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Tne Dee Publishing Company, Proprietor.
fcntered tt Omaha postofflca ss eecond-cUuie matter.
Fv carrier Pt mall
par month. pf )"ir.
Pan? an iindr w
Pally wlthnut Hunrty.... o 4 0
KVenlrtg and ".under e I
f miini without Sunday............;.. S.OO
lundav Bee onlr - 1 .09
Daily aad Munda B. three years In advance ... 110 00 not lr of change of address or complaints -f
Irregularity in delivery to Omaha Bee, Circulation
Remit bv draft. evpress or pnetal order Only two
rent stamps retired la payment of small ae
enunts personal checks, except on Omaha and eastern
exchanre. not accepted.
Omsha The Be B'HMlna
Pouth Omaha aid N street.
Council Bluffs 11 North Main street.
Lincoln 2M Llttla Building.
thtrarnant llearat Building
New Torh Ttoom lias. M Klfth tvmtia
Ft IaiiIs 601 New Hank of Commerce.
Waehliigten 7 Fourteenth N. W.
Address communications ralstln to news aad) edi
torial oatter to Omaha Ilea, Editorial Department,
Stat of Nebraska, County of Douglas. 'as:
Dwlght Williams, circulation manager of The Bea
Publishing company, being duly aworn, aaya that the
' circulation for tha month of January, IMS,
as M.TPr
TJWlOHT WILLIAM. Circulation Manager.
8ubcrihd In my presence sjiI aworn to befora
an a, thla id dxy of February, 1H
HOBKKT H-UNTER. Notary Public.
Habsoribers leaving the city temporarily
bhould have The lie mailed to them. A1
drewe mill be changed aa often as requested.
Neither time, nor season, nor temperature
checks the activities of political skates.
Action by confreH on preparedness meas
ures promtnea another endurance teat for tha
policy of "watchful waiting."
Advance censorship of banquet oratory
might appear, ungracious, but the operation
would prevent considerable aubaequent pain.
Buying fire department motor equipment
with notice In advance that a particular make
la to ba purchased, la hardly conducive to bed
rock prlcea.
Tha way of crime throughout tha country sur-
gests that.compulsory disarmament of gunmen
would be aa popular a peace movement aa any
yet undertaken.
By act of congress, the naval academy at
Annapolla la to take In 100 more cad el a. That
makes Just about one for each congressman, rile
your applications early.
The St. Lou I a appeal of President Wilson fot
"Incomparably the greateat navy la the world"
shows the danger Colonel Roosevelt runs In leav
ing the "big etlcV oa tho porch.
; . j
Nearly CO.000 automobile licenses were la
cued In Nebraska laat year on a population of
1. 200,00. Thla la one auto to twenty inhabi
tants, or one auto to every four families.
Having eat at the table with, a guest who had
been mayor of hla city four eooaecnUve rnis,
Mayor "Jim" will atart out aa eiplorlng eipe-
litloa to find one whe baa hal five terms.
The State Health Offlcera' association of
New Jersey, the chief backers of the eugenlo
marriage movement a year ago, this year unani
mously expunged the endoraement from Its
record. When time and common sense do team
work., fads die young.
Prealdent Clifford Thome et the Jowa Rail
road commission, who la something of a re
former himself, wanta to fight the confirmation
of Louis D. Brandela for the aupreme bench.
Plainly, there la no more agreement among re-
formers man among reactionaries. ,
The Union' Paclflc'a explanation of its pas
senger rate boost on travel between Nebraska
points crossing the Colorado corner, "The Inter
state commission won't let us charge less." Is
too flimsy to go down. ' Transcontinental tour
IbIs travel over that road every year on excur
sion tickets sold at lower rates.
Altogether Too Much Smoke.
Altogether too much smoke has emanated
from this auto-fire-eqtiipment deal to allay the
suspicions of the tax-paying publle that there is
a Senegambtan In the wood-pile aomewhere.
The impression la abroad that the prices
made in Omaha by the different bidders are
"loaded" for a "split" with some one whose In
fluence Is to put the sale across by a pull or a
divvy, while the tax-payera foot the bill. Thla
ausplcion has not been lessened by the secret
star-chamber session with the representative of
one specially favored line of apparatua, nor by
the further disclosure that each bidder haa been
permitted to make hla own specifications with
out stipulating minimum requirements of any
The city council will not get away from the
smoke unless the decks are cleared and the busi
ness done In the open, so aa to convince Omaha
taxpayera that we are to pay no more than other
citlea would have to pay, and that we get what
we pay for.
