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Governor W. S. Hinunand of Horth
Star State Expires Suddenly at
Clinton, Louisiana.
CLINTON. La., Dec. 10. Oover
ror Wlnfleld ficott Hammond of Min
nesota died suddenly In a hotel here
earl today from a stroke of apoplexy,
which physlclani atated apparently
had been superinduced by a recent at
tack of ptomaine poisoning. He died
before physicians could arrive.
Oorernor Hammond, accompanied
by his private secretary, J. A. Nowell,
arrlTed here three daya ago to inspect
his extensive land and lumber Inter
ests In East Feliciana parish. He bad
not been well for several days, but
was able to go about the town and
pariah, and did not consider his con
dition sufficiently serious to consult
a physician.
DMIt Castes Saddealy.
Shortly after freakfaet, about :
o'clock this morning. Governor Hammond
want Into the with room of his hotel,
and a moment later Mr. Nowell and oth
ers heard him groaning. Rushing in they
found Mr. Hammond on the floor. He
was carried to his room end physicians
summoned, but he expired within a few
Accompanied by Mr. Nowell and an
escort from the Masonle lodge of Clinton,
the body will be started northward to
St. Paul late today. The Masons will
go as far as Vlcksburg, Miss. Governor
Hall of Louisiana sent word from Baton
Rouge that be and several members of
his staff will accompany the body to
' Sareeeaor la Bepehllcaa.
ST. PAUIa Minn., tJec. . Governor
W.-g. Hammond, who died suddenly st
Clinton, La, departed from St Paul ttr
the south Just a week ago today to In
spect soma farm lands which he owns
la the vicinity of Clinton. j
At his offices at the state house It
was said he had been expected to re
turn tomorrow and that no Intimation
that the governor was III had been re
ceived here or at St. James, Mmn.. where
Milton Hammond, the governor's brother,
Lieutenant Oovernor J. A. A. Burn
qulat, who becomes governor, of Minne
sota aa a result of the death of Oovernor
Hammond, at Clinton, La was In bed
with a bad cold today when he received
the news of the governor's death.
Mr. Burnqulst Is a republican, having
been re-elected lieutenant governor
after serving In that position during the
administration of former Oovernor A. O.
Eberhard. '
Several Terns la Ceavgreaa.
Wlnfleld Scott Hammond, eighteenth
governor of Minnesota, was Inaugurated
Just about a year ago, following his
election on the demderatto ticket Pre
viously, he had served several terms In
thai national house of representatives,
being seat .to Washington - from the
Second Minnesota district' He was un
married and was born November 17, 1M3.
at Southboro. Worcester county, Mass.
He was educated at Dartmouth collage,
whore he graduated with the class of
1W4. He came to Minnesota as a young
man, was admitted to the bar and began
the practice of law at St. James. He
served as county attorney of Watonwan
county nearly sis years and as a member
of the state board of normal school
directors, tor eight years. He was elected
to the sixtieth, sixty-tint and sixty
second congresses and re-elected to the
sixty-third congress. ,
Italian Troops
Occupy Durazzo
GENEVA, Dec. .-Vle Paris )-It Is
reported hers on good authority that
Italian troops have occupied the Albanian
seaport of Durasso.
Thla report apparently Is corroborated
by the fact that the Qerman consul at
Tmrasao, the members of his staff and
fifty other Oermana passed through bel
linsona, Swttserland yssterdsy on their
way to Berlin. ,
Durasso and Avlona are In the principal
Albanian ports. Avlona was occupied by
Uie Italians several months ago, before
Italy entered the war. Duratso Is on
peninsula In the Adriatic Sua, forty miles
south of the Montenegrin border. There
have been previous reports of Italian
activities there, principally In connection
with the landing of supplies for the Berb-
laa army.
Higher Wages for
300,000 Persons
NEW. YORK. Pec M.-Wage of r,flr0
employes In various trades In this city
will be Increased beginning January 1, It
was estimated today. The Increases are
expected to aggregate millions of dollars.
Thousands of workers on street subway
aad elevated rallroada are Included among
those who will profit by the advances.
