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Westminster G&iette Makes Ttrt
. Comment on President1! Messag-e
and Poiition of Country.
LONDON. Dec. 8. Asserting that
the Monroe doctrine, which President
Wilpon reassert 1b the most probable
cause for the "next war." the West
minister Gazette say of the presi
dent's mesas M to rongress:
-We hope from president Wilson's
mRRce thst . the American people
are beginning to understand that this ,
la not merely 'a' f between Great
Britain and Germany.. or. France ana
Germany. Tut a conflict between two
kinds Of civilisation.
"If this war emls in the triumph or Or
many or the downfall f ilr.tlsh sa
roer the Aiwrtrsn pfcple would lls-
cover at once that what President Wllwn
now describes aa the aberration of a
small minority, had become a dangerous
cancer In the heart of their atate. ami
they would find alao that the Monroe
t trine which the prealdont reasserts
with such vigor, haa become the storm
center of the world politics aod the moat
probable cauae of the next war,".
The Westminster Oasette appeale to
the American people to realise frmn their
ewn experience which la going on In
Europe and "tf unable to "help tie by poal
tlve assistance, not to hinder us by as
eertlng the neutral rights of commercial
Interests to the prjudlce of our naval
Pall Mail Gaaette "arrwtle.
The Pall Mall Oaxette expresses the
view that TVeildent Wilson1 denuncia
tion In hla message of the activities of
war plottera wae too mild In general and
not sufficiently discriminatory between
unneutral conduct and criminal conduct
It adds.
He even goes so far as to suggest that
the acts of ao aaaaasln or a dynamiter are
chiefly heinous as exhlbitlona of unneu
tral conduct, and that equal censure must
fall upon every American who falls to
keep the acalee of Judgment even and
prove hlmaelf a partisan of no nation
but hla own.' "
"We cannot say that this theory of
morals, whatever Ita convenience may be
In domestic politics, will Increase th.
respect of the outside world for the of
ficial attitude of the White House. Literal
reading of Dr. Wilson's meeaege woull
almoat auggeat that he regards ei-Prest-dent
Rooaevelt'e denunciation of Miss
t'avell's execution as equally heineous
with the crime of last week which blew
some twenty munitions workers Into
fragments.' "
The newspaper, adds that the presi
dent's theory of the duty of the American
nation does "not become clearer when ws
compare his boaat of making "Common
cauae with all partisans of liberty on this
aide of the see'1 with his fetolute Indif
ference to the fight between liberty and
tyranny upon the older continent."
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now prosperity has been firmly establ
ished throughout the country."
Mr. McAdoo Included lettera from mcr-
cantlle aem-iea to support his statement,
and quoted figures on railroad and other
. operations to show increased activities.
Praises Reserve em.
"Tli? financial situation of this coun
try." he continued, "has never been so
strong and favorable aa now. Our finan
cial resource are the greatest In our his
tory, and our banking system, through
the creation of the Federal Reserve sys
tem, la now the strongest In the world.
In every reaped the economic and finan
cial condition of the country Is extraordi
narily sound. It Is greater than thst of
any other nation and If we tiae our re
sources and our opportunities Intelli
gently and wlaely, we ahall eatabtlah the
prosperity of this nation upon an Impreg
nable foundation for many years to
In that connection the secretary's re
port showed the stock of gold In the
i:nlt-d States on November 1. 1B15. was
S2.lM.li3.7fti compared with SI.WM7S.Wi0 on
January 1 and that It la by far the larg
eat sum tn gold ever hH3 by one country.
Indications were, he addod, that the prea
ent stock would be greatly augmented.
The report revlewa at length, opera
tions or the Treasury department for the
year. Mr. McAdoo'a deposits of gold In
the Atlanta, Dallas and Richmond Fed
eral Reserve 'banka, and his decision to
make reserve banks government depoal
tarlea and flacal agents.
' Legislation recommended Included $50,
W for a second Pan-American Financial
conference In Washington In 1917 and
S2S.flrW for the use of the Vnited States
section of the international High Com
mission on t'nlformlty of Laws for the
two Americas.
Omalhaa Bills Condemned.
The method of legislation for public
buildings in an omnibus bill received the
secretary's disapproval and he asked
that It be discontinued. Needlesa wsste
of public money, he said, will be avoided
If congress will hereafter not authorise
the aoqulaltlon of public building sites
until authorisation la made for the
buildings to go on the sites.. He asked
that the secretary of the treasury be
authorised to fit the building to the city
and to make it Just aa imposing aa the
sum appropriated under the preaent ays
tsm will permit.
