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What ...
is Going On ;
in Society Circles
Chicago Girl Who is Holiday Guest
of Her Sister, Mrs. George Brandcis
Holiday Affairs Planned.
Mr. an1 Mra. Barton Millard are add
ing; out Invitations thl k for a dlnner
danra on th evening of Tusadar. IMcim
W 2, at the rontarHlf. In honnr of
thplr brothers, Joseph, Ray and Wlllard
Mlllarl. ho a 111 , b hotna from achool
for the Chrlatmaa varatlon. One hundred
and fifty of the achool Bet will ba In
cluded In the dinner, and a number of
Mr. and Mr. Mlllnrd'a (rlencla are aaked I
afterward to thr danoe. Thla will be cn j
Us.' lara-eat of the holiday partlea, for j
f. younger aot.
On flimrtay. December 2. lr. and Mra
Ilonaid O. Looniln will nive a dinner of
xlrtnon at the Fnntenella fur their eon.
Arthur, who arrivea home from Cornell I
the day befoie Chrlatmaa, and for Thura-
day. December JO. Mr. and Mra. E. O.
MetfSllton have lnvlMtlona out for
dinner and theater party In honor of their j
daughter. Mis Kleanor. who reaches
home about December 23 from Smith eol-
Mine Marmret W'lllam and Mla Grace
Slabaurh ar plannln a New Tear'a eve j
party for a few of their frlenda. j
Mlaa Harriet Smith will ba the hoateaa j
at a dinner of twenty In honor of Mlea
McCord on the evening Of the latter'a j
debut dance, December 27. The dinner I
will be given at the Fontenelle. , I
Mr. and Mra. Arthur Met! w'll laue
Invitation next week for a dnne at their
bom Wednesday, December 2. for their
daughter, Mlaa Ola: Met.
Mr. John V. Tole will Siva an In- ,
formal buffet luncheon Thursday. D ;
cember 13. , for the debutanlca and tin ,
girls of the achool aet. ,
Mr. E. W. Nah will entertain at a '
dinner-danr Thuraday evening;. Decerns j
bar 30. for Edward and Virginia Crofoot, !
w ho will ba home for the holiday '
Chriitmai Reunion. j
The holldaya will ba dellthtfully cele- j
brated by "Mr; and Mra. I. K. Oongdon by I
having their daughter at home with j
them. Mlaa Elliabath Congdon ha Just
returned from an extended atay In Chi
cago and Mlaa Josephine Oongdon return"
from Vaaaar In about a weak, while Mra.
Herbert French la expected FVIday or
Saturday, with her huaband. Mra. Cong
don'a alater, Mra. Ferguaon of Sterling,
lit., 1a also expected for Christmas and
Mica Clara, Bull of Faaadena,. who la-at
present In Minneapolis, will join tha bouaa
party, Mr. Robert Forgan of Chicago
will Vie hero for Chrlatmaa.
Mr. and Mra. George Brandela' home at
Fairarrea wilt be filled with houna
guegta over Chrlatmaa, when Mra.
Brandela' a'atera from Chicago will be
hare with their huabanda, bealdea several
other Chicago frlenda. There will ba Mr.'
and Mra. M. J. Carney, Mr. and Mra.
1 Tarry Boaworth. Dr. and Mra. William
Harper. Mr. E. P. Nolan and Mr. Town
aend Netoher, all of whom arrive either
December 21 or M.
Mr. and Mra. Harry Wllklna and chil
dren will come over from Chtoago for
Chrlatmaa With her parenta, Mr. and
Mr. Cclpetier, but will not ba her
until ths day before Chrlatmaa.
Kverard Child, tha aon of Mr. and Mra.
Ixiarle Child, who ha been In South
America for over ' a 'year for tha Mld-
vaie 8tee4 company, ha cabled that ha
will ba horn In time to spend Chrlatmaa
with hla parenta. , ..'..
Notes of Interest. -
Mlaa'Dorla Johnaon, daughtar of -Mra.
