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    I The Sunday Dee is the only
Omaha newspaper that
skives its readers four big
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VOL. XLV XO. 190.
omaha, Saturday morning, February r. ioksixtkivX pages.
On Trls, at Rottl
Wsws Steads, ste.. So.
Omaha Daily
Measure Giving Islanders Self-Gov-eminent
With String Attached
Adopted After Hitchcock
Motion Beaten.
Will Go to Honse With Approral of
President and Will be Pressed
', to the Front.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. The Phil
ippine v)Ul, which would extend to
the islands a greater degree of self
government and would authorize the
president to grant them absolute in
dependence within four years, passed
the senate tonight, 62 to 24. Various
democratic senators led by Chairman
Stone of the foreign relations com
mittee, tried unsuccessfully to se
cure amendment of certain features
of the ' independenc clause, but in
th end the democrats, Joined by six
progressive republicans, voted solid
ly for the measure.
It Is understood the bill will go to the
bouse with the backing- of President Wil
son and will be preceded for early pas
n(. There has been little Indication
of what.actlon the house will take, but
administration leader tonight seemed
confident that the bill. Including- the In
dependence feature, which democratlo
senators declare sonares It with the Balti
more platform, would have the approval
of the house democratlo majority.
' Worrts Sappnrts Bill.
The republican senators who voted for
the bill were: Borah". Clapp. Kenyon, La-
follette. 1 Norris and Works. By over
whelming majorities the senate had re
fused to modify the Clarke amendment,
adopted several days ago, which con
tains the Independence provision and also
gives the president authority to extend or
withhold Independence at theend of four
years, If be should find conditions in the
island unfavorable, The time would be
extended, however, only until an incom
ing; congress oould ocmalder the subject.
Senator Strong- declared the bill was in
reality hot an Independence measure at
all, because of the extension provision,
and offered an amendment to eliminate
it, but bis proposal waa voted down, 0
to 17. .Senator Hitchcock, chairman of
the Philippine committee, sought to
amend the bill by extending- independence
within four years,' on condition" that the
people and' legislature of the Philippine
should ratify a constitution Thta-waa re
jected ft to a
Wkat Biam em.
"I am making- a laat appeal for What I
think Is good faith and Just treatment of
the Philippines," said Senator Stone la
urging bis amendment. "I am unquts
tlonahly and unconditionally In favor of
carrying out the pledge of the democratic
party by relinquishing control over the
Philippine Islands completely. I am not
In favor of conferring Independence with
a string to it. I oppose any provision
which will make It possible for a ruture
president of the United State to send
this issue back to congress. We are, In
bis bill, not offering Independence In
fact, but merely a suggestion ef Jt to
some future president."
Senator Norris, in opposing a provision
In the bill empowering the president to
retain, naval bases in the Philippines, de
clared President Wilson had been con
verted from a man of peace to a mili
tarist. "The president," said Senator Norris,
'"recently announced-a program of pre
paredness contrary to views he held a
year ago, and In the last few days he
has changed his mind on that Nowlie
says he la in favor of the United States
having the largest navy In the world. If
that is his idea, he will want to retain
not only one but a do sen naval stations
In the Philippines."
' Smith Scores Dmu.
Senator William Alden Smith scored
he democrats for their determination to
give up the Philippines, and declared the
American people did not wish to see the
American flsg over the Islands hauled
down. 4
"This action la an unjustifiable surren-
tContlnued on Po Two, Column Two.)
: The Weather
Forecast till T p. m. Saturday:
For Omaha, council uiuns ana vicinity
'robably snow.
Temperature at Umana xrsieraay,
Honrs Deg.
ft a. m
a. m 7
7 a, m X
t a,, m S
a. ra 10
10 a. m in
11 a. m 16
12 ra 2
1 p. m 23
2 p. m u
S p. m 24
4 p. m...,
5 p. m 18
p. m In
7 p. ra 13
8 p. m 13
Loea) Ikroord.
llt IMS. :14. 1911.
.... 24 42 33 IS
.... 2 31 1" 4
.... 13 M 24 10
24 .17 .00 .01
l upa rati
Highest yesterday
Lowest yesterday .
