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    Omaha Daily Bee.
The Sunday Dee is the only
OTiiha pewpiper that
tfivrs its reader. four big
Eain or Snow
-- of colored comics.
Om Tralas. at Jtotal
Btanda. ate.. 64,
Santa Claus Comci to Auditorium
Bringing Big Bags of Candy,
Nuts and Fruit as
Gold and Silver Ornaments and
Many Electric Globes Provide
Beautiful Sight.
Tnis little arrangement by which
Santa Claua Is able to tend to a
couple of thousand little boys and
girls on the evening before Christmas
eve Is working out fine.
Santa pointed out to the city offi
cials that Christmas eve he's always
so terribly busy that he simply has to
skip some of the boys and girls.
When the people of Omaha heard
of that they said, "Nothing doing,
Santa Claus. You've simply got to
visit everybody here in Omaha. We
won't have you slighting anybody.
No. sir."
Well, to make a lone Ktory short. Santa
agreed to come and visit an nmny of
the children a possible on the evening
before Christmas eve. And In order a
make It easy for him (Santa has a
touch of the rheumatism sometimes and
it's not so easy climbing up and down
chimneys), they agreed to let him bring
all the things into the Auditorium and
have the children come there.
Well, they were there last night. My,
my. but they were there. A big bunch
of thm appeared before the doors were
open and then they flocked from all
Big: Decorated Christmas Tree
And that Christmas tree! O-o-o-o! Some
Christmas tree. Mule Joseph. Comlne,
newsboy, had a discussion with another
boy, In which Joseph held that the tree
was 100 fiet high, while the other boy
said it was ZOO.
And all covered, with ornaments and
th's gold and silver stuff and countless
electric lights.
Over on the other side of the building
was a big platform specially built on
which was the Omaha Musicians' as
sociation band, led by George Green,
which pealed forth strains of sweet
music, while the crowd was gathering
and then gave a fine program.
But Juvenile eyes were directed toward
a small mountain of bulging bags on
the platform. Ah, this was the thing.
No stingy, pinchbeck bags were these,
but T!Tg'. "irelthv-heaxty bags that con
tained pounds of candy, nuts, popcorn
balls, oranges and apples, quite a load
for each youngster to carry.
Mayor Delivers tireetlun;
Mayor Dahlman himself delivered the
Christmas greeting. He kept the kiddles
Interested by telling them what he did
when he was a little boy and hung up
his stocking. Just think of the mayor
being a little boy and hanging up his
stocking for Santa to fill. The youngsters
wriggled with delight at hearing It.
Then Miss Grace Poole sang and
Charles II. Gardner sang and a eiuartet
mmlMtini? of Errol Strlckler, Kdward
Fuller. John uunn ano onra jwu.-io.
An then enry Dunn, cnier or pom-, urn.
. solo. My. my. it seemed there was
L.tblnir that Santa had left undone to i
Insure a so d time.
l"p till this time the old fellow had re
mained behind the scenes. But now he
came out In his red suit trimmed with
fur. My. how his happy old eyes beamed
with Joy as he saw so many of his be
oved children gathered to see him. His
fat sides fairly ehook with Joy.
Kids Applaud Santa Clans.
And the youngsters. How they did ap
plaud and cheer him. They were all mar
(dialled at one s'de and marched In a
long line across the stage and past the
mountain of bags. And as each passed
Kunta Claus handed out one of those
big bags of goodies. Santa had to have
help and lie nnuolnted Dan Butler. C. F. , shot three times by Night Marshal Trump
lloisie and t'..e mayor to assist him. Oh. at Bradshaw at 2 o'clock thU morning
yej. even the mayor, has to do what while Miller was thought to be attempt
Santa says. i '"a t0 enter and rob the postofflco at
Such Joy and laughter. Such full hearts that place. Trump shot three times, one
and bands. And it had started In such
good time that It was all over by 9:3i.
so thnt the ti00 boys and girls could get
home In time for bed and Santa could
liurry back to the -North t'oie lor ins
b'g loaj thnt he has to bring down to
night. The Weather
Y raterdar.
ft a. ni.
a. m.
7 a. m.
a. n.
a. in.
10 a. m.
11 a. in.
12 m
1 p. m.
t p. in.
3 p. m.
4 p. m.
5 p. in.
( p. m.
7 p. m.
6 p. m 3'
Local Kreord.
1115. 1H14. 1'.1J 1912 I
40 .'S i 4-4
Highest yesterday...
IO west yesterday....
Mean temperature...