Mr. McAdoo asked the two cruising
cutters for the coast guard service on
the Psclflo coast, to cost 1700.000, a har
bor cutter for New York to roet $i:S.WiJ
and one for San Francisco to cost SA
000. He sss that In plnns for national
defense the const guard will have Im
portant assignment end that authortxa
lions for the acrvlce will he valuable
from s mllltsry standpoint
Reviewing the oleomargarine and
whisky frauds of the year the report
again recommends changes In the oleo
law to t-edure the Invitations to commit
elmtnlar frauds..- -
Mr. Mel on testified, that the New Haven
bull I a c- nnectlon in New York City
with the Hudson tunnel, which Mr. Mc
Adoo was then engaged In constructing.
through Inaccurate returns and eveaions
cf the law a sum many times greater
than the cost of the necessary field force
to Investluata and check the returns and
to bring to account those who are falling
to make returns ss required by law."
In keeping with his recent announce
ment Mr. McAdoo suggested the present
stamp lax and the existing duty on raw
sugar should be retained In force and
said again that no Issue of bonds Is nec
eaaary either to provide for current ex
penses or in anticipation of added bur
dens Incident to a policy of military pre
paredness. ;
'The policy of providing for the ex
penditure of the government by taxation
und not by bood Usuee," said the report,
"la undoubtedly a sound one and should
be adhered to.' A nation, no more than
an Individual, can go constantly Into debt,
for current expenditures without event
ually impairing credit, A wise, sound
and permanent policy of raising the addi
tional revenue required for preparedneee
and the expenditures of the government
should therefore be devised and adopted."
Experts Customs to Increase.
Mr. McAdoo expressed the belief that
with a return of peace In Europe cus
toms revelpta which fell off s,CiOO,000 In
the last year will Increase and that with
legislation suggested, with a provision te
.nicks the surtax or the Income tax law
at'l'lkaUe at $10,000 Instead of ?',. the
whoto or part of tha additional revenue
can be raised. Taxes on gasollna, crude
and refined oils, horsepower of automo
biles and "various other thlnge" are sug
gested as further revenue raising meas
ures. ...
The total estimated appropriations for
the fiscal year which begins JuW 1, next,
XI r. McAdoo puta at ll.2Jti.X67.. Including
J;Wt.SM.87! for the postoftlce which Is "re
Imburssble and about p0.O00.Ou0 more for
the J'anama canal and sinking fund. Ke-
tetisa for the same year based on exist
ing law l without extension of the sugar
duty or Hi emergency ,tax. Mr, McAd'jp
puta at S W and ordHiiry disburse
ments st "C.Soi,flfl0 leaving an exceas of
riilireincnts over receipts If legislation
la not jessed to change conditions, of
Ji' :')!,(. As explained it bis reoent
t'tuU-ment. kottti'ft, that emount would
le reduced to about S.'fl.OOO.tOO by the ex
f-na.on of the rmergvacy and sugar tat
laws. ' '
Nats 'liirli oudftloaa Om,
e'e retary McAdeo'e report sa)S the pao-
of tt 1.' lilted States have reason to
ci iifcratvlats tlientsclvra on the financial busi'iess condition of the country
afior the serious situation which coa
fionted them a year ago.
"The European war produced Inevitable
suffering In this country as well as la
Kirope." said the secretary. "Our ln
iluatrl kltuatlun was, for a time, seri
ously hurt, an l the cotton growing atatea
of the south sustained heavy losses
through decliiiva in tha price of cotton.
Kery power of the guvernuirnt was ex
crted to mitigate tha situation aad I be
lieve It Is not inexact to say that but for
the active agency of the government la
protecting .and conserving the business
l.iui'tU of tl.e countiy during tlu
. miusI period grava disaster would have
"it is a pli-esure to acknowldga that
tne. rfloi-.j of the government ware sve
i.i.-Ud and supported by the earnest and
!in)iU5 t-ui 'iatl-n of the business In'
i'irm ci( the country. Iiuring the yea
. n ).s been a st-l)-. h.IU!y. furward
I'.nuftl tu e-tr line of activity, uutU
Children Hate
Pills, Calomel
And Castor Oil
Give Fruit. Laxative when
cross, bilious, feverish or
'California Syrup of Figs"
can't harm .tender stomach,
liver, bowels.
Look back at your Childhood days.
