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By MELLIFICIA. Monday, December 20, 1915.
PROrOS of the present vogue for fur-top boots for milady, the
A following story Is told:
A sweet young thing wss walking up, let's say West Far
nam, wearing new, fur-top shoes, of whlrh she was Justly proud,
for. I assure you. they were things of beauty. A dog saw the fur and
made an attack, divesting one of the shoes of trimming.
The dog may have thought he recognlsM In that fur an o'd-tlme foe
the neighbor's cat. But even If he did, women may feel sure that mice will
give the fur-tops a wide path.
Which Is sufficient to assure lasting popularity for the boot, so far
as milady Is concerned.
Yuletie Tea Room.
Mrs. Farton Millard honored her
mothrr, Mrs. Nathan Merrlam. with a
luncheon at th Tulctldc ta ronm today,
Ix iits being entertained. Mr, Iw
rle ChlMs honored her mother, too, by
entertaining at luncheon.
Mri. C. H. ilsrpl. gives a luncheon for
nine guests oa Wednesday at the tea
A coterie of charming young- girls,
debutantes of tlsh saason and last, as
alsted In serving today at the tea room,
headed by Miss HarrlU Huntington
fcmlth. Amont them were:
Mary Mefteath,
lOiilse White,
Ftella Thummel,
lila Harlow,
Allen Jaoulth.
MnrKnret Ilium
XI lane
Lurlle Bacon.
tnlA rettrrson.
Marlon Tnwle.
Helen Ingwersen,
Helen flarke.
Marlon Kuhn
jvj nnn niuin, ci a ,
Jonlwl Vonaotihalfr, Eleanor Mackajr.
Anne vmioru.
Whist Clnbi Meet.
The Paramount Whist club held 1U
fourth party Friday evening. 1 'rises
were won by Mrs. P. Mehrens. Mrs.
Joseph Zlpfell, Mrs. J. A. Freeland, Mr.
W. A. Bmlth, Mr. Q. W. Reya and M. M.
Kline. The hostess at the next meeting
will ba Mrs. P. Mehrens.
Mli, May Rasmussen was hnsteaa for
a moating of the Des Amies Whist club
Saturday afternoon, rrtsee for the card
game were won by Mrs. F. J. Murphy
and Mlas Bophla rtauber. Miss Kauber
will entertain the club In two weeks.
For Bridal Couple.
Mr. Howard Oates entertained a mati
nee party at tha Orpheum theater today,
complimentary to his sister. Miss Alice
Maude Oates, and Mr. Roy Johnston of
Oravetta. Ark., who will be married Wed
nesday afternoon. Following the mati
nee. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Oates give a
Christmas dinner for the bridal couple,
after which there will be wedding re
hearsal. The party Includes;
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Conley of Fresno,
Messrs. and Mesdamea
ttaymond O. Young. W. H. Oates.
Mlaaea Misses
Aliea Maude Oates, Ada Rlddelsbarger.
Messrs. Messrs.
Howard Oates. Roy Johnston,
Mrs. Fred UucV of Chicago.
High School Dance.
The senior class of the Omaha High
school gives a dancing party at Chambers'
academy this winter. Wilbur Fullaway
and Carlton 8wller are In chants of the
Celebrate Birthday.
Mrs. R. XT. Powers chaperoned a party
of young people to the Orpheum theater
Saturday evening. In celebration of her
daughter, Ethel's, birthday. In the party
GAYETY Shadow Lawn, the summer White House at
Elberon, N. J., will be the scene" of many delightful enter
tainments during the coming summer. The picture of the
president and his bride was taken during one of their recent
visits to New York. The insert shows the coat of arms of
the Boiling family.
ter. Mrs. I.,. R Mann. Mrs. Stevens In
active In suffrage affairs In the eaat. Mrs.
Charles Jnhnnnca and Mrs. Joseph Pol-
car of the Knual Franchise society are
In charge of the arrangements for the
Mrs. A. O. Morse elves a family dinner
tonleht for Mrs. Ptevens and Mrs. Agnes
Harrison la entertaining Informally for
the same gueM. who has mnny Omaha
Program of Research Club.
Father Thomas Connors, B. J former
director of the Research club, addressed
that orirnnlsntlon Sunday afternoon on
"liOni-der." at Bt. Herchman's academy.
Father Connora stated that the mirac
ulous cures of Lorde waa oiif) of the
most stupendous facta of modern times.
A male quartet, which Included John j
!(rothy From,
v Margaret Carlson,
Ktl el Powers.
Arthur Carlson.
Adolph Irahek,
Blewart Powers.
Stork Special.
