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Dr. Edward Breck Telle Commer
cial Club Ignorance Keeps
Preparedness Back.
Mreet s furnished and ready for his
Rev. Mr. Chinlund will pererh hla first
sermon In lmmanuel church next Punday
at 10 a. m , In the Swedish language He
will preach also In the evening.
A net policy In regard to the Isnguace
used at lmmanuel church will be In
augurated. The morning service on the
last Sunday of each month and the even
ing service every second Punday will be
In Kngllsh. Other services will be In
Conference at Bristol Holds that
Compulsory Service Contrary to
Spirit of British Democracy.
emphatically -against the adoption of con
arrlptlon In any form as It la against the
pint of Itritlsh democracy and full of
danger to the liberties of the peuple."
When the delegates assembled today
they found this resolution on their tables
and also one on the military service MM
whlrh were designed to take the place of
the numerous preoal which have been
made on these ubjert. The other resolu
tion placed before the congrea follow:
"Thl conference declare It opposition
to the military hill and In the event ef It
teromlng law, decide to agitate for. Ite
BERXK, Switzerland. (Via Tarisl. Jan.
ST. Two hundred ronxmnplive prisoner
nf war arrived In Heme today. Hair of
them are Trench prisoners from Ger
many and the remainder German prison
er from France.
'The lliwe I crmln shortly when mili
tary T V will riiilred In all the
'cheots arvl out ef them In America."
'mlt In. fx1rf prrr, representative
nf the NetVmisI Navf league, tn apea klna
n rreparrriee;s hefnre the Ormimrrrlal
clnh at Mnn
"It Is lawe-rance that In keplna; people
hack frwm this prof ram of prepared
tires. All are in favar f It when thrjr
knn Ihf fart. President Wilson aaa
a a. sine H, ana la now far it. All honor
to a man who will change hla mind on
ao great a auhjec t."
The aeake maintained that we cannot
lan1 by the Monroe doctrine, and we
iiw( eWenel the Tanama canal a ad
krrp It aeirttal and open to all ahlna un
r.a ae have a lam navy.
"Th Jk"arw doctrine." aald the
rpraker, U one of the rockiest polldea
ever anaoimorrl by a nation. Without a
Ml navjr It I a iwt bluff. a some of
the Ortnan offlra hare told tne many
a time fare to face. I remember aome
years a no one of them aald to me: 'The
Monroe rtoclrine la a gigantic Wiiff, and
the firm time we set a thanre to rail
It we will rail It hard.'
Mast Keen Monroe Dortrlne.
"Hut we mii't stick lo tie Monroe poc
trlne,' raid the speaker. "Why, Mim yon.
oii ronlj not abandon tha Monroe Ioo
1rine now If you wanted lo. If yoM tried
lo M go of II. It would not let go or
Pr. Ilreck touel cd on the i-rllirlsm that
I heaped upon the Navy 1m sue tn lb
Intlmitlons tint the league I ' boost In?
for the munitions works nnil the alerl
rompnnl' . "All i need to Kay U that la
lalae." he raid. ''Kteel, yea, reitnlnly, t
ionf.-1-s three steel bond rrself. I
woisld lo Hud 1 had more." .
A imr klnn Joaephtia lanlrlK. for mvix
llng 1 1 cimiiaJ. who have a rent tec h
nical knowledge of the rtsvy, nnd spenV.
Inn for the nevy wllj only Che g-ner.ii
knowldluro that any well-read man ran
set. he ea'd: "If Wlle-.m la defeated for
the 'presi'li liry tills fall one rennon will
he JoniphiiH Hnnids. If he Itislcta upon
kreMuc liim at the lieiid of the liny,
nnd ! tools aa though we 1 1 1 1 1 have
lnnlln for anntetlme, then lr. WiNon
wilt nrohahly lie defeated. Another rea.
eon will he liia unfortunate lirae, "Too
I'Tcitiri tn flaht.' "
'he speaker spoke dhMlxInrully of the
email, amounts appropriate! for the itrmy
and navy, and .the ridiculously lurue I
miiii of l70.0"0,(o paid annually In pen- I I
i-lc itiH to eldlei( of a warfouxht a half
n renti'fy a-to, "Fi lly one-half of that
Ik liia't," he an til. "I wlh we could
tune n public limn In congress or aome-I
nhcie e!e that had vouraga enough to j i
rt a ;! up and aay ao. But they have to
look out for their volea. Aa I have no
political aiiiliitiona. whaterevrr, I will
nay It for them.'