34 12 M M
37 '" li" M
T . "
Tsmperatura and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature 1"
Kxcess for the day 12
Total clellciency since March 1 1
Normal precipitation 03 Inch
deficiency for the day 03 Inch
Total rainfall slnco March it inches
Iieftciency since March 1 2.04 inches
Jeflclency for cor. period, 1S14. . $ 3 inches
deficiency for cor. period, ISjU.. 6 M Inches
Hlrta from (iioas at T I. M.
Station and State
Temp. Hlgh- Rain-
of W eather.
Cheyenne, snow
Davenport, cloudy
Denver, cloudy .
lies Moines, cloudy...
Lander, snow
North Platte, snow....
IMieblo. clear ,
Kapid City, cloudy...
ull iJtke City, clear,
hheridan. cloudy
I P. Ml.
t. laJI.
44 T
3H .0U
M ,i
M .0o
3 ..)
44 .30
3-' .10
3i .0U
tinux City, clouuy
Indicates trace of precipitation.
A. VVtl-eii. Luiai forecaster.
OMAHA'S MUNICIPAL TREE Thousands of kiddies re
ceive presents and make merry at the Auditorium.
nihil) nwA
hip &$B, H 9'M)fa '
of - - li . uimi
h ft- J,$& I J
r ,,cr.-;- . j v -vr
mmmm' , , ,i ia iibiiIii n issimi i i i Itin 1 ' i i i-- "
At the base of the tree are the large sacks filled with good, things for the
thirty-five poor families.
Omaha Man Shot
Three Times by
Bradshaw Marshal
YORK. Neb., Dec. 23. Spedal Tele
gram.) Fred Miller, who resides at 3002
j North Twenty-fourth street. Omaha, was
I shot going clear through Miller's right
breast, the other shots making slisht
wounds In the abdomen and arm. Miller
'. wa brought to the hospital In Yhrk,
where he is resting easy, and It Is thought
he will recover. Two of hla alleged pals
got away in an automobile they had In
walling. Miller claims to conduct a
restaurant at 11:' 4 Howard. He will bo
turned over to the United States author
les. He says his pals all came from
Omaha. Marshal Trump was not hit
during tho fight.
Investigation In Omaha finds that Mil
ler's assertions are true. He conducts a
lunch counter In the saloon owned by
Charles Loftman at Fourteenth and
Howard streets, and has been so engaged
for three years. The Omaha address
given is also correct. M.ller has no po
lice record at all In Omaha. Tuesday he
left for a brief vacation, saying he in-
I lennea 10 iune a iiuiiiiiib u ii iq uraa
jshaw. Miller has relatives in Des Moines,
...3i ' I but not In Omaha. His wife has left for
York, where he is in the hospital.
Detached Chicago
Cafes May Keep
CHICAGO. Dec. 23. Though Ctilcago
saloons must close their doors promptly
one hour after midnight New Year's
morning, restaurants wholly detached
from bar rooms may remain open all
This supplemental ruling from the cor
poration counsel today lifted the gloom
from those who were saddened by the 1
o'clock closing order issued yesterday.
The latest opinion of the city's legal
adviser was verbally announced and was
construed by the coropratlon rounsci to
mean that patrons of. restaurants with
detached bars ran remain In the places
all nUht If they dec I re and eat and drink
anything which they may purchase be
fore the bar-cluHing hour.
Order Americans
Out of Juarez as
Mexican Mob Forms
EL. PASO, Tex., Dec. 23. All
Americans are ordered out of Juarei
at 8:3 this evening.
All .Americans were ordered to
remain on tho American eide by
General Pershing at the same time.
Tramawy traffic was also discon
tinued. A mob was reported sur
rounding; the financial agency at
Juarez, demanding money.
Vienna Likes New
Note from America
VIENNA, Dec. 23. (Via Iondon.) The
new American note regarding the Ancona
has made a good Impression here.
An early answer may be expected.
Work on It has been begun already.
Evening B
Subicribers will be
served with The
Daily Dee on Satur
day morning.
Interstate Commerce Commission
Grants Increases Asked for on
Hauls from Rivers to
' Mountains.
No Estimate of Additional Revenue
This Will Mean Has Been
WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. Rail
roads operating between the Missis
sippi and MlsnourU rivers and the
Rocky mountains were granted in
creases In freight rates by the Inter
state Commerce commission today
on many commodities, including
agricultural implements, canned
goods and boots and shoes.
