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Citiiem of Northwest Federation
Make Descent Upon School
-. jro . VAX cvs a at "CIER3,
A delegation of members of the
JJorthwest Federation of Improve
: meat clubs attended the Doard of Ed
ucation meeting last evening and
. urged that the proposed new Clifton
HIU school building be located on the
present site at Fortjr-aecond and
, Corby streets, Inatcad f on a new
tte bought two years ago at Forty
fifth and Maple streets. They also
' contended for a new school on the
Fairfax achool alte.
President Ernst impressed the vls
t itori with the thought that the better
' way would be to wait until the com
; inltteea of the board shall hare been
elected the first of the new year
. and then bring their propoaltlon be
fore the bulldlnga and grounds com
' jnlttee.
During the asehaniro of arguments tha
; prosldrat of the board Mid It wai not ,
Woman Insists That Postmaster
H imsclf Weigh Her Packages
Th most careful woman In the world
ppearrd at the postofflc Tuesday
She currlrd an armful of parksg-rs.
la ToMmawter Wharton InT alio In
quired of Tarcrl rout Pat MrOovern.
"Not Just now," raid Tat.
"When will b hs be in?" aha Inquired
"Probably in about an hour. Did yon
want those packages welched?" askod
"Tea, I do, but 1 want the poatmaater
to wslrh them. Then I'll know they're
welche risht," she answered.
She left tho bulldlna;. la about an hour
sho returned.
la tha poatmaater In?" she demanded.
"Nlxle" Bowles referred her to the
postmaster's office. In a minute or two
aha returned, accompanied by the gentle
manly, accommodating and gallant John
C. Wharton.
"I un'lerstund, madam," he wan savin.
"You want your packacra weighed rlKht.
Quite rlirht."
Tha toslmnstrr took Ma place b-Vilnd
the scales, with Mcfiovern close at hai.d.
"Eh-h, one pound to Berkeley, Cat.,
that will he"
"Nine centa," whispered McOovcrn.
"Nine centa, mnd&m," said the p. m.
And ao it went through nine packages.
The poatmaater then assisted her In
buying; the atampa and h affixed them
with hla own lily-white fhiicers.
The woman thanked him.
"Now I can fool thai, they are aafe,"
aha mid.
"Absolutely aafe, madam, absolutely,"
said John C. "Call again, tnndam."
Eeport from Shanghai to San Fran
cisco CcJeitial Sayi Five Ptot
inces Declare Independence.
Santa Claus Makes
Early Visit to the
Progress Auxiliary
Santa Claua. bearing a alight reaem
blenee of Henry Wulf, wae tha guest of
honor at the Chrlattnaa tree celebration
given at the Labor temple laat night by
fair for those directly Interested In the rrse Auxiliary of the Omaha Car
Clifton mil and Fairfax achool dlatrlcta Pentcra' union lodge. The program wa
to enlist the aupport of residents living
Ita other achool dlatrlcta aa had been done
lo this instance.
Haw Cltlsoas t4.
Member Williams explained that when
the new Clifton Hill alle waa secured tiia
committee met to hear both aldea and
enly three at that tint favored the old
aite while 14 favored the aite at Forty
fifth and Maple atreeta.
After the meeting had adjourned a
group of the vlsltora and Prealdent Ernst
continued the dtaeuaalon en the aldewalk
In front of the city hall, Mr. Ernat tell.
5 Ing the dtlcent that he la giving the city
i $3,000 worth of grafultoua eersacea eacli
, year ae a member of the Board of EJu
' ration and believed the people of the
j northwest predncta ot the city should
get together and settle their difference a
without taking up the time of the entire uwwumm
. board aa had been done on aevaral recent
?; The vlaltore told the board they wera
; asking for what they believed waa fair
and In the beat Interea'e of the commun
r Ity they represented.
rN Social C'eater Dam-Ins;.
f The board denied a request from t'as-
. -11 . t,Anl l.l.i. t mUImi.m u K . . L n .1
that dancing be allowed at the eoclal
center of their achool and t!ie board went
further by going on record ae oppoalng
dancing at any of tho achool aoclal ecu
tert .
