Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 05, 1916, Page 11, Image 11

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t'tHM a n n i.mi rim si.K
U 11 UAS1A.
j UI'FK.rt IsCON
( general crop stall
i wnnted. Ianlr for
INSIN Hest dairy ami
ltd In th union: settler
for (ale at low prices on
easy terms. Ask for booMet 34 on Wliel-
In Central Innd Grant. Racetlant land
for stock raising. If tntsreteJ In fruit
I lands aak for booklet on apple orchards.
lAdrima Land and Industrial Dept.. boo
jl.lne Rnllway, Vlnnaapolle, Minn.
Write a good description ot your land
.nd send if to the Ulcus City (la ) Jour
nal, "Iowa's Moat Powerful Want Ad
kttdlum " Twenty-five words every Fri
day evening. Saturday morning and every
Paturday evening and Sunday for one
month, giving sixteen ads on twelve dif
ferent daya for Ml or K woida. (4. or It
Word . . . .
Lara-eat circulation of any Iowa news
ipaper; 1-O.OuO reader daily la (our great
We will echanga a five-room cottau
with five lota, all rlear, valued at (l.Ow),
for a more expensive house and assume
some encumbrance.
The rottaire Is located In Omaha
Heights, eatt of 30th St., on Hlme-
The lot ar all right, but tho houso
needs some repairs.
Phono Pour- 502. 1507- W. O. W. llg. o.
Ollt edire brick apartment house of M
rooms; only 2 years old. In splendid loca
tion In Omaha: built by day fabor. Owner
would take (rood city property, either
vacant or Improved, or good farm Land,
or part ".ash and balance real estate.
Ground Floor MeCatrue Bldg,
1 HAVK some good town property In
Iowa to trade for some land near 8.
Omaha 10 to SO acrea. MKist be well Im
proved and good soli. Describe fully in
first letter what you have and price. Ad
dress Fox SSI. Stuart. Ia.
I HAVK an SOO-acre ranch to sell or
trade for income property; would like
to hear from a good real estate hustler
who can Ket me a deal. Write Box 76,
Kdgar, Neb.
NKAR 2'th and Dodge fits., 8-r.. all mod.
home. In fine repair; very valuable lot.
A bargain for some one; terms or small
property taken In exchange.
HASP HKOfl.. 1W McOaguo BMg.
TO KXCITANOK R3x0 ft., on NT St,
Omaha, near 26th St., for California
property. Address J. M. Caldwell, 240
Webster Ft., San Francisco. Cal,
TWO good lota In town of 1,000 popula
tion. Dunlap. Ia. W00 cash or trade for
Inoome property. Joe B. Tupper, Logan.
AL.I.. kinds of real estate. Wxchangea.
John A. Olson. Bee Bldg., Omaha.
TWO clear Omaha lots worth $600 for
1615 auto. Colfax ZS.
t TO r for loans on best ciaaa city
rwatldancea In amounts c,u up. aise
(arm loans. Reasonable commissions.
liOANS on city and farm property. Fire,
tornado, miriary ana auiomoone in
surance, w. O. Tcmpleton, u3 Bee
Bldg. T. 2"2n.
OMAHA homea. East Nebraska farm.
MM Oninha National. Phone Douglaa tilt.
Hot TO 110,000 made prompt j. F. D. ;
weao, wean xsiag.. lain at r arnam pua
MON EY on hand for city and farm loan a
H. W. Binder. City National Bank Bldg.
CITY property. Large loans a specialty.
W. H. Thomas. 221 State Bank Bldg.
CITT and farm loan. B. 6H. per cent.
J. H. Dumont Co.. 41 Elate Bank.
CITT LOANS. C. O. Carlberg. (ta
ll Brandels Theater Bldg.
A "For 6a la" ad will turn second-haad
furultur into cash.
Corner lot with brick Improvement,
renting at (XauOper year. Nonrealdent
owner la sacrificing for immediate
aale. Tbla la located Just two biocka
from Farnara St. and bound to show
a quick and substantial Increase in
value. In fact, la worth not lea than
(14,000 at this time. Investigate at
Doug. 3962. 979-30 City National.
40C1 Charle St., ( room, modern, hot
water heat; house 1 In good repair;
large lot, near schools, store and car
line. The price and term are reason
able. Owner will consider a vacant lot
as Dart Payment. Poaaeaalon can b
given at once. This Is worth Investi
Douglas 300. 60S Boo Building.
S rooms, strictly all modern; paved
street, close to car and school; elegant
yard with shrubbery: first-class loca
tion, just north of Field club on 3Mh
Ave. Price 13.600. A dandy home.
312 Brandels Theater Bldg.
$200 CASH
Living room, dining room, two bod
rooms, bath, kitchen and pantry all on
one floor; strictly all modern; furnace;
east front lot: all ready to move Into:
cement basement witn hot and cold
water; elegant fixture. Price (2,900.
Located t. 3ith Ave.
US Brandels Theater Bldg.
Remember Omaha's beat residence
growth has always been west.
First Capitol Hill.
Then West Farnam.
Now Dundee.
The past proves that esrly purchases
In tha best residence districts mean
profits for the purchasers.
No better time than now to buy
property in Dundee a newest addition,
the right location, between 4Hth and
iid. Dodge and Howard 8ts., and plan
that new house.
Low prices easy terms.
Phone D. T. tut City Nat- Bank Bldg
A FINE brands new bungalow, living
room across front of houae; two front
riHjrtis have beamed ceiiiua; i rooms fln
lehed In oak: 2d floor unfinished; could
finish 1 rooms; screens, window shades;
lot 40x128 ft.: paved street; 1 block to
car. Price (3.S60. Easy terme or lot
as nart payment.
Ths) ITtiliti Tnd Cnmnanv
. T . .1,1 KT 7 . . . . I , & . T
The annual meeting of the stockholders
cf The I nlon Ijiod Company will be held
at the of' Ice of the Company In Omaha,
Net. on January loth, litis, at 10 o clock
A. M , for trie election of fl.a diraotnra.
and for the transaction of audi business
as may legally tome before the meeting.
LEX. MILLAR, becrvtary.
D.Sdd at
Wheat Receipt Are Light. Demand
it Quite Actire and Prices
Remain Steady.
OMAHA, January 4. MM.
Cash wheat was vtrady, selling at prac
tically unchanged prices.
The wheat run was rather light today,
but the demand for thle cereal was quite
active and most of the sample on the
tahle were eold.
The receipt! of corn were also light ana
there was sufficient demand to take care
of the light offerings.
The bulk of the sale of corn rangea
from 1 cent to 1 centa higher, but a few
cars of the poorer grade sold at un
rhnnged price.
tiats were Irregular, selling from H cent
higher to H cent lower. The demand for
oats was moderate and the receipt were
very light.
There wa a fair demand for rye and
barley and these market were quoted
. learn es were: Wheat and flour
equal to ws.ono bushels: corn. HS.fttt bush
els; oata, fcaj.uOO bushels.
Liverpool close: Wheat. Hflld lower;
corn, Va id lower.
