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Townsead's for perSias; Ooods.
t.trhttar ruttu Bars-see -Oranaaa.
moot Priat XV Now BtMon Praaa
M. Tnraidn. Automobile. BurclaTT
I Iiuiuranca. J. H. DumonL Kaolin Bldf.
' "Today's Mono fnirw" elaeeinee;
i section today. It appears la Tha Bt
EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what tha ra
tions mo Yin pUaure thaatara otf.r.
Saw ion In Ooldstaia. Family A
Filck Ooldjiteln, waa born to Mr. and
Mn. Aba Ooldateln. SPOS North Twenty-
third street, at tha Wiee Memorial hos
pital, December 12.
TsfTO Bona Over Clarenca Hayes,
charged with euttlna; hla wife, waa ar
raigned In police court and bound over
to the district court, with bonda fixed at
$1,000. Ha yea la colored.
Anrna Pleads Hot CMiilty Lo Angus,
charged with first degree murder aa the
result of the killing of Carl Rudman.
pleaded not guilty when arraigned be
fore District Judge Rngllsh.
Bluffs Xnllsts Robert William
Rooney, J6t Third avenue, Council Bluffs,
enlisted In the United States navy at the
local recruiting station and was sent to
the Great Lakes training station at Chi
cago. If Mother Did Hot Band for Vnysloiaa
. iivii sun wu emK you wuuia ua
amazed. Why, tf son or husband drink
liquor, should you not send them to the
S"ur1ey treatment, 31B7 Farnam, Omaha.
Phone Harney 3742. It Is the cure with
Xowan Strong-.Arm ad August Davis,
"Waterloo, la., met two strangers near the
Union depot and after drinking and play
ing pool with them for several hours, he
was enticed in an alley, strong-armed
end robbed of $14.
The State Bask of Omaha, corner Six
teenth and Harney, Fsyj FOUR per cant
on Urn deposits and THREE per cent
on savings accounts. All deposits In this
bank ar protected by tha depositors' ,
guarantee fund of tha state of Nebraska.
Xilght Xouse Cleanser, large can, 4c;
oranges, 60c size, 33c; box, $2.47; 32 os.
Pure Fruit rreserves, SOc; potatoes, 26c,
In 2 sack lots; cabbage, per 100 lbs., 6flc.
Fresh dressed poultry of all kinds. Phone
ordnrs In early. The Basket Stores. Open
till 11 a. m. Saturday.
Threatens A. ant with Xesor James
P. Leary. 1810 Charles street, while under
the influence of liquor Wednesday eve
ning, chased his aunt from the home,
threatening her with a rasor. His wife
went to the home of a neighbor and
phoned headquarters. Leary was sen-
lencea 10 inirxy aays in me couniy jaii.
Workman Circle Celebration Omaha
branch, No. 173, Workmen's circle, will
have its eighth annual celebration Fri
day. A concert Is arranged In which
some of the best local talent will appear,
followed by a basket party. The pro
ceeds of the evening's entertainment will
be sent to the Jewish war sufferers In
From Point Hundred Miles Weit of
Omaha to the Foothills of
the Mountains.
Cupid is to Be More Potent Than
Mars and They Will Wed Sunday
Snow was general ortr practically
all west bait of the state Wednesday
night, the fall ranging from two to
six inches, according to morning sta
tion reports to the railroads. The
weather cleared early this morning
and today it is bright, calm and
growing warmer.
Along the Northwestern the snow
did not extend far east of O'Neill.
Prom there, all the way through to
Lander, Wyo., it was general, nu
merous points reporting four to six
Inches. At Deadwood there was
twelve inches of snow Wednesday
and last night, with other points in
the Black Hills reporting eight to
ten Inches.
The Burlington agents reported two to
six inches of snow during Wednesday aft
ernoon and night all tha way from Broke a
Bow. Neb., to Sheridan, Wyo. Along the ,
southern line there waa about the same
snowfall from Holdrege, Neb., through to
Denver, with a much heavier fall In the
foothills and In the mountains.
Snow West of lolnmbne.
