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. The nee Publishing Company. Proprietor.
: Kntrrri at Omiha postofflee ss seond-cls matter.
Pjr cerrtT FT rnaJl
per month. pf yr.
i Dsllv and Pundur Wo "
1 lslir without Sunday....' o .
i lining snJ Sunrtnv .V J J"
' Kwnlnj without Sunday
I Sunday Bre only -
Dntly and Sunday lire, three yeara In advance 110. W
Send nitl"e of ihsniro of sil'lriss or complaint of
liTPiila tv in dehvrry to Oinntia llee, Circulation
Pe'.nrtnif nt
J Remit hy draft, express or po'al order. Only two-
I counts Pereonal rhrrk. except on Omaha and eastern
j nchanire. not accepted.
Omaha The tlnllilinc
South Omaha ai N etrert
Council muffs It North Main Mreet.
I Inroln M I.lttle HulMIn.
Chtf ao Hart Hulirllna-
Nw Vork Room lift'.. 2vii Fifth avenue
Ft. I.ouls-603 New Hunk of Tommerre.
Wsshlnston 735 Fourteenth 8t., N. W.
Address rommunlcatlona relatlnir to new and edi
torial matter to Omaha Bee, Editorial Department.
tate of Nehrsske, County of Douglas, aa:
Irwlght Williams, circulation manager of The Fe
I Publishing company, being duljr sworn, aaya that the
) average circulation for tha month of December, 1816.
waa U.34.
DWIOHT WILLIAMS, Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and aworn to before.
. ana, thla 4th day of January, T1.
' ROBERT HUNTER, Notary Public.
; Kubserlbers leaving the city temporarily
should hare The Bee mailed to them. Ad.
1 tire. a will be changed as often an reqneated.
wy of securing the "freedom of the seas."
Merchandizing submarine Mazes one sure
Omaba has always bsd to flgbt for a square
deal from the railroad rate-makers, so let the
fight keep up for more equitable grain rates.
After all tbt British searching and analyzing,
the papers of Captain von Papen have not yet
yielded enough ammunition to pay the cable
Montenegro makes the smallest bite In the
Balkan pie counter, but forms the juiciest mor
sel Austria has munched since Uosnla tickled
the royal palate.
Judging by the tone of the talk of socialist
members of the Prussian Diet, their position
puts them beyond the reach of the muzzle
clapped on Maximilian Harden
A little matter of repudiating mileage bookr
Is a routine Incident to a corporation which
can nullify laws with a flood of tears and
repudiate Its pledged word to a city.
Turks claim to have gathered up $10,000,
000 worth of booty left by the Dardanelles In
vaders. A minor. Item in the total, but the
Allies are satisfied in getting off so cheap.
I Hostile guns again are thundering around
j the Garden of Eden that was. The operation is
? intended to expedite the demise of native kick
i ers who merely hang around to save funeral
All the crimes In the Mexican calendar are
row attributed to Pancho Villa and his bandit
band. Villa committed an irreparable blunder
when he dismissed his press agents without aa
n.uch as a peso. ,
"Things come to him who waits," or words
to that effect, echoed through the state fir
marshal's office as the belated pay checks blew
in. Which also shows the value of starting a
fire in the rear and sitting tight.
- .The official report of the New York state
census showing a decrease In the number of
resident Indians tallies with known conditions
. 1-ack of proper nourishment for more than a
year has decimated the tribe of Tammany.
Knowledge combines power and profits on
' the farm as In all human vocations. The higher
V the Intelligence applied to seed selection, cultl
$ vatlon and crop rotation, the greater the re-
suits. Prof, llolden's exposition of intensive
i farming merely brushes the dust from truths ss
old as creation.
The official announcement that American
citizens who emigrated to Canada are not shirk
ing their duty is welcome evidence of the right
spirit. Wherever a man makes his home, to that
country allegiance is due and whatever sacrifice
time and occasion call for.
't 'liiu S mm
Does Nebraska Bar Progress ?
