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Skating Has Won the Crown Away That Dancing Wore but Yesterday
These Unique Pictures of the Latest Smart Set Diversion Were Posed Especially for The Bee by Cathleen Pope and George Kerner, Premier Exponents of the Art of Graceful Skating.
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The first Movement forward.
The position after finishing the circle.
An effective ending for the second movement.
Little Red School House
and Its Curriculum
x-Presldent Taft rarely says anything
that ia not interesting. Hla genial com
mon sense appeals both to heart an'l
Intellect. Hla Ideaa come neither by bur
roWtnn Into the earth nor by soaring: Into
the air. They die even with the ttroiind,
and the feeling once has In listening to
him la that It would have been per
fetly eaay for any one to hve said the
game thing If only one had thought of
it, the only trouble being that one had
not thought of it. v
Ha haa Just been telling the number of
eaay things about public schools. His no
tions about the matter are old-fashioned,
bt there is a simplicity and a direct
ness about a good many old-fashioned
things that strike home. They show leBS
decoration and elaboration, but for that
very reason it ia not necessary to bore
or Mravate so far before penetrating into
hat is vital.
There is more machlnerw operated In
running schools than there used to be,
but it is . the problem of mechanics to
minimise machinery to the interest of
product. Mr. Taft aeems to be of that
mind and effectlonately eugollzes "the
little red schoolhouee." Ills allusions to
it touch a pleasant spot in the memory
of any one who went to school In the
old days.
We did not study so many things, but
those which we did study we devoted
ourselves to with a kind of delighted
ferocity. Perhaps the schools I attended
were better than most, but I know that,
in such aa I did attend, we all learned a
lot and were immensely happy about it.
There was scholarly ambition, we were
not so confused by the number of sub
jects given to us to attend to as to have
only a minimum of interest for each.
Even our spelling class was conducted
with tremendous enthusiasm. Mr. Taft
criticises graduates of modern schools
because they do not know how to spell.
The dudIIs In our school knew how to
spell and such of them as did not ap
piled themselves to the matter in a way
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grated compound c
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htaling to the me
Avoid disappoir
that showed that they liked it. To miss a
word In the spelling class made one feel
and look redlculous. We looked forward
to tho exercise with Impatient enthusi
asm. I misspelled the word "flaccid.''
The memory, of. It is Just as vivid to jne
now as thd experience of It was keen
then. 1 .
I became a real hero ono day because I
floored the- rest of the class by spelling
correctly the word "eevennlsht," which
tho spelling book pronounced "sennet."
The others did not recognize the word
as it was given out and made all kinds
of bad work with it. All of that occurred
more than fifty years ago. The vivid
recollection I have of it shows what a
luxury there Is In learning to spell if the
teacher knows how to manage the mat
ter, and she was neither a college nor a
normal school graduate.
But in our school if spelling was a Joy
mental arlthemtlc was pure bliss. The
textbook we used had a hundred and
more miscellaneous examples at the end.
Most of the class knew them by heart.
and they were not easy questions cither.
One of them ran something like this:
The head of a fish was three Inches long;
its tall half as long as its body plus one
third the length of Its head, and Its body
two-thirds the length of something else.
I have forgotten what. What was the
length of the fish? That gives a little
idea of the style of the questions, and
the members of the class knew them so
well that the Instant the teacher com
menced to put one to us half a dozen
hands would go up, indicating the desire
to take the problem and solve it
The whole performance was full of a
kind of glad rush. Then we had pieces
to speak on declamation day. Mr, Taft
alluded to that. These pieces were ex
tracts from the speeches of such men as
Webster, Hamilton, Jefferson, parts of
Washington's farewell address. This put
us in touch with tho great masters of
English and the great patriots of our
country and served to initiate us into
oratory and patriotic citizenship.
These were great schools, utterly void
of red .tape and Innocent as a straight
line of all elaborateness and circumlocu
tion. Going to school was as simple an
affair as getting up In the morning. If
Mr. Taft had a similar experience when
he was a boy, as he apparently had, it
la not strange that he could talk feelingly
to the New York Teachers' association
at Rochester about the simplicity alid the
charm of the little red achoolhouse.
The schoolroom was pervaded by an
atmosphere of cheerfulness. There were
no irksome restraints. We were not
fastened to our seats and could get up
and turn around without the danger of
being marked down for it. We were not
supposed to whisper, but if we did, and
did It so on the quiet as not to mnko
disturbance, we did not feel that we had
committed an indictable offense.
Penology had made such strides that
now even prison Inmates are allowed to
talk with one another, at least in Blng
Mng. A teacner tnat cannot maae a
schoolroom a happy place lacks one of
the essential qualifications of a peda
gogue. I believe that one reason why the
mental food administered by the teacher
so painfully disagrees with the system of
Ihe pupil is the state of depression that
the pupil i" In while the nourishment la
being given.