The Northwest Improvement club en- I
dorsed the nlffht schools and reroin-j
mended that thla educational feature be
'oitemled to alt schools of the c ti . Tho :
Jcommunlcatlon waa placed on f le.
On account of the unexpected aiten-i
fdance at the Omaha Lvnirj High;
;aohool the aalary of Principal Adums wusj
Incrsns.'d to I10J a month. j
IMiaaka to Daadeeltea. !
The to, id thanked Ire former Djndes ',
liool ti-uiteca for Interest In nupervlalng
completion of the new Dundee achool.
j The Association of Collegiate Alumnae
was granted pemitai'on to maintain a
'desk on the fifth flotr of the c ty hall
for propoacd vocational guina;ice woik t,
-among puptla of the public achoola. j gt
J Tha amohe atack at the Kama in v liool ja
jwitl be ex:naea ai a com oi .hj .
i t ora Stringer. ra Shlelda a.xl I.ulu
fv-.thee were confirmed ei tie new ex
.'anting lommlltce for iciMh-
Jtoreiatners iiam
Foundation for tlie
Churches of Today i
In commemoration ot the : Sth annl-
..... - .. .
feraary of the landing oi ino pusnin. jj
J Congregational churcliea of umena ami k
ivlctnlty gave a Forefathera' day program N
at the Flret Conrrcganal church. Nine-: H
prepared by a committee of three, com
prising Mn. Nina Varquart, chairman;
Mr a. B. Moran and Mra. Toung. Follow
ing thla, a dance waa held, and a eupper
ecrved the crowd. Tlie entertainment
which waa entirely by youngatera, waa
given before a big aaacmbly of grownupa,
who enthualaatlcally applauded every
Muaio for the dance waa furntahed by
W. Braden'a orchestra. Kaga of candy
and other goodlea were given the chil
dren by SantA Claua after they had
obliged with the following numbers:
Recitations, Olen and Wlllard Williams,
P.ay Miller, Thetma Weatland, Helen
Tllater, Mildred Chrlattanaen, Carl Henry,
I4111an BUter. naechel Wulf and Clifford
ChrlFtlaneen; aonas by Thelmi ani
Harleen Young,, Audrey Weatland. and
"Pllent Night, Holy NlRht," by all the
With sixteen salp wounda In hie head,
Frank Hn'f.k. a hnrveat hand, walked nil
the way from Avery, to the Bouth Fide
police station for help. The police aont
Mm to the Bouth Side hospital for treat
ment and within an hour .Toe Jusch and
Sam Angyel, former friends, were ar
rested, charged with the assault. Com
plete confessions were obtained.
The two men ere said to have leaped
upon Hajek from ambush and taken (75
from him. He gave descriptions of them
to Captain Tony Vanous and within 'an
hour Detective George Allen had them
under arrest.
John K. Hucklngham. general baggave.
agent of the Hurllngton at I'hiraKo,
In town yesterday. HucklnKhnm was
formerly assistant general passenger
agent for the Hurllngton here. He aays
that he got a good apple crop off Ills
orchard tract In the Big Horn baaln ami
expecta a larger yield next year.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dee. 21. Tong
King Chong, president of the Chinese
Republic association received a
cablegram from Shanghai, China, to
night which stated that five Chinese
provinces had declared their Inde
pendence against the rule of Yuan
Shi Kai.
Tho provinces concerned in' the
revolution were, according to the
cablegram, Kwangtung. Klangel,
Yuannan, Sichuen and Kwelchau.
Mr. Tong, who baa presided re
cently at several mass meetings of
Chinese from all parts of Callfronla,
said tonight he believed the action of
the five provinces would be followed
by similar declarations from all
parts of China. He said the Chinese
In America were strongly opposed to
the return of China to the monar
chal form of government.