When Patriotism Obliterates Party.
The scene in the house) of representatives
when Speaker Clark came down from the chair
to Join with Republican Floor Leader Man a In
pushing the case for preparedness, was one that
la inspiring for citizens of the United States, aad
ought to be Instructive to the foreigner. , It ia
most Impressive proof that Americana are united
for the proper protect'on of the Institutions and
their homes. Partisan strife may rage over In
ternal matters, but when the question of defense
of the nation la up, the only strife Is for first
place In the country's service.
The debate la the house ia clearing the way
for the adoption of a definite program. When
thla Is completed it will be urged with all be
coming haste. Quibbles of various kinds, and
some real differences of opinion aa to the better
way to proceed must be disposed of before ac
tion can become certainty. These are being re
conciled, or are disappearing altogether, aa pa
triotism obliterates party lines and brings all
men together for the good of the country.
It la worthy of note in passing that the only
Important organised opposition to the work of
preparing better means for defending our coun
try cornea from a faction of the democratic party
holding close allegiance to the late secretary of
Turn About Only Pair Play. ,
Senator HItchcock'a personal organ, the
World-Herald, embellishes Its front ps-ge with
a striking portrait, captioned:
Oerman-Araertran ftaya Ha ia Ashamed of the
United Slates Ooorga Sylvester Vtarack, editor of
Tha Fatherland, In New Tork, whoaa latter was one
of thoaa found oa Captain von I'apen and published
by London papers.
Turn about la only fair play. Last Septem
ber George Sylvester Viereck embellished the
front page of his personal organ. The Father
land, with a beautlfnl portrait of the senator.
"Vol ted State Ueneter O. M. Hitchcock tha Fear-
lass Defender of Humanity AseUiat tha Trafflo la
To a perfectly neutral spectator It would
seem that honors are easy.
"Lowbrows'' and "Highbrows" Defined.
Chancellor David Starr Jordan of Lei and
Stanford University, talking to the undergradu
ates, gives a definition of "lowbrow" and "high
brow" for the uses of that school. He saws the
one Is too practical, and the other ia not prac
tical enough. Thla leaves something to be de
sired, for it would perhapa be useful if the
learned doctor had even approximately aet the
limit of "practicality" on which he would dif
ferentiate between the several gradea of Intel
lect. By inference, we conclude the deeitable in
dividual of medium-brow elevation comes aome
where between the two claaaea dealgnated, but
we are left groping aa to where to draw the
line. Very likely Pr. Jordan himself realises
the difficulty, and doesn't care to particularise
too closely. Aa the whole matter ia finally one
for personal determination, the old rule for se
lection win continue to rule. A "lowbrow" is
the fellow who laugha at our pretenalona to
learning, and the "highbrow" la the fellow we
laugh at. Too many of each kind are found In
the world.
Signs are multiplying of revival or the
shake-down Industry, promoted by the little
bunch of crooked lawyers that disgrace the legal
fraternity in Omaha, and who were made to'
bunt their bolea the laat time we had a grand
jury. If thla hold-up business geta too strong.
radical measures may again have to be Invoked.
Douglas county will receive nearly $40,000
as its slice of the latest state acbool apportion
ment, the bulk of which belongs to the city. It
might be interesting for the Commercial club
watchmen to check up the actual receipts from
the state against the Item carried in the School
board'a estimates when the tax levy was made.
Thirty Years Ago
This Day in Omaha
- Compiled from Bte riles. -
The colj wave flag haa again bean hoisted from
tha peak of tha federal building- on orders from Wash-
A surprise party waa tendered to Mtaa Lou Krueger,
ISM North Twentieth street, arranged by a committee
cvaelailRg; of W. Krueger and I. McKsnoe.
Mayor Boyd haa appointed Thomas Cralgh. w. J.
lit-oaten, and W, A. U Gibbon to aaaeaa damages la
property caused by the erection of the Sixteenth strest
Jr-eeph Bell, tha weU-knows ticket acent of tha
Union J'aclfic, la lying aorloualy III at hie horn.
Judre MoCulloch of tha county court has made a
sew rule compelling eppltoants for man-Uge Ucanaes
to appear before hint In persoa and verify condltlone
p-c-rt-ijuUite to matrimony according ta law.