Irene Muller,
Hillings. Mont.;
Edward Foye,
Edward Kerrea,
Rush, Edward Fuller, Krol Strlckler and
John Ounn, sang "The Rosary" and an
Hawaiian song.
Entertain for Son.
For their son, W. P. Craig of Mont
gomery, Ala., who Is coining home for
Christmas, Mr. and -Mrs. F. II. Craig
will glvo a dinner party' Christmas- day.
Mr. Craig stops In Chicago, Cincinnati
and Muncle, Ind., vhere he haa business
connections, en route here.
Christmas Visitor. .
Mrs. Thomaa Moonlight Murphy of
Kansas City arrived Sunday to be the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.
W. Thompson, over the hnlidaya.
Ever.trd Chllds, who spent the last
year In Couth America, lands in New
York on December 1, and. If possible,
will arrive In Omaha to spend Christmas
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lowrle
Mlsa Clara Bull arrived Sunday from
Minneapolis to be the gueet of the Isaao
Congdons until after New Year's. Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert French of Louisville. Ky
and Mr. Robert Forgan of Chicago are
expected Friday morning and Mlaa Jo
sephine Congdon will be home from Vaa
sar also this week. Mrs. Congdon'a sister,
Mrs. Ferguson of Sterling, 111., who was
expected for the holidays, has postponed
her trip. For their guests Mr. and Mrs.
Congdon will give a Christmas dinner.
Personal Mention.
Mrs. Fred Duck arrived Sunday from
Chicago to be a guest at the Johnston
Qatea wedding.-
A. I Slater of this city is spending a
few days in IOs Angelea and Is stopping
at the Hotel Clark while there.
Miss Helen JU Sommer, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Isidnr Sommer, left Satur
day evening for New Tork City to be
the guest of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs.
Max Roeenblum, during the holidays.
Mrs. J. M. Metcalf will spend the week
end In Lincoln with Judge and Mra. A.
J. Cornish. Mrs. Metcalf plans to leave
Friday morning and will return Sunday.
Mlsa Margaret Held has returned bom
after vlalttng friends In Sioux City.
ifc -.- ... J .
Ml-mssi mi i..iai..ti ii in ii i mis I I i JPS
A son was bora Sunday to . Mr. and
Mrs.' William 11. Wallace ' of Lincoln,
formerly of Omaha.
Temperance Meeting.
Mrs. Edith Rhlnrork.' a delegate to the
last national temperance convention, will
address the . all-day meeting of the
Omaha Women's Christian temperance
union, which will be held Wednesday at
the home of Mrs, Beecher Hlgby. Mrs.
Hliinrock ill apeak at 11 o'clock In the
News of the School Set
Tha Cornell students will reach Omaha
Friday to spend the holidays with their
friends. Among the Cornell contingent
are Horace Blake, Herbert Davis, Wayne
Helliy, Morton Wakely and Clarence
Douglas O. Cavers and Wlllard Millard
will coma from Tome school, fort Pe.
posit. Md. Mr. Millard recently
elected president of Harrison House, the
dormitory In which he lives.
Mark Dunham and Clarke Davis are
expected home tonight from Swarthmore
coilega near Philadelphia, to remain for
several weeka.
Culver H. Oook returned Thuraray
front Princeton and Is spending the holi
day vacation. with his parents, Mr. aa4
Mra. J.'L. Cook.
To Honor Bride-Elect
Mra. W. F. Mllroy entertained at lunch
eon at the University club today, com
plimentary to Mlsa George Trimble, who
will be a YuleUde bride. Covers were
placed for:
Misses Misses
Ueorn Trimble, Isnbrl Mllroy.
Medimea Mesdaines
J f. Trimble. Harold Hobotker,
Thomas M. MurpbyW. K. Mllroy.
of Kansas City;
Home for Christmas.
Mia Eugenie Whltraore arrived home
this morning after an extended eastern
trip. Following a delightful stay In New
Tork City, alias Whltmore motored to
Poughkcepsla with a party of friends and
also stopped la Chicago a few days, en-
route home.
Mlsa Faith Lee HoeU who haa baen In
Kt-w York City and other eastern points
for the last alx months, la expected home
Thursday or Friday.
Employes of the
Leslie-Judge Co.
Given a Banquet
Employes of the Omaha branch of the
Leslie-Judge company were . guests of
John Nlederst, manager of the branch,
at a banquet at Oanson's cafe Saturday
night Mr. Nlederst also gave banquets
at Denver and Salt Lake City for tha
field men who work under his Jurisdic
tion farther west. Those present at the
Omaha dinner were: - - .'
Messrs. Messrs.
Oreeley T. Whitney C. M. Roberts.
Dr. I. C, Adock. C. C. Heys.
