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Till; r.EE: OMAHA, SATTKDAY, JANUARY" i. join.
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Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
by coj.lymf
mak;;ie knew
0OLLAR puayin'
ne cve nc lavt week
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f uFor c.e T.T Mt U WANT IT rSKCJC "-V VAP AND fE T rrrTVA
R 8S5W"- R VB? fMTrooJri: 1 fel&jpn ! forty ? J
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Lightweight Who I Claraborhig
for Bout with Freddie Welih
Spends Day in Omaha.
Johnny Dundee, tho little Italian with
th Scotch name, who will likely be the
first real contender for the lightweight
title to get a crack at tha much sbuced
Freddie Welsh, was In Omaha1" all day
It was no fault of tha Impound ssrapper
that ha spent Friday In Omaha. Mr.
Welsh, waa tha responsible party. Tor
Dundee planned to go through Omaha
about! o'clock Friday morning on hla
way front New Tork to Denver, where
la meat the rork-hcadcd Stan'ey Yoakum
week from today. - Uut the cold delayed
tha train on which Johnny waa riding
,snd connections were minted by an hour.
Ai a reault be arrived, at S o'clock In tha
rooming and did not leave until 4:10. '
Dundee la anxious to meet Welsh. Tha
I'ttle wop doesn't know the meaning of
tha wonl defeat. Ho haa never had a
decision rendered against him. although
he has been mussed up occasionally.
lie believe he can whip tho champion
and la eager to try. Negotiations are
now; under way for a - bout between
Johnny and Freddie, and. according t
the dope; Johnny will be tha next ono to
tackle Welsh, even before White.
Reaeaa far Dearer Boat.
Dundee's eagerness to meet Welsh li
tha reason ha Is going to Denver to battle
Toakum. Denver In a strong bidder for
- championship battle between Welsh
and a contender. Talk haa been of match
ing White with Welsh In the mile hlih
When Dundee's manager heard this
chatter he Immediately framed tha biut
with Toakum. "Onc thou Denver chaps
sea Dundee In action they'll forget White
and wll want Johnny to meet Welsh."
right critics are pretty we.: agreed
that Dundee has more than an outside
chance to lick the champ and may even
carry the odds If the ml is staged over
the twenty-round route to a decision.
Dundee fought Welh ten rnimft. rt't.
no decision In New Orleans on January 1,
391. Welsh was a better man Mien thm
he Is now. while Dundee waa not as good,
as Johnny is only SS yearn old now". Ha
was but 20 at the time. Kince then lie
has fooght such top-notrhers In the light
weight division a Joo Klmgrue. Joe Man
dot, Joe Asevedo, Willie Ritchie, , Joe
nivers, Jimmy Duffy, Bennle Leonard.
1-each One., iytchle Mltohe I and Charley
White' and has always held his own.
Dundee was bom In Bharkal. Italy, and
his real name Is Joseph Carora.
Famous 'Pug Spends Friday in Omaha
IS '" :
I '.:.-'r'ii?,''-v:J-s i
f " : ; ::Mm Twv
.... ? -w
CHICAGO, Jan. iT-Dlsposal of several
members of the U1S Chicago Nation. I
league club, thirteen of whom are sched
uled for release, according to an an
nouncement by Manager Joe Tinker, to
clubs of the American association, was
hinted at by Tinker today, when he as
serted that both he and Charles Weegh
man, president of the Chicago federals,
would attend the American association
meeting tomorrow. Tinker Intimated that
ha Intended to "talk business" with mag
nates of the minor circuits who wished
tb obtain material for next season.
The tug-of-wer bug haa struck Flor
ence and a bi contest Is now Jn a'ght.
The firemen, Esg:es. Odd Fellows and
other orgnntxatlona have organized teams
and are preparing to show their prowess
in pulling the other teams. It Is ex
Pooled that naven teams will snter the
tourney and the winners will challenge
tha farmer boys from around Ponca. It
Is also Manned lo pull against ' Benning
ton and Calhoun teams. -
Cummins Unable to
Make Trip West Now
From a Htaff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Jan. J4 Snelal Tele
gram.) F. M. Currle, ex-state chairman.
wired yesterday from his home In Broken
Bow to Itepresentatlva Klnkald that Sen
ator A. It. Cummins hsd been Invited
to add res, a mass meeting of republi
cans at Lincoln on January Is, and ask
ing Judge Klnkald to vne his Influence
In getting the senator co accept the In
vitation and make tho principal address
on the data mentioned.
