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    TI1H HKK: OMAHA, ITKNPAY, .IANTA11Y l. l'tlii.
kK omaw s kV or A: -:- hashions -:- Health, Hints -:- Household lomcs
Anita Stewart's Talks to Girls:
No. 1 1 Mothers as Friends
Youth and the Cup of Life" $&K!&
Copyright. Wi. Vv Star 1'ompaiiy.
finil measure non! by their raparitx i
Knr enteitalnlna hc heM Arifrrl. t.ove
ho-lovrth rnoet 1 nearest kin to CJ-mI.
W hi la, all liove, w notliln. 1
He. who :its
Arrt lpoV out on 111- palpltatim woild.
And' trfin Vits hurl (well wlihtn M'Vi
lr)te- enough j
Tn hold nil men within !. he Ih u?r (
Hi." great Crealoi clBnilnid, thmicli he
mtsl'le the pule of churches and know
v fedt (lav finni a fast day, or n line
of Scrip ure fvcrv What ('nil wanta of
Is that ontroflrh'.ni, tvgnras that Ignores
All littleness of ai-na r ir'rds. I
nil 1. 1 n nil r.ii I ii iirn n ii in na i
emb'Bie. !
On Xnvemher 19 an article waa pun-
In tUtm xn nmn hnnlrl h V A et-
from a you n if woman In the Bronx I
who rriticlned policemen for vliclr In-
MUTcifoce to suffering animals. The
aitlrle was published with the young
lady's initial and mitf comments of the
titer which angcested a school of edu- j
.-itlon for policemen In kindnesa to anl- j
male. The ariicle ha hmtiglit forth the
ldll.owirn. -interesting letter from a po- ;
li tmin:
ler Madam: In article on Wind- t animala nf November 19. you i
iiiticlsrrt policemen for their Indiffer
ence toward s'iffcrlnj; animals.
I wonder If you know that the police
man's lot la in many instances worse
than the stray Ik you say they brat j
Hh their sticks' The dog can find some- j
thing In a garbage ran to satisfy his ap-
prtlte. but tha. policeman lias to fast for I
nine to ten hours at a time. It is too ,
Imd the officer laughed t the young ;
winner, but if he had eonverscd with her j
for a few minutes he would be leaving j
himself liable to charges for which he j
would surely be fined as muoh as five i
f days' pay. If ou don't believe this, no'
' down to the trial room nt police head- j
iiuarters any trial riny. and you will find j
tonditlons the more deserving of your,
nips thy than the doga. j
elie probably never thought that thcra i
a human shoo-fry watching the police.
1 1 (lu y in imiiii; mm u ij iva inivi-ii i
A, iiiinules' conversation If he upoka to her j
r foe to. 'Did she stop to think what kind j
nf a reception the policeman would get
at the station houne. if he brought in a
it ray dog to Mr. Lieutenant ? j
You don't need any achool to teach
policemen kindness to animala. Just
now, we are' studying physiology,
psychology. Idiosyncrasy, laws, ordi
nances, rules, drill and gymnaatlci, and,
occasionally, our chaplain lectures us on
theology. If we require anything further, j
It Is the insane asylum.
I assure you, policemen as a rule are !
not unkind to suffering animals (as we
arc friends of misery). But we are a
little jealous of the rich lady's dog, so
comfortably clothed and fed, while we
Bion.1 himfftir fn tha enld. Youra resDect-
This fetter will caat a new light on
the Xew York policemen for many people.
They are auch hearty, ruddy. healthy
looking men, I think it never occurs to
moat of us that they can be hungry or
in need of the neeeanitica of life.
Unquestionably the- policeman's- famil
iarity with the djsbrderly type of street
tiff-raff hardens' hjs heart after a time
and .causes him to . ba more- .or - less
brusque in hla treatment of these unfor
tunates; ., :. . .'
A young--woman of the - writer's ao
qualntajice... was unexpectedly, detained
overnight. at a friend s house where she .
had kilned.' Her home . was only a, fe-w
i i 1. A .J. A In iVa mnrnlnff Shis
uiutni uiffiani)-, ik ........... .
started to walk home this snort utatance
1th a long wrap covering ner evening
. : - . . . j 1 .l,lr.h
own: sue was nil oy tin hvh "i'"
a being carried In a wagon by a care-
ess driver.