Primary wheat receipts were 1.M1.A0O
bu. and shipments 1,130,000 bu., against
of bu. and hlpment of
l,oa.4jo bu. last year.
Primary corn receipt were 1.W1.000 bu.
and shipments S6.W0 bu., against re
..f r7 0 bu. and hipment of
l.oM.noo bu. last year.
Primary oats receipt were 1.001.000 bu.
and shipment TBI. 00 bu., against re
?p,p,of bu. and shipment of
I. Olu.000 bu. last year.
Wheat. Com. Oats.
mi c ; 4Hn 7CT
Mliiiiieapolla 27l
'xiuth :.. .::
Omaha M 14
Kansas City H& 71 It
St. Loul lot 61 32
Winnipeg M
These sale were reported today:
Wheat No. I hard winter, f- car, (1 10:
cars, $1 0l; cars. ll.Oi; l car. (1.07W; i
cars ll.oj; l j-fi carg. u.og. No 4 haVd
wlnUr: 1 care, I1.04H; 4 care, $1.04; 2 1-fi
cars. tl.; 4 Car. $1.06; 1 cars. 11.01; 1
ars. (l.lia Sample: 1 car, Tc; 2 cars. Sc;
2- car. 0c; 1-6 car. 70c; 2-6 car, tee. No.
J spring: 1 car, 11.10; car, ll.flp; 1 car.
II. 07. No. 4 spring. 4 car. II 02. No. 2
mixed: 1 car, I1.10. No. 3 mixed: Hi cars,
ll os; 1 car, 11.04 No. 4 mixed: 2 cars. 11 04;
J w. c. No. 1 durum: 1 cars. (1.09;
12-6 care, 11.08. No. 2 mixed durum: 1-5
car. 11 o. No. 3 mixed durum: 1 car, 11.08.
Corn No. 1 white; 1 car, Mc. No. 4
white: 1 car. 64e: 4 cars. Mc. No. S white:
1 car. S2c; I cars, eo'ic. No. white: 1
ear, 0c; 1 car, Mc. No. 1 yellow: 1 car,
0c. No. 4 yellow: 1 car. 66c. No. 6 yellow:
1 car. tiSVtc: 1 car, MVe. No. vellow: 2
ears, 6!Hy.': 1 car. 6fic. No. 4 mixed: 1 car,
63, No. i mixed: 8 car. 61c; 4 cars.OOc;
1 cars, 00c; 1 car, f9c: 1 car. &c. No. 1
mixed: 2 car. Wtc; 1 cars, 67c: 1 car, UV;
2 cars, Wc. Sample: 1 ears, 6c; 1 car. 66c i
1 car, 64c; 1 car. 62c; 1 ar, 4c. Oats No.
t white: 1 ear, 41c. Standard: 2 cars. 40ic.
No. I white: 2 cars. 40V,c. No. 4 white: 1
car. 3Hc; 1 cars, 39c. Sample: 1 car, 2ahic;
2 cars, 38e; 2 ars. 37c. Barley No. 1: 1
ear. 66c: S car. 63c: No. 4: 1 car. 3c.
Spelts Vi car. 11.20 per 100 lbs. Rye No.
3. 2 2-6 cars, 92c; l- car, fc.c N. 3: 1
car. We.
Omaha Cash Prices TVheat : ,'o. 2 hard.
IIOMhl.ll: No. 1 hard. !1.0SV'1 1": No. 4
hard. fell.04S: No. 2 spring. ll.Ofta 1.12.
No. 1 spring, (1.07(.1.10: No. 2 durum. $l.o
1.10; No. 1 durum, 11.0?1.0i: sample, 70JP
rf. Corn: No. 2 white. aoflKftVtc; No. 4
white. 62Vs94c: No. 6 white, flfwffc: No.
a white, 674i40r; No. 3 yellow, g7c:
No. 4 yellow, IM(ftfi5c: No. 6 yellow, iUS'
c; jno. yeuow, Mfwy; ; no. mixed,
6'aCc; No. 4 mixed, taw; No. 6
mixed. 58V4Wllc; No. 1 mixed, 6Sf!i
ita: No. 2 white. 404N1e; standard.
"41tl.c; no. 3 White, 4O0F4OHC; No. 4
white, S9fl39Wc. Barley: Malting, ?Mc:
No. 1 feed. 63tc. Rye: No. 2, l!&92c;
No. 3, SWS90C.
t nieago closing price, furnished The
Bee by Logan & Bryan, atock and grain
broker. (16 South Sixteenth. Omaha:
Artlclel Open. Hlgh. Low.
May. 1 33TrH
July. 1 16'.
May. 7676ii
July. 76&76
Oats. I
July. 46
Jan.. M 75-80
May. 11 86-92
Jan.. R7H
May. 10 U6-10
Jan.. 10 16
May. 10 66
1 2 i t tin,
1 V
1 1S
1 18W 1 l&V
1 1(VD
7 i
74 V
IS 65
18 S5
19 03V
10 20
10 26
10 00
11 7H
IS (0
7H! saersB
,9 S6iffJ'
10 lb I 10 10
10 10
10 16
10 66
10 12HI
io 12W
10 nii
10 46
Feat area of Traaliaigr mmd Cloalnjr
Prices oh Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Jan. 4. Improved export
demand brought about. an advance In tha
wheat market today after an early de
cline. Tha close was strong. 2Vc to 5
(Sc net higher, with December at (l.ZMkO
l.S74, and May at 11. 1 Corn rinlshed
with a gain of vc to SfiH and oats of
c. IVovlslona underwent a setback
of 6ii7Hc to X.
Leading exporters who nave been de
cidedly bearish heretofore as to wheat
made a sudden turn today to the bull
side, bales to Europe were said to aggre
gate 1,136,000 buahela. The foreign In
quiry was felt at nearly every Important
trading center ana notaoiy so in jiansaa
City, Omaha and Winnipeg.
(ioaaip that a widely known speculator
wa reinstating a big line of long wheat
had a good deal to do witn spreading
bullish sentiment. This did not happen,
however, until soon after the opening, a
substantial break In prices had been
forced, mainly In consequence or lower
quotations at Liverpool.
Corn swayed with wheat. Tha lata
rally, though, was somewhat Influenced
by tho smallneas of receipts and by some
Inquiry from the seaboard.
Oats showed relative strength through
out the day. The chief reason waa the
wide discount or oat under corn.
Provision were beariahly affected by
the increase shown In the monthly re
port of warehouse atock here and In the
west. Steadiness In the bog market waa
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat : No. t red,
tl.i3'vtJl JfH: No. I red, ll.UHjl.21H: No. 2
hard nominal; No. 1 hard. 11. 131. IK1.
Corn: No. 3 yellow nominal; No. 4 yel
low. 6V70c; No. 4 white, 67Vi3Wc. Oats:
No. 1 white, 4SUM4iC; standard nominal.
Rye: No. S. 7iji(c. Barley: Wallc. Heeds:
Timothy, tt!0iqe.26; clover, (10.00tins.ii0.
