Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 18, 1915, NEWS SECTION, Page 4, Image 4

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fiut Treasurer imd Auditor Send
Them Back and Forth Juit
i for Exercise.
thin ltv and ihrci red about 1.4K from
thf cash drawer, lie waa a former rm
plovor nf l.mtiprt and well acquainted
with llir- pine. The ronvlrtivl man's
brother, Koy Gtlffln. was sent to the
r'r.lter.tlsry n lt'e over a yrnr go for
the roblwry of the rVhsrg llnrdwarr com
pany In thla lty.
(Ft-em Staff Correspondent .
LINCOLN, PC 17.-fSreclal.)-Kvery-body
knows wht the governor of North
Carolina en Id to the governor of South
Carolina on day several years nno when
those two rnrt one warm Aunist after
noon, hut the tojlo which Is now upper
most Jtirt row Ih wt ae dM State Treas
urer Oeerge Hall My to Ftats Atimior
Billy Prnith one day laxt wrelc when he
bolted Into the s.nctum of ths Utter and
deposited that bunh of warrant of the
elsto fire commissioner. (
Neither of the official will say a word
rr give any Information a to the con
versation. When asked about It. Hill
says It "Doesn't make any difference
what I kM," while Smith grins In an
embarasslng manner and seta an If he
didn't ant to talk about It.
The story, an It goes, la that nfter the
supreme court decree.1 that Treasurer
Hall should pay the. warrants of the: flro
commlwlnner without any appropriation
by the lrglalatTire. the nOditnr gathered
up the warrant from tlielr neat where
they had been Tenoning; In th vault and
aent them over to the treasurer by hi
faithful .rptity. Jfr. Ayera. fnluckily or
otherwise, the atate treantirer was out
and so ' lis turned them over to Tvputy
Treasurer- Hank Berge to be connter
slaned, '
Now Hank I a cautloua nort of In
dividual end did not propoire to be cntig'it
napping by any harmony program thit
Mrs. Lay ton Found,
Not Guilty of Part
In Husband's Death
- Nebraska
UERINCI. Neb.. lec. 17-(Sieelnl Tel
gram.) The "Jury In the cane of Mra.
Mai el I,ayton, who was charged With
being acceinory to the murder of her
l husband, Joneph !ayton, brought In a
jverdlet of not guilty today after being
i out twenty hour.
Testimony In the trial waa concluded
'yenterdny morning, and the arguments of
counsel were brpun. The ntnte Introduced
a number f witnesses In addition to thone
who testiflid at the trial of Jordan, tind
aime tentlmony of a sr-nantlonal chame
ter wan brought out wlibh did not ap
pear In the firm hearing. A good share
of this, evidence wan M-cured from Mra.
Eva, Jordun, wife of the cinvlrted man.
who acknowledged thot she. hnd tenllfied
falsely at previous ben rings boiVuse of
her denlrc to shield her hua'onnd. but
now apparently la ready to tell what ahe
knew. Her evidence waa tiot directly to ! Hitchcock
the, point of foci, but appeared to have
a good deal of strength In Indicating the
complicity of Ire d"nd mnn'a wife In
the cnnnplrncy to kill him and necure hia
large properties. The defendant waa the
only witness p!n ed upon the aland by
the defenne. and consisted largely In
denial of guilty knowledge. Her de
meanor during the trial waa coot and
nrlf-ponnensed until the argument of the
J county attorney began, but during Ita
: procedure she apparently collapaed and
; occupied a couch In the court room until
Appointment of Dan Kavanaugh
Leaves Editor Crowd High
and Dry.
FAIRDVr.V, Neb., Iec. 17.- Special
Telegram.) Considerable, rejoicing pre
vails In the Hltrbcork faction ef the
democratic party at thin point over the
newa received from Washington that
Dan Kavanaugh hnd received the official
appointment aa postmaster at Falrbury.
William F. Cramb wan appointed by
I'renldent Wllmn Inst July, to hold the
place until an appointment wan confirmed
by the senate. He haa been postmanter
since August 1.