Progressive people of this progressive com
monwealth will surely be pained to learn that
Nebraska, along with a dozen others, has been
listed as one of the "states which bar
progress." This latest ignominy is heaped upon
Nebraska by "Equity," the special organ of
the direct government methods, which finds
thin "absurd bar to progress" In the fact that a
constitutional amendment submitted to the
voters Is decided not by a majority of those
voting on that proposition, but by a majority of
those voting on the entirely different proposition
as to who shall be elected to some public office.
"Equity" kindly notes the exception for us that
ti ls does not bold good on amendments by
popular initiative, for here simple majorities
rule, and there being no limitation on resort to
the initiative, what difference It makes that legislature-submitted
amendments still require a
ft 11 majority of the total votes Is not clear.
But, as a matter of fact, Nebraska has
progressed farther than any other state In mak
ing It easy to change our constitution. Does
not "Equity" know that by legislative Jugglery
and Judicial interpretation we have made it so
that all straight ballots marked in the party
circle are counted "yes" for amendments en
dorsed by nomlnsl majorities in the party
prlniary although cast without the slightest in
tention of voting on any amendment at all? If
ease of constitution-changing Is the test of
progress, then Nebraska Is not only maligned
when listed among the "states that bar prog
ress," but we are entitled to first award for a
progresslvenesg which no other state in the
union can match.
For ourselves, we confess we would rather
have the progress of our state determined by
some different measuring rod, and we submit
tr at any fair measurement of progress will rank
Nebraska nesr the head of the column in the
sisterhood of states.
Blockade of Neutral Forts.
Great Britain now proposes the formal ex
tension of Its "order in council" to Include an
effective blockade of neutral ports, as well as tha
declaration of a war zone wltnlwhlch vessels
of all nations are subjected to the treatment ac
corded blockade runners. In plain terms, the
purpose Is to stop, If possible, all trading be
tween neutral countries and Germany. Undei
the newer conditions, Great Britain would be
come In fact the dictator of the high seas and
the director of the world's commerce. The
Quadruple Entente s Piles have been carefully
sounded on the proposition, and Frame and
Italy hesitate over engaging In the enterprise.
The practice of the United States during the
Civil war is relied upon by Great Britain to
support its suggestion. This practice may af
ford a pretext, but hardly a precedent. Eng
land had openly and flagrantly espoused the
cause of the Confederacy, and was almost at
ally of the rebels. The blockade of the ports
of Nassau and Matamoras was necessary, be
cause they were admittedly depots for military
supplies for the rebels in arms against the
United States. No such conditions exist today.
Against this proposition from Great Britain maj
be placed the rerent disclosures of the London
Dally Mall, which made a thorough investiga
tion, and reports that shipment of foodstuffs
and other supplies from British to Scandinavian
porta far exceed the normal requirements of the
destination countries, and which openly
charges that the surplus of these shipments
finds its way into Germany.
John Bull has plenty to do at home for a
time before he entirely assumes charge of th
world's affairs.
Submersible Milk Wagons.
It is now solemnly avowed that the untersee-
bote is also available for service as a milk
wsgon, the object being to provide some method
whereby the blockade of German ports by the
Allies can be evaded and a food supply for
babies In the central empires be assured. Of
course It can, and with the coming of the sub
mersible milk wagon, maybe we'll hear the last
of the farmer who forgot to roof his cows, or
the milkman who forded the creek on the way
to town. But what of Neptune and his dolphin
team? Will they patiently abide this newest
Invasion o( the water god's realm? All sorts of
indignities have been visited on the denizens of
the deep, but they have not' yet been subjected
to the inconvenience so patiently borne by land
lubbers, that of the matutinal visitation of the
milkman. What will the Nereids and the
Oceanlds say, when their games are interrupted
by the whizzing past of the submarine milk
cart? Their comfort must be considered, for
they are venerable, and entitled to a little
respect, although, to be sure, they should not
be permitted to entirely block the way of prog
ress. Let us have the undersea milk route at
once, but let it be so maintained as to only
moderately Interfere with established customs
at sea and below the surface thereof until the
gods and the nymphs, the mermaids and the
sirens have time to adjust themselves to new
1 he r Iret ona-regatlonal church h. ku r. .ii
to the old building and will temporarily occupy tha
eitaung mm. wmia me new no. edifice la erected
on me sue or me oia. The church memberahlp at
prew-nt la 3tt. after two others St u.r.'. a.-.-
Hd the Third Congregational, have been formed from
ma wrrni cnurrn.