Patterson Park la a ew addition to the efty throe
and a liair mi!-a west of tha eonrt house, which R. C.
l attersvn la putting on the market Tha ardeat da-
votlin of Mr. I'attvraon to tha democratic administra
tion ts !. d y tha uames of tha streets labeled oa
ti.e put, among tlnm Cleveland avenue, Hendricks
". t)'d street. Manning Btreet. h'ndlcott
iieet; M'hi'.ney etrcet. !.amr tuttt, Vilas Stiret.
iii..j iikI nj W)D avenue.
Settling Blockade Question.
The auggeatlon by the Manchester Ouardtan
that Viscount Bryce or Arthur J. Balfour be sent
to the United States with full power to nego
tiate for Great Brlta'n la the settlement of the
Issues that have arisen from the blockade con
troversy deserves attention. The Guardian
warns the British that tht blockade question la
being pursued by the United States with quite
aa much vigor aa ia the Lualtanta matter, and
that nothing sort of complete recognition of neu
tral rights will avail for settlement. This Is ex
actly the point of view that Sir Edward Grey
haa failed to take; hla sotea In response to pro
tests from our government having been incon
clusive when not positively evssie. and full of
discussion of all but the issues Involved. What he
hopes to gain by prolonging the Interchange of
correspondence is not apparent. Prompt settle
ment of the matter can easily be put out of the
way by England'a taking advantage of the Bryan
arbitration treaty, which will carry the contro
versy to an International court, a tribunal at
present all but impossible. A special envoy, with
power to treat, could eaaily bring about an un
derstanding la a short time, and place the rela
tione of the two governmenta on a much more
cordial footing than now.
Pointing Toward Hughes
chrlatlaa etaaoe Koaito. " "
THROUGH acknowledft-nd leadera of tha progres
siva party It has bea announced (1) that no
"reactionary" ticket nominated by tha repub
lican convention, at Chicago In Juna, would be ac
ceptabte to those who rebelled agaJnst the republican
ticket of 1911, and who era still acting independently
of their old political affiliations, and t3 that tl.
nomination of Theodora Itoosevelt or Charles Evans
Hughes, by tha republican party, would bring them
back to tha fold. Nobody la qualified, or authorised,
to speak authoritatively for the republican party In
this connection, and nobody of prominence hss un
dertaken to do so, but many whose opinions hava
weight In the counsels of that orgnntsatlon hava
commented on what may be regarded aa a pro
gressive peace propoeal.
At tha close of tha campaign of four years ago. a
proposition Involving reconciliation with tha Roosevelt
element would hava been spurned by republicans It Is
no sxagrersXlon to say that as late aa two years ago
an attempt, on tha part of the progressives, to lsy
down terms or agreement to tha regular organise Hon
would have met with a chilling reception. Imocratlo
triumphs, however, dua to republican division, and tha
eartalnty that these triumphs will be continued un
less tha breach la cloaad, have brought tho leaders in
both factions to modify their views. Tha remarkable)
thing about tha progressive proposal of Roosevelt
leadership. In Iris, was not Its failure to arouse en
thusiasm In tha recular ranks, but tha calmness and
the serlousneaa with which It has been considered
by Ota atandpat element. Tbla consideration seems to
have resulted In two conclusions oa the republican
side. First, that even Theodore Roosevelt would te
preferable to Wood Vow Wilson; second, that If pary
unity can be re-astabllshed through acceptance of
tho proaresshro alternative, tha thing to do la to
nominate Charles Evans Hughes, whoaa candidacy,
while acceptable to tha great body of progressives,
would offend ao oonalderable number of republicans.
The chairman of tha republican national committee,
Charles D. Illllea, can only give expression to his
personal views on tha matter under discussion, but
hla personal vlewa hava extraordinary weight by rea
son of hla official position, aad the careful atudent of
tho situation la, wo think, justified In attaching sig
nificance to some of hla recent utterances In Chicago.
Doubtless, be reflects the conservative opinion of
the national committee when, instead of haughtily
declaring that Theodore Roosevelt would not do,
ha skillfully shifts responsibility for the elimination
of that distinguished cltisen. "All tha information I
have on the subieot, he la represented te have told
tha report ra, "Is to the effect that Colonel Roosevelt
la not a candidate flor the republican nomination for
president. Ha haa declined to permit his name to
go on the primary ballot in tha only three statea
from which Invitations have come, Minnesota, Ne
braska and Michigan." Then Mr. Illllea, having
crossed this ditch gracefully, proceeds to shift soma
more responsibility. "In tho statement Issued by
Chairman Perkins of the progressiva executive com
mittee." he adda, "tt was made plain that any rea
sonable, satisfactory man would be acceptable as the
republican nominee. They Insisted that they meant
just whst they said, and we will take tha statement
at Its face value. I think wa shall be able to nomi
nate a man who will be satisfactory to all elementa
ef the party, and that ear candidate will be elected."
