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Wages of f
Bjr WOODS mTcniso, m. n.
"Second-Hand Joy!" : IJrtkL
. It ta abundantly within the rights of tha
community to demand that none- of !t
members shall appear In ruhlle In a
ctfrty, offensive or odorous 'condition.
Tint, because they are a aourcc of an
noyance and discomfort to their fello-v
dtlsens; second, because thry are at I
least three ' times as likely to be t"e '
rarriari of some form of Infection dli-
MM. i
But, It may be objected, would net 1
such, a atep In the present atate of nf
falra toe adding lnavilt to injury? Many
hard working" and honest toilers are e.n
(raffed in work of such a character aa t
make it impossible to keep their hand
and clothing- and even face in cleanly
and preventable conditions.
Would It not work a grave hardship
and injustice upon day laborers and fac
, tory operatives going to and from their
work in public conveyances?
. At first perhaps it might, but the ulti
mate result would be. to benefit them
greatly,-and that surprisingly soon. If
there be anyt.Ung which Is forging rap
Idly to the front as the dominant note
In the new Spirit in business and modern, !
up-to-date methods of factory and shop
operation, : it la .cleanliness, almost ap'it
lesspess, of rooms, of benches, of floois, 1
of processes of manufacture, of materials j
handled and of the hands, clothing and
persona, of. operatives
- A dirty, untidy, sloppily dressed opera
tire couldn't bold his Job three days In
any -modern model plant, even If he had
succeeded in "slicking up" well enough
to get hired in the first place.
' It Makes Bo difference w hether the fac
J tory la handling foodstuffs, or wool, or
oottoni fabrics, or furniture, or hardware,
dirty method mean -waste of 'valuable
raw- 'material; dirty ' machinery " roeane
' grinding out of'dellcate bearings, quick
wearing out and early breakdown. Dirty
' workmen' mean spoiled goods, careless
work, loss of time and efficiency, from
sickness and' ill health.' '
, In fact it la now clearly seen that dirt
wherever found means either waste or
Inefficiency, and usually both. The "dirty
ZVOrk " Of Which we iikaH tn hup an mn.H
because it was going to be so difficult to
get anyone to do it in any of the social
Ltoplas, Is simply stupid . work, work
done with the hind feet Instead of with
.the head,' work which has not yet been
made 1 scientific, ' civilised and sanitary.
A couple of years ago the writer was
visiting a great modern tool and machine
factory employing some 4,000 men.
The- possibilities for dirt and grime and
black grease in (his Industry can hardly
be excelled,' and ten years ago the ar.
eriage machine ahop was a cross between
Dante s Inferno and the . screening, de
partment' of coal mine for blackness.
' In fact, any able-bodied machinist who
showed anything but black about him
except , the whites "of bis eyes was rather
ashanjed" cT.', himself, tan . otherwise. , f
But the men's entrance to this great
Plant was like the hall of some mihii.
- Dauaing. f. n
int rirsi rooms you -came to on th
i light and left were-' great- 'lockers and
washroom, with 'white enameled bowls
and hot and Cold water like the locker
'roortisj of A great gymnasium. '. There
every" workman was . expected - to leave
'his 'street clothing and put , on .a clean
suit of. pVeralls and a special pair of
shop, shoes before going into the work-
$hn.'. ., .... .,.......,..
A lunch room was provided In . the
building where he could either order a
hot lunch, at lltUe more thart cost price
or eat th lunch he brought with him,
and whn he washed up. at night after
i,lultUmi tftne. he' threw his dirty over
alls into great baskets to. be carried to
the laundry and would find a Clean suit
in his locker when he returned next
When the men came pouring out
through the great, doore again Into' the
street they were as cleanly and tidy and
almost as well dressed as the average
.tiUrk or salesman or business man., The
' st of i the factory, of course, corre
sponded; the .workshops were floodded
with lights for all the. walls and hair the
r root were glaasi there wasn't a speck of
dust or floating grime, flying 'anywhere.
'The floor Were, afl", .clean as those of
v; the average schoolroom or kitchen. The
work . benches .. were brown and - well
polled' Jut clear .of every speck or scrap.
except the'metal Which was being fash-
dned And -the - tools absolutely necessary.