Frank Colpetser. chairman tf the managing com
luittee of the charity ball, accompanied by John S).
Collin. Id tha course of a few hour, nnu.r. .....
... u . V. . uvvr
ti.OQu In aubaciintloua from bualneaa irn -. .
u booat the total to W.uuO. Mr. Colpetaep flgurea that
i.uw ncxeia to tne bail at 15 each will b aold In
'ivam aa compareu w"n a aale of sue tickets laat
Tl third national convention of the Nebraska.
Civil Engineers, u in aeaaion. The Omaha member
attending are: George W. Tillaon. A. J. U rover, George
Hmlth. C. II. Huwea and Andrew Roaewater.
A plat of a a addition to the city was filed ta be
known aa Cunningham and Brennen'a addition, aod
la located north and weet of Walnut HUl.
O. R. Clark of Boston, with Mrs. Clark and their
son, Allle, are guests of Dr. Parker, who la a brother
.f Mrs. Clark, and whom he has not seen for fifteen
W illiam A. J'akton and John A. Mt Shane return il
from an eastern trip..
Joi.u (J. Bruncr, one of the prominent pioneers of
Ji-rrkf, and lather of T. ., C. E. and J. B
liiui.rr, an4 Mia. Jacob rwartslandrr of West Point,
i.i.l lu in la city. He was la his elghty-fuui tb year.
Aimed at Omaha
Tork Democrat: Attorney General Reed's Intima
tion that the 8 o'clock cloelnf law la violated In
Omaha cornea as a atunnlng aurprlae. It leads us to
believe that the antl-clgaret law Is violated here In
Tork, that every now and then some one violates
the law against burglary, and that every now and
then some publlo official may actually devote to
private practice the time that belong to the public.
Doud City Press: Omaha I to have a real hay
market, a system of trackage for hay. official In
spection and grading, official record of aalea. etc.
Because of lack of such a market, little hay has been
sold directly In Omaha. Hundreds of thouaanda of
tons of hay have been shipped right through Omaha
to Chicago or Kansas City. The Union Stock Yards
company of Omaha haa been buying much of 1t hay
on the Kansas City market, thus paying freight for
the haul from Omaha to Kansas City and back.
Plalr Democrat: An Omaha woman I" paying her
husband alimony, bat that Is no reason for some fel
lows saying "yes" when a arl asks, "Will you be
mine?" or words to that effect.
Albion Argus: Mayor Charles Bryan released ten
Inmate of the Lincoln city Jail from durance vile
In honor of Chrlstmaa day. In thla he emulated the
example of Mayor Jim of Omaha, who lets out acada
of Jail convicts who have been convicted of misde
meanors. Neither mayor can pardon convicted crim
inals, but may forgive those condemned of close
communion with John Barleycorn.
Hastings Tribune: An Omaha women Is aaid to
have the lockjaw. We don't believe It. Whoever
heard of aa Omaba woman who could not talk con
tinuously? Tork Republican: Omaha people aeem to find the
occupation of holding; each other up after night quite
profitable. If an outsider refuses to play tha game
they shoot him.
Newman Orove Reporter: The Omaha Bee ha
discovered the meanest man on earth. Ills wife
needed a set of teeth ant had no money to buy
them. An Omaha dentist was going to give her a
set for a Christmas present, but her husband arose
In his might and refused to allow her to accept
them. Some one ought to pull all of that fellow's
teeth and then make him live on rubber boot heels
for the balance of his life.