There was no snow along the Union
Pacific east of Columbus, but from there
west to Cheyenne It ranged In depth from Hve.
ona to six Inches. There was also a fairly , "What
Miss Bessie Harris, pretty Kngllsh
girl, born In London twenty years ago,
will ba married to Frank Blau. 11. a
OermanAmerlcan, Sunday, aa tha re
sult of a romance which proved Cupid
more powerful than Mara, tha war god.
Blau already has secured a marriage
license at the court house, making cer
tain that no further delay will occur
In the celebration of tha nuptials. Once
tha marriage waa postponed because tha
young man and girl thought they loved
their countries better than each other
and a second time It waa delayed be
oause of an Injury to the brldogroom's
Toung Blau had been "going" with
pretty Bessie Harris for six montha when
the European war broke out. Although
Blau waa born in the United States, his
parents were natives of Germany and
he called himself a "Qerman-Amerlcan."
They disagreed and ceased to "keep com
pany." Nina months ago tha present bride and
bridegroom began to appear together in
publto places and young Blau frequently
visited tha homo of Joseph Harris, her
father, of the South Side. They found
they no longer cared whether Germany
or England wan victorious, so long as
they could ba together.
"We ara American," at last they said.
"There is no reason why we should
quarrel with each other about England
and Germany."
Now they never talk about war. Blau
calls himself an American and so does
his pretty bride.
After the marriage the bride and bride
groom will go to the home of Joseph
Blau, 1612 Burt street, where they will
V' -i WV
r w v '
Bought by Or. Gifford Nine Tears
Ago for $100,000, it Now Sold
for $240,000.
In huslneM conditions warranted an si
vsnre io opranvr. TTie advance will
averase A per cent for all emplnves re
ceiving tie a week ar under. The humtr
of operatives affected by the Inrrraac is
sain io i iimixi.
Compulsory s mpnrted military training
for bors In the public high and manual
training schools of Chicago waa pro
vldwl for In a resolution Introduced at a
meeting of the school board. It was re
ferred to a committee. The school board
voted to Increase the salary of all teaan
ers $1 a year.
The property known as the Dav
Idge block, located st the northwest
corner of eighteenth and Farnam
streets, has been sold for $240,000.
The purchaser is a small syndicate
represented by George ft Co., the
property being deeded to Jesse E.
Fogers to be held for the syndicate.
The lot has a sixty-six foot south front
age on Farna.ii street and 1st foot east
frontage on Klghteenth street. ,l on
the lot there Is a three-stoo and
basement substantial brick building, with
six retail stores on the first floor and
offices on the second and third floors.
This property waa purchased by lr.
Gifford on May 10, inn, from Mr. O.
Gifford Davtdgc. and others, the price
paid being ftflo.000. For tha present, no
change In occupancy or Improvement I"
contemplated other than such ordinary
changes or repairs to tha present build
ing as are Justified to make It earn the
best return on tha Investment.
Culled from the Wire.
Big Winter Wheat
Crop is Under Way',
Says E, Stenger
Ernest Btenger. general manager of
tha St. Joe & Grand Island road. Is In
the city from St. Joseph In conterenca
with l.'nlon Pacific officials. Mr. Stony
ger asserts that all through southern
Nebraska and Kansas conditions at this
time of the year were never better than
now for a big crop of winter wheat. Said
Mr. Stenger:
"The winter wheat acreage la about
up to that of last year and on account
of the great quantity of precipitation In
the early fall after sowing was com
pleted, the grain got a good start, going
Into the winter in the best possible con
dition. While there has been little snow
to form a blanket over the wheat, there
has been enough to keep the ground
moist and prevent the dirt from blowing
lng away from the roots of the plant.
"Southern Nebraska and Kansas
farmers, on account of big crops and get
ting high prices for everything they tney
have had to sell, are in good shape finan
"All through our territory farm lands
are constantly advancing In price, and
while there are not many farms sold, or
for sale, those that change hands do so
at a good advance from a year ago. The
land la so good and so productive that
farmers are not anxious to sell."
heavy fall of snow over the branches,
both north and south of the main Una.
There was little) wind and consequently
no drifting of the snow. During the early
hours of the storm temperatures wera
above freezing, and a good deal of tha
enow melted about as rapidly as It fell.
According to the railroads the weather
was a little colder than Wednesday.
Sheridan, Wyo., reported tha coldest.
