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Bandit General it Reported Cap
tured by Miners Defending;
Town of Madera.
i m
EL PASO. Jan. 13. General Jo
Podriftuet bai bn captured near
j Madara, Chihuahua, by Americans,
according to reports received here.
A message received from Madera
etated that a number of Kodrlfcue.
men were allied and that the Ameri
ca n are calling for help
It irnii rpori1 ytrtj aoldlr ha4
Wn ("nt to MarWa.
The capture wa mad tiy Mafimlano
Jlarqufr. It a oaid. He Is an employ
nf the Ilrarat Intrr'ats at Babrkora and
In pew at Mrtera kewpinc ordr, with
about in Americana and a fow aoldirr.
Tha m.g rtatad that Rndrlaii.a w
mrt In a pitched battle, defeated, and
hi mm catlTad. raptured and killed.
General Joe Rodrtana waa rharir.rl In
flrt iporta with rponlbillty for the
! maaeaora cf tha Americana at ftanta
! Yuabal. Ranorta ot Mexican on
I train, however, charted General rteyna.
'clonal Tablo lpei and Oeneral nelt
r.rt with personal direction of the bandit.
rrtr e ItM aa HaaHa.
j Farty of Rodrluei men ware reported
Uaptured and held at Madera aa prison
er, where. It la eald, they ware ahot aa
) bandit.
A call forhelp preceded the capture of
Tlodrlaueg, later advice atated.
- The Americana heard that Rodrlauea
end hi men were burning- hrldaea below
I Madera and called for help from Chlhua
; hua and aked that troop bo mahed
'there. Without waltlnB for the troop.
lariue attacked the bridge burner with
1 13 men drawn from American and the
aarrleon at Madera. After the capture
' the call for help Waa repeated,
t I'wnaul Garcia haa been appealed to by
Itli HtaU department U ruh troop to
1 Madera.
(Continued from Pa to One.)
fivn.l here. Neither thin verlfi
t i.jii for a rumor that three American
had been murdered in the faian. di
trlct. Honor.
I edlea of the Santa Veabel victim are
be.i.r prepared for ahipme it and for
v a nled to their home. .
naaie Iar4 lneUr
Aa tha train pulled In, thirteen Ameri
can mining men reported that tha body
of Joe SSnder. reported killed, waa not
with tha recovered1 bofllee.
F. E. Ktepheneon, aeoratary of tha
Mining and Fmelter Mao aaaoclatlon of
Chlhuahaa. who organlxed the party that
rnrovered tha bodle. amid: '
"Soma were bard to Identify,' foe. their
baada ware almost blown completely off.
' They ware tripped of clothing before
they war dragged out of tha car and
killed. V'kfi we arrived at tho seen ot
tha mi ac re tha Car rani guard re
mained at Banta Taabal. Near tha
oaoa of tha maaaacra wa found a 1nd
of bandlta ancampad. Wa raturaed to
the troop train to get a machine gun and
then proceeded to the plara where tha
bodtea were heaped and were not mo
ire ted. i-
aalaaar Meee t Jaare.
Mexican reaidlng In Kl Paao, fearing
repriitala on account of tha tenaa aitua
tlon. are aaan upon tha alreeta only en
the meet urgent buninee. Newa of tha
demonstration laat night at tha hotel of
Oeneral Joaa Ynea Halaaar, former gen
eral In tha Mexican army, spread rap
idly to tha Mexlcam quartera. where can
elderahle uneasineaa waa apparent
Karly laat night General PaUiar re
ceived word from tallow countrymen that
tha feeling wa running ao high hia safety
on the Amerloin side wea endangered.
He immediately fled, crotalng, it I be
lieved, into Juirei.
Two American twtilemen Mlealnr..
An esredition which le't Chlhughua City
to recover lite bodice of tha nineteen
lain Americana wa informed by the
station agent at Panta taaoel that Pea
Jemtn Mnell and f'renk Wooda, two Amer
ican cattlemen, H."cd there, bound west
half an hour after the Weteon train waa
i r ported In trouble. Tha atatloa agent
mid be yarned the two men to return,
but they aald tliry were armed and feared
no trouble. JV'othtiu" later waa heard of
Hi party and It I believed they met the
fate of the Wataen train.
