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By MELLITICIA. Thursday, December 30, 1915.
I CANNOT forbear plying eclssore and paste this morning aa I read the
following editorial In the Chicago Tribune. If there la anything about
It that aeema too Jarring at certain points, bear It bravely and meet
truth In a head-on collision for once:
"It it rather strange that being In society, though It Is an occupation
bearing all the eartnarka of a profession or an art, does not admit a frank
confession of the necessity of publicity;
"Politlclana, musicians and actora are frank about It at any rate, roll
ticlana prefer to be roasted rather than forgotten. They are willing to ad
mit that publicity Is their life.
"Society la Just as dependent, but will not admit It. Communities are
too large these days to trust to word of mouth. There is no promenade
where the person distinguished for wealth or wit may make himself or
herself known to the multitude. The king of Spain might walk down Michi
gan avenue without evoking a whisper, unless, of course, he was In uniform.
The only place left la the newspaper. There they may be marked as the
$30,000 heiress, the popular hostess or the fascinating leader of cotillons.
"An ad in the social column Is not even satire, though It aets the teeth
on edge. It la the truth."
The beauty of the whole thing la that the Chicago Tribune la the voice
of membera of the smartest set, not in one town alone, but in Washington,
New York and Newport as well, and Europe, too.
B'nai Ami Club Dance.
The B'Nil Ami club entertained at an
Informal dancing- party Christmas nlBht,
at Miss Cooper's private dancing acad
emy. Tha following members and guest
were present:
Sophia WXnsteln,
Kdllh Alperson,
lollle Horn,
harah Llppman of
Bloux City,
Nora Trod,
Mettle Cohen.
Jennie Hlumenthal,
rtha W hlte,
Florence Htvames.
Harah Artier,
Anette Tokman of
Moult City.
Belle Newman,
Doretta Adler,
Maxwell Fromkln
of Chicago,
Harry Knader,
Edward Hnadcir,
lJavId Oreenberf,
Krneat Meyer,
Samuel K Cohn,
A I Wuhlner,
Ivld Ferer,
Nathan Kaduer,
Abe I a Kalelnian,
Hamuel Cullman,
llnrrv Hrhloaa of
Klou City,
Sam Psllsman of
Counrll Bluffs,
Immanuel Yousem,
Sylvia .Moskovlt.
Anna Milder,
Kva Alplrn,
Minnie Ark In,
Mollis Wolf,
Slyvla KulRkofsky,
Harah Kuben,
Sadie Rotholi.
loulne ruhiwnberser.
Anna kuiiv,
MIMan Adler,'
(Vila Uiitlman,
Sarah I -eon of Des
M olnea,
Hiith K. Gross,
Kpliialm Youaem,
I. A, htnllmaater,
Sam Hlotnlrk of
Siou City,
Nat Wallerbera;,
Osnlua Marcus,
I'hll Uoldhlatt Of
Hloux Clly,
Samuel Colin,
Jultua Arkln,
Max A. Kullv.
J'. D. Chernlss of
Kanana City,
Mnrria Katelman.
Moe A, Vann,
Joseph are,nlers:,
Merman Uoldsmith,
o'clock at the home of the bride's
parents. . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Sunderland left for Chi
cago after the ceremony and will be In
Omaha Sunday aa guests of Mr. and Mr.
K. M. Sunderland.
Mrs. Sunderland's family are prominent
In Kansas City social life and many af
fairs have been planned In honor of the
young couple While In Omaha. A lunch
eon will be given Monday at the Uni
versity club and the K. M. Sunderlands
give a dinner at their home Tuesday
For Out-of-Town GueiU.
Mr. and Mra J. W. Griffith enter
tained at dinner Wednesday evening,
complimentary to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Heyward, Jr., of Pittsburgh, and Miss
Elisa Smith of Wilmington, who Is the
guest of her slater, Mrs. Walter Griffith.
Christmas decorations brightened the
dinner table, covers at which were placed
Messrs. and Mesdnmes
Thomas Heyward, yj. W. Griffith.
found In the Individual mince plea The
club will meet hereafter every two weeks
fcr a Bible study hour followed by a
social time. Those present were:
Elsla Llnehsrt,
I.llllan Ht ser,
K.ll Umlmr
Anna Campbell,
Gertrude Calvert.
Glndys Anderson,
K. Kroyer.
Wslter Griffith.
Helen Kneneter.
Helen Van L'usen.
ttlesi s.