The interesting question, ef course, is Who la thla
snaaT Ia attempting to find a satisfactory answer,
the moat we can do la te weigh Indications, mess are
tendencies and draw inferences, in thla respect
Chairman Hlllae will be helpful to us again. He turns
promptly, and, tt would seam, naturally and willingly,
from Colonel Roosevelt to the second choice of the
progressives. "In regard to Juatlce Hughes." he says,
"there la ao man big enough to refuse the presidency,
In my opinion." Evidently, Mr. illllea and hla asso
ciates are undisturbed as to what Justice Hughes
would do If the Chicago nomination were offered
him la the right way. And it ts fully as evident,
judging from the general tone of remark and com
ment, that, among the thousands whd are hoping to
see him the standard bearer of a reunited republican
party, the conviction la firm that Charles Evans
Hughes la too Mg a man te refus to lay aside Ms
personal wishes or "to sacrifice bis personal comfort
la the interest of what aa Important element among
hla fellow cltlsena conceive to be the country's good.
Shall Bryan be given a chance to do to Wll
son what he did to Champ Clark?" asks the dem
ocratic Lincoln Star. Well, we don't know
whether he wanta the rhance, but we have aa
Inkling that Mr. Bryan can go to 8t Louts aa
delegate-at-large from Nebraska If he haa a mind
to. To be perfectly candid, we think the demo
crats of this state owe It to the nation to tend
Mr. Bryan, otherwise the democratic convention
is apt to be too tame to command front-page
Should the Hopl Indians go oa the warpath
or put up a good bluff, readers may be aure of
thrillers fresh from the southwest mints. The
remoteness of the Hopl hunting ground In moun
tain fastnesses lends itself to flights cf Imagina
tion Impossible in the haunts of the paleface.
Aimed at Omaha
Hastings Tribune: Omaha. Is deal
one of those proposed ammunition planta. Looks like
Nebraska's metropolis wants to blow herself a bit.
Newman. Drove Renorter: Omaha la mitd..
the number ef professional beggars and loafers who
wsnt to live at publle espanaa by making use of a
workhouse. Every town ought to have a place where
tne professional bums and bearara could ha t
work and made te ears their keep. Aa long aa the
pubiio la easy enough to stand for such people there
win oe aucb people te provide for.
Beaver City Tlmaa-Tribune: Victor n...,.. i.
tha advertised editor of Tha Omaha Baa. but when ha
writes anything for the paper he aJgae his name to It
so that people will know It
Columbus Telegram i In a recent Issue of Tha
Omaha Bee appeared aa Intarastlna niotur
Powell In his beat facetious vein. It showed Senator
Aiian. cnaney Bryan and Edgar Howard In company
with a strangs animal, half mula and .
from the mouths of tha men tn the picture some words
escapee senator Allan seemed to say that the strange
animal waa all mula. Charlav Rrv .-.a
it waa mostly camel. Howard, observing the two
numpa on me oeca er the thing. Insisted that tt waa
all camel, t am atlil at a loss a .....
what attitude Powell Intended to place me. Tor his
inrormstion I would aay that I would chooae a muls
for a mount rather than a carnal, hut witw
standing that I would not be compelled to accept the
cvmpamonsnip or me noroe or corporation and or
ganised boose Brooms reoantl In ih, .,.11 .i.w ....
democratic mule In Nebraska. If Towell Insists upon
ma using mat ouncn or grooms with tha mula, then
he must understand that I would prater tha camel.
Unoota Btar: It eosts tha Omaha movie shows and
theaters a dollar a day each to fumigate aa a p reran
tlon against scarlet fever, but It la doubtful If this
bit of genuine realism Increases the audiences at sIL
People and Events.
Robert B. Chambers, credit man for a rubber
company at Akron. O.. retired from his t5,om a year
Job and accepted a call to serve aa rector of Trinity
episcopal ehurco or Turin. O.. salary 11.301.