Judge Klnksld had an Interview with
Benator Cummins last night, In which
the senator stated that, whlla he appre
ciated the Invitation vv highly, ho re
gretted that the pressu of public busl
nesa would keep htm In Washington for
some time to come, but that If condi
tions changed and absence from Wash
'tayor of Lincoln Declarer Again
Democratic Candidates Must
Be for Prohibition.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. ll.-Specll.-It s the
water wagon for the democratic oartv.
J with Mr. Brysn on the front seat guiding
J the donkey, sccordlng to a statement la
;suei by Mayor Charles W. Bryan tody
j In which he reiterates tho statement Is
j sued about two months ago and adds a
irw. minga tor good measure.
In spesklng for his brother, William J..
Mayor Brysn emphasises his statement
made before and says In every Instance
where the candidate for a state or lenlala
tlve office docs not meet with the Bryan
approval another man will n filed In an
effort to make the democratic ticket dry.
Mr. Bry an will spend two to four weeks
In the primary campaign In an effort to
carry out hla orders and expecta to cover
me state In places where a flRht to keep
J the wet candidate from landing Is neces
sary. .
Mayor Bryan announces that the annual
LRnan birthday dinner will be held this
J esr under the auspices of the rrogres
i sivo and Woodrow Wilson lesgue, March
1 1, which Is Mr. Bryan'a birthday.
1 This announcement coming so clone
i after the late editorial democratic ban
. quct Indicates that Mayor Bryan must
I have been prevailed upon to keep from
I waving the red flag of prohibition at the
i banquet for fear It would start so no
thing. It Is beginning to dawn on the minds of
jlho bsnqueters that the chairman put
something over on them at the bmqi 't
Tuesday night and did not give them the
benefit of the advertised program, n j.
well known that purchasers of tickets
era given to understand that the very
devil would be turned loose when Wayor
Brysn precipitated hla pronunctamento.
But Instead of following the laid out pro
gram the committee substituted ft couple
of cabaret performers In place of Mr.
Brjan and put a string on the niavor to
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
tlKATRICK. Nob.. Jan. II. tSperial.l
young man Blvlnj the namo of Wll
on. waa brought hero Thursday from
Lincoln by Deputy Sheriff White on the
charge of stealing a shotgi n and some
wearing apparel from his roommate.
Louis Kotilet. Koulet, a section hand,
allowed Wilson the use of his room for
several days. The shotgun and clothing
were found In Wllaon's possession.
Mrs. Abble Cobel Lomax, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Cobel, pioneer of
Do Witt, died in a hospital at Lincoln.
Wednesday. The body waa brought to
De Witt, where funeral services were
held today. The deceased leaves twin
daughter a year old.
John ftcrnc. a pioneer of Gage county,
died Wednesday night at the home of
his sister, Mrs. George fleece, in Logan
township, aged 59 years, lie Is survived
by one brother and one sister.
Mllo Carpenter of Bockford. snd Miss
Frsnces A. Beneau of Ottawa. Kan., were
married at the Methodist parsonage
Thursday afternoon. Bev. B. F. Galther
afllclatlng. They will make their hoini
in a farm near Bock ford.
The jLry panel for the February term
-if the district court was drawn Thurs
lay. The coming term promises to be a
heavy one and In all probability both
panels will be required. The docket has
not been made up yet and It Is not
known the exact number of esses to
bo tried. A number of Important civil
canes are to be disposed of.
Omaha Congressman Has Interview
with Attorney General Gre j
ory Over Appointment.
French Lock Up
Turkish Diplomat
TARIS, Jan. 11. Aa reprisal for the
Internment of French Subjects In Turkey,
the French authorities today arrested
8all Bey, archivist of tho Turkish em
bassy, and the last functionary of the
emhaasy remaining; on duty here. HI
wife and daughter also will bo placed in
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Representative Lo
bec; had a rather extended Inter
view with Attorney Genarl Gregory
yesterday over hla suggestion of the
mime of Judge J. J. Sullivan of Ne
braska to fill the vacancy on the su
preme court bench created by the
death of the late Justice Lamar.
The Interview, according to Mr. Lobeck,
was as satisfactory as could be expected.
He said so far as geographical limitation
went the west would be considered with
reference to the supreme court vncanry
Mr. Lobeck reviewed the career of Judgi
Sullivan et length and was listened to
with interest on the part of the attorney
Talks f Federal Vacancies.
Having disposed of the suggestion of
Judge Sullivan for a place on the su
preme bench, the congressman from the
Second district took up with Mr. Gregory
the vacancy on the federal bench of
Nebraska. While he was not there to
favor any particular candidate, he de
sired to urge a speedy appointment of
a successor to the late Judge Munger
and that it should go to the North
Platte country. Judge Munger came from
north of the Platte and while tho divis
ion between the north and the south
Platte waa purely Imaginary it has ex
isted for years and had been recog
nized as an actuality almost ever since
the state came Into the union.
ante Mrs Leading.