Al lltiech.
I'enn Van Ilusen
Elian Smith.
Edwin Husch.
Ieon Callahan.
For Edward Crofoot.
Mra. K. W. Nash will give a dluner
"nnce this evening for her grandson, Ed
waid Crufoot, who Is home on hla holiday
vacation. The affair villi be given In Mrs.
Nash's home, whleli will be decorated In
f'hrixtnvta on 1 emblems. The rtln
Ing tnhle will have a centerpiece of poln
eettlns, Thoao presort will be:
M ish '
Vlr: I'll Profit.
r I cl ,
(. I a .ic:i
1 ri- I cod,
Me srs.
1 i w ru i rofooi.
1 homo Kinilr,
Wrl!ttl I artrn,
harp s I ur .
L)o ikl'ia 1 e.trs,
i x in. u i K it ni ,
VI Hn'a Offutt.
hut arine Hsrton,
r arrlJt Smith.
. lalie Duugherty.
! iison Neville,
Rav Millnrd,
1 ui delta Klrkrndall,
1 ewia burdens,
JiiiitM V)iuaii.
Charles AIIIhoii.
Ldward Daufcherty. Ml. lard Mil ard.
For Dr. Leavens.
Mr. and Mra. Cliarlea W. Russell will
entertain at dinner Friday evening to
eighteen guests In honor of Ur. Hobert F.
leavens of Fltchuurg. Mane., who la In
Omaha In the Interests of the Unitarian
society. The reception which was to be
held after the Kussvll dinner Friday
evening has been postponed until next
week at a date to be announced later.
' The reception will be given at the Uni
tarian I'atisli house. Dr. Leavens will
give a talk at Turpln's hall Sunday
afternoon at 130 o'clock.
TV, Daniant at Fontenelle.
Mrs. Flmer Neville, assisted by Mrs.
W. A. C. Johnson, gave a delightful en
tertainment this afternoon In honor of
Mlsa Florence Neville and Mr. Eugene
Neville, now home on their holiday vaca
tion. The small ballroom of the Fonte
nelle, with the private dining room ad
joining, were reserved for the occasion,
and a tea dansant was given from 3 to
o'clock to sixty-five guests of the younger
On the Calendar.
McKlnley lodge of the B'nal B'rlth
slvea a dancing party at Chambers' acad
emy New Year'a night.
Miss MUry Nygaard will entertain In
formally this evening for Miss Anna
Helm, who Is home. during the holidays
from the Indies' Lutheran seminary. Red
Wing. Minn. About fourteen gueats will
be present.
Tha flve-yrar reunion of the C-Sentala
riillathee. class of the First Christian
church will be held at the home of Mrs.
J. H, Kllsberrr. 8J25 South Ninth street
Friday evening. It will be in the form
of a waUh party. Mr. Will Parker of
Gary. Ind.. will show pictures of hla
e.uvmita trip wmcn ne completed re
cently. About IU) Invitations has been
Mr. O.arlea Allison will entertain
thirty-two guests at a box party at the
lirandels theater Friday evening In honor
of Mesara. Charles and I ewls Burtess.
A supper at the Allison home will follow,
after which the party will go to the
Hotel FotiWnelie to watch the old year
Suffrage Luncheon.
The bu.ual Franchise society gave a
luncheon at, the Commercial club this
afternoon In honor of Mra. R. 11. Steveni
. of Syracuse, N. T.t formerly Miaa Irene
Hamilton of Omaha. Mra Stevens was
Introduced ly Mra. C. U. He Men. One
hundred and eighteen gueats were prea-1
enL The decorations were pink rosea.
At the tpe&kvrs' table were: .
Mesdsmes Mesdsmee
It. Ji. fcitvrtt. Pbllin HoiKr.
lriT Mini,,, Jsiitea lilrhardaon.
. l.fcrirs . . ftosscii, .ioeein f Olt ar,
F. M. Smith, Mrs. If. A. Qulnn of Council
For the opening performance of "Peg
O' My Ilenrt" Thursday evening reserva
tions have been made by the following:
Pr. Jennings of Council Bluffs. J. A.
Cavers, Mr. fandham, William H. Clark,
Mrs. Pinto.
Friday evening's reservations Include
tho following: Ben Gallagher, II. O. Si
mon, Mra. E. Hart of Council Bluffs, Mr.
Hyland, Mr. Carey, J. B. Minor, Mr. Mulr
head. Random Notes of Society.