The young woman was unconscious for
I ome moments. When she awakened she
I round herself in the hands of a very
I evere policeman, who considered her,
?dently from her evening costume,
much the worse for liquor. He was de
iermlned to convey her to the station
house and was very skeptical when ahe
insured him that she was a respectable,
Indlvldnul with a home near by. She
won finally allowed to return to her
home and called a phyaician to attend to
her Urui-cs.
No douht the policemen become hard
rued In their too frequent contemplation
c.f the rough and disorderly element and
too Ireqnrntly find statemmts made to
Uirm t.y thoae whom they are obliged
to arreiit lacking In foundation in truth.
'ompiUsioa (a not only the policeman's
need, but tlie need of humanity today,
n... ..-..M i ttt-r.fl of Sundav religion.
which showa Itsrlf In prayer and pen
mice and communion service. It wsnts
a more practical, every-day religion.
It is easy to stand In the pulpit, or in
the closet to kneel.
And He v "Clod dj thix: Ocd do that
Make-'the world better: relieve the aor-
liows of man: for the sake of Thy
"Uh. "foi-giW all slnlt Then, having i
planned out God'a work, to feel
-r rliitv is rinne. !
It ia easv to be religious mis ..
Kasv to pray.
It is harder "t,j stand on the highw ay.
or walk in the crowded matt.
And sav. "I am He. I am He!
'.Mine the. world .burden; mine the sor-
rowa of men; mine Is the (."hrist-
"To foralve my- hrother'a sin; and then ;
to live tt-e Christ-part I
And never to shirk." '
It in hard for ym and me I
To be religotis this way (
Hay after da. i
. In-Shoots 1
A man can often be soft-headed with
out being tmder-liearted.
A poor excuse ia better than none, un
less the excuse Is husband.
The beat of friends make the worst of
enemies when they fall out. j
The breath of suspicion is more blight
ing than a November frost.
Better monkey with the butt I
a touse the even-tempered man.
iw than
It la always better to cough up the
ureu cf your friends than your own-
Amateurs 'who have not been asked to
pose In the movies can at least write a
scenario and submit It to some film com
One good loser fa the devested candidate
l o does not beer when raying the cam
( lt. expenses.
-?V7 vr
jr-t j
Vi T- - t' a
Hi m
lis sfc i'
Youth, with smooth Klein and bloBsoniint? fiRtire,
wide. ueeKinR eyos and mind alort at last, leaving
chill fairy tales unread for the great real fairy tale
of life, with hands Just curving for the treasures of
love and life thitt come to women, arms rounding
and filling to smooth, soft lines, eyes and lips learn
ing: to droop and curve 1n coquetry and heart puls
ing harder at the thought of the untried adventure
lhat lies always around the hend in the path youth
bends above the fragile, strong., precious cup of
life filled v.ith its scented wine of radiant, throb
bing colors of the prism ceaselessly wedding with
a soft seeth of glowing bubbles epeaking to tho
eager face above it with a vague, remote music
full of gifts unthinkable, peoples with the fairy
people Fame, Love, Joy, the dream-giver and
offering aguinst youths face a vapor of warm, bit
tersweet that is new and strong and all-powerful.
The magic, lovely liquor of life!
Youth peers and longs, with eyes alight from the
upward glow of tho jeweled drink. And if any who
loves says, "Oh, not jet you are such a baby still,"
youth chafes and anguishes at the delay. You
have felt the cup of life cool crystal against your
lips and know the deeps of its rare delights who
have reached the ouleter currents at the bottom of
the glass below the boiling bubbles that break at
tho top have found It sweet. Hut how much more
glorious doea it look to youth leaning above un
tasted yet! NELL DKINKLEY.
' f
kJfllVilU'lM 1 US
IW Oral UW b BM
aw el lyb-t ni.ii
Th Ooat LmM
alto idmntifimit
Anwar's Cnea Jataa
The Best Lard is Leaf
Lard, and the Best Leaf Lard is
"Simon Pure" in pails of five sizes. Government Inspected and
Armour Guaranteed under the Oval Label.
