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Department of Agriculture Makes,
Iti Final Estimate of Valnet
on Year' Output,
27, showing: a section of the Panama canal completely closed by a slide of millions of
tons of earth. Tha photograph is ths only one of the canal ever taken from the top of the
famous Gold hill, from which most of the slide came.
ear's principal
Potatoes 1.
Kt potatoes
Tobacco ........
Cotton' '
.snr beets.
Dec 16. This
farm cropi were
north f.J7O,465.000 at December 1
furm prices, the tepertment of Agri
culture announced today ia Hs final
estimate and review of crop produc
tion and values. That comparer with
,73,6a7,Q0 last year. 4.fl,m.
P00 1ft 1913 and $4,757,451,000 In
nith the wheat crop passing the bll-llon-hushel
mark for the flrat time In
t)e niton' history, com production
i-erc! It a ,oa.00-bishe total for the
second time and rerorf crop ef oata.
ler.ty. r. a-i-t p.tU.M, hey and,
thri year has been an evtreordtnary one
for farming. Trlcea paid farmers for
Mimr crops have been higher than In
other years tecause of the Buropcan war
ana at a result the value of gome of tha
cropa ti the largest ever rencrded.
Tho value this year of each crop. bsaed
on Its farm prloa on December 1. with
lsst year's value, tha record value of
each crop and tha yaar It waa produced
Is announced as follows: On thousands,
I. a., not omitted).
Crop. . IMS. Wt ne. vet
'orn I1.7IV.IS II.7ii.t7o l.r23.T0
Winter wheat.. 22,1J &3 7,MS
Hnrlns; wheat.. .2!0 9,7
All wheat rw.v :.
Oats 4W.4.U
Barley 121. 4H9 10J
buckwheat .... R4" 11. W
Puokwheat .... Y-M . U.J
Klaseetd K
Rloe JH.21S tl.MS
Mi. lot
4.0ei tl.T-i
SIMM 77B.0
W.Wl 101,411
. K.sno . 90.439
In addition to these crops other farm
products, such as minor crops and ani
mals and animal products, wilt brine the
year's total to about ilO.OOO.OOO.OO).
Yield Pee A ere 4 -Other
details of the report show:
Corn Production, t9M.Mo.000 bushels,
against l.ft72,O4.O0O last year. Acre yield.
3 bushels, ai;alnit 2ft. I laat year. Decem
ber 1 farm price, 67.1 cents per bushel,
SRelnet 4.4 cents last year.
Winter Wheat Production. 3,04&,000
bushels, against W4.900.QOO laat year. Acre
yield, l 1 bushels, against 1 last year.
Price, 95 cents, against M. last yaar.
Pprlng Wheat Production, tM.400,000
bushels, against IO6.0J7.O00 last year. Acre
yield. U. I bushels, against U.l last year.
Price. M.t cents, against M.I last yaar.
All Wheat Production, 1,011.608,000 bush
els, against 891.017,000 Isst year. Acre
yield, l.a bushels, against M.I last year.
Price, M cents, against N.a last year. -
Oata Prod ucUon. 140, SRI, 000 bushels,
against 1.141,000,000 last year. Acre yield,
17 bushels, against 9.7 last year. Price,
M l cents, against 41.1 last year.
parley Production, 137,009,000 buihels,
asalnst 194.9M.000 last year. Acre yield.
81 bushels, against tt.i last year. Price,
11.7 cents, against U.l last year. . v
llya Production, 4,110,000 bushels,
awinet 4J.7T9.000 last year. Acre yield.
17.1 bushels, against U.l laat year. Price,
U. cents, against M.I last year:
Buckwheat-Production, 1VTM.OO0 bush
el, against 19.SS1.00Q last year. Acre yield,
19.1 bushels, against 31.1 last year. Price,
Tft.7 cents, against 71.4 last year.
Flaxseed-ProducUon, bush,
els, against 15.tSI.000 last year. Acre yield,
10.1 bushels, against (.1 last year. Irice.
1174, against SIM last year.