Mluera Plan In I'urn Rritwral, j
A plan to form a regiment compoaed of
l.w American m'nlnr men for the pur
iwiee of entering' Mexico and ' running
don the hart It's rf ponstblo for the maa
eacre of Amerttana at Pan Ysabel wa
formulated at a mevtlng here laat night,
it was learned tcday. At the meeting It
waa decided to present the Van today to
official of the da facto Mexican govern
ment with a view of securing the sanc
tion of the t'atrar.ka government.
A large numler of American, it wa
stated, had started to loin the force, and
foreign mining corporation had offered
to aupply the necessary arm and ammu
nition. tonaal Kdwarde llaoled.
Thoniaa l. Edward. American ronaul
at Juarea. aaa I evolved, with ahout of
rrltlclaia ben he appeared in tha lobby
of a local hotel ill ltd with miulng men
I hi morning.
"Uo back to Juarei, where you belong,"
waa ahouted at hiin by tha mining men
surging forward and around him. "You
are Villa i-onaul, you are not an Amer
ican. Uo to Coahuila or aomewher where
Villa la. Wa have eighteen American boa
: ha murdered. Yon ought to be proud of
your friend."
"You cannot Intimidate me," aaid Mr.
iCdwarda, calmly, and turning hia back
be strode from the lobby.
Oavlrs rroaaleed Protect!.
Conaul Edwaf-da at a led that protection
for the maaaacred Americans waa prom
ised by General Utvtra, commandant at
Juarei, on January 4.
"Tha State department wired me Jarv
' vary 8." be aaid. "to make urgent repre
sentation to the Carranxa. government
bora to protect the train upon wMch the
Americana traveled to Santa Ysabel.
General Gavlra gave ma poaitive aa
aurancea and a meaaage waa eant to Gen
eral Trevlno upon tha matter. General
Gavlna aaaured ana that forces wore being
. aent by tea way of tha capital and by
way of Juares out over the line of the
Mexico at Northwestern railroad to meet
another and systematically exterminate
the tiehdlts.
"Norm ot tlieae things were done."
ijinsul ICdwarda waa Instructed to de tf the Me i loan aulnertuea th liu -
mediate protection of properly of tha
Madera company at Madera, and the
Teareon property In weeterrt Clilhuahi'a.
Villa Maeh f Marderaf
deduction from eventa In Chihuahua,
wired by local representatives to the
Slate department today, are believed to
have etated that It appeared that General
Villa I pec" "ally back of an nraaniaed
campaign to wlpa out Americana In Chi
huahua etftta for the purnoee nf revenae
nd to bring Intervention to break up tha
f'arranaa government.
It wa etated that local representative
of tha Plate department believed General
Villa deliberately aent Ma family out of
the country to relieve Mmeelf of con
cern and reetralnt on thHr behalf. The
department haa been Informed that Villa
haa directed an attack, on the mining
camp of Parrel.
Will Tulir American from Parra!
Co-operation of tha Carranxa nnnaulate
and the military authorltl In Chihuahua.
reunited today, It waa aaid here, in prep
aration for special train to bring; the
Americana out of the Tarral district at
the ahorteat poaatbl notice. Rome 2TO for
eigner are In tha district, for the mo.t
part employe of the Alvarado Mining
company, of whli-h A. J. McQuatters, now
In New York, la tha manager.
Two Villa f'olonela In Command.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.-Tha killing of
Bart Kramer, an American, by Mexican
handka Waa officially reported In dia
patchc to tha atata department today
Collector Cobb at E Taao, Tha col
lector reported Kramer wa killed near
Gulerra, glxty milea wt of Pan la, Taabal,
In Chihuahua,
Tha department waa further Informed
that tha band whloh killed the party of
Americana waa commanded by two form
er Villa colonel. Lope and Beltran.
General Tleyna also waa aaid to have
been In command of a part Of the Mexi
can foroe. Aeeordln to the dlspatohea,
elgthty-flve men ware aaalgned to (hoot
the Americana. A force of about WO man
waa reported near tha acene, apparently
held In reeerv. After killing tha Ameri
can, today a dlapatohaa a. Id. tha Meal
can robbed tha train and later retired
in the direction of Carretaa.
t l ector Cobb aa.d ha Ital hean in
formed that troop lra:na had boon aent
by the Carranaa authrril . in purau.t
of the bandlta, tni pjini from Jautei
anl tha euther fn:n Clil'tuaiiua.
