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"Twm('i tot Sport-aa; Ooeee."
fclffhtlac IT-stis Burgeers-araadsav.
Vot FTlmt It Now Beacon Pree.
Froperty Cared Tor To rent property,
see J. H. Durnont, Kcellne Bldg.
"Todays Maria riofita" claselfled
cilon today, it appeare In Toe Bee
BXCLUSIVEaVT. Find out what the va
rious movlne Dlcture theaters offer.
Keep Too afoaey and Talaablee In the ! MIDWEST MEETING THIS WEEK
American Pare Deposit Vaults, HS B. 17th
8t.. Bm Bldg. Boxes rnt for $1 for o-i, . , . .
months. Open from a. m. to 6 p. m. i Sufh roaring:, chugging, ehurn-
Bi- rarm la old Can Lincoln of j ,nE "nd thundering o! steam-and-
I'aciflc Junction hat sold hit fine 8"7- gas-driven steel has perhaps never
Giant Power Machine! Will Be
Massed in Basement of
acre valley farm to Teter Langer of
Council Bluffs, la. Th (ale w rnnilo
by Toland Trumbull. 448 Mee building.
Butter la Omaha la Thirty Cants The
wholesale price of on r.i Omaha
beeil heard at Fifteenth and Howard
streets, as -111 be heard periodically
Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and
Saturday in the basement of the
market remains the same as It lt j City Auditorium when the bie Mid
week. cents. This Is t cent under the Wegt lmplement ghow , fc
liilre fixea by the Elgin butter boar-I there
for the coming week.
' Crawford Man Aee-eed John Said, 1 e big allow coming, and there
Crawford. Neb- merchant, is being de- I w hundreds of Implements on exhl-
h-.rfnli.rr nn rhurit bit Ion from hundreds of Implement corn
er forgery. Me Is accused of passing a I P""1". ut the bl tractors, the great
'oiged check for 120 on the Novelty store "tep s"1"'" that lug plows and other
nd another on T. I Combs, the Jeweler. Jfvy lmachl"'-y through the fields of
Ob a lereonal Devil Or. W. O. Hnry I Nebraska farms nowadays will all bs
apeaks at the Young Men s Chrlstisn . "".
a-ianclatlon auditorium at 8 P. TO. todsy There concrete floors have been laid
on "Is There a Personal uevn r ana nr.
F. W. Evene, Council Bluffs, at 4 p. m.
n "Jesus for Needy Men."
Waterbaek Bursts While efforts
were being made to thaw out a f rosin
waterbaek In the kitchen range at the
home of William 1 Musgrave, 2119 Plnk
ney street, the waterbaek burst and
caused some damage, but no Injuries.
The fire department was cslled out In
the confusion. Mr. Musgrave Is superin
tendent of transportation for the street
railway company.
and all la ready to receive these Twen
tieth century iron horses. Yea. there
is to he a real noise there at times, for
once every day for h period of a half
hour they are to he given the liberty
of making all the noise they can. They
will charge forward sa though to rash
through the walls. They will stop and
wheel sharply to show their skill and
axlllty. They will move ahead again,
slow down, reverse and ateam majes
tically backward like a pliocene monster
at bay.
quadrille nf tee
Dosena of them, yes dozen in that
great cement baaement, will roll, charge,
churn and mingle in a grand quadrille
of clanking steel.
All this they will do to show their
power and skill. Critical eyes will be
upon them, as critics! eyes are upon
a corral of pedigreed horses. Buyers'
eyes will be upon them, and they must
make good
Every bit of the floor space in the
Auditorium has been sold to exhibiting
companies. Each year there Is more and
according to astrologers, all things In the I more demand for this space, aa the
physical world bear a certain relation to Impletnont bualneea in the mid went bo
the stars, the run and moon, and that cornea a vaster and vaster enterprise,
when these planets are in certain post- j The m sin floor is entirely devoted to
Burd F, Miller ,
Explains Horoscope
Telling of Astrology
Burd F. Miller gave the first of a aeries
of lectur.-s on "Astrology" st Theo
sophteal hall Sunday evening, in which
he demonstrated by chsrts the msnner of
erecting the horoscope, and showed how.
tions In the heavens there are always
happenings of a certain character In the
places in the world where the angles fall.