Attorney General Gregory gave Con
gressman Lobeck no intimation who was
likely to be recommended by the pres
ident, but Sir. Lot-etk gathered Inferen
tinlly that J urine Thomas of Sewiird and
Mr. Woodrough of Omaha were the two
men belnn mosc seriously considered for
the position.
At the suggestion of the attorney gen
eral, Mr. Lobeck filed a letter of recom
mendation for Judge Fulllvan today with
President Wllaon and requested that Sec
retary Tumulty arrange for an Interview
with the president Just ss soon aa the
letter's appointments would permit.
Mr. Tumulty assured Mr. Lobeck that
he would be given an opportunity to pre
sent Mr. Sullivan's name personally for
a place on the supremo court as soon as
Decision "ot Reached.
'.My call on tho attorney general," said
Mr. Lobeck, "developed thia fact that the
mind of the chief law officer of the gov
ernment is an open ono on the question
of the Lamar succession and that the
west will be considered seriously with
other sections of the country in the selec
tion of one eminently fitted to hold a
place on that tribunal. y
"In my Judgment Judge Sullivan woula
make an Ideal man for the place and if
any inquiries tiro made In his home state
the results cannot help but be favorable.
Incldenally, I told the attorney general
that Judge Sullivan was under 60 years
of age, which is my understanding. While
I do not know whether Nebraska stands
a show or not of landing this high posi
tion. I do know that the west will have
consideration for Its candidate or candi
dates, and that so far as Judge Sullivan
Is concerned he measures up to the stand
ard required for thin high office."
Mew Postmasters.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 14. (Special Tele-
r r i mK . . i.l D.lf ...
nominated for poatmaster yesterday, vice
Parker, whoso commission expires on
Janusry 18.
leaves a large family. The funeral will
be held Saturday and his body taken to Prevent him from delivering hla intended
Waco. Neb., his former home, for, declaration.
bur1'- ' ' '!" Klllnaa Received.
Confirmation of tho appointment of The cold weather has not had any per
Frsnk M. Broome mm receiver of th ..-niihi- -A i . u . mi .
- ' - v . I ' ' v . .... r-u , vi, u tiling VI 1.-MIIUI- ' . , , . .
Valentine land office waa received hv H.i.. t- iv.. .... r ...,- iBna K1"
him today. He will take charge of the today receiving two more. , mlttance. The assassin was immediately
office in about two week. . i n t t.a .-j, ! killed by Sell! Bey, who was In tho
Halll Bey figured prominently In a
double tragedy that occurred on January
14, 1914, at the Parts residence of his
futher-ln-law, Oenersl Mehmed Clierlf
Pa alis, on of the chiefs of the radical I
Turkish party. A strange Turk, who .
called to see the Ottoman politician, shot
a valet who refused him ad-
No high wind accompanied the blixsard th.t he believe, the nunnU'a InHptMndant i
in tnis section, the thermometer regis- party is still In exUtence and files for
terlng IS to 30 below. Cattle are reported representative on that ticket by petition
to nave passed through the storm with- and acceptance of the same. Mr. Llndsey
out any loss.
served In the last session as a democrat
HOLDREGE hotel is
j from the district composed of Webster
county alone.
I V I . ...., . . t S . I. -
DAMllPCrt DV tTIOt? ' ' uuurr o oupenur mws lor me I
UAmAuLU DI Pint publican nomination for the-state senate
' j trom the Twentieth district composed of
HOLDREOE, Neb., Jan. 14.-Speclal.) i Nuckolls. Webster and Franklin, repre
Flre originating In tha basement of the,,cnU11 ln lhe ,a,t session by W. L. Wees
Livingston hotel In this city at S o'clock i n""' democrat.
yesterday afternoon, destroyed tha furnl- A petition la In circulation at the state
lure and woodwork of all rooms below house-for the purpose of filing the name
the first floor. The flames gained great of w Moran. county attorney of Otoe
Inston were made possible there would headway before they were extinguished . county for the democratic nomination for
be no place he would rather go than to
CHICAGO, Jan. HAt tha annual aa-
lng of the l'nld States Golf association !
ionium rranx u Woodward of Denver
was re-elected president All officers
were re-elected gave Percy R i. .a
of Princeton, N j., treasurer, who'
cna another terra and was succeeded
by f. E. Wheeler of New Tork.
I-T ear-Old Had Inap.
