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    e Omaha Daily Bee
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Omaha newspaper that
fives its readers four big
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BTsw stead. to.. So.
VOL. XLV-NO. 160.
With Money and Promotion ai In
centive! Carranza Soldiers
Stage Strenuous Search
for Bandit.
If Chief is Caught Constitutionalist
Leader Will Take Personal
Part in Trial.
LAREDO. Tex., Dec 21. Advices
from the Interior of Mexico tonight
said a cordon 9f Carranza soldiers
has been stretched over the territory
north of Chihuahua City, where
General Francisco Villa was recently
reported. In an effort to prevent his
escape to the United States.
This Information was contained in
military dispatches to Carranza had-
qaurters In Nuevo Laredo, made
public there tonight. Should Gen
eral Villa be captured, it was said,
he would be held for court-martial
and General Venustlano Carranza
would take part personally In the
proceedings against me insurgent
Reward for VIII.
Officers and soldiers loyal to the
de facto government have been told
that Villa's capture will mean ma
terial promotion and large reward, it
was said by Carranza officers across
the river, and every available body
of troops has been placed on the
lookout for Villa "dead or alive."
Definite information regarding the
whereabouts of General Villa is lack
ing on this part of the border,
although reports In Mexican circles
credited him with having left Chi
huahua City yesterday apparently on
the way to the American border.
CriMol on the Job.
A strict censorship has been placed
on news regarding the milltatlons in
the -vicinity of Chihuahua City, but
it was officially announced that Gen
eral Trevino had not yet entered the
Million and a Half
Enlist in One Week
LONDON. Dec. 21. James O'Qrady.
member of Parliament for East Lredit
and a member of the Joint recruiting com
mittee, contributes en article to the
Daily Sketch recording the progress of
enlistment under Earl Derby's scheme.
, Mr. O'Grady says that the first week
produced only 127 recruits. Matters slowly
Improved, but even up to the end of
November the response was not satis
We therefore resolved," says he. "to
bring off a spanking- rally, a the result
of which the figure Jumped from 74,000
on one day to 336,000 on another and dur
ing the last strenuous week, 1,539,000 men
attested. ; while during the whole nine
week of the campaign aome 2,500,000 at
Baltimore Officials
Dislike Vice Report
BALTIMORE. Md.. Dec. 21. Mayor
James H. Prestcn and the board of esti
mates, the governing board of the city,
at their meeting today protested against
the report of the vice commission al
leging bad moral conditions in Baltimore,
made public yesterday.
"No such condition exists." said the
mayor. "As a general picture of Balti
more life and as a picture of the moral
conditions in Baltimore the report is
scandalous and untrue."
. The Weather
Forecast of the weather for Wednesday
and Thursday:
For . Nebraska Fair Wednesday and
probably Thursday; colder Thursday or
Thursday night.
Tor Iowa Fair Wednesday, probably
becoming unsettled by Thursday;, warmer
Wedneaday in west and central portions.
Tamacratare at Omaha, Teaterdar.
Hours. Deg
6 a. ra z
a. m a
7 a. m
a. m 2s
a. m 27
10 a. m 29
11 a. m IW
12 m S
1 p. m 37
2 p. m 39
3 m 41
4 p. m 41
6 p. m 4)
t p. m 40
7 p. m 4u
8 d. m Si
Comparative Local Hrrord.
1915. 1914. 1913. 1312
Highest yeaterday 41 W S2 4?
lowest yeaterday T7 2 12 21
Mean temperature U 22 82
Profipltatlon .. flft Ort
Temperature and precipitation depar-.
turaa from the normal:
Normal temperature 23
Kxceaa for the day 8
Total deficiency since March 1 120
Normal precipitation 04 inch
JftcJncy for tha day OS Inch
Total rainfall since March 1. ....M Inches
ijeftcleDcy slnca March 1 1 M inches
Peflrlency for cor. period, 114.. 3 1 Inches
Deficiency fur cor. period. 1913.. 6.30 Inches
Raaor4a froaa atatloaa at T P. II. -Station
and State Temp. High- ftaln-
of Weather. ( p. in. mi. Ian.
Cheyenne, partly cloudy. ..43 44
Imv.nport, clear ....SO 84
Xienver. clear M 74
ilea Moines, clear x.