Beatrice Rxpresa: The Nebnaeka Bar association,
now In aeaaion in Omaha, refused to go on record
en the question of state-wide prohibition, ruling out
a resolution dealing with the matter as being wholly
"leading. Immaterial. Irregular and having nothing
to do with the ease at Issue." No exception waa taken
to this ruling by any of the attorneys present.
Twice Told Tales
Holden's Advice on Cora.
Prof. P. G. Holden recounted in Omaha the
result of a test ot the value of selecting seed
corn, carried on so extensively as to thoroughly
establish the service of the practice. From s
field of 8,000 acres an increase of eleven bush
els per acre was secured, the only change in
methods being the thorough test of the seed be
fore planting. This is only a portion of the
mass ot accumulated proof that no farm labor
Is more profitable expended than In the careful
selection and thorough testing of seed corn.
Elaborate experiments and thorough research
has proven that corn breeds true to type every
Farmers know this, or, at any rate, they
have been given the information many times.
By following the advice of the experts, the
farmers have Increased the average yield by
many bushels to the acre, but have not as yet
reached the limit of possibilities. Every fanner
Is Interested la this, and all should unite In ap
plying the easy test necesssry to determine the
germinating qualifications of the seed corn,
after it has been picked because of Its desirabil
ity for other reasons. This is the time of year
to do this work, so that -when planting time
comes, the seed that goes into the ground will
be known to be dependable.
Happened la Boatoa.
Every seat In the electrle car waa occupied, when
a group of women got In.
Going through the car to collect the fares, the con
ductor noticed a man asleep. Seising him by the
shoulder he proceeded to shake htm back Into a state
of consciousness.
"Wake up!" shouted the conductor.
"That la where you may have another guesa. my
boy." wakefully responded the passenger. "I wss not
"Not asleep, eh returned the conductor, with a
dubious expression. "Then, what were you doing with
your eyes shut?"
"It waa because of the crowded condition of the
car," explained the passenger. "I just hate to see
women standing up." Boston Herald.
He Was Some Sick.
Oeorge Sidney, the actor, tells a story, for which
he confesses a particular fondneaa, on one of the
players of his company in his Blsiy Issy days.
"My friend was hopelessly addicted to his cups,"
aays Mr. Sidney, "and nothing that we could say
to him ever seemed to reform him much. But some
times we eould get him on the wag-on for a couple
of months, till temptation came toe strong, and he'd
go back to his sins with a terrible bump.
"Once we had him sober for four or five months,
ao that when he went on hla spree It hit him a
lot harder than uaual. He disappeared Just after
the performance, and when I came Into the theater
the next day he waa lying across the floor of my
dressing room. He was moaning and groaning, and
for a minute or two X thought I'd have to send for
a doctor.
"I lifted him up, however, and carried him In
side. Tou're feeling pretty sick, old man. aren't
you? I said, sympathetically.
" 'Sick, Oeorge? Mck? Why. thousands have died
who were not as sick as I am now.' "Indianapolis
Fasaled the Teaeaer.
They were speaking about the Importance ct
punctuation the other afternoon when an appropriate
story waa told by Mlas Theda Bara, the motion-picture
Some time since the teacher tn a public school told
the puplla to write a sentence on any subject and lay
the papers on her desk. The first that the teacher
took up for consideration was that of little Willie
"This Is a warm doughnut. Step en It," read the
teacher from the paper, with a pussled expression.
"What In the world are"
"That ain't right. Miss Mary," hastily Interrupted
Willie. "Toil didn't read
"Well, then," said the teacher, handing him the pa
per, "suppose you read It."
"Tee, ma'am," humbly acquiesced Willie. "This
Is a worm. Do not step on It" Philadelphia Telegraph.
People and Events
What Form of City Oovernmentt
OMAHA. Jan. 1.-To the Editor of
The Bee: I note your editorial yesterday
on "City Manager and the Citizens."
