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Why Should
Kj Woods Hutchinson, A. M., M. I. I
Moat of our Ideas about babies are al
nioat aa Infantile aa their subject If It
wasn't for the fart that babies know
mors about themselves than ws do, half
of them would never grow up.
Just becauss babies are tiny and pink
and fragile looking and, Indeed they
break very esslly If jrou drop them we
Imagine that-It Is as natural for them
to alcken and die as for flowers to fade,
and remark, "The Lord gave and the
1-ord hath taken away." or other Miotic
drivel of that description, over every tiny
coffin. iV ..
Forgetting that flowers fads only ta
rsus th BUI-COSe for which lh htnnmtxl
as bean acaomnliahnA. while haMMmm
th world leaded for fifty years, and
If they fall to accomplish that destiny. It
Is usually our fault, either as individuals
or as a community.
All they need is a fair field and no
handicaps, and they will finish the course
seven times out of ten. Tot ws will listen
with complacency to the self-confident
claim of the mother of Israel, that she
knows all ab?ut babies, "mor'n" any
doctor, 'cause she's had ten of them her
self and burled six.
New Zealand, for Instance, as has al
ready been mentioned, has brought down
th death rats for Its entire population
of over three-quarters of a million to
one-third of the general average, and
Canada and some of our Pacific coast
states do not fall very far behind.
In fact, w have had practical demon
stration of the feasibility of this life
saving under our very eyes right In New
Tork City Itself. Rome three years ago
ths children's bureau of the Association
for Improving the Condition of the Poor
decided to make a test of the actual In
fluence of flies upon ths prevalence of
children's diseases in summer.
For this purpose, they selected two
rielghborhoods of the same else snd pop
ulation, occupied . principally by a for-'gn-bcrnl.
population, 'which wer aa
nearly as possible identical In housing.
iniimrv conditions inn avm-a ifioama
One of these was placed ia charge of a
corps or nurses and physicians, and made
thS SUbleCt Of a thnmurli mnA Kami...,
anti-fly and anti-dirt campaign, teach
ing the mothers, working with the
fathers of th families, supply' tig mos
quito bars for th windows of those who
were too poor to psy for them,, and fur
nlLhing It at cost to the others. Every
baby In the district was visited by a
nurs at least one every week, who en
deavored to gain th confidence of the
mother and teach her how to care for
and protect th safety of her family in
every way. Th result wss a distinct sur
prise to even the enthusiasts who had
Inaugurated th campaign.
Not only was th disesse rsts from
what are usually regarded as fly-borne
diseases cut down nearly one-half," and
th death rat two-thirds, but the 'gen
era! death rste and disesse rat of both
Infants and Children front all causes
wss reduced fsr helow the level of that
of th adjoining neighborhoods, and. In
deed, of th average of the entire city.
Including th upper residential and the
suburban districts.
Even mor striking and conclusive were
the results pf a some whet similar cam
paign, or group of neighborhood cam
paigns, carried out hv the health AnM.
ment at the suggestion of Dr. Qoldwater
during th last summer, report of which
hss just been mads.
Partly to see what could be don to
ward saving children's lives by a thor-
Ing and follow-up campaign of nurses.
Inspectors and doctors, and partly for
th purpos of inaugurating the neigh
borhood Idea In health, work; . that Is, a
series of smsll districts, each of which
should hsvs Its central health office with
a msl staff of nurses and Inspectors, a
number of districts wsr selected scat
tered all over th city.
In each district was placed a corps of
nurses or sufficient sis to Insure each
family containing young children a visit
every week, with a supervising physician
or physicians, and . a sufficient number
of health Inspectors to promptly take
step to remedy any sanitary nuisances
discovered. , .
Little or no milk or Ice or food sup
plies of sny description wss given away
or distributed, but th local milk deal
ers and food stores wer given unusually
rigorous and thorough supervision, and
parents wer told where they could se
cure pur milk and clean food at reason
able prices.
It was simply a matter of endeavoring
to raise th Intelligence of mothers and
fathers and awaken ths conscience and
enlist all ths force of th community
for the protection of th health of Its
Th results are gratifying as they are
striking. Although the general health of
Tork City is good and Its average
Infant mortality below that ' of most
metropolitan centers, ths districts given
this Intensive hygtenie cultivation were
cut down tn a single season to something
over a third of th general average of
child mortality.
