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Tin; r.v.i'.: omaiia. w i;n.!;s!AV. jam ai:v v. r.u.
f FARM TOPICS IN j m$ still lack candidate
P.flNTER HE QTAP.l7iNo 0ne H" Come Forward to File
Organized Agriculture Gets Started
with Rimh at Cnnital
(From a Staff Con csionuYr.t. I the (lemon a I le luiiii.ii i '. : et i . , ,,.
LINCOLN, Jan. is. (Specie 1. 1 I'ulit ics, ernor.
potatoes and prohibition me hoMing tin- 1 Conner suite s n itor l-Vrmi, I!jmu
eentar of the stage In Nebraska capital ' present, but when ;is!;.-.l jf .
city tola week, ami .there is n lar.v i1'"11 to ,k"' ha ml In r gnvcmoi
crowd In attendance nt the meetings. . Jiniklnsr hiiwlii". whu-iI the .iri; I ner
White the meetings are In the Interoot of ,''' with n il:au!ie.l Kir r.tvl cniplut
agTioulture and stock mining, occasion- I1''"":' hiuiouiu cd that hi' wr out of pol-
illy someone likes to talk politic.
Tne fruit shoxr started last night
me tny Auditorium, and Ir. Comha oiiiuy I" nIo piesen; ami i.s hoinnini?
showed aome of the pictures of Xi- 1 fo' " If he would like to have the
hraska life which have been taken by ' democrat lo notnimilnn for governor,
him and his assistant during the sunt- j ben naked why he did not run for gov
. mer. Thla ia a part or the pros; rani ! o replied that no poor man rould
each evening starting at 7 o'clock ami 'bopc to attain any such honor, as the
running for an hour. jjitiicy salary tn:i.le it prac:icallv prohln-
. I itive
l-roi .lien Upcn
The horticultural society started Its
sessions this morning wltn a Bhort pro
gram In. the Rose room of the Lindell
hotel. President K. M. l'oilard of tho
association made the opening address,
nr. Condra gave a lecture on Nebraska1
soil, and accompanied it with motion
pictures. Music by the Misses Kuphemla
.skinner and Marjorle Kemeu of Lincoln
interspersed the program.
In the afternoon the speakers wero
C G. Marshall of .Arlington. G. X.
Beavers of Omaha. KImer Berlin of
Brownvilla and Prof. II. K. Vasey of the
University of Nebraska.
In the evening the annual banquet of
the society was held at the Lindell hotel.
The Home Economics association be
gan its meetings this afternoon at tho
agricultural farm, Emma Reed Davidson,
president of the association, delivering
greetings. Alice M. Loom Is gave a talk
marketing and Mary ltokahr and
na On gf ;-eTdemonstrIuuknahor the
wldo range of cooking and its cost
Yesterday tho horse breeders started
their sessions, and followed up this
morning with a meeting in which a free-for-all
program was given, the subjects
taking a wide range and being discussed
in a lively manner by many present.
Later in the day Prof. L. AV. Chase of
the State farm gave a talk on horse
barns, and "Doc" Blxby of the Stale
Journal, gave a poem on the horseless
Cnrlla of loirs Talks.
Prof. C. F. Curtis of the Iowa State
Agricultural college was the principal
speaker of tho afternoon, which was fol
lowed with a general discussion on stal
lion service fees.
W. J. Kennedy of Sioux City spoke
on draft horse production. This was
followed by a horse Judging contest.
Tho swine breeders held their session
this afternoon at the stock Judging pa
vilion at the State farm, and were wel
comed by Dean Burnett, 'while Samuel
MicKelvie, president of the association, re
sponded. The speakers during the after
noon were Superintendent W. P. Snyder
of the North Platto experiment station,
V. Thompson of "West Point, and Dr.
W. . Alford of the State Agricultural
i farm. ...
Name of Cummins
To Be Filed Today
i For Presidency
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 18.-(Spccial Tclegram.T
The iiumo of Senator A. H. Cummins
of Iowa will be filed Wednesday morn
ing with the secretary of state for tho
republican nomination for the presidency.