Your editorial and Mr. Allen's rresence
here naturally bring up the question of
whether Omaha should consider adopting
the city manager plan or really the more
general problem of what la the best plan
of city government.
Under the home rule bill, we are now
free from entanglement with the state
legislature and can adopt any plan we
please, provided we can "get together."
May I auggest that you start a column
open to anyone, under the caption, "What
Form of Government Should Omaha
Adopt?" If the arttcJes are short and
Intelligent the same will be read with in
terest C. F. HARRISON.
Note: Thla column Is open to letters on
this subject within reasonable limits of
Trlbate to Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Jan. I8.-T0
the Editor of The Bee: May I not In
the columns of your paper express my
hearty appreciation of the sublime and
lofty thoughts of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Just as Shakespeare read the thoughts
and passiona of men for all ages and
covered every shade ot life, from the
depth of despair, the lurking nature of
revenge, the allurement of ambttlon. the
sgony of remorse, and the gloom of
doubt, so that we behold life ss It la. A
fitful fever, a slough of despondency
wherein no ona knows whom to trust.
So, on the other hand, thla gifted woman
has penetrated the religious hopes and
desires of humanity and has condensed
them Into a creed where those who trust
In It have at least a faith of perfect
peace. Undoubtedly the storms of con
troversy. In which so many others are
toased about, they - can welcome all men
as brothers in faith, for all of them,
even the most hostile, contribute to sup
ply the atones of the broad foundation
upon which their philosophy Is built.
Scientific discoveries and philosophic
Inquiries touch not this religion. It Is
built upon the laws of nature; evil and
good bring their rewards respectively,
but, thank the Lord, the Idea of either
eternal pain or eternal happiness la ab
sent. "Heaven must begin here on
earth and we must save ourselves by
thoughts and acts of love." Is this not
reasonable? The efforts of those who
have been postponing their state of
heaven or harmony to another world
should be to strengthen the bonds of
friendship on earth, to widen the range
of human sympathy, to seek that love
In one another which they have hitherto
been required to seek In otber future
worlds. Best of all. as one reflects on
these thoughts, the world takes on a
different aspect. He sees the thief who
did not openly repent snd he wonders
at his fate at the hands of one who
prayed for forgiveness. He sees those
less fortunate than he. those brought
up In homes of squalor and filth, and he
says that they, too, are embraced in the
divine law of love. Mrs. Wilcox's faith
In Immortality Is a bulwark of protec
tion. It tells those who think to escape
from their wretched condition (often
thoughts) by entering another world.
that it Is not to be. The grave win not
destroy personality and it must be made
here or there. On the other hand, to
those who hare really believed, "the
kingdom of heaven la within us," the
thought of the grave has no terror. Like
a child, weary at the close of day, will
he go to sleep In the bosom of the all-
cheering mother earth. "For the dis
appearance of a single life Is but a ripple
on the ocean of humanity and humanity
feels It not." but the mind, his person
ality, will live. He meets hla doom
calmly then, bowing to the verdict ot
fate or nature with unwavering resigna
tion and fearless calm.
Philander O. Knox Is slated by the powers In
Pennsylvania to succeed United States Senator Oliver,
whoae term expires next year. Senator Oliver de
clined to stand for re-election.
A Mlasourt woman, at the age of 80, recently mar
ried her fifth husband, and together they are honey
mooning for the winter tn Florida. That's some
record for the younger generation to match.
Ia the Syrian quarter of New Tork City, beginning
at Rector and Washington streets, a tourist may see
Egyptian cigarets In the making, as well as Japa
nese klmonoa, Syrian jewelry and Irish laces, cash
mere shawls and Havana cigara. But the Syrians
do not live there. It is their work ahop, owned by
other nationalities.
A- XIS.OOO.OOO banana truat suit growing out of a
steamship combine. Is now In Its tenth week In a
federal court la Philadelphia, and piles up a court ex
pense bill of tS.000 a day. Besides, there are fourteen
eminent lawyers engaged tn the case and many other
expensive Heme, all of which will peel the profits
of the banana bualneaa for some weeks to come.
