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German Crown Prince Hard to Kill,
Having More Lives Than Any Cat
Jamei Strong Sentenced for Life by
Judge Wnen Jury Meant
(From it Staff Correspondent.)
1ASCOVS. Dec. (Special.) Jam
Suoiur. convicted of murder In SIohx
county, who has served ten yean of a life j
sentence, was furloughed by Governor
Morehead and left today for Pittsburgh,
where he experts to get employment, that
being his former borne.
Strong Is a negro and does not look
like a man who has served time In the
penitentiary. He has been one of the
most trusted of the trusties In that In
stitution and Warden Kenton recom
mended his furlough because It ap
peared to him that the man has no
right to be longer confined In the place,
Two Convicted.
Ho with another negro Ijy the name of
Strong, who, however, Is rot related,
were convicted of the murder of a man
In Sioux county. In bringing In a verdict
of "guilty" the Jury meant it only for
the other man. They were tried together
and when the Judge sentenced both of
them to life Imprisonment, the foreman
of the Jury protested to the Judge that
they did ont Intend that James Strong
should be Included In the tindlngs of the
J n dare Takes Hand.
However, Judge Westover, the presid
ing Judge, Is said to have replied: "You
have done your duty and now. I vytl
do mine."
All members of the Jury Joined in a let
ter stating the farts to the Board of
Pardons and the governor and it was
upon these showings and the fact that
Strong; seemed to be out of place In a
penitentiary that the governor let him
'Artificial Stone Work
on Boom in the State
- (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 6. (Special.) Reports
filed In the labor commissioner's office
for the year 1914 by manufacturers of
artificial stone, show the total capital
Invested to be $212,029.81 The total value
of stock used for the year was $179,
830.47. Total value, of production, $340,899.65.
it is estimated that ninety-seven per cent
of the total production was sold in Ne
braska. The total for the year paid In
wages was $110,437.79 to a total of 259
employes, making an average for the
year of $2.76 per day.
The above figures show the activity for
the year 1914 of seventy-five Nebraska
manufacturers of artificial stone.
BERLIN", Dec. (By Wireless to Say-
vllle.) The Overseas New agency, tinder
he title "Hard to Kill." today gave out
iwhat It says is a history of the German
crown prince during the war, as compiled
by a Danish newspaper from reports
given out by Germany's enemies.
The history follows:
"Aug. 5. (1914) Victim of an attempt
against his life In Berlin.
Aug. 18. Severely wounded while on
tho French frontier.
"Aug.. 20. Second attempt against his
life In which he lost one leg.
"Aug. 14 Third attempt against his life.
"Sept. 4. Committed suicide.
"Sept. 13. Died In a Brussels hospital.
"Sept. 15. Commanded an attack near
"Sept. 18. Wounded by shrapnel In
"Sept. 18. Once more wounded while
on the French front.
"Sept. 10. Is carried to his deathbed.
"Oct. 24 -Buried In Berlin.
"Oct 23. His body found on the battle
field. "Nov. 3. Once more burled.
"Nov. 4. Once more killed by the
"Nov. $. Insane, taken to a lonely
"Nov. 13. Appointed chief commader
on the oast front.
"Nov. 17. Once more killed.
"Jan. 16, (1915) Once more wounded.
"Feb. $. Sent home."
Otto Zuelow Likely
to File for Congress
Colonel Roosevelt Asks Secretary
Fool to Fish Headgear Out that
Yeiser Dropped In.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. 6.-(Spe-lal.)-Vord
comes to Uncoln from Schuyler that
Mayor Otto Zuolow of that city Is con
sidering filing for the republican nom
ination for congrese In the Third dlsvrict
Mr. Zuelow served In tho state IokU
lature of 10 ami was otio of the leading
members of that body. Besides being
mayor of Schuyler, he recently served ss
postmaster, only throwing up the Job
because a democrat wanted It.
Fire Destroys
Callaway Store
CALLAWAY, Neb., Dec. 6.-(Speclal
Telegram.) The large ' frame ' furniture
and hardware store of Curtis and Daven
port was completely destroyed by fire
last night. Three streams of water; failed
to check the flames and tbe building and
stock were a complete loss.