Large sums, he said, had been
pledged by California Chinese to
finance a general revolution.
roller skating to a catchy melody aa there
is In dancing.
Laat night waa "ladles' nl ;ht." and sev
eral hundred women exquisitely gowned
appeared to take advantage of the City
Audltoiium'e facilities.
Manager Franks haa appointed "Butch'
Brhardt, a well known professional skater,
to have charge of the .large corpe of In
structors and each night scores of gtrla
and women are taught the intricacies of
the art.
A hockey game last night between
teams representing The Dally Bee and
World-Herald, pleased a big crowd. The
game waa declared a tie.
John 3. Larktn. 87 years old and father
of Deputy Coroner Barney Larkln, died
Inst nlrht at his home following a brief
Illness, which suddenly developed Into
bronchial pneumonia.
He had been connected with the Cud
ahy Tacking company for a number of
years and waa well known on the South
Four aona and four daughters aurvlve.
They are: Mike, Barney, John and
AJoysus and Mra. Ed Anderson, Alice
Cecelia and Marjorie.
Funeral arrangements have not yet
been made.
Vernon Caatle wouldn't know hla old
walk now. There'a been a change. In
stead of hopping, walking and eliding It's
now one long, drawn out glide and with
very little exertion.
The new vogue of roller akatlng haa
assimilated all the modern dance steps
but with roller skatea, and the ladles who
Introduced the transformation at the
municipal rink last night showed to a
big gallery that there'a aa much fun
ram. ti wan laaaiwemjuj nimwi
The annual election of the Omaha
Builders' exchange Is to be held January
8. Nominations for the various offices
were made a short time ago. K. O. Ham
ilton and W. P. Deverell are the candi
dates for president.
Trendall Wins.
KANSAS CITT. Md.. Dec. 21.-Harry
Trendall, St. Louis welterweight, won the
decision here tonleht over Johnny Salva
tor of St. Paul after ten rounda of slow
Stags Will Outfit
New Club Quarters
With Omaha Goods
Fifteen hundred members of the Order,
of Stags attended the meeting held last
night at Swedish auditorium to mark the
closing of the charter In Omaha. Dr.
W. R. Dupree of St. Louts, supreme di
rector. Installed the officers who were
as follows:
Harry B. Fleharty, exalted director.
William T. Cole, prelate. -D.
O. Miller, senior wsrden.
Perry Miller, Junior warden.
Joseph Lovely, recorder.
J. Id. Schlecht, treasurer.
Dr. Harold Cole, Inside guard.
James Keenan, outsldo guard.
Joseph P. Butler,- trustee for three
yea re.
H. A. Dsv. trustee for two
Charles Miller, trustee for t year.
A collection of goodly proportions waa
taken to be distributed among the three
dally newspapers of Omaha to be used
for their Christmas funds. The sum of
$7.10 was sent to each paper.
A vote to furnish the club rooms with
matertala bought In Omaha was unani
mously passed. Two new droves are to
be established at once, one here and one
at Council Bluffs.
Among the head officers of the order
who attended the meeting were:
R. A. Caulfleld, International director;
Fred H. Corthell. Derry, N. H.; W. A.
Haynes, Richmond, Va.; deputy supreme
director: P. R. Jamleson, Grand Rnplda,
Mch., grand senior warden, and Robert
U, Dunlap of this city, grand Junior
PARIS, Dec. 21 Field Marshal &r John
French, who was recently succeeded by
Sir DouglM Halg aa commander-in-chief
of the British forces In Belgium and
France, was received tonight by President
Long before the arrival of the field mar-
sliai at tie I'elncc of l e U..f c i ivj-
had gathered to grcrt lilm anl when hi.
automobile entered the court yard there
were cheers for the distinguished Pritl i
soldier. Manifestations of regard for th
field marshal were repeated as he left th-palace.
Employ the Needy
Upon City Work is
Plea Before Board
The many problems which daily are
brought to the attention of charitable
organisations were threshed out last
night In the offices of the municipal at
torney before the Welfare board, . the
city council and a number of the leading
charity workers of the city.