There at 7 o'clock It was 6 degrees below
In tha northern part of Nebraska dur
ing the early morning the temperatures
tanged from to 20; In the eastern part,
10 to U; In the western, f to 22, and in tha
southern, 10 to 24 degrees, all above sero.
Railroad men assert that through Ne
braska, Wyoming and Colorado live stock
Is well provided with feed and shelter,
and that consequently there will be no
do you
think of an Kngllsh
the elder Mr. Blau,
was asked.
"I will be glad to welcome her." the
old man said heartily. "I have lived In
tha United States twenty -nine years and
1 1 am an American. We are all Amer
Mrs. Blau. mother of the bridegroom.
will leave St Joseph's hospital, where
She has been confined for several weeks
as a result of a broken arm and other
Injuries, long enough to attend the wed
ding, after whlcu sha will return to tha
English and German relatives of the
bride and bridegroom will assemble at
T3 North Seventeenth street, the horns
Of Mrs. Louis Belaer. sister of the groom,
next Sunday, In order to witness tha
marriage ceremony.
Want Early Closing
Law Enforced on
New Year's Eve
Enforcement of tha 8 o'clock closing law
on New Tear's eve was urged upon Com
missioner A. C. Kugel in resolutions
adopted by tha Frances Willard Women's
Christian Temperance union Wednesday
at the home of Mrs. George W, Covell.
This Is tha second woman's organization
to make this appeal, tha clvto committee
of the Woman's club, headed by Mrs. T.
J. Blrss, having taken tha initiative.
City and County
Officials Are to ;
Meet at the Traps
Tha city commissioners accepted a chal
lenge from the county commissioners to
engage In a trap shooting contest at an
early date. The opposing teams will
not be confined to the commissioners. Tha
challenge of the county commissioners
was expressed In such language that tha
city dads could not refuse with grace.
An enormous Increase In tha amount
bf macaroni and kindred products eaten
In this country Is noted In recent years.
This Is said to be largely due to the clean
factories in which It Is made, one of the
largest of which is located In Omaha.
Durum wheat from which It is made
grows to its greatest perfection here In
tha middle west, even better than In Its
native Russia from which country the
seed was Imported.
Only the outer shell Is removed from the
wheat. The rest Is ground Into a coarse
flour, mixed with water and kneaded
In big machines Into a dough which is
then pressed by hydraulic presses Into
tha various shapes and Is finally put
through a curing process In humidors.
The American-made product Is made In
Strictly sanitary manner, in maraea
contrast from the hand-made foreign
product, ita richness in nutrition has
caused It to take tha place largely of
meats since they have risen in price and
its adaptability to acoree of different
iishea explains the vast increase in ita
uaa. Prepared with cheese, with tomato
sauce, oysters, cheap cuts of meats,
mushrooms, fish, eggs, cream It affords
a dish that for wholesomeness, savor
iness, nutrition and economy can hardly
ba equaled.
New Tear's day Mats Its holiday
shadow before by tha closing o( the navy
recruiting station la tha Federal build
ing every afternoon this week and all
day Saturday.
Tha pos toff Ice will observe regular holi
day hours on tha first day of tha new
year. There will ba ona delivery of man
la tba residence districts and two to
the business section.
Peterson Gets the .
Contract for the
Masonic Temple
Tha general contract for building the
Masonlo temple at Nineteenth and Doug
las streets has bean let to Walter Peter
son. Work Is to ba begun as soon as
possible and the structure is to ba com
pleted In twelve months.
Arouses Ire of Commissioners by
Offerino Free Carfare . to
Council Bluffs Patrons.
Oregon will ba allowed ten delegates
to the republican net 'ona I convention at
t'hloago ' next June, four from the atate
at large and two from each congressional
, district.
A healthy Increase In burines and
'earnings for 1K1S was reported lv tint
I Northern States Power company, In com
linon with se'eral other utility concern
managed from t'hloago. The i-ompnnv
! serves the principal cities of Minnesota
land North and South Dakota.
Notices of ware Increases affect lng
many thousand employes were posted In
cotton mills in vsrlous cities of northern
New Kngland. The action followed a con
ference of mill treasurers held In Boston
at which It was agreed that Improvement
Christmas Stock All Good and More
Arrive to Grace New Year's
Dinner Table.
Is mighty desirable when your furnace is fighting
a blizzard.