Kdward Johnson, on of tha moat promi
nent ftgurea In local woman a. clubdom,
plana to take up tha art and craft and j
dealgnlnr In artlatlo jewelry. Mlaa John
aon will ' vlalt relative In Detroit and
wll !ko go eaat and Inform heraelf on
the couraea offered at varlou achool, be
fore abt will decide which achool ah will
Mlaa Erna Iladra will repreaent the
Omaha chapter, Iota, of Klgma Theta
It Korortty, at tha annual conclave,
which wilt ba held in Oklahoma City
December 3-:. Mlaa Hadra plana to
leav for the meeting about lcenibr
U. The local chapter ha a membarahlp
of eighteen. 1
Mlaa Kathorlne Thummel haa cngageO
(aaaagc on the Wllhelmina aalllng Jan
vary 12 from San Francisco for Hono
' lulu, where ah will b the gueat of Mr.
and Mra, ikoroflald-Urown on their pin
apple ranch, Jurt outside of the olty. Mra.
BWmfif Id-Brown was formerly Mia
Bertha Plckey of tbl 'city and, with
tier husband, haa a " charming .horn
thr. Her mother. Mra. J. J. Dickey,
haa been with her for the past year,
but expect to return her In April, when
Mia Thummel oome back.
Mr. and Mr. Fred Martin o( New
York arrived Sunday and are at the Fon
tenelle. Mr. Martin I chief engineer of
the American Smelting company and
apent aome time d Omaha a year or
o ago ile wa marrUxl In October of
1M year and haa broucht hla wit to
Omaha with him. Mra. Martin wa Mr.
Walter Page gueat at the Tuesday
. -norulng musical and for tea afterward
In tha Fontcnell tea room, and Friday
evening Mr. and Mr. Edwin Swob gav
a dinner for Mr. and Mra Martin.
cornea hnm from Chlcnao and Mlaa
zvaomt Tow la rrom Iloxton, and Bun
day wilt bring Clarence and Dougla
Feter. Franrla Oalnea, Mlaa Ellxabeth
and Mia Erna Reed, Mia Oertruda
Stout. Mlaa Ruth Klnalcr and Mlaa Mlaa
i Marlon Turner of Council Bluff. Mia
i Florenc Neville tnp over for th
Lehigh prom December 17 and o doea
, not reach home until Monday. .Malcolm
' Baldrlg aim com Monday. December
20, and that week will ae all the girla
and boy hck for th holiday. Caeper
and Jarvla Offutt will not b home, tha
latter going eouth for hi vacation and
Caaper remaining In the eaet.
Social Ooitip.
I Mr. Charl'a T. Kountte haa been in
j St. Louie on bualneaa laat week and la
I expected liinir today.
! Mra. F. B. Kannard of Falracrea haa
returned from Ncwoaatle, Ind., where
ah vlalted her daughter, Mr. John O.
; Mr. and Mr. txul Naah left Thursday
j evening for Chicago to apend a fw daya.
I Sir Horac Plunkatt of Dublin. Ireland,
.who haa real eatat ho'dinga In thla city,
will arrive her Mimday and will be tha
uueat of Mr. Conrad Young at th West
j Karnam apartment.'
1 Mra. William E. Martin la expected
home today from Detroit, where Mr.
n'hony Merr.ll of Chkcflao haa Jut com
pleted a ucceafut eot.ire tour under her
ananaK"ment. Mr. and V a. Martin will
,b with Mr. and Mra. Jamea McKenna
idt'rlng the) holiday. . - . - . ...
I Mlaa Madalen Hlllla left for New Tork
, Wednesday to vlalt " her alater, Mra.
j Charle Sawyer. Mr. O. W. Hamilton
( accompanied her a far Oh cio, wher
they apent a day with Mr. Warren HUH.
Mr. Hlllla will jdln hla alatera In New
j York for Chrlatmaa. ' Mla Hillla will re
. main until after New Year'.
beald' other tint given to. French 'and
German and to dancing and jnatcad oi
coming home he will spend- Christina
In Cleveland wltli Mlaa P.en and Mlai
Eela, with whom ahe sharca an apart
ment In New York and who itre Cleve
land girl.
Mlaa Howe assisted Mr. and Mr.