Employment conditions were the chief
topic of discussion. Rabbi Frederick
Cohn pleaded with the councllmen te
offer employment on city work to the
needy ones. Hophus Neble . and John
Rtne also made brief talks outlining the
needs experienced In establishing a city
employment bureau.
Nothing definite was accomplished ex
cept the expression by the council thst
"we're for anything the Welfare board
Bealdea members of the Welfare board
and the city council, the meeting was
attended by E. F. Denison of the Toung
Men's Christian association; Captain
Kline of the Salvation Army; Major Mc
Cormlck of the Volunteers; Dr. Gtfford.
Rev. C. H. Savldge and several others.
E. J. Malone, credit manager for the.
Brandels stores, underwent a successful
operation for gall stones yesterday by
Dr. C. C. Allison at St. Joseph s hospital.
He la resting easily today.
That Insure a Merry Christmas
is fcE.
I Surprise Delivery KYlado at AHY DAY You Roquo
GIFTV that is to last a lifetime
should be chosen deliberately and these
This Luxurious
Turkish Rocker
Iteenth and Davenport streetaMeat even-1
ilr.g. Although the ettendsnce was mt
loverly large, the speakcra had a eiy in
terested and attentive audience.
William If. Russell presided and the
.-following program waa carried out; !-'
'votlonal eserilse. Rev. W. P. Hampton; ,
address. 'The Forefstlicre." Rev. O. A.
iliulhert of fit. Mary's Avenue Congrega
.tlonal church: "Congrcgatlcatl Instttu-'
itlons." Rev. V. T. of the First
(Congregational church; solo, "Let We'
IForget. by Ueorgo C. Hclntyie: "Evan-j
Jgellsm In Our Church." Rev. i. T. Jones, ,
land an anthem. Tllgtima of the Nlfcht" j
'by the First Church quartet. Special !
"honors were paid te those who during th '
present year Joined th Pons and Daus'.i-
ters of Pilgrims. j
; Rev. a. A. llulbert In his tnt't urgrl i
hla audience te airlve for a portion at ',
least ot that fire end spirit that caused
th pilgrim fathers to (ace of all cliff 1-'
culty not te relinquish one lota of their i
belief. "It la to these forefathera who I
suffered ao much for their rluhts that we ;
ewe more than ae realise, not only the
foundation of eur present educational
yaUm, but th fundamentals of our gov-'
ernment, and a principle of theology, a!
psychological thought that more than
equaled any cxpreased by th great Mar
tin Lather, namely, that ther la nothing
1n the guiding spirit of religion so Im
portant as the spirit of God speaking te
the aou! of man.
"It waa adherence te thla rule that
made the pilgrims such a worthy example
for to follow, oca which will help us
above all others lo brtiig the kingdom ef
Os4 to the Inner life."
are the very last of the shop at - leisure days.
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Upholstered in black or Spanish
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smooth covering. Upholstered over
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J J mm mt
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Beautiful Convex
Pictures on Glass
Size 13x16 inches
' Wra. 3. V. Crumpackar ot tha National
Association Opiosed ta Woman fcuf
fraca returned to Omaha, for a fw days
ftr spending tha laat few monllia In
tha campaign In Ktw Tork and Nsw
Jorasjr. Mra. Crumparker waa an activa
works asainat Buff rafts In tha cast,
mada apeachaa and assisted In tha orgwn
iL&iloa cf many local branch of tho
Inaiioaal association. Mrs. Crumpackcr
will nutks a short vts'.l to Canada during
tho holidays, aft'r whlh sha will Join
(ho anti-workers In Iowa.
, T!mr tWddeo, proprietor ef tho Boddoa cotnny. received word yota-
iy tl, at ills t'to', Francl. died
till bums In Orikoiga. 1U., (tr a kral
t n-. 11 r. ll.Mco left last veutng- fur
Kitrtner Kale
lrlco rtc.
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I ....
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