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    Tim UKE: OMAHA. Wednesday. PEOEMHEIt 8, 1015.
Wadding1 ainge Sdkoim, Jawsle.
Kara Boot Frist It Now Fsaoon Press.
Property Cared ror To rent property
see J. II. Dumont, Keotlno HulUllng.
Today's KotIs Program" classified
section today. It, appears In The Bee
EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what the va
rious moving picture theaters offer.
Yalnable Dress BtoUa The Burgeaa
Naah store reports to the police that a
rose velvet dress was stolen from the'.r
place, yesterday. The dress Is valued at
Becsptloa to Haw Members Plym
outh Congregational church will give a
reception, with musical program and ac
quaintance social. In honor of the new
fammlHcs In the congregation, Wednes
day evening at 8 o'clock.
The Stats Bank of Omaha, corner Six
teenth and Harney. Pays FOUR per cent
on time deposits and THREE) per-cent
on savings accounts. All deposits In this
bank ars protected by the depositors
guarantee fund of the state of Nebraska.
Bobbed by Ksw Acquaintances Al
bert Johnson of Red Oak, la., came to
Omaha Monday and met two strangers
with whom he started out to survey tho
town. Incidentally he was strongarmed
by his new acquaintances ana roDDoa 01
6 and a watch.
Sir Horses Flnnkstt Hers Friday Sir
Horace Plunkett Is scheduled to reach
Omaha Friday of this week. Plunkett Is
an Irish landlord, with great property
holdings throughout the United States
and in Omaha. He will possibly visit
with friends in Omaha, during the holi
days. la Divorce Court Fred Bloss, who Is
suing Mrs. Theresa Bloss for a divorce,
alleges In his petition thst she was "so
infatuated with the sensation an, ex
citement" of association with persons
who prefer a life of gayety that she neg
lected her home. They were married
November 15. 1913, at PapllUon.
Wheal Advanoing Paradise four
$1.35 sack. Potatoes. 74c in 6-bu. lots;
others higher; fine cabbage, per 100 lb.,
60c; prunes, lb., 10c; 3 lbs., 28c; Idlewild
butter, 1 lb. pkg., 33c; short ribs of beef.
9c and 10c; 6-1 b. sack of cornmesj, 12c;
popcorn, pkg., 6c; good peas, can, 7o; bulk
oatmeal, 8 lbs. for 85c; corn, oase 14 cans,
$1.50; orange and lemon peel, lb., 17c.
Woman Holds the
Assailant of Child
Till Police Arrive
At the point of a revolver, Mrs. Rose
Fakato. 6615 South Thirty-first street.
South 61de, held Mike Miller. Twenty-
ninth and U streets, at bay while her
4-year-old daughter, Justl, ran for the
aid of the police. Detectives Leplnchl
and Zaloudek appeared a few minutes
later and arrested the man.
While little Justl was making one of
her frequent visits to the home of ber
uncle at Thirty-ninth and U streets, yes
terday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock, she was
enticed by Miller, who Uvea across the
street from the uncle, to the latter"s
room. The child struggled a moment and
finally made her escape to her' mother's
Mrs. Fakato started after Miller with a
gun and corraled him In his own room a
few minutes later. The child was taken
to tho office of Assistant City Physician
B. F. Bhanhan, where she was found to
be unharmed except for a few bruises.
Miller is being held by the police await
ing prosecution In criminal court
Wharton Urges More
Care With the Mail
"Do your Christmas mailing carefully."
Is the substance of a circular letter which
Postmaster Wharton is sending to busi
ness houses and concerns having heavy
outgoing mails.
. . . a. . 1 1 I
i n . n . t n nniwnr Tnn i iiii . 1 11. u 1 1 m
malls during the Christmas rush. The
postmaster urges these rules:
"Separate letters for Omaha from let
ters for other points.
"Separate long envelopes from the or
dinary size.
"Arrange letters face up and tie each
kind separately.
"When the quantity of circulars or
printed matter exceeds 100 for any stats
tie these In a separate package. In quan
titles of 2,000 or mors a permit number
can be used, thus obviating the need of
affixing stamps.
"Deliver parcel post packages to the
main office or stations. They will be
taken also on the white mall cars."
Asks Council to Buy Crusher and
Dump Truck to Do Jobs for
the City.