Another dlpat h to tho depart men'.
aid the Oeneral Villa recently bad
h. iii aaan near Cpihiiaiut. hut hia pre-e-ii
whereabout wn unknown, xenatur
aheppard today received a telegram from
fr. C. C. Young of El Taao. atatlng that
the dead Americana had been Invited Into
the country by Oeneral Obregon. Ilenator
Wheppard said ha would lay tha meesage
brforo the P tate department.
(Continued from Tags One.)
anywhere from one to throe hours.
Paaaenger trains operated on tha line
weat and aouth from Omaha are running
close to ached))!. Most of them are on
time, but a few are from one-half to an
hour late, the delay being cauaed by tha
intense cold. It being difficult for the
englnea to make ateam.
t and I Heme Improve.
Bo far as weather condition In Omiha l
territory are concerned, the railroad peo-
pie find a decided Improvement over
Wednesday. While It la still cold all
over the country from tho mountains to
the Missouri river, there haa been a pro
nounced rise In temperature and tha be
lief ia that warmer weather la on the
way, due to arrive within the next
twenty-four or thirty-six hour.
All through the weat tha weather Is
fllear and calm, At no place haa thera
been any anow since Wednesday fore
noon and aa that fell prior to that time
haa not drifted, the railroad line are al
WIM a etlnaer.
All ever Nebraska, aooordlng to tha
morning report to the railroads. Wednes
day night waa a atlnger, one of the
coldest In rexsent yeara. Primrose, up on
the Union Pacific a Bpalilng branch, in
ooone county, took me prise.. Thrro tne
mercury went down to 33 degree below
According to the station report.! sent
to tha railroads at 1 o'clock thia morn
ing, the war meat spot in the state 1 1
that hour waa at Bridgeport, wneri It
t ss S degree below aero,
Generally In Nebraska the temperature!
were higher than at a corresponding hour
Wedneaday morning. Wednesday morn
ing the temperature ranged from II lo
tl below and thla morning at a corre
sponding hour, from I lo 17 below, with
U degree at Primrose, the one lona u
ccptioti where It waa Intensely rokt
Then. too. It Is much wanner up In
Wyoming, from whonc the cold wave
headed In. Wedneaday morning it was
44 degrees below at 8harldn, and at
the samo hour thla morning It waa T.
below. At Lander, where yesterdty It
waa 44 degreea below, thla morning tne
temperature had risen until it waa ID
degreea below.
Yesterday morning, up at Hilling,
Mont., a temperature of 4J below wa
recorded and thla morning at the tor
responding hour it waa t above, tireatcr
change are reported from the country
to the northwest of Billing.
Indnatrlal Home Bwamped.
The extreme cold completely awaiTiped
the Kalvatlnn Army Induatrlal hotel at
111! Douglas street. Ca.Maln Kline was
so overrun with demanls fir warmth
an) led that h fl'ted up abut thlrtv
aicepihg place In tha buimunt, and all
v re occupied.
' I gave away alxty-lhrve beds last ti1-ht
to irn who didn't have a tent." ho aaid.
Tin morning he had a demand for an
uiilinilcd number of nen :o -vi k tut'.inw !
ko at Peymour lake and hi aent out
elrty-to. Besides this l.J hal a bla
cVfrnd for men tj ehov l snow and j
ten, out a number for thla purpose, f.t- j
ti n out aome of th vn with shoea and !
wi.tni clothing before they were fit to (
lo work.
Railroads Waat Men.
Even the railroala demanded a Ojici- !
bo of anow ah)v.lnra and t'apta..i
line'e aupply of worker fell Uiow the ,
Cuinand. Ho aent a Uoaet to the V'r.luii ,
Pacific, but had no a left to aupply a
demand from the 'a-tY.vui.ter Icr t,uu
"Tber la work for every able-bodied
ma a who want :t," be aaid.
lu addition to thla. he baa been supply
ing an average of ihi.'y meals free of
chaige to destitute men at tho Indus
trial horn.