Then is the time when you want every unit of
heat in every pound of fuel you shovel.
Try Petroleum Soke
08; Carbon
Not a half of one
per cent ash.
Holds fire like hard coal. Responds to the draft like
In our own homes we find PETROLEUM COKE
exceedingly attractive.
Sunderland Brothers Go.
Phone Douglas 252.
Main Office Keeline Building, 17th and Harney Sts.
One of Our Yards Is Near Your Home.
Fined for Annoying
His Divorced Wife
Fred Stillmach, Twenty-fourth and N
streets, waa fined 125 and costs in police
court for annoying bis divorced wife,
who lives at Twenty-fourth and Ban
croft streets. Btlllmach was found hid
ing beneath tha porch of his former wife's
residence, and fearing ha meant to do
her barm, the police ware summoned.
Douglas Gristly Bear will celebrate tha
white man's New Year with his tribe
at Winnebago reservation, Mr. Gristly
Bear has been a guest of tha govern
ment here at Omaha for tha last forty
days, having apartments la tha Hotel ?
McBhane on tha top floor of the court
house while awaiting an opportunity of
explaining to a United Btatea judge and
Jury whether ha Introduced liquor on the
reservation, and If so, why. He left for
home under 1.000 bond.
Steiaeac Trwabtra.
Parsons who bar stomach trsabla ar
tpt a become discoaragsC Tbsy wfQ sea
by tha faOowtng that their chaacsa of re
'eovtry ara exceflant- A. K. Williams, In
tepentVsK'e. Ve. tails e a remarkabia
core that was afJsste4 la that vicinity.
Ona of bis eusauuisiis was so badly af
Clctad wits stomach trouble that ba was
ant to a noapttai. but revaWed little
.benefit and cams hour to die. Mr. Wll
tam suggested that ha try Chamber
ludn'. Tablet which ha did. and today
, h is a well man anl weighs 7i poui;da
I Obtainable everywhere. Advertleamsnt.
Frederick I Hoffman has compiled
homicide statistics of thirty American
cities for tha decade ending 1914. and ha
found tha figures of Omaha ao low that
ba ild not include this city in tha llsL
This means that Omaha's homicide rata
Is unusually low.
Among tha cities having proportionately
mora homicides each year than Omaha
are: Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Bt. Louis,
LoulsvUla. Seattle, Bpokaoa. Washington,
Pay ton. Buffalo. Brooklyn. Baltimore,
Boston, Pittsburgh. Philadelphia.
"Welcome news to the people of
Council Bluffs."
"Free telephone and automobile
service and free street car tickets."
"Iowa Is dry, but you should worry.
There's an abundant supply lust
across the river."
"Visit your favorite old liquor es
tablishment in its new home."
"Now, remember, you were not as
bad off as you thought you were."
The foregoing and similar statements
printed on large circulars, distributed by
a Douglas straat liquor dealer in Council
Bluffs, aroused tha ire of the Omaha
city council when Commissioner Kugel
presented a oopy of tba advertisement at
a meeting.
To Reconsider Llceaae.
The eouneil resolved to reconsider issu
ing tha license for 1916, and there is a pos
sibility that tha license may not be
granted at all. .
Tha offending dealer recently opened a
place at Eleventh and Douglas streets,
and last week was brought before tha
commissioners because of objectionable
signs at his liquor emporium. Ha agreed
to remove the signs, and now ha has
sought to attract business In Council
Bluffs by advertising the fact that when
tha town across the river goes dry next
week he will supply a-plenty, furnish
street car tickets or deliver by automo
bile without extra cost.
Tha Omaha commissioners object to this
city being advertised in Council Bluffs
In tha manner Indicated.
Whether the license will actually ba
turned down will be determined Friday
Orders Food Enough
to Last Him Until
He Gets Out of Jail
He was undoubtedly seedy In dress,
but the brisk manner in which he walked
into the Calumet restaurant and com
mandeered a table in tha cafe, rather
than a stool at the counter, made tha
waiters believe In him.
"I'll have a cocktail, a bowl of soup,
a docen Blue Points on tha half shell, an
extra tenderloin steak smothered in
mushrooms, French fried potatoes, lea
cream, coffee and tha beat cigar you've
got in the case." ha rapidly recited as ha
smiled confidently In tha face of tha
With the same neatness and dispatch
that marked hla conversation ha mada
away with the host of viands set before
"Now bring me a creme d'menthe and
I'll just stick another cigar In my pocket
for after awhile."