Provisions: Pork, 117 Wjll.66; lard. l8.67Vi
37H: rib. (9.623:10.36.
BUTTER Lower; creamery. 22Vt0Hc.
EOCs Lower; reeeipta, 6,673 raws;
first, rWa1c; ordinary .firsts, (SkVJVc;
at mark cases Included, tmr?ttC.
POTATOES Lomer; receipts. 42 car:
Michigan. Wisconsin, Minnesota and Da
kota whites. U0"V; Minnesota and Da
knt Ohlos. fc'aKOe.
POULTRY Alive, lower; fowls, Uc;
springs. 13c: turkeys, lac.
FRUITS Orsnges: Cai. navela, S4s. 12.00
box: Cai. naveia, sua, tl.iii box; Cai.
navela, Ms, lutfs, (160 box; Cal. navela.
136. 13.00 box; Cal. navea, 160s, 176a. 2t.
iZm, (3.26 box; Cal. navela, 2tioa. Zls, Ibua,
13.60 box. Lemons: Extra fancy Cal. bun
klst, , (due. 0o box; extra fancy Cal.
Red Ball, (4 60 box. Grapefruit: S6s, 4.
64a. 13.60 box; 64s. sOa, 13.76 box; Clear
water grapefruit, all slses, MB box.
ci rapes: F.mperois, (4.6t'i&&(i0 keg; Mala
gas, 17 00UOU0 bbL Cranberries: BIL.
tll.OO; box. 14 00. Bananas: Medium slaa
bunches, (1 6"y41.T; medium slaa Jum
boes, 12 0rt,i-2.ab bunch; medium else Juin
boes, 2 6orr2.7B bunch; extra large Jonv
boes, I3 0ril26 bunch; mammoth Jum
boes, (3.60i176 bunch.
APPLEd Barrels-iBen Davia, Illinois,
13.; Jonathans, . aV J.. (3.50; Jonathans.
Kanaaa. 14.00; Missouri Pippins. Htar,
JSW; Oenltons, Htar. (1.60; Jonathans.
Ptar. IS 60; Ben Davis, Missouri. 13;
Black Twigs (bhleldj, (4 .60; Black Twigs
(Comm.), 14.00; Ben Davis, Htar, 13 26;
Damlnoa, Bechtel's. (4.00; Ben Davis,
Reenters. (4.00; Willow Twigs. Bechtel s.
14.00; Ramanltea. Beehtel's. (4.u0; Oenltona,
Bechter a, 14-00; Wallbridga, Bechtel s,
BEEF CTJTH Ribs: No 1. lSic; No. J.
1V; No. 1. Uc. Chucks: No. L tc; No.
2. c; No. . lc. Loins: No. 1. (Oo;
No. 2, 16c; No. i 14e. Rounds: No. 1,
13Vc; No. 2. U'Nc; No. (. llc. Plate:
No. i llic; No. t Cc; No. (. Tc.
APPLKrf (lioxost Ham Heautle. He,
11.76; extra fancy Jonathans, Washing
ton. 12 0". Newton f'lpDlns. 12.00; Arkan
sas mucks, 1.75; Wagners. WiS; Delici
ous, 12 jo; Orunes' Golden, ti 00. Pear-
mslnes, 12.26: Staymen Wlnessps, extra
funey, Washlnaton, ;00; Spltienburgs,
Washington, fancy, li.M.
Cder: Nehawka. 13 :i keg.
VK.JETAHLES-rottoes. Had Hvr
(thlos, V bu.; whiles, 11, Tl bu.
Sweet route. Kansaa, 13.(0 bbl.; Jar
ses, 11.76 hamper, onions: Tellow. ie
II.: red. 2"c lb: Spanish, 1171 erate. Cn
cumnere. li.0 dos. Peppers: 60c tasket.
1 'aullfloaer: 12 75 crate. Bnissel Sprouts:
Ih. Cabbnae, I'.e lb; red. 2a lb. New
Beets, Carrota, Turnips: " do.; old.
IK Ih. Head Iettuea: (1 00 do; crates.
!.: leaf, 4"e dns. Kadlrhes, 60o doa. Cel.
ery: Jumbo. Wo dox: Mlehigsn. li box;
Parsley: 60 do Eggplant. (1.60 do. Ruta
bsaoes. Ho h.
HONET Comb 124 sections). (171 rase:
Airline, (2 dos. a-os. tumblersV 11. rase.
Figs: New. twelve 10 o., (fc ease.
Pates: rrome.1ary. ItSst, 1115 rss
e-larr. ifriai. 12 U cs:
lie lb
walnut. fl.M box; fard dates.
Nl'TS Peanuts: No. 1 raw, He lb
)noatlns of the Day on Variosja
NEW VOTIVC. Jan. 4-FTiOr R-tadv.
WHEAT Spot firm: No. 1 durum,
11.37. f o. b.. New York; No. 1 north
ern, lmluth. SI.30S, and No. 1 northern.
Manltoha, 11.31V c. I. f., Buffalo. Futures,
steadier; Mav, 11. S.
CORN Sjiot, steady; No. t yellow, 4c,
HAT-Spot, steadv.
HAY-Unsettled: No. 1. (M0C1.B4.
IIOI'S Cjulet; state common to choice.
lSlfi. lHfiWc; 1914. 6flVc; Pacific ooaat, 1116.
lUnl5e; Itll4 SiBlOc.
HIOKS Steadv; Bogota. SOjme; Central
America, t!V:.
LEATHF'.R Firm; hemlock first. ISO
34r: seconds. Slff.Hc.
rilOVISIONS-Pork. steady: mess, 11100
150: family. (HlXVy 22.00; short clear.
JIS..rOii,f22.60. Beef, steady; mess, llsOJ
17.00, family, !lR.Orv7l8.rA Lard, .teady;
middle west, 110.Ofc-qnO.1S.
TALLOW Steady; city, (c; country.
THfoSoj special. 8c.
HUTTER Barely steady: receipt., (ant
tubs; creamery extras, 3&334'c; first.,
28ti!Ce: seconds, 2.VU271. ,
KGGS- Firmer; reielpt', 11.118 esse:
fresh gathered extra fine, 17iMc: extra
firsts, S.'t9:c; firsts, S94c; second. 11 fl
CHEESE Firm; receipt, 776 bote;
stale, whole milk, fresh fists, held spe
cials, li'Vefl.c; average fancy, I7ffl7c;
current make, specials, Ken'ac; average
fancy, IrtS'olS'Uo.
POl,LTnY--f)resad. quiet: freeh killed
chickens. 14H27c; fowls. 12m17c; tur
key., 245!ic; live poultry price not t
tled. Cottoa Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 4. COTTON pot.
quiet; middling uplands, 12.40c. Bales,
4,400 bale
Cotton future opened steady; January,
l'Tttc; March. 12R.V: May. 12.76c; July,
12anc; October. 12 64c.
Cotton future closed steady; January,
12 22c: March, 12.4.V; May. 12.c; July.