North i'latte, cloudy i 4t
On alia, clear 0 41
furijlo, part 4
RapM City, part i-kudy....4.i ;,4
Phlt l-ake. l""ir 44 Jit
j-hf-rldnn. cloudy Si 4
mi,ui i lly, i luudy A - 4
YuJcillil-f . clear "5 4
,11 1
Heavily Armed Mexican and United
States Troops Line Opposite
Sides of Rio Grande -River.
Generals Turning Town Over to
Carranza Government Finally
Gain Control.
EL PASO, TEX., Dec. 21 Heavily
armed Mexican and American troops
lined opposite banks of the Rio
Grande tonight as the result of riot
ing in Juarez.
One shot from south of the bor
der, believed by the United States
military authorities to have been
fired on American troops toppled
George A. Diepert of El Paso, a
brakeman from off the top 06 an
El Paso and Southwestern railroad
freight car. He was dead with a
bullet in his heart when a corporal's
guard reached him. His tralnmates
fled at the shot. Later the train
was pulled out of range of Mexican
cavalry that moved along the bank
of the Rio Grande.
Two Mexican Shot.
Shortly afterward two Mexicans were
hot at the Mexican end of the Santa
Fe bridge, by Mexican custom guards.
Reports of fatalities In Juarez varied
from two to ten.
Karly tonight ic was stated at the Car
ranza consulate that the generals In
Juarez who had turned the town over
to the Carranza government had con
trol and were In conference upon . the
election of a military leader to take full
charge and appoint a paymaster to rc-
recclve 100,000 pesos in . Carranza paper
currency with which to pay off the sol-
dlers. . Unofficial reports from Juarez
wero that If an attempt waa made to
ray off In Carranza currency rioting
was sure to bo resumed.
During the afternoon the report gained
current that General Francisco Villa
would reach that city about S o'clock
but early tonight he had not appeared.
Andreas O. Garcia, Mexican consul, an
nounced that Villa had been located at
the Bostlllo ranch, west of Chihuahua
City; that ha would not coma. to the
border and that ha intended to continue
opposition to tha defacto government.
Obregon on War.
Carransa official stated that General
Alvaro Obregon wsm enrout from Her-
mcsillo to take command in Chihuahua
They axnect . Obregon to. reach .her to
morrow. An ordar sstMd bjr El. Faao police to
night, forbade Americana to cross tha
river to Juarez. '
The trouble arose when three hundred
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Pulmotor Fails to
Revive .Twelve-Year-Old
Intoxicated Lad
It takes considerable in the way of
intoxication to aatonlsh the crew at
police headquarters, but It would be
putting it mildly to say that they were
astonlahed yesterday afternoon when 12
year old Ladielaua Voecika, 1019 South
street was brought in all stewed up llko
Hungarian goulash..
The youngster waa found by Patrolman
Charles Jensen, in an alley between Ninth
and Tenth, near Leavenworth, surround
ed, by fifteen empty half pint whiskey
flasks. He wa dead to the world and
police aurgeona who examined him used
the pulmotor to Induce respiration. In
stead of being detained in a cell, he was
taken to the hospital, so serious waa hia
condition. Later hj revived' somewhat.
and la now out of danger.
The police want to know where he ob
tained the whiskey, and are working
with the Juvenile authorities on the case.
Hia parents did not know where he got
the stuff and were aa surprised at their
son's condition aa were the police.
Bargains in Booze
Are Offered in Old
Who-wah-wah Town
IOWA CITY, la., Dec. B. Bargain
counter sales of Intoxicating liquors were
opened today in the tan aaloons of Iowa
City, which must close tomorrow night
under a law parsed by the last legisla
ture, providing that aaloons cannot oper
ate within five miles of an educational
institution. The t'niversity of Iowa is
located here.
Holmes Admits Held
Up Aurora Editor
TORK. Neb., Dec. IL Speeial Tele
gram.) H. H. Holmes, who has been In
the Lutheran hospital for tha last three
weeks suffering from two gunshot wounds
which he received when he attempted to
hold up Night Watchman Kpringer, made
a oonfeasion to Chief of Police v'lnney
today, that he held up Clark Perkins at
Aurora, on Thanksgiving night. Aa soon
as ha is able to be removed he will be
taken to Aurora for trial instead of being
placed In Jail here.