President Charles E. Boott of the Alabama Agri
cultural college, waa attacked at night by some of
his students In revenge for disciplinary measures.
At roll call next morning four students appeared with
draped eyes, and two reported being laid up at tbe
hospital. Mr. Scott had a few signs of the melee', but
didn't say a word, leaving results to prove tbs
celerity ot his dukes.
Elderly men of means Inclined to feminine gaiety
find warning signs along- the road. One Sam Stuart.
71. of Fort Pmlth. Ark., contracted a lawsuit by at
tempting to Ills a demure widow. Sam failed to con
nect with the amacker. so the jury considered Ito
would settle the damage. On the other hand, George
K. Ksufinan of New Tork, was pinched for I3.M0
for taking two from a housemaid without permission.
Signs of Progress
Engineers have proposed to dam the
Niagara river near Its outlet, to pro
duce ,000,000 horsepower, in addition
to that now derived from the falls.
There are more than 8,000,000 electric
flatlrons in use in the United States
and more than 1,660,000 fans, those two
being far In the lead of all other elec
trical devices.
New piers begun by the city of New
York during tbe last two years will
furnish W.680 feet, or almost seven miles
of wharfage space and approximately
forty-five and one-half sores of dock
pulmonary tuberculosis Is being treated
by a Danish physician with air that
haa been subjected to the action of
ultra violet rays, which seems to have
a healing effect when Inhaled through
the mouth.
To save locomotive enginemen In
wrecks a Texan has Invented appar
atua that, when a lever Is pulled, drops
them Into heavy steel caissons, at the
same time shutting off stesm and ap
plying brakes.
As a result of the war, American
glass manufacturers have discovered
that the supposedly superior clay they
have been Importing from Germany Is
really Inferior to the domestic clay. Well
trained German salesmen. It seems, had
hypnotised them Into believing that the
Imported substsnce was better for the
refractory pots In which glass Is melted.
A United States artillery oRloer has
Invented a camera that will photograph
a mortar shell at the Instant It leaves
the muxsle of the gun. showing even
the curious "smoke ring' or "gaa ring"
that accompanies the emerging shell.
The ahutter which ran be adjusted to
make an expoaure as ahort sa 1-ftnO of
a second Is worked by electric motor
which makes severs! thousand revolu
tions a minute.
Here and There
With each ascent of three miles and a
half ths density of the air Is halved, and
the steps shorten, through the condenaing
power of cold st high altitudes.
The border town of Elkton la the Gretna
Green of Maryland elopers snd the elop
ers of nearby states. Marriage licenses to
the number of tsU wore Issued tn the
town last year and more eouplea were
married by the busy justices than the
population of the town.
Cyrus Chase, 77, a civil war veteran of
Towanda. Pa., was too proud to accept a
pension for fighting and died tn the
county poor house. He would not apply
for a pension even when adversity got
him. "People are crazy about pensions,"
he used to say. "No man ought to expect
or reoelve pay for fighting te save his
country. It's a man's plain duty to help
when tbe flag Is In danger."
'She believes everything she Is told,
don't she?-'
"Yes, indeed. Why, that woman would
even believe a letter of recommendation."
The Swell Ouest Your cook Is a very
hendKome girl.
The Shrewd Host Phe Is. She marhea
the potatoes hv elmply looklne at them.
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
AS MARkYW A Felum er
"Why did Ponce de Leon associate a
fountain with the idea of perpetual
youth? '
"Maybe," replied Miss Cayenne, "he
meant a soda fountain in a drug store
where they sell coametlcs." Washington
Judge Have you ever been In Jail?
Iefendant (bursting out crying) No,
Judge Well, don't cry. You're going
there now. New York Kvenlnir World.
Grin Alexander, In Pittsburgh Dispatch.