Cheapest in the
end three parts of
"Simon Pure" go as far as
four of ordinary lard
and everything you cook
with it In perfect. Thone
iiv your dealer's name if
he haWt it.
Writ as for-Pastry WriakW
by Faonia Marritt Farmar turn
Kobt. Bnaats, Mfr., 13th svad
Jonas bus., Soug-laa 10SS.
W. b WUklnsom, Mfr., 2th
and Q, so. 1740.
iki im i iii ii "T mi nasa m. .i rfi, , Tj 'j'-. .. . . . -,
Advertise lost articles in The Bee. Most
people are honest and this is the only
way the finder can locate you.
iu am i A ki i; ai;t.
1 1 ') ' ikln .
I n . r.ii I i.ii.i I News S'i-
i. ou kinM luu I tin vol y
tlnitu Hun inn luipl'fi t'1 n ttlil" It's hi
inu it inolhcr fot- ii rrirnrl.
Anil It s iil'nul tln iai'i.t thnu Dial
orr 1ims linpix'ti to u a 1 1 1 .
Miitlii'i.i niiMh'i. tin lr ilmi'Tlitrrs
Motlicia i-nct It lie fur thilv ilii':htcts.
, Mot hoi a would dl" for tliHr ilmialiicis
I If nccrssat v. Hut tin v don't Ktio how
j to f HIcihIk Willi thnn.
Wli. I i-onl't ro ml on tin' finiii'is of
ono hntiit tlw Bil ls 1 know who a on
l terms of irnl liitlinaoy with I licit1
mothers. 1 tiicnn the sort of lntlniar
that oti hnvr with jiroplp when yon tell
thont what ou think and road thrin
your tetter.
I No: ttioM of the girls ! know cotild
j hint ii Htt.inRe witniHii on the wtreet snd
tell her siirh thluiss easier than they
ii'ould their own tif course, the
j mot hot a hiy all the hlnine for this on tha
! Kills, nnd nothiiiK I mote common thnn
to In hi ii woman sav, hltterlv that her
j d in :liter ne et confides in her. That's
tho nnlhei a side of the cawr. and so 1
I want to prenoiit the g rl's side, of which
;the mothets ne-er think.
1 I think that when h ulrl and liar mother
ate not friend.'--real rhums It is always
jthe mother's fault. Pha had the first
: chatter at the little irl heart, afld If
I she didn't rstahllsh hrrarlf so thoroughly
In It that no rival could oust hrr aha has
only herself to blame.
The first reason that most Blrla don't
cotifhln In their mothers Is brcstis
mother stands to thatn for nothing but
I the veto power. She's always thr. wat
blanket on everything they want to do.
.Shea a perpetual. Ineamat "don't."
j Of course nobody Is Jtolnn to tell aoma
jbody else what aha In BolnaT to do. If
I that other person Is coins to disapprove
jof all her 1'ttlr plans. That's why alrls
tell mother after they've dons a thins;
InMivid of before they do It. And after-
wards It Is generally to late,
j Another reason glrla don't eonflda In
'mother Is because mother Is so critical.
She picks all of thr girl's frlonda to pleona
and tnakra fun of them, and clrla are
so overly sensitive that they can't bear
to hear people they like ridiculed. 8o
they have their frledshlpe under cover as
much en possible.
And when they try to tell mother about
their little hopes, and plana, and am
bitions, she's either scandaled or amused
and thinks they are all Just silly, and aha
says that when ahe was younf a really
nice Kill wouldn't have thought nf doing
such things, neally and truly, about tho
lust person on eaith ftotn whom a (t It I
eer c'cls to get sinpthy Is her own
mot her.