Tho petition, which has been circulate.
by Frank Harrison, has been completed
and ho will filo It In tho morning.
Tho petition is signed by:
Krunk'A. Harrison. Lincoln; C. A. Ran
dall, Newman Grove: W. M. Slebhins.
Gothenburg; W. T. Parkinson. 1'iiwiif
City: O. R. Thompson. Wiener; J. D.
llasik. Able; o. p. Stewart, Sterling;
Crawford Kennedy. I.'neoln: F. J. Hidl-b-k,
Wilher; John D. Haskell. Wakefield;
L. King, Osceola: George W. Marsh,
Lincoln; Z. T. Ieftwich. St. Paul; W. J.
Blystone. Lincoln; M. D. Bench. Lincoln;
W. I). Reynolds, Omaha: O. C. Smith,
Kearney; D. M. Douthett.' Overton; An
thony Ruddy, Albion: O. S. Chrislv
Johnson; C. C. Hoslaw. York; C. A.
Sandall, York; W. W. Cole, Nellgh.
Tekamah Bank Head
Dies at Advanced Age
TKKAMAir, Neb.. Jan. lS.-lSpccial.)-11.
8. M. Splcliuan. president of tho Burt
County State bank, died ut his home in
this city last evening at the age of SO
Mr, Splelman was born in Blair county,
Pennsylvania, March It, lftas. He was
married to Miss Caroline Boring Juno 2;'.
1K4. and in October, 1S57, they moved to
Bort county, which has been their home
aincc. In 1907 Mr. and Mrs. ispielman cele
brated the fiftieth anniversary of their J
coming to iiiirt county, at which tune
about "jO peoplo were present. Mrs. Spiel
tnan died the same jcar
Mr. Splelman was one of tho heaviest
land owners in Burt county. He is aur
vived by two sons and two daughters.
NORFOLK, Neb., Jan. is. ( Special Tele
gram.) A sjieclal aud.t uf the books of
the State Hospital for thu Insuno at Not
folk la being conducted as a result of a
decision suddenly urrixed at by members
of tho State Board of Control when they
visited the institution last Saturday.
rhjslclaus la Aulo I pari.
BEATRICE, :'u., Jan. lS.-Special.)
Last night as Dr. C. P. Fall of this city
and Dr. L. 1 Noble of Holmesville were
returning from a professional call at
Virginia in tho former's coupo the ma
chine skidded I'nd turned over. Dr. Fall
escaped uninjured, but Dr. Noble was se
verely bruised, mid it is thought he sus
tained two frictured ribs. The top of
the car was bad' smashed.
Cos pel Tram at lo.
LYNfl. Neb., Jan. 18 (Special.) The
"Billy" Sunday gospel team, composed of
Omaha people, held services at this place
Sunday. The members uf the party were:
Misses Nourso and Bliss, W. G. L're, D.
M. Potter, G. A. Rohrbaugli and P. J.
Advertiser and customer profit by the
Classified Ad" habit.
. Nobraska
for Position that is Still
0 eu.
i G.
(Klein a Slnff I'nipT nm.lin
I 1.I.WOI..V. Jan. is. -iSn. , i ,1 i -
W Mri nuri men,,,, ',,. ,
, Have not born able In sut.'iit
I 'oincr State SviimIim- Unnnini; i.f r;tM
Democrat fe there Is little use to
think any more about Governor .loiched
for a third term. The opinion pi e ails
that with the governor it i the i ni'.ed
States senate or nothing and that erv
soon aomething win be giv.-n on, one
or the other.
llepiiltllen on Deck.
Republican candidates for novel nor are
iiiot lacking. L. M. Pollard Is present as
president of the 1 lort'cultural society.
Walter George has secured room Y22 at
the Lindell. Many a statesman has
son to remember l-'J, for many a pollt-
leal stunt has been pulled off In that
room, and, too. It was a part of the pollt-
ical headquarters of the republican state
committee in the last campaign, and.
therefore, Tncle Waif feels perfectly
at home. Samuel Roy McKelvio is also
present and has opened up headquarters
and has his name In big red letters posted
WP !, ' y "nnouncinK at-h1
1" 'Z.