Hunt to Command
Chicago Detectives
CHICAGO. Dec. IL Mayor Thompson
lata today announced that Nicholas
Hunt, formerly an Inspector In the po
lice department, would be appointed
head of tha detective bureau. Hunt will
succeed Captain P. V. O'Brien, recently
nuspended. but who was reinstated and
allowed to resign today. The change Is
regaided as Part of Mayor Thompson's
I uinuunced campaign to "clean up", Clil
Mann of Illinois, who pledged republican support to the
president in preparing for defense, and Mrs. William Alex
ander of New York, who is heading a woman's movement
in the same direction.
:'k ,
vt . ,r"-
' - aff m., I..!... --l f j nfT. I
Tiiiioi mit iirn n r-m rnnrr i n- ' i ' - ,-1
State. Board of Control Find Cloth
ing Delivered at Hastings
Asylum Below Grade.
(From' a StaltCorrespnjent,
LINCOLN, Dec'81. (Special Tel
egram. ) Another superintendent of
a state Institution Is on the carpet
charged with mismanagement. This
time It is Dr. M. W, Baxter, who. it
is charged, has permitted contractors
to deliver clothing to the state insane
asylum at Hastings, of which he is
superintendent, very much below the
grade of the samples submitted.
Commissioners Gerdes and Kennedy and
Secretary Mathews of the board of con
trol, have been in Hastings for two daya
checking up the clothing and comparing
It with the samples submitted. - It Is
said that some of the clothing. Is WVper
cent below tha quality of the "samples.
J. H. flpotta, a local dealer, who se
cured the contract. Is said to have agreed
to take back the inferior suits. .
Whether Superintendent Baxter is di
rectly responsible for the deception can
not be told . until tha board of control
completes its Investigation, but a aya-
tematlc investigation la being- held, and
it is said that it has been shown that
the superintendent had relieved the stew
ard of the institution, whosa duty it is
to receive and have charge, of all sup
plies, from handling the goods which, it
is now claimed are below grade, and
took'4he duty .upoa .himself. '
Reichstag Votes Ten
BillionJVar Credit
BERLIN. Via London). Dee. '2L-The
Reichstag today passed the, aecond and
third readings of the war credit of 10,
000.000,000 marks which the .government
had requested. Only nineteen socialists
voted in the negative. , ,".-
Before the vote waa taken Frlodrich
August Karl Oeyer read a brief state
ment on behalf of the socialist minority
explaining their negative vote,- while
Pried rich Ebert, the socialist leader,
poke In behalf of the soclaJInt majority,
and announced amid lontr aptlause that
his wing of the party would vote "yes."
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. a. (Special
Telegram.) Milton E. Peteraen of 2
Bristol street, Omaha, has been awarded
a Harvard college scholarship. The
scholarships are given for marked ex
cellence In study. Petersen Is a senior
and prepared for Harvard at the Omaha
High school.
Free Dolls
For the Kiddies
The Dee ia again making
a lot of little onea happy
by giving away each
week one of those big
handsome d o 1 1 th
kind the girl yearn for
and dreamt of aome day
Cut Out the Pictures
That'a All.
, :
: .;'.-:--..'.-.-i-v ,
i' ' y ' ' ' . ' ' a
'f"fi.-'?'Svvx' '
:S'-?rV-.;:i; , ,.
Z- '.
It Ii .Reported Charge Has -Been
Given Free Hand in Settling
Matter. .
.WASHINGTON. Dec. 21. pend
ing 'racelpts of Austrla-Hungary'i
reply, to the' eecond American-note
regarding-the sinking of the- Italian
steamer Ancona, Baron Erich Zwledl
nek,' charge of the Austrd-Hungarlan
embassy, .Is 'forming a. basis to con
duct informal negotiations with
Secretary fanning looking toward an
amicable settlement of ' the con
troversy. An Intimation to that ef
fect was received at the State de
partment today after the charge had
conferred at some length with the
It is understood Baron Zwledfnek
Is attempting negotiations similar to
thnsa ennductoH h Cniint vnn rien-
. . . . ,
IUB aiuuttBuur, iui-
lowing the sinking of the steamship
Arabic. It is considered improbable,
however, that such negotiations can
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Santa Claus Will Make Rounds
of the French Battle Trenches
PARIS. Ic. 21 Anyon In Prime may
send a Christmas parcel weighing up to
two pounds to a soldier st the front
without paying postage on th package.