12fic: October. 12.62c.
firm; good middling, (46d; middling,
8.12.1; low middling, 7M, sales, 10,000
Kansas City Gntla aad Prwrlsloas.
3 hard. tl.Uiffl.I7; No. 2 red. (L171.;
May. tl.l4; July. Sl.lOSJfl lot.
CORN-No. ( mixed. AaSic: No
white, 6c: May. 71Se'71He: July. 72o.
(lAin-Ko, z wnue, 3qptvc; no. s
mixed. aSKfrtOc.
BUTTER Creamery, Mc; flrsu. -Sic;
seconds, 29c; packing, lftc.
Bt SOK Klrts, Hc; seconds, joe.
POULTRY Hen. 12Hc; turkey. 17c;
springs, 13c.
Mtnaeaoolta Oraiai Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. Jan. 4.
WH BAT May, Cl.iT!: July. C1.214i: No
1 hard. (1.24; No. 1 northern. (1.tl9
1.227: No. 2 northern,
FLOUR Unchanged.
BRAN HR.OOflll.80.
CORN No. 3 yellow, 76B7i
OATS No. 3 white. 42WW2HC
PEED Flax. C2.HHgg.2l.
. Louis ttrala Market.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. 4. WHEAT No. 3
red and No. 2 hard nominal; May, Cl.&H
1.21V. July, (1.16.
CORN-No. . 70ir70Hc: No. 1 whlte.70
70ic; May. 73: July. 74W74HC
OATS No. 2, 42V(f43c; No. 2 white, nom
inal. Local Secarltye
jQuntaulnna fumlatisd hr Barns. Brlnker Co..
U Omaha National bank building:
8t-- "14. Aska4.
Rankers Mnrla( IB 14
low a fv.. p(a rr
iouIii Hotel (a. and hwiu. 4
hrmont Creamarr t'-. aM 1W 1
lncoln Tl. a Tel.. eora. 7 par osnt. 4
Monnlals ttatos Tal. A Tal 1"4 1""4
Nrw Mala Telana. pf4 "t
Nve-S.haelnaT-Fowler fe "
fmiatiai . B. Hi. nr.. pfd ssWj 7ls
Omaha C. B. tr. B. . wti 7
rilmii CVr B.ork Yarla. . a. 17.4. 1
Hlom CKr eXork Tarda, torn t
Prlera Mill i n.. ld '
l iilno rltock Yards Block i H
f lir M Omaha Hrtioola 4a 1U.... lf las 10
tAiTnna Co.. Nab., ht. 1l '
Tlundaa Slealtr . Sa, lMt
r. r.. n. m. tv R r. ta. tri...M
Iowa By. A l.lsht s. 1H1
Lincoln Traotloo (a, t"
lnroln 1 H. P. Co. ha. 131 lr
Motropolllan Oaa 4a. 1M1 K
New stal Tal. ta. 193
Omaati R. L. A P. Co. (a. lt
Omaha C. B. Bt. R. ta. IW H
Parlflo O. A K. a. 1MI
Rnrkr Mountain Fuel and boeua
rr.ed Cloud, Nab. 4s. 1M
(iloui CUT Tal. a. 14 V
Wichita I'nloa istoc'k Yards a. IW4.. il
Coffee Market.
kp.w YORK. Jan. 4. COFFFE The
market for coffee futurea was less ac
tive than vealerdav and fluctuations Were
Irregular within a narrow range. The
opening was unchanged to f points lower
under some scattering uquiaawwn, wmm
mav have been Ineplred by the slightly
aaler ahnwlni of the Braxillan cables.
hot there anneared to be no selling pres
sure from primary sources and later
steadied on reporta of Increasing scarcity
of ocean tonnag-a and a little buying for
ir.uronean account. The cloae was net
unchanged to 1 point higher. Balea, .6i
bags. U'.ntatlrma: January, .4Kc; eeo-
ruary, 67c; March, s.boc; Apni, a.iic;
May, .7c: June a.sic; juiy, a.nic; aiu
ui gftle: SeDtember. (.860: October,
- Nmimlirr. 7.03c: December. 7.06c.
Bpot coffee, steadv; Rio 7a. 7S: Pantos
1. or. Tha cost and freight situation waa
about unchanged with quotatlona ranging
from S.74 to 00n for flantoa 4a. Fngllsh
credit. The offielal eablea reported a de
cline of 76 rets at Rto and of -.' in the
rate of Rio exchange on uonaon.
Omaha Hay Market.
. w . tt . t. a vniinin hit.
Choioe upland. C8.603no.OO; muet be extra
rhalca to bring. 110.00: No. 1. t.60ft 60;
No. (. (4.IVS9B.60; No. 3, (4.6Oi&.60; choice
midland. f.OJaTJ.6": must re extra enoica
to brine-. 60: No. 1 r.hMM.60; No. (.
FcfWW.bO: No. 1, (4.606 60; choice low
Und. (7 OOfiW.60; No. 1, C4.60r7.00; No. 2,
(6 0i"S.00; No. S. (4 aS.00.
STRAW Choice wheat, (6.0(KSi.SO; choice
oat or rye. Co Onn nO.
AI-FALFA-Tiolce. (120WJ12RO; No. I.
(I0 6iill.60; No. (. (8.60id'l0.OO; No. (. (6.00
Oil aad Roelw.
TINE Btrong; fAWfc; aales, M bbls.;
receipts. VA bbls.; shipments, X bbls.;
stock. t1.0S4 bbls.
ROfllN-Hrm; sales. 4W7 Mils.; re
ceipt a. KK bbls.; shipments, 49 bbls.;
stock. 106.331 bbls. Quote: A, B. C. D,
In 70; F. 16 76: F and O, (6 80; H and I.
(6ffi; K. 00: M. K.60;
N. 17 00; WO,
r007.26; WW. 7.60.
flavor Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. 4-aTTaArV-Raw.
steady: centrifugal, 4 4ok4 &o: molasses.
l.AH433.Slc; refined, easy. Bugmr futures
opened very quiet and at noon were a
point or two lower on light selling.
Dry Goods Market.
Cotton goods and yams firm today;
men's wesr In active demand for fall;
silks act'va.
Advertiser and customer profit by the
"CUtssiriod Ad" hsblt.
No. I roasted. Re lb.; Jumbo, raw, rH- ) il year. ..n ...1 .-.1. ."! mass an etiort 10 .run 011 in. su- , b r(.,- ,rnr1 uownuid soon follow:
!?: .' "i""'?- .;''?!"'!' '"" v. v; .v ....I.Mer. rUvM'rig'il Is ,v roav.ct.o- .ha, ,h. exnert
1.M-; aimnnna, I'saas. inc in.: r.nguan wai- 'i came, nogs ana sneep si i" , itii' - ...... ..... , . resnonse to a anirited r for'
nuts. No. 1. 1c lb.: Kngllsh Walnuts. Omaha Live IStock market for the year first sales when flnslly ma, e l..nkrd ! IVandird railways nar.lmilarlv iranacno ' ,nlon pf Nv' '' Prtment havln
I No. 1. WHc; fllberta, 16c lb.: pecans. 11 S? 1 to date as compared with last lljr and ta , w'h ; given to the public and congress
lib; pecans, lumhoea, 1.c; Braslla. !( Ih. ll ! Inc. leo. Iie..w Monday. 1 n maraei nexer iacumo i.-.,,.,, aeliina waa mraiimtmH ... 11.. . ., ,, . , .,, .