"Yesstr! Tesslr!" bustled the waiter,
Ingratiatingly, after ha had performed
the service. "Is there anything else you
wish, slrf
"Yes, call a polloemaa and have ma ar
rested. I'm broke flat. I've got fewer
Jitneys than a submarine has deck
At the station tha man gave his name
as Pstar Borenson.
"I was hungry and out of work. I had
to eat and I didn't want to commit a se
rious crime, so I Just went In there and
filled up for tha first time In six months,"
he said, "i suppose I shouldn't have
eaten ao much, but I Just thought I'd aa
lief ba hung for a sheep as a goat."
Ha said ha is a union boiler maker.
A fresh supply of turkeys Is again on
the market for New Year's dinners. Tha 1
grocers sold out their supply pretty well
for Christmas and ware compelled to
stock up again for the New Year's trade,
as near aa many people prepare big spe
cial New Tear's dinners aa Christmas.
High class turkeys ara still 25 cents a
Ducks are plentiful at 17'4 cents a
pound. Geese are scarce, but may also
ba had at 17V4 cents a pound. Chickens
ara 16H cents, and oysters are selling at
35 cents a quart.
Flour is up 40 cents a barrel In tha
wholesale market. "It is likely to go
higher, too," said Al King, manager of
Hayden Brothers' grocery department
"It has been going up for aoms time and
la now 40 cents a barrel higher than It
waa. or 10 cents a seek higher In . the
Wholesale market."
Sugar W practically ateady. Seventeen
pounds may still be had for a dollar.
Potatoes are 80 oants a bushel. The
finest of Wisconsin hard cabbage Is still
selling at the exceptionally low price of ,
1 cent a pound, or 76 cents for 100 pounds.
Freeh eggs are 82 cants a dosen, which
Is S cents lower than a few weeks ago.
Storage eggs are 95 cents a dosen. But
ter is SI cents, either in bulk or In car
tons. Cheese is firm with tha Wisconsin
cream. Young America and New York
white selling at 20 cents a pound.
Naval oranges Jumped up 26 cants a
Nuts are the same price as they wera
for tha Christmas trade, 17'4 cents a
pound for the mixed nuts.
Michigan celery is scarce, but California
celery Is plentiful. Wax and string beans
ara scarce In tha real good variety.
Forty messenger boys employed by the
Western Union Telegraph company were
given a feast at Ganson's cafe last night
by the compsny under the Immediate di
rection of N. C. Nelsen, supervisor of
the messenger department. After the
dinner, all were taken to tha Empress
theater as guests of tha company.
C, B. Horton, district superintendent,
and J. TL Hyland, local manager, were
members of the party.
The company will make the entertain
ment of its messenger boys an annual
event of Christmas week hereafter.
Health CuDKmiaaioaer ConroU reports
tmpce-remsmt tn the euariat few situa
tion. He has awnt to Superintendent
Oraff of the potoue schools a statsmant
Of names and eddraawea of echoed chil
dren whs are stricken. Publlo school
nurses will watuh thaae oaaaa.
Naxt wall all school children will ba
examined. The school officials will co
operate In every way with tha health
Soothe Ttii Caagk aatf Cold.'
Bell'a Ptne-Tar-Honey goes right to
the spot. Checks the cough, eases throat,
kills the cold germs, only 26a All drug
gists. Advertisement.
Two highwaymen went Into tha Louis
Blngler drug store at 213 North Twenty
fifth street for the third time In as many
months and took $25 from the pockets of
the proprietor.
The store has been "stuck up" half a
dosen times within a year and is a fa
vorite also with burglars.
The descriptions furnished the police fit
those of two men who operated recently
in Council Bluffs.
IX5NDON. TVc. 30.-A British official
statement Issued tonight says:
'It Is ascertained that fifty-five bags
of rubber, all consigned to a well known
enemy forwarding agent In Sweden, were
removed from tha parcel mall on board
tha steamer Oscar II. Tha estimated
weight of tha rubber seised Is about 4,000
"Btrg Suit Afe"
Men's and Young Men's
Winter Overcoats
Our unusual assortment and extraordinary
values makes this store the one place in town
to buy your winter coat.