I if- 2
Iff - j
h :
2-.::L... 8iiiiiw ,"i
ItEV. K. G. Tn
(CorreHpondettea of the Aaaociated i'reaa.)
MANILA, P. I., Jan. 20. The bureau of
health gives notice of the death of five
centenarian, three of whom were women,
In one week in Manila. It point with
prominence to the record of Don Inabelo
lea los Reyes, member of the Municipal
board of this city, whose family now
numbers twenly-two children, the latest
addition lielng a boy and girl twine, Br.
llevs is fifty-one yeaxa of age. ' ;
Tha next reroid among leading Fill.'
pi no ia held by Xon Oregorlo Araneia
who Is the father of foutaen children; but
he has not yet paaeed his fortieth birth
day. Hr. Ainneta was secretary of finance
anil luetic under the Tart administration.
Time, tide unci Bee Wnnt-Ads waU for
no man. An "opportunity missed s an
opixirliinlly tost. '
CongTf jation of Swediih Immtnuel
Lutheran Church Welcomei
Rer. E. 0. Chinlund.
' 1 - m
Rer. Emit C. ' Chinlund. ' new
pastor of the Swedish Immanuel
Lot berg n church. Nineteenth and
Casa atreeta, wag given a royal wel
come by hta corrretatlon In the
church laat evening.
He was escorted to the chtirch, not
aware what wga In atore for him.
There he found a large gathering of
the tnembera that filled the ( big
building. A aaUndld program' of
apeerhea and muelo waa given by
way of a "church warming" and a
gettlng-acqualnted time.
riepresentatlves of seven working
organisations In the church made short
telks and the several Swedish tiutheran
anlnlstera of tho city spoke. Rev. A. T.
korlmer of the.. Z Ion .Lutheran church
spoke In English. Rev. C. O. Bloomqulst,
reprenenUng the newly organised Trinity
church; Rev. F. A. Under, representing
the Kslem and Gethsemane churches, and
Rev. John A. Johns,' repreaetitlng the new
mis-Ion district on West Leavenworth,
j Ttreet all spoke In the 8 wed Mi language.
Rev. Mr. Chinlund then responded to
the many felicitations, expressed himself
delighted with his reception here and
enthusiastic at tha prospect of working
In such a large and promising field.
The women' of the congregation served
refreshments that were varied and de
licious. , . , ,
Rev. Mr. Chinlund waa born and
brought up In Chicago. He wag ordained
In WO. He has held a1 number. of im
portant places In the Bwedlah Lutheran
church and is 'a close .friend , of Rev.
Adolf llult, former pastor of lmmanuel
In tail he married Miss Alma' Swenson
and they have on ' daughter, Ethel
Rvelyn. Mrs. Chinlund la III but will
arrive In Omaha with, their daughter tn
a few days..
I Rev, Mr. Chinlund Is now a guest at
the home of' Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Hypes,
?118 Cass street, where he will remain
until the parsonage t ' Attrt California
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
PET Ron RA D, Jan. !0. A migration of
rats, estimated at tP.wr,, surprised the
resident of the city a few day ago. The
custom house district and the grain
market of Petrograd are Infested with
Innumerable rats, often of large site and
great boldness. They go to water usually
In the stillest hour of the nUrht In serried
rank. Watchmen who ee them In mo
tion take pain to get out of their way
a they attack laolated men when la
number. There are tradition that per
on who have tried to interfere with
these armies of rat have been overcome
and killed and eaten. The last migration
waa by day and and th rout led across
the Nevsky proapeot. Thousanda were
cut to plecea by the electric street care
and band of boy and men killed many
other. Thla daylight migration waa no
doubt . caused by the emptying of the
grain bin at the grain market. Supplies
have -been distributed recently directly
from the railway car to the dealer and
larger baker. ,
(Correspondence of th Associated Press.)
MANILA, r. I., Jan. 20.-The cigar
trade between the Philippines and the
United States Is growing rapidly. A com
parative statement Issued by the collec
tor of Internal revenue for the period
of January to November, 1914. and 1915,
bow an Increase In exportation to
American consumer of 6.ty),4!9 cigar.
During these month of 1914 the total
shipment amounted to 47,972,060 and In
1J1B to K.9S0.M9.
February was the month of largest
increase when 9.120,487 cigar were shipped
aa against 4,07,7K) In 114. January and
March showed smalt advance. July and
September Increased about a mllllo:i
each. August 1000,000, while October fe'l
off over 1,600,000.