No estimate of the additional rev
enue the roads will derive from the
advances la contained in the com
mission's report on the case, but It
will mount into the hundreds of
thousands annually, despite the fact
that numerous Increases sought were
(mli at
Although there atlll Is pending before
the commission proposed Increases on a
few other commodities the general cam
paign of the western roads to obtain
higher rates on the more important com
modities virtually Is at an end. Both the
cases decided today and the one still
pending are related to the so-called west
ern advance rate cases. The first and
moat Important part of this case was de
cided weeks ago. some increases being
allowed and others refused, nnd a peti
tion for Its reopening recently was de
nted. The Increase proposed on agricultural
Implements was about 2 per cent per
hundred pounds, on canned goods about
1 cent per hundred, on flue lining about
t cents per hundred, on eggs about 3 cents
per hundred, on cider and vinegar from
2 to 7 cents per hundred pounds, on
buxite ere about 20 cents ier gross ton.
on boots and shoes about Wt cents per
hundred pounds, on dried fruits about 5
cents per hundred, on furniture 7 cents
per hundred.
Charge on Fralts.
The transit charge allowed on fruits
and vegetables amounts to IS cerAs er
hundred pounds; for storage In transit
with a minimum charge of tr per car.
The opinion of the commission la con
fined strictly to a discussion of the
merits of the contentions for and against
tha Individual Increases proposed except
ror one general reference. Jn this it
"Ths testimony heard In the western
advance rate cue relating to the finan
cial needs of the carriers was made a
part of the record In this case. That
testimony was carefully analyzed and
discussed In the western advance rate
case and will, therefore, not be again
discussed hero, but It has been carefully
considered as part of the Justification o
fered by the respondents for the in
creases here promised."
Lumber Rate Increase
Among the miscellaneous Increases al
lowed was one of 1 cent per 100 pounds
on lumber In carloads from Chicago and
St. I.ouls to Missouri river crossings, and
an Increase on lima of 1 to 5 cents per
UK) pounds on shipments from St. l'aul
and Minneapolis to Iowa, Missouri and
Nebraska points. Most of the new rates
will become effectlva January 31, and
the tariffs containing the Increases dis
allowed must be cancelled by IJecember
a next.
Murderer of Police
Chief Gets Life Term
QALESBURO. 111.. Pec. 23.-Henry
Hopkins, colored, was found guilty today
of the murder of Oalesburg's former
chief of police. T. U. Mathews. He will
he Imprisoned for Ufa. Hopkins shot
Chief Mathews when the latter headed a
raid on tha negro's gambling house.
Mathews tad been chief of police six
The Day's War News
TUB MICH UINPt'TEI) summit of
llartmana-Wr llerkopf. In th Is ...In In Uerm.n h.nd.,
sreordlsg to Herlla. It Is in.
aonaresl by the war offtre that the
peak, taken by the French on
Toeaday, was reeaptared by a
landwehr reulment.
today declared there was no
rktsgt la tha situation an the
left of llarlmana-Wellerkopf,
while proareaa was made yester
day by the French right.
JtrAKF.HR MWKH Yaaka Mara nu
sank by a submarine without
warnlns:, sreordlsg to reports
from Its asrnls. The vrasr went
downla the Mediterranean while
bound from London to Japan with
1ZO plMfDirrn, on of them an
American, all of whom were aaed.
coat tha Drltlsh 118,0X1 men,
these brlns: the official flararea of
casualties up to December II.
More Than Four
Lines in War
NEW YORK. Dec. S.-More than t.OOn,-
000 of the population of Poland are desti
tute and entirely dependent upon soup
k tchens, where there Is Issued to reach
each applicant a small loaf of bread and
a pint of soup daily, according t Wil
liam 11. Hamilton of the American mercy
1 -r.d relief committee, who reached New
They Entertained the Kiddies
at the Municipal Christmas Tree
um1 -V is- - '
Chas. R. Gardner.
Teuton Aircraft Flies to Within
Few Miles of Saloniki, Shell
ing Village.
l'AKIR, lec. 2:1. An - Austrian areo
plane yesterday flew to within a little
more than three miles of Halonikl. and
dropped bombs near a village In the
vicinity, according to reports from halo
nikl. forwaided by the llavas' corres
pondent at Athens. Another unconfirmed
report from tho same source whs to
the effect thnt a seppelln hud been seen
flying over northern tlreek territory.