City Commissioner Jardlne, head
of the department of public improve
ments, has started his 1916 work by
putting through the council a reso
lution directing the city clerk to ad
vertise for a stone crusher and dump
It Is the Intention of Mr. Jardlne
to enter upon a line of city work
heretofore let out to contractors. If
the experiments prove satisfactory
the work will be extended. For one
thing, Mr. Jardlne Intends to know
in a practical way the actual cost of
any kind of work in connection with
paving, sewer and sidewalks.
The crusher and dump truck to be
purchased will be used In working over
old material from ttreots repaved. In the
past the contractors have taken this
material and nothing has been said.
Plenty of t'se for It.
Mr. Jardlne states thut this old ma
terial may be used for making concrete
crosswalks, concrete sewer inlets and for
sewer lining. The city already la making
Its own concrete sewer Inlets for about
one-fourth the cost formerly paid for
iron Inlets made In foundries.
In the case of Military avenue, which
has Just been paved, Mr. Jardlne retained
all of the old material, which he esti
mates Is worth nearly $1,000. Old vitri
fied brick may be crushed and used for
concrete work.
New paving specifications contain, a
clause stipulating that old material shall
be retained by the city.
To Keep Track of Tost.
Next spring Mr. Jardlne expects to
build a short section of sewer and will
keep an exact account of the cost of
material and labor, that he may know
wben a bid Is reasonable or otherwise.
Center street on the west probably
will be paved by the city in the spring,
although proceedings were started for
paving In the usual manner of letting a
contract and assessing the cost back to
the property. If the council will back
Mr. Jardlne on this proposition, the com
missioner Is confident he can put this
street in passable condition at a low
cost by using the organisation and ma
chinery of his department. Doubt has
been expressed whether much of the
property along this street can stand the
assessment which ordinarily would fol
low new paving.
Heads Are Asked by Resolution to
Submit Estimates of Needs for
Next Year.
Meads of all city departments have
leen directed by resolution to submit
tn the department of accounts and fi
nances estimates for 1916 to be used
by the city council when considering
the 1916 budget. The superinten
dents of police, fire, public Improve
ments, street cleaning; and mainte
nance and parks will ask for the
maximum amounts as fixed by the
last legislature.
Greater Omaha's fund for 1S16 at the
disposal of the city commissioners will be
$2,2Tt,602, the general division being as
follows: General fund. 11,830,000; bond In
terest, $-100,000: bond retirement, $150,000;
for South Side deficit for last five months
of 1915, $122,000; special 8-mlil levy for
motor apparatus and alarm system for
fire department, $66,600; hydrant rentals,
Bond Fundi A I wo.
In addition to the amount raised by tax
ation the commissioners will have $300,000
sewer, $100,000 intersection and $o0,000 park
bond money; also miscellaneous collec
tions. Commissioner Kugel will ask for the
new charter maximum of $220,000, an In
crease of $30,000 over last year. Tho park
fund maximum was raised fnom $"", 000 to
$90,000, which latter amount Mr. Hummel
will Insist be allowed his department The
legislature increased the fire fund from
JJSO.OOO to $W,000, with Increases of pay
for the firemen. The library fund was
Increased from $.W,flo to $.A000 In the
charter amendment passed last winter.
The Job before the city commissioners
will be to apportion the general fund of
$I,JW.XI0 among the various departments.
Health Commissioner Connell wants a
larger appropriation, and so It goes along
the line. The new Recreation board will
ask for $31,000 for the year, and the Wel
fare board. Just starting out, will want a
finger in the pie.
Will Seek New Head
Resident for the
Social Settlement
At a meeting of the Social Settlement
board yesterday, Mrs. Philip Potter
Miss T.ura Scott. Mrs. William Shan
non, Mrs. Edgar Scott and Mrs. J. W.
Robblns were selected a committee to
secure a new head resident to succeed
Miss Jessie Arnold. Miss Arnold has
made herself well known as a trained,
capable efficient social worker, and
though she and her board of manage
ment did not always agree on settlement
questions, her opinions and suggestions
were deferred to with great respect. The
board feels that It cannot afford such a
high priced worker.
The settlement is in charge of Miss
Adsms, who will remain until the new
head resident arrives, January 1.