BRISTOL, England. Jan. .27. A
resolution protesting In the name of
the national labor party agalast adop
tion' of conscription in any form waa
passed by the labor congress today by
a card vote of 1,76,000 against
The resolution follow: ' "
"That thla national labor party protests
Wanted Rome Wanta-Ad In exchange
for lots of answer. Phone Th Bee.
Had to Lie Awake and Scratci.
Scalpt Hair Became Very Life
less and Broke Off Terribly.
"My daughter had an Itching on her
scalp aad upon It waa some sort of pimples.
She complained of having to lie awake and
cratch her scalp and her hair
came out gradually till finally
he had hardiy any. it
became rery lifeless and split
1 at the end till It just broke off
"The trouble lasted err oral
month and she tried all kind
of shampoos and soaps but all
failed. Then she got OuUcura Soap and
Ointment. She would wash her hair with
the Cutlcura Soap and after It had dried,
she used the Ointment. In a few day she
felt better, and In a abort time (he was
entirely healed." (Signed) Mr. Ida Irrtn,
N. State Rd., Westervllle, Ohio, July 23, '15
Sample Each Free by Mail
With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad
dress post-card "Catleva, Dept. T,
taw." Bold throughout the world.
el Your Free 25c
Bottle Swissco;
"Da44am Mi n n.v99
Th fres Jte twills of "8wlnw" Hair ana gtai
Trsetmest. .It ussa llrwte4. will anmnliti o.
Kill Mew Treatment, the latest and beat prep
aration befora tha public. It Is tha remit of
rears of Inraetlsatlon and nwearcfa Into th re
son why ao manr ef tha hair praparatlona ba
failed In th past to Ao th work aemandes of
them, it I marvalous is Its actloa ana lha
anda have received amaitns results Just from tho
fra bottl eav thev for th aakln.
' Beoauea yeu mar aot hava rerelrad an? relief
from aomethln you bar triad, don't b fooiuh
eneach to eondamn erorrthlna elae. T wilt he
greatly renamed by th fra bottl wa (We you.
ttwlaero la recommended and sold br druggleta
and drug department Trywher at 10 ranta anil
11.00 a bottl.
Take' Nothing But Swiasco
C.ond for one Full-1ed 2M Hotel a of
Swinaro" Heir Treatment at anr of th
Shaman A MrOnnoall Ihrus Oa's 4 fltnrea,
whan nam ajid adrireaa are prooerty fllledi 1n t
on dotted Itnee below. Tho outaid of Oiaaha
will sat a free bnttl hr almplT filling nut
coupon and pending I renta In stamp direct
to th ftwkMco Hair Treatment Co., Ie74 P. '
O. Hquara, Cincinnati. Ohio, to hala never
ezpenaa of parking, pottag etc.
R. F. D..
Oty State ..-j.
(Olva full addma: write plainly.) ,
This Offer la Ooed for 10 Pays Only.
Piles and Fistula Cured
Without Surgical-Operation or Pain.';
No Chloroform or Ether given. Writ
ten Guarantee Given in All Cases.
Pay When Cured. Carfare Paid One
Way to Points Within 50 Miles of'
Omaha. Patients must come to the of
fice. Men only treated. Hundreds of the Most Prominent
People in Omaha have been cured by. i:'
Dn.uiiLunr.1 ceieigutoh r.MxivEu
408-9-10 Omaha National Bank, 17th and Farnam' Sts."
Phone Red 4390. Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to i
iC'irrenpondcnot? of the ssorlated i'ress.)
T0K1O. Jitn, 91. Japanese woolen mllla
have accepted a Wsr order for 2.0UO.O)
jsrd.1 of woolen cloth for; the Russian
government for delivery beginning next
month and continuing until July. Tha
order amounts to S.OK1.000 yen or about
f t gOOO. It I umlenttood that the Jap
anese rompanlea have agreed to accept
rtiisslati treasury bill In payment, a
lapunese banking eorpcratlon having
liromised to discount the lillla
Dandruff Makes
Hair Fall Out
25 cent bottle of "Danderine"
keeps hair thick, strong,
Qirh! Try this! Doubles beau
ty of your hair in few
, . .moments.
f. y I I '-
L ....
Premium" Oleomargarine
Hitbin ten minutes after so apptloa
tins of U nder In you can not find a slh.
; trace of dandruff or falling hair and
our a-alp will nut Itch, but what will
pkaae you moat will be after a few
cks' use, when you see new hair, fine
and doany at firat yea but really new
li air crowing all over the scalp.