.ReAwmber the ."dose' -mother Insisted
on castor oil, calomel,, cathartics, How
you hated them, how &ou fought against
taking them. .
With our children It's different. Mothers
who i cling to the old . form of physio
simply' don't realise whst thsy do. The
children's revolt Is -well-founded. Their
tender little "lneldss" are Injured by
If your child's stomach,' liver and bow
els need cleansing, give only delicious
"California Syrup of Figs.'! Ita aotlon
Is positive, but gentle. . Millions ot moth
ers keep this harmless "fruit laxative"
handy; they know children love to take
It: that It never falls to clean the liver
and bowels and sweeten the stomach, and
that a teaspoon ful given today saves a
sick child tomorrow. ' .
. Ask your druggist . lor ' a Co-cent bot
tle ot "California Byrup of Flga," which
has full directions for babies, children
of' all egns and for grown-upe plainly
on each bottle. Baware of .counterfeits
sold here. 8oe that It la made by "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company," Refuse any
other kind with contempt. Advertise
ment, T
. -.-:!.
McAdoo Approved
New Haven Deal in
Letter to Mellen
NEW TOltK. Dec. a. William O.
McAdoo. aectetaryiOf the treasury, raw
notb ng wrong, while a private c'tl en,
In the acquisition of the Host on Maine
rail read by the New York, New Haven A
Hartford ra lroa-I.
W view In the matter was disclosed
today In the form of a letter read by the
defense at the conspiracy trlsl of eleven
former directors of the New Haven r ad.
The letter wss written by Mr. McAdoo
to Charles S. Mell n on June It, 1T7 at
the time the New Haven had acquire 1 a
majority of the Boston ft Maine stock.
Mr. McAdoo eongtatu'ated the then New
Haven president on the progress made In
getting the stock, hoped his plans woul t
he realised, and added that he dd n.t
see how any "Broad-g'iaged and rr -gresslve
man ran have any other view
than that It will be beneficial to New
Mr. McAdoo had st that time proposed.
Tlmel-r lltnls 'tn utrr I'atlnST.
Chrlatiraa, New Tear's and other feast
dya canse mnny disturbed digestions.
The stomach snd towels should not he
prmlttej to remain rlotrgeJ up. for In
digestion and constipation are often fol
lowed by serious diseases, resulting from
undliesied poisonous waste matter. Foley
' - va tie TsMetn should he In every
home, ready for use. No griping; no tin
pleesant after effect. Relieve distress
a.ter eating, regulate bowels, sweeten
sniruu-h and tone t'P the liver. Bold
very where. Advertisement.
Western I'aloa Dr el area Dividend.
NEW TORK. Dec. . The Western
t'nlon Telegraph company directors to
day declared the regular quarterly divi
dend of lt4 per cent and an extra divi
dend of one-half of 1 per cent, making
total disbursements of per cent for the
fiscal year. This replaces the Block to
the same dividend basis which It held for
many years prior to 1. when reduced
earnings caused a reduction In dividend
Bee Want Ads Troduce Results.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
For Everybody'
From Every Point o f View
It is found hotuekeeping judgment torue
Strlllxed ' t : , ., 'Unaweienexl
It is economical It is conTenient -It is saiuUurj It is rick
It is economical because you can use every drop
and have every drop carry proper food value. It
keeps sweet for days, after opening.
It is convenient because you can always have a
fresh supply on hand ready for any emergency. You
can use it for. every purpose , for which you have
; been using bottle milkv . , ;
'It it sanitary because It's perfectly sterilized with no danger of con
tamination at in the bottling, handling and delivering of bottle milk.
. It it rich became ft - is the richest milk from the best dairying
fejfioni with only most of, the water taken out and with nothing
added. Cottage Milk never-variea from ita rich creamy quality.
Made fresh -every day in sanitary, i potlett condenseriet rn the beat
dairying districts in the country. Cottage Milk has more
than twice tne food value of bottle milk..
At all Good Daltr9 In Two Six, $ ana 10c
. -.jr..,.-- . ' . . .
t : .. r" . - . -i B5l!a' - -
. . ...'... Sim "--' " ' .
Cold wave due today' reads
our local forecast while the
one down in Florida says "fair and warm." And
they're out on' green turf a-taking it easy, while
you wctr an overcoat or house yourself in. ;
A day and a half; that's all the time , it takes to
reach Florida from Kansas City via Frisco Lines
and Southern Railway the direct route. The
leaves Kansas City at 5:55 p. m. and gets to Jacksonville 8:2$ a. m. second
day. All-steel train of coach J, steeping cart and Fred Harvey dining cart.