Tne caplala hopee t get two or three
carload of old ilea from the railroad to
suifly work to niea in hia wootyarJ.
Wa. Death.
SIOL'X FALLS. Jan. lt-Thlrty-three
degreea below aero waa the temperature
officially recorded here laat night. th
tnldeat for aevaral varL Oiie death In
ifcouth Pakota la the toil ot the frigid
-At.. rV. ,,'
wave, Robert Jarohsnn, a fanner living
near falem being the victim. He waa
found dead In hi buggy, and Ms com
panion, badly frozen, waa found lying
on tha ground nearby. Much suffering;
ha been reported throughout this section
and wire service is badly demoralized.
(tmri Trouble at Kearney.
KEARNRT, Neb., Jan. V (Special
Telegrm.) With the thermometer regis
tering at fO degree below r.cro early
thl morning, eKarney li in th prfp of
the rnoet aevere weather In a number of
years, wlih the result of demoralised
train service, non-delivery of mall, and
much Buffering among live stock.
I nldent at Palrbory.
FAIftBURT. Neb., Jan. 13-(Specnt
Telegram.) The coldest night of revemt
yeara ' prevailed here last nlcht when
the government thermometer dropped to
tl below. Three or four Inchea of anow
covered the ground. All tralna passing
thla point are running behind time, duo
to ateam failures.
fee dealers are arranging to commence,
filing tho storage plants, a thl la one
of the coldest spell of the year, and Ice.
la eight to ten Inchea thick on Mttlo
niue river.
Fairburys Oldest
Citizen Is Very 111
TAIRMfRT, Neb.. Jan. 13-fflpecial.)
J. B. McDowell. Falrbury's oldest cltlxen
and pioneer, la In a critical condition at
j hia home with a aerloua case of grip,
j Little hope la entertained for his recov
ery. Mr. McDowell waa born In Ohio In
125 and spent his boyhood dnya In Kalr
hury. III. His brother, Judge 13. Mc
Dowell, founded and platted Falrbury.
naming it after Falrbury, 111.
Mr. McDowell came to Nebraska In 1SV.
locating at Hettrlce, where he served as
register of deeds at tho land office until
1S75. Ho tchn icmovod to Falrbury and
became Interested in the Kalrhury Roller
mills. Mr. McDowell waa married three
Mr. McDowell haa been an artlvo cltl-
aen of Falrbury for many yeara and re-
rently celebrated hia ninetieth birthday
Ilia wife la also reported null ilj with
Demand that Wilson
Remove Edwards
ni r-ACO. Jan. l.V-Ttie criticism that
greeted American Consul Kd wards' ap
pearance In a local hotel lobby, early
lodny reached a climax In a (cnplhy
petition to President Wilson to remove
Consul Edward at once. The petition
was forwarded late today.
The petition, atfer setting forth that
the sinners are all American rltlxena
with Mexican interest, asked. Conaul
Edwards' removal "because ho haa for
the laat aevernl years, dining tha con
flict In Mexico, at all times oliown either
supine Indifference with reference to
the wrongs committed agHlnat American
llvea or property In the district for which
ho la conaul, or la, and haa been too In
dolent or indifferent to afford any aid,
help or comfort In the protection of
American rights and Interests."
I. Iter (oauplalnt Makea Inn In.
No Joy lii living If your etomaeh and
liver don't work. Stir your liver with
Dr. King a New Life Pill. All dniggitUe.
Groom Given Pre-
Nuptial Shower
KHKNANIXIAH. la , Jsn. li. (Special.)
Tlie old order chanaeth and a recent
I 'a go county arount waa given a pre-nup-tlal
shower, at which hoes, hatchets, farm
atock, lmplementa and a S3W check were
soma of the gift that took tho plaoe of
fancy work and recipe a. It waa given
In honor of Wilbur E. Dougherty of
Coin, , who waa recently married to
Mtaa Grace Pavey, a graduate of West
ern Normal college, and a rural auhool
teacher. Tha affair waa glvon at tho
borne ot Mr. and Mr. Arthur Hender
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jf v- j
f ar . , a
V-n , m
Assault of Teutons on Position of
Allies' Trenches Developing
on Immense Scale.
HOME. Jan. 13. (Via Paris.)