Mr. Kavanaugh, the new postmanter,
ban been a resident of Falrbury lnce
1SI3. and haa been engaged In the hard
ware buslneaa. He waa born In Vinton,
Canada, and came to Nebraska In 1874,
bin father taking a homestead In Polk
For yearn he has been a member of
the democratic pnrtv and In at present
a member of the central committee of
the democratic party of Nebraska. Ife
waa a friend of Senator Hitchcock In the
campnlKn of lido.
W. F. Crumb, present postmanter.
strongly opposed the candldncy of Senator
through hla paper, the Falr
bury Journal, and consequently the sen
ator held unusually strong vlewa against
bla appointment. Mr. jvavnnaugh will
lake the plnce aa noon aa hia bond la
, the Jury went out.
State Treasurer to
Honor Xmas Pay
(From a Ptaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Iiec. 17.-Speclnl Tel
egram.) Resides being national demo
cratic committeeman for Nebraska, Dr.
P. L, Hall of Lincoln, proved himself to
he a pretty Kood Hants, Claua to the atate
house employes thla afternoon, when he
visited .tho capital, took a JoeHterher
nclssor'a hold on Btale Treasurer Hall
and a Frank Uotch toe hold on fttato
Auditor ttnlth and caused them both to
go to the rant with both shoulders down
on their order made, while tho doctor
waa In Washington that atate houae em
ployes should not receive their pay war
rants before Christmas, , .
Whether thla waa due to the fact that
the doctor feared a run for, Christmas
money by the state house employes, or
whether he did not like the Idea ot nulli
fying so good an order aa that put In
vogue by former republicans that . atate
houae employes should be paid before
Christmas, snythow he told thte state
officers they were wrong In refusing pay
to their employes and. so, thanks to Dr.
Hall, they will . receive their. December
warrants before Christmas and the kids
can have sleds and cranberry sauce.
might be put up and refused to counter
sign them, rathfr awaiting the arrival of ' T- -r-r i T) j
the state treasurer and let him do the J JJf ' Hall 1 CUdClCS
vi'-iitriMiiiiii. ' ' I ' )
In due course of time Mr. Hall came 1
Into the. office and waa notified that the j
warrants awaltdo hln official John Han-
cock, pid be affl It? Not on your life.
With flashing eye and crimson cheek he
se lied those unholy warrants aa a rat
terler would sclxe a festive rodent and
hied himself to the private office of his
brcther demoeratlo official, the' state
auditor, and here the story ends.
Rumor haa It that when the bunch of
warranta hit the dsk xit the auditor that
they rebounded and knocked an arm off
an Image of Thomas Jefferson atandlng
near by, wh'le another rumor aaya that
they threw their arma about each other
and repeated In unison what the gov
ernor of North Carolina as Id to the gov
ernor or South Carolina and hied them
selves to the cigar counter In the corridor
end partook of good Nehawka elder.
In any event. If both officials are as
backward about asking for votes at the
next election as they are about talking
about the warrant Incident, tho voters
will t be bothered much by . Messrs.
Hill and Smith In 191.
Articles of IacorporaUosu
The Meyer Hydro-Electric Power com
pany of Oak. Nuckolls county, has filed
articles of Incorporation with the secre
tary of atate. Th company la Incor
porated for IW0,0i and the men behind
the company are Ernest and John Meyer,
II. H. Nelson and 11. B. Jennings,
. I'uol Aets Straw. Hat.,.
Secretary of Btate Pool today received
a Christmas present In the shape of a
new straw hat The hat came from him
friend. A. P. Fttsslmmons, who la con
nected with the administration depart
ment of the city .of Manila. Mr. Poo)
does nat expect t3 wear the hat on. Christ
mas, unlias the snow melts off a little
from the ground and the atmosphere
takes on a Manila feeling.
1'loreace Honda Past Dae.