Miss Myrtle May returned home
Wednesday evening after a two weeks'
sojourn In Oklahoma Clly.
ites-laterlng at the Hotel McAlpIn In
New Tork City during the last week have
been: Mr. I,. F. Jacobs, Mr. Abe Hers
berg, Jr., and Mr. N. F. Morehouse.
Mr. J. It. Berry of Rock Rapids. la.,
and Mrs. P. If. Dav:a of Norfolk. Neb.,
arrived Tuesday to be guests at tha
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Thompson
until after the Forrey-Thompson wed
Clny, which will be celebrated New Tear's
Mlsa Florence Ixng will leave thU
week for Chicago to spend a me time wlt4
her sister, Mrs. J. P. Seymour, who was
formerly Mlsa Nilie Long of Omaha.
For Southern Gueat.
Mlsa Mona Cowell entertained at lunch
eon this afternoon at the Omaha club
In honor of Mlsa Ellse Smith of Wil
mington, N. C, who la the guest of her'
sister, Mrs. Walter Griffith. The tahlo
had a little Christmas tree in the center
surrounded by red candles. Those pres
ent were:
Misses Misses
Ellse Hmlth, Frances Hochstctlcr.
Janet Hall. Krna, Reed.
Dorothy Hall, Mona Cowell.
Anna Clifford,
Mra. Walter Griffith.
i 1
For Mr. Roberts.
In honor f Mr. C. If. Robert of Beau
mont, Tex., the guest of Mr. Warren
Hamilton, there will be an Orpheum
theater party, followed by aupper at the
Hotel Fontenelle this evening. The party
Mrs. Ilonrv Covington Butler of Rich
mond. Va.
School Set at Dinner.
One of the many affairs of the day
for the school set will be a dinner, given
this evening by Mrs. K. G. McGllton. at
her home for her daughter. Miss Eleanor
McOilton, who attends Smith college. The
tnble will be decorated In Christmas
scheme with red candles and red shades
and tied with tulle. The se present will Le:
Mlsses-i Misses
FleanorMcGllton. Martha Noble.
Harriot Sherman, Wertrurte. Htouu
Irene Moiilthrop,
i-.rri Kinian.
Myrtle Hmlsor.
Jess), Bellls.
Ruby Pavey,
hrina K I' linn,
J. Calvert
Entertaini Girl Friendi.
Miss Gladys Shsjnp entertained In
formally Wednesday afternoon In honor
of some of her girl friends, home for the
holidays. The decorations were In red and
white. Flowers were given as favors.
Those present were:
Elisabeth Rlbert.
olKa Anderson,
(Jllitn Frtrlv
I.ucilA Hall.
Ruth Weller,
lone Bcott.
I tti a Unit
Helen Possner.
Kugenln hrennan.
Luclle Scott.
1 IH an Anderson.
Gertrude Klauck.
The Douglaa County Association of Ne
braska Pioneers will watch the old year
out this evening in their room In
the court house, and all membera must
wear their badges, for none w!l be ad
mitted without them, except the Im
mediate members of their families.
Cold nlasts tana Sciatica.
Sloan's Liniment will help your sci
atica. Get a 26c bottle now; It penetrates:
kills tha pain; stops many aches. All
druggists. Advertisement.
Endone Suggestion by The Bee that
City and County Officials Oet
Together at Once.
Omaha physicians heartily endorse
the position of The Bee in urging that
city and county officials get together
at an early date for consideration of
,i municipal hospital which will meet
the needs of this metropolis.
"This Is the only city of Its slxe that
t can think of where a city hospital
worthy of the name Is not provided," de
clared Dr. Newell Jonea. "I can say
from observations and experience that
Omaha should have a public hospital.
with Isolation wards. I had a patient
yesterday, a child, whose case seemed to
be diphtheria. There was no place where
the girl could be taken for proper ob
servation. There Is real need for the In
stltut on In question and I believe now Is
the time to consider the matter seri
ously." Dr. Frederick J. Wearne said: "We need
a public hospital worth while. We should
make It possible to remove all patients
having contagious disease and thus af
ford others In the same dwelling to have
freedom to go and come. That Is only a
phase of the situation. Omaha la a large
city now and needs a modern and
adequate) publlo hospital with Isolation
Other Cities Lead Oaaaka.