He asserted that there were few astrolo
gers who really understood the princi
ples of planetary bodies, and that they
were not to be telied upon, simply mak
ing what money they could through the
credulity of men.
That most horoscopes were worthless
and that the whole science of astrology
implements and the basement entirely
to the farm tractors.
Wallace Headr Monday.
Secretary James Wallace of Council
Bluffs ia to open an office in the Audi
torium Monday morning, where he will
handle all the details of arrangement,
and of the conducting of the show and
convention. The convention of the Mid
west Implement assocation is to be hold
at the same time with the . Implement
rested upon the understanding of the , ,ho. The sessions will be held on the
esoteric, as well as the exoteric, side, and
few can understand the deeper truths
underlying it, Mr. Miller asserted. He
said, however, that to the scientific as
trologer, when he had the date, place and
hour of birth of an individual, he could
' give the history of that individual from
the cradle to the grave, show all the
events of his life and know his Inner na
ture better than the men himself.
This, Mr. Miller remarked, he had
proven many times, and gave some ex
amples to substantiate his claim. He said
.that the. National ; Astrological society
was endeavoring to drive out of practice
all of the cheap. Ignorant, so-called as-
trologers and to bring the science again
into general use in the every-day life of
all nations.
stage of the Auditorium.
Freight Solicitors
Give a Banquet and
Cane to L, W. Blessig
Forty freight solicitors of the various
railroads gave a farewell banquet at the
Rome hotel last r.lght to I W. Blessig,
former agent for the Pennsylvania Lines,
now to go .o Minneapolis as .general
northweatern agent. J. A. Leary was
Social Centers
To Have Programs
The following social center programs
are announced for this week:
Punlls of A. M. Borglum and Mrs. D,
B. Welpton. Tuesday evening at Central
Park school. ' . '-
Punlut of Thomas JL Kelly and Jean P.
Duffield. Tuesdiy evWnVsr Miller Park
school. i
Miss Luella Allen's, pupils, Wednesday
evening at Kellora sahool.
On Friday evening; pupils of Frank
Mach and Slgmund ,tndsberg will offer
a program at Caatular school.
Pupils of the South'-Side High school
wfll hold forth Friday evening at Mon
mouth Park school.
gome of these programs were postponed
from last week on account of the weather.
Appeal Made for
Funds for the Poor
A committee representing the executive
committee of the Associated Chsrltlea
toastmaater nd presented Mr. Blessig : W1U canvas Greater Omaha today with c.
ith a handsome gold-mounted cane as , view of raising a fund of S10.KM to meet
a token from the freight solicitors of j the increased demands on the charities
The freight men organised an associa
tion during the evening to be known as
the Omaha Freight Traffic association
for a get-together social body of freight
solicitors of '.he city. J. A. Leary was
made president; Eugene Duval, vice pres
ident; W. A. Leary. secretary, and Fred
Kogcl. treasurer. The organisation is to
hold meetings regularly once a month.
The speakers of the evening, besides
the toastmaater. J. A. Leary, were Charles
M. Agnew of the Southern railway, H. O,
Powell of the Illinois Central and John
Mellen of the Chicago Northwestern.
Street Cars Collide;
No Persons Injured
Street car traffic was blocked down
town for nearly an hour early laut night
when a Farnam car westbound bumped
into a southbound Leavenworth car at
Fifteenth and Farnam. Both cars were
slightly damaged, but no one was in
Because a doctor had informed him that
his days were numbered on account of
heart trouble. C. A. Barnes. 73-year-old
civil war veteran, blew out hi bra ns
with a revolver st his home, 3331 North
Twenty-third, yesterday afternoon.
