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    T11K HKK: OMAHA, KATVKDAY, PKCKMHEll 18, 191.').
Evidence Given at Dei Moines by
Convict Againit Defendant in.
Ullery Case.
(From & Staff Correspondent.)
t)R8 MOINES, Pec. 17. (Special Tele
gram.) Pnmtfrinic evidence a&alnst the
defendant In the Tilery murder esse was
Introduced by the state this mornlne; when
Fred Rush, now serving; a term at Ana
mosa for blffamy, wi called to the
stand. It la believed the case will go to
the Jury Mbndsy.
Rush told of meeting the defendant.
George Frailer, and a stranirer at Omaha.
The wltneaa claims Frailer and the
strenejer asked him to accompany them
to Webster.
"They were going to get old man
T'lltry," they aald. According to Rush,
"they were going to rob him, they aald,
and aklp to Kansas City If necessary.
They said they would kill the old man."
On cross-examination the witness said
he waa shown a SS-callber revolver by
Frailer and the etranger.
Mrs. H. F. IWault. a witness for the
state, Identified a suit case as that stolen
from her home during a robbery on
From Our Near Neighbors
Mrs. John narte of Omaha spent Pun-
day with Mrs. J. 11. Watson.
Ueoree F.dmodson of Auburn Is visit
ing his aunt. Mrs. Frank Oomte.
Mrs. Spencer of lteomer spent Sunday
with "Mr. and Mrs. H. A. t'spsey.
Henry Hall has returned from Okla
homa, Where lie went last summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hagun of Vspll
llon visited Mra. K. Tlmberlake l-'rlday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller visited
friends in Lincoln the first of the week.
Sirs. M. A. Roberts has gone to Omaha
to spend the winter with her daughters.
TA Cnckerlll of Fender la visiting at
James Oockerill.
the home of his parents, Air. ami firs.
The Manler basket ball team plnved
the local team at the opera house Sat
urday nlRht. Pprlngfleld won.
Mrs. Carrie tfpellman of Beatrice met
with the Kestern Star Indue here Wednes
day evening and gave Instructions to Its
I. K. Keyes left Thursday for Los
Angeles, where he will spend the winter.
He will also visit his daughter in Okla
homa on his outward trip.
Ia A. Rates attended a meeting of the
Historical society committee In Omaha
Wednesday evening, where plans were
perfected for th semi-centennial celebra
tion of Nebraska's admission Into the
Justice Hlnkle accidentally shot him
versltv Place the last of the week with
her niece. Miss Ruth Noyes. who la at
lendlim Nebraska Weslcyan university.
Miss Anna Hunter and Miss Irma Jar
hoe remrnmt Monday from Olsthe, Kan.,
where they had buen to see a relative.
August 2T. The suit case was later Iden- SPi( wttla a .-caliber rifle last Sunday
lifted by George K. Bldwell, station agent,
another witness for the prosecution. Bid
well said he recovered It at Adel during
his search for- a stranger, said to have
been Implicated In the Vllery murder.
He said the man's name Is Oeorgo Clif
ton. He told of tracing him to Nebraska,
where he found that Clifton had served
a sentence In a reformatory In that
' Fifteen Fatal HAsuf Accidents.
Fifteen fatal accidents occurred cn Iowa
roads In the period from October 23 to
November 2t These figures were com
piled by the Iowa Highway commission.
Automobile accidents were the cause of
eleven deaths, one person was killed by a
wagon overturning snd three met death
when engines went through bridges,
llooat Katabrook Here.
letters are being received here by
prominent political leaders boosting the
candidacy of Henry t. Estabrook of New
York for the republican nomination for
j resident. These letters are sent but from
the Estabrook Nebraska headquarters,
maintained in Hotel Kome, Omaha, and
are signed by Jesse V. Craig.
Bnd Fire at Boston.
Fire destroyed practically all of the
1 us'nes) district of Bouton, Dallas county,
yesterday. It left the people of the town
vithout a groceVy or general merchandise
store. Three hours after the discovery of
the fire, almost all of the entire north
sldo of the business district was In ruins.
The loss totals about $50,000.
rarolert Prisoners Located.
The Stato Board of Farole has located
two prisoners who violated their parole
In this slate. Both have gotten into
trouble In other states and are in prison
again. II. E. Maupln, alias Henry Clark,
who waa paroled from Anamosa, where
he was serving a sentence for larceny,
' disappeared from the farm where be waa
working November 6, 1914. It haa been
learned that be is now confined In the
South Dakota penitentiary, where be was
received November 19 of this year on an
eighteen months' sentence for grand lar
ceny. Harry Edwards, who waa sent to
Anamosa from Woodbury county on the
charge of burglary and waa paroled, vio
lated -bia- parole- October 1, 1911. He Is
now serving a three-year sentence In Fol
aom prison California.
Want Homea for Children.
Members of the State Board of Control
left today for Davenport for an inspec
tion of the Iowa Soldiers' Orphans' home.