MlftiRN-No. 1. rice. 4c lb.: 40 Mb. tattle 17.M4 .W2 10. anything hu, a slow, draggv ffalr and , ' "J 'Vhe .,..,1 , . . d nd ,l" nr",,,Bl "evlng outlined a policy
I packages. (2 60 ease; Nebraska white. c Hog, ;, 2!,ji 1.0.M trade dragged alonn through the whole '"'y '"'..end li a In -II i.ia.., of jTtli--' ' nv. I f-oat r not Ion. mhllt- naval orfloorsi
W.VlVAUfi 13 ' '''ffln.V.T'nMn,";! t. ' !'P- ,,l0w the unnroken policy of not altempt-
rX? calrfeme, pr ' VPXX "Tf'no? .'.VoW.nV l
iaT'VhlcAr?' rkVkrhX 'astV.w.'y. it., h "com- ni-i ,f .hem sho. log a ire's11;!;;,', con.rder.e'mhe? of moderl '- " f the navy.
ease. (; chums. 13.50 case; chums. H Dt. )16. HI4 litis. H-I3. IIH1. IH10.!H figure after being held all foienoon al , " I',.' , "'7, " m..i J regarded as confidential. I have puhllshen
CI 76: salted peanut. (1.26 can; pc71T(T.( k. I 7 12 ' l J ,M"1 Va"ai'Kn. sll their recommendation for Increase In
horseradish. U.JtcM Dec g , 7 7 00 . . K the navy. Navy exp-rta w. g,v. their
5.EW YORK BBSKIttl- MARKBT Vic. " Jfi. J g; ? 3 T U I . look to be far from ate.dv. ; ; " -J J ' -rth": vl,w" ,0 t,,B "v"1 "f,,,rs """"tlttee
1 J- r --. I 1 .1Mul,.on,' Vi:. 0.l,:L,piy; ?, .". ." .ince - h B congress and hearing, will be published
w aa a ai kaj v V a w aawaa at m
Cattle Reoeipti Large and Trade is ' ,
Slow to Easier Sheep Ten to 1
a Quarter Lower.
OMAHA. January 4. Il
Receipts were: Cattle. llog. Sheep
Official Monday M; RS,t II il
Estimate Tuesday 7.7O0 l.t 1W
Two days' totals IH.M7
II iV7
i r""" wren
, weeks ago 0 .it
.6.1 1
heme 4 weeks ago! !!!!.' K.3(4
Cattle.ltoKS Sheep. li r a.
C. H. aV Bt. P n
Dec! H ( S5't 7 li 1 rl E 9 7 7 ( I the best ewes moved readily enough early i !'n"' .ho"r, t"rVet tallied . This give congres and the people tho
lc it. t (TCI 7 14 7 iff S T 71 : at price, that were cloae to steady good I m frn.-Uon. to alnmst s PJ)n Bbove pplnlon, of tU, prrla.-
IVc m. ((lilt ft'. T (w. T 61 ( light Mexican ewes going to a shipper , " J u a. ,. '.'' ?',k .
lc iv w 704I S 7 081 6 8-i 7 V, 21' at (n.C. Anything weighty. ho ever, i ' lo belr.nj to readjust Uot. d alu.s.
Dec! IT; 6 ? 7 li, 7 ta 7 '771 tl found the outlet poor, and heavy tiiff J,"' "if "u'" ,,f "toch atiuiuiitrd to Ni ,0Jil flryppVl T.paApv 1T1
j"an IT" T711 7" "tti 7 1 I'M 1 21 Ina still In first hands at midday. j 'rclea by the further decline In ex- P Ol O Vl Or 1 f Vl Its (in
Jan I 7 171 .M 7 ... ! o i 7 So P-eeders were In slim supply, although 1 . iennany to 75V the lowest IieiCIlSralil IS Ull
Jan I ( K 7 V) 7 H 6 ! h . V So severs! loads of a fleshy sort went fori'!? recorded since the outbreak of the
jjjThALr-j. y,m rvow' " r,,, uitp:L. Trial for Treason
Sunday. -Holidny. Quotation on heep and lambs: lmb. demand sterling lose to 4.74. the
Receipts and disposition of live gtock M ,., m ...; Ismhs. fsir to ''ighest ciuo'atlon since Hst Augusi.
at the Union Block yards lor the lasc , (!) Oij, : Ismhs. clipped. 17.7.' t Anglo-French f-s were firm. Imi bonds BERLIN Jan t-IVia London Jan 4)
ini.fiir knura T . i i v n i. i. .. In genera aere ar t..i .1 -.i.. eniu-irt, dsn. a. nit innon, dan. .i
- .vw. ..w". . ift.fc,,, iniiii'i., i .-.MM-r, a,'-",,. iri niihn ), ", . --..- - .. ... ,
4 I
4i 2S
10 1
75 3
1 !
3X 2.1
IH 2
2.1 70
rW'ahaah 4
Missouri I-aclflc ... 1 h
I nion Pacific M 4.i 2 I
C. at N. W., east... v
C. 4V N. W., west... SI
C, f"t. P., M. O.. 47
C. B. Q., east... H
C, B. aV Q., west . . . 37
C, R. I. P., east. 17
C. H. I. A P., west. 2
Illinois central .... z
Chicago U. W S
Total receipt ..Ml
Cattle. Hogs. Miecp.
... 7s. ' i.7t l,i2T
Morrl st Co
twlft a Co
.. Ss2
4. id-'
C'udahy Packing Co.
Armour at Co
rich warts aV Co
J. W. Murphy
14 j
(Lincoln Packing Co....
Ho. omaha Packing Co.
w. B. Vanaant Co
Benton, Vans ant A L. .
Hill tc Son
F. B. Lewis
Huston ar Co
J. B. Root at Co
J. H. Bulla
L. F. Huax
Rosenstock Bros
F. U. Kellogg
Werthelmer Degeo...
H. f Hamilton
Hulllvan Broa
Rothschild A Krebs....
Mo. aV Kan. Calf Co....
Baker at Jones....
Banner Bros
John Harvey
Dennla 4k Franc I
Jensen A Lungren.-,
Other buyers
Total 7.06S 19.480 15,102
CAT 1 I.IC Karelnla wera aulle liberal
thla mornlna. 11a cars belnc reported
in. making tha total for the two days
14.627 head, ths largest of any similar
period than for many weeka back and
larger than a year ago by over 4,000 head.
Unfortunately a number of trains were
late In arriving at the yards, which al
ways means a late ooeiilnu. as buyers
are very much Inclined to hold back
until everything 1. In before filling orders.