The dispatch, which bears today's date,
is as follows:
'It Is reported from Saloniki that an
Austrian areoplane was perceived yes
terday morning five kilometers from
Saloniki. Alter reconnolterlng, the aero
plane dropped five bombs near the vil
lage of Apapll without doing any dam
age. Three French aeroplanes started
In pursuit, but the enemy aeroplane flew
off In a northerly direction.
"According to another report, as yet
unconfirmed, a seppelln has been seen
flying over Fiorina and Uemlr-Hlssar."
Christmas Gifts in
Way of Salaries to
Some Postmasters
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Iec. 23. (Special Tele
gram.) The following fourth clans post
offices will become presidential offices
on January 1 and the salary the post
masters will receive ars given:
Nebraska-Ueemer. 11,100: Brady, I1.0K);
Cairo, l,li0; Carroll, 11,100; Chapptll.
$1,100; Oody, $1,100; Lindsay, $1,100; Ne
Imwka. $1.0"; Oshkosh, $1,200; Soneca,
$1,000; Talinnge, $1,000.
Iowa Albert City, $1,0; Ashton. $1,200;
Hussey. $1,100; F.vcrly. $1,100; Farragut.
$1,100; (inrrlsnn. $l,0u0; Oarwln, $l,0i0; Key
stone. $1,100; Melrose, $1,100; New Alhln,
$1,101); Hcnwlck. $1,100; St. tiarles, $1,000;
Shcllnhurg. $1,100; Whlttemore. $1,1ii0.
.South Iiakota Canton, $I.1"0; Ilnmona,
$1,100; Siiencer. $1,200.
Wyomlng-Aiton, $1,300.
Twenty Years Fate
Of "Wholesale" Thief
SIOUX CITY, la., Deo. 23.-L. Roy
Chase, self confessed burglar, who robbed
homes on a wholesale scale, today
pleaded guilty to a burglary charge In
tha district court and was given a twenty
year sentence.
After Chase was arrested Mondny night,
thousand of dollars' worth of loot was
found In his home, the house lielng filled
from cellar to garret.
Chase posed an a painter He has a
wife and four children.
NEW YOltK. Dec. 23.-K.ihn, lxeb &
Co., announced today the completion of
negotiations In l'arls for the purchase
of bonds of the Central I'hc fin Hallway
company, which la controlled by the
Southern I'aclflc company. Tha bonds
are a t per cent lasuo hm.I were sold In
to French banking interests, prin
cipal and Interest belim- K'laranteed by
the Houthern I'aclflc. Tin- total amount
of tho Issue la a0.000.onu fiancs, or ap
proximately luO.000,000.
I'IKRIIB, 8. D., Dec. lS-clal Tele
grain.) C. M. Uurke, republican national
committeeman from this siittc, said this
evening: ,-I predict that there will be
only one primary election in .South Dakota
for tho next campalKn ami there will not
be a special session of the legislature to
change the primary election." This he
puts forth as h'a political forecast of the
outcome of the present apparent tangle an
the situation over the early call of the
republic an national convention.
Millions in Soup
- Devastated Poland
York today on the stsamahlp Rotterdam.
Mr. Hamilton has been In Europe seves) I
months looking Into relief work for hla
organisation. He added that he had
traveled from Alexandretta to Warsaw,
mnl In the entire country evacuated by
the Russian there waa hardly an 1 1
.luUlulUe building standing.
P.. 'A -
i lstJsni'--M'ilrj
inaNnr w. dlnn,
Taska Mam is Sent to' Bottom of
Mediterranean by Submarine
Without Warning.
LONDON, Dec. 23. The new
Japanese liner, Yasaka Maru, which
was sunk in the eastern Mediter
ranean by a submarino while the
steamer was on its way from London
to Japan with 120 passengers and a
crew of 160 aboard, was sent to the
bottom without warning, according
U a report received from Port Said
from the agents of the owners. All
of those on board the ship, including
line American passenger, W. J.
Leigh, were saved. The nationality
rf the submarine is not mentioned
by the agents, and previous reports
referred to the sinking ot tho ship
a done by either an Austrian or a
German submarine.
The Yasaka Maru was sunk Tuesday
afternoon. -A French gunboat picked
up tha passengers and crew at midnight
and landed them at Port Said Wednes
day morning. The company provided
hotel accommodations for them and Is
(Continued on Page Two, Column Three.)
Serbian Crown Part
Of Bulgarian Loot
HKUI.IN, I Via Wireless to Sayville.)
Dec. Amioiik the news Items given
out today for publication uy tne over
seas News agency, were the following:
The liulgarlan king was greeted as
liberator on hla trip through the con
quered Macedonian districts. He first
visited L'skup, and then passed on to
tha captured Anglo-French positions near
Veles and Krlvolak.