Mean temperature
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature Jl
Knfielencv for the day.... V
Total deficiency since March 1 238
Nonaal preclpltaUoa otfeach
Kxcess for the day in inches
Total rainfall since March 1. .29.5 Indies
Deficiency since March 1 43 Inch
peftolency for cor. period. 1914.. 1.79 inches
tmfluiency for oor. period, 19 13.. 6.7 Inches
ntssrta frame statloas at T P. M.
Station and State Temp, High- Raln-
of Weather. T d. ni. eL fall.
uosyennei, ciouoy
ivmort. snow
enver, part cloudy 8S to
rva Moines snow ?( 24
North I'lalte, clear li 24
Imaha, cloudy 1.1 24
Rapid City, clear 4 )
Phertdan. clear v
Hloux City, clear )J
alentine snow 12 111
T indicates trace of precipitation.
L, A. WEL-Sll. Local forecasts!1.
Ship Sinks with Decks Awash with
Blood of Men Who Shot Each Other
ATrXBNS (Via London). Feb . A
vivid description of the thrilling experi
ences connected with the sinking of the
Italian steamship Brindlsl, which re
cently struck a mine in the Adriatic, la
given by Marie Lemoa of Irving Park.
Chicago, one of the Ked Cross nurses
who survived. She said:
"The steamship, with its decks cov
ered with desd, sank with hideous rap
idity. I was shot Into the water, which
was full of struggling youths trying to
keep afloat, but disappearing one by one,
within sight of land.
"We struck a mine st :30 o'clock in
the morning, and the ship began to sink
Immediately. We tried to lower a boat,
but the ship heeled over so that every
body In the boat was thrown Into the
water. Miss 1 lam pie, my companion,
oould not swim and never came up. I
managed to scramble back aboard the
Formal Action of Sir Cecil Spring
Rice Foreshadows Another Diplo
mat Tilt with London.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. Sir Cecil
Spring Rice, the British ambassador,
today presented a, formal demand on
behalf of hie government for the re
turn to British ownership of the
liner Appam, taken by a German
prise crew. A new diplomatic con
troversy with Great Britain is fore
shadowed, aa the United States
practically has decided to hold the
prize Is Germany's.
Secretary Lansing Indicated today that
the United States had decided to hold
the Prussian-American treaty governs ths
case of the Appam, as Germany contends,
and all' that remained to be decided was
the Interpretation of the application of
the treaty's terms.
The secretary disclosed further that the
sole question to be decided by the Inter
pretation was how long the Appam should
be permitted to remain In American
waters. The treaty guarantees to a Ger
man prise the right to oome and go freely.
If forced to depart German officials have
stated the Appam would be sunk to pre
vent its recapture by the British.
Germany Is expected to contend that
the treaty guarantees the Appam the
right to remain safe In Hampton Roads
until the case goes before a prise court
tor adjudication. Technically the' ship
does not become Germany's prize until
such a court establishes the validity of
Its capture- - - : . -
American Navy
Better Than Ever
Admiral Victor Blue, chief of the bureau
of navigation, declared to the house naval
committee today that while the Amer
lean navy Is "better off today than It
ever has been," the most vital weak,
ness Is shortage of officers.
When Secretary Daniels took office,
the admiral said, he waa faced by that
situation and by the further fact that
the number under training at Annapolis
wss reduced one-half that year from
natural causes. Efforts to fill the acad
emy had failed, he said, and It was
necessary for congress to act
Admiral Fletcher's much-discussed
statement that the fleet was short 6,000
enlisted men, he said, was misleading
because the present complements for the
ships were established years ago. He
presented tables to show that American
ships carried more men but fewer offi
cers than foreign vessels of the same
Queretaro Will
Be Capital of
Mexico for Year
WASHINGTON, Sb. 4.-3eneral Cnr
ransa, after formally decreeing Queretaio
the capital of Mexico for at least a year,
has notified his embassy here that to
night he will go to Guadslajara. He ex
pects to return to Queretaro In a few
weeks, meanwhile, visiting Morella, cap
ital of Michoacan.