The united hoard ot bus neas agenta
for the building trade unions announce
that the wagea of mora than 1.100 machin
ists, tile layers and lathers already have
been Increased by from 30 rents to 11.
a day. Increases beginning January 1 are
demanded by many other unions and
range from zs cents to M rents a day.
Increases In pay have been granted to
U.OO girls In the millinery trade, t,w
waiters and l.0 mechanics (a the New
York navy yard.
Michigan Blue Sky
Act Held Invalid
DETROIT. Mich.. Dec. .-The pre
llmtnary Injunction granted by Judge
Arthur i. Tuttle of the local I'nlted
fetatea eoert, restraining the Michigan
securities commission from enforcing the
provisions of the so-called Mlchlgaa blus
ky act of VW was afirmed today In
a Joint opinion handed dowa by United
fe tales Judges A. C. I unison. C. W. Ses
sions and Tuttle.
A blue sky act passed previously to the
leeUlatlon in Michigan, was held un
loueUtutiocal. lirusing tbe lilt act.
the Joint op'aon stales:
"loiiit luinur deUl.s have been cor
rw ut. tut tha new law. like the old. tm-jrt-s
tij'vn ini-riate comir.erca a bur
teo u. u 1 dim t nsuX hli'u is beyond
t I Hs of Kill'.'y powers."
, Ready for
I i- i
Americans Detained la Vienna by
Refusal of Teuton Consult
to Act.
WA8HINQTON. Dec. 80. Ameri
cana In Vienna not possessing cer
tificates of birth or naturalisation
are being detained through the re
fusal of German consuls to vise their
passports for travel in the German
empire. Ambassador Penfleld re
ported the situation to the State de
partment today by cable.
The text of the dispatch, dated Vienna,
December IS. and forwarded through
Minister Stovall at Berne,- follows wa
"Oerman consulate at Vienna- refuses
to vise American passports for, travel in
Oerman empire unless bearers present
certificates of birth or naturalisation.
Americans here not possessing these doc
uments correctly sre being detained.
Asks for Modification.
Have presented matter to Oerman
embassy with request for modification of
present regulation to enable American
cltlsens to return' to their homes and
have Informed embassy at Berlin re
questing their good offices In presenting
matter to Uerman authorities.
"Above regulations praotlcally exclude
from Oermany bona fide born and natu
ralised cltlsens. bearers of passports, but
not having the required additional docu
ments, and Mil tend to work hardship
snd delay, making it practically impossi
ble for such persons to embark from Hol
land." i
Disabled Greek Ship
is in No Danger
NEW YORK, Iec. .-Another radio
message was received today from the
Oreek steamer Thessetonlkl, which la
making for this port with its boiler room
partly flooded.
"On account of small damage," 'read
the mesasge. "wo come with lessened
speed. Knglneers saaiire no Cause for
alarm. Account of strong winds speed
four miles an hour. When weather Im
proves speed will be six or seven miles."
Officials of the Dreek line said that at
the rate of speed it is now making the
Theaaalonlkt should reach New York Sat
urday morning.
Steamship Nyack is
Burned at Muskegon
. MUSKEGON. rilch., Dee. .-Th
ateamer Nyack, owned by the Croahy
Tranaportatlon company, and one of tha
oldeat veatela In tha passenger business
on the great lakes, burned at Us dock
here today and sank to the bottom.
The Nyack. built in Huffalo In 187S, was
valued at and Is ssld to have been
fully Insured.
The burned vessel was til feet long. 33
feet beam and had a gross tonnsge of
1l tons.
Fairbanks Boom is
Formally Launched
INDIANAPOLIS. InL. Dec. .-'Talr-banks
for President" eigne were posted
In sll the hotels and throughout the busl
nesa district today. It was understood
the name of former Vice PreeMcnt
Charles W. Fairbanks would be placed
formally before the nation aa a candidate
for the republican nomination for presi
dent at the party 'love feast" here this
(aaae lleadarke aad Grip.
Laxative Brome Quinine remov the
cause. Remember to call for full name.
Look for signature ot p. W. Grove, Sta.
Advertisement. Newly Aalate Feetaaaatero.