All the seldom-used tools and gauges
'.end "cutters were arranged in racks un-der-the
care of a tool librarian, who ls--aued
hero 'as they vere wanted. Every
' speck of dust or flying scraps was sucked
lota baskets or. hoppers and shot down
rtfelha. floor below. : i- ' '
Advice lo Lovelorn
fii Sy Beatrice Fairfax
- y ...It Rests with )'
Dear Mies Fan-fax: I am M. Mv mother
died when I was 6. I keot houiw for mv
t father, so I-sm-net prepared for the busi
ness world. The time has come when I
must make my own living; the only
thing I can do is to be a cloak and suit
model. My friends sav it Im a dangerous
' position., as there ore too' many tempta
tions connected with it. 1 am at a loss
.what to do.
; The clangers a girl meets tn the business
'world are- grossly exaggerated. If youl
work for a reputable firm and your man--ner
la dignified and worthy of respect
'you will be able to get along on your
' merits. A cloak and stilt model can man
age to be dignified and efficient If she
chooses to. If you find yourself with
4men who will not respect you.' you can
imply resign and seek another position.
When you tenderly peel the wrappings- of tis- ,
ue away from a new frock Just home from the
l!ttle shop, do you ever visualize the last girl
face that bent over It when it was folded la away
irom the light when It started to youT
When you draw It out and spread Its froth
and shimmer out to the light between your
fingers, are there ever, for you, lingering ghosts
of the patient glrl-flngers that; deftly stitched
upon it under night-lights so you might have It
In time? . Perhaps they were just aa white a
pair of hands as yours, and sweeter tn shape.
Who can tell?- Just four fingers and a clever
thump like yours and, thrilling to the touch of
satin and chiffon Just as yours do. Spread out
your hand and think about It.
One girl dark and soft-faced hunched bet
shoulders in their cheap little blouse over the
last shimmering details and catching pink
rose-burls, dewed with a bit of sparkle in each
of their hearts, with tiny stitches thousands of
them her fingers trembled with haste and her
heart fluttered painfully. For Mademoiselle
wanted her frock for a dance tonight, the
madame bad said. And the gown, passing from
girl to girl, arrived at last to little Tired Shoul-'
ders, with the deft fingers tor finishing. And
her eyes shone and bait shut with the beauty
of the stuff under. her hands.
And girl-eyes and girj-flngers and girl-heart
drew a bit of second-hand thrill out of a frugal '
draught of econd-bnnd Joy seeing in fancy the
lucky tyrl who was to wear the little dream
dress on her way to ber precious dance.
' The brown box that comes to yon holds not
only a holiday frock and pink and white tissue
paper! About It clings' countless lovely ghosts
girl hands that have fashioned and caressed
it; a shimmer that may be the light of girls'
eyes that have labored an4 beamed upon it; Us
rustle, the faint repetition ( tt some beating
heart that bent above it. A box of dreams It
Is from "Judy O'Grady" to '"the Colonel'i
And, mind you, remember it. Mind you, re-,
member that all the Joy some girls ever have Is
'second-hand!" . NELL BRINKLET.
Editorial for Women
e e
. .. . ''
r ttonoTiiv nix.
A woman who la deeply in love wltii
her husband, and who frankly acknoal
edges that she is Intolerably Jealous of
him, without anr tangible cause. Wants
to know If there Is any cure for Jealousy.
The only cure for Jealousy la common
sense. The only remedy for the green
eye Is to look a situation so straight In
the face that the JaundWd halo with
Which you see it surrounded fades away,
and you behold It clear and normal,' In
stead of distorted by a bilious hate.- .
Of course It hurts a wife's' pride and
vanity to find out that she Is not all In
all to her husband s he la to her. nut
if every woman who has made that dis
covery went about beating upon her
breast and tearing her hair, wa would
not be able to get through the streets
for the curls and transformations that
would encumber thrm. and this world
would be nothing but a, wailliiR.lace..
Men's heart and women's hearts are
run on different rchedulos.. .Women are
monopolists In love, while men are free
traders, and it's perfectly possible for a
man to be devoHnl to his -wife, to prefer
and admire her above all other women.
and still have eyes for every other pretty
skirt that crosses his pathway.
Therefore, "ho-rever aKRravatlng It may
be to a wife to find out that her husliand
enjoys a pa""!"? flirtation with another
woman, and . that he still likes . to bo
teased about lelng a gay txitharlo, she
needn't suspect Ms faithfulness 'on this
account. Nor la if any Indication -that
he la weary of hei. She's still Ms wife,
and Just being a man's wife gives, her a
prestige In his eyeo that no other womnn
For this reason If a man is good and
kind and tender to his wlfo she IS wise
If ahe shuts her ryes to the fact tlisl he
Is prone to be a little too soft where a
pretty face Is concerned, and that any
little two by tor debutante with fluffy
hair and big eyas can make a fool of him.