He waited until his wife went out of
tlie bouse before he killed hlms-lf.
He is survived by three children.
The matter was carefully gone over at
a meeting last Friday afternoon and It
was decided that a special effort would
be put forth to meet a situation which
the committee believes warrants this ap
peal. -
An unusual amount of sickness and
unemployed men has Increased the calls
materially during the last few weeks.
Every day there are scores of calls for
coal, food, clothing, shoes, medical and
nurse attendance.
Advertiser and customer profit by the
"Classified Ad" habit.
I f..HS;l .t.ii! 1 1 .Ml', 1 1 ti.iti II
mm I urn nm &m
f - i -1 ti I
'It? I
$11 oo J
you get immediate
use of the most useful
thing money can buy
6IOLTC FALLS, 8. V., Jan. 18. Deputy
United States Marshal Anderson arrived
here late today, bringing to the county
Jail George Tate, who it Is alleged. Is
wanted at Pittsburgh, Pa., on an Indict
ment for passing counterfeit money.
Tate broke jail In the east, and finally
made his way to Mllbank. 8. D. While
under the influence of liquor he let out
some of the facts about his earlier life,
which resulted In an Investigation, and
his subsequent arrest, iie was taken
before Commissioner Knight, and then
turned over to the federal authorities
here. Tate will be returned to Pennsylvania.
Tnree directors for the Omaha club
were elected last night to take the place
of those whose terms have expired. The
newly elected officials are: A. U. Kee
line, A. P. Glou and E. M. Morsiaan.
Jr. Mr. Giou was re-elected. Over 100
members were present.
1 Can't Beat "Tiz"
! When Feet Hurt
"Tiz" for sore, tired, puf fed
up, aching, calloused feet
or corns.
Baa Hafcits.
Those who breakfast at o'clock or
later, lunch at 1! and have dinner at I
are- almost certain to be troubled with
Indigestion. They do not allow time for
one meal to digest before taking another.
Net less than five hours should elapse
between meals. If you are troubled
with Indigestion correct your habits and
take Chamberlain's Tablets, and you may
.. reasonably hope for a quick recovery.
These tablets strengthen the stomach and
eoable It 1 1 perform Its functions natu
rally. Obtainable everywhere. Adver-
You can be liaiipy-footed in a moment.
Use "Tis" and never suffer with tender.
! raw. burning, blistered, swollen, tired,
smelly feet. "Tis ' and only "Tis" takes
the pain and soreness out of corns, cul-
! louses and bunions.
As soon as you put your feel In a "Tis"
bath, you Jutt feel the happiness soak
ing In. How good your poor, old feet
feel. They want to dance for Joy. "Tis"
la grand. "Tis" Instantly draws out all
the poisonous eiudatlons which puff up
your feet and cause sore, inflamed, ach
ing, sweaty, smelly feet.
Get a 26-oent box of "Tis" at any drug
store or department store. Get Instant
relief. LaugU at foot sufferers who cora-
1 plain. Because your feet are never,
J never going to or make you limp
any mure. Advertisement.
iTX7rir Britannica
Has hA
The Britannica Is a Utility
like light, water and the telephone It will do for you
efficiently what you cannot do for yourctf It is as
useful as the other public utilities you depend on so much
and as indispensable. Perhaps you say that you have
got along without it for long time. That is just what
your grandfather probably said about the telephone.
Can you afford to do without it any longer ? Who would
want to do without running water or telephone service
after once having them, even if hit home had been
without them for years before?
Practical, everyday peqple who have used the Bri
tannica say:
" I I mo did tor f altnf wilkwt Iht nw
BrilanmicaV Or they call it T most
ujtfful thirti that tr cam into tkt houst."
.4 Is iVtl
i - .aW
H i utit gladly tni you aaes( lm.