The board is anxious to place the chil
dren now at the Davenport institution in
homea over the atate and la working sys
tematically to do so. The modern Idea
ia that a real home la much better for
the child than an institutional home, and
il la hoped to make the Davenport home
more of a receiving station, from which
the children can be placed out in the
course of a few months. There are now
Oil children in the home. Two agents
are employed by the board in finding
homes for the children, and a third agent
may possibly be added. Chairman Dixon
is anxious that vocational training be em
phasized in the educational courses at the
home, and more of this work will be given
in tha future.
t Inlm Aa-nlnst Estate Joat.
The supreme court has ruled that the
Cedar Kails Building, Loan and Savings
association has a claim against the es
tate of 'O.' If. Boehmler, formerly con
nected wllli the association, who waa
charged with defalcation of funds. This
higher court opinion reverses t&e ruling
of Judge Franklin C. l'latt of the Black
Jlawk county court. It waa charged that
Boehmler defaulted with more than 18,000.
Dog Flaht In llla-h Court.
When Charles Wolff of Cedar Rapids
shot his neighbor's dog, which had killed
Wolff's cat, he violated a city ordinance,
and his fine of $10 in the Cedar Rapids
. district court was sustained lu the opin
ion of the supreme court which ruled on
the case. This case, over a back yard
clog and cat fleht, has been fought
through from the lower court at consid
erable expense.
Damage Case Reversed
The'eiipreme court today reversed the
ruling- of the Linn county court, W. N.
Trelchler Judge, in awarding $10,000 dam
ages to the estate of William J. Klrby,
killed in an explosion of a Hock Island
engine. The case was reversed on the
ground of contributory negligence.
- - Entitled to Prise Car.
Esther Smead ia entitled to the Ford
automobile ahe won in the aubscrlptlon
. contest conducted by the Sheldon Mail
according to a ruling of the supreme
court made yesterday. Her right to the
machine was contested by Miss Minnie
Cole, who, although she received the high
est number of votes, did not get them
according to the rules of the contest 1
the ruling of the lower court. In this the
supreme court agrees. The contest waa
Leld in 191) and the machine ia more than
three years old now.
The ball struck him below the knee an 1
went through the bone, lodging near the
opposite side from where It entered. The
shot was extracted.
Mrs. Dr. Farsons is very seriously 111
with grippe.
Mir. Nichols and Miss Nichols spent
Monday In Omaha.
Olen Condron and M.rle Wallstroem
spent Tuesday In Omaha.
Miss Mabel Ruck and Irving Hlndmarch
wore married In Omaha Monday.
8. H. Howard returned from the Omaha
hospital Saturday and is able to be out.
Mrs. R. M. Kray spent two days with
her parents in Omaha the first of the
Mrs. W. O. Whltrmre was called to
Omaha the first of the week by the
death of her aunt, Mrs. Murray.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Methodist
Kpisropal church held a variety sale at
Egbert's store Saturday afternoon.
Miss Wauneta Cook was III with grippe
and unable to teaivh Thursday of this
week. Mirs. Adams substituted for her.
Judcn Sutton. Charles Thomas, John
and Ml. as Rebel, Miss Howard and Miss
llager, assisted Mr. Robel in the meet
ing Sunday.
The regular meeting of the Valley
Woman's club was held Friday afternoon
with Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Thomas
Johnson gave a biography of Liszt. MUss
Mabel Johnson gave an Instrumental se
lection from Liszt, and Mrs. F. C. Ken
nedy a paper on "The lsMilslaua Pur
chase." Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Kennedy
sold S20 worth of Red Cross seals for
the Woman's club this year.
Avoca schools closeo Friday for a two
aeiks vacation.
Mrs. .l Oraham haa returned from a
trip to California.
Miss Sophia Miller arrived Mlnday
evening from Denmark.
Mrs. John Weaver entertained the II
N. A. circle Friday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Onrnett are the
parents of a bsby boy born Friday.
Miss Muldoon of Corley, la.. Is spending
the week with friends east of town.
Misses Kntln and Christiana Meyers
Were Nebraska City visitors Tuesdsy.
Mrs. (Irnce Rhoden of Nehawka Is
spending the week with relatives east of
Mrs. Mollie Sharp and daughter, Pearl,
left Friday for Chicago to apend the
Misses Donna and Fhyllla Straub re
turned Wednesday evening from a visit
with Omaha friends.
Mrs. David Rogenrlef of Rlmwood. Mrs.
F. F. Daring and son of Lincoln, and
Mrs. Will Zugehhaln of St. Joseph, M.,
were here the first of the week visiting
at the home of Oliver Rogenrlef.
Roy Coamnn held a publlo sale at his
farm west of town Wednesday. Mr. Coat
man and family will move to Elmwood
soon, where they will reside.
Henry Pfeiffer is quite 111 at his horns.
Mrs. Amy Calvert wss In Omaha Tues
John Malek is oulte aick with rheu
Mrs. Robert Warren ia vlsltlnr Mrs.
Grant Rogers in Omaha.