-I have a little gin rar, o!4 who
lias a great deal of trouble with cni.-p "
writes W. E. Curry of Evansvl'le. Ind
"I have used Foley's Honey and Tar, ob
taining Instant relief for her. My wife
a ad I also used it and will say It is
tha best cure for a bad oold. cough,
throat trouble and croup that I aver
saw." Thoae terrible coughs that seem
la tear on to pieces yield to Foley's
Honey and Tar. Bold everywhere. Adver-tlMineot.
Worker Servly ttnrar.
BEATRICE Neb.. Jan. . 14. (Special
Tt-legram.) iua Hanson, nienttier of the
stone crvbrr gang. probably fatally
l-urned at Blue Springs iTT.m morning,
when he attempted to start a fii lih
galoe, mistaking it for coal o 1. Ho
it placed lu a loiitl here.
CB.ETB. Nrb., Jan. li-SpecUl Tele
gram.) Doane college defeated Uni
versity of Omaha yesterdsy at basket
ball. IS to IS. Doane seemed to have the
better of the argument all the way
through, but was unable successfully to
locate the basket. Passing and guard
ing was ragged on both sides. Tho
locals showed considerable Improvement
since their little practice games with the
high school, and they kept the ball In
Omaha's territory the whole time.
The visitors attempted long shots time
and time again from the middle of the
floor, but practically all were unsuc
cessful. Whttrhouse.' Kdmonds and
Payer played well for Doane, while
Leach and Thompson shone for Omaha.
The score at end of first half waa
Doane, ; Omaha I. The lineup:
F.rnst UF.1L.F. Wi,ieh'ae (C )
1-ea. h K.K.j It F Apencer
Thompson C (' Payer
Hr.i.-e I..O I L.r '. Mt-kle
Adams R.d.l it G Edmondu
Ueferee: Max Towle. Nebraska t'lnt
ki-cr; Squires, Cotner.
and awent away a rood nartlon nf tha delegate to the national democratic con-
stairs. Several feet of water rendered It ntlon from the First district.
Impossible to keen fire In the formica I
and this in connection with the sero ! PLATTS MOUTH WINS ON THE
weatner prevented tha occupation of any
of the rooms. Tho damage is estimated
by Landlord L. C. Severns at fcl.Suu.
MITCHELL. Neb.. Jan. 14 peclal.)
At the annual stockholders meeting pf
the Scott's 0 Bluff County Agricultural
sssoclatlon held In Mitchell yesterday,
the following off cera and directors were
elected: K. H. Reld, president; J. O.
Baker, vice prealdent; James T. White
head, secretary; li. O, Eastman, treas
urer; J. L. Binford. M. B. Qulvey. 11. M.
Springer, directors.
The secretary reported total receipts for
the 11 fair at le.Sot M and total disburse
ments. . Including U.SuQ spent on build
Inns anl grounds, at K.ffl.R.
The twenty-sixth annua) fair will be
held at Mitchell, September 13 to IS.
The tee Want Ads. It ps!
Mewa Notes of Alltaare. .
ALLIANCE, Neb.. Jan. 14. tSpeclal.)
Bobert Campbell. for aeveral years pro
prietor ol the Alliance hotel bar. died
suddenly tonight of heart trouble. He
KEARNET. Neb, Jan. U-Spec1al
Telegram.) It was definitely announced
today by the friends of District Judge
Bruno Hosteller that he would not be
a candidate for governor on the republi
can ticket. Great effort has been made to
have the Jurist announce hla candidacy
but It was futile.
. Petitions were In crlculatlon here today
to put hla name on the Judiciary pri
mary ballot for Judge of District No. 11
He has consented to make the race to
succeed himself. '
No Pe&ce Without
Victory, Says Czar
LONDON, Jsn. H. Router's Petrograd
eorreapondent says that Emperor Nicho
las In an Imperial order to the Russian i
army and navy on the occasion of the '
Russian New Year's day proclaimed that I
there can be no peace without victory, j
The order saH:
"On the threshhold of the year m I
send to you my greetings, my brave war-!
rlors. In heart and thought I am with '
you while you battle In the trenches, ;
Imploring the aid of the Moat High on '
your work, your valor and your courage. 1
Remember this: Our beloved Russia can-'
not be assured of Its Independence and
Its rights; cannot enjoy the fruits of Its
labors or develop Its resources unless i
decisive victory Is gained over the en
Steel Combine Will
Build Big Plant
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Jan. 14.-Sue-clal
Telegram.)-The Plattsmouth basket
ball team defeated the Council Bluffs
High school team here tonight. to 0.
the visitors forfeiting the game.