Fadarewakl 'W0neday at a doll aal at
th Uothajn fon the benefit of the Polish
war aufferere. '
Prettlett Mile Golf Club.
.Tha Prttlet' Mil' Lad l'- Golf ciub
waa entertained Tuoaday evening at the
home of tr, and Mra., C. C. aiprlson.
Th Mflcer for th coming year were
elected: Mr. W. H. Fllnn, prcaldent;
Mr. A. M. Smith, vie president; Mr.
A. D, ; Northrup. secretary; Mra,.F.-M.
High, treasurer; Mra. F. M. Crane, chair
man of th field committee; Mra. ,Y..'C.i
Haaoall, aoclal committee,' . and Mra. K.
W. Emitiug, .publicity. . '
' Th program for th evening consisted
of a piano olo by Mr. Edward R.
Burk. a vocal solo by Ml Lillian Paul
and a .reading by Mis i Lorena . Leek a.
Assisting the hoateaa wer Meadamo C.
H. Italnbolt, P. ' J. Craedom C. H.
Thatcher and F. U Johnson, aod Mlaaee
Lottie, Little, Catherine Mortaon and K.
V Hide ford. Those present were:
A. M. Kmlth, '
M..-F. Byrrt,
W, A. Meyer,
W, H. Primer.
A. D. Northrup,
V. C. Haaoall.
E. K. Muser,
F. W. Boxers,
('. W. Dieshea,
F. N. High.
C. Halnuolt,
F. It. rainier.
K. IC Burke,
1. (I. Craighead,
Ij, U carr.
J. IHiwnfy.
P. J. Creedon,
C Mnrlaon.
W. H. Minn. .
F, N. Creedon.
H Thatcher,
. Mesdame . .
J. W, Hpragu.
K. Is, Johnaon,
U. VV, Covert,
C. W. Mrlln.
M. J. Paul.
It. C. Madden,
Kay Ralnboit.
Frank Pfleiclng,
Mary K. Emerson,
J. V. Ludeke,
J. F, Cutoff.
E. E. Wonder.
l. Mcfafferty.
C. J. Ziebarth,
C. M. Morlenaen,
!. McC'leneahan,
Wv C. Oroaby.
It. A. Morrison, ,
a. w. Judd.
Prank Uussell,
l.ula N'- Jerome,
Ma Fllnn.
I.IIHan Paul.
Orac Northrup,
Clara Fllnn.
. Iorena Leeka.
Brooklyn, for the last thr week. r
expected horn before Chrlatma.
Mis Lillian Fitch la th gut for th
holldaya of Mies Luella Allen. After leaving-
Omaha. Mlaa Fitch took tfb her
dramatic work. In. Chicago. , ' la a
charter member of the far-famed Cordon
Mlaa Anna Boiirk arrived Friday from
New. Mexico, whero she ha been on a
ranch tor six months, and la th gueat
of Mra. J. ,W, Raynolda until Monday,
when aha goea on to Philadelphia to be
with her alater, Mra. Maiah, during the
holiday.- ' -. I ' '
With the School Set.
unday morning, December W, to spend
the hulldaya with hla painta. Mr. and
Mrn. Ceorgo Hri'ilrc,') N ' ,.
Mr. Edward Perley wtli be home -f rem
the University of Nebraska for th holi
day the last of the week. ' i '
fU Uegln Qonpelp- daughter of Dr.
and Mr. TL W. Comcll, I expected bom
from Mis Qulld'r and' Mia Evan'
uhool In Boston' about December 17, to
apend the holldaya with her parent.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Walter are ex
pecting their on and daughtar horn for
th holiday on Sunday, December 19.
Mr. Waltman Walter (a a atudeat at
Dartmouth collea and Mis Harriett
Walter at Kemper Hall,
Mia Nan Spalding, who I at achool at
Chevy Chase In Waahlogton and who
waa operated upon laat week for appen
dicitis in one -of th Washington hos
pitals, Is doing wall and It t expected
that she wilt b abl to be horn for
Chrlatmaa. If not her mother, Mr.
Leonard Ppaldlng, will go to her.