'Every wife who makes a success of mat
rimony has to forgive her husband some
thing, and put up with something, and
fllrtatlousness is r.ot In the axme clues
with tempers cr grouchlncss, or stingi
Certainly the Jerloua wife does not help
her cause by nagging; for there li no
wnv so swift and sure by which to drive
a man away from you to another as by
nauRlng. 1-et a wife make herself a per-
)etnal fxult flnd'-r at homo and she
sends her huab.ttti straight as a die to
the other woman to1 he comforted. Thus
has many a wlfr developed her husband s
stlsht fnry Into ar. affinity.
Nor Is anything to be sained by watch
ing a man. Th most perfect system of
spying breaks down at some point, and
If a husband or a wife wishes lo deceive '
the other, there always comes tie oppor
tunity to do It.
In the end It i bound to be a question
of honor betwi"n the two, and so the.
wlfo who goes lluouith her husband's
pockets , looking for letters In femlnltto
handwriting, .md who pops Into hi office
to see whether ht has a gootl-looklna
stenographer or not. and who makes him
establish an alibi (or every minute, that
he la out of her elitht does nothing to
safeguard her own Interests.
She only puts a premium on his !'-
Dorothy Dix Gives the
Cure for Jealousy. : '
celvlng her. for her suspec.lnns make "hlrr
feel that he'd belter get the benefit of
her doubts. Ono had aa well be hung f"f
a sheep ss a lamb, you know.
Of course the Jealous woman will ssy
she enn't help her Jealousy. That's non
sense. Ihvc 'a more or loss a matter of
self-hypnotism anvwsy.'snd any woman
( an keep the good thought on her bus-,
band's affection foi her Justos effec
tHally as she ian dwell on his fultlilcm
nciw nnit ini:il of him that' tnrtUi e Ivt.
' So 1 say to this Jealous wife, forffet
your huMmnd's oiu- little step aadl. . Jl3
good lo him. 1 cheerful, slid af fro Ion
ate, and cliHinil kg to him If you wont it
keep him, and make him thins- you m
the pluckiest llf le womaiii and the finest
cnnirude a mt.i.ovcr got. There's ti it
much, you know. In a green-eyed tugRlug
wlfo to keep a ninn nailed to his own
fireside. Thai's the reason -that Jcnliu
is a booineniiiit Hint nlwsys files back
and alinllillntos Hie Jealous one.
';',. '.'';,-f,'.'.' y
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California's Selected Oranges
Fina Seedless Narels. Get a. dozen today. '
Save the tissue wrappers for beautiful silverware . . .
Ommm I li na-srs
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m - . . u
Three parts of "Simon Pure" go as far
.as four parts of ordinary, lard. . . For frying,' for
1 eKnrtoninrr ' fnr
s, an vi iunxi),
' ,"Ar?ii1 1
.... 'i'"-. JSS&iM . .
cakes and for pastry, it
is the best that Armour
can produce. So it wears
the Armour Oval Label.
To be sure of getting pure
leaf lard buy it in pails
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4' label', rhona ns your uai-,
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ply you..- , -
bend to as lor a tree copy
of "Pastry Wrinkles" by
Fannie Merritt Farmer.
i. sum li ill mummmymmmiinm
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There's an Armour Oral Label store rear you.
lul .i
The Cash Value of a Wife
t f Tff ?f ?ff ?f f f Ff f f f f f ?f f f f
There's One Motel
In the World "
This Policy-
Whether or no, marriage la an extrav
agance is a question which fn greater or
less decree "perplexes msny men." court
ship may be devoted to . sentiment, and
romance, but when It comes to matri
mony the stern fact of shillings and
pence, of Income and output, necessarily
must be taken into serious 'and careful
Consideration. Of course, everybody ought
i to marry for love genuine and permanent
love but none the less It behooves both
. (he lover and the beloved to make cer
tain that between them they have money
enough to make marriage a reasonable
It is only the stupHlty. which knows no
least half the men who confess to having
come to grief through living beyond their
means, ascribe the trouble to the extrav
agance of their wives. The ''excuse of
Adam" Is thst of these unfortunate men.
Expensive establishments, kept up solely
to please their, wives, extravagance In j
dress upon the part of the women of the
n . I w --..a IH.P.I1V I.V.. ma' Ihnnffhl
.m mm m. v mnj ' u i .uivu r . .. . w
business world, unless she is either will
ing to welcome it or blind enough to go
Into a very popr environment.
t ' Stay with Year Sister.