The Escobedo theater at Queretaro, Is
benig prepared for the convention at
which nominations for the presidency
will be made. The convention has not
yet been called.
So great progress has been made In the
campaign against typhus In Mexico City
that schools will be reopened Mqnday.
Miners' Hotel at
Butte Damaged
by an Explosion
BL'TTB. Mont., Feb. 4 Several sticks
of dynamite were exploded early today
In the rear of the Florence hotel, a targe
miners' boarding house In the eastern
part of the city. The damage was con
fined to broken windows, all the glass
In the vicinity being shattered.
The police Instituted search for two
men recently ejected from the place be
cause they were said to be trouble
DOUGLAS, Mass , Feb. 4 Miss Lena B.
Keyaer ef Schnectady. N. T., was shot
and killed here today by John if. Pierce
of Delanson, N. T.. who sfterward shot
himself, according tf the police. The
couple were about to be married when
Miss Keyser's mother appeared and urged
her not to go through with the ceremony.
Physicians 'aid Pierce would
die. He is SO yrai'S o'd.
Brindlsl, where I found so' -M0 Mon
tenegrins, who were,,-" Vswim.
"These men yi ot die
by the--'- N their
nattct oV-' lVl1' ."l shot
the A ,.ily killed themselves.
The dV') were covered, with dead and
were awash with blood.
"When the ship began to founder 1
slipped back Into the water and swam
to a plank on which several men were
dinging, dropping oft one by one. Finally
after three hours In the water I waa
picked up snd taken to Pan Olovannl r
"As soon as the 143 persons rescued
were safely ashore the Montenegrins
lined up snd again sans; the national
anthem. While the men were singing an
Austrian aeroplane squadron bombarded
the town, killing eighteen of those who
had Just been saved.
Insurgents Defeated by Government
Troops With Loss of Half
Their Force.
WASHINGTON, Keb. 4. Victories
by Chinese government troops over
the rebels operating near Suichowfu
and arrival of additional govern
ment forces to cope with the situa
tion In Yunnan were announced in
a dispatch from the Peking foreign
office today to the Chinese legation
here. The dispatch says the gov
ernment troops in the skirmish near
Sulchowfu killed half the rebels.
The dispatch continues:
"Six thousand picket guards from
Peking have reached Chungking.
"With the arrival of the Kwang
tuns troops under Commander
Lung Chi-Kuang at Mentze, and the
Kweichow troops on the provincial
border, the rebels in Yunnan have
been surrounded. - No difficulty will
be experienced in the restoration of
order, as an encompassing movement
has already begun.
"Upon seeing the approach of
government troops 1,000 disbanded
soldiers who were committing dep
redations at Paotauchen and Us
neighboring villages in Outer Mon
golia have fled, leaving behind a
large quantity of booty. In the hot
pursuit made . by the government
soldiers soma of the depredators
were killed or captured, while the
rest fled. Peace now reigns In
Outer Mongolia,".
A report that 2,000 Mongol In
surgents bad crossed the great well
and were marching toward Peking
was denied.
Yusoff Izzedin
Expected to Be
PARIS, Feb. 1 Dispatches to ths
Paris newspapers contain Insistent sug
gestions that Prince Yusoff Istedln. heir
to the Turkish throne, whose desth by
suicide was reported on Februsry 2, was
assassinated. Em lie Gall!, former editor
of the Levant Herald and a personal
friend of Prince Yusoff. writes ss follows
to the Journal:
"Prin?e Yusoff Issedln foresaw that
he would be assassinated. Laat January
be gave an envelope sealed with his own
private seal to a number of persons, with
Instructions that It should opened only
in case he waa murdered, Yusoff detested
Enver Pasha on account of his deeds
and of bis attitude toward the German.
He often repeated: 'Enver Paaha has let
the wolf Into the fold.'