J. P. Morgan's gift 4o the Metropolitan aluseuin
ef Art. New Tork City, Include tha wonderful Coloona
Madonna, the whole valued at 11.000,000. Mr. Morgan
aaya the girt la "In pursuance of my father'a idea.'
The champion old time fiddler ef Wisconsin Is
Joha Ben of Amherst, with a record of 4.SSS per
formaacae at danoea aad 4UO perforsnancea at wed
dings, ainoe ISO. Besides, ha fiddled himself Into
the job ef town poatmaatsr.
The city manager proposal did not get very far
tat Pittsburgh. The Poet dismisses U with these stal
wart renuurfca: "The breakfast food, commission
aoMctea euy inaaagar piaa of government ta not
fee sue aeerty, grewa-vp eltlseaa aa Ptttsburghere."
The presence of Mrs. Wilson at tha varioua public
meetings addressed by Prealdent VTtlaoa divided hon
ors with tha message delivered. At Bt. Louis it
was particularly noticeable. At tha outset of the
eddreee tha prealdsat remarked "I am a firm believer
tn domestic preparedness," and the audleme sent U
a shout thst shook tha roof, aad centered all eves
on Mrs. Wilson.
That Catercoraer Haldaat.
JULERItfRO, Colo., Feb. T.-To the
Editor of The Pee: Tour timely editorial
In today's paper hits tha nail on the head.
"Ticket buyers are told the Interstate
Commerce commission won't let ue
charge any less," and when tha commis
sion's rulings fsvor the road. It never
questions it. This is, in substance, the
appeal of the Union 'Paciflo Railroad
company, and Mr. Baslnger la making a
big fusa over tt. But he falls to tell the
patrons of his road why It Is that thla
aame railroad hauls passengers from Sid
ney to Denver, a distance of forty-five
miles further, via Cheyenne, . through,
three ststes, nsmely, Nebraska, Wyo
ming and Colorado, and charges the same
price that the Burlington does from Sid
ney to Denver, namely, U.K. We alt
know why and want tha magnanimous
Mr. Baaslnger to tell his reason, provid
ing ho can afford to miss that fine
ha elaborates upon. His Nebraska-Jules-burg-Colorado
rate has caused a great
deal of Inconvenience to the traveling
public, at the aame time depleting the
receipts of the Sidney ticket office, as
passengers buy their tickets on the train,
from Sidney to Chappelt, thence to Brule
or Big Springs and then on east, thus
saving from K cents to fl. It'a a two
edge sword and the Union Paciflo Is get
ting In bad with tha people.
Rfsiesstrssr freas mm Actress.
OMAHA. Feb. S.-To the Editor of The
Bea: As regards women smoking publicly
st Omaha's leading hotel, "mostly dona
by actresses and outsiders," was tha
headline tn one (not yours) of the Omaha
papers. Officers of the hotel. It may be,
hava made tha charge that actresses ex
hibit themselves as cigarette smokers.
Now, In the name et a profession digni
fied by such enobllng women aa the high
minded Modjeska and the gracious Mary
Anderson, may I not oe permitted a word
of emphatic remonstrance T For I. too,
belong to that profession. I belong to it
and hold It In honor, and because I do
honor It I cannot kelp resenting that any
person of the female mn who happens to
misbehave should always be termed "as
an actress." Newspapers seem to have
a fondness for this sort of thing. Com
monly they call auch a parson "a pretty
aotress." even though her connection with
a theater may be less than that of chorus
girl or cabaret singer. People who at
tend dramatic performances must realties
that any actress worthy of the name has
reverence for her vocation; that It is her
business, aa It la her gratification, to an-
ear In plays which further the Ideals of
moaesty and womanhood, and tha aoolal
amenities. It Is this. Indeed, that makes
it worth while to be an actress, and being
no ahe will not forfeit the publlo'e good
opinion by Indulging in doubtful decorum,
n manners Ul nred or In tricks of smart-
At Whoa la He Almlagf
SOUTH SIDE. Feb. I Tn Ik. n,itn.
of The Bee: Since tho annexation, or
reconstruction of South Side, there Is a
peculiar condition confronting the tax
payers ana cltlsena generally. There
seems to be no end to persons assuming
prerogatives that Just aa sure as
fata will lead later to comnlicatlona th.t
will causa our commissioners any amount
of trouble and embarrassment. Foe in.
stance, here Is an official who for yeara
as irainea in democrat o ranka and the
last election performed an unusual stunt
by attempting to be elected under a re
publican nomination. The result waa
Just ee expected, an overwhelming de-
ieai. not satisfied by tho turn of things
In his own Imagination, he would create
a vacancy and appoint himself as a hold
over, with consent ef commissioners and
under thla Impression he holda down a
position which never existed, only In hla
Imagination, and still at thla late date
Is handling legal documents where hun
dreds of dollars are Involved without a
scintilla of law to protect hie position.