I once owned the heart of a boy and I
Just a little wee bit of Its working;
Not a much as I'd like, for 1 ltt the
thing go
Where the Yearly Forgettera sre lurk
Inff. They snapped the thing up ere I knew
It was lost;
Took a sons along with it; a laugh,
Likewise Inclination to do, scorning cost,
Why, any old thing I don't have tol
How my heart used to sing with a
rhythm most true
When the world and all In It was fresh,
clean and new;
"The thing I am willing and anxious to
Is any old thing I don't have to!"
The duties of life were a bore and a pest;
The lapses were finer than silk, man!
I scorned running errands; but what I
loved best
Wss to work without pay for the milk
man. A Jolly would work where I'd doAge a
My taskmasters flattered and chaffed
My soul sang a song It could not under
stand; "Why, any old thing I don't have to!"
Have we grown? Yen, In guile. Now our
selves we deceive.
The thing that's Imperative still makes
ua grieve;
But to save our poor facea we're making
That the thing that we do we don't
have to:
Don't Merely "Stop a
step the Talaar that Censes) ff
and Ike Cough will
top Itself
A cough is really one of our beat
friends. It warns us that there is in
flammation or obstruction In a danger
ous place, 'therefore, when you get a
bad cough don't proceed to dose yourself
with a lot of drug that merely "stop"
the cough temporarily by deadening tne
throat nerves. Treat the cause heal the
inflamed membranes. Here is a home
made remedy that gets rifrht st the cause
and will make an obstinate cough vanish
more quickly than you ever thought pos
sible. Put 2 ounces of Piner (50 cents
worth) in a pint bottle and fill the bottle
with plain granulated auesr svrup. This
gives rou a full pint of tne most pleasant
snd effective cough remedy you ever used,
st a cost of only 64 cents. No bother to
vrepare. Full directions with Pinex.
It heal the Inflamed membranes so
ge.ntlv and promptly that you wonder
now it does it. Also loosens a dry, hoarse
or tight cough and stops the formation of
fhleem in the throat snd bronehisl tubes,
bus ending the persistent loose cough.
Pincx Is a highly concentrated corn
pound of Norway pine extract, rich in
guaiacol, and is famous the world over
for its healing effect on the membranes.
To svoid di'sppoiTirmetit. ssk your
druggist for "2V ounces of Plnex."and
don t sceept snvthin elue. A guarantee
of absolute satisfaction, or money prompt
ly refunded, goes with this preparation.
The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
r 3 CUTS
t FOR '
PMONt ttlir 1000
To the Ever-Sunny Southland
Florida, Cuba,
Mobile, New Orleans
And all other Gulf Coait points. Final return limit, June 1, 1916.
To destinations in FLORIDA and CX'UA can go one route and return
another at rlightly hilier fare.
Attractive cruises to the West Indies, Panama Canal and South'
America. For detailed information and descriptive literature, call
on or address
H. C. SHIELDS, General Agent. Passenger Dept.,
311 South 14th Ht., Woodmen of the World Uldg.
Telephone Douglas 353.
Winter Office Comfort
Extremes of weather are the real test of an office
building. It is then that the little things count This
building has not only a vacuum heating system, but is
metal weather stripped. The court provides wonderful
The building is always practically full, because of
its popularity, but occasional changes offer oppor
tunities to get choice offices. "While the list below is
all we have to offer today, there may bo something
which will just suit you. If not, let us know your re
quirements and we will watch for an opportunity to
take care of you when the first change occurs,
"The building that i alway new
Room 222 Choice office suite, north light, very de
sirable for two doctors or dentists;
waiting room and two private offices;
620 square feet S45.00
Room 619 n tne beautiful court of the building;
size 13 5 square feet
Tf nnm R36 Only vacant room on the 17th street
ftuumww side of the building. Faces directly on
Seventeenth street. Partition for pri.
vate office and waiting room. Size 187
square feet
S 10.00
RoomlOS At lne nea1 ' tne eta,r9- on th floor
opposite The Bee business office. Size
2 70 pquare feet. Would be specially use
ful for a real estate firm 830.00
Apply to Building Superintendent, Room 103.
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may be
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really succcessful