"Violent scenes occurred between blru
and Enver Pasha, especially after the
warships which were formerly the Ger
man vessels Kben and Breslau had
attacked the "Russian fleet in October,
1914. At the Instance of Yusoff, the sul
tan also strongly protested to Enver
sgalnst this action which had been taken
at his orders. Enver then threatened fe
sultsn and an angry alternation followed
between Yusoff and Bnver."
Filippino Legislature
Votes Blue Sky Bill
VIANXU Feb. 4 Both houses of the
legislature were In session all night In
an effort to dispose of their business and
avoid an extra session. The commission
passed the assembly bill authorising pur
chase of the Manila railway for K 000,000
with no change in the measure. The hill
ratifies the agreement reached December
IS between Governor General Harrison
snd H. U Hlgglns, president of the Man
ila railway company. ;
The assembly enacted the political ad
ministrative code on which work hss
been In progress for six years, but It
was held up by the commission.
The "blue sky" bill regulating the sale
on speculative securities was passed by
the commission.
State Claim Agent
Convicted of Forgery
OLTMP1A, Wash.. Feb. 4.-John F. Gil
lies, former claim agent of the state In
dustrial commission, was found guilty
today of forgery m the first degree. It
was charged that by means of forged
claims upon which warrants were Issued
and cashed he collected over ttf.OCiO for
fictitious Injuries to peraona engaged in
the Industries of the state. The loss fell
upon the state Insurance fund, mal ip
by assessments upon owners of mills,
mines, fsctoiles, etc.
Magnificent Building- at Ottawa.
Which Cost More Than Six
Million Dollars, Mass
of Ruins.
Report that Blaze Started with Ex
plosion of Bomb Denied by Col
onel Sherwood.
OTTAWA, Ont., Feb. 4. Two
women and three men are known to
have perished in the fire which swept
through the central ortlnn of Can
ada's magnificent parliament build
ing last night, destroying the cham
bers of commons and senate. Sev
eral others are reported missing, and
It is feared they are buried In the
All night long firemen, police and
soldiers fought to save the $6,000,
000 structure. They were successful
in saving the beautiful library build
ing and the east and west wings of
the main edifice.
Immediately after the fire atarted a
report was spread broadcast that It waa
oaused by the explosion of an Incendiary
bomb. The fire started In the reading
roatfn of the House of Commons and
several persons who were present at the
time, including Mayor Medrio Martin of
Montreal, asserted that it was preceded
by an explosion which knocked down sev
eral persons. The bomb theory, how
ever, waa rejected today by Colonel Sher
wood, commissioner of Dominion police.
Who insisted that ths conflagration was
1. 1st of Vlotlms.
The two women who lost their lives
were Mmi. Bray, wife of It. A. Bray
(Continued on Page Four, Column Four.)
Criticises Wilson
For Preaching the
Doctrine of Alarm
WASHINGTON, Feb, 4. Presiden Wil
son's preparedness speaking tour waa
attacked by Benalor Works, republican,
before the senate military . committee
while the senator was ' presenting; bis
plan to apportlou western lands among
JOO.000 men who wou'd spend (we months
a yea!1 in military training and the re
mainder combating" the forces ef nature.
"While the president - is preaching a
doctrine of excitement and fear," he said.
"and oivia and Industrial organisations'
of the country are being turned 1 Into
vshlelsa to frighten. the people Into an
unreasonable preparedness, X de not have
much bepe - for - consideration of - my
Senator Salsburrr of Deleware explained
his bill to oomptl civil' servloe employee
to volunteer for -military duty and his
bill for the purchase and deepening of
the Delaware and Chesapeake canal and
the fortlfloatlori of polnia en Deleware
bay. Buoh fortifications, he urged, would
help protect tho so-called vital area con
taining munitions plants as far west ss
Shambaugh Bank '
Wrecked by Bobbers;
Fail to Get Money
CLAJttNDA, la., Feb. 4.-Speelat Tele-pRL-4Uiambauh
Savings bank ' was
robbed early Friday morning. Sheriff
Whltmore of this city at 1:30 a. an.
organised a posse . of fifteen men
armed to pursue the cracksmen, but they
fled before the posse arrived and no
clue to their wherwabouta was obtained,
The robbers had blown open the outside
door of the safe. The explosion broke
all windows of the bank, and knocked
the front door off Us hinges.