Any one conversant with law at all
knowa that no one haa authority to act
In legal matters of this character with
out being bonded. Thla party's bond ex
pired December IL 1914, and any docu
ment Issued since that period and in his
present capacity is Illegal. For Instance,
the writer waa shown a transcript given
by thla same party a few days ago to
file tn district court and by competent
lawyer was pronounced Illegal, trus here
wa but a amall amount Involved, but the
principal is the Same. And what of tha
hundreds that have been Involved since
the expiration of his time a year ago,
nearly T J wtab to entsr my protest
against business conducted In this man
ner and say plainly there are breakers
ahead and If hla slipshod manner of do
ing business Is permitted to continue,
there will later be no end to litigation.
Saaltatloa Vtrasl Eismlsstloa.
OMAHA. Feb. . To tha Editor of The
iBee: As a cltisen I should like to ex
press my opinion In regard to the epi
demics In our city, medical examination
In our schools, sanitation, eto. Several
Items have appeared In the papers which,
upon careful consideration make It plain
that the tail la trying to wag the dog.
In other words, some of the elty officials
have forgotten where their salaries come
from: that they are earvants of the peo
ple and not their masters. Why Is ao
much being said and done at thla time
In regard to examining the children of
tha publlo schools and so little said and
done about general sanitation. (Tha lack
of sanitation being the real rauaa of the
trouble.) Under existing circumstances
tt Is to be doubted If school examination
does any good; In fact, it is tha belief
of maiiy that It tsnds to spread disease
rather than lessen It.
I know what I am talking about when
I aay Omaha haa what many of the con
gealed cities of the east haa not, an open
city with plenty of Ood'a sunshine, broad
streets, through which sweeps the fresh,
elean air of tha prairie and if the sanita
tion inside was properly looked after it
should be a long time. If ever, that med
ical examination In our city would be
necessary. There ia no law la Nebraska
authorising medical examination in
schools, much less any law that caa
force parents to keep their children out
for net submitting to this unlawful ex
emtnatloa. and the school board aad Su
perintendent Graff are exceeding their
authority la making any such Innovation
In the schools. Bin oa there la ao author
isation In Nebraska for medical oxam
Inatlon In the schools, thee there are na
funds available that can be legitimately
used for this purpose.
Aa to sanitation, tha health cojnmia
doner surely has authority to look after
the sanitation la Omaha. There are alleys
downtown that hava actually been known
to aond people home sick after a fe
whtrfa from them. Collectors of empty
cans are se long getting around that
people have barrels full before they am
emptied and cltlsena are forced all the
time to bury them to get rid of the odor.
There are eld buildings here standing
asperate and together that are Infested
with rata and soma of them are not such
bad looking buildings from the outs Ida,
either. Buildings fifteen years old or
older need watching In this regard. Then
there are stores and meat markets, Judg
ing from the odors coming outside must
hava something wrong Inside,
Pome of the ladles of Omaha ahould
know that soma of the highest-born
ladies of our land do not trust Iceboxes,
basements and attlce to servants to do
with as they choose mostly don't choose.
Rat-proofing, a husky squad with orders
to thoroughly flush our streets and al
leys; aa energetic use of the scrubbing
brush and broom and ample use of thw
whitewash brush would do more good
towsrd doing away with disease In our
town than medical examination In tha
schools ever could, besides putting us In
a better light before strangers visltng
our city, who while enumerating our
many good points seldom fall to speak
of the dirty condition of the town and
ask why it la that way.
said in run.
'la she modest?"
"Modest? Why, she can't watch a bill
lard game."
"What's the reason?"
"Phe blushes every time the balls kiss."
The Jester.'
Nurse It's tains, sir.
Father Holy Moses and Jumpin'
Jehosephatt '
Nurse Oh. no, sir; we haven t named
them yet. Boston Transcript.
ME f
Mir- NJMiiX LiniVtVUt: l)M-
Orubbs Are you planning to make any
good resolutions?