A Uanderine Immediately double
tha beauty o( your hair. No dlffereno
how dull, faded, brittle and scraggy, ual
liioiatea a cloth with Dandertne and care
ful I j draw It through your, hair, taking
9ne small straad at a time. The) effect la
imaslDg-your hair will ba light, fluffy
4 wavy, and have as appearance ot; aa laooraparabU 1 us tar, autt
tites and luzurtaaoa.
Get a IS cent bottle of Knowlton's raa
Jeriaa frowa aay drug atore or toilet
counter, ac4 prove that your hair I as
I rtuy and soft a any that It has beea
neglected or Injured ty careless treat
ment that's you surely ran have
kxaufful hair and lot of It if you will
Alford & Ooodin
BeDROD, Neh,
Anderson, August
1713 No. 34th, Omaha.
Arrabrust, Wm.
3602 So. 20th, Omaha. -
Auerbach, II. II.
SIR No. 2ttb, South Side. .'
"Azorin, II-
, . t ' 2330 So. 20th, Omaha.
Bailey, Mrs: Olive
2701 Madison 8t.. Otngha. '
Berrv, W. A.
. 471 So. 24th, South Side.
Bee Hive Grocery
UUh and Cumin;, Omaha.
Berkovitz, J. - -
1502 No. 24th. Omaha.
Bernstein & Brown'"
1404 So. 16th, Omaha.
Bernstein & Cohn
, 2501 No. 24th, Omaha.
Blind, Chas.
v ., 2804-6 Leayenworth. Omaha.
Bogatz, F. '
. 2S5 So. 2 1st, South Side.
Burstein & Rimmerman
3724 Sherman At., Omaha.
Chalupskv, J.
' ' 4003 L St., South Side.
Christensen, J.
30th and Pinkney, Omaha.
Clanton', .L.
3501 Center, Omaha.
Collins & Hannigan
v 3S04 Q St. Omaha. '
Crew, J. D.
32d and Arbor, Omab.
Dictz, R. '
424 No. 24th. South Side.
Economy Store, Ko. 2
2622 Leavenworth, Onujia.
Edquist, C. B-. .
3004 No. 24th. Omaha.
Empress Market Grocery
111 So. 16th. Omaha.
Fingcrlos, C.
26S1 Y St.. Omaha.
Goldware, J.
4101 Grand Are.. Omaha.
Goldware, Sam, Jr.,
2621 Sherman Are., Omaha.
Gross, J. A.
1224 No. 14th, South SMe.
Gross, M. .
411 So. 15th At., Omaha.
Hagelin, F.
1S3T N. 24th 8t, Omaha.
Ilaman, TJenry
1704 Clark 8t, Omaha.
1 Tayden Bros. -
104-112 So. 16th, Omia.
' Heath Bros-
8001 No. 24th, Omaha.
nelfrich. IL L.
231J Vlntoa 8U, Omaha.
Horwich, C.
210S N St, Omaha.
Howell, W.'IL, & Sons
' 1713 Leavenworth, Omaha.
Jacobsen, A.
. 4224 So. 30th, Omaha.
- Jankowski, J.
. ; 1430 Military Ave., Omaha.
4 Jensen, C
1T00 'o. 24th, South Side.
. 'Jepsen Bros.
3S03 Coming. Omaha.
Johnson, E. A.
Park At, k. Leavenworth,' Omaha.
Johnson, Tom
20th aad Lake Sta.. Omaha.
. Jourdan, D. J.
1701 Vinton, Omaha.
Karsch, E., Co.
1820 Vlntoa. Omaha.
Katleman & Hannegan
602 No. 18th. Omaha.
Katskee, A.
22d and "Jefferson, Omaha.
Kelly, L- F.
39th and Franklin, Omaha.
Knudsen, J. IL
4916 Cuming-. Omaha.
Krause, J. P.
Kulakofsky, I.
1144 So. 10th 8U Omaha.
Kulakofsky, R.
2404-6 Amea Ara., Omaha.
Lincoln, H.
832 No. 34th, Boath Bide. -
London, L.
463 So. 10th. Strath Side.
Lynam & Brennan -' -
2208 So. 16th, Omaha.
MaUinaon, 0 IL
208 No. lTth, Omaha.
Margnles, J.
1308 No. 34th, Omaha.
Markovitu, J.
1101 MlsgQurl Avw Omaha,
Melcher, S.