A bill conferring this privilege, wMch
holds good from date until January t,
was unanimously pained by Parliament
today. Letters are always rarled free
Th families of soldiers have not waited
for the passage of this law, but have
been overlooking for aome time past th
mean of transportation to th front with
Christmas paekws. They hav sent
cold chickens, in- at. pies, hams, every
variety of ctke, sweetmeat and pre
sered fruit, and every imaginable thing
besldea In tha way of wearing apparel
that would keep out wet and cold.
Probably loft.OuO men from the front
will spend Christmas with their families.
Th military administration has be-n
ccnerotis with leaves and soldiers are
now allowtj slx-diiya at home, not
Confidential Adviser, at Wilson'i
' Request, to Leave Soon for
Warring: Lands on Diplo
matic Mission.
MAei Journey to Convey Informa
tion to American Ambassa
dors, He Says.
NEW YORK. Dec. 21. Colonel K.
M. House, confidential adviser of
President Wilson, stated late today
that he will shortly sal) for Europe
at the request of the president.
Colonel House declared that the
sole purpose of hln trip would be to
deliver to certain American ambas
sadors Information regarding this
government's attitude on varioua
International matters now pending
He now denies emphatically that his
trip will In any way be n peace mis
sion. Wall Within Fortnight.
Colnnel limine paid he exported to antl j
from here within the next two wreks aiVl
prot'Bbly would be in Europe about six
or eight wcckn.
"I am going to Europe at the request
Of the president and the secretary of
state for tHe purpose of taking Infor
mation to some of our ambassadors," he
said, -in order that they limy hnve a
more Intimate knowledge of this govern
ments attitude regarding certain phnsoi
of international questions and in order
to obtain from them their pnlnt of view
on these matters.
'"It is not advisable to bring home at
this time any of our ambasiiadnrs from
the belligerent countries. It has ben
found Impossible to convey or obtain by
cable or correspondence quite the correct
l,anlnar la Reticent.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 21.-ecrrtarr
Lansing tonight declined to add anything
to the announcement by Colonel Hoime
that he waa going to Kurope at the re
Quest of the president and the secretary
of state.
From other sources, however, came the
Intimation that official questions which
Colonel House is to take up with Amer
ican amhaxsadora at the capitals of belli
gerent powers were of such an extremely
delicate nature that they coud not be
discussed. It was auggaeted that Colonel
HovsV abatement' should ba taken at It
fac A-alu. -andaamMittonir to ta whether
heoHll enake triform!' Inqi'irUe -oon-cerninr
tha prospects of peace, elicited
nd reeponee.
Y.M.C.A. Secretary
designs Because of
Pool Tables Put In
t HASTINGS. Neb., Dee. 21. (Special Tel
egram.) E. J. Alcorn, assistant secretary
of tha Young Men's Christian association
today resigned his position rather then
manage tha pool tables which were re
cently Installed following the religious re
vival aa a moans of keeping young men.
especially the oonverts, away from public
lialla. .
Mr. Alcorn said pool table were con
trary to hia Chriatlan beliefs, so ha eouli
not consistently tend them. The associ
ation Is well pleased with the pool table
experiment, tha officer declaring that
they are doing just what waa intended.
Sarah Bernhardt is
Reported to Be Dying
LONDON, Dee. 32,-Sarah Bernhardt I
reported to be dying, according to a din
patch from Paris to the Telegraph.
Mm. Bernhardt hna never fully recov.
cred from the shock following the am
putation of a limb last February. Re
port of an Improvement In her condition
were invariably followed by others that
her health wua failing. On December 6
she became seriously ill, her physicians
announcing that aha waa suffering from
congestion of the lungs. She s now 71
years old.
LONDON. Dec. n. An Athens dispatch
' Reuter s Telegram company says that
I British submarine has sunk the Oer-
msn rteamer I-eros and other craft In
tl of Kmmor.
The steamer Leros wss owned by the
reutscho Levants line. It was 2,67a tons
and 191 feet long and waa built In IM,
When last reported it was at Con
stnt'nol. counting the time of going and coming.
Formerly the period was four days.
Tha American aviator IJeutenant
William K. Thaw of Pittsburgh, Her-g-ant
Norman Prince of Boston, and
Sergeant Elliott C. t'owdln of New York
have het-n allowed eight daya In America,
exclusive of the time for the voyage.