Judaon Squire arrivea horn from Yale
Almost th first of th boy to return
from achool for the holiday vacation
will b Denman Kounts. who 1 expected
about next Friday from Cleveland. Th
following' day Mia Helen Eastman
Nw Year'a at Fontenelle.
Th management of tha Fontenelle hotel
will follow th custom in the eaat of cele
brating New Tear' eve with a supper at
11 o'clock, for which' tahlea may be en
gaged. Already there are more than WO
reservations, and th entlr dining room,
tea room nd part f th lobby will have
to b utilised to accommodate th table.
Ther will be no dancing downaulr. but
th ball room will be open for thoee who
car to avail themselves of th music. '
It I several year, since New Year'
eve ha been celebrated In thla way, ex
cept at th Country club, which I not
open thla winter, however, nd th Coun
try club member will doubtlea patronise
th hotel la large number, making It th
gyest night of th aon.
Betrothal Announcement.
Mr. and Mr. Gilbert M. Barnes an
nounce th engagement of their daughter.
tiara Margaret, and Clyde Eugen
Butler or Leon, la. Th wedding will be
celebrated this winter.
Mr. and Mr. Alfred Bloom announce
th engagement of their daughter, Ann
Josephine, to Mr. Bernard F-no. John
son. The wedding will be In th early
Mlaa Bloom ha attended th Lanka
nan Girl' school In Philadelphia and
Downer college in Milwaukee. Mr. John
aon I well known among the musical set
of Omaha. .' '
Mr. and Mra A. P. Tukey have Issued
wedding card for th marriage et their
i r
'A . '
daughter, Ethel Maxwell Tukey, and Mr.
Lout W. Korameyer of Lincoln, the
ceremony to' be celebrated New Year'
day In the presence of member of th
family only.
Following th ceremony there will be
a reception to the many friend . of th
young people, between the . hour of S
and . .'.. ' i
Mlaa Tukey is promlpent In local and
national college circle becauaa of her
position as editor of the national Delta
Oamroa ororlty pper. . which he held
until the recent annual conclave. Mis
Tukey also repreaented the local Ao-
Clttlon of Colleglat Alumnae at th na
tional convention In California laat aum
mer. Aa head worker for the Emma
Hosiand Flower mission. Mis Tukey
la particularly Identified.
Th cngmarement 1 announced of Ml
Qladya E'jaenle Cong Ion. daughter of
Mr. and Mra. George E. Congdon of
Rochester, N. T., to Mr- George Thum-
Mr. nd Mr. George Frank Damon n-
nnunc th engagement of their daughter,
Wilma WhlUng, to Mr. Klrkwood Scott
Nvin, on of Mr. and Mr. Jamea E.
Nvln. The weddfng will be during the
latter part of the holiday.
Mr. Korameyer la a Phi Kappa Pal.
both .young people having graduated
from th Vn1vrlty of Nebraaka. They
will make their home In Lincoln,
mel, son of Mr. and Mr. George Thum
mel of thla city. The wedding will be on
February I. Mr. nd Mr. Thummel wUt
resid in Omaha.
Wedt NaTy Officer. ' , f
Card hav reached Omaha friend and
relative of Mia Mry Josephine Loner
tan, daughter of Mr. and Mra Simon J.
Lohargan of Broken Bow. announcing her
marriage to Mr. Elmer Richard Hennlng,
enalgn United State navy, on Friday.
November 6. at South Bethlehem, Fa.
The bride 1 well knows to Omaha ae
(Contlnued on Pag Three, Column OneJ
Yuletide Tea Room Plant.
Mra. Nathan Merriam will entertain for
tea guests at luncheon In honor of Mra
Charle Turner of Fremont Monday afUr-nuoa.
Another Monday hoateaa at luncheon
will be Mra. B. F. Crumraer, who will
entertain for nln gueat.
Tueaday tha men will be th host and
serve at th tea room. Tht list of mar
tyr to philanthropy will Include i
Mussr. Messrs.
rVnuloi Mlllnrd. f'liHiUr Saundera,
Ki-v. k". H. Jrnka. Nathan Merriam,
, r E. Yoat, W. t. Henry,
JuUn C. Wharton, W. K. Mllroy.