Two different cltlxens awakening and
striking matches were covered by re
volvers of several robbers patrolling the
street, while others worked in the ban It.
Twenty-eight explosstons were heard.
The Inside of the safe was damaged, but
tbe robbers failed to reach the cash
drawer containing- $3,000 In ourency.
Surrender Value
of Life Policies
Taxable in Iowa
DBS MOINES, la., Feb. 4 -The eaah
surrender value of a l'fe Insursnce policy
Is taxable In Iowa, according to a de
cision made today by t. A. Robblns, as
sistant attorney general. As the law hss
not been Interpreted In this nspect for
many yeara It is prcbuble the question
will be placed before the legislature be
fore such policies are placed on the tax
duplicate. It was sai l.
Ship With Guns
Allowed to Leave
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4.-Asslstsnt Sec
retary Peters of the Treasury department
authorised Customs Collector Malone at
New Tork to allow tie Italian steamship
Caserta to sail with tbe guns which it
carried when It arrived here recently.
Germany Admits a
Zeppelin Missing
HERUN. Feb. 4-Vls I.on4on),-An
official communication Isued today ad
mits that Zeppelin has not returned
from a recolnoitering flight and that in
quiries concerning the airship have een
without result.
president's selection for the supreme court vacancy looks
right now. All the other pictures printed are older ones.
Bandit Reported Enoiroled by En
emy and Unable to Escape
Across Border.
PRESIDKO, Tex., Feb. 4. Gen
eral Francisco Villa late today was
reported advancing to attack, OJln
aga, opposite here. General Jose
RIoJaa, in command of the de facto
government forces at OJlnaga, sent
100 men to Intercept Villa at Bosque
Bonita, fifty miles west. Ranchmen
In the country surrounding; OJlnaga
have 'been asked to assist in the de
fenee of tbe place.
EL PASO, Tex., Feb. 4. General
Francisco Villa Is encircled by
forces of the da facto government
and Cannot cross the international
line. If that be his objective, ac
cording to Gabriel Oavlra, com
mandant at Juares. It Is said Villa
is encircled somewhere between Ojo
Calientes and Mootasuma. ,
United States cavalry border pa
trols have been ordered to watch
for and.arreRt Villa and his men,
should they escape the Carranca
Wire communication was restored
with Chihuahua this afternoon, but
General Gavlra refused to utilize it,
believing it bad been restored by
Villa to secure information about
his pursuers.
Declares Railway
aRtes Bar Faotories
From Iowa's Cities
DEB MOINES, Is,, rab, -RaUroad
rates, Unfa vorable to Interior Iowa cities',
bar many industrial sntsrert-ss from lo
cating in ' thooa cities, John Wunder
llch, secretary of ths Cedar Rapids Com
mercial club, testified at the Iietrtog bt
fore ffsam! A. 'O. Hsgarty, of the
Interstate Commerce commission today.
He sstd large factories, stay away from
central Iowa cities, because they cannot
afford to pay the ratea demanded of
the Interior. cities as compared with the
rates asked of concerns In cities -along
the Missouri or Mississippi rivers.
3. K. Main, president of the J. H. Mer
rill wholesale grocery house of Ottumwa,
testified the disparity In rates cost his
oompsny from 14 to SO per cent of the
gross receipts of a number of lines of
K. H. More, wholesale produce dealer of
Ottumwa, testified he would have saved
R00O on his leaat year's business hsd he
been located on a Mississippi river point
instead of In an Interior city.
Subsea Which Sank
British Steamer
Carried Two Flags
LONDON, Feb. 4.-A British offluial
communication ssys the master or the
Harrison line steamer Commodore, sunk
by a autiiruuine In the Mediterranean 1'e
cember 2, has stated to the naval author
ities that the ship wss fired on without
colors being shown by the submarine and
that the submarine rarrlod two flags
rolled up on Its flagataff. The communi
cation ssys the submsrlne apparently
carried Herman and Austrian flags, ready
to fly either, according to the nationality
of ths ship attacked.