"King Ferdinand waa deeply Impressed
by the scene of the battlefield at Prlwend.
where there were hundreds of burnt
automobiles and millions of cartridges
to remind him of the breakdown of the
Serbian army. On one hill, was King
Peter's broken carriage. At the same
place the Serbian crown was found.
'In Monastir the king was gieeted with
bread and salt.
'Christmas gifts were presented to
day to children of dead German
soldiers. The presentation took place In
the American church In Mots-titrasse,
lierlln, under the direction of the Indies'
union. The gifts were made by Ameri
can women. Mrs. James W. Gerard, wife
of the American ambassador and Mrs.
Jacques Mayor, of an American
resident In lleilln, subscribed liberally
for the occasion."
Runaway Street Car
Hits Tree; 30 Hurt
SYRACUSE, N. Y., Dec. 83. Thirty
persons were Injured, some probably
mortally when an lnterurban car, run
ning wild after the motorman had fallen
out on a sharp curve, left tha rails and
truck a tree here late today. Of tha
too passengers aboard the car, the major-
i were workmen.
&. 7 I
Proclamation of Martial Law
Throughout the Hellenio
Kingdom is Reported
to Be Imminent
Rumored Capture of City Seems to
Be Only Skirmish Among
Torpedo Craft.
LONDON, Dec. 2$. Proclamation
ti' martial law in urpece is reportoa
unofficially to he imminent. Al
though no confirmation of this report
I available, there is evidence of
growing uneasiness at Athens over
(he possibility that Dulgarlan troops
will cross the border.
The only thing which has occurred
to relieve the situation Is the an
nouncement that the Bulgarian offi
cer in command of the force which
clashed with the Greeks in Eplrus
has hern punished and that the inci
dent is considered closed.
ttccrudeseence of submarlbne activities
In the near east la signalised in a start
ling manner by tha sinking of the
Jaranese liner Ysaka Maru. Apparently
there was no loss of life, but, according
to marina Insurance men. tha property
loss was the heaviest Incurred In any
maritime disaster of the war. The na
ture of the valuable cargo remains un
disclosed. Minor Naal Flaht at Vans,
The mystery of the bombardment of
Varna, which was at first depleted as a
formidable Russian attack on tha chief
ltulgartan port, has stirred London, but,
according to reports from both sides It
was nothing more than a minor naval
action among torpedo boats. In which the
shore batteries participated. However,
a large Kus-lan fleet Is said to be In
the vicinity of Varna, and tha action
may be merely the preliminary to a se
rous Russian attack.
llartman's-Wellerkopf Is ones mora a
subject of contention, rossesslon of tha
summit 'of this mountain baa been dis
puted so closely by military forcaa as
well as by those who officially record
their .unovemcnte, that an Associated
Press correspondent was called upon last
April to decide the relative positions of
the opposing sides. In the present In
stance the French assert they have ex
celled the Germans from their highest
trenches. Tha Germans admit retirement
from the summit, which they assert they
hsd occupied since April. The French
claim they have not only advanced their
positions substantially, notwithstanding
the fact that the Germans succeeded lit
reoccupylng some of the lost trenches,
but have forestalled In a measure an
offenslro which the Germans had been
preparing In the Vosges.
Bnlaar Account of Yaraa, Ftarbt.
BERLIN, Dec. 23. (By Wireless ta
Payvllle.) What la apparently the Bul
garian version of the recent naval en
counter off Varna on the Black sea,
coast, which waa followed by reports
that the Russians were landing troops
there. Is contained In a Sofia dispatch
given out by the Overseas News agency
as follow:
"Four Russian torpedo boat destroyer
approached a Itulgarlan torpedo boat and
attacked -it. The torpedo boat answere-l
the Russian fire and Bulgarian coast
batteries also took part In the engager
ment. The destroyers shortly withdrew
The torpedo boat waa not damaged."
Turks Sink Two Monitors.
London, Deo. 38.) A Turkish official
statement given out last night says that
on the Irak front. In Mesopotamia. Head
Kut-EI-Amara, Turkish artillery sank tw
enemy monitors and caused an explosion
on board another by a direct hit.
An enemy attack on the Caucasus front
In the neighborhood of Id, la Turkish)
Armenia, on December 20, resulted In
losses for the enemy of eight officers and
too men, while the Turkish
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Johnnie O'Nntl saw an MtomobUej
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Than moat of the new ones jx
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