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Congmi Will Hot Attempt Any
Important Le jJtlstion Before
the Eecen.
WASHINGTON, Dee. 1 It. The
first week of the Sixty-fourth con
gress brourht practically harmonious
organization In both houses and re
vealed a determination on the part
of administration leacyrs to attempt
no serious leglstatWe business until
the holiday recess Is (Tver.
President Wilson's address Tues
day, with Its suggestion for national
preparedness, denunciation oflmter
nal conslplrators against neipWllty
of the government, and wariyig of
the necessity for increased revenues,
Stood out as the most Important
event of the week,
Owing to the difficulty of reorgsnislng
the house committees because of the
Breetly increased minority, congress could
not ret down to actual business. Minor
ity Leader Mana doea not expect to have
hie committee assignments ready until
Tuesday, and little can be done before
Saturday, when congress plans to adjourn
until January for the Chiiatmaa holidays.
Early m the week a Tight that might
have embarraseed holiday recce plans
eeemed Imminent when It was tropoeed
' that an effort be made to re-enact the
emergency war tax law with amendments
' before adjournment.
War Tax Dtf foreae.
Immediately It was diecloeed that this
would be Impossible, and administration
leaders were confronted with the danger
that the war tax law would lap on
December It and a long period would
follow la which no emergency revenue
could be collected.
It waa thereupon agreed by houa lead
era that a Joint reeolution extending the
present war tax with the time limita
tion eliminated ehould be adopted, a
new bill with provisions for Increased
revenues to be submitted after the new
year. Senate republican leaders have
agreed to offer no oppoaltlon to such
a program.
Praanreastvee Issse Oat.
.. Republicans of the senate wit confer
tomorrow over committee designation
recommended by the steering oonunltee.
It waa, reported laat night that pro
gressive republican weuld protest against
the defeat of Senator Kenyoa of Iowa,
for a place on the foreign relation com
mittee, but this does ot seera likely now.
"I do not thing there will be any
trouble about that." said Senator Cum
mins of Iowa, on of the progresalv
republican leaders. -
"Of course, w are disappointed that
One tor Kenyoa did net get on the for
tegn relation ocmmlttee, but all In all
the progressiva republicans farad very
well. Senator Kenyoa goes to the Im
portant oommero committee, Senator
Feindexter on Interstate Com me roe com
mittee, Benators Norrta and Oronna en
bank and eurency, and Senator Works
on Judiciary. That seems to be to be
satisfactory. "
(Continued from Page One.)
nuuiders of ita submarines in accordance
with the law of nations and the prin
ciples of humanity. The government of
the United States I unwilling to believe
the latter alternative and to credit the
Austro-Hungarian government with an
Intention to permit it submarines to de
stroy the Uvea of helpless men, women
and children. It prefer to belieev that
the commander of the submarine com
mitted this outrage without authority and
contrary to the general or special In
structions which he had received.
Migkt Caaaa a Break.
"As the good relation of the two coun
tries must root upon a common regard
for law and humanity, the government
of the United State cannot be expected
to do otherwise than to demand that the
Imperial royal government denounce the
sinking of the Ancona a an Illegal and
indefenalble act; that the officer who
perpetrated the deed be punished; and
that reparation by the payment of an In
demnity be made for th cttisens of the
United States who were killed or Injured
by th attack of the vessel.
"Th government of the United States
expect that the Auatre-Hupngarlan' gov.
ernment. appreciating the gravity of the
case, will aooede to It demand promptly!
and It rest this pec tat ion on the be
lief that the Aestro-Hungariaa govern
ment will not eanotion or defend an aet
which Is oondemned by the world as In
human and barbroua, which t abhor
ent to all civilised nations, and which has
caused th death of Innocent American
,1 UtNaNa."
Thestrup Rounds
Up Three Holdup
Men AH by Himself
Officer Thestrup ef the Omaha police
department, "alone and single handed,"
rouaded up three strongann men yeate.
day, whom be caught la the act of rob
bt&g Robert Applexate of Union. Keb.,
near sixteenth and Burt streets.
The three fellows fled when they be
held th officer, who called for them t
lop.' When they Increased their speed
he drew hi revolver and opened lira,
boring a hole through ths shoulder of
Fred Powell, one of th trio, who fell
to the pavement . Th ether two escaped
and Powell was first taken to the sta
ttca and then to St. Joseph hospital.