Of the $fl,7K,OW bends owned by the
atate of Nebraska aa a part of the stale
school fund Investment,, only R700 of
the amount Is past due. Florence aehool
d strict bonds in tho anount of 13,00,
tl.0.0 of It two years over due and the
12,04 one year past due, compoaes the
larger part ef the pant due bonds.
T;ia Florence outhorltlca claim that
since the water worka haa been taken
aay from the city as a taxable asset
the echo. I district u unable to raise the
money. The water system waa formerly
owrijiil by the Omaha Water company,
but Is now owned by the city and henoe
is not taxable.
The other4cnd overdue are tVK school
district boms of MePhernon county and
I70J school (JLitrlet bonds of rtoyd -county
and $.VO Mason OKy park bonds, which
cannot be pa d because oo levy hud been
made for their payments
.Western tirnlu Company,
The Vostem Grain company Omali
la a new" corpnrution fl'.lng artlujea of
Incorporation with the secretary of state
- te toy. The offlcera of the company ari
K. C Harris, preldint: R. H. West brook,
vlco president; -, K Denmnn, secretary,
: and A P. Murtah, treasurer. The com-
pany haa a capital or fri.Jv.
1 - . Phone olldatlos).
: The Monroe Telephone company desires
! to conaMldHte with the Alb'on Ti,l,.hr..
; company and haa made' application to ! ,
j the Btute Runway commission for its an- 1
t Oroval. Thfl Monro rnmitinv ......... 1 1 .. I
j made a !l"ker for the Albion plant for
! J,' and desirca to increase its Mock
I t ruia tul.uju to JIWuuj. A ralso In rates
j is desired to fcl.V) for business telephones:
H.5) for residence telephones, metal c
'. ten lee; 11.20 for farm lines grounded and
II for removing telephones. This la a
i; ralne of Z' cents oil business telephones
; over the Albion charges. The Monroe
i.coiiipuny has had a straight charge of tl
oo all telephone grounded.
(From a Btnff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. 17. (Special.) During
the admlnlntrntlon of former State Treas
urer Mortensen the state bought 125,000
In California bonds Issued by San Fran
cisco, called the "Pea Wall" bonds. These
bondn were paid off August 1, 1911, by
H. D. Itoberte, then state treasurer of
California, snd the treasurer of Nebraska
forwarded the cancelled bonds to Mr.
Now four of the bonds, for ll.OnO each,
have been sent to a Ilncoln bank, the
holder claiming that he bought them at
auction on In-cember 2. and deslren the
Lincoln bank to secure th release of the
tndornerhent of State Treasurer Mhrten
sen. State Treasurer Hall will not en
dorse the bondn.
Just where the trouble lies he cannot
tell, but he does not think It Is anything
that Nebraska need worry over.
Pioneer of Buffalo
County Passes Away
KEARNEY", Neb., Dec. 17. (Special Tel
egram.)! A. W1ght, aged 2, pioneer
resident of Nebraska nnd Buffalo county,
died at his home near Odessa late last
night. Mr. Wright suffered a paralytic
stroke a year ago and has been an In
valid alnce that time. The dead man was
popularly known an "Judge" and ban
been a famlllnr figure about Kearney for
years. He at one time served as Justice
of the poace and received hln tltlo from
that service, although the was a success
ful farmer snd was still In charge of hla
fine farm at the time of hla death. Fight
children survive him. two of whom are
successful lawyers at Seattle.
The funeral services will he held next
Monday at the Evangelical church In
" CS rVTV lk. jfW. M II W fl flanx f ff If . -. ET3
Ford Is Captured S? LVSVII2.II 17 CJliiyiiD
uiteHaylihat make GEDEAL
Christmas &sfs.