Blockers and feeder were the first
cattle Jn the yard to sell. The offer,
lngs of such were not vary large and as
there waa a fair buying demand the of-
terings were pretty mucn an cleaned up
In good season. Prices paid wera gen
erally stesdy with yesterday.
Killers, that Is, rat steers, cows and
heifers, were alow to open with the feel
ing weak. In other words buyers started
out bidding a little lower, giving the Im-
reaalon that It would be a slow ta
Ter market.
The market continued alow throurhout
the day, price ranging anywhere from
weak to Quite a little lower on the gen
eral run of killing cattle.
uuotauona on Cattle Good to choice
yearlings, (12609.26; good to choice
beeves. (7.60aa.2S: fair to rood beeves.
CS.7V3T.40; common to fair beeves. (6.75
60; good to
choice grass heifers, (t 60
choice grass cows, (t.SMf
od eowV (4.6oa4.2B; eom-
good to
g 2K e b I t arMw4
mon to fair cows. xa.boig4.D0; good to
choice feeders. 14.e0iff7.16; fair to good
feeders. t00.0: common to fair feed-
era. Sfi OMUiOO: good to choice stackers.
(rt.7fciy7.36; fair to good etockers, (A
.To; common to fair atockars, gB.ovtpJ on;
stock heifers, (6 J6.tf4 00; stock cows, (4 60
(.26; stock calves, (6.0Ditt7.K; veal calves.
S7.00SJO; buUs, stags, sic. (l.Iia9U.
Representative sales:
No. At. Pr. No. At. Pr
I n st is ;
1 H 11 t 40
IS to im at
14 ITU (76 II liJ ti
t M in is low T et
T lftsi 7 is l u T to
II 111 T s& 11 llMi T
m )'i t u uio i to
.1110 7 M
HUC 40 I...
, 110 I 00 10 ..
, 417 I 14 II...
447 1 00 17...
M ID ...
Ill T on l...
141 4 00 I...
IW I it 11...
... BX II
... ; i io
... na l en
... u 1 14
... Hi I 71
... M It
. . . fcOl i
list I M U al III
417 I 10 12 Ill It
7t I 10 II 4.1 I W
M IU II fcOl I 14
11 4 t 41 M IN
14 I 9
HOGS The hog market was well su
Piled today, receipts amounting to i
cars, or U.uOt head. Bo far thla week soma
27,671 head have betn received, this bring;
li.uuo larger tn.n a week ago and fc.ono
heavier than last year, but smaller than
two weeks ago by nearly o.OjO head.
With liberal receipt, al all points pack
ers lnstlmated that a fresh decline was
In order, and made first offers a dime
lower than yeslardiy. Despite the heavy
supplies, however, sdvlces from other
points Indicated a fairly firm tona to
valuea and local sellers priced their droves
on a steady baaia. (Shippers got in the
game fairly early, offering figures that
were around a nickel lower ana as pack
ers were not bidding anywhere near that
r;ood Just at that time the outaiders had
ittle trouble in buying such hogs aa they
wanted 6c below yesterday.
A little ahlpplng competition proved to
be what the packers needed, for they soon
raised their handa and when they made
their first purchases values were no
mora than a nickel lower. Even then
movement did not become very active, I
ss most salesmen had not given up hopes
of getting ateady prices, and before hogs
negan to move witn any great aegrev ot
freedom values bad to be boosted an
other notch, so that whan the bulk was
cashed the trade did not look to lie more
than weak to 6c off and In a great many
cases prices spneared lust about steadv.
On the cloae trade weakened off again
on all kinds, although lights probably
vers hit the hardest. A good many hog
that cams on late trains were not yarded
until after the best time of the msrket,
and they along with what hogs were
left of the early arrivals took declines of
tarylOo as compared with Monday, and eold
fully a nickel lower than the early prloes.
There were still a good many lights and
underweights, running down to pigs un
sold st midday
Kummlna ud the b e and of the offer.
lngs sold at figures that were no mora
than ateady to 6c lower, while tha market
rinsed slow st a decline of 6al0c. A good
share of the early ! landod at (6 Mk4
.5.r,, tops reaching (4 0. while closing
uud. r '
prices ranged from 1 down to
1 . .
Hepresentatlve sales:
. 8h. Tr. N.i At. rt Pr.
.IM ... l t4 t ...
11 ... Ml If ... t
14 . . m H IH l
'l . U ll . .
Ul m i HI IN ... I"
2M 40 HV, t .. i :
tii ... m : "...
Mi . . to kS l .. 1
!. ... I 0 84 Ul ... 'J
SHKKI --A ei lll'oal supply aa on
.t..,nl (lv.elshl inn. or iTi.OXO
head. arrlMng The two onys toibi or
V.hM head Is tle lara-esl is nr.- four week
go l.elng near.y "'im aa . I.ut anVsl' ' r .".an the .ami ' ".'bnleal rnm.ltlon. were mainly tespona
10 4v. va laIi Vv smlie t tlio head .!. reeen t speeu.H . I. e ora... espe-
lUre i.ta aere nr-ttv al moat
eerlpta aere pr-lty Keneroiia al mi
otl'er pijlnts as well as iere. and pack.
fok sdvantnge of the slue of tha suppl
rood to choice llaht 17 7MTS r,: vearllnxs.
fair to rhuli-e heavy, 17.0iw)37.76; yearlings,
feeders, (i.75(lt.26; wether, Talr to choice,
C"; ewes, good to choice, (fiOotf
426; ewes, fair to good, (S.OOrJrl.OO; ewea,
feeders. (4 Wo.(6.
KeDresentatlva sales:
10 Utah feeder ewes
:16 Utah feeder lambs....
ft? fed lamb
Utah lambs
r.'4 fed lambs
.7 fed lamba
7 fed la in ha
144 fed lambs
174 fed ewea
17:1 fed ewes
12ft feeder lambs
224 fed lamba
241) fed lambs
fed lambs
1! fed Ismba
IP'J fed lambs
1" fed Ismh
42H Colorado ewea
A. Pr.
,102 (10
ffl (60
11 S 16
71 00
7 10
72 t 10
SI S 26
,73 4
109 16
, ll 00
.64 S 0
. T 10
.66 (If.
.77 20
.71 16
. 7 16
.71 16
.106 ( (0
tattle Wealt Hog Stead y Sheep
CHICAGO, Jan. .-CATTT.-Recelpt
6. coo head, market weak. Native beef
steers, M.26Q9.M); western ateera, (s.304v
116; cows and heifers, (3.00O4.46; calves,
HOOB Receipts U.0O0 heady; market,
steady at yesterday's average. Bulk of
eslea. 90; lights. (a.4fT.S6: mixed.
mwvann; heavy. M.6O0f.OO; rough, (.60s
.; plgsT CA.MVtfa.bO.