W. IL Trostler. S. H. Burke,
It. H. Wlllaon, J. A. Hann,
T. Clifford. J. U, Keton,
Msx Oorfkle. flam Uorrkla.
J s rues L tiarnum. D. M. Murray,
Ml uses Misses
Franoes Hllllsr, Alice Prior.
Pauline Miller. Kllsaheth HalL '
Alma Schoeffler. Ida Krleden. ,
Messrs. and Mesdames '
John L. Nlederst, lleorge T. Hllller.
f.. J. Hullivan.
C. H. Wlese.
David Tuttle.
H. C. Shaffer.
J. t. Drurv.
A. D. 8. McArthur.
Holdup With Gun
Trapped by Man
George Bradley. i Clarion, la., brnkerran
on the Chicago Great Western railroad,
apprehended Kd Francis, KM North Six
teenth street, colored holdup, at the point
of a flashlight made In the shape of an
automatic revolver.
Saturday evening Francis held up and
robbed Kam Freed man, 211 South Four
teenth street, of (25, and then shot his
victim through the wrist. Francis ran
up an alley and aa he was emL-r.iIng on
the next street was confronted by Rrad
iey, who pushed the flashlight revolver
undV.r his nose snd commanded, him to
throw up his hands, Tfcn n-ji-e hgj a
mm .
i. n.i ni ii ii i ,J,.,, Li Si. ,i .nut
s w
to 8 II I
Extra Special From 7
O'clock, Tuesday Night
1.(100 Si k Pett conts.en. 75c
Dozens of styles, ever? color of the rainbow and
black; Jight rbadC3 a3 well as dark. Made of
Messaline. Liberty s:ik, all-silk Jersey tops with
Messaltne bottoms, etc. Perfect petticoats In
even" way. Many samples. Just think of buying
good, practical, perfect silk petticoats in every
way for the small sum of 7.o.
In Our Great Enlarge d Basement
Tuesday Night, from 7 to 8, such a thin? is
possible ss long as 1,000 last, at 75 each.
From 8o 9 O'clock Tuesday Night
Values to 50c, At 10c Each
With lace and embroidery trimmings. Dozens
of styles; round aprons, square aprons, plain
aprons and sewing aprons. All pretty styles,
made of nice white materials with dainty laces
and embroidery trimmings and Insertions. Not
an apron worth less than 19c from that up
to 50c.
Extra Special in Great Enlarged Basement
From 8 to 9 O'clock, Tuesday Night,
at 10 each.
V , . - - - w -- ' : ' "-TT-S - - , .,
loaded revolver In his own band nt fhi
tlnio. but he threw It away and elevated,
his dlk'Ks. By this time Officers llulden
and Williams, who had heard the shots,
arrived on the scene nnd h eii
to hcudiiuarters. He pleaded cuilty in
police court and was bound over to the
dtHtrlct court v. i.n
"If tlie cltliens cun capture holuups
with a fluihllht, what would they do
ev 1th reil revolvers?" remarked an ofMcer. .
Bring1 the Children to Toylanci
i i
Solid Oak
Tool Chests,
- 11.50, special
O o o d substantial
Rocking Horses, nice
ly painted; hair, mane
and tail. Worth $1.60.
Frict'on Locomotive, Engine,
Tender and one r o
Car. VOC
Iron Floor Trains,
Engine and Car
Hi - II II
Gasoline prices have resumed their up- '
ward march again, this time with an ad
vance of half a cent per (alien. Autols.s
now have to pay 16H cents for dry test
"cas" and 1HH cents for high test at the
auto filling; stations. Further advances
n ay be expected, the oil dealers declare.
Charles I. Wolf,
n. Hill.
K. Hitchcock.
J. Rvan.
Pan TliluLson.
A. L Lhoulnard.
At the Orpheum Theater.
Boxes for thia evening's performance
at the Orpheum theater bave been taken
by Mr. and Mra. Harry Wbllmore. Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Fraser and O. F. Urwla.
F A. Klitgrrald will nave eight guests
J. U. Baldrlgu. five; H. B. Zachary, five,
and Norrta Hrown five. Parties of four
will be entertained by C. U Kamsworth,
J. T. hlewart. U ML Oohn. Carl Furth
. Hamilton. R. U lluntlry. A.' V. Kina-
Irr. It. H. Baldrige. U 1. Mil lard and K.
U. Illl-ben.
Honor Suffrage Speaker.
THe r4ual Franchise eock-ty will (Ive
a lunrheon at tba Commercial club Thurs-
ihy, Ixcmber SO, honoring Mrs. K. K.