Please seed mc the lolloin
I. Full Information stout the "Handy Volume" iuu ol tt new
Fncyclopaedia Britannica, wmple pge bindings, prices, terms, etc.
4. The booklet, "The Part the Encyclopaedia Briunnka Plays in the
AilatfaU Ambitious Wooics," wit-aaipWpifts sad lull inlurmetto.
Ai4rtl. , . ....--
W c"'v,,iA TTTl
0 J-- pVyT,
A Many-Sidcd Service
The Britannic differs from other utilities in being
useful and necessary fn more way than any other one
thing you can have In the house. It give you the
benefit of the best expert sxMce in every- field and on
every subject.
The Britannica service make you more efficient.
It helps yon do your own work quicker and better it is
concentrated, stored-up energy, a store-house of live-
valuable irJormatkm. a true "power how." Because
It supplies you with the cneaea f aaving time, trouble
and energy.
The Britannica puts at ymrr servW espert advice
as the telephone connects you with your physician.
You need it for the unforeseen tma,tficy aa well as for
the countless everyday thirujsHhat you know you want
help on. AH the difficulties that can present theniaetvea
to you are problems other people have had to meet.
Men and women the world over have worked, each of
them for years, scene of them their whole lives, to solve
these problems. Their experience la in the Britannica
for you to profit by. They art at your call when you
have the Britannica. For i down and to cents a day
for a few months you may own this wonderful service.
It ia aa if for that small rum you could call by telephone
the best authority or expert In the world to answer any
question that came up, to pn you advice on any sub
ject you wanted help oot
Do You Want Help In Your
Day's Work?
You ran get it in the Britannica )utt aa many other
people have done. For irmance, a North Qarolina
cotton broker said that the article on Cotton was' worth
the price of the whole act. A New York lawyer got
just the information be needed in a lawsuit about iron
and steel. He couldn't find it anywhere else or get it
from hia client who manufactured car-couplers. A
manufacturer of flavoring extracts learned from the
Britannica enough about hia own business to save the.
cost of the whole set.
( ni rrysaw tin assanoaW tMi sesf pk ptd t
iessl Ism timtt si -at s jwa asss a-sr (As Areisaatce).
Do You Want Help at Home?
Planning a bouse or remodeling one, studying decora
tion or ventilation, you get expert advice and valuable
suggestions from the Britannica. Equally useful is
what you will get from this same wonderful, all-around
service on the care of babies and children, food, diet,
cookery, rules for health, directions for first aid to the
injured, study aids and supplementary reading for school
boys and girls and for young men and women in college.
Aa owner ol the Britannica. ho was bora in Denmark, says: "In
my country instead ol 'cacyclcpasdia' we say 'familjebok,' that is
'lamily book.' 1 he Britannica Is aa Ideal 'family book.' "
Improvements in Service
Other utilities have been improved, cheapened and
made more convenient by long and gradual processes,
so that we hard), notice the change.
The service of the Britannica has been improved
wonderfully fast in the last few years. The- new
eleventh edition with, more in it and of belter quality
has been sold right along at a lower price than previous
editions, and quality and quantity considered, at a
lower price than apy other encyclopaedia. Now the
jrnore convenient and compact "Handy Volume"
issue of the pew edition is offered for 64 less than the
big-volume form. It I Three Times aa Easy to
Buy and just as valuable because it contains every
thing in the set that costs three times as much.
The Utility is More Usable ,
The new Britannica ia the first encyclopaedia to
appear In a form that is not repellent, awkward and in
convenient. The word "encyclopaedia." like the phrase
"unabridged dictionary," probably brings to your mind a
eye a picture of a heavy,' cumbersome volume or shelf
after shelf of such volumes. The "Handy Volume"
Britannica, printed on India paper, tight, thin, strong and
opaque, change all that. The volumes are only an inch
thick and the paga is only 8 inches high and 6) inches
wide not as big as a magaaiae paga, instead of being as
big as the page of an unabridged dictionary.