Thestrup waa not aatlafled with results.
however, and started eut to do a Uttle
sleuthing on his own hook, with the re-
suit that he arrested the other two In
a room at 831 North Hlxteenth street
The last arrested gave their namee as
Oeorge Johnston and John Soott THest
rup was complimented fur hla good work
by his superior officer.
Th ielJe That Ue Met Affet
Th Hts4.
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fect Laxative Bromo uQinlne eaa be
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vousness nor ringing In head. Thar is
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A Boom for the Koooter, or Roomer
for the iiwm. Be Want Do th
daughter of King Albert and Queen Elisabeth, who is now
in England, does not let the war depress her spirits. The
picture shows her with her pet bull on the voyage to Great
Britain. -:; ;
F&tArcess siAHts
U. S. OffioiaJs Believe Austria Will
Soon Make Clear Count in
Anoona Case.
WASHINGTON, Dec. lt-There
were so development today to al
leviate the serious situation that
threatens a rupture of diplomatic: re
lations between the United Btatee
and Austria-Hungary.
Officials continued studiously ret
icent, but word that the American
note, on the sinking- of the Italian
liner Ancona with loss of American
Uvea, had reached the Vienna for
eign office yesterday, led to a feeling
that the question would resolve It
self one way or the other without
much delay.
Wsad Fresnpt aetloa.
Th communication la understood to
ask disavowal of the act of the Austrian
submarine, which sank the liner, punish
ment of the submarine commander, and
reparation for the American live lost.
and It has been clearly Indicated that the
United State expect that theae thing
be don promptly. Thar will be no
lengthy discussion of ths principle in
volved. It Is said, such as waa conducted
vKa Germany after the Lusltania trag
Sd7. A copy of th Ancona note, which will
be given cut for publication In morning
paper of Monday, today waa handed to
Baroa Zwtedinek, charge ot th Austrian
embassy here, by Secretary Lansing, and
it is understood the two discussed th
situation briefly and Informally.
It waa said th talk merely waa Inci
dental, the charge having called at the
State department to explain how h cam
to writ a letter to th Austro-Hungarian
conaul-general at New Tork early In th
war, auggestlng that passport o neu
tral countries be purchased for Austrian
raeerviata In this country. Th letter
waa published today "and a photographic
copy was delivered to Bee rotary Lansing,
by a New Tork newspaper.
, Baron's Explanation.
Baroa Zwiedlnek explained that when
he wrote the letter he we a subordinate
official of the embassy, then In charge
ef Dr. Conetantln Dumba, alno recalled.
It could not be ascertained whether th
explanation waa satisfactory.
It waa apparent tonight that officials
who hav read the note to Austria viewed
the situation a serious, the opinion pre
vailing as strongly as ever that diplo
matic relations were In danger of beta
broken off unlesa Vienna compiled Im
mediately with th American demand.
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Tells Omaha Lawyers that Trust
Companies "Scab" on Attorneys
That the trust companies, especially
those in small eouununiltes. usurp the
function ef an attorney-at-law. and un
rightfully so, waa the assertion made by
es-fiiate Bvnator W. V. Hoagland of
North Platte before the Dougtaa County
Bar association last night at the meeting
la tne Pes ton.
Senator Hoagland also took several
shots at the trust companies for attempt
ing to put through a lew permitting any
one to practice In the probate courts,
thus giving them additional opportunities
te take the bread ad buttsr out of the
mouth of poor, hard-working attorneya-
Ha made the point that practitioner
unlearned In the many ins res and pit
fall of th law weuld do more barm te
their oilent than good, and. In the end.
transactions faulty through technical!'
ties overlooked would mean added ex
pense and anno ranee to tair clients.
. Yt A
O '0 rSt
j-oss or azt,i?vjz.
Dutch Government
Will Not Encourage
Ford's Peace Party
TH HAOITB, (via London). Dee. 11-
Neither encouragement, recognition nor
support In any shape or form will be
offered to th Ford peace party by Th as railroading, mining, shipping and farm
NetherUnd government, according to In- lng. whose numbers cannot be approx
imation from official sources given to
a correspondent of the Associated Press.
Government officials. It waa Indicated,
naturally noted th party's departure and
also reoaived a notification thereof from
the leader, but no repty was forwarded.