..v .... nci c.Hrii"
AVIIaon Ha Filed.
Senator Wallace II. Wilson of Kre-
mont lias filed for the democratic noml-
nation from the Fifth district composed
of the counties of Washington and Dodge,
j Senator Wilson w as a member of tho
democratic majority the last session and
I w as one of the hustlers.
Ilteiinlalt Ion for Itrdnion.
Governor Capper of Kansas wants
Governor Morehead of Nebraska lo give
I him back J. L. Redmon. who left that
state to look after Itself and came to
Nebraska. Ho la accused of destroying.
selllnir and diKrv.Rii,ir of mnrinH rnn-tho
selling and disposing of mortgaged prop
erty at Larned, Kan., and is being held
in Grant county, Neuraka. He has asked
for a hearing.
ALLKN. Neb., Jan. 18. (Special. )-Mrs.
Henry Lovcll, ajed CO, died at her home
in this city Sunday of smallpox. The
body was laid to rest In the Kastvlew
cemetery Sunday afternoon. Her husband
and five children survive her. Her
mother is still living and halo and hearty
despite the fact that she is M years of
age. The surviving children of the de
ceased are: Frank of Allen, Earl of Oak
land, Mrs. Lynd rf Leeds, la.; If. J. of
Allen and Mrs. Oscar Johnson of Allen.
iDcccascd was a faithful and devoted
member of the Rcbekah lodge and a wo
man who was held In the highest esteem
by all who know her. The Lovcll family
was among the first settlers of Dixon
county, taking a homestead in the early
days and later moving to Allen. Although
a number of 'he homes here have been
quarantined for several weeks this is tho
first death due to tho disease.
from lien trier.
BKATRICIO, Nib., Jan. IS. (Special.)
K. E. Abbott, a iial estate dealer of this
city, yesterday o enounced that he would
enter the race a n candidate fop city
commissioner r.nj It circulating his peti
tion for signers. G. T. Reynolds, another
real estate mm, Is a candidate. Mayor
J. W. Mayor pn i Commissioner J. R. C.
Field will be candidates for re-election,
but Commissioner Spicer says that lie
will not enter the race again.
William J. Dukes, a pioneer of this city,
died Sunday nl;hi after a brief Illness,
aged sr years, lie Is survived by a fam
ily of seven children, his wifo having
passed away ye:irs ago.
John Jeffries, a veil known farmer liv
ing near Rockford, this county, is lying
critically ill at nis homo from blood poi
soning caused by an injury to his hand
while buteheriiiiT.
The smallpox tcourge lias been prac
tically stamped fit In Wymore and nearly
all of tho cases l.uvc been released from
Girls! Beautify
Your Hair and
Stop Dandruff
Hair becomes charming;, wavy,
lustrous and thick
in a few moments.
Every bit of dandruff disap
pears and hair stops
coming out.
For ;i cents you can save your hair.
In less thsn ten minutes you can double
its beauty. Your hair becomes light,
wavy, fluffy, ubundanl and appears as
soft, lustrous and charming as a young
tills after applying gome Danderlne.
Also try thi.s-moi.stcn a cloth with a
little Dandcrine and carefully draw It
throuKh juur hair, taking one small
strand at a time. This will cleanse the
hair of dust, dirt or excessive oil, and
in Just a few moments you have doubled
tho beauty of yuiir hair. A delightful
surprise awaits those whose hair has
been neglected or is scraggy, faded, dry,
brittle or thin. Besides beautifying the
hair. Dandcrine dissolves ex cry particle
of dandruff: cleanses, purifies and in
igurates , the scalp, forever stopping
itching and falling hair, but what will
please you most will be after a few
weeks' ue, when you see new hair
fine and downy at first yes but really
new hair growing ail over the sculp. If
you care for pretty, soft hair, and lots
of it, surely get a j-Qtiit bottle of
Know lion's Dandcrine from any drug
store or toilet counter and Just try it.
New Chemistry Building at University of Nebraska
V-T It.-
jk Jslt
work of erecting the new Chciu
buiMiug for the I nixerslty of Ne-
Crawford Prepares Lively Enter- i
t. . Tr- '
tainment Program for Visit- ;
j ing; Volunteers. j
i .