1104 S. 4th St. Omaha, '
Meyerson, II. - '
3501 Haskell St., Omaha.
Meyerson, S. '
3901 Q St, Omaha.
Milder, II. R.
1014 Pacific St, Omaha.
Morgan, Jos.
4102 No. 28th, Omaha.
Mulfinger, G. A-
' 1502 So. 24th, Omaha. .
Mushkin, R.
700 No. 24th, South Side. '
Myers, C. E.
1723 Vinton St, Omaha. .
Newman Bros. ,
2404 Cuming, Omaha.
Novitsky, S.
1010 No. 16th, Omaha,
One Horse Store
28th and Grant, Omaha,
Palace Meat & Grocery Co. i
1824 Clark St, Omaha.
Pankratz, E. R., & Son
' 8908 No. 24th, Omaha.
Pavlas, J.
104 No. 24th, South Side.
Paxton, R- C.
1701 So. 10th, Omaha.
People's Market
2311-13 Coming, Omaha.
Persels' Grocery .
24th and Ames, Omaha.
Petersen, C.
3924 Sherman At., Omaha.
Public Market
1610 Homey, Omaha.
Rachman, H.
2802 Sherman Are., Omaha.
Raduziner, J.
2404 Fort St. Omaha,
Rasmussen, L.
3815 Bedford Are., Omaha.
Ravman & Romanek
" ' .514 No. 16th, Omaha;
Reed Bros.
2223 LeaTenirorth. Omaha.
Reschke & Swoboda '
2414 N St. Omaha,
Reuben, H. i .
i 2422-24 Sherman Are.. Omaha.
2711 LeaTenirorth St!, Omaha.
Roffman, George '
2624 Ko. 30th, Omaha. -
Roitstein, B. '
2524 N St. Omaha. 1
Ronan, Wm- ' - i
8701 Gold St., Omaha.
Rosenberg & Co.
403 No. 34th. Omaha.;
Rosenblum, 'L'. '
,808 No. 16th, Omaha.
Rosenthal, S.
1611 Leavenworth. Omaha. .
Ross, George . - v
34th aad Ames, Omaha,
Rofis, George
24th and Masle, Omaha.
Rudloff, Wm. , 1 ' ,. ..
2629 Sherman Are.,. Omaha.,
Schiller, L.
3225 California, Omaha.
Schlaifer, O. . ! '
1824 St. Mary's Are., Omaha:
Shaw, A., & Son - V
2123 Military Are, Omaha. -
Simon, M. J. . .
' ' 250 So,..30th, South Side.
Skriver, N. ' .
83d and Parker, Omaha.
Smisek & Hrdlicka
. 2623 L' St. Omaha,: .
Smith, E. N. ,l V:'rV:...:
. 2728 Madison St Omaha.''
Spaulding Grocery Co. -
29th and Spaulding, Omaha.
Stahmer Bros. . ! . . ' , ' V - . ,
2702 So. 20th St; Omaha.. .
Steck, G. L. ;V ::';V
4134 .Grand Are.,' Omaha.
Stein Bros- ' ' ' 1
4002 Hamilton, Omaha.
Stern, C.
2307 Leavenworth, Omaha.
Stribling, Geo. j
1124 So. 7th, Omaha,
Swatek, Ed
4020 L St, Omaha. -
Thorin & Snygg
8880' Hamilton, Omaha.
Tietsort, Geo-
3530 No. 40th, Omaha.
Tuchman Bros.
26th and Davenport, Omaha..
Tuchman Bros.
322 No. 18th, Omaha.
Vachal, V.
1302 Garfield, Omaha
Volenec, B.
' 3747 Jackson. Omaha.
Vom Weg, Wm.
2128 Leeven worth, Omaha.
Wallace, Wm. L.
2706 Lake, Omaha.
Welsh Grocery
531 No. 24th, Sooth Side.
Wesin, C. P., Grocery Co-
- 2005 Cuming, Omaha.
Wohlner, H.
5144 No. 16th, Omaha.
Wohlner & Izenstat
606 So. 16th, Omaha. .
Wohlner, LT
. 622 So. 16th. Omaha.
Woodruff, Mrs. L.
3702 No. 30th, Omaha.
Wolff & Herfort
2017 Manderson Ave., Omaha.
Wulff & Sowards . . '
Zarp, C. M.
1603 Park Ave.. Omaha.
Ziev, It-
3226 California. Omaha.
.. .. ,,, K- f
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