"f course. If she ere in real tio ihl',
mother would werp I r ees out for h -r.
but h-'tt it c .intra to ondi i ."t inill'iR
lhlns an. I moathlxlng shout them
mother iisi.nlly Isn't their And that s
t:ie lo.iiioit very often Hint inother las
to ci v om t'-e b ir mlsfot tunes Hint lino
pen to her dsiiKhter,
Another .rson tills .h'tt't eonrlh In
t'.elr niollieis In heenuM- the ineiiiu-
mother hnsn't too much honor shout
keeping a so ret. Many a c 1 it would lUe
to tlk Miniethlna over with her mother
simI a.k her a tlx I-e. but she knows if sh '
does that mother may tell her pior. Iltil".
I llifttl seen t to all the aunts and cousini
and the nelghhnts, and so thr s. til con
fhleil In somrone else, who won't tell.
And there are other mothera who make
the little lieart-to-heart confidences of
thi lr dniightera the basis for the funny
stories they tell at dinner parties. I knew
a trtrl once who bad a boy sweetheart
who prnixisrd to her when they wrrc
kiddles. The Rlrl thouuht it was
wonderful, and she rushed to her mother
and sobtied out her Utile romance, and
the mother thought It all ao amusing thst
she fixed It up a little h t. and made It
a perfect scream nf a story that slir told
win rrvc-r she went.
Kvery one used to laugh and laugh, but
the mother didn't laugh when. years
afterward, the till eloped with a dread
ful man. "Why didn't you confide in
nr?" asked the mother "You killed my
t onf irVn i'h ridtcui" w hen I was a
child." replied the girl
I .nil .I'l l' t' nt eer girl would Ilk"
to be i liunis with her mother, and It's
the mothers fault when she Isn't, for
m i v ttlrl envies Hie girl who has her
mother for n ft lend. I know, herau"0
I e sot one.
Advice to Lovelorn
By Beatrice Fairfax
Ha Was Wrong.
Dear Miss Fairfax; A young man In
Harlem and a young woman living tn th
Hronx bad an engagrmrnt tn go on an
outing. The day before a rraiiKrmrnta
wera made for the young ladv t. nte.'t
the young man ,u fio subway station
nearest hla home.
After conslderlna the mntter the girl
called up the man Jn I asked If he w jrl.l
please call for hrr. na sh- did not frel
as though she eoul I conn irtnbly rarry a
lunchbox for two to tho station.
He positively rrfoa il tc do" as .he
aaked. claiming nt was rut en
her part to suggest audi a thing. Tlio
result was thev I1.1I1 staved at home
that day and had of an atgr.
ment over same.
Today they are aoo.1 friends again, but
thev loth maintain thrv were rlaht In
their actions. J. H.
It was very rule nf the youni man
to refuse to keep Ii s engajemeit unless
hla convenience was aulted. Ha vaa cer
tainly selfish to I na!n that a girl meet
him at tha subway ttaMtn nearest his
home In any rasa, but whan In expected
her In addition lo on:o and carry Ida
luncheon he passed all bound i of kind
liness and good mannu'.
Keeps Lit in a
Stiff Wind
The flame "flickers," of
course, but it does not go
The stick is absolutely dry
that is one reason for the
superiority of Safe Home
Safe Home Matches are
absolutely non-poisonous.
For that reason alone they
should be in every home in
Sc. All grocers.
Ask for them by nam.
The Diamond Match
j. .....i..i. iiA ...... . .. .i:;ii I.,' ( t
S :
Sheets, Sheeting, Pillow Slips, Domestics
swsk - at M sask a llfl l arV
uo you grasp the importance of tsranaett store January wntte zaie,
chiefly it unusual economies Several advances in cotton have only
spurred us on to far excel past efforts at value-giving. These special values
9 VI M UV.WM Ul MvraffS J J Jk W UlCKHIIIIfll
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Iln, one of our staple
brands. Soft rinlnh. Full
bolts, 8 He value, aale
price Tuesday,
36 Inch Bleached Mus
lin. Cambric and Long
cloth, mill remnant of 10c
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Hale price,
Special Leader Sheets
Bleached sheets, extra fine quality, soft finish, good
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uary sale, in all lees'
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Pillow Slips
42x36 inches, each
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Anchor" Pillow Tubing.
sale price 42-ln.,
45-lnch, yard 1754c
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Bleached Cambric, mill
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Flax Fields of Europe Are in Rums
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