Rice-Production. 2S, 97,000 bushels, I
against Inst year. Acre yield,
H.1 bushels, against 14.1 last year. Price,
901 cents, against 92 4 lsst year.
I'outora-Productlon, M.IQJ.OOO bushels,
against 406.K1.000 last year. Acre yield,
95 J bushels, against 10.l last year. Price
11 1 cents, against 48.1 lsst year.
Sweet Potatoes-Production. 14,306,000
bushels, against MJ74.O0O last year. Acre
yield, .108.1 bushels, against M.I last year.
Price, a cents, against 710 last year.
Hay-Production, JS.2S.0CX) tons, against
70.071.000 last rear. Acre yield. l.S tons,
against 1.41 last year. Price, 110.70, against
111.11 last year.' .
Tobacco Production, l.eao.&ft.OOO pounds,
asalnst 1.094.679,000 last year. Acre yield.
7TI.1 pounds, against M6.7 pound last
year. Price, 9.1 cents against II last,
year. ". .. , ,
Cotton Production. 11,11,000 bales of
toe pounds gross, excluding tlnters,
against 14.1S5.000 last year. Acre yield.
172.1 pounds, against 109.1 last year. Price,
U.l cents a -pound, against 6.1 last year. '
Sugar Beets Production, 144X0(4 tons,
against C4&1.000 last yaar. Acre yield, 10 4
tone, against 10.4 last year. Price, $3.64,
against 94.M laat year.
y y $ fit y nt:-. m mj m-sr
1 t
W.av-4MU 1 1s eW i imkM 4C&m&i.-t&-Vt. JMUe erV-
Houe Wayi and Meati Committee
Uakei Farorable Report on Bill
to Continue "War" Taxei.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 16. Treasury
estimates that receipts In 191$ will
fail by $81,625,500 to meet dis
bursements. Including a $10,000,000
postal deficit, are cited by the bouse
waya and means majority report on
the emergency revenue law extension
filed today as evidence of necessity
for additional taxation.
It Is estimated that extension of the
law till teoember II, 1, would provide
M.MP.000 a month.
Revenue from dUUlled spirits, fer
mented liquors and tobacco decreased
ICOOO.OOO in the last fiscal year, tha re
port says. Treasury estimat e of ordi
nary Internal revenue receipts for the
f lac el year ending June 20, are $771,-
000,000 compared with J3W.2Si.7W) last year,
"thaa Indenting a further anticipated
rrvrntie refloctltn from this eource of
more ttum 111.000,003.
The V'1 t .Tiv mm rrewrtrV! bc to tS
ho,! farcirMy wtth a iew fr ooesrtd
rrtion tomorrow. Party I r 1-avt
Tvonealcd all mrtnVerg to be present to
morrow ia antic! palloa of a lively party
riattiC Majority seade.r KItrhIa dectarca.
however, that Its enactment by the end
of this week la certain.
England Grants
Safe Conduct to
German Attaches
WASHINGTON, Dec 15. Safe conduct
for Captain lky-d and Captain Voa
rapen. recailod German naval and mili
tary attache, will bo forthcoming soon
from the aJllea, It waa learned today. The
recalled emlsearlos will not be required
to give awmrancea that they will not par
ticipate In the war upon reaching Ger
many, It Is said.
NEW TORK, Dec 16. Captains Boy-ed
and Von Pa pen will leave New Tork,
barring a change In their plans, on Tues
day next on tha Holland-American liner
Noordam. This waa learned authorita
tively today.
A Eig Toy Department
At tho
Central Furniture Store
More spec Is being devoted to the ex
clusive display of toys, dolls and games
than sny previous season. The children
will be delighted when they visit tha
Ontrsl's big toyland. They will be de
lighted with the Immense display of
beautiful dolls, character dolls, dolls with
kid bodies snd dressed dolls, automobiles,
express wagons, toy pianos, toy trunks,
doll ro-csrts. doll dishes, and doll furni
ture, blocks, games, iron an. mechanical
toys, etc., and all at a prloe which will
mcen an absolute saving to yon of from
14 to 64 per cent, made so on acoount of
an Inexpensive building and location and
a small operating expense.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
High Official of International Union
to Be Implicated in Rintelen
NEW YORK, Dec. 16. It wai
learned authoritatively today that a
high official of one of the largest
International unloni In America la
seriously Involved in the investiga
tion United States Attorney Marshal
is making into the Ftani Von Rln
telln conspiracy to foment in
munitions factories.