John Jankowakl, 2726 South Twenty
fourth street, city fireman, fell off a
fire truck in responding to a rail near
Thirty-first and Jackson streets, and sus
tained severe bruises and lacerations. He
was taken to the Nicholas Senn hospital.
Mrs. Lambert Scores Hit When She
Gives Imitation, of Judg-e
An eavesdropper at the Omaha
Woman's club oratory department
meeting- would have been convulsed
with laughter at the program given
In the study from "Life." Each mem
ber gave an lnmltatlon of some one
she knew or an episode in which she
had figured. Mrs. W. C. Lambert,
leader of the department, who la fre
quently seen about the juvenile court.
gave an Imitation of Judge Sears and
a boy recently sent to Kearney In
dustrial achool, the picture being very
true to life, excepting for the absence
of the well-known tobacco.
Mrs. Grant Williams told and Illustrated
the Incident of going to the grocery store
the other day. After placing her order,
he laid a check upon the counter.
"Oh, do you have to have a note, too?"
asked a wee little girl who had been sent
to the store with a note.
Mrs. Louis Pommer Imitated herself In
a call upon a friend whom the stork had
Just visited. Mrs. F. H. Wray gave a
faithful portrayal of a certain mothcr-ln-law
and Mrs. Adeline flpecht Malstrom
gave a scene at a local hairdresser's.
The program, which was giver under the
direction of Miss Amy Woodruff, was
voted the most successful of ths year.
In January this department will present
Oscar Wilde's "Lady Wlndcmere'a Kan."
the proreeds to be devoted to the school
lunch fund cf the Woman's club, no
hearsala are being held twice a week.
Consider Saloon
Permits This Week
The city clerk has advised the city
council he will have sixty to seventy 19lti
saloon applications resdy for considera
tion this week.
Tho council will begin next week to sit
ss an excise board for the annual grind
of pssslng on 2M liquor license application.
Much of the work, it la statod, will bo
done In executive session.
You're Bilious!
Clean Liver and
Bowels Tonight
Don't stay headachy, sick, or
have bad breath and sour
Guy Leman Taken to
Lincoln -for Trial
Ouy Leman, brought to Omaha from
Lincoln on suspicion of having shot and
killed C. D. Campbell of Lincoln, In
Omaha, on November 19, was returned
to Lincoln by Detective James Kennelly,
lie awaits a hearing in the district court
there for carrying concealed weapons.
The city oouncil passed the Welfare
board ordinance, which gives the new
board authority for entering upon various
activities being planned. The ordinance
empowers members of the board to enter
any public place of amusement or enter
Don't Neglect Cossfci or Colds
Dr. King's New Discovery should bo
in every homo for coughs and colds.
Children and aged like It 60c. All drug
gists Ad vertisemant
The speech delrvered by Henry D. Bata-
brook of New York before the McK In
ky club in Omaha a month ago has beon
printed In pamphlet form by Mr. Eata
brook and is being distributed tbrouga
out the country to the number of about
20,00 copies.
Stomach Troohlee.
Persons who have stomach trouble are
ipt to become discouraged. They will see
by the following that their chances of re-
dvrv ara excellent. A. K Williams. In
dependence. Va., tells of a remarkable
cure that was errectsa in mat vicinity
Dne 0 lUS rUllUHlCl mmm w uulf al-
flictcd with stomach trouble that he was
sent to a hospital, but received little
benefit and came home to die, Mr. Wil
liams suggested that he try Chamber
lain' Tablet, which he did. and today
he Is a ill man aal weighs 179 poucaa.
Obtainable! sverywnere. twiiom
Wake up feeling: fine! Best
laxative for men, women
and children.
Enjoy life! Remove the liver and bowel
poison which is keeping your head dtszy.
your tongue coated, breath offensive,
and stomach sour. Don't stay bilious,
sick, headachy, constipated and full of
cold. Why don't you get a box of Caa
carets from the drug store and eat one
or two tonight and enjoy the nicest,
gentlest liver and bowel cleansing you
ever experienced. Tou will wake up feel
ing fit and tine. Cascarets never 'gripe
or sicken like salts, pills and calomel.
They act so gently that) you hardly real
ise you have taken a cathartic. Mothers
should give cross, sick, bilious or fever
ish children a whole Caacaret any time
they act thoroughly and are harmless.