SIIEKP AND LAMBS Receipts 11.000
head; msrket weak; wethers, (tl.&'-fl'i.lO;
ewea, (4.6tKB.0; iamb. (7A04j( .86
Kanaaa City Lire Moek Market.
celpta, jo.uoo head; market steady: closed
strong: prime fed steers, (S.TrVijiO.26;
dressed beef steers, SA.60tfJl.60; western
steers. H.Vii.a; Blocker and feeder,
V.0O; bulls, S6.2ba.vv; calve. .0uu
HOGS Receipt. 24,000 head; market
strong: bulk of sale. (4(k(M.70; heavy,
li(Bo.75: packers and butchsra, (o.604f
s.i"; iignt,; pig, sn.oiW.oo.
riHEKP AND UMBS-Receipts 11.000
head: market strong; lamb, (H. 7&94V40;
yearling. 17.2(C.Id, wethers, (0.(1x87.26;
ewes, (t .6OrY.60.
Bloaa City Lira Ksek Market.
Receipts. 1,600 head; market, so lower;
native steers, 1A.6KJ37XO; butcher. UbOlt
160; rows and heifer. (6.00t.l6; canners,
U.60ta4.; Blockers and feeder. (6004T
4.70: calve. 14.aOyV.00; bulls, stags, etc..
1KH,H Receipts, 11.000 head; market
steady; heavy. 6000; mixed, 4.ln
fo; light, t& bulk of sales. M.Sod
HHEFP AND LAMBB-Racelpts, 1,600
head; market steady; ewes, H.60C4.W;
lambs. t;.2i0.16.
Bt. Irftwls LIto Rtoek Market.
8T. IUIS. Jan. 4 CATTLE Receipts.
ti.700 head: market steady; native beef
steers. !7.IVk(i.60; yearling steers and
feeders. (6.0U&7.16: southern steers, (6.26?
1.60; cows and heifers, ROOD 60; native
calves. (6 00tyn0.n0.
HOT48 Receipt a. 14.000 head market
higher; pigs and lights. (8 764W.90: mixed
I t butchers, (fl.70itr7.00; good heavy, (AM
f'L . , . .
LS,J?l!'P LAMBW rtjcelp4s. 1.200
head; market steady; rearilnga. H.ftff
9.60: Ismba. (S.OOt7.6o; sheep and ewea.
Bt. Joseph Lira ttoek Market.
T. J05.BP1T, Jan. a-CATTLB-Re-celpts,
(,700 head; market steady ; steers,
(A tVaffOOO: cows and heifers, C4.00ffla.60,
calves, 14 000) .
HOUR Receipts. .(O0 head; market
lower: bulk of sales. M (6fi .66.
PHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 4,600
neao; market siow; iambs, (a.6ag.i.
gtock la Sight.
Reoelpts of live stock at the flvs nrin.
clnal western msrketa:
Cattle. Hogs. Bheen
Omaha 7.T00 Ifl.ono
i nieago ,iti faVOOO
U,0i n
Kansaa City lo.onn 24.0iiO
ft. l.oula (.TOO 14 0110
Sioux City 1.600 11,000
Si. too 121,000 49,700
Metal Market.
NEW TORK, Jan. 4.-M ETA Lft Lead.
1670 bid. ielter not quoted Copper,
firm; electrolytic. (2S.OO43n4.oO. Iron,
steady and unchanged. Tin, strong, (41.00
At Ixindon: Rpot copper, 17 11s ad:
futures. ! (s; electrolytic, 111 Ppot
tin. 174: future. 176. Antimony. 1J.
Lead. 31. Bnelter. M.
Bank t'learingrs.
OMAHA, Jan. 4. Rank clearings for
Omaha today were I4.224,41.61 and for
the corresponding day last year. 13. -
414.6T6 W.
Handbacc Full of
Securities Found
on Fall River Boat
NEW TORK. Jan. 4.-Ths police today
are aiding In the search for the owner
of a handbag found In a stateroom of
the steamer Providence on Its arrival at
fall River. Masa. from New Tork. last
The bag was marked "W. R. W. Grif
fin. East Liverpool. O.- It contained a
. (60.000 stock certificate, certificate, for
19 .hare, of stock In an oil company,
a paas book msde out to W. R. w. Orlf
fln. general manager of the Steuben vllle,
Wellaburg A Well-ton railway. East
Liverpool, O.. and a bank book and rheck
book of tha I'nlon National bank of Pitts
burgh. The door of tha stateroom In which the
baj was found was looked and the key
was on ths Inside making It appear that
tha occupant may have ft by way of
tha window, possibly falling overboard.
Word was received today from Bast
Livsrpool thst tha family of W, R. W,
' u" masy na receive a letter
from htm In New Tork In which he said
he wss going to Boston. They were not
u.a h.. ... . ' . "
"""'. however, believing he had
" by rail.
Feteriih Tone Attributed to Alarm
Ariiing- from Internationa
NEW YORK. .Inn. 4. For asnt of a
mote plausible reason tlie fever, h Ion
tIM(.d ..,r,h,Blon nrlftlna fr.m the n-
I leinatlonal Htmn
, V"? "."?. l"-' ames r, n-
in ini hit. ii' nai Tiirniri n.-iipim r
1 i,nP'" aeveiuiinrnis nnn anon neiim
tHn.1a. onr vsluc. auri.uuie.l f. t'' rhii
United mates registered 4s advanced
per cent on call.
Number of aalea and leading Quotations
en stock were as lollows:
aiae. wits. Law. CUae
l.aai a ;.,
Hoi si aoi, v,
4U l, hi toi,
!' M', M lb
U ; ills l!H iii'4
II4V ins IH'i
.'' nr. nit, n
I.0OJ Ul" 1IS IM.,
- lOjta al lis', ..',
J.nn ldftt 7i,
II 7lW III Ills, ll.s,
100 4 4M in.
S3. MM 111, sat, m
ix ins iii, mm
1 H M t.3', U'
HIM (J1, l
l l'as in-,
1:14 14i
Alaska Ool4
A marina heat tlusar.....
Amarlcaa faa
Amarlran lrometha ....
American A K
Am. 8 A R pM
Am. Siitar Haflnlna
Amarlran Tal. Tal
Amarlran Tnaiea
Anaronila t kappar
baldmia I.ocnnnMve
Ha.Mehera eXaal
Hear Its Rapta Tr
talifnrriia ltnlaum ....
aoaOlaa Pacific
.'antral Laaihar
haaasneae A OtHe
. hliaao a. W ,
Itilrajii. M. A (M. P
ttilraso N. W
.Tilrago. H. I. P. gy.,
..'Mno topper
Colorado Ku.l A Iron...
"Yurlhln Hlarl
Kanvar H 1. pfd
lUatlllara' Hecurltlae ...
itaneral Klartrte .........
Ureal Nnrtnarn r4
lra No. uie elfa
(Intaranhalm Riplarallnn
lllliiol. I'anlral ,
lntertomuah t nn. Corp.
Inaplra.lon Copoar
llilaiiatlnn4U Harrearar...
kanaaa file Mouthers ..
Ihiih Vallar
lxtuiayllla Naahviiia..
Mliaa Patrotauni
Miami ropper
Mlaaourt K. A T. Pf4...