Baby is Burned to
Death at Beatrice
BEATRICES, Nab., Fab. e.-(Speclai
Telegram. )Vernon, the ls-montb-old
son of ur. and Mrs. Dan Catlln, was
burned to death hers today while play
ing with matches. The mother had gone
to the home of a neighbor and when she
returned found the body burned to a
a I
m .1 I! -T- - J J
New Crisis With Germany Oyer
Lusitania Case Probably Will
Keep Him Home.
: WASHINGTON. Feb. 4. Presl
dent Wilson returned from his speak
lng trip for. preparedness today, so
well pleased with Its results that he
probably will make another trip
soon, unless the , Lusitania negotia
tions or some other feature of the
foreign situation develops a critical
stage, preventing his absence from
the capital. ,.,.,
Although no arrangements have
been mads officials indicated tonight
that the possibilities of. the Lust
tanla situation presented the only
obstacle likely to Influence the presi
dent against a second trip. If he
goes, he will visit the south and pos
sibly some far western states. '
Think Trip Success.
Mr. Wilson Is convinced that bis middle-western
trip was a success. ' rta
toitnd at the White House many tele
grams and letters from the section ha
traversed, telling him so, and senators
and representatives had received many
similar messages. The president has
been invited to visit Vlrglnl'a, Kentucky,
Alabama, North Carolina, South Caro
lina, Georgia, Tenneasee, Mississippi, Ar
kansas and Texas, as well aa states In
the northwest and far wjst. His sd
vlsers hsve told htm thsrs was need In
the south particularly for a special ef
fort In favor of hi preparedness plan.
Ths president will not lose the advan
tage in the prepsredness discussion he
believes be has galnsd by his middle
western trip. It was (ndicated today, but
wilt press for sntlon by congress on ths
srmy and navy bills as soon as possible,
lis expects to hold a series . of confer
ences with senators and representatives
during tbe next week. . ' - . .
-Won't Oo for Seeeral Days.
" seemed improbable tonight that the
prealdent would leave en another trip
before February 10. He has a 'mass of
routing business which aooumolatsd .dur
ing his absenoa from Washington ' and
It Is understood the Lusitania and ' ths
Appam caaes will be'gtVen Ills close at
tention for. the next, few days. .
It was generally understood that the
entire quewtkiR - of another trip 'hinged
on the outcome of ' the ' Lusitania. nego
tiutions. -Should It bj favorable he- Is
almost certain to go, but should there
he sny really serious developments he
will give up the plan. '
The president got Into communication
with Secretary lousing as soon as-hs
reached the White House today and
while no announcement was made it wss
understood the Lusitania case was-foremost
among the subjects discussed.
Japanese Liner
Sunk in Collision :
Off China Coast
SHANGHAI, Feb. 4-Ttif Japanese
liner. Da I In Maru, was sunk Wednes
day nisht In a collision with the Hum.
ship Li nan and 100 lives were lost.
Twenty-one persons were' saved. The
Miian, badly damaged, is returning to
Hong Kong. ....
The Daljln Maru, of l,67ti tons gross
snd tit feet long, wss built at Kobe In
IWiC. It waa owned in Osaka.
The Lilian Is owned ' by the China
Navigation company of London. It is
3uo feet long, of 2.21 r tons gr6ss. and was
built st Greenock In 1903. ,
Looking Into Plot
To Hold Up Bank
AMES, la., Beb.' 4. -Specie I Telegram.)
County Attorney Hansen is In Ames
todsy looking Into the alleged plot of
ten men who are In jail to hold up or
blow up one of ths four Ams bsnks In
broad daylight.
Ons of ths tan dsy twenty-one pairs
of shoes with htm when ths arrest waa
New Instructions to Bernstorff Do
Not Admit that Sinking of the
Great Liner Wss an
Illegal Act.
. .
New Sentence of Eight Wordi ii
Said to Represent Extreme Limit
of Concessions.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 4. Presi
dent Wilson returned to the csp
ttal from his western speaking trip
shortly after lil5 o'clock, this after
noon. He went at once to the White
Late todsy Count von Berftstorff,
the German ambassador; received
..... I- it,. Y !-
nis goveniiieui a ana or u iu wu
tanla negotiations and took it to a
conference with Secretary Lansing.