' CRAWFORD, Neb., Jan. lS.-iSpeclal
; Telegram. -Thc lhlrt -fourth annual con -
rea-lvention of Nebraska volunteer firemen
opened here today. Delegates began ar-
riving Monday afternoon and up to Toes-
day noon over 3.T0 had registered. The
; estimated attendance Is placed at ,jo0
j Kvery littlo detail has been looked after
. by Crawford men for the comfort and en-
tertainment of the visitors.
j The convention was called to order at
this evening by
Presldent Clyde J.
illornsby of the loral department. Mayor
i ?h I-.. rford 1, out of the Cty,
.out. a tetter was reaa irom mm In which
i he delivered the city over to the Visitors
I for the entire three days,
I A. tiraff of Seward, president of the
state association, responded and after the
invocation by Father Moser the conven
tion was on. After the appointment or
(committees the convention adjourned
until 9 Wednesday.
Teddy Brothers, Omaha burlesque wres- I
1 1M fUltflrtalnA li rt hnv, Imn.alolnlv t
after the adjournment of 'the convention. !
Cr.wfnr i,. ,.i ,...., HoiK.
! tertainment. Two wild coyotes have
I y n1 "e ,akp" ;"t "
t ort Robinson rifle range and tuil
loose. Hounds from several neighboring
towns aro on hand to capture the coyotes I
and the visitors will be given something
novel in the way of a genuine chase.
Wednesday night a ten-round boxing
contest will be staged between Al Green
wood of New York and Tommy Smith of
Omaha. j
Thursday night a banquet to all dele
gates will be held in the Co-Operatlxe
building. Among the most prominent and i
early arrivals are Colonel Cleland of
Fremont, the father of the organisation.
and a life member; Hauser of Fremont, j
Hoffman of Ord, Tobln of Sidney. Guth- j
He of Alliance, ex-Senalor Bartllng of 1
Nebraska City and last, but not least,
Fire Commissioner W. S. Ridgell.
Heat Treatment for Croup.
"I have used Chamberlain's cough
Remedy in my family for the past five
years, and for croup I have never found
Its equal," writes Bernard George, Nel
son, Mo. Beforo becoming acquainted
with this remedy Mr. George Inst a child
.from an attack of croup. Obtainable
every where. Advertisement.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 18. (Special.) The Ne
braska Brick and Tile association held
a session today at tho Lindell hold. The
morning session was devoted principally
to a business meeting In which the busi
ness affairs of the association we're dis
cussed. The afternoon program was a very in
teresting one and held under I he aus-
Furniture Reductions That
Impress You as Genuine
This is only a partial lift selected at random, but furniture for
every room In the home Is Included in this sale.
Regular Sale l'rtce.
$ 70.00 Very fine Mahogany Chiffonier $45.00
32.00 White Knamel Chiffonier S20.00
2 8.00 (loldcu Oak Chiffonier $20.00
41.0(1 Walnut Chiffonier tflii!.00
:!0.00 4-Post Walnut Hod 50
as. 00 Walnut Ladies' Desk 8UI.OO
4 0.00 Golden Oak Console Table and Minor $25. OO
: Golden Oak Dresser $iifMH)
2t;.00 Mahogany Hocker, genuine leather seat $lH.OO
150.00 Mahogany ltocker, leather upholstered reat and back, $20.00
4.V0O Solid Mahogany Library Table $;15.00
IIi.OO Golden Op If Library Table SliO.OO
12.". 0 0 Genuine Spanish Leather Overstuffed Davenport,
Bolt, luxurious cushion seat $75. OO
.ri::.00 Mabosany Con:ole Table i nd Mirror $3rt!5(
(id. 00 Karly Kngiich Buffet, 60-inch width $'to!oO
!0.00 Jacobean Oak Huffet, t0-inn width $50.00
2S.00 Fumed Oak Hastings Pining. Table, 4S-lnh top,
o-ft. extension $10.00
fi.50 FlaucVrs Oak Tabourette $ 21.25
21.00 Fumed Oak Chair, leather sej,t and back $li.r0
22.50 Golden Oak Rocker, b ather seui and back, high back, $1500
51.00 Walnut Drccs r, Adam i tyle, tane panel beneath
mirror $?lft.00
32.00 Open Top Walnut Desk $2000
3.50 Fumed Oak Child's Rocker or chair, at each 2"'5
42.00 Fumed Oak Library Thble. :s-inrh by 60 Inch $.1000
137.00 Mahogany Colonial Post. C0-inrh Dresser $HO.00
Sale of Bric-a-Brac Continues
A large assortment uf gift article, 0f which theao few suggest the savings.