"At the present time we have evidence
of the real need of a large hospital, with
wards for various classes of patients, ss
you will find In nearly every other city
of the land," said Dr. M. J. Ford.
Othere physicians offered similar ex
pressions. Unusual prevalence of scarlet fever at
this time, not regarded as a setiowa
epedemlc, necessitated the health com
missioner to call upon the council for an
emergency appropriation of $2,000 for rent
and maintenance of a small private hos
pital at Twenty-second and Lake streets.
The so-called City Emergency hospital
at 912 Douglas atreet has a capacity of
about sixty patients and has reached Its
The city Is without anything which
might be termed a public hospital. Many
city cases are even sent to St. JotepH
hospital for treatment.
vr-sn nil ainDTUlACCT mAST.
I Cfvn Ul muniimugi w v.
E. C. Griffin, general agent for th
Northwestern, with the north Psclfla
coast country as his territory and Fort,
land. Ore., as his headquarters, has re
turned home accompanied by his wlfs
and daughters. Mr. Griffin had been
spending his holiday vacation with friendel
and relatives In Omaha.
Mr. Griffin looks for considerable of at
boom throughout tbe entire Faclflo coast
country next year. He asserts that there)
Is evidence of a revival In the lumber to
dustry, and that toward the eaat theraj
will be a good movement of building ma
terial as soon as winter ends. A good
many settlers are coming Into the Pa
clfic coast country, buying up cheap a&
rlcultural lands and developing farms.
Read The Bee Want Ads. It paysl
Helen Pearce.
lxla Robbina.
Margaret Loornls,
Carr Rlngwalt.
Grace Slnbaneh
Msrimret W'lhelm,
Florence Hussell,
Morton Wakeley.
Thompson Wakelev.I avld Noble,
Kdward Pearley, Maurice Broaan,
Arthur Ixtomls, Itollln Sherman,
John Brotherton, Maurice Loomls.
Dance for School Set.
Hadyn Ahmonson entertained Infor
mally at a dance at his home Tuesday
evening, for membera of tha High School
set. Those piesent were:
Misses Misses
Helen Belsel. Sylvia Hoover.
Frances Waterman. Artlce Carter,
Koberta Coulter. Eleanor Gallagher.
Kd. Howern, Messrs.
Harold Ne son. Ferold Iovejoy,
Kdward Zlnfel. George Carter,
lladyn Ahmonson,
Cowgilli Entertained.
The Chartea Kountses give a dinner
preceding the Subscription dance this
evening. In honor of the F. 8. Cowgills,
who will soon leave permanently for
Chicago. The dinner will be given In the
Kountxe home to thirty guests and the
decoratlona wilt be pink roses,
Keminrton Club Affair.
Mrs. John Calvert entertained the
Benson Toung Women's Kensington club
at a Christmas buffet dinner Tuesday
evening. Favors for each guest were
V lssca
Marjorie Howland,
Anne Ulfford,
Mesara. '
Newman Benson,
Philip Mets.
Gertrude Metx,
fciiKerla Patterson.
C. H. Roberts.
Warren Hamilton.
Clnb Tea.
.Mrs. Charles J. Hubbard served 4
o'clock tea to the J. F. W. club this after
noon. Twenty guests were present.
Weds in Eanias City.
The marriage of Mies Muriel Whit
ley, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Charles
Lincoln Whitley of Kansas City, to Mr.
Elmer James Sunderland, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Lester P. Sunderland or Omaha,
waa solemnised Tueaday evening at I
Hotel Loyal
New Year's Eve
n ass iiiu uasciuciii
Girl's Department
Any Cirl'a Coat. ; gee 2 to 6,
and 6 ta 14 yaara, former prices
3.5, $4.93 and O Q C
$5.95. apecial 4aCe70
Doxana of new, pretty, up-to-date
costs, made of chinchilla,
fancy rough clothe, mlxturea,
plaids and many other fine and
desirable materia la. Coata for
dreaa as wall as school wear.
A great 8peelal Lot of Odda
and Enda In Glrle' Coata, agea
2 to' 6, and 6 to 14 yeara, now
grouped Into one big lot, $2.50
to 94.00 values, (1 fl C
Friday, at OlaUO
All good, up-to-date atylsa 'of
varloue klnda of desirable ma-
V""'a. tc.
Our Greatest
January White Sale
Begins Monday Next
and will establish a high record in value,
variety of stocks and in the savings our
customers may share.