Regions on the lower East Side and In
th crowded new slums of th upper
West Bids actually saved nearly twice
aa many of their babies as did well-to-do
suburban districts tn Harlem and
Brooklyn and ths Bronx.
Her Is a way to check race suicide
which nobody can tak exception to.
La. Grippe and Colds
I- 'aOiippe andOolds,AnU-kamnla(A-KY
gabiets ars unaxoalled, as they stop th
atns, sooths ths nerves, and bring tbs rest
so greatiy needed by nature to restore th
system to health. Physlolan bav nsed
tbes tablet for over twenty ysars, la th
treatment of solds, levers and la grippe, and
have found no other remedy mor useful la
thes conditions. Antt-knauila Tablets ar
aa tnexnenslve. sc pleasant to take, so sat
Isfaotory In their results, and so useful in sit
conditions wber ta.r is pain, that A-K
Tabl.ts should always be kept la tbs hous
to th Urn of need. Many t our ablest
physicians obtala perfect resul ji in is grlpp
and solds, by cleansing tbs sratsm with Kp
anm salts crAototds". a ysry goodeaihar.
4fiO. putting ths pattsnt on a llnuted diet, snd
administering on A-K tablet every two 99
three hours. This treatment will usually
break up tn worst eas to a day o two.
a kila In mlldsr oases, aa and eomfort lot
low almost immediately. Thess tablets ar
also anesealled for Xenraigta, Uheusaatl
fains. To fains ot Women. Indls.sUosj
Sji4 lammnls. Au aruggisi bst wai
C-swisM A-K )Xs w tfcs At
Babies Die?
trd nil must admit not merfly ths hu-
.. v' - iiiiuiifi i hviki ami etrviat
value of It. And the only magic used Is;
simply to spend a liule more money j
upon nurses and health Inspectors and j
to raise the standard of the hygienic
Intelligence of th community four or
five notches.
Fomo ten years ago the mayor of -
large English manufacturing town. Hud
dorBflcld. offered a bonus, or 1 terally
birthday present, of SIO to every bsy
born during his term of office.
In order that her child be eligible for '
the f.nze. it was necessary thnt ths
mother should report her condition to the i
district nurs or some hospital physician i
at least a month before It was born. Then '
to see tliat the money was judiciously ex- j
pended, a visiting committee was organ-j
Ised of prominent women snd weirare i
workers snd nurses snd physicians, who !
made it a point to see that the mother I
was at least shown how to provide her- '
self with every proper requirement In tho ;
way of food and clothing for the new ;
comer, snd to glvs It the best of care
when It came. ,
The scheme grew upon, not merely Its ;
Shrewd and kindly founder, but upon
those who had volunteerd their assist-
anee. as its wisdom and reasonablencsn
w-m eviaem. Ana oerore it was 3 ,
months old It hsd developed Into sn ad
mirable and smooth-working scheme for
securing proper exemption from labor for
the mother, both before and after the
birth of the child, if she were a mill
hand, and sanitary confinement In a
well-managed hospital. Improvement In
housing conditions If these were bsd, and
a well-managed baby-savins campaign
In general. The result was that the in
fant mortality of Huddersfield was re
duced more than one-half within the
first year.
A result pointing In the same direction,
which provokes certain Ironlo reflection,
was obtained In a large manufacturing
town In southern Frsnre. Some public
spirited individual, in looking Into the
vital statistics, unearthed the fart that j
the infant mortality among Illegitimate
children was, as Is usually ths caso
everywhere, exceedingly high.
This pitiful fact appealed to him, and
he thereupon danated a considerable sum
of money to be used for the car and
nutrition and protection of illegitimate
children In his city, with the distinctly
unexpected and almost scandalous result
that within a year the mortality of illegi
timate children fell below that of th
legitimate and respectable babies of the
Something of this sort of thing seems
to have cropped out in the recent rather
humiliating finding of th bureau of vital
statistics that children of American born
parents, born In New Tork, actually show
a slightly higher death rat than the
children of foreign born parents. ', It
looks ss if -our energetic and enthusiastic
children's bureau -of the health depart
men was actually giving such excellent
hygienic care to and improving the in
telligence of foreign parents to such a de
gree that they are beating the native
born parents, who are left mor to follow
their own unaided Intelligence and enter
prise, such as it is, at the nobl and ex
citing gam of baby saving.