Tbow terrible Ear
NoIms bar stuoeea'.' Is
what bandrede at IrtUre
art talllns a. Too rs
uobn thst reosuUr I
offered 300 Treatment
for Hod Nolan. Kree, to
Omaha Bh reader and
thla la tha htumv reeull.
load Nolaeo! Wnal a pluture of Intolerable euf
ferlnr three vorde brim to mind. .Reader, ir ii
bare Head Noiaae. I kuow well that ao worda et
mine can oeecribe uie weary mleeir. Hut you are
the one to appreciate the bleaaol relief in the
worda, "My Hnd Noieaa bar atupDeA," and tbwee
era the worda which every day's mall brtnea aaa.
The Joy and gratitude of the people who re
eelved the SuO free IreeAJneau offered la thla paper
recently baa been ao great and their auoeala for
friends ao urgent that 1 am aulas to offer again
200 Treatments Free
Think what It would mwn to a a long -mffwr
with tbM tntutormbL. ruMjriac BotMtv-U Ut
IIdb tb mo p tag tmun trs hum of to cim- tho
busting- -tUI tb wmuy imUah'CV of Mound wtUcJi
CU time pUsUs) yob, 1WI thai ihmf mut att. or
you will go Invsvos). Fas-hap, too. your h start as is
beginning fo (ail. bat whUr It a or not, yw
know In your bthrt of Wmrti tbttt U will go ao4
tba voloa of claooa waxua you ta umtatsYkabla
iantva. If you hai Ua4 Hutwvm. gotroor or latar.
you will ba da&f.
Hart la your opportunity. Sana for on of my
Fra Traatmanlai ttad aao Kay gaothod which hag
aurod buudroda ta Juat your cond.Uui. Juat dms
via a a oca or a poat aard girioa your full aaju
ajd addraaa. Ton will MM ratpvt It.
Thla offer aud talk la tor TOI7. Parhapa lo
aava triad othar thing and bacon dtarcsunLgwl.
Farbapa y bar boon toul taar ta ao halo, Par
aapa ro ara oaraUaaly naleui yuur cm from
tW; to day thinking it will gM wU of tiaalf.
Ma Juat thla amall oTurt. ond fur aia A mw
Tr traa.LCtsnta. U won't enoft row a nanny. B
thta wfMaifql naw trwatmant and tra mat hod
which ha curad gaany. aiany pacrtla with Haad
Nuiae Juat Ilka your.
Writ today Cor Fro Band Nolaaa Traarwaaat.
192 Trad) Build-oft. Uogton. Maji.
Store Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturday till 9 P. M.
gess-Nash Com
Me Cfiristmas Stove fbrj&vcry Body
TUESDAY, 1KC. 7, 1015.
)? HON 10 D. 137.
SANTA CLAUS Bids All a Hearty
Welcome to the Sights of Toy Town
frPH'ia Includes the parents as well as the children, for they will find a tour through
1 Toy Town aa interesting as girls and boys find It delightful and amusing. Every
utile boy and girl knows tbat Santa alts all the year 'round In Ms snug little house up
at the North Pole, making Toys for Christmas. And when It gets close to Christmas
he harneeaea up his reindeers, packs tba toys In his sleigh and brings them to Uurgess-.
i.n a an Toy Town. And such thousands as ne brought with him thla year! Toys, that win
make the little boya and girla shout with Joy when they see them.
Splendid Line of Reed Doll Cabs
'Doll cabs, large size', rubber Urea, regular price 115.00, special at
Doll cabs, large size, rubber tires, regular price I Doll cabs, large size, rubber tires, regular price
$12. GO. special at S.K0 $10.50, special at $.RO
Collapsible Doll Cabs
With rubber tires, price range, f 1.25, 91.45, $1.78, I Picture machines demonstrated. Price range K2.50
91.08, 92.70, 93.50 and $!t.08. to 923.00. Maglo lantern, 75c.
Complete Line of Mechanical Trains
Mechanical trains on circle track, good englne,75c. I Electric trains, from 93.50 to 9rt5.oo.
Mechanical traina. from 75c to 9:15.00. Electric auto racer, $7.60 kind, Wednesday, 93.00.
Everything for Outfitting the Doll
Doll shoes, stockings, wigs, knit fancies, clothing, etc
, Burgess-Wash Co. fourth Ploor.