The principle applies in intellectual af
fairs exactly as in physical. The mind
Is In such matters a great deal Ilka the
stomach. Digestion Is promoted by
cheerfulness. An hilarious dining room
never induces Indigestion. These are
matters needing to be looked after. The
science of education, particularly In the
case of young pupils, is a complicated
one. r.udly ventilated schoolrooms and
teachers who are dolefully conscious of
the weary seriousness of their work com
bine to produce a dyspeptic order of
scholarship, liod bless to us Ihe memory
of our little red schoolhouse!
Icp akatln" ia destined to oecuuv the position this winter that dancing er
has hitherto possessed among sniurt circles. Of course, the most popular
form of skating will be done with a partner, and simple skating steps can
be learned with astonishing rapidity if attention ia given to the balance of
the body.
This first article by Cathleen Pope, whose skating with George Kerner
is one of the features of the Hippodrome, in New York, Illustrates some of
the positions to be studied to acquire grace on the ice. Two others articles
will follow.
Pair skating Implies adaptability. One
most larn first to skate Independently,
and then care must be .taken to meet
ono's partner's stroke, or change of
stroke. Kvenness and accuracy are more
necessary In pair skating than to the
person who skates alono.
Kach beginner should be able to do the
outsldo edge forward circles, and at
least strike out alone In the backward
edKCs even If unable to carry out the
full circle backward. The waits is In sonis
respects the most effective of all pair
skating, and the ten step can be done
by skaters .whose individual ability Is
limited to the outside edge circles and
Practice skating forward as In figure
one, one behind the other, right and leU
hnnds touching and letting the skater
behind swing across the direction of the
skater in front Thus at tho end of the
stroke the positions will be reversed, and
the man will be on the left side of the
girl. Bo careful that there is Independent
rkating as far as possible, lest Ihe bal
ance of the body be disturbed.
The next figure illustrated is attained
at the end of figure one. Tho skaters,
after making the circle, swing across and
reverse positions, the girl's right hand in
the man's right, and the position Is
finished In this reversed posture.
A pretty variation is shown In fliure
three, the girl's rlnht hand held across
tho man s body with his right hand. A
strong, full stroke on the right outside
forward edge Is taken which carries the
skaters around a complete circle, and the
hands of both, still Joined, are passed
over the head of the girl and brought
down on the right side.
Dr. Trudeaus Eternal Monument
The World's Kent Known Writer
Medical Hubjccls.
fieldom has any man deserved belter of
hla time than Kdward Trudeau. And eer
talnly never was moro eager, cordial
recognition and outspoken admiration
sitting about on the porches or in the
douryards, or dragging one foot after
another don the streets; nor do J'oU
meet them on the trains or In the
street rare, or hear their racking coughs,
with half the frequency that you used to.
Perhaps you may think that this Joy
ful decline of the plague Is only local to
(The second and third illustrated articles
on skating will appear on this pago soon.)
and affection given to any benefactor of your own neighborhood or class of ac
his species In recent times. Leaving nslfie quaintnnces. Hut here are the liai'd fig
the noble, devoted, lovabln character f ures for tho whole country to support
the man, his work and his Influence come j your own observation, if you feel your
home to us more closely nnd Intimately rindlngs loo good to be true. The deaths
than we can, nt first thought, realize. from tuberculosis have actually been re
Of no one could the words of the finest Iduced more than half; to be precise, 65
epitaph of all times bo more truthfully I per cent In the Inst thirty-three years!
Copyright, 19l'. Star Company.
If by some chance that world had not uxtsted
Which he set forth to find with faith so grand,
Then God, who saw how nobly he persisted
In that strange search, had straightway made the land.
Yea! Ood would form today in wide mldoceaa
A continent to recompense the quest
Of one who burned with that supreme devotion.
That selfless flame which lit Columbus' breast.
The very thought of that unchanged endeavor,
Which did not falter with abuse or scorn,
But wrenched the secret out of space, must ever
Be inspiration unto worlds unborn.
Oh, mighty spur to purpose and ambition!
Oh, faith repaid! Down, scoffer, to your knefss!
Behold one strong, religious dream's fruition
A continent plucked from the very aeas.
Perhaps you are discouraged In what Think of alt these things before you give
you are attempting lo accomplish, and
perhaps you are thinking that It does
not matter, anyhow, whether you suc
ceed or whether you fall.
But stop for a moment and consider
how much It meant to the world that
come other' people kept on in their en
deavors. There was Columbus, who set out to
find a new continent. It was a colossal
undertaking and required colossal cour
age and perseverance. Supposing he had
turned back before the course was half
I covered. Whst a difference It would
have made to the world. Not only a
difference in a geographical sense, but
In a material and a moral sense, because
his courage and endurance have left
lasting lessons to humanity.