The safest place for a baby to be born
Is in a well managed hospital, and It
really has come to a point where those
classes which resort to the hospitals and
their advantages most freely and fre
quently are beginning to show the lowest
death rates In the community.
When will the rest of the community
wake up and proceed to organize for the
manufacture of Infant health and the re
duction of the demand for short coffins?
sw WfineMiKilHWWM 1
mi I .7'
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-ill : : :
Anita Stewart's Talks
No 3 "How to Dress Your
Copyright. IMS. International
en ice.
Ore cf tr mrst nripor ant things In th
world to a git I Is clothes. Men say that
w .(.end too much time and thought on
Uem, end they la-igi at u reatif w
judico a woman by th way she dresais.
That's wher men make a mistake. A
woman gets her pjtltlci from h-r h s
bsnd snd hor rellg on f r m her minister.
but ber e othes snd t wy eV we r
them, are he own, and th y sho v ust
how much Intelll- enoe. how much Jud
ment snd h"w mi ch thrift she hs. Also
a woman changes her mood "sheii the
chentes her clothes,
For the time being she's the kl-d of
woman that hsr dress calls for. and she
does and says things wren fh.'s g t on
a alorpy wrapper that ihe w ul n't
dream of dolnr or say In 7 W en s 10 hart
on a pink chiffon d nner g.wn.
if t wer? a hus'snd I'd neve- tMl mv
unpleasant things, thin s that call
for R lecture, unless si hsd cn her be
tMt made her f-l tx ladyll
and refined to get into a real tu rrl.
However, it's a good thing f-r vs wom-n
tlst men are too dull to understand th
nMlnwnhv f lnta
They work us to
a f nth as It is.
The stag? understands ths importanr
of clothes snd how ws can lay emphls
on any quality by dressing It, so to speak..
It would tak a volume, for 'nstanc:, to
describe to an audience the ar.lrsi 1 1
nocence of a young girl which Is beln
conveyed by her teing dreaael It a
ample white muslin, with a b'v ra-h
j and a flower-wreathe 1 ha.
I The adventuress simply shrews wrkd-
nrss by her red-spangled decollate gown.
and we know the victim by her bl ck
dress and the poor relation ty her gr-y
alpaca with turned over, collar and cuffs.
Nobody would tl rill over a cowb-y who
didn't have on chaps an I a'
brimmed sombrero, nor ciuld you gst
any college spirit in a play unless all of
the men had on "rah-rah' c'othes.
It Is because we are ,'u ge I by th
clothes w wear that we girls sht uli give
the subject mor Intelligent thought then
we do.
Too many women Just Mindly follow ths
fashion without tiny thoug t is to
whether it suits them or not. , Thst gives
us the figures of fun we see all shout us '
old women with gray hair dresiei uv
like their granddaughters, fst women It
styles intense 1 for th sylrh Ike, rnd
tags of bones public y exhtUt d tnUl
they look like anatomt al displays.
. I want to say over again that glr's
are Judged by ths clothes they wear. If
a girl Is u reused In a nice, quiet, modest
manner ah can go from one snd of the
country to ths other and be treated with
perfect respect and-deferenoe. But if she
togs herself out In an exaggerated cos
turns something loud and flamboyant
and an exaggeration of th fashion sh
makes herself fair gam for every street
(corner masher. And vou csn hardly
blam him.
I was in a polio court one when such
a man was brought In for having spoken
to a girl who. It turned nut. was
eminently proper. "Tour honor," said
ths man, by wsy of excusing himself, "if
shs Is a good girl what did ah get her
self up tn that rig forr
And I have thought th same thing
about many another girl.