Tha attack of the Teutonic allies on
the entente force defending Salonlkl
In bolng developed on a large, stale,
According to the Athena correspon
dent of tbo Giornalrj D'ltalia, tele
R'apbing tinder Tuesday's date. He
reports that a bombardment of the
Dritiab line to the Doiran zone pro
reeded all day Monday.
The German rcnimander of the attack
ing forces, aaya tho correspondent, will
make nee of Austrian. Rulnsrlsn and
Turkleh force. The participation of the
Turks ha been doubtful, he adds, but it
la now certain that they will be Included
In the attacking army.
Chinese Rebels Are
Defeated in Series
of Bloody Battles
LONDON. Jan. U.-Many Chinese revol
utlonarlea were killed and captured in a
eerlee of bloody engagementa on January
t, 1 and , In the districts of Tamsul,
Potonga, Yen'ttuwo and Toklo, accord
ing to Information received from the
Canton government by the British
authoritlea at Hong Kong and forwarded
by Rcauter' Hong Kong correspondent.
The Hong Kong dispatch Bays that tha
rebel were well supplied with army,
munitions and military unlforma. They
fought until their ammunition waa ex
hausted, when they continued to atruggle
with bomb.
Ultimately tlm revolutionaries were
routed and many of them, including some
of tha leaders, killed or taken prisoners.
Tho government forces also raptured
munitions and horses. The various gar
rison are engaged In following trace.
left by the rebels who escaped, with tho
object of exterminating them.
Wool Growers Meet
at Salt Lake City
SALT LAKE CITY. Jan. n.-Tha Na
tional "vV'oo 1 Growers' association will
meet here this morning In annual con
vention. The proposed restoration of
tha tariff on wool and tha prevalence of
rabies among aheep in western atatea
wil be one ot the principal toplca of dis
cussion. Piles Cnre lB l e 14 Day.
Dnigglsta refund money If Taso Oint
ment fall to cure Itching, blind, bleeding
or protuding plies. Flret application
glvea relief. Wo. Advertisement.
Attorney Jlaelalt Ilart.
.KHARNET. Neb., Jan. lS.-("pclal Tel
egram.) Judge II. M. Wnrlalr. prominent
lawyer, waa Injured today when he fell
on an Icy sidewalk and broke one of the
small bonea In hia arm. He Is not badly
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"Omaaa'a Beat Btrrwga uil4e
1803 Farnam
Made ia nrtona iwriha te soil ny ear. IHiM M
tnd up drunnd. Hmlr te ol ekaais. n'Mr
Sniaar-i is eiuul bsked en. IttaHne l r,U -Ira.
-Td is eock-ukk Mp1., WipijJ-fc-.tkma.i
our ..p-oas. Alam aUtal Uana
eaaup. Wntatuoaf.
caixumiAU gnu tank renrAJrr.
1M Mrai lTth line. gaaaa CHy. Mo.
PUOMI TTtta I ooo
i . i sni ' sinn . ad
Greece Protests
the Ocupation of
Corfu by Allies
MiNHON. Jan. 1.1. The Greek govern
ment, eay a dl'iotch from Athens, ha
irotctcd ntnt the occupation of the
llnnd of Corfu by tha entente powers.
It is believed In then that the arreat of
tlie Austrian fi nil Gorman consul at
t'orfu l certain to follow. The corre
spondent telegraphs that Prltish and
French ahlr have landed In Albania food
eupp'les for iSO.000 cfb.
PARIS. Jan. :3. The ministers of the
allied powers nt Athens have handed a
note to the Greek government declaring
that they regard It as the clear duly of
humanity to transport a oon a possible
f art of the Serbian army to a point near
the Albanian coast, according to a llavas
dispatch from Athens.
The note asserts this step is taken "In
order to save these, heroic soldiers from
famine and destruction," and that the
Island of Corfu hns.heen chosen 'for the
purpose aa offering the necessary facili
Trie.lbsnion Center oPIlie Middle West
Esfablished 1886.
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ties from tha point of view o anltatlon
and food aupply.
The powers add they do not support
Greece will object to the proposed trana
fer of the er8in. who are the alliea of
Greece and who will only remain a short
time on the Inland. The note concludes:
"There la no Intention at occupation, aa
all guarantee have been given under
thl head to tho Greek government both
concerning Corfu and other parts of
Greek territory which the allied troops
have had to use."