Then there was Robert Fulton, who
conceived the Idea of a steamship cross
ing the ocean. He worked years and
years In the face of every discourage
ment before his dream becsme a reality
Had he given up we mUht still be forceo
to cross the sea by the slow and unsafe
process of sailing veHels.
Cyrus Field conrelved the Idea of an
ocean cable. Thirteen years elapsed,
thirteen dtwouruglnt,- and depressing
years, before success was attained. What
a blessing to humanity that he did not
give up hla purpose!
Murconl met with discouragements and
difficulties and doublings before he gave
us the wonderful wireless. How univer
sal haa become the benefit of his per
se rvera nee.
tdison and Bell, had they proven weak I We always suspect that the enthusiasm
and di'palring, would have robbed the of the gir standing In the crowd watch-
world of Inventions of . Iceless value. J log a score buaxd has been simulated.
uttered, "SI moiiumentuin quarls, clr
cumsplce" "If you seek his monument,
look around you."
lld It ever occur to you thiit oon
sumptlves sre becoming noticeably
scarcer? If you have any doubts about
It, "circumsplce," look around you, and
contrast the facts, the number of con
sumptives smnng your acquaintances now
with the number that you can recall fif
teen, twenty or thirty years ago.
Of course, you have read and heard
scores of times that consumption was
diminishing rapidly, such and such a per
cent every oecade, sit many thousand
ior deaths from It euch year. Hut these
were mere averages, general abstruct
statments, which did not apply directly
to you or to anybody In particular. Hut
now the blessed change, has gone to such
an extent that It Is actually visible tj
the naked eye.
You don't see hslf as many of the pale
and pathetic victims of "slow decline'
up in what you are attempting to do
Even if your aim Is only one of mod
est success and Independence, do not
despair of success, thinking It does not
matter to any one else. Kvery self-re
liant character means a great deal to
the world.
It means one more lifter and one less
leaner, so go on In your efforts at
achievement. Make the very best of
vniiraelf and believe that you are bet
terlng the world by so doing. Believe
that you are cheating and wrongtng the
world If you fall to do this.
Keep on trying, hoping, praying and
working. By and by success will come
to you. And every effort you mske here
will count In your next life. The reward
la sure sometime, somehow.
In issn. In 1'nlted States, the deaths
from tuberculosis were 326 per 100.OX) liv
ing about one-seventh of all deaths. In
IDlli, Ihe deaths were 117 per lOO.OOO living
about one-eleventh of all deaths; which
makes tho trifling difference of a saving
of 17,ooii lives in the year 1913!
As the reduction is still continuing,
this means tVat practically less than one-half-nearer,
in fact, one-third aa many
of si, of our dear ones, of our friends,
are now dying of tuberculosis as were
(ailing victims to the disease thirty-five
yea.a ago. No wonder that life Is grow
In;; happier and pessimism and Interest
in another world decreasing. Just think
it the saving In broken homes. In
blighted hopes, in lifelong sorrow and
bitterness, which this glorious change
But this Is not all the gain. One of
tho most cheering facts cf practical ex
perience In this world Is that good work
agulnst any evil or misfortune ir Injus
tice helps all along the line and makes
Itself felt In a dozen fields oueslde of Its
own. Consider the "medicines" used to
cure rbnsuiuptlon, the weapons reiki
Unnn In thfl third tit m niknriirtf rimniim
against it. Kit at, fresh air; ' second,
sbundunco of gocd food, particularly
meat, milk, eggs and cream; third, avoid
ance of Infection In crowded tenements,
In factories and workshops; fourth,
avoidance of overwork; fifth, abundance
of el rep anj rest.
Is tuberculosis the only disease that
these are good medicine for? It would
be perfectly safe to say that for every
llfo saved from consumption by the
tuberculosis campaign, typified by Tui
deau's work and largely under his lead
ership, at least two other lives have been
saved each year from a wide variety of
other diseases, from the great general
Improvement produced In public- health
and vigor.
Again statistics support this presump
tion. ror while there haa been a saving
of some 170 Uvea per 100.000 living from
tuberculosis In the last third century,
there haa, In the same time, been a sav
ing of, Voughly, between 600 and WOO live
per 100.000 from all causes. And while,
of course, the whole of this Improvement
cannot, by any means, be claimed for
the tuberculosis campaign, yet there cap
be little question that a very consider
able share of It haa been due to the enor
mous Improvement In general living con
ditions and habits of life, for which II
has so vigorously and auceasfully fought
t 1 ft
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In the battle of life It la always easier
to get there than to stay there.
No examinations are required of appli
cants at hell's recruiting stations.
The disposition of the average musician
generally needs tuning moat of the time.
PUfnce may mean a lot of things. In
the case of a woman it usually means
lht she Is tired.
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