I would especially urgs on business
girls the wisdom of dressing appropri
ately. If two girls should go to an office
applying for a Job, and on of them had
on a neatly tailored suit witn a substan-
Branch at
Council Bluffs
. Anita Stewart, in au effective street costume, showing her
belief in simplicity of dress. . .
tlal shirt wslst, high In the neck and
long In th sleeves, and with a trig llttlo
hat and sensible shoes, and the other
girl wore a befur-belowed and lace
trimmed silk, with high-heeled shoes and
a picture hat, we know well enough which
girl would get ths Job.
Don't. Just go to the motion pictures
for' fun. Oct some of the lessons that ws
hand out there, and one cf the most Im
portant of them Is how to dress your
When we portray a poor girl we put
her In modest clothes. When we want to
get It over that a business girl Is little
Miss Competence ws don't dress her up
aa If shs wer going to a ball. Ws put
her In working clothes.
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f Ring Out, Wild Bells
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WhiU Shepherds Watched
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to Girls
Pn - t"
: i
And when we want to depict a woman
who Is dr.vlng her husband to drink w
show her In a frowsy wraDDer. with hereon Hlndenburg. means "oourt worthy."
hair up In curl papers. And ths principle
of the thing holds ss good In real Ufa
ss It does In reel life.
Of course, you love pretty clothes. 6o
do I. But J try to dress iny part off ths
stage as woll aa on it, and to be simply
and Inconspicuously attired, esnerinllv
on the street. And I have never had ft
single piece of Jewelry In all my life, not
even a pin. The first piece of Jewelry 1
am going to hav Is my engagement
ring What do you thing ot that, girls?
(The next article by Anita Rte'wart will
be entitled, "Every filrls Bhould Learn
a Trade." It will appear soon.)
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Victor Oratorio Chorws
Lucy Uaboll Marsh
Nose Most Puzzling of All Our
Sense Organs Dogs Have More
Wonderful Noses ihan Men.. . .
"What about the mystery of smell?
'How does the nosi set? The ear and thi
eye work with vibrations, hut how does
the nose work? lo m.nute panicles o.
I the odorous substance enter tli nos, ot
, sro liter si'ent vibrations or Is then
. another tower, on the lines of eloctil lo,
which w know nothli.g about?
"I hav rad that a b t of drl. d mus t
will scent a room for years, anl yo
the most delicate scale Is not able to
show that th musk has decrcancii t:i
elht one particle In all that time,
"The nose seems to m the most del -;
eat and wonderful of our sense organs
j Then, look nt the mrvelous power f
the bound, sliln to follow a so;i
through a labyrinth of tracks!-M.. hl-
Th opinion of r.hyslologlsts r thnt
the nerve of smell, the olfactory nerves,
are excited by extremely minute partlo'es,
either solid or vaporous, riven off from
odorous substances. What the s se of
those particle may be Is unknown. '
Evidently they sre far below the s-nls
ot ordinary measurement a. Many of
them may be of molrcular dimensions.
although somotlmer. ss In the cass' of
flowers, a visible dust excites the senso
of smell, but even then It Is prolmbln
that th rsl sgents wh'eh affect tho
Clfnctory nerves arc .pr.rtlelcs belww
th range of the microscope.
In the casvs of the sye nnd the ear
mochanlcal arrangements exist whose,
action ws ten understand, such as
lonsfs bringing th. rays of light to a
focus, and "hammer" and "anvil" bones
transmitting sounds by ooncustlon, but
tho nos has no machinery ot thst k nd.
It his ilmply rasags aid dim er
leading directly to a sem' If Si of e 1
est a filaments constituting th olfsc'ory
lobes, snd the m ment t tor vlnsM 't
t-eie norv filaments are toi ched l y t
b 'orous emanation tho s:ns of smell Is
polt cd tn the brain.
Hut th most learned phys'otng'st csn
rot tail why on st of n rve f sments
gli-es us sUht, another h arlng and an
other smell. He knows cn'y t' fat.
On) of th rest proofs that t pa--tl.les
whlcii make th Impress! n of
smell ar of sxorsslve tenuity ha bee t
ment oned by you when you refer to th
sutonls'i lng persl tence of . th. od r of
"rtu,kt: .. -C.
' Not cn'y will a bit of mu k of ls')lc
Do You Know That
No other plant gives such , a quantity
of food to the acre as th banana. It
yield, by weight forty times mor than
ths potato and - 133 times more than
In Oermany th prefix 'won," as In
it M gran tea ny in sovereign, wno aion
can rats a man from ths rank of a
cltlsen to that of a gentleman.