.- f .mi iiwmi irn irrni "S
j ts. j x Tiannei. saio price, eacrt
- " i t- ry x- -- ' . ---! . y x f
Blankets and
Double Cotton Blanketa for
alngle beds or cots. Soft fleece.
Gray, white and tan. OQ
Worth to 60c, spe., palr.OcC
Heavy Full 8lze Brown Mot
tled Double Blanketa, for full
aize beds. Regular Q Q
1.25 quality, pair
Large Size White Cotton Filled
Comforta, tied and atltched.
Fast colored silkollne covered.
Regular 91.25 quality, J 1
apecial, each V X
Blanket Remnants, large size
and extra heavy cotton blanket
remnanta, In gray and tan; au It
able for comfort covering and
children's beda, etc Equal to 4
or 5 yards of 15c outing 1A
1 as 1 I i
r 11 S Ml MtfiVU
a- i
.4: --
72-1?'-' ' ""J Ta wv w a
' M 1 Eyest season In many years
-rrA in Washineton. with Conzress in session
and the) social life) of the capital at its
,L1I1 "fllli!!,,.. k.Ukt m. I i .i:....Ur i .
IllJ 'il'lVl ' 111 re,ai" ira biiui mi iuis w w asnmpOD,
'vsi-m 1J'i- S auiu mo viuy one runnuiK aoiia aui-steei.
r" electric-lighted trains without changt
Between uucago and waahlnfiton is the
& Ohio
I. si Irs K. Johannes.
it iianiiivii,
f. .'. Hei.t.-iv,
Jii)in Halt win,
V rtni'is A. lnogsn,
Z. T. Uiidwy.
li4 Jcantte UcDunald.
At tie Erandtit Theater.
ra-rtlea at the lirandvls theater to wit
ness the opening performance of "flobln
Hood" Tueaday eveulug included tha fol-
iosrlr.g: A. U. Nelson. K P. Loiing. J. A.
f afS. A. M. Borglum. Joe B. Redfleld,
Jli-a. 14' He, C. K. brown, Ehlpherd.
Wjullam if. Clara, rrk Billings. U. Kay,
VtA lircdtKaard, Mr. and Mrs. & T.
gTute, A. ii. Warreti, C. K. BwaAaon of
uuiv 11 liluffs. J. U. Oan of Bouth I
Onutha ir j Ir. V. L. Drldges.
V!jiiiiio r:i- Wrdufsday afternoon
given ty ilrs. U. H. Wllaon, H. li.
'i ,)c, lr. ll y.os Utilner. It. K. Wikoi,
Every modern convenience of travel over the "$100,000,000
r ' V tltlVCi WW 4 UJ IStVU,VUU,1
Better" route with its new roadbed, its luxurious trains and
k" aiiev uuuiik-cv Bcrvjce, uDerai stopover pnvueeea, ;
Fotu? sp!enllJ a!Uteei through trains
from Chicago daily J f
TWe lattats Ssaclal I saves Chicago at 10 . ArrtvM A' i J ,
f SI cb.rM ta Nsw York, nlUDdad U etsawvar U aaada aa ' '' '
route. Ha asua fare to Waahuctoa. .nii(t,
Tk.MVl.llu-Al , . . . J.ftflVUtlli -
WualsfiMi 4.41 p.Dk DajrlightrldstiueugbUwaMiuajtalaa.
' w Kpvw MBVM VMCeCO
at att a. aa, Arnvae Wastttuatoa .1S a. aa.
TV Nw Yirii Eiamt-Umt Chlsage at a a. a.
es s v w vt aWUltglWII VdW las)
All train Imvs Orand Central ttatlon, Chlec
ww VMVVt aneuias, a ITasBMeja) LVM.
'himi af the
tia-u w
World building.
Wiataba, Mso.
( m t-
The Year -End Clearing Ends Friday
With Many W onderf ul Bargains in Our
Your Choice of""
Any Woman's, Misses' or Junior's SUIT
Any Woman's, Misses' or Junior's COAT
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ala aa corduroy, fancy plaids, chinchilla, all
lined fine allky plush, rough clothe, etc., many
are fur trimmed, collara and cuffs, etc. Over
300 coata to aelect from, made to aell at 97.50
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Former Prices
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20c, In two Iota, Frl- Ql
day, yard, 5c and... O 2C
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at, per yard OC
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lengtha up to 20 yarda. All our
10c and 12; c qual
ities, ape, Friday, yd.