WASHINOTOV. Dec. .-Rpeclal T.Ie-
rram.t i oatniutrre sppolnted: Iowa
rtoosway, onj ouniy, lietrua R. Hoaa
vu fcioiia, t-tuff.r. realKoed, WaU-
if.srora. Mirari cuuiity, l-ioyd K. Crun,
vu Juhn O. K, rr.lgn.d, Uorrlaon.
irunor wiuuir, ire. irin Book, vice
mwj iiiiao. nouin nasoia AlUm, li
ri, ii eouniy. jt-u jtuaa. V io
alklna, rvsigce- ,
the Trip
Proprietor and Tenants of Factory
Building in Which Twelve Died
Accused of Manslaughter.
NEW YORK, Dee. 30. Edward L.
Diamond, his wife, Celia Diamond;
Samuel Parkin and Samuel Simon, to
day were indicted on charges of first
and second degree manslaughter,
growing out of the deaths of twelve
persona In a fire which destroyed the
five-story Diamond Candy factory on
November 6.
Mrs. Diamond, as owner, and her hus
band, aa agent- of the .building, ,. were
charged with failure to provide adequate
fire protection, They pleaded not guilty
and were held In 110,000 ball each.
Parkin and Simon, proprietors of the
Essex Shirt company, which occupied the
third and fourth floors, were charged
with having maintained a locked trap
door on the stairway, In thla way caus
ing majority of the deaths. They also
pleaded not guilty and were held in 18,000
ball each. 4
Revolt Pending
, in Western China
SHANGHAI, China. Deo, 30. A tele-
gram from Cneng-TU. eapitai or ins
province of Bse-Chuen, says there are In
dications that a rising In western China
la being planned, secret preparations be
ing made for the revolt. The opinion Is j
expressed In the dispatch, however, that j
the chances for the success of the move
ment are small.
FORT DODGE, la., Dec St. (Special.)
Mre. Margaret Garmoe. a pioneer settler
of this city, left nearly one-half of her
estate to three organisations of the Msth-
edlst Bplsoopal church. Bequests In the
will filed Wednesday for probate total
t.-.amn Th. ....I.- rr. the exl.le Is
bequeathed to relatives.
In addition to bequests In this will Mrs. I
Garmoe carried out the request of her
husband In donating tto.OuD toward the
building of the new Methodist Episcopal
church here about two years ago.
Mrs. Garmoe was 87 years old when she
died Chrlatmae day. No children were
living and her helra are brothers and sis
ters snd their children.
ATLANTIC, Is.. Dec. . -(Special.)
The atate food and dairy commlaaloner
has Juat submitted a report on the milk
furnished In this city, his report being
being based on a test of samples col
lected from the various dallies, and It is
a matter of gratification to the people
here to know that hla lKter In regard to
the pivpoMltlon atat that the milk In
Atlsntlc tests better thaa any milk In
the state which the department has
teated. Mr. Barney ssvs In his letter that
the milk Is esceptionslly rich and con
tains no evidence of bacteria whatsoever.
IDA OROVE. la.. Dec. 30. (Special.)-
The body of lOarl Be.ore. aged 4S, who
died last aeek In California, were brought
here for burial yesterday, a large Masonic
funeral belnc held. Mr. Besore e wlte is i
the daughter of J. C. Forney, one of the 1
county's wealth'.eat anen, and the family ;
had lived here for thirty years, removing
west two years ago.
BERLIN, Deo. SO. (By Wireless to 8ay-vUle-r-oor
sanitation In Siberian prison
oampe has caused numerous deaths. In
Novo-Nlkolalev I.OuO prtsnsutrs dying from
typhus, according to an Item given out
today by tha Overseas News Agency.
The agency baaee the Item on the state
ment of aa Austrian officer who returned
from Russian Imprisonment after being
adjudged unfit fur further military service.