' Ths male heart weighs from ten to
twelve ounces, th female from tght to
ten ounces. Its average slss Is about five
Inches long, three and a half Inches wide,
snd tw Inches In greatest depth.
It Is said that th baa of th Venus
of MUo, with th nams of Its sculptor
upon It, was destroyed for ths purpos
of deceiving a king of Franc Into the
belief that It was more ancient than it
really wss.
Ik '
i ill
VktroU XVni,'$3S0
VktroU XVIII, electric, $400
Circassian g Amsrkaa Walaut
' cnt a rj'rn for an Indef nte periol
of ars with no apptrent ill til ut on.
bu' rooms t' St la formerly b ei n
hablled by persons c etomed to u a
rmisk, and In ih ch no, tangible or v si le
tr ce cf the substance en found, and
which have been rjpatel'y swept anl
sired, cent m to be fil ed with the reeu
TSr od f.' no'h withstand nt nil att mpts
to Rrt M l of it."
The 'rm nations reen to cling to t
wnlls snd to give forth their nv rt
et i a ma of nt m Ilk rubble r.lnf
from e:i sn.'.l.-srly renewed glasi of
olamnaisn. It world appear that odir
oim sii'.-stances shed of few pvtllrs
I y a process res-mbllng evaporation.
ne !s a so i reminded of ths way ii
v hlch radium sets, continually shoctlnii
cf: Immeasurably mlr.ute pmfclcs f-rmed
lv tt disintegrate rf its (tin st ms.
' 'l s-bs'sntei vtfhitever Rive rf emi
rM! hs csp.WK Br sffctlng th s nw of
snvll, hut only a f w i pp ar dla In tly
0 or-ius t us. o , ni:w tMetanfllig the
reel tht It arms to oj tj b the m-et
w nd f ! , f 4llr ense crgsn the humai
1 of 0 Is rea ly a very Imperfect Ina'.r m..,.t
I nf its kln1.
In the dej the olfactory lobes sre
much larger than In man. and the auper
htiman power which ths hound poasessea
6f detecting and following trails of scent
absolutely Ir.nenslblo to us Is du. to th
keener sensltivene.'s of his nerves of
,On account of his mora perfect olfac
tory perceptions ths world must appear.
In som ways, quits a different plae
to the dog from what Ir appears to us.
Ills ability to concentrate th attention
I of bis nose upon some on particular
scent, crossed by snd lnt.rm!norl1 with
hundreds of otlwrs. Is a vary remarkable
sift, like that of the musician who can
fellow a single strain or. not of music
through th blar of confused sounds. .
Ther can hardly be th slightest
doubt thst ths dog recognises human
beings by their Individual odor. Even
we ar awar that certain animals, such
ns bears, lions, horses, cattle, etc., hav
characteristic odors by which w can
dlstlnTtilsh between species, although
not between Individuals.
But to th higher olfactory sens of
ths dog Individual men snd women ar
often, If not always, distinguishable
from , each other. Ths dog knows th
Mnell of his master a well as h knows
his face, and perhaps better..'
No on who has been much with an In
telligent dog can avoid receiving, occa
sionally, from th glances and conduct
of his canine companion th Impression
that th dog tblnks his master Is ex
tremely stupid In not noticing th tell-'
tal odors that plainly reveal . to th
four-ieggd animal Interesting things and '
situation of which th two-legged on'
Is uttsrly oblivious.
Below th sens of smell, 'or abov It.
If you prefer, ther probably exists In
certain animals, such as Insects, a still
finer power of perception, which may
really rest upon an electrical sens.
' Watch th conduct of ants or of bees,
or wasps, or beetles, and you will see
many things which will b likely to lead
yoju to think that those creatures know
much of the surroundings by means
which neither touch, sight, sound, smell'
nor taste could supply.
Th most absurd error of which we :
can be guilty Is th assumption thst
our fiv senses could glvs us complete
knowledge of th world around us even .
f they wer perfect In their kind. They
ar at bast but fiv loop-holes In th
.walls of a prison.
V. -
', ,1