They are on board the steamer Rotter
dam. While Christmas In Paris will be leas
gay than uaual, th mothers, ss Is In
dicated by th erowded shops, ar buy
ing freely for th children. Th govern
ment will not permit restaurants and
cafes to remain open later than th
ususl closing hour of 10 30 o'clock and
there la no more reaerving at high prices
of tables in noted restaurants for mid
night suppers.' Also there will be none
of the on time street frivolities. - The
church services will be unusually 1m-prewl-.
Enormous Quantities of Shells, Guns
and Tents Left Behind by
English in Gallipoli i
Asquith Says Loss in Withdrawing
from Place Light in Men and
11ERLIN, Pec. 21. (Via Wire
less to Tuckerton) Enormous quan
tities of ammunition, cannon and
tents were taken by the Turks on
the withdrawal of the British from
Hip positions evacuated on the Gal
lipoli peninsula. It was officially an
nounced In ihe Turkish headquarters
report dated December 20, from Con
Manlinoplc. In the British attack on
the Seddul Hahr front which pre
ceded the withdrawal from the other
sectors the Mritlnh suffered enor
mous losses, It Is declared.
The st.ttcmrnt follows:
The Statement. 1
"Turkish troops during the night of
leremher U-l,
after heavy art'llrry
preparation, beaan an attack again the
enemy's positions near Anafnrta and
Arlburnu. The enemy In order to check
this attack made a gencrat attack along
the whole Seddul Hahr front, which com
pletely failed, with enormous losses.
"In view of '.ho certainty of Turkish
success In advances towtrd the north,
the enemy, during the night of Decem
ber 19-W. hastily withdrew part of Iris
troops. The enemy was unable to Impede
the pursuit by the Turklrtt troppa, so that
no enemy troops now remain at Anafarta
or Arlburnu.
"Kniirmous quantities of ammunition.
cannon and tents were taken..
An enemy hydroplane waa shot down
and the occupants taken prisoners."
I.oae Three Men.
Tlie only additional details of the with
drawal of the Hrltlah forcea from the Qal-
llpoll peninsula revealed from -British
sources today were thoae gleaned from
Premier AsUlth's speech in tha House
of C.'ommnnn In which he stated that tha
Itrltlsh losses were confined to three men
wounded, a few guna abandoned after
being rendered useless, and an insignifi
cant amount of stores -which were left
behind. . ' ,
From Turco-Gertnan sources, however.
several contradictory details raarhod
txndon. , Th Constantinople "cfflcial
communication gave tbe Turkish side of
tha withdrawal arid H was-somewhat am
plified by a Constantinople flftpairh. cir
culated through the Sarlin wlralcM.-,
. Laaeea' Knoraae-as.
. Both these dispatches claimed "enor
mous British loaaea" on the Heddul Bahr
front and the taking of an immeasurable
amount of booty st Buvla and Ansae
from the Turkish account It appears that
tha retirement was aided by heavy fog,
while terrific British attack a from the
Seddul Bahr position which has not been
abandoned provided a diversion. Aside
from the text of these dispatches, no
fresh details have been published n ten
don and all the London newspapers re
frain from speculation regarding the man
ner of the withdrawal.
Mrs. Wilson Reads
to the President
HOT SipnlNdS. Va.. Dee. n. Quite a
large honeymoon colony has gathered
here sines the arrival of President Wil
son and his bride Kunday and they ar
sll planning to stay over for the elabor
ate, Christmas celebration In which the
White Mouse couple are expected to par
A long walk in the cold Virginia moun
tain air and ' a fifty mile automobile
drive to neighboring springs ocrupted tha
president and Mra. Wilson most of the
day. They stopped during the drive at
famous old hotel to see registers signed
by Thomas Jefferson and other notable
figures In American history. Late til
the afternoon the president worked for
more than an hour on correspondence
and tonight Mra. Wilson read to hrm
from the store of books brought sjtong
from Washington.
Secret service men were busy again
today warding off photographers and
moving picture men who contlnae on the
alert In spite of th president's order
agalnat them.
Knocked Off Bridge
by Train, Two Unhurt
SlOirX CITY, la.. Dec. 21 -Mr. and
Mrs. William Anderson of Dakota City
Neb., late today had a remarkable escape
from death when their automobile was
knoi-ked twenty feet Into Perry Creek by
an Incoming Milwaukee passenger train at
a trestle crossing. They received only
minor Injuries.