A "Handy Voluma" weighs only at ounce (r lb.
3 01.). That is a good deal less than the average weight
of a novel. It ia about one-sixth the weight of a volume
of the encyclopaedia printed on heavy paper and with the
oM-faahioned, awkward, big pages. But everything in
the big, awkward volume Is in the light, attractive
"Handy Volume" which costs 6j ls. It ie exactly
as useful because it has the full 100 of the contents of
the bigger set, and much more usable because in smaller
- i 1 - i. i -i
tSV ',1
Plenty of Time to Pay the Balance
You make small payments for twenty-one months
as little as $3.00 a month. That means only 10 cents a
day for this short time. But you make no payment
except the ?i.oo down until you get the set in your own k jj ft j
"vi"- n twii yj my time jju arc using ine
Britannica and getting actual value out of it.
You run no risk. W'a take all the risk. Or, to put
it another way, we don't see any risk. Ve are so sure
that you'll be satisfied. But if there is any risk, it is
ours, not yours. Our whole offer means that we have
absolute confidence in the "Handy Volume" issue
of the new Britannica.
Ceo dement
The new form of the eleventh edition of the
Encyclopaedia lMtannlca is nothlnt less than mar
vcloua. To put that treat work In such small com
pas and In ao. useful form Is of itself an achieve
ment; to do so and yet maka a pat which I can
certify la no more trying to pair of bad eyes than
the original edition, is a landmark In bcokmaking.
You are doing public eerrLce la putting thee ln
dUpsnsabU volumes within the reach af tveryone.
Yours very truly,
Roscos Pound
tai S tm
An Incomparable Value
For 150 years the Encyclopaedia Britannica has
been the world's standard. It has always cost more than
other encyclopaedias. Yet more copies of it have been
told than of all other encyclopaedias published all over
the world. It was always so much better.
Now that its sujemacy is still more marked
Now that it is published in such a compact and con
venient and wonderfully usable form -
Now that it is cheaper and more convenient-.
It Is Yours for Only flDown
1H (Gitarautrr-
yeur complete ana entire satisfscflon with the cements ef
The Encyclopaedia Britannica and with the farm ef tbe
"HANDY VOLUME" Issue. Te anyone shs Is net satisfied
lor anv reason and returns the set within three weeks, ws
guarantee te return, all he has alet (trwludlat shlapia
-Satisfaction Guaranteed or
Your Money Back
Ws are sate thst yea will be well sstltned and we promise to
feton 1 the nVst pay cat of ene dollar end anything alas you have
paid se eei the Britannic account, and anything you pay (or ship
pine charses en the boohs, if fw any rssMa within three weeks you
send ike set hack.
It ia a wise, wsy to spend a dollar. Spending fi.oo
does not mean very much to you. You probably don't
often ponder a long time over auch a small expenditure.
Perhaps you often spend a dollar and have little to show
for k afterwards. This time think over the expendi
ture carefully. Because you will have a good deal to
how for it afterwards.
' Oar Unparalleled Offer
We specialize in bargains. But this is the biggest
bargain we ever offered and we think it's not likely that
well ever again be able to offer anything so attractive,
such wonderful value.
For t IjOO down you have the Britannica in your
home. Use it and test it at your leisure. Any time in
three weeks send it back if it does not prove to be what
you expected it to be, and you shall have back the dollar
and everything else you paid for the set (shipping charges
If yes have the same esperience with the Britannica that avjst
people ha, yeo will get back every cent you pay, in satisfaction,
iaasractkas, rssKssd a-bitroe, intellectual end material re-users-tie.
K yoe dea't feel yws'vs got your dollar's worth ene of tbe
Ana few times yeVve used the Britannica il yoe feel that it's not
going to bs worth whet yes) will pay, or if for say reason you're not
ssUened sad return the est, we'll let yi have the dollar back. '
Too get all the Britannica for 11.00 down.