The ambassador said before confer
ring with the secretary he did not
understand how tbe instructions he
had could be unsatisfactory to the
United States.
Secretary latnstnR replied to ques
, "There Is absolutely nothing to bs
said. The matter Is confidential."
inrtf flneltv made the
same reply when Inquirers Intercepted
irtn.iiu in reanonaa to reooatad re
quests for a ststement Becretary Lansing
sent out from hi office this message:
. "The situation Is unchanged.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. Secretary
Lansing and Count Von Bernstorff.
the German ambassador, will confer
on the Lusitania negotiations late
today. The .conference with Secre
tary Lansing was arranged at the
German ambassador's request, ,
WASHINGTON; Feb. 4. In th ab
stnee of official information. Secre
tary Lansing .today refused to dis
cuss any phase whatever of . the
Lusitania negotiations. It appeared
at the . ptate , department, however,
that if officials regarded the situa
tion as serlouely as it is reflected in
nflln ill bea It was not . tier-
r.mltted to appear , on the surface.
SomefAlnsr definite may take form
after1 President Wilson returns to the
capital, this' afternoon. . . '
; BERLIN, Feb. 4.- (Via London.)
Information reaching the Associa
ted Press today indicates that under
no circumstances will Germany admit
that the sinking of the Lusitania was.
in lllairal ct - ' '
ss, as as s v
i The new, instructions forwarded to
Ambassador. Von Bernstorff, accord
ing to this Information, contains sim
ply one phrase of the' new formula
tion of the proposed note of regret
for the sinking of the Lusitania.
The suggested sentence . is short,
consisting of only eight. words, and
does not contain the word "Illegal."
It represents the "extreme limit of
Germany's concessions in the Lusit
ania case. ,
Crisis Is at Hand.
Ths view Is entertained hare that ona
of the most serious crises of tbe War
has arisen In connection with the Lusi
tania case and that It Is impossible to
foresee the outcome from any indica
tions ' here. The result of the negotia
tions appears to hinge solely on ths word
In the way of an argreemant between
ths United Mates and Germany stand
only thess seven letters, expressing the
conception which President Wilson and
Recretsry Lansing . insist must be em
bodied In the German formula expreaatiiK
regret for the loss of American Uvea
aboard the Cunarder.
The Associated Press is informed , pos
itively and authoritative, that Germany
finnnl si nri will tiSit 4aaatt-ai a m liu., l
His sinking of a liner by any submarine.
Compromise Is Saaaested.
Virtually no other difficulties In "the
wsy of settlement remain and the new
Instructions forwarded to Ambassador
Von Bernstorff on Tuesday contain
merely the new formula by which K la
hoped to satisfy Washington without hu
miliating this country. Although ths
suggested sentence according to a re
liable version, consists of only eight
words snd does not contain the worj
Illegal" or characterise ths sinking
of the Lusitania as such, It goes to.
Otherwise, the furthest extent possible
toward meeting American desires,
Has Gosj Limit.
Dr. Alfred Zimmerman,' under secretary
for foreign afialrs. In an interview with
the Aasoctatel Frees expressed ths hope
mai mm new lormuis forwarded to Am-
bassador von Uernatorff would offer a
possible, basis -of settlement. However,
he mede no effort to conceal tho gravity
of the sltustlon and wss most explicit
In his ststements thst Germany had
reached the extreme limit of concessions
snd under no circumstances would con
cede the Illegality ct her submarine cam
paign in the war arena.
"Ths government Is willing to do every
thing In its power, and baa dona every
thing In Its power, to meet American
wishes." bs said, "but there are limit
beyond which even friendship snans.
"I do not understand America's eourse.
Ws had thought the submarine Issue and
the Lusitania Question on the
arrangement had agreed to pay Indem
nity and all that whan the United StatP
suddenly made its aaw demands, whi..;,
u is impossiuis tor us to accept.