Stubb No. I am already pretty well
stocked up in that way. Tou aee, I never
used tnoss i made last year. Kicnmona
Wife Desr me. you can never find a
thing without ssklng me where it Is.
How did you get along before you were
mn tried?
Huh Thinss stayed where they were
put, then. Boston Transcript
"Why did everybody cry in that last
death scene?"
'Because thev knew the actor wasn't
really dead." Topeka Journal.
To Willie, my Deer:
Your letter la here;
It came as a few of mem do.
The mall before last
Just an envelore piwsed;
Its contents got censored not through.
I'm sorry to note
That you've been the goat.
For pickles, tobacco and Jam,
When mixed make a dish
I scarcely should wish
To set before Willie, my lamb.
Tour socks you must darn,
I'm sending some yarn,
Tou'd better start at It today.
Don't ssy that you shan't.
You won't or you can't
Tou've got to come to It, I ssy.
And please don't forget
I've turned suffragette.
So when you reach Home-Sweet-Home'a
I 11 strap on your sword
And show folks who'a lord
Ill lead the parade. Willie dearl
I've got to close now.
The town's In a row.
The she-police asking more psy.
We're sfter them hot.
But work they will not
I'm sver your honey-bunch. May.
Council Bluffs. C. H.
This Home Made Hair Tonic Stops
Pandrnff and Falling Hair In a
Feiv Appilcatlona.
Tou can remove dandruff and stop the
hair from falling out in a few nights
by the use of the following simple re
ripe which you can mix at home or hava
put up at any drug store at very little
cost It does not color the hair and la
perfectly harmless.
Water One-half Pint
Bay Rum One Ounce
Tsxola Compound One-quarter Ounce
Glycerine One-quarter Ounce
A half pint is all you need. Rub It into
the scalp well at nights and after a
few applications the dandruff and scalp
eruptions will disappear and tha hair
wilt atop falling out and become soft and
glossy. Advertisement
Citf Blag. Douglse jar 3
Fares and Service
To the Sutb
Jackeonvilfe, Fta...
Miami, Fla
Ormond, Fla........
Pensaoela, Fla......
Blloxl, Mies
Charleston, . C...
Lake Charlee, La...
Fort Worth, Tea....
Augusta, Ga
t Pstsreburg, Fla..
Round Trip
From Omaha
. . . .
Tampa, Fla
St Augustine, Fla
Palm Beach, Fia....
New Orleane, La...
Mobile, Ala
San Antonio, Tex...
Houston, Tex.......
8avannah, Oa......
Key Weet, Fla
Havana, Cuba
Round Trip
Front Omaha!
Attractive Circuit Tours of tho South
Embracing Now Orleans and Florida
; or Florida and Washington, D. C.
The Trains to Use:
Chicago Trains at 7:05 A. M.f 3:45 P. LL, 6:30 P. M.
In Connection with tho Well-Known Trains,
"The Southland," "The Eoyal Palm," "Dixie Flyer,'!
v "Seminole Limited."
AT 9:15 A. arrMn; Xansaa City at
4:05 P. M. for connection with' early
evening traini south.
AT 4:30 P. M., arrivinfcr Knsa City 11 P.(
M.; yon exe in Memphis, Fort Worth or)
Dallas for supper, Ban Antonio and the
Gulf Country the second morning.
"St. Louis
AT 11:05 P. M. Lounge car train (ready.
10 P. UL), connects with all morning'
trains from Kansas City.
AT 4:30 P. EL, arriving: St Louis nex
morning'; Union Station connections with
trains South and Southwest.
Ask for "Winter Teure" leaflet and at
tractive literature ef the South, fares,
routes and service to Southern and Qulf
resorts. Let ue help you ptsn sn attractive
Southern tour.
ft. REYNOLDS, City Passenger Agent.
Farnam and Sixteenth Streets.
Phonee: D. 12SS and D. 8580.
To the Ever-Sunny Southland
Florida. Cuba,
Mobile. New Orleans
AsmI all other Gulf Coast points. Final return limit, Jane 1, 181S.
To deetlnationa ta FLOIUDA and CX'IiA caa go one route and return
another at slightly higher fare.
Attractive crulaee to the West Indies, Panama Canal and South
America. For detailed Information and deerriptlve literature, t'I
m or addreae
H. C SHIELDS, General Agent I'm Monger Dept..
wu ia a.. Nsoanen or in arid Hldf.
Telephone Douguui 833.