The high character of the garments on sale,
the excellence of materials, the correctness of
style and the savinpr you make will he worth
your while to come here tomorrow.
Great Coats, Ulsters, Chesterfields, Balma
rues, Forra-Ftting, Balmaccans, box back, sin
gle or double breasted models; shawl, velvet or
convertible collars.
$10.00, $13.50, $15.00,
$17.00, $20.00, $25.00
Suits for men and young men, specially priced
-t 813.50. 515.00. 818.00. 820, 825.
Boys' Overcoat Sale
Special for Friday Boys' Overcoats, in
chinchilla and handsome Scotch and English
tweeds, with shawl and military collars.
Overcoats that sold to $ 3.50, now $1.95
Overcoats that sold to $ 4.00, now $2.95
Overcoats that sold to $ 6.50, now $3.95
Overcoats that sold to $ 7.50, now $4.95
Overcoats that sold to $ 8.50, now $5.95
Overcoats that sold to $10.00, now $6.95
Overcoats that sold to $15.00, now $7.95
Hoys' Salts In Norfolk styles, In sizes from 6 to 18 years,
82.50 up to 810.00.
Two pairs of full lined pants with every suit.
Late Street 3ar Service Jen Year's Eug
For the accommodation of New Year's Eve parties, later-than-ri'vular street car service will be) fctfw
nlshed on all lines on the- night of December 81, JB1B. The special late cars will leave downtown points
as follows:
FA It 18, Dec. JO A Havas dispatch from
Athens quotes a Bulgarian newapepor as
announcing the arrival at Bona of Brttlnh
rrlwnere. who. it la said, w.r
marches through tha streets amid hostile
demonstrations by tba people.
Sixteenth and Farnam SOl'THi 1:38 a. in.
SUteenth and Farnam HOt'THs 2;00 a. m.
Sixteenth and Farnain NORTH i :00 a. m.
Sixteenth and Farnam XOltTH : 2:10 a. m.
Sixteenth and Harney WEST: 2:12 a. nt.
Sixteenth and Harney EAST: 8:17 a. m.
Sixteenth and Dodge U'EKT: 1:40 a. ni.
Sixteenth mid Dodge EAST: 2:20 a. in.
Sixteenth and Farnam WEST: 1:12 a. m.
Sixteenth and Farnam WEiTt 2:00 a. m.
Sixteenth and Farnam EAST: 2:14 a. m.
Sixteenth and Farnam EAST: 2:41 a. m.
' Twenty-fourth and Farnam SOUTH: 2:00 a. in.
Twenty-fourth and Farnam NORTH: 2:01 a. m.
Thirteenth and Farnam NORTH j 2:00 a. ra.
Thirteenth and Farnam 601T11 : 1:2 a. m.
Fifteenth and Farnam SOITH: 1:10 a. m.
Fifteenth and Farnam NORTH: 2:00 a m.
Fourteenth and Farnam SOl'TI I: 2:00 a. m.
Fourteenth and Farnam NORTH : 2:20 a m.
FeaTtewnth and Howard CAST: :0O a, m.
rear! ssd Brwdway WKSTi 2:13 a. at.
Goes to Twenty-ninth and Dupont.
Goes to Thirty-encond and Valley,
f.oes to Florence.
Ooes to Twenty-fourth and Kansas Avenue,
fines to Thirty-third and Parker,
(iocs to Sixth and Center.
(toes to Thirtieth and Spouldinff.
Ooea to Tenth and llerte.
Goes to Forty-sixth and Cuming.
Goes to Happy Hollow.
Goes to Tenth and lianoroft.
Goes to Tenth and Fierce.
Goes to Forty-fourth and L.
Goes to Twenty-fourth and Lake.
Goes to Tienaon.
Uoee to Twenty-fourth and N.
Goes to Rlmwond Park.
Goes to Forty-fifth and Boulevard.
Goes to Forty-tbird and Q.
Goes to Forty-eerond and Grand.
Ones to Council liluffs.
Cornea to Omaha.
Tn addition to the aWen, the rapUr Owl Caa Sorrioa will be maintained. g couhcil m::z street railway ccr.:?;.n?