The whole 29 volumes are shipped at one time. The
complete set comes altogether". None of its usefulness is
lacking. You don't find that the things you want to
know about are in volumes that have not yet been
printed and that may not com to vou for weeks or
The wonderful library that 4 w Warss invested in
before any returns came to it publisher that cost
ovei ra million and a half hrfore a single page was printed
ail yours to use and enjoy, for a first payment of
only SI JO down,
Prices and Terms of Payment
A Printed ea genuins India paper, bound m red doth : li.oo with
the order end oaty si payment of voe a month: or f S.S
cash. A asu S107 I7. "'' ami eriu ml Cakj..
ss e iWm tieeMf .)
Printed entsmime ledis paper, bound in brown Full Shoe.
Morecco-Cralned : li.oo&ik ih-nnl-r . ..
?!' I!?"?? 'L'..ti 54 ' "'l of iM.7l.c-- wuk
w pre ara t pnu tf Uw CsaWi af ia tkt itrrspondimi k,ndmt I
K spatially recomrmnded to those who cannot afford the 1 or lull
kvaat morocco. Bound ia strong leather of full thickrwss, grained
like morocco te give s durable surface. Absolutely waterproof.
CPrintsd os genuine India paper, bound in dark green 14
Crushed Levant Morocco. I1.00 witk the order and only 11
payments of I4 s month: or Ml.SS cash. N-ctrrtspend,.. k,ni,n.
a a Cumkridi usut; if tktrt wrtt u MuU tail esoaj iv: s stmnt
a Same leather at "D" below; wuh cloth sides. 1
D Printed oa genuine India psper, bound in dark green Pull
Cruehed Levsat Morocco: Si 00 with the order and only as
payment of a month; or So 00 cash. (A msims Sim w
. j---- (--- -w wj - nsa is (orrtipcntlint
Siaeief.) A very handsome bindin of srnuii-,
Leather, color sad grain sll are
kafrmrHI sin a-i
ii -n kiii. 1 1 11 d
Srais like cobweb tracery
urshle and beautiful.
lUr 5uarnnti?a-
tbst ths "HANDY VOLUME" Issue Is suthortsod by the
publishers of ths sew Encyclopaedia Britannica: that ths
content are identical, page for psge (including every nap
sod Illustration) with tbe Cambridge University Issue
new eeUIng st three times ths price 1 thst the "HANDY
VOLUME" Issue is printed ea tbe saass quality of Bdu
papor. from newly snsds plates, and Is manufactured by the
same printers and binders as the mors stponslvs hook; snd
thst, because It is smaller, it is sa easier book to handle
then the Cambridge Issue.
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
AUfrvi ere ard M I that iif rlerrsj ttnnt
HU. Tkt fmfUf as, eesesy- sk,pmnl, s-iajtj Ut, laea t
H jasprem Cascsfe ar AW yr, wauamr u Merer u a.
( i-
60 Ik,,
service, send your dollar, under our
the big coupon in the right hand
To test this
guarantee, with
corner below.
For more information, send the coupon in the left
hand corner. . .
In accordance aith your published offer and guaranteea I
"co Si 00 as first payment, for which send me one set of the
Handy Volume ' luue of the new Encyclopaedia Bntvmica'
I ith edition rxirucd oa Indie paper, aad bound ia the tTndine
C hacked below:
A t loth; 11 further ptymrnt of S3.00 s month.
B Full sheep: si further payments u( Si. jo a month.
C- I hree-qusrter crushed levant morocco; n further pay.
nientsof $4 00 s month.
D Full crushed levant morocco: tl further payments of
S4 50 a month.
I ill make furtlier payment each month on the same day as
that ol this order, remittine the amount above for the number of
montha there shown, Title to the book dues not pas to me
until the amount is paid in full. (If you isrt to take advantage
of the saving offered by our cash price, mark the binding wanted
in the proper tpac above, cross out partial oaymcnt term and
Mat hers ths mount anclosod).
Aiiftt . .
X' ears