N. it. Looifite, A. D. lvtra.
Arthur C'ook-y. C. N. Kulilnwo,
i.hrle M WUhelnxKoUrt I 'ml ke,
11 11. HaidrlKc, Frank Waltera.
Frank W. Jmlson. Harry V. burkley,
iir.n( II. K-!l, Walter Preston.
I- in. nt t'li. Jocih Hykra.
(.'1.1,1 ics lb. Ulack. N . Ciiuha
M. t". Petsra. Jlar Wagner.
A. I.. Hcm'.
Anionic th hoateaae Who will entrust
the serving of .themselves and their
irst to maaculin effk-Uncy wlU be
Mcsdamea William Tracy Burn. Frank
W. Judson, C. C. Roaewater. Victor
Kosewater and Mlaa Margery McCord.
Mr. Judaon will have eight guests to
luncheon; Mrs. Burna, eight; MUa Mc
Cord, four, and the Meadaroe Roaewater
will entertain eight guest at luncheon,
followed by card.
due en Not Here for Chriitmai.
r.ccauae their daughter, Mis Mariua
Howe, the reigning Ak-Kar-Ben queen,
Kill not be home for the holidays, Mr,
and Mra. ft. C. How hav canceled th
tiate for the dniic which they were
planning In her houor on (lirisinuia ve
et the Kvni'-nelle. Mis loe Las only
I., .... m b Ci it tliA iai.s ariH im ri...
It. W. Rmeraon,
F. M. Cran,
fl. Vanderford. "
E. Vandeffoid.
I ettle Little.
Catherine Morlson,
Among: the Viiitori.
Ml Baldwin of Tioga, Pa., cam Fri
day to b with Mr. nd Mr. Victor Cald
well through the holiday.
Mr. 8. J. O. Irwin, He Mia Alice
Fawcett of Creiahtou. waa a srueat of
Mra. Harmon V. SmliV laat week, for tha
Melba concert.
Mr. and Mr. Ben Wood. Jr.. expect
Mr. Ben Tlllaon of Kanaaa City to arrive
Wednesday, to be their gueat perhapa
until after tha holiday.
Mr. F. ' Ferguaon of New York
arrived' this week to vlalt hi alster,
Mra. Lowrl Ciillds. and Mr. Child and
will probably remain for th holiday.
Mir. Gorg W. Johnston and mal
daughter, who hav been visiting th for
mer' lter, Mra. Oliver Carpenter, In
17onan,i' Exchange
Heedlecr&il Shop
Tha largest atock of hand
work ever exhibited In
Omaha for your aelectlon.
Including;: Lingerie, Baby
Layetts. Luncheon Set, Pil
low Cases, Centerpieces,
Towela, Hand-dressed Dolls,
Home-made Cakes and Candles.
318 So. 18!hCpp. Court Kosi.a
Phone) O u(. 411)
January Ut
16th and
Farnam Stt.
5 fctoro
Jewelry Co.
- Now
Located at
15th and 1
DouglaeSt. j
This Is a Jewelry Xmas
We had expected to be in oar new store at 16th and 2
Farnam by this, time, but the delay in the erection of the
new Rose building has delayed our occupancy of the new
store until January first. " ! , 2
The new Btock of goods we had ordered for the new 2
have been delivered HERE at our 61d location. ' So H
0 in order to move these goods and go into our new store D
9 toitVi an AntirA nan? 1Q1li BtArlr rtrn Viatra rlnertTr-n oil iliJa P
desirable, new merchandise into our y- ' .