No opposition will, however, be placed in
the way of the party' landing In Holland,
but should th activities of its member
become embarrassing while here, they
will In all probability be requested to
transfer their headquarter to other than
Dutch territory. Private pacificists, of
whom there are many in this country,
probably will welcome the Ford party as
an add'tlon to their ranks.
Th Impression prevails that the general
public and th press are Inclined to re
gard th effort of th Ford party as
tutll as the opinion I widely prevalent
hare that peace will not be achieved by
the effort ot pacificist, but a a result
of hard fought battle In which on an
tagonist aucoumba.
BTQCKHOLM (via Ixmdon). Dec. It
Henry Ford' peace mission I regarded
by th Swedish press as a novelty which
will hav no chance to intervene In the
cause of peace. No acknowledgment of
th mission. It is stated, will bo mad by
the Bwed'sh authorities, and th Ameri
can legation ha taken no notice of It.
CHRISTIAN! rvia London), Dec 11-
wireies message reoeivea iron w
Ford peace party on board the steamer
Oscar II. . requests that hotel accom
modations for 1G8 persons be arranged.
Th American minister. Albert O.
Be hm edema a, and Consul General Halde
man Dennleon will receive Henry Ford
as a private oltlaen.
The Oscar II is due here on Decem
ber 14., .
MaMON CITT, la.. Deo. 12. (Bpeclal
Telegram.) Whll looking at th comic
action of a 8unday newspaper, Henry
Thomas, aged 11 years, stepped Into an
air hole on Clsarlak and wa drowned.
HI body was recovered with grappling
Joseph rrnhaska,
TORK, Neb.. Deo. llMPpeeial Tele
gram.) Word waa received here yeater
day of the death of Joseph Prohaska at
kfaritn. Tex. Mr. Prohasks, with his
wife, went to Texaa about a month ago
In the hope of benefitting his faring
health. He was SI year old. H came
to Tork county in th yesr 1891 and set
tled on a farm near Charleston, where he
mad hi home until about th first of
October, when he moved to Tork. The
body will be brourht to Tork and buried
la Council cemetery near Charleston.
He urged the Dougla county lawvers tr
be more considerate of th rights of their
ellenta and Intimated that some not all.
but merely some lawyers are mean
enough te take the Hon' share ef th
profit from litigation they Indulg In.
Th meeting was attended by lea than
twenty-five member. It wa mainly
business session and all details of the as
sociation's bus.ness were cleared away in
order to give the annual meeting on Jan
uary I a clear field.
HASTINGS, Neb.. Dec lS-(8peclal Tel
egram.) By executive order of Preeldent
Wilson. Hastings wfll be the fifth city
In the United Ittatee to have an official
federal oensu taken botweea decennial
Derby Extendi Time for Voluntary
Enlistment Owing to Tremend
ous Bush of Men.
LONDON. Dec. 12.
ment of volunteers
The enroll-
! Derby's plan for Immediate and
' ture military service could not be
I completed today on account of the
numbers crowding the enlistment of
fices throughout the kingdom at the
eleventh hour. Therefore, the war of-
, flee announced the extension of the
time untlll mldnlghf 8unday with a
possible further extension to mid
night Wednesday.
Recruiting will continue Sunday
and If the numbers of the last two
dsys are kept up the total enlistment
for the last three days probably will
equal the total for any preceding
three weeks.
Daty of Frew Me.
Th process of enlistment waa attended
by picturesque and enthusiastic gather
ings. Bands and orators, both official
and voluntary, from military and civil
life, had been busy. The keynote of the
speeches hsd been that Britons should
show the world that free men are abl
and willing to defend their country With
out compulsion.
After the enrollment- Is completed th
war office will be obliged to segregate
those engaged In government work and
"Indispensable" to the Industrie. A large
proportion of those enrolled may also be
barred by the medical officer because
the examination of th last two days
hav been for the moat part superficial,
and In many instances dispensed with al
together, the medical officers being on
abl to keep up with the enrollment.
Namber of Reernlts.