Delegates Discuii Crystalllxation of
Sentiment Into Concrete Form
of Alliance,
WASHINGTON. Dec. 30. Pleas
for a great Pan-Americanism were
numerous today In the program of the
, Pan-American Scientlflo congress In
spite of the great volume of papers
read on technical subjects. Scores of
questions of an International char
acter were discussed and members ot
the congress informally talked ot the
crystallisation of tha Pan-American
Idea into a concrete form that might
become known as the Pan-American
A Pan-American conference that has
for its one object the eo-ordinatton of
"a principle of general education for the
whole continent, with the fundamental
Idea of giving special Importance to the
reriproclal knowledge of the American
nations," wss suggested by Mrs. Brnes
tlna A. Lopes De Nelson of Argentina.
Addressing the congress on education she
said that more Americanism and less
nationalism should be taught the children
of both North and South America. "The
education now given to the children of
America." she declared, "does not pre
pare them for the Pan-American feeling
of brotherhood which la so desirable, but
fills them with false conceptions and pre
disposes them to look on the American
neighbors with suspicion. Certain pre
judices exist between the American na
tions which makes them see each other
In a false light. One reason la that we
always compare our neighbors with the
trsditional European models Instead of
giving to each nation Its own Individual
Knowledge of governmental administra
tion Is Important for women, asserted
Mrs. Hophonlsba Breokenridge of the
University of Chicago, because they must
I rely on thla aa a condition for efficient
household management. Women and
girls have availed themselves of the edu
cational opportunities hitherto offered
them, she said, adding there was no rea
son to believe they would not respond
to opportunities more closely related to
current demands.
Suit is Brought to
Foreclose Atlantic
Northern Mortgage
ATLANTIC, la.. Dec 80. (Special.) I
W. Nlles, E. C. Gage and William Over
man, trustees of the I1O0.009 Issue of first
mortgage bonds against the Atlantic
Northern, have brought suit In the dis
trict court here against the road asking
for the foreclosure of $8.00 worth of
bonds held by H. S. Battenborg. on which
the Interest, which waa due September
1 last, has not been paid. It Is stated
that when the road, as a result ot rais
ing tro.OOO recently by voluntary tea, paid
the Interest on the first mortgage bonds,
which waa partly the occasion for raising
tha money, that Mr. Rattenborg's Interest
was not paid, so he directed the trustees
to bring the foreclosure proceedings. The
Atlantic Northern Is that part of the At
lantic Northern A Southern which runs
from Atlantic to Klmballton and com
prises the original seventeen miles of road
which was built. When the Atlantic
Northern & Southern was sold at re
ceiver's sale the north end of the road
was sold sepsrately, and haa since been
operated as a separate corporation.
Ida County Goes
Dry Tuesday Night
IDA GROVE, la., Dec. SO. Ida county
at o'clock Tuesday night became dry
three dsys ahead or the rest of the state
of Iowa, by reason of the expiration of
the consent petition under the mulct law.
Just one year ago a petition was circu
lated, but the satoonlsts failed to have
the necessary U per cen of names when
the work of withdrawals was completed,
Kach town In Ida county, Ida Grove,
Itnlsteln, Oalva, Arthur and Battle Creek.
had one saloon and theae were closed
without the least disorder, not an arrest
being made In the whole county on the
final day. Most of the saloon keepers had
entirely disposed of their stocks by the
time of closing, many residents filling
up their cellars with cases and kegs In
anticipation of the Iowa drouth.
FORT PODOR. la., Dec . (Bpectal.)
The new S100.0M) municipal building re
cently occupied by all the city depart
ments will be open for general publlo In
spection on New Tear'a afternoon. The
Commercial club aided by the Woman's
club ot the city has arranged an open
house. The new building is one of the i
best of Its kind In the state and has long
been needed.
rORT DODGE, la.. Dee. SO. (Special.)
Alfred K. Johnson, a awltchmaa for the
Minneapolis A St. Louis, has brought ault
against the Illinois Central for KMtfO. lie
claims the Central haa allowed people te
rut through the local depot yards for
)eara. and that while he ass doing so on
December IS be m as hit by an engine. lie
suffered Injuries, he says, that resulted
In amputation of a leg.
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may he
in other respects, it must he
run frequently and constant
ly to be really succccssful.