$5.00 Itose Silk Doll Porter, 2.SO 1 0.80 Imported Cherry Illos
$1.50 Imported Wild Plum soma yo.40
Blossoms, each $0.75 $?.25 Crystal Fringe, yard, l!l5
Orchard &
braska will won be under wa, the con
tract having been let to It. J. Jobhl of
pices of the engineering department of
tho Flute university. Chancellor Axery
presided and welcomed out -of-towners,
while Dean O. V. P. Stout or the col
lege of engineering gave a very able talk
on ' Krflcleiu y Study vt Hrlcklax Ing."
Prof. 1". II. Barbour gave a short talk
on the clay of Nehraska and on museum
work as conducted by the unlxerslty de.
partment of which he has charge.
Dr. George R. Chntburn and Prof. C. K.
Mickey gave able talks along the lines
of testing bulldinj: material.
In the evening Prof. M. L. King, secre
tary of the IVrni-.inenf Building society
or loxva uuve an Interesting lecture on
permanent farm buildlni;.
Another Statement
Given Out by Burkett
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. .Ian. IB. Rperlnl.) Rx-Sena-tor
KImer J. Burkett, who says he Is
running for vice president, got away from
the telephone long enough today, where
he has been conversing with the reople
who are enlisting under his banner, to
glxe out another carefully prepared type
written Ktutement for newspaper Con
silium ion.
"This is not a tiersonal contest, but
one for Justice," ho says In this self,
made Interview. "If nny of the splendid
men west of the Mississippi river, that
are mentioned as candidates for presi
dent shntil l be nominated for that of
"V,0 .,'P" ' W P-.-t. of course, to
diaxv my candidacy in favor of aome
i 1' nrtil ni ntu -n atiun f -l.. i. . .
candidate for preldnct W. noml
m.tcd from the eaM. then " shall "nslst
, .,
x.kiiiiioii lor me rest or tno coun
try in the vice presidential nomination,"
and so on.
Plallsmonlh Woman III,
I'LATTSMOCTII, Neb., Jan. 18-(Spe-clal.)
Mrs. Beesnp, xvlfo of Judge A. J.
Beeson of this city, was taken to Omaha
today to undergo an operation mado nec
essary by an extremely severe attack of
l,1, sr'P.
Theoilore T. Pry.
PLATTSMOl'TH. Neb.. Jan. 18.-(iSpe-cial.)
Theodoie Thomas Fry died this
morning after but a few days' illness of
pneumonia at the age of 70 years. He was
bom near Iowa City, where he lived untlt
after the civil war, whun he located in
Plattsmouth, living hern ever since. Ho
was a veteran of tho civil war and a vet
erinarian by occupation. Tho funeral will
take place at his lute homo Thursday.
He leaves a w idow and a number of chil
dren, all grown.
.In colt I.ohuas.
PLATTSMOl'TH, Neb., Jan. 18.-(S-cial
) At noon today the funeral of Jacob
I -oil n.i h. who lived In Cass county for over
forty cars and recently removed to
Plainxlew. lie met an accident by some
heavy weight falling on his head, caus
ing an infection which caused death.
Services xxcre held at St. Paul'a Evan
gelical ihurch. of which lie was a mem
ber. Mr. Lohnas was born In Germany
.sixty-five years ago and came to America
and Cass county, Nebraska, over forty
years ago.
Orchard & Wilhelm
Wilhelm Co.