Mrs. Charles Deerson waa oulte sick
last week with tonsilitls.
Mr. and Mra. William Wlnterburn were
Omaha visitors Tuesday.
Walter Toser end family of Canada
re visiting at tne home oi his s'ster.
Mra. A. P. Ely.
Mrs. Adoloh Otte and bsbv are visit
ing at the homo of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Marsnau, at uaie.
The Knlrhts of Pythtaa held lodge
and initiated Carl Pflcffer and Earnest
Schumann to the second degree Wednes
day eveninr.
Vernon White came down rrom. the
ranch with threa cArloads of cattle for
the Omaha market, and also to visit his
relatives for a few days. - - -
Mrs. diaries Wltte and daughter. Mrs.
George Cunningham, were Omaha vis
itors Monday, airs, i-unningnam went on
to Bennington to .visit her sister and
Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Spring were
Omaha visitors.
Chester Hendrickson was an Omaha
isltor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen visited relatives
In Kcnnard Sunday.
The Ladles' Aid met at the Powell home
for dinner Wednesday.
Dr. Hamilton of Omaha attended the
funeral of Mr. Larson Tuesday.
While cranking his car Monday morn
ing. Mr. Evans broke his wrist.
Mr. and Mra. Carl Carlsen of Kennard
visited at the Jacobsen home Tuesday.
Chris Deln. Emal Jacobsen and Harvey
Knight were Omaha visitors Tuesday.
The funeral of Andrew Larson wns
held at his residence Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Ml.-e. S. R. Brewster visited at
the Carl Hebbard home in South Side
Mra Vestal. Mra. Hendrickson. Mr.
Benjamin Magoe and ltrls Vestal wcra
Omaha visitors Saturday.
RAVENNA. Neb.. Dec. 17. (Special.)
The business men of Ravenna have raised
a fund for the purpose of seeing that
Santa Claus visits every youngster in
Ravenna. The plan will be carried out
on a somewhat elaborate scale, and it Is
not expected that any little urchin will be
on the street Christmas morning with
tear-dimmed eyes, saying that Sant
Claus did not come to his house.
Da ma are gait Settled.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Dec. 17.-Spe
clal.) In the case of damages against
John Thompson, brought by Mrs. Hessel
for damages alleged to have been sus
tained through Injuries received when
Mr. Thompson dashed Into her vehicle
with his automobile, was settled out of
court, Mr. Thomspon agreeing to pay
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Henry Nohrnberg- la laid up with a dis
located atioulder.
John N. Petersen and family have
moved Into their new house.
Zlnn'a Lutheran church will hold Its
exercises Christmas eve at 6 o'clock.
Mrs. Otto Gottsch entertained last Bun-
day In honor of her birthday anniversary.
Misses Mary Dlorka and Irene Orau re
turned from Benson Friday to apend the
holluaye at their homea.
Tha minlls of district 44, Miss Myrtle
Leach, teacher, will (five their Christmas
entertainment next Thursday evening.
The members of the Bunday school of
St. John's Lutheran church will give a
urogram and enjoy a tree on rTiaay even-ng-.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris 8tark. whose birth
days occur on the same day, entertained
a large gathering ot reituives ana irienus
last Monday in honor ( the occasion.
The Papilllon schools closed Friday for
two weeks vacation.
W. E. Patterson, county clerk, attended
tha meeting- ot clerks held at Columbus
vt eanesuay.
Oerald Walters left Friday for his home
at Detroit, Mich., where he will spend
the Holidays.
Miss A rut stasia VIella left Friday even
lng for (Jretna, to spend the holidays at
her home there.
MUm Kathenne Petrinfr, elKhth grade
and domestic science teacher, has re
iiined and will a.iemi the slate uulverslly
during the second semester.
Mesdames A. K. Westover, I A. Boa
sard and William Katon entertained ths
Preshylerlan Aid society, Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mra. Eaton.
KEARNET, Neb., Dec. 17. (Special.)
Claiming that the asphalt pavement now
being laid on Lincoln Highway in this
city Is of Inferior quality and not of the
texture called for In tha nlana and aoeol-
ficatione. 8. C. Vlck today filed notice on ' detn l Mansfield O., of Mlsa Minnie
Weeplaar Water.
Charles Jenkins moved his lamlly here
from IJncoln Tuesday.
R. g. McC'leery and A. E. Tierney mo
tored to 'fekaniah the "r,t ot the week.
ldney Marshall received a broken
f inner Thursday when he fell on an ley
Harold Blalkle returned Saturday even
IPs' from Cashmere, Wash., where ha has
been the last year.
Miss Eva Fowler, who teaches at
F.tcgle., came home Wednesday to recup
erate from a siege of sickness.
Word has been received here of the
Mayor Kibler and the city council that he
would resort to the courts to prevent Its
acceptance and payment under the con
tract should they continue to lay the material.
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held this week. At one a team of horses
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Wnrrl has been received that M. M.
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ried on Christines day at Pittalwrgh. V.
Mrs. John W. Carter TUited at Uul-
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