II. Uteviia of Syracuse. N. Y., a former
Umata wuruao, wbo Is visiting her sle-
Charlea B. Taylor, Charles E. Hecn
Santa Prepares for
Municipal Tree at
Omaha Auditorium
Plana are well In ' hand for the mu
nicipal Christmas tree celebration nest
Thursday evening at the Auditorium.
City Commissioner Butler and Eunice
Knsor of the publlo schools announce
that the program will be started at 7:30
o'clock. Oreen'e band will play and II. W.
Punn and Charles Gardner will alng.
Trimble Broa. will furnish the tr.e and
the Omaha Electrio IJght and Fover
company will provide special Illumina
Mesdames Luther Kountse, A. B. Mc-
Connell. J. T. Stewart and Charles Mets
111 assist. After the program Santa
Claus will distribute sacks of good things
to children.
Everybody is invited to the celebration.
This is a Jewelry Xmas
WHEN you desire Gifts of
quality, things that will
bo remembered for their in
trinsic worth in the years to
come, you will think of Jewelry. More
over, Jewelry carries a tender senti
ment which cannot be expressed so
nicely in any other way.
This is a Jewelry Giristmas. View
the many beautiful things presented
for your consideration by the Omaha
Jewelers and remember that they will
be glad to help you select the most ap
propriate gift.
Dame Fashion has Decreed
a Jewelry Christmas
Beautiful large Silk Scarfs, made
In large open-end four-in-hands.
PVery latest patterns
In Persians, self fig
ured and neat de
signs. Regular $1.60
lien's Fine Dress
and Street Gloves
worth to $1.76. at
Smoking; Jackets,
tZJ&K, $4.98
Worth to 110.
0$S $
The cutest and
most cunning
novelties of the
season, made
with the Kew
ple with silk
sweatera and
Fancy Novelties
A Purse, a Mirror,
a Puff, a Little
Powder. In a neat
leather caae
A Great Variety Fine Slippers for Christmas
Most Economically Priced BasementShoe Scc'Ion
Children's Felt Slippers, .Co
penhagen blue, prettily bound;
ankle strap style, 49c
Felt SUpperi for Women t all
sizes, fur and ribbon trlmmod.
Special at, per ORr
Men's Slippers, embroidered
velvet and imitation alligator.
Special Tuesday, all
sizes ,
Telret Slippers for Women,
carpet soles;' all , sizes. 'j r-
Special Tuesday, pair...
Men's Fine Honse Slippers,
tan and black colors; Everett
style. All sizes. Saleejj,
price OC
Men's Fine Kid Slippers,
Opera, Everett and Itomso
styles; all sizes. " OfJ
Special, pair
An appropriation for a city planning
engineer or expert for Omaha will
eventually be asked of tha city council br
the new City Planning board, which held
a nuwtlng yesterday at tha Commercial
club rooms. Utile was done at the meetlns
except to talk over the matter of writing
to other similar boards throughout tha
United Htatee to get in touch with
methods, and to aid In setting In touch
with some available engineer or city plan
ning expert that Omaha might eventually
Da. " IsKrr itlik lulasf
Take Vr. King's New llacov.ry, the
best cough, cold, throat and lung medi
cine made. The first doaa helps. Wc. All
druggists. Advertise menu
kUra. K. It. 3. Edholin, State Agent, lied Outs Christmas bceUs,
, ol UraudeU Theater iiuUdluK. VcsWphouo Tjler 1W81,
Every woman and man expects at least one Christmas box
this section, with its .many delightful originations, is splendidly
Women's Sheer Linen Em
broidered Handker chiefs,
special Tuesday, box, crjr
of three OVC
Women's Embroidered
Shamrock Linenweave Hand
kerchiefs. Box of -.-v
Women's and Men's Flaln, all
pure Irish linen Handkerchiefs,
Men's 5ew Crepe de Chins
Handkerchief s, white and cri-
colors. Bpaclal, each OUL
Men's Fine Quality Hem
stltohed Handkerchiefs
worth. 260. 8peclal IOC
to yield handkerchiefs. And
ready to help you fulfill such
Ladles' Extra Fine Quality,
Pore Linen Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, narrow hems. n
Worth lSc; each 1UC
Fiber Silk Knit 5eck Scarfs,
in colors with fancy ? r
stripes. Worth $1.25 J DC
Silk Chiffon Tells, fancy floral
crepe and silk spun scsufs.
Worth to $2.00, gQ
Notice to Our Patrons:
Wc will be open evenings.
Foi your convenience in completing your Christ
mas shopping our salesroom will be open Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings until
9 o'clock. Our Christmas suggestion tables are full
of good ideas for practical gifts. Look them over and
make some selections from our excellent assortment.
1509 Howard St.
'Doug-Us 605.
Omaha Gas Company
" J
H f
" k