So come, here is an opportunity to secure really new
and good Christmas gift jewelry at wpnderfully reduced 0
prices. ' (
mil Jewelry ChristmasW I
Cut Glass
Brass and
Leather Goods
. We bv the newest designs and styls and
exceptional values la Diamonds, Watches, Solid
Gold Jewelry and Sterling Silver Novelties.
m JEWELRY co. m I
J 403Soathl6thSt. J 1 'Itlli 8
i eCCis-XV City National aP "
Here Are Some General Reductions:
50' Less
'1 Gold Tilled Jewelry g
lOAt-T l fCrane's Stationery S
a i .. r m u m j LriK w
j eweiry and tottery j tvy Cnrtstmas Cards Q-
Ivory and VCnf I xJ Silver Jewelry and
Sheffield Silver &oq. Aucaa
Solid Gold
Wristlet Watches 15 LesToUet Ware
Diamonds 10 Less Watches
In order to fullv armrppifttA inst. wltt th nnnvn ron- O
g eral discounts mean notice the following specific reduc-
Solid Gold La, ValUarea, which
war priced at $4.75 will
D Tt11. $380
Q camso Gold Rings, regularly
O priced at $4.75, hav bQ
g ,r.Td $3.75
0 Solid Gold Hat Pins, which
wr regular l jr prieta
$1.00, ar
Watches. Q
Wrtatlet Gold-filled
Ryan time, regu- 41 1 Qrt
lar $14.00, now. Q
Rogers' Knives and Forks, m
which wer $8.00 per set. g
T.?. $4.80 g
Mahogany eight-day Mantel U
Clock, regular price $8.00.
tTr: ....$6.80
Umbrellas with silk tops and
silver mountings; fS Cf
worth $5.00. now. Jl
Established. 1831
Ryan Jevelry Company
Now at 15th and Douglas Sts.
After January 1 to be at 16th and Farnam Sts.
..if "K .
t i?Jtrii ti isftt
At every turo--throuhout this house you will
find a fairly bewildering display of selected gifts.
Not the result of hurried selectionbut the cul
mination of studied effort, individual planning,'
special productions for this holiday-time. Un
usual manufacturing facilities coupled with par
ticular buying strength have insured here for the
' Christmas shopper, whether the gift sought be
the most modest novelty or a gem-set crea
tion, an unrivaled presentation.
Jatt at the threshold of this holiday '
Reason may we urge upon you for your
thought these suggestions: .
X T fiVO
I f
Diamond Jewelry .
Diamond and Gem-Set
. Rings
Gem-Set Brooches and
1 Pendants'
Gold Jewelry with Gent
Xorelties In Gold
Gentlemen's Watches in
New Shapes
Pendan Watches
Wrist Watches for
Ladles and Gentlemen
Flat Silver
Sterling Toiletware
Sternng- Novelties Most
Clocks with Worthy
Hawks New Opalescent
. Glass .
Gorhatn Leather Goods
During your shoppins; hours, you may avail your--self
of the courtesies of O. B. Brown Cow-meet
friends here".. reat a few minutes or visit the
many departments.' Avoid the late shopper by
selecting early and having the gift held for
your order. Service has been brought to a point
of perfection seldom before equaled. (
C. B. Brown Co.
, Diamond Merchant JwUrs .
Call or write for our new catalogue.
' 10th and Farnam Sts.
Aa ft Up Yoar Gift List Nout, Com in and Lok Around
Desirable Presents of Pleasing and Appropriate
Crane's Fine Stationery ", Bill Booh and Card Cases
Lawyers' Brief Cases Brass Book Racks
Lap Writing Tables 1 Odds and Ends Boxes
' Christmas Cards and Art Calendars
The Moyer Stationery Co.
v 1616 Farnam Street .
Embroidery, Beading, Braiding, Cording, Scalloping, Eyelet
and Cut Work, Button Holes, Pleating, Buttons.
Ideal Button and Pleating Company
107-0-11 So. 16t b St. Phone Dcug. 1036. Omaha, Nebraska.
tacroaTBB d Macxrio moosazKa.
yoa say laa. astk aad Taraaja.
1114 Douclaa 8t.
Phon Doug. 133 1
fonuncll HtL
rvL. sovo. tm.
ooassT uaoiAxasT
Now locaUd at 17J Bt Mary's At
Klatlron Kldv.
Don't fail to a my $8.00 Xmas
A complat lln of laUat deslfn.
A modal lor vry t ifur.
The Dee is The Paper
sak fv U ra flaa
abaaat aa taaa a (i Say a.
' a Tka Ba aaaUas tm r
uniig (o.r hour a day to her music j
Tai. D. STSS.
SOS ! U.