Mlaaourl Parllla
National Blarult
i ; nv ilk 11
4 l"0 H MV,
l.ino ,V4 i, 7n
4S 4i 4,i
ll.lns 411, u tl
) 114't 1.4 17S.
I. TOO !,7' 1BH
I. T in;, ana j.hj
.) Iiiiii, lima, )isi4 m an wis
7. 1l tl, 4.. 45-
l ino 1 tot iok.j
Vans isv, m, jiv,
1.100 U I1H
.sno ijaa, jm 1tiSi
10. mo ii ii it
'iini "i ",v
II. ins win M4 m4
I. is l4 to li
11. lw iisa iop u intu
l.n T7H 74 m2
I.TO0 114 1 1714 Il7l
l.trt) lt t
In 414 fi fi
I ae n4 mu nu
in lM'J t .,
1.40 M
I.M 14V, gu
4n H4 t4
14.IK1 14V llita oj mi, a4
national laail
Narada Copper
New York central
W. T.. N. H A H ,
Norfolk A Waalarn
Norlharn Paolfin ,
Parltlo Mall
Pae.flr Tal. A Tel
Tullman Palara Otr
Bay t'oa. tloppar
Bapnlilla Iron B.eal...
Hmithern Pw'ifle
Southars Hallway
BluearteJier Compaay ,,,
TansaMaa CVrppar
Taaea mpanr
inlon Paelfla
t'nlna Paoina pf4
Valiad aiaue fltaal
V. A. staal p4
Utah Onppar
Wattara I'nloa
Waetlnshonae Rtartrto ,,
Montana Power
Maneral stotora
a. 1N4 IM
17.60 !4Va IV 4BV4
t km pi ta ;i
B.aa I44 us It
K M II 02S
ti.i' i s
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New York Moaey Market.
PAPER Iftdt, per cent.
bills. C4 7(H; demand. (4.74; cables. (4 .76.
PILVER Bar, MHic; Mexican dollar.
BONDS Oovtrnment; firm; railroad.
MONET Time loan, firm; sixty day.,
ninety daya, 8VTT per cant, six months,
im per cent. Call money, firm; high
1 per rent; low, 1 per cent; ruling
rate, 1 per cent; last loan, 1 per cent;
closing bid, 1 per cent; offered at i
Closing qiiotattons on bond today war
a follow:
V- S. rat. la. rag.... 4Ma. Par. e. da ... 41.1
de roupoa aft N. T. c. daa 4a ., 144
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4c toupsa WIN. T. state 4a...llin4
V. S. 4a rag lo. N. T.. N. II A H.
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Atntuaon n. 4s. .1. ItHPans. aea. 1141 lots
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rpae. A 1 silo 4Ve... ll L. A S. W. r. 4s. Tit,
f. n. A O 1. 4a.... 0 Ho. Par. e. la 1ST
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Winter Office Quarters
If )'ou have found that you are not entirely com
fortable in your office, wo can assure you of having
all the comforts of proper heat and ventilation.
While wo have only a few offices from which, to
select, possibly one of these will be just exactly what
you want.
"The building that i always new"
Thg only room that wa can offer now ara tha following;, but U
they do not meet your requirements we will be (Ud to place you
on our walUng Unt
il' hoi oe office euite, north light, very de
Room222 'rhle for two doctor or dentiita;
waning room auct ig private unices,
(20 square feet
Room 322 Ru,t'- consisting of waiting room and
, private office; north light; 620 square
feet. A splendid office for a dentist or
a physician
Room 63ft n,y vc,nt mom on the 17th street
side of the building. Faces directly on
Seventeenth street. Partition for prl.
vale office and waiting room. Site 1ST
square feet
Room 101 At ,ns he1 of ,n stairs, on the floor
opposite The Bee business office. 8Ue
170 square feet. Would be specially use
ful for a real
Apply to Building Superintendent, Room 103.
Daniels Refuses to
Permit Admirals to
Talk on Navy Plans
WAFHINOTON, Jan. 4. Becretary
I'snlnls disclosed today that he had de
clined request to permit either Hear
Admiral risks or Hear Admiral Knight
to speak on the navy program, even
though he wa assured that the proposed
addresses would not be made public.
The request wsa made by John V.".
(coll. president of the commercial cluh
of Chicago, by telegraph to President
Wilson. Ceeretary lamel replied in part
Trlvate Information ha been received
here from Vienna tht Dr. Krl,
who I. prominent In Au.trtan political
affair, a the leader of the young Ciech
party In th Relrhoriith, now on trial
on a charge of treason. Dr. Koerner,
secretary of th young Ciech faction, and
everal other Rohemi.n politician are
being tried t th sm tlm on similar
Pr. Krmari cm Into International
prominence ome time ago through th
movement for rapproachement between
Bohemians and Russian. H repeatedly
visited Petrograd In this connection.
Huerta Improves
After Operation
EL PASO, Tex., Jan. 4.The third oper
ation upon General Vlctorlano Huerta
to relive him of fluid In th Intestinal
tract due to protracted Jaundlo. wa
preformed today.
After the operation Dr. M. P. Bchutr
Issued th following Bulletin:
"General Vlctorlano Huerta wa tapped
this morning for th purpose of reliev
ing him of fluid In the Intestinal tract.
the operation was mora extensive than
heretofore, and permitted drainage of a
larger aere. Th patient wa much re
lieved and aubaequantly hi pulse and
temperature became normal."
P.vaporatrd Apptea aad Dried Frwlt
APPLP5" Dull.
DR1KD rRlTlTrJ-Prunes-rirm. Apri
cots and peaches qulst. Raisins steady.
VmxctlltJ hr rVWschVrseu, 5taaf 5rraw,
No-SkatHrbtg QatJitUt ass Milling fsryaW
Halls sll the rear retrad st Iran I U la par bushel
more thaa fit. Biport la Tacoma and Seattle.
It will gtsa'dea year erae la paraonallr eiamin
"Blnaatam Wheat," and for reur cenyanlanca
I will mall srnsJI aampla toe lie: er 10 tha. by Par
eel Pest for i. V. A. (tollsl, Tha Sin.
tsm Whsa Kaa, Bpeaoer, Washlag-toa.
Painful Swollen Veins
Quickly Relieved and
Mr. R. M. Remler, of Vederal. Kan
a, writes an Interesting account of her
sucnees In reducing a severs tuts of en
larged reins that should be encouraging
to other similarly afflicted. She suffered
with badly swollen and Inflamed vein
(In fact, on had) broken), for more than
seven years before she became acquainted
with Absorbtna, Jr., and used it. Ab
sorlitne Jr., was faithfully applied for
several week and. to quote from her let
ter, "Th large knots In tha vein left. ,
It wa all nicely healed, and has not
bothered me alnce."
Ab.orblne, Jr., 1 an antiseptic lini
ment healing, cooling and soothing Safe
and pleaaant to use. (1.00 and (100 at
your druggist's or postpaid. Liberal trial
bottle postpaid for 10c In stamps.
W. K. YOUNG. P. D. K.
104 Temple ft. Springfield. Mass.
estate nrm