Mr. and Mr. Anderson were en route
to the combination bridge over the Mis
rourl river on their wsy home when the"
accident occurred. Both were able to
drag themselves from the demolished car
and climb th bank of th creak to the
trestle above before members of the
train crew could scslst them.
Babies in Germany
Facing Starvation
WASHINGTON, Dec. a. The Ameri
can Red Cross transmitted to Secretary
Lansing today a petition from th cttl
sen's committee for food shipments, ask
ing that aafe conduct be obtained from
th entente allies for shipments of milk
for babies In Germany and Austria. The
committee, which was organised with
headquartera in New York for the pur
pose of supplying this milk, declared that
hablea In the Teutonic countries wer
threatened with starvation.
ChiefBlack Sea Port of King Ferdi
nand's Country Captared by
Naval Forces of the N
Bombardment Hurls Town in Ruins,
the Garrison Suffering
L.OND0N. Dec. 22 Th Daily
Chronctcle reports the capture) of
Varna, Hulgarla's chief Black Sea
port, by thn Russians. It sayg the
bombardment of the Russians sil
enced the Bulgarian guns and laid
the town in ruins, the garrison Buf
fering heavily.
The Russian then, according; te
the report, landed Infantry and artll
ery without loss and in sufficient
force to hold the town against Bul
garian attack. .'
Varna a few miles south of the
Roumanian .border. Is a railway ter
minal. '
Reports have been current for a
long' time that the Russians would
attempt an Invasion of Bulgaria from
the sea and It has been said that
forces for this purpose were con
centrated at Odessa.
Grinnell College is
Given Check for
Fif tyThousand
OR1NNELL. la.. Dec. . (Special.)
President 3. H. T. Main announced today
the receipt of a check for ISO.OOO from an
anonymous dontjr In the east. When
askaj concerning the Identity of tha
giver Mr. Main merely smiled and said:
Tell them Santa Clans put it In our
Grinnell college Is conducting an ag
gressive and successful . campaign for
new endowment for needed building and
equipment. Recently a parcel of land
In Kansas City, valued at tlfiO.OOO, was
turned over to th eolleg for t pur-
poe of, financing tha start of ' a new
men's dormltofy system. - . J
Tha alumni of th college raising '
fimil n. 1. MnilMIKtlAII tit a WtBWtlfl. '
cent hew recitation- building, the on-'
traction of which will ba coktmsneed .
xt spring and which wltl coA, Com
pleted and equipped about $2EP,000,, -
Can Sell Horse Meat fc
as Food in New Yorkrj
NEW YORK, Dec. 11 Sal of horse
meat for food 'will be permitted In New
Tork after January 1, the board of health
announced today. Commenting upon the
revocation of the section cf th sanitary
cod which prohibited the us of horse
flesh. Commissioner Emerson said that
while the' health department do not
exactly recommend it, no harm can be. '
seen In its use.
The home never haa tuberculosis and .
almost never communicate a malignant I
disease to hunTan ' beings," h said. I
"Hereafter old horses, tnatead of being
sold for their bones, which are worth
little or nothing, will be fattened . and
disposed of for meat."
Dr. Hmerson announced that special
precautions will be taken to prevent tha
ale of horseflesh in the guise of veal or
beef. ' ,
ail suat
"1 a4 a rood soUott. .
I aead kbs, mighty bad
Ihie wrent oould easily k fUlad
By uslag a Waat Ad
it aaidcyrs woald taa taa tlsssK
a at tbs Was AS glavo '
TBy avr hav a vacanor
Or with a aw sl tak a aaea
Tow 11 find uaJiy real good ulairal
Xrtok at tbs ads each day.
Tw'U g th plek of aU th aaa
U ye as th Waat AA way.
Da vau ned mor help in
bulnsf If you are looking for.
a clerk, bookkeeper. atnographr,
salesman or manager: you can
utilrklv fled any on of them, by
using a "Help Wanted" Ad 'in THS
Tb beat no It Ions ar always -
Tcrtlsed in THK Hf.K. If ou wish
to mah more monev It will iay yon,
to read the "Help Wanted" col
umns of THK OMAHA Bit 10.
Talaphon Tyler lo-
your ad in
nd sjusX
(m rot rail I A
ief haaM J
U. A. L:iil. Lccal Korecaater.