a grab for Mary's
hand. Then he began to apill out an
apology. He aald he'd been searching
'very thetrlc al agency and every theater
In town looking for Mary. I ve been
wrerene.i Mnrv i ..m t 11,1-1. .
have been craxy IhMnliht .ti
rcathcr." I waa Jealous and angry and
hurt beside, and I lost my head. Won't
you forgive me? I'm net going to bother
you any more, but 1 can't live without
your forgiveness. By that time Marv
had got tho power of speech back and
she Jerked her hand away from his as If
It burnt. 'I am perfectly willing to for
give you.' she aald, 'and accept your
apoiogy, tuit I do not care to continue
"cuumiiiance wun you.' with that
w ,,0,n "ailed by him into the office.
where there was a fine young lineup of
leads and heavies and capital l's. wait
Ing to be selected by a manager who was
closeted with Miss Prentiss."
"Did you and Miss Page secure posi
tion In that new company"
'Yea. The minute the manager spot-
tcd M"ry-hB p"ked
because she wag the rroper 'type,' anl
-Mary. the darling, said she couldn't take
... .., . ' . , .
Z J? . . "T 'l .
ii"vy me nu iiiKeuuti ro.e wun aoour,
ten sides and twenty-five beans as salary.
Old Miss Prentiss was so friendly after
tliat I thought she was g-olng- to klsa us
good-bye, but she didn't and we got away
wlt,h our flrat call for rehearsal and our
contrail tucked In our hand-tags. Mary's
Included the fact that she was to. be fea
tured In" the play which had the giddy
moniker of 'A Woman's Pledge.' "
"May It please the court," broke In th
prosecutor, getting laxlly to his feet. Vail
this Is no doubt very Interesting delight
ful, In fact, and might prove of greit
help to us if we hsd stage aspirations.
But," (with a sudden change of tone) ''we
are her to decide the guilt or Innocence
of Mary Page, whom the state declares
to have murdered David rpllock. I fall
to see, your honor, where tho somewhat
rambling fable In slang which the witness
Is telling has any beating upon this case."
"Your honor, and gentlemen of the
Jury." Langdon's voice rose before the
words of the prosecutor had died away,
"the story which the witness Is telling
has everything to do with the question
of the murder of David Pollock. It
will show how again and again he force
bis attentions upon Miss. Page, and of
the horror In which shetield htm: and of
the almost Ipavlt&We mental collapse that
followed his brutal efforts to make her
marry him. If I have allowed the witness)
to tell the story in her own way. It Is
simply that I wish to bring you the pic
ture of these two young girl, so bravj
and hopeful, and hard working, whoao
positions and good character wer at
tacked by David Pollock."
For a moment the Judge hesitated, and
the court held' its breath aggressive,
even antagonistic at the mere thought of
losing the gay little witness who was
looking from the Judge to Iangdon with
such childishly startled eyes. Then hl
Honor said slowly:
"I cannot sustain your obtectlon to
the testimony as Irrelevent, sir. I con-
is an aid to digestion and is osix'cially appreciated in
springtime. The hop employed in its manufacture are
of the finest quality and act as a tonic.
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Pictures by
slder all that has a bearing upon the
curiou relation existing between Mr.
I'oiiock and Mlsa Page as of paramount
Importance. At tra same time," he added.
turning to taingdnn. "I would suggest :
that you Instruct your witness to conflna j
her testimony to mere statements of !
The entire court room, not excepting
the Jury, heaved a sigh of relief, and
I-anKdon's face showed a flush of tri
umph as he asked:
"How long did your engagement In "A
Woman's Pledge' last. Mis Barton'"
"Six weeks, but we only got sulary for
"Where did the tour end?"
"It didn't end. It blew up In a one-
tank rube town called Prindlevtlle. It I
was one of those town that have the
railroad station on one side of Main
street, the hotel and the 'opry' house at
the other and the rest -of the buildings
scattered about wherever they happened
to drop."
Again a gust of laughter lilted through
the dingy room, but Langdon frowned
and shook his head at Amy,
"Never mind descriptions," he " said
more sharply than he had spoken ao far,
for he feared that the Judge In a revulsion
of feeling might stop his witness before
she had told the story that meant so
much In the case for the defence. But
Amy, far from being awed, pouted at
him with a gay little mouse and went on
with her story In her own fashion. 1
"We were all feeling pretty grouchy
when we hit Prlndleville, because It. had j
been a losing tour, the ghost hadn't
walked for a month, and nobody knew 1
whether we'd ever get back to New York j
or not."
'Did you give the performance that j
night?" broke In langdon Impatiently. I
"Well, we, started to, but it never got
beyond the ticket-taking stage, for the
sheriff blew In with a badge as big as
a saucer and said that he'd been ordered
to hold our trunks and props for unpaid
board bills in the last four towns, and
that meant that we were, stranded with
Broadway doing the Sheridan act many
miles away."
"What did you do?"
"We did what a company always does
we went back to the hotel and said what
we thought of the producer and tried to
borrow carfare from the hotel proprietor.
That was when we saw David Pollbck
"Do you mean that Mr. Pollock waa t'n I
the hotel whwn you got there?"
"No, but he arrived In town by the last
train, and walked Into the lobby while
we were there."
"Did he speak to you?"
"Yes. He came over and said he wa
going through the town on a business
trip, and seeing Mary's name on an eight
sheet you know big poster he had
Jumped off on Impulse. He said he was
awfully eorry that the tour had ended so
unfortunstely, and begged her to let him
arrange for our return to New York."
(To Be Continued Tomorrow.)
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