The loss will amount to .About $15,000,
about ba!f covered by insurance.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 6. (Spe
cial.) Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
will not be a candidate for tbe repub
lican nomination for the presidency
on the republican ticket, his request
to Secretary of State Pool not to
place his name on the primary ballot
reaching the state house this after
noon. Press dispatches several days ago
s'ated that the colonel would make
the request, but the non receipt of the
letter had led some to believe that
Frank P. Corrlck, chief lieutenant of
the colonel In Nebraska, who has
been visiting at Sagamore Hill, might
have coaxed Mr. Roosevelt to recon
sider. Following Is the letter which while
dated November 30, was not mailed un
til December 4, according to the post
mark on the envelope:
8AGAMORE3 HILL, Nov. 80. Hon.
Charles Pool. Secretary of State, I.ln
coin. Neb. Dear Mr. Pool. Tour letter
of the 26th Just received. I request that
my name be withdrawn from considera
tion at the primary election. Thanking
you for your courtesy. I am, Very truly
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Deo. . (Special.)
The state railway commission has
granted an application of the Omaha
Lincoln Light and Power company for
an Increase In an issue of bonds. This
Is the Interurban railroad purchased by
the McKlnley Interests running from
Omaha to Papllllon.
The company asked for an Increase of
$100,000. The railway commission granted
an Increase of $130,000, but the company
discovered .-later- that the property of
the road war sufficient so an Increase
to the amount asked for would not be
excer.lve and as money was needed to
cover the Improvements being made,
asked for the increase.
.The commission allowed the appllca
tlon, but cut the amount to $168,300, di
vided as follows: Bonds, $izb,w; pre
ferred stock, $22,000, and common stock.
TABLK ROCK. Neb., Dec. 5 -Word has
reached here of the death of George F.
Cotton, of Table Rock, In a hospital at
Los1 Angeles, Cal., at 12:30 Sunday morn
ing, aged 6$ ears. Mr. Cotton had been
In falling health for several months, and
he went to the coast some three weeks
since thinking a change of climate might
be beneficial. Mr. Cotton had been Identi
fied with the brick business here for the
past twenty-two years, coming here from
Superior, Neb., where he was In the same
business for some years. His reputation
as a brick man, as more than state
wide. Ho Is survived by a wklow and
two sons. George A. Cotton, and Ralph
C. .Cotton, of Table Rook, and a daugh
ter, Mrs. Nellie Martin, of Las Vegas.
The body of Joe Fuller, a Table Rock
boy, was. brought here yesterday, from
Sterling. Colo., where he died Sunday of
pneumonia, after a short but severe Ill
ness. He was a brakeman on the Bur
lington running from Denver to Alliance.
His age was 29, and he was the youagest
son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Fuller, old-time
residents of Table Rock.
Asced Itratrlre Pioneer la Head.
REATRICK. Neb. Dec. . (Special.)- j
Daniel IIIkrIms. ased 90 years and a
pioneer of this section of tie state, died
Saturday evening, after an Illness of a
year. He Is survived by a widow and
four children.
OSCEOLA, Neb., Dec. . (Speclal.7
Mrs. Lydla A. Mickey, widow of the
late George F. Mickey, died at the home
of her daugltter, Mrs. Burrall Fox. at
Thayer, Neb., Saturday evening. The
body was brought to her home In Shelby,
where funeral services will be conducted
on Tuesday at 2 p. m. In 1869 Mrs.
Mickey came to Polk county with her
husband from Des Moines county, Iowa,
and located on public land in the south
east part of the county. Her husband
died several years ago.
BHATRICE. Neb., Dee. . (Special Tel
egram.) Application for the probate sA.
the will of tbe late J. W. Bookwalter of
Fpringfleld, O., who died recently In
Italy, leaving an estate of S.000,000, and j
also a petition asking for the fixing; of OSCEOLA. Neb.. Dec . (Special.)
the amount of inheritance tax due for ' Daniel Jarmin, the oldest cltlxen of this.
nou-o Piwhm Thavei. Mil Omelev roun-! Polk, county died at his home In Os-
tles where he owned thousands of acres . ceola Sunday, after a short Illness. De-
of land were filed in county court today
by F. M. Bookwalter of Springfield, O.
By the terms of the will W. H. Book-
waiter of Bookwalter, Pawnee county,
ceased was born In Glensford. England,
June 21 1821. He came to Polk county
In May. 1873, homeateadtng four miles
from Osceola. Mrs. Jarmin died two
, . . t c. . , .... .years ago. The deceased leaves lour sons
ana two aausnujrs. unnw iiv.
receives $1,000,000, other heirs receive from
$10,000 up to $100,000.
BENNINGTON. Neb., Dec. . (Special)
Mrs. Earl Bessey, living four miles
southwest of town, was fatally injured
' Saturday afternoon when the automobile
she was driving turned turtle. Her baby,
her niece and the housemaid, who were
with her, were all more or less injured.