Havo Good Time, but
Don't Get Too Gay on
Now Year, Says Jim;
Hare a good time, but don't get too
gay, la the substance of a New Tear's
eve order sent by Mayor Dehlman to ,
Chief of Police Dunn. I
Liquors ordered before o'clock may
be consumed by revelers after that hour,
but no disarrangement of the natural
scenery of the city will be permitted.
The letter addrsssed by the mayor to
the chief reads as follows:
Many people will no doubt make sr- i
rsngementa with the leading hotels for
Jlnncra, wines, etc, for New Tesr's eve. '
f course any liquors ordered before
o'clock p. m. on that day the city authorl
tlea will have no right to Interfere with
on that evening; or any parties ordering :
same before thst hour have a right under
the law to use same.
However, you win notify all of the lead
ing hotels that everything must be con
ducted ia an orderly and respectable man
ner. 1
Any flagrant violation on the part of
any of the hotels so notified of this order
win run the risk of the forfeiture of their
You are Instructed to notify all parties
concerned of this order.
LINCOLN, Dec. SO. (Special.) Wide
open celebrations In certain Omaha hotels
New Tear'a eve are likely to get such
hotels Into trouble, according to Infor
mation coming from the attorney general
of the atate.
Information Is said to have been re
ceived by the governor and attorney
general that some of the celebrations last
year were hilarious and not at all cred
itable. Prohibs Predict Big
Gain if Old Parties
Pass Up Dry Plank
CHICAGO, Dec. . Predictions that If
the national democratic and republican
platforms In lilt do not contain prohibi
tion planks there will be made defections
from these parties to the prohibition
party, were made today by prohibition
leaders gathered here to consider the
coming campaign.
The conference, called by the execu
tive committee of the national committee
waa presided over by Virgil Q. Illnshaw,
national chairman.
Possible prohibition presidential nom
inees were discussed informally. There
seemed to be a tendency to connect men
outside the party with the nomination.
Among others mentioned aa candidates
were J. Frank Hanly, former governor
of Indiana: William Bulser. former gov
ernor of New Tork; Richmond P. Hob
son, former Alabama congressman; and
Eugene Fobs, former governor of Massa
The question of a merger of the pro
hibition party with another party was
not discussed.
The date of the national convention
which last night was tentatively set for
July 19 and 20, at the state fair grounds
at Minneapolis, may be changed, but
leaders said this waa doubtful.
Cat Upsets Lamp,
Mistress is Dead
CLINTON. Ia.. Deo. SO. Mrs. Jane Eb
ner, a widow, la dead as the result of In
haling smoke during a fire which par
tially destroyed her home last night.
Coroner Kellogg declared today he be
lieved the fire was caused by the over
turning of a lamp by Mrs. Ebner'a sole
companion, a pet cat.
New Member of C'ommlaalon.
PIERRE, Sj, D., Dec. 30 (Special Tele
gram.) Governor Byrne today appointed
A. E. Beaumont ot Madison a member ot
the State Live IHock commission to suc
ceed Frank R, Cock, resigned. Mr. Beau
mont Is appointed as secretary of the
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Oysters, no water..'..;......
IT am s,
. ..90
Mty. Mail orders filled at oaoe.
Metro Ilcluro Service Ireaenta
the World's Youngest
Him Star,
Hnpportert by the Stage's Old
t Htar,
A War Story Without a Single
ISth Barney
Daniel Frohman Preit
Denntan Thompson's
Wllhotit Exception, th Greatest
triumph on tne American Stage.
Ist Show starta at 10:4A p. m
svnd Mill be over at midnight.
Sunday: Clara Kimball Young
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aaw ivaa wiuaso,
Tho Battlo Cry
. of Peace
Bia-nta. SS-SO-T&C: Matlnaaa. a&uuvs
B. J. afoore g) Other Aota
"Tke Bdge of T blag a"
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10 Cents
loo Batra
Chamber's Special Classes
Open First Week in Jan.
Adult beginners. Mono, and Thura
Adult advance. Weds. High achoul.
Hat., even. Children, Tues. and
Bats. X.let early. Tel. Bong. 1S7L.
The Bee Is The Paper
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