This man la of German descent, lie
waa prominent In the prolonged strike
In Bridgeport. (Conn.) factories last
spring, and also took a leading part in
the strike of 1X000 workers last summer
at tha Oeneral Electrlo company's plant
at Bchnectady, N. T.
Tha Investigation Into tha strlka con
spiracy hag been halted for soma day
pending word as to when fitamuel Qom
pars could appear before the grand Jury.
Mr. Marshall learned today that Mr.
Qompera had arrived la Washington and
sent word te the capital to have the
labor leader subpoenaed.. " .
Republicans Are
Reserving Rooms
in Chicago Hotels
CHICAGO, Dec U.-Th selection of
Chicago as the republican national con
vention city waa followed today by a
flood of Inquiries for hotel reservations.
The convention will be held June T.
Headquarters have been engaged by
Senator Burton of Ohio, Senator Smith of
Michigan, Senator Weeks of Massachu
setts and Charles W. ralrbanka of In
dianapolis, former vloe president. Kenry
D. Estabrook of New Tork also has en
gaged several rooms.
Most ef the far western states and eight
eastern and middle western states have
made tentative reservations.
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today soma of these fellows are hiding
tha county graders behind their barne
because they are afraid someone will
come and take thom away before they get
a chance to use them In the spring,"
Lookta rrelght Hates.
Speaking of freight rates and the pos
sibilities of co-operative concerns In get
ting reasonable rates, ho said! "Pranos
has shown ua that It costs only 7 oents
per ton a mile to move Its produce, and
hers while we have bean asloop on the
lob, wa have always been taught It Is
costing 21 cents. These are things that
we are looking Into."
In the evening the Omaha Orain Ex
change entertained the co-operative dele
gates at a big a banquet at ths Hotel
Charles El Bckerle of Chloago, field
man for the American Co-operative Jour
nal, the official organ of the national
association, who was on ths ground early,
had some things to say In an interview
In regard to co-operative grain and live
stock associations.
He pointed out that In this great co
operative movement good men are needed,
whether In state, country, preolnct, r
township. He pointed out that tha local
companlee need . good men to promote
the local organisations, and that above
alt things loyalty among the' membership
Is requisite. :, . .
Need of PSdnnatlon.
Mr. Eckerle called attention to the ne
cessity for a constant campaign of edu
cation as to what tha orgsnlxatlon is
doing and what it stands for. This cam
paign can be carried on he said through
the local organisations, through the In
dividual members, and through ths of.
flclal Journal.
Closer sssorlation and perfect harmony
In ths organisations he also advocated.
v Names Three Keaeatlale.
The three real essenttals to an effective
organisation of this kind, he said are
first, limited ownership; second, equality
of voting power; and third, pro rating of
profits. '
There are still many local organisations
that era not organised strictly along these
co-operative lines. Some of them are still
organised with the voting strength lying
with the men that have ths most stock
Instead 04 allowing one vote to each
stockholder and no mora, no matter what
amount ha holda This Is a feature, par.
tlcularly, that Mr. Bckerle would ellml-
Germans Planning
a Big Expedition
Against Egypt
LONDON, Dee. IS. The announcement
that Dutch East Indies liners and mall
boats will abandon for tha present their
usual course through the Sues canal and
will follow tha Cape route. In conjunction
with the Cologne Oaaette'e report of
British trench digging and general de
fensive proportions on both sides of the
can el Is taken by tha Rotterdam cor
respondent of the Dlly News as confirma
tion of tha rapidly maturing Oerman de
signs Egypt
Tha Dutch steamanlp companies ex
plain tha change of route by tha In
creasing uncertainty of obtaining the
necessary amount of coal at tha ap
pointed stations, but as tha change of
route will prolong tha veyage for twelve
or fourteen days .the Dally News cor
respondent asserts that tha change could
not have been dictated by any but the
most serious . reasons. From various
other, sources come hints of tho rapid
completion of Oerman plana for a pro-'
Jeeted attack on Egypt.