Germany Will
Fix Prices for
All Live Stock
BERLIN. Jan. 11. (Via London. Jan.
11) A great national organisation for
the purchase of all live stock offered for
sale In Germany la foreshadowed by the
Voasische Zeltung aa a result of recent
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Two great organisation are to be
formed representing producers and con
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Sa tha Ttlaa Saaaatiaa,
"Th Hotss el Tun"
la aa4 Kara.y. D. aoaa.
Concert Orchestra
llsOO, ll:ao, liaO, lOO, 4 ISO, ;40,
tum, aiao aaa :o.
ZarUafi raaaoaa anara Baanty
tcrcuesf var
of animate and dealers, the second muni
cipalities and representatives of the coit
sumers' oraanliatlon, both to be under
the eupervlslon of the national govern
ment. The paper says It is Intended to nave
experts appointed to fix the prices of all
live atock reaching the markets which
shall bo Just to both breeder or raiser and
consumers. It Is expected in thl way
to counteract unduly hlfch price.
Queen of Greece
is Summoned to
Bedside of Kaiser
LONDON, Jnn. 13 A wireless dispatch
from Rome snys that Queen Sophia of
Greece haa been summoned to the bed
side of her brother. Emperor William,
whose illness Is described as serious. The
queen, the message say, i to depart at
once for Hcrlin.
To Prevent the Grip.
Colds cause Grip Laxative Bromo
Qulnine removea the rauae. There is only
one "Uromo yulnlne." R. W. -Orove'e
signature on box, J5o. Advertisement.
31 Dresses
Former Pricing y
$40.00 to $85.00
Friday - $15.00
The January Linen Sale
John S. Brown's Table Cloths
in This Sale
$4.50 John S. Brown's Cloths, $3.00
$4.75 John S. Brown's Cloths, $3.25
$5.00 John S. Brown's Cloths, $3.89
$6.00 John S. Brown's Cloths, $4.00
- 1
Bleached Table Damask
$1.75 Bleached Damask, $1.25
$2.00 Bleached Damask, $1.50
$2.25 Bleached Damask, $1.75
$1.75 72-inch Silver Bleached
Damask, at $1.25.
A Sale of Guest Towels
35c Plain Huck Guest Towels, 25c
50c Figured Huck Guest Towels, 39c
75c Figured Huck Guest Towels, 50c
H T0NIQHT. 5- saiwat-
Th. ".mroay MaUnaa,
ih Dltlat-ulli.4 nlUh Actor
Mr. Cvrll M nrlA
htaBOa to (1.501 Bto., 6X to ga.oa.
?an., Mat. Wadaaaaav
Wlllard Maok'a IlklPI IUF
Dynamlo aaooaaa I wf-1 f
Mat,, aso, aoo, Taai It, gfto, 6O0,
THE DUB r lir vl PELJta.
Dallr M.iId. li. Cvrr Nirbt, I it
Cllr Four: Uli A MaCuthj; Mack A VlDoMt
8.m Dartoa, Hicham Ku; Orvbtuoi Trmi
Priov: Matin., (allarr. 10c; tMt m.u (ai
rpl alorlay au Suodwl. Mc. Nlibta, lo. lit,
uc .ad ItfC.
Today Wf NEWTonlte
2:30 ilRU HJD 8:20
North Brothers Stock Co.
Omaha's Baat Thaatrleal Barjrain,
10 Cat, m.s.rv.d Baat. as Oaata.
Baat Waah. "BlOBB," Tha Otxl la Whlta
Sally Mat., lS.a&J0o
Globe Trotter
Prmak HuntW. BlarkfaAalai : Frmnkla Rica'. Im
aaraaaallana: IMtar A O Hay in th. Navitral
baalch. "1. Uia Tranche," K4rtb Mlrtlald. -utal.
Bafilona; Frd A l.rflla Wamvar fruDa IL.
Naw lark Hlwudrou.. bit Batuij Chsrua.
XVadlaa' Xttma Matlaaa Wat Days.
Nit. ana waa.: to Laoturr
I'huiie I. DOW fur Ileaerved Beats.
Continuoua 11 to 11.