.... . Write the unjrrtljntd fur ae nriU literature
, and full infof mativa about lares and rcMrvatioas.
J. C. LvrtUm. DivUiaa reeeeager Ageat, WalUUeiaa BaiUlsf, Kaaeae City, Me. '
Low fares
to Florida
and Cuba
' K aaa 4 erta. Keesee
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St. AsgaeUae 44. St
Tesasa ' U.
faUleatk tl.M
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Havaaa 71. M
CaUae lies
e (Caa&l law)
t ibarel tma ever ri v
IIsm and tuog rautra
Ukuil Voitpvalinslf
low Uree to ortir r-,
tene ia Pirw csiba
eel tee U. el ftaee.
1 . .
What Kind of Kitchen
Economy do You Practice
Do you attempt to combine economy and
higher ideals into food preparation? , There is a
way. to do this the 'Aluminum- way " 1892"
Pure Spun Aluminum, 'the ware that ' is 99.99
pure, heads this method.
When Mrs. Tarhmen bought her tint "1892" Pure Span Alu
minum Cooking Utensils, twenty-three year ago, some of the first
ever told to American women in this 'country, $he didn't realize that
she was buying them at the extremely low cost of three and one-halt
cento per year. Just think of it, an Aluminum Sauce Pan in con
stant ate for twenty-three yearsthat's ' the economyAside of buying
"1892" Ware. .
Ye, it does pay to buy "1892" Ware, even though you buy
a piece at a time, your collection of kitchen utensils will be of
the best Aluminum ware the market affords. There is no doubt
of the superiority of "1892" Ware, the record of : long service
stands' alone, 'because we are the originators of Aluminum for
cooking utensils, and records like these are enviable.
Every modern method known for perfecting details have
been taken up one by one but the one feature that makes
"1892" Pure Spun Aluminum Ware the long-life record breaker
still remains untouched, so that a kettle or pan bearing the
"1892" trade mark contains the assurance that it will last you
twenty years of actual service.
We have made it easy for you
to know 40 1892" Ware by put
ting the trade mark on each
utensil, always look for it,
you will know you are buying
the genuine. Attractive tags
and stickers are printed with
the trade mark thereon, this
will also help you to identify
"1892" Ware.
Oval Roaster or
Baker.- Made of
thick, heavy
gauge aheete.
stamped ana
polished out
side, satin finish
Inside. An extra
heavy roasting
bottom accom
panies each
roaster. A fiang
d Up makes the
roaeter nearly
eteara tight. End" eteam trap regulatee condenelng
' of steam. A raastor that will giw satisfaction.
Windsor Sauco
Pan. Mad in
a variety of
sises, with cov
ers or without coverst
handls or bail to auit your
wants. Another "1S3"
Waro apecialty. Anyone
tha handy featuroe in ita
Quality First
Made in America
can eo at a glanca
grecul linaa and even balance.
Baking or Roasting
Pan. An opan Drip
Pan that can be used
in many various
ways. Made of heavy
even sheeta, rein.
foroed rim and comers. Aluminum rivetad handles.
One of the always ueeful kitchen utensils.
' National Ansel
Cake Pan. A two
piece eako pan
that la repreeenta.
tlve of "1M2" Pure
Spun Aluminum,
War. A cake pan '
that la as high In
standard of perfec.
tlon as tho trada
marked "IfiS"
Ware. Angel Food
cakee are alwaya a
suceeaa when this
par) la used.
Berlin Sauco
Pan. One of
tha most beau
tiful designs in
our ontiro line. Tho gradual
and gentlo ewell In this aidea
make it one of tho most
officiant. Water boila mora
evenly and at lese consump
tion of heat than most so
called Berlin ehaoee. Will
not boil over owing to tha ahapa, tho water boila
in instead . of boiling out or over.
pan. neat (ravels oveniy ovar i
and diitr:butea along top of plate.
v v y r man any otner
Heat travels ovanly over bottom aurfaoa
:u... I .1 - . -.1...
Muffin Pan. Capa
city si mufnns,
bakes rnurnna quick
r man any other
Sold on a 20-Year Guarantee
The maktrs atf to taht back and rpc or repair any "1892" Pure Spun
Aluminum Cooking uttntil showing Jct through impmrfmction in (A wart or
workmanship at any fim daring thm 20 yoars of service, ths utensil being subject
to ordinary care and attention during that period.