Oinahi for $.i.i,iiw. Woi ft f clearing the
site of the eld fiame structures Is al
ready under xxa.
KEARNEY, Neb., Jan. IS. (Special !
Telegram.) With every member of the
city council voting for the measure, ordl- j
nances were passed and petitions ac- I
cepted today for at eHt three miles ad-
dltional paving to be laid on Kearney I
street. Most notable of the districts i
named was the one which connects the )
city paving with the sedling mile tun- I
nlng out to the Industrial school. The I
seedling mile was completed last fall j
and already plans have been perfected
to extend this road tn the west aloim j
the Lincoln Highway, as well as to build
one mile to the cast of the rlly. Com- j
pleted. tho work will give a paved road- 1
way along tho highway for a distance '
of five miles, as the city bad already j
finished the street extending to the Kear-
ney State Normal.
I 'air bury Nrna olr.
FAIRBI'R V, Neb., Jan. IS. (Special.)-- I
Rock Island timetable No. ;!7, supersed
ing all former schedules, has taken ef
fect on the Nebraska division. A mini- !
ber of changes are made in the arrival !
and departure of fast pai.sanirer trains. '
A number of Rock Island passenger j
engineers are 111 this week and Include i
Mi-ssrs. C. II. Lalnt. L. Brown. .1. T. j
McLean, J. K. Rider. W. A. Archer and !
N. Dow lies.
The second semesler of the Falrbury
schools opened Monday morning
What l.naiir nlirlnl l.rfl.
NKW YORK. Jan. IS The net xalua
tion of the estate of I'eniamln CuKKen
belin. who lost Ins life In the Titanic dis
aster. Is placed nt .',tvlP,.".)i7. according to
the report of the transfer tax appraiser,
filed today In the surrogates court.
llonif l.eavra London.
LONDON'. Jan. 18. Colonel K. M,
House. President Wilson's personal rep
resentative has left Ijoudort for the con
tinent, according to the T mer.
of men and women who really nevei
know what it is to enjoy sound, vibrat
ing health who would lc surprised tc
suddenly gain that exhilarating vitality
that robust health brings.
Literally thousands without any par
ticular sickness live in "general de
bility", as the doctors call it have
headaches, are tired and indifferent.
To all such people we say with unmis
takable earnestness "Take Scott's'
Emulsion after meals for one month and
allow its rare oil-food to enrich and en
liven your blood, quicken your circula
tion, stimulate nutrition, and aid nature
to develop that real red-blooded life that
means activity, enjoyment, success."
Scott's F.iTiulsioii is not a druR, but a
pleasant food-tonic free front alcohol
Onn bottle may help you.
Scott 4 buwue, Uluom&eld.K.J. 13-31
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
All Drapery
Regular Price mid Less
Includes MtiMln, Net. Cretonnes,
Madras, hYrlm and Sunfast rem
nants from one-half to 5 yards.
Over Drapery
Worth up to $1.50. Some Sunfast
38c Yard
Upholstery Fabrics
Values $2.50 to $3.93 yard, for
75c Yard
Curtain at $1.85 Pair
Scrim, Net and Iace Curtains,
values to $5.50 pair, for
$1.85 Pair
Regular Standing Military Force
Federal Troops Subject to
Call Necessary.
NKW YOliK, jin. IS. An appeal
to the people of 1 1 1 Tnitod Slates
to organize In Mtp.-nt ,,f a FVs
tematic national defend xv;t:- o.ced
by l.liidloy M. t;arr; mi. s.-ciriavy of
wnr, in an nddrer-j t.iniRl.t at the
manual banqupt of (itou;( S (.f ;he
No'v York Hankr-iv' nssoiu
liou. !rot:p S Is composed l(f ho
bankets of New York City.
Secretary Cat Hson doclai ed that
the opposition to national lofon:te Is
well organized. Hnd I hat unless tho
people of the country urge upon
congreFs that they dcsiic adeqiiHlo
national defense, the ptesont n.vstot.i,
which the speaker said was "utrrly
inefficient." would bo retained.
Mii.l lie National.