In the last half, with seven minutes
to plsy, the score stood to (. A decis
ion was made by the umpire and to it the
Council Bluffs players took exceptions
and refused to finish the game. It was
then that It was forfeited and the official ! I'nlted States Steel corporation an
rcoie announced. j pounced today that construction of a
; 17.000,000 steel mill will be commenced at
once between Nllea and Glrard. It la
stated that the plant will be completed
within a year, and when In full operation
i:i employ several thousand men.
O, Jan.
14. The
ASHLAND. Neb., Jan. 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Mrs. Julia von Mansfelde, who
died at her home on Wednesday even
ing, after an Illness of les than a week,
was burled this afternoon in the Ashland
cemetery.' or husband. Dr. A. 8. von
Mansfelde, known to the medical profes
sion, and several years service aa treas
urer of the Nebraska State Medical as
sociation and who has rerlJcd ln AsliUnl
since lkTS. has been cr.tlcally til for the
last week, but Is reported much better
Depart ate at Orders.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. (Sptclal Tel
egram.) John C. Rosenbarh was ap
pointed rKwtiiiaater at livverre, aGrfleld
county, Nebraska, vice Knill Nelson, re
signed. Nebraska pentlon granted: Mary J.
Blear. Cosad. 1)1. Mary T. Tout, tlilt
ner. 111; fcavnaa UutirrrieUi. blooming
ton, S.2. Luvlnda Hoy, Piatiemouih, Sl
Rural Intter camera appointed.
South Dakota Mtibank. Uuy M. McCol-
lum; j ripp, ira t. . lictt. nor.
ter carrier at l loverly, liig
Wyoinlng, vk-e M. Moberl
Arthur K. uBIerfleld of
la., haa been appointed a clerk In the
Mvy Department.
0 Iv I rvUe examinations wll) be held
on February it for rural letter carrier at
itoune, Brtstow aud liartington. Neb.
j HASTINGS. Neb., Jan. 14. (Special
Telegram.) John Slaker as administrator
has applied to the probate court for an
order for the burial of John O'Connor,
who died August IT, 1913. and whose body I
has since been held In the morgue. Hear- I
lng on the application haa been set for j
January V. j
Unusually Attractive Offerings in
Men's Clothing and Furnishings
Saturday. wo offer to our customers very rare bar
gains all through the store. Suits and overcoats, in
cluding all our newest and best garments. Not a one re
served. Kensington and (Society brand suits and all winter
overcoats, in silk lined dress coats, as well as ulsters
and novelties, are in this sale.
For $13.75 we offer suits and overcoats worth up to $20
For $16.75 we offer suits and overcoats worth up to $25
For $18.75 we offer suits and overcoats worth up to $30
Bargains in Furnishings and Caps
Among the many articles offered at great reduc
tions we mention a few:
All Winter Caps, Y2 price.
75c wool and mercerized Golf Gloves, 45c
Spaulding Sweaters, at 33 per cent reduction.
Cooper's heavy wool U. Suits, at 25 per cent reduction.
Outing night robes and pajamas, 25 per cent reduction.
Manhattan Shirts, from 25 to 33 per cent reduction.
50c Neckwear, 29c.
ill Bait, lit S treat.
News Motes of G
rluu. 1
Jamea A. Clifton Is appointed rural let-
Cedar Kautrls,
Horn county.
utcaa -41.
GENEVA, Neb.. Jan. 14 (Special.) 1
Tha following officers of the Independent!
Order of Odd Fellows' lodge. No, to,!
were Installed last nlnt: Past noble!
grand. Monroe Helsey; noble grand. R. j
A. Burns; vice grand, R. Walton; secre
tary. J. M. Hill; treasurer. E. L. Cum-
berland; Inside guard. O. K. Wellman: ;
outside guard. Carl Yates; warden. 8. L.
Bungarner; chaplain, Cecil A. Flory. i
Filings tor county offices up to date: j
County clerk, W. 11. tUsler, democrat;'
Ralph Allen, republican, present deputy.
District clerk, M. V. King. Geneva, re
publican; George Cruse. Stanton town
ship, democrat. For legislature, James I
Fonlon, Fairmont, republican. Supervisor
Second district, Clark Robinson, republican.
A "For Sale" or "For Rent" Ad placed
In The lies will accomplish Its purpose.
Meveaaeata ( Owaa Slt-aeaers.
Fort. ArrtTai. . BM
h rw Tun...
. staaieall. .
The Shoe Harvest Starts Tomorrow
Prices Mowed Down to Very Lowest PossibleMany at Cost and Less
Starr-Kingman Shoe Co., 315 South 16th
mm ay