Clearing Boys' Clothing
Boys' $7.50, $8.50 and $10.00 Suits, $5.00.
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All our "Quality Salts" are In this aale. A very good aelectlon of
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Boys' Overcoats Greatly Reduced
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Miscellaneous Bargains.
75c Flannel Blouaea, AC
Friday, at tOC
$1.25 Lined Corduroy q ff
Panta, Friday, at....pleUU
11.00 Flannel Shirts, swm
Friday, at OC
Two Prices on Big Boys'
$7.60 snd CCC AH
$8.50 Ooats.. 4OeUU
$10.00 and 0 7
$12.50 Ooats. tP.OU
Ages 10 to 18 Yeara. )
$1.50 Wool Sweatera,
all colors, at
In Lengtha Ranging From 11.
to S Yarda.
$1.60 40-Inch Crepe de China.
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$1.25 36-Inch Taffeta.
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75c 27-Inch Messaline.
$1.00 39-Inch Foulard.
79c 27-Inch Taffeta.
79e 36-Inch Poplin.
Clearing Hosiery and Underwear"
Women'e Fine Cotton, Fleecy
Lined Union Suite, worth 60c;
clearing aale price, Qfi
Friday, at OiJC
Women'e Cotton, Fleecy Lined
Union Suits, 50c quality, clear
ing aale price for v r)Q
Friday, at a7C
Chlldren'a Vesta and Panta to
match, worth ta 25c, apecial, clear.
Ing aale Friday, lOl
each lzC
Wemen'a Fine Cotton Seamleaa
Hoalery, 10e quality IVtO
Men's Cotton Gray Mlaad Heavy
locks, ! ie valuea 5o
Men's Cotton Seamleaa Hoalery,
black and tan. Regular price 10c,
aale price Friday, 7Jc
Chlldren'a Cotton Seamlesa
Hoalery, 10c quality.
Wemen'a Cotton Fleecy Lined
Silk and Llale and Cotton Hos
fery, black and split aoiea; some
full fashioned; all double heela,
toea and aoles; 25c quality, ape-
Sift 15c
Women'e Cotton Seamless,
Fleecy Lined Hosiery, some
ribbed tops; 15c qual. f
ity; pair, Friday, at 1UC
Mill Enda of Velveteena and
Corduroya, worth 25c, on aale
Friday, each remnant 5c
Sample Piecee of Satin Foul
ard, Crepe de Chine, Taffetaa,
Poplins, Messallnes etc., etc.,
worth to 39c, apecial, each
J V So "d 10c
Clearing Dress Goods Remnants
$1 to $1.25 Values, at 69o Yd.
Thouaanda of lengtha of 42 to
64-Inch materiala for dresses,
skirts and coata, auch as Broad
cloth, Popllna, Diagonals, Sergee,
Tweede, Homespuns, Strlpee)
Novelties, etc, Cf
y'd OiJC
36 to 60-Inch All Wool,
Dresa Goods Remnants, from
V2 to 5-yard lengths. Plain
and fancy weaves, in black
and colors. Worth O n
to $1, special, yd..
Travelera' and Manufacturers' Samplee and Matched Plecea, a
good many plecea are alike and of oufficlent quantity to make up
dreeaea, aklrta, waists, children's dresses and many other purposes;
In a wide range of colore. Special f)j- QC
rriaay, each piece atJl AND UUl
600 Pair of Wemen'a Felt Shoes
and Sllppera, at leaa than half
price. Worth ta nr
76c. Special pair afisOC
500 Pair Women'e Fine Dreaa
Shoea, patent and dull leather.
Worth to $2.50 a CI Cfi
L pair, Friday, at OleOU
Men's Velvet and Imitation AIIL
gator Sllppera, all alaee. O Q
Worth to 69c, spe pr....'C
Mlaaee and Chlldren'a Shoes,
good eervlceable achool ahoea, in
all altea. Friday,
at, per pair ,
Men'a and Wemen'a All-Linen
Handkerchiefs, slightly Ol
aelled. 12ae qual., ea. Oy2C
Wemen'a and Chlldren'a Muaaed
Handkerchiefs, many Ol
Worth ta 7K,c, at ea... a&V2C
Wemen'a and Chlldren'a Hand-
kerchiefs, allghtly Imperfect;
Friday, clearing
aale, each
Women'e and Chlldren'a FaecL
natora and Auto Hooda, Q
worth to 60c, spe, aa..... XC