National defense, the scrotal. v slated,
must rest upon national force. I'nity of
responsibility, aut'iorlly and control is
the essential ..rlncllal of all inlliiMry af
fairs, ho said.
A real military policy. Secretary (larrl
son nald, must te continental in nope,
and tho federal (.overniuent must be In
Fine Healthy Child
Convincing Evidence
Simple Inexpensive Remedy
Checks Early Tendency
to Constipation
About the first thing impresred on the
young Mother la the necessity for regu
l.nlty In ber bab, which brliiRs tip the
question of the most desirable laxatlxe
for children's use.
Mrs. Jesse Richardson, Philpot. Ky.,
saxs she has used Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin for the past year and that there
Is no medicine In the world like It. She
writes. "My littlo son. Wllllan, Jr.. Just
loved It because It 1 m pleasant to
take, and everybody talks about his be
ing such a fine healthy boy."
Dr. Caldwell , S.xrwp 1'epeln Is a com
pound of simple laxative herbs, free
from any opiate or narcotic iIiiib, and
is the standard remedy for cnnsllpalio
In thousands of homes throughout the
land. Drug Stores everywhere sell ll
for fifty cents a bottle, tlet a bottle of
this excellent remedy, and hax-e It In
the house. A trial bottle, free of charge.
(on? f
Fast trains on convenient schedules
arrive Knglewood Union Station
(63rd St.) and La Salle Station most
convenient locations in Chicago
connecting with limited trains for
all Kastern tenitory. The
Ifavcs 6:08 p. m. daily. Have dinner on the train arrive
La Salle Station, Chicago in the heart of the business district
ready for the day no time lost.
Carrie sleeping car for Tri-Cities may be occupied until
:00 a. m.
Other Solid Through Trains Daily
"I lock y Mountain Limited" - - . 2MM u. in.
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Automatic Block Signal
Fintit Modtrn AH-Stttl PaiMmngtr Equipment
Absolut Softly
Write, phone or call at Rock Island Travel Bureau, 1323 Farnam St.,
for tickets, reservation!, information.
J. S. McN ALLY, Division Passenger Af ant Phone Douglas 428
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j jt I Ceaeral DuUibutor Omaha, Nebraska I 1 j
authority. All roposalj, he said, I
build a military system for the I'nite I
States upon the basis of state troops at'
proposals to Continue a situation that i
"illusory and not real; that Is a sham
and not substantial; that Is a mockery
and not honest."
The secretary said that while there la
disagreement among military experts as
to the particular number of troops
needed, nil views agree upon tho essen
tial principle that tho troops should be
national troon.
ItaiitllitB trtny VirrMnrv.
There must be, he continued, a regular
standing army end orcaiilzed federal
troops subject to Instant call. This, lie
said., tins been called a cont Inental army.
In suptioit of lids principle. Mild th
ieii,t;ny, there must be cohesive or
ganization to combat the i lements sup
pertlng a syxbvn, founded u.ou troops
i.ndcr state authoi ity.
U. K. II. Installation al l on.
I.YO.NS. Neb. .tan. Tho
(!'. and Ann ,o:d il.e Wom-in's Relief
e.op ,e, J' bit installation of officers
Saturday. The Womtm Relief corps
ofliieis nie it follnxva: Jennie Char I.
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Clara Soiithxvi 11, Junior xi.e;
Mr.Monles, trenainer; Maiilm
chaplln: Bertie Smith, conductor.
Slls: ;l
I illy
Srhiordcr. guard; Kill Ii S.aiiffer,
see re-
! tary; iteorgbt Robins, inn.-di I m :
j Southwell, assistant conductor:
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Sam ll
! Southwell, assistant u:und
llctnteman. press eorn-cpomlciu :
Friiukie Smith, patriotic liinl r I, tor; coh r
leareis. Nellie Smith, Ague Burns, Mary
O'Connor aid A I ma Mussnck. The au
inuil biiiuiiiet will be held F, I i ia rv 1".
The old Claud Army of the Reoubli
cfflceis xvlll hold over for another v.n
can be obtained by writing to Dr.
Caldwell, 4:4 Washington Ht ,
cello. III.
W. II.