Remarkable Special Purchase of
T! TTv - o
Wednesday,' Two Prices, $3.95 and $4.95
Including $5.00, $6.00,
$6.50 and $7.50 Values
ONLY the silk petticoats themselves can ade
quately demonstrate how far from the ordi
nary special purchase this purchase is; that it rep
resents the successful outcome of very carefully
laid plans and offers , the result in exceptional
Pleated flouncea, rareled edge flutings, tucked and scal
loped edges to decorate or distend and fur trimmed petti
coats the latest word of fashion. Soft shimmering taffeta
ailk, of that quality not often found in petticoats ao low
The color effects are more than ordinarily beautiful,
and every beautiful color seems to be represented In this
charming assortment. The rose shades, blues, brilliant
greens, purples, all the neutral tints and a host of rich two
tone effects In such demand Just now.
Hosts of Different Styles
With Knee Deep Flounces
Como expecting good petticoats, made of good silks, and good values far more note
worthy than in any event like this before. ,
Silk Petticoats, worth $5.00 and $G.00, sale price, $3.95
. Silk Petticoats, worth $6.50 and $7.00, sale price, $-1.95
Barrss.jTaa Co. aooal moo.
Annoucement-Concerning Our
Continuously Arriving
INTRODUCING many original designs created exclu
sively for our own discriminating vpatrons.
Margot Silk Lacti
Arabian Silk Lactt Octr Chiffon
Siortt Silks, irresistible"
Hand Embroidered Nets
Radium and Chantilly Laces
Colored Chiffons Georgettes
Wonderful Colorings Antique
Rose, Apricot, Turquoise, Silver,
Gold Opal, Burnished Hague,
Edith Itose, Maize, Royal Flesh,
China Blue, Woodrow Delft
$5.95, $8.50, $10.00
to $15.00 and up
Thinking of Christmas Why Not a Bioas m?
Bargtss-BTssh Oo Second moo.
Buy Her a SEW-
An Early 1916 Model
$1.00 a Week
sBurgess-Nash Co. Everybody's Store 16th and Harney j
ing this new
model in ad
vance to
bring good
" Christmas
Cheer" to
your wife,
mother, sis
ter, sweetheart or daughter.
They wlU all need one erentually
so wby not for the Holiday Gift?
Come and select from many of the
World Famous makes the one you
think they prefer We bate a
complete line of standard makes.
Prices from $12.75 to $60
Burgass-sTash Oa. Tali a moor.
rmtr-rl States Senator Wctka ff
Massachusetts, on of ths men promi
nently mentioned f,.r ths republican
nomination for preshlent. Is likely to b
In Omaha rturln? the Chrlatmns holidays
to speak to the MrKlnley club. The club
Is In correspondence with him with re
gard to obtaining such an eniraRsment.
Everyone Likes
This Cold Cure
'Tape's Cold Compound" ends,
a cold or grippe in a
few hours.
Your roM win break and all srlpp
tnlwery end after taking a dose of 'Tape's
ONil.t Compound" every two hours until
three doses sre taken.
It promptly opens rloirg-ed-up nostrils)
and sir passanes In tha head, stops nasty
dlsrlmrpo or nose running, relieves alcK
headache, dullnees, fevertahnees, sore
throat, sneexlnir, soreness and sttffnees.
lHn't stav atuffed-upl Quit blowing and
snuffling. Rasa your throbbing head
nothing elan In tha world gives siirti
prompt relief ss 'Tspo's Cold Compound."
which costs only 15 r-ants at any dru
store. It acta without assistance, tastes
nice, and causes no Inconvenience, Accap,
no substitute. Advertisement.
At tho Central Furniture Store
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ana gs-inss to ohooss from ana at a prtea wUloh will mean an actual saTtns; ta
yon of from 10 to 60 par cant.
See our
line of
iron and
ical toys.
A substantial
Coaster for $1.70
A splendid wall mad Coaster Wagon, tg I 7M
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Un of
dolls. Dolls
with kid
bodies and
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the Central Furniture Htore.
Kvi 'zf,
CO f
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Handsome ureasml dolls,
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Purchases held
and d e 1 1 v ered
later if so desired.
Ilrlng the child
ren to Uie Cen
tral's Toyland.
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trt:-9Kzr. f-f .''-wf wPtecv-.-i
1' tsll