Mrs. Bessey is survived by her husband,
her infant son, her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
alva Waterman and two brothers, Law
rence and Lafe Waterman.
will be held from Osceola Methodist
church on Tuesday. December 7, at 10
a. m
Ouch! Lumbago!
Rub Pains From
Sore, Lame Back
i - j
Rub Backache away with small
trial bottle of old
"St. Jacobs Oil."
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Indigestion. One package
proves it 2oc at all druggists.
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Famous Beauty Tells
Hair Curling Secrets
"I cannot too stronitly condemn the
use of the hot curllng-lron," says Rita I
ninya. it means rtoaui to the hair event
ually. Moreover It Is entirely unneceaary.
The hair can be made beautifully wavy
and curly to any extent and In any form
desired, merely by using such a simple
thing as pure sllmerlne. This perfectly
harmless liquid should be applied to the
hair with a clean tooth nrusn at night.
In the morning you will find that a very
beautiful natural wave and curllness has
resulted, and the eifect will last a con
siderable tlmo.
"The liquid sllmerlne Is very beneficial
and Is not sticky or greasy. Neither does
It streak the hair or stain the scalp. You
need not get more than a few ounces
from your druggist. The best way Is to
divide the front and back hair Into from
four to six strands and to moisten each
strand thoroughly from root to tip. -Advertisement.
William C. Martin.
WEST POINT. Neb., Dec. 6.-(Speclal.)
William C. Martin, a well known resi
dent of the east side, died at tho home
of h!s mother, Mrs. John H. Martin, at
Bancroft, on Thursday morning. He wast
unmarried and was In his forty-fifth
year. He was a native of Galena, 111.,
and had been a resident of Cuming county
for thirty years. , Funeral services were
held at Holy Cross church. Bancroft,
Rev. M. O'Donaghue, pastor, celebrating
the obsequies.
William If. Campbell.
TECt'MSEII. Neb., Dec. 6. (Special.)
The funeral of William H. Campbell was
held at the family home in this city Sun
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. Camp,
bell died suddenly Friday. He wa
nearly 83 years old and had lived in John
son county for forty years.
WEST POINT, Neb., Dec. .-t Special.!
Francis Lorcnscn and MIks Agne
Murphy were married at St. Joseph's
parsonage, Wlsner. by Rev. S. F. Carroll,
pastor, on Saturday. The contracting
parties sre prominent and popular younj
people of the west side.
Table Rock Lodge Given Banner.
TABLE ROCK, Neb., Dec. C (Special.)
Mr. Louis Jacobs, district manager of
the Knights and Ladies of Security, of'
Falls City, Neb., presented the state prise
banner to Table Rock council No. 222, of
this city, at a meeting held Saturday
night This council has Just recently been
reorganised, and during July, August and
September had made such a splendid
growth that they had secured the most
members of any council In the state.
Look at Child's
Tongue if Sick
Cross, Feverish
Hurry, Mother! Remove poi
sons from little stomach,
liver, bowels. k
Give "California Syrup
Figs at once if bilious
or constipated. '
PETROGRAD. Dec. .-(Via London.)
Imperial ukase was Issued today order
ing the enrollment of tha class of 1117
In 1311
It Will Heller, tiarkaehe. 1
Apply Sloan's Liniment to your back;
pain gone almost Instantly. Don't rub.
It penetrates. Sic All druggists. Ad-terlisement.
Look at the tongue, mother! If coated.
It is a sure sign that your little one's
stomach, liver and bowels need a gentle,
thorough cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act natu
rally, or la feverish, stomach sour,
breuth bad; has stomach-ache, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a tea
spoon ru l or "California Syrup of Figs,"
and in a few hours all the foul, consti
pated waste, undigested food and sour
bile gently moves out of Its little bowels
without griping, and you have a well,
playful child again.
You needn't coax sick children to take
this harmless "fruit laxative;" they love
its delicious taste, and It always makes
them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a 60-tent bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs." which
has directions for babies, children of all
ages and for grown-ups plainly on the
bottle. Beware of counterfeits sold here.
To be sure you get tha genuine, ask to
see that It Is made by "California Fig
Syrup Company." Refuse any other
kind with contempt AdverUsviueut.
Buy Christmas Presents
Without Wasting Your Time
By visiting the
In the court of
Where ladies of 24 church have a large and beautiful
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This Incomplete List Shows the
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'r: sssssiPssnsRSBi
asm sit'
S I i Ail M t - ' ; I i i s. yys
WHEN you huy cooking utensