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Important Kewi in Connection with
LmiUnia Caie Received by
pitches on the Lusltanta situation
from Colonel E. M. House, now on
special mission in Europe for
President Wilson, are believed to
hare been delivered to the president
today on his spctal train.
Colonel House discussed the sltu
atlon with high German officials, In
forming them ot the position of the
United States and receiving In re
tarn first hand Information of their
viewpoint. Details are not disclosed
in anjr such dispatches as have been
received here, but they reported
Colonel House found it unnecessary
to remain In Berlin as long as he
originally had Intended.
I.aslfaala Dle)ae4 Chiefly.
It I said Colonel Houm probably dls
t'ussed other subjects than the Luaitania
rae with the Oermen officials, but that
the I.usltanla situation occupied the, ma
jor portion of hi dispatch to the presi
dent. The semi-official statement of the for
eign office, forwarded to this country,
that there waa "reasonable" hope that a
communication which had been started
to Count von Hemstorff would prove
llrfartory to Ire t'nlted State, la taken
In official and dlplomatlo quarters to
mean that Uernieiiy has net accepted the
tentative form of proposal exactly as It
was submitted. The opinion and hope
waa expressed by tilplomat In a position
to be familiar with the status. of the ne
gotiation that the cardinal points sot
forth In the tentative form approved by
Secretary Lansing remained.
It was said here that there were cer-1
tain words which the Berlin officials be
lieve could not be Included in the final
settlement of the controversy because of
concern for German public opinion. It
waa thought certain that this phase has
been explained to Colonel House, and that
he in turn has conveyed the explanation
ta Present Wilson.
Is Kevtaeal Considerably.
It was said tonight that the language
In the tentative form of proposal sub
mitted to Hecretsry ' Lansing last week
in regard to Germany' expressed hope
that the t'nlted Htate do everything
possible toward securing freedom of the
ia had befn revised considerably, bo
cause it waa said that the words used
mlMht have conveyed the Impression that
Oermany . was making that question a
condition of lettlemoit. This it was ex
plained1, was In nowise the Intention of
the Herman government. '
The latest communication to Count
von Bernwtorff had not. It was said, nl
the embassy, arrived In .Washington to
nlttht. 11 Is expected tomorrow.
nlasa llecelvea lilapatvhea.
I'eb. X. 1'reelilent Wilson received from
secretary banning today, what members
of lit party characterised as "very Im
portant dispatches," relating lo the for
Vln situation. Their exact content wers
not revealed, but It was understood they
tclxlrd to the I.usltanla and
'I he president spent the lute afternoon
failing the d spatches In his
car and through them setting In touch
ilh developments In the foreign situa
tion since he left Washington. A final
((U lenient of the I.usltanla rusa I ex
pelted soon after the president arrive
In Washington, lie determined that j
Cermany make full tl savowal and repar-
allun, and it Is undrrsloml lie will be sal- j
Ixfled with nuthtiig; leas. What altitude '
Ceruiany has taken or will lake toward j
the last suggestion sent forward by Count
von Beinstorff, could not be learned on !
the president's speclsl tonight
Colombian Envoy Is .
Much Disappointed
By Modified Treaty
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4-Whlla th Co
lombian treaty was being brought Into
the senate today, Julio Ketanlcourt. th
I Colombian minister, ws Issuing a state
ment expressing hi dlsspprovai or the
amendment to reduce th Indemnity the
t'nlted State would pay Colombia from
t2S,oot,ooo to $15,000,0) and to make the
expression of regret for the partition of
Panama mutual to both nation.
Minister Betanleourt'a disappointment
waa unoonoealed. Ha was certain that
the treaty, already accepted and ratified
by hi country, would be rejected with
the proposed amendment. How much
further than the Issuing: of hi statement
ha might be prepared to go to express
hi disapproval waa not stated, but there
wer suggestions In Latin-American quar
ter that the minister wa considering
whether It would be an expedient and
diplomatic method of expressing Ms dis
approval If he left the legation and re
turned to Bogota.
Would Give Coyotes
Mange and Scabies
HALT LAKE CITT, Utah. Feb. 4.-Tlie
conference of federal and state health
officer to consider rabies and other dis
cs a conditions in th? west closed today
after adopting resolutions expressing
their suggestions to meet the situation.
The Department of Agriculture la asked
to investigate the practicability of Inocu
lating; coyotes with mange or arable for
their eradication, a now practiced In
Senate Action Upon
Filipino Bill Held Up
WASHINGTON, Feb 4 New proposal
relating to tKe condition under which
Independence would bo granted, delayed
final enate action on the rhlllpplne bill
today, and when a recess wss taken un
til tomorrow some leaders were doubtful
whether a . vote could be reached this
. Tha Clarke amendment adopted yester
day, under which the" president would be
authorised to grant Independence within
four yeare or might delay It after that
period If he delred to consult eongress.
waa under fire In the debate today and
the senat declined, 42 to 33. to table a
proposal by Senator Hitchcock changing
these provisions.. Under the Illtehcoc'c
amendment, which will be dlscursed fur
ther tomorrow, the United Btates wo'iia
withdraw from the Islsnds In from two
to four years, and would require that the
new government'a promise to fulfill its
obligations to th United Btare be In th
form of a provision In th Philippine con
stitution rather than a treaty pledge.
They at Lea it Keep young People
Out of Mischief on .Long1 Winter
Evenings, Says Bishop. '
Gopher Democrats
Declare for Wilson
ST. PAUL. Minn.. Feb. t.-Reaolutlon
approving In general the policies of
President Wilson and advocating "hi re
nomlnatlon aa tha truated leader ofthe
general democracy In 11." were adopted
by the Minnesota democratic conference
here today. Twenty-four delegates to th
national convention at St. Ixuils, who
are to be recommended to the voters In
the March 14 primary election, were
From Our Near Neighbors
Wrleth u very
sick at her
waa In town
A. L. Dunn of liellovu
O. C. Illshllng of Antelope county I
her visiting relative.
W. B. Htapleton of Omaha visited
friends here lust Sunday.
Hev. 11. O. Capsey Is attending the min
isterial association In umaha this week.
The hlgb school will dehat the question
of Pretareane" next Tueaday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hchumsnn of
Omaha arc visiting Me and M.s. W. M.
Rd Zimmerman returned Tuesday from
Ilriinsmlok, Net.., whet h has been ls
lt lnc hla mother.
am Alets is In Ulna ha practicing wl.h
the I'siunli team for me tug-of-war con
teat that is soon to pulled off.
John Weise, an innvit of the poor
farm here, died Wednesday evenlna. Th
body was taken to Cam I) for burial.
An average temperaiur of a little over
15 degreea above aero I th record for
January a reported by L. A. Bate, who
keep the government record.
Jacob Pass while Masting atump waa
. Injured by a prematura explosion limit
I cHUNotl him to l taken to an Omaha hoa-
pltal. He will not be permanently injured.
A trillion la helm.' circulated aaklng
that tb name of James T. Hegley be
placed on the ballot at th primaries to
aucceen lilmaelt aa aisirici juoga 10 mi"
M Martha Hark after a lingering Ill
ness of more then a year died at ber lute
home Tuesday evening. Funeral services
wer conducted Thursday afternoon by
Hev. II. C. capsey.
A gospel team from Omaha consisting
nt Iir Ward Frail Hlalr. O. M. Drew.
Al nam i m,.ry Trimble, II. O. Foray and Char!!
j ling. toK cnarge or ine revivni m v
i Ices MiiurdHV evening and all day hun-
i liar. A lame number attended and many
private , Un,k p tlu Christian life
Hit key went to Oiuaba on
N. Wyatt went
to Omaha on
Mrs. 3
W ednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warren moved to
the eefu farm this week.
in-. O. It. Halt was confined to his bed
a few day thl'week with grip.
Mr. end Mrs. Henry Johnson were at
Omaha Monday afternoon.
Meadames Jsrrvs Qulnn snd John Man
gold wer Omaha passenger Tuesday,
Mr. P. U. Hofeldt and daughter. Mia
Dorothy, wer Omaha visitors Monday
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hsehau of near
Itennington vlalted Thursday with the
former' slater, Mrs. P. O, Hofledt.
Henry Denker. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Denser, and Miss Lena Mockelman
wer married Wednesday at the bride'
home. They will live on the Herman
Bull farm.
Mlasea Klla and Alma Hansen gave a
mlaeellaneoua shower Haturday afternoon
at the former's for Miss Hilda
Meyer ,who is to he married soon to Mr
Henry Ootch of Springfield.
TD CALL ON REDFIELD l-a rente' Illness.
H nCUrltLUj M, ,.milll, Maikham
Mis. IVW
1 l.iiisday.
Augusta lebberi wss an Omaha
visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. George Nelson and children huv
moved to town.
Miss Clara AMU underwent an opera
llou for throat trouule.
TV. and Mis. Dwyer of Omaha wer
Betiulnston visitors Minds y afternoon.
kir mid Mrs Chris Bachus attended
'the lieiiker.Motiklcnum wedding near Kik
I hum tlieilay. '
I Mrs. P. Kedde of Benson ha bsen stay
liii vtiih her ilangnier, Mr. 1'i'sd Olul,
III for smiie time wlui
ha been very
brain fever. Hlie
The February term of district court
convenes Mondu;'.
Tha young Women of Panllllnn will
give a leap year dance at Bell's hall to
night. ,
The "Happy rive" will give a masquer
ade hall at the German Home hall to
night. Mrs. John Ilarmsen has been seriously
111 this Week. Hike ! aurfftrlnv from at
Injury to her knee caused by a fall some .!
?phi i KO.
Th Christian Endeavor of the Presby
terian church will have spectat service
Hunday evening celebrating Chrlstlnn
Endeavor da v.
Hev. L. A. Thompson ha gone to Ham
burg, Is., where he will have chaise of
the service at the Presbyterian cliu-ch
Hunday. Hev. Mr. Cook from the Omaha
seminary will preach In his stead here.
Mr. O. fthsffer and Mm It. K. Hon
rsm entertained the Womitn'a club
edneslay afternoon at Its regular meet
ing. The following ofllcera Were elected
for next years Miss ttilna Wilson, presi
dent; Mrs. A, K. tlolllns. Vic president;
Mrs. George Boyer, societnry; Mrs. J. T.
Hegley, corresponding secretary, ant
Mrs. It. K. Honham, treasurer. Sirs. H.
H. Armtrn led an Interesting lesson
on "American Marine Painters.''
"If revivals did nothing else they
would at least keep young people out
pf mischief," said Dlshop Frank. M.
Bristol in bis talk to a full house
of men and women, in the Methodist
forward movement rally at the First
Methodist church last night. "Re
vivals would be worth while ' for
that alone, for during the lona; win-1
ler evenings the young people would I
lie there instead of In other gather- j
ings where they should not be. There
is no time so fruitful for the works
of the devil as during the long win-
ter evenings. That is the time when
young people get together. What is
the time when, down in the country, j
they have their dances and their
card parties, and the devil makes
rich harvest."
Bishop BYlstol made a plea for re
vivals, but admonished those who seek
to lesd other to Christ, first to get the
power of the Holy Ohost In their own
Converted by John Dale.
The bishop incidentally told some in
teresting reminiscences about the late
John Hale of Hanscom Park liethodlat
church. He declared that John bale
wa the man who first brought him to
Christ, during a revival back east many
years ago, when he waa a small boy.
II said John Dale was so good and
kind, and made auch a friend of him a
a boy that he was willing to do anything
Mr. Dale said, and when Mr. Dale cam
down the aisle In a big revival where
young Bristol had cone to scpff and
giggle, and placed his arm around Bris
tol shoulder and anked him to give him
self to Christ, he just could not resist
"There comes a picking time on the
farm In the cherry season, or In the ap
ple season." said the bishop. ."There
come a picking time In the work of the
church. And It waa during one of the
big revlvajs that John Dale came down
the aisle and picked me.
"Yes, and I can count at least a doien
minister today who came to Jesus ChrlAt
through the Influence of that great, good
man, John Dale."
I' rare Peraoaal Work.
Bishop Theodore H. Henderson of
Chattanooga, urged personal work by the
members of the church, but admonished
th ministers to supplement the cam
paign with their own work on Sunday.
He urged the minister to ask their
congt'eitation to write the name of all
men of their acquaintance who would
be better men if Jeaua Christ were In
their live. He told them that then these
should be tabulated. "If you have but
thirty-five men in the church and you
find you have 100 namea passed In," h
said, "divide them up and give each
member three or four of them to aee.
Let them have definite ones upon which
to work, and let them go to them per
sonally and earnestly."
Omaha Elk will celebrate the thirtieth
anniversary of the local lodge next Mon
day nl jht w-lth an attractive program and
Hundreds of charter members and old
nnd new member are expected to turn
out to assist in making the occasion a,
fFVom a Htsff Correspondent ) t. now rtuortert lo tie .Improving;.
-WASHINGTON. Feb. 4.-8pec!l Tele- The schools reopened Monday morning,
gram It. It. Manlev. comnilsioner of there being no new casea or acwriet lever
the Commercial club of Omaha, arrived
In Washington today. Mr. Manley will
meet Secretny Itedfleld of the Depart
ment, of Commerce, tomorrow, together
with other secretaries of commercial bod
ies coming from' cities of ljO.mut and up
ward, Mr. and Mrs, Ou Heme, of A k-Par-Ben
fame, wer in "Washington yesterday, ac
cording to tb Raleigh register. Th
creator of Ak-Sr-Ben contented himself
by looking at th Washington monument
and other pt :mlnent landmark.
Ueorge P. Morton of Omaha, ha been
appointed a member of tha city planning
committee of th American Civic asso
ciation, which this year will direct an
energetic campaign for the adoption by
American towns and cities of compre
hensive city planning for their future
physical development.
While some H cities hav taken Initial
step by th creation of city plan com
missions, generally speaking the coun
try at large ha but a vague knowledge
cf all that planning comprehends.
XKW YORK. Feb. 4-Th name of
the amateur boxer who will go to Dan
mark to compete for th United Btatea
hi the international boxing champion
mill l her in March wer announced to
day by th Amateur Athletic union. Th
men re:
William gpensler of th Union Settle
nun A. t of NfW York.
JuS'.n Karpinakt of tb Cleveland A. C.
of I itvclftfid.
J..I.H Maiuney of St. Rita' Catholic
iui or riiuaaeipina.
ucngler will compel in th middle
weight and heavyweight da, Kar
plnskl In the welterweight claae, and Ma
loney In the Impound clsss. All thre
men bold amateur championship title In
Uielr weights. They will sail from New
i'ork on th Oscar H oa February 17.
and the situation t,ietiy Improved,
The local lodge of Odd Fellow Inatallod
officers lest week, with Peter Buns, Jr.,
as noble grand. Fred Uottach citary
and Peter Mangold a treasurer.
Th coyote hunt wa quit successful
from the coyote iolnt of view, a nona
was caught. However, a larg number
of mea and boya enjoyed the hunt
the lunch that followed.
William Karr. who formerly lived hr.
but for th laat year has been on a farm
near Tekamah. win soon, coma to man
hla home on tha Toaier place near Kik
City, which h-recently-bought.
Mrs Vlstal and Mr. Powell wer
Omaha vlslto- (Saturday.
M'niitsret Anderson snd Fmma Sundall
Were Omaha visitor Mtuid. -
K.ilpli Thompson run Into a wire fence
while coasting and broke his lower Jaw,
Tlio Northwestern rallrniid Is putting
,'i a cteel In kite over Hie L tile i'appio
Mrs. KpriiiK. Mrs. Nels Rasmusaen. Mi.v
WlUkl and .Maggie Kitchen are ou tha
a'ck list.
The Ladles' Aid society met at thn
tnhn Anderson, sr.. home for iliiin,
Ml', and Ml. Clinton William, rot u ctio.l
Monday from a two months' triii In Texaa
and Florida.
Alfred , Ksamuasen of Osmond. Neh..
visited a few day last week at th Ncl
Itaainuuen home.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Blelck of Elgin. I never
, v.i air. ana Aira. eranK Hieiric ami
Mr. and Mra. Jim Anderaon of Benaon
wer entertained at the John Blelck
horn Monday.
Ouch! Pain, Pain.
Rub Rheumatic,
Aching Joints
Miss Lillian Morrow went to Omaha
Monday to see Hamlet.
Mtaa Vaunts Cork spent tl ek.end
with her mother, in Lincoln.
Mra. W. lit. F.ddy. who has been quite
HI. is Improving quite rapidly.
Mra. Richard Webater will spend a
month with her parents. Mr. and Mr.
Frank Whltmor.
Rev. Mr. Relnhardt of Omaha gave
an llluatrated lectur at me rmoynr-
n church Tuesday.
Rev. Ralph Ilomeman occupied the pul
pit at the Presbyterian chinch on Min-
dy morning and evening.
Tha ladle of the Presbyterian church
gave an enloyable aurnrlse tor Mra. Hoy
fcmlth at her bom Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Hbaber of the Rayburn party at
Fneinont. addressed a union meeting in
tb Methodist ICplsoopal church Wed
nesday evening.
Th rrular meeting of th Ladl'
Aid society waa held at the home ot
Mr. Frank F. Adam on Wednesday,
Mrs. Bulcber and Mrs. Garrison as
sisted Mr. Adam In serving th lunch,
Th Valley Woman club held It
reaular meeting Friday afternoon at th
home of Mra. Hedberg. Mrs. N. K John
son gave a paper on History or Modern
Mualc:" Mia. Webb, an Instrumental se
lection, and Mr. Wallalroen. on "Ne
braska as a Territory."
BOSTON. Feb. ,-An offer of ( cent
aplec for KW.OOB cat-off railroad ties
received today by th Boston &
Msin railroad flora th British govern
ment. Foimerly tb railroad burned all
.is old ties, but orders wer sent throuih--ut
the system today directing the ll be
ni. It is understood that the British
tiot ei Binmt is negotiating wl.u other
i i';i&t''.s in the bop cf obtaining Sou.aO
ii for u-e in constructing branches In
1 .uv. .
Weealaar Water.
Bori To Mr. and Mra. J. M. K II bourn
on February 1. a son.
Th district Odd Fellows' meeting will
be held her Wednsaday, February i.
Farmers are using bobsled a great 41
this time to haul grain to market.
John McKay returned Thursday from
a buatnea trip te Hook county, kanaaa.
Frank A. Wvl retimed th first of
th week from a visit with friend at
Mr. J. W. gpnrry hla been called to
Hummer, Neb . by the artou nines of
her lather. William lcFrland. agred L
. Mr. and Mra. Clareao Pool of Wabash
wer In town the first of th week mak.
Ing arrangements to move to this locality,
Mrs H. V. Gerard returned th first of
the week from l.ln.'oln, where he bad
viaiieo at toe horn or a friend, Mr.
Mia. M J. wtrkeraham ha sne to
rairuury to attend a steeling ot Ui off!
-ra me isaugnTcr ei ia Amen. a
Rub Backache away with small
trial bottle of old
"St. Jacob's OiL"
Hheumtlm I "pain only," Not one
cse In fifty requires internal treatment.
j Ktop drugging. Rub soothing, penetrat
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! stlfT. aching Joints and muclea, nd re
j come Instantly. "8t.- Jacob Oil"
! Is
Mr. Howe and dauahter are here from
Canada for a visit with relatives.
Heals Skin Diseases
harmless rheumatism .cure which
disappoint and cannot burn tha
Limber up! Quit complaining! Get a
small 'trial bottle of old. honest "St.
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! matiu pain, soreness, stiffness and swell-
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Btuart. Friday. i t,. ,.,. .,,....,. ... .... .... t
i iiiv"iiiiibi)i ttricia iga a.iv intk JIM II
John Onlnton Of Brule, waa here tlila ' . . . ..
week vlaltlng relatives and friend. " .or .c.auc..
Mr. V. 11. Bett. la spendln the week i' aprams.-
wllh her on. Bddi and family, at Eagle. Advertisement.
Miss Mary Kohl I anendln the week I - '
with friend at Nebraska City. I
John McFarland was called to Sum
ner th fleet of th week by th serious i
iiineaa oi nis lamer.
Mra. Hamuel Johnaon and Mra. P. A. 1
Hanger were visiting at Lincoln this
week. !
J. M. Dllllhar and family mar at Ni.
hawaka on Hunday for a visit with relatives.
Th Avoca and hiik.i K.n
teams will nlay a same here n nt
'edneaday evening.
Prof. Cteorae Camnbell waa eallrf n '
Columbua thl week by the death of
hi iler-in-lgw. Mrs. CampbU.
Get at the Heal Cause Take Dr.
Canards' Olive Tablets.
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