French War Bill is; ;.
About Five Billions
PARIS. Dee. 11 The appropriations
committee of tha Chamber of Deputies
reporting today oa tha requirements ot
the government for tha first quarter of
lilt, summarises the cost ot the war
"The total expenses of the government
from August 1, 1914, to December 11, 1916,
were 11,024,000.000 francs, of , which the
purely military expenditures were 24,647,
(00,000 francs. While the average ex
penses of the government during the
first five months of the war were 1,780,
000,000 francs, the estimates for the first
quarter of the new year average 1,606,000,
000 franca monthly.
Tha committee reported that It had re
jected the request of the minister ot ;
finance that the income tax or July,
1914, should be applied to January 1. 117.
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on their investment. Nu, we are uot or
sanlsed to pay big dividends, but In the
year lslt we saved the union members
11.000,000 that would otherwise have gone
to unnecessary middlemen.
"To pay big dividends one must have
a system of forcing down the price of
produce you buy, and forcing up the
prices of wht you sell. We are not or
ganised fr this purpose. Wa are or
ganised to co-operate."
T'na president expressed the belief that
7.Cu0 new members could be added to the
membership throughout the t'nlted 8tates
In lha ooralng year.
Talks ml t'reaertea.
During the afternoon P. Ia Betts of
Aberdeen, S D.. read a paper on "Equity
t'tilon Centralised Creameries." He as
serted that "It takes money to get them
started. Then. too. It takes men with
push ud energy and enthualMra behind
such a creamery, for I never saw any
thing run itself unless It was running
down. hlll.H
Mr. Hutta gave some ef tha salient
point necessary In the organlaatlon and
nuiiitwieuce of creamerita. and reviewed
some ot the results the best of them
have achieved.
1'redldunt Drayton told the membera ef
the convention there would be lots of
work to do. and little time for eatertain
i!nt. "You'll aot bsve time to go to tha pic
ture shows." he said, "not while this
convention last a" ,
omwu couple married
WAUKEOAN. Ill, Dee, U.-of.pelel
T4nrrra. Kred Mitchell and Mlas Lena
Ka.lUi, both of Omaha, were married
here t&day.
Experts Who Know
The leading Hotel Stewards and Chefs of the World use and recommend.
i.Hi1! Wilier "ih
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1 - - 1 1 aw m
This rroluct contains the finest ingred
ients known to tho art of Culinary Science, and
we recommend it to the public with our guar
antee over the seal of our association.
The International Mutual Cooks and Pastry
Cooks Association.
. w v "
K. 3. HODQSKIN. M. D. -Food
Export '
This eplendid food is made of wheat and barley and contains the entire nutri
ment of these grains, including the priceless mineral elements 60 necessary for build
ing and maintaining vigor of body and mind, but which are so often lacking in the
usual dietary.
A Suggestion In stuffing your chicken, turkey, duck" or goose for the 'Christ-'
mas dinner, try using one quarter 0 rape-Nuts and three quarters bread crumbs in
stead of all bread crumbs. You will bo delighted with the crisp, nutty flavour im
parted by this wholesome ingredient. . ; . v . . . .
Grape-Nuts food comes ready to eat direct from the package; and is nourishing,
easily digestible, economical, delicious. .
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
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In the Stockinet Covering
A teurif Armour ftatur. Pat. applied for.
The cleanly Stockinet is put on Inform
thm ham is smoked. Smoked richt
in ihls sanitary protector, all the deli
cate "bouquet" and rich, Juicy flavor i
are retained and intensified. Tooth-1
some to the last slice I Whether you
buy a $lic or a who( ham, Insist
on Armour's Star. ,
Llhm Armmmr't Stmt Ham. r erSav swva
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or KimpBia
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