I Buy now-PAY NEXT
YEAR. The Union Out
fitting Co.'s now modern
building and Low Pricod
Location enables us to quoto you
Bishop Tihen Names
Father Boll as Dean
BEATRICE. Neb.. -Dec. 17.-tFpeclal
Telegram.) Biahop Tlhen of Lincoln, to
day appointed father E. Boll of this
city dean of the southeastern Lincoln
district of Catholic, churches, to succeed
the late Father Jamea Freeman of Wy
more. The dlntrlct comprises tho coun
ties of nJchardaon, Pawnee, Gage, Jef
ferson and Thayer.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Dec. 11. (."pe- g
cltl Telegram.) Pert Ford, the negro
who, last night, shot and killed Logan
Hoyd, also colored, was captured late Ej2
this afternoon by Chief of Police Rnod-
grnss, Fherlff Solvers, Deputy Cords and j
Jailer Powers, who were making a
thorough search of all premises of ne
Ernes In the city. CS
He had hidden under some nay In the j 3
barn of Lou Johnson, another negro, In
the northern p.irt of the city. I
He exclaimed when discovered, "I'll f
give up. Tou have got me, boys," and j
attempted no resistance. rE
He was wrapped In several blankets and 3
wns evidently prepared to remain In hia ,
place of hiding until a mire opportune
time to meape. He had no weapon
nntd he hnd thrown hla gun away while
walking along the railroad track. By
avoiding hln snow trucks by wlaktng the
ties, he bark-trncKed. He is lodged In
the county Jail.
Ford shot nnd Instantly klllfd Logan
Boyd, another negTo, here last night.
Just an a danclnir party st tho home
of O. T. K Inks Id, also colored, was
dispersing. Trouble hnd been brew
ing between the two for some time over
Mis. Hnmlcr. Ford has been paying at
tentions to airs. Hamier. who han been
neparatfd from her husband for some
time. Boyd wns rooming at the wo
man's home. Hamier, himself, has been
under peace bonds, on account of trouble
m it h his wife, but is not Involved In
last night's affray. As Mrs. Hamier and
Boyd were about to put on their wraps
Ford entered the doorway and shot
twice with a forty-five-caliber revolver,
one shot entering the forehead and com
ing out over the ear, the other entering
tho back of the head.
Keen) It Handy for Rheeimat iaia.
Don't suffer and try to wear out your
rheumatism. Sloan's Liniment goes tight
to the spot, kills the pain; 26c .
Hamilton County
To Have Eevival of
Business Institute
AURORA, Neb., Dee. 17.-4 SpeclaL) The
buslneaa men of Aurora have decided to
put on a week of community Interest
work next spring. During the week a
short course on advertising, business effi
ciency and salesmanship wll be given to
the buslneaa men of the entire county. It
Is planned to make the week a revival of
business and an effort will be made to
Interest all of Hamilton county.
At a smoker given In the Commercial
club last night, Frank F. Ringer of Lin
coln.' commissioner for the Nebraska
Manufacturers' association, and Frank
Htockdale, representative of the Asso
ciated Advertising Clubs of the World,
were the speakers. Their sddresaea were
along the line of community advance
ment. They urged the Aurora Commer
cial club to hold an annual short courae
In business,m.r,t .a k ...
flclency. .1
At th elAM r u L -1 . .i i 1. 1
- - v, - -- .u, Kuimfl, ii
was determined to devote a week next
spring to the problems of community
building. A big banquet of the business
men will be held December t) and the
project will be boomed at that time.
Vf ,r tnT' 1 1 -""-' " ' I' a '' '. 11 " ll'tt' . . .
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! K EARS' ET. Neb.. Dec. 17.-Siec;al T
mmM -w It.,,. Ul , ,
Kearney, will be taken to Lincoln to-( lo.PUUale through every artery and'
-morrow to begin serving an Indtterlnate ' Vein Jet it build a Structure of bcalthy
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at t .if clock' rrWay morning. At :
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department was notified and fifteen mln
fete Luirr he bad Orlffln la JalL The ac--eukod
irisa was given a preliminary luar
. Ing this afumwon at 4 o'clock and waa
r a nieaoed to the iwnltentlaxy at I o'clock,
4 a Utile tuore than twelve hour bs all
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