There 1 no Information at present re
garding the number of recruit, but th
trade union leadera tonight confidently
declared that th Derby campaign wa a
success. Th last census gave th num
ber of men In England. Scotland and
Wale between the ages of 18 and
years as 8.100,000, nearly half of whom
were single. Th general understanding
has been that about 1,000,000 entered the
army before Lord Derby's recruiting cam
paign began and it Is believed that be
tween 80 and M per cant of the re
mainder hav presented themselves for
From this total must be deducted three
clssaes the physically unfit, those en
gaged in munitions work and thoae en
gaged In other necessary calling, such
jlmated except br the official.
(Continued from Page One.)
in the lower grades, arrival at command
rank late In life and a fleeting passage ,
through command and flag gradesoom- ,
blned with absolute lack of professional
Incentive throughout all grades." Of- i
fleer now hold the grade of captain for i
an average of two years, he ay. and
are rear admirals for only tx month ,
before retirement for age overtake them.
About 1.800 officer, h states, must pass
through the grades of captain and rear i
admiral In the next forty yeare under,
the present plan. j
Turning to the problem ot finding ade- (
quate auxiliary ships for the navy In ;
war time, ths secretary says he has no.t
included any vessels In hi building pro- (
gram except those which must b used
constantly for th navy, la peace or war. ;
On a war basts, he adds, th navy would
need 400 additional ships, or a tonnag of
U72.COC, to carry fuel and uppUe and
do other auxiliary work. About 800.SOO
hi wnrk rnuM be drawn from
th prwnt merchant marine, he says,
but some method must be found to supply
the rest
Awxlltary Craft la Com. .
operated In commerce during peace time
in such a way aa will preserve warn ana
train the essential naval reserve ef men.
and while doing this relieve the govern
ment of the burden of coat of mainte
nance through the Income or earnings
of th vessels employed In-commerce.
Such a policy would give to the navy,
without cost for Its operation during
peace, a perfect auxiliary. Of course, i
the ship should be buUt upon navy
plans and manned by American eltlaens
trained under navy regulations, which
would make them efficient In time of
In recommending again th eonatructloir
ef a government armor-plat factory and
also urglnf that a projectil factory be
added to the navy qulpmnt. and th
very navy yard b equipped ' for con
tructlon aa well aa repair work. Secre
tary Daniels again laya sWesa on his
theory that' the government should be
able to build any part of the equipment
needed for the navy frim battleships to
aeroplane motors In order that true com
petition of private bidder for govern
ment contracts may be obtained, together
with an actual knowleda of what the
cost of construction should be.
In eddltloa to th foregoing the report
Oestrsl lleeemsw det'eae.
Includes the following reoommendatlonsi
1. An Increase of IVFm mn In the en
listed personnel of the navy and marine
corps; an adequate tn crease of officers
te be provided by nlargtn th force of
midshipmen at th Naval academy to th
full capacity of th Inst tution. by ad
mitting to junior grades sxd for engineer.
mg duty
only graduates of tetihnloal
school, and by opening te civilian
aviator th navy aviation eorp.
J. Extension ef th navy reserve not
for th purpose of forming reserve of
power boats, aviator and radio operator
and to increase the dee rablllty ef the re
serve service to honorably discharged en
listed men of the regular navy. A en
tailed plan tn this connection will be
presented to congress at a later data.
The personnel ot th present naval
auxiliary service should b placed la th
naval reserve, th report aay. and th
light house and coast service men and
equipment also should be plaood under
navy jurisdiction and training for use lu
event of war.
. S. Increased naval militia appropriations
to Include the construction of suits bl.
vessels for the Illinois and Minnesota de
tachments and supplying aeroplanes for
, naval militia use In training.
4. Construrtlon of nn adequate research
laboratory for the nee of navy engineer
ing and scientific bureau, and the board
of civilian scientists recently crea'ed
under Thomas A. Edison as chairman.
The report states that fS.ono.flf) for t'.ls
ptirpose waa the amount eiirrested by the
civilian board members, but Secretary
Daniel make no spent fio recommenda
tion, although he Includes a preliminary
figure In his estimates for the first year's
(. Expenditure of tl.OdXWI to re-engine
th battleship North Dakota, the scout
cruiser Salem and the destroyer Henley
I artd Mayrant.'
I a r ji i. -. ev
fu-!folk yjml t0 accommodate ths largest
7. Further legislation for adequate oil
land reserves for the navy.
8. Legislation to make the service more
attractive. Including extended powers to
grant discharge by purchase and various
change In rankings.
ChI Whenever tlala 1 Needed.
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