"Dear Miss Fairfax: I am IT and live
.-with my sister. My parents say I must
.stay with her because- she has two c-hil- :
-ilren and It le my duty to help her and ;
t the meantime take care of the office.
1 go home to New York once In two or ;
three- weeks. My father says 1 cannot go i
home to stay. The reason 1 want to leave ,
Is because I don't go out much and don't
know anything about ti'
A rStiWAKIV umu
advise you to take a more obedient
auad considerate attitude toward your
PVents and slater. Tou are very young
d wil learn about life Quickly enoogh,
tlon't- insist 'on taking any Murse of
7hJra your family would disapprove.
! beyond the present moment which com
placently marries upon nothing In hand
and the uncertain hope that something
will turn up in the future.
, Pew people will pretend to deny that,
aa life goes nowadays, wives, excepting
among the laboring classes, and of the
sort who "worketh willingly with her
hands," ar expensive luxuries.
Bald Thiers: "Moat men contemplate
making some self-denial when they
marry. They think they will give up uoh
and auch expensive pleasures. Later on,
when they discover that they cannot do
so, and at the same time they lack the
means to indulge, they complain that it
la the extravagance of tbelr wives which
causes the Inconvenience." Which wise
saying U applicable to men in other coun
tries besides that of Prance. Officials of
the bankruptcy court estimate that at
family, costly entertainments, ruinous
florists' bills; It is all the fault of the
woman whom "Thou gavest to be with
me." Rash and extravagant speculation
often Is the immediate occasion of finan
cial ruin, but it is the usual plea that
such speculation was entered Into In order
to satisfy the demand of an importunate
wife who wished to vie with hrr richer
neighbors. It would seem as If men
"hardly-ever" wanted the earth, except
ing In order to give It to some woman.
When a man Is possessed of an assured
Income large enough to meet the expenses
of a reasonable menage, he Is entitled to
a wife If he wants one. But mhen any
man alts down to wonder whether the af
fections of the women he professes to
love Is worth, having at a cost of' so
many pounds,' shillings nnd pence, he al
ready ha solved the problem. Unless he
desires her so much that he Is willing to
sacrifice anything else save honor. In
order to win her and can count the loss
gain, he had best love and ride away.
She certainly is not worth the money to
him. Men who discuss the cash value of
wlvea so severely appear to ignore the
value of love and sympathy, of eongenlal
companionship. Tet, . almost anyone will
How To Get Rid of a t
Dad Cough
A Hesae-Made Reaaedy that WUI
. Da It (galrkly. Cheap aad
Easily Mad
If you Lave a bad couh or cheat cold
wliicU refuses to yield to ordinary reme
dies, get from any druraiat 2Vfc ounces
of t'iuex (50 cents worth), pour into a
pint bottle and till the bottle with plain
granulated sugar syrup, lb tart taking
a teaapoonful every hour or two. In ii
hours your couali will be ronauered or
very nearly so. Even whooping cough is
greatly relieved in tuis way.
'Jlie above mixture makes a full pint
a family supply of the finest cough
svrup thai money could buy at a cost
of only 64 cents. Kasily prepared in 6
minutes. Full directions with Pines.
'ibis Pinex sod Hugar rjyrup prepa
ration takes right bold of a cough and
(rives almost immediate relief, it loos
ens the dry. boarse or tight cough in a
way that (a really remarkable. Also
quickly beals the inflamed membranes
which accompany a painful cough, and
stops the formation of phletrm in the
throat and bronchial tubes, thus ending
the persistent loose cough. Excellent for
bronchitis, .spasmodic croup aud winter
coughs. Keeps perfectly and tastes good
children like it.
' I'inex is a special and btgMy concen
trated compound of genuine Norway pine
extract, rich in gusiacol, which is so
healing to the membranes.
To avoid diaappoinUnent. atk your
druggist for "2V4 ounces of Pinex." do
not accept anything else. A guarantee
-' ill L
K';l1-? 1 I?-l.ii &
500 rooms with private batli or private toilet
Every room with outside light and air.
ultimately Had that such possessions are ! ?' absolute satisfaction, or money prompt
beyond nrtoa. W. refunded goes with this preparation
. . I lue rinex wo., tx. w ayne, mo.
Fort Dearborn :
First high-class hotel in the world to fix one price on J1 its rooms.
La Salle Street at Van Buren
near everything that brings" you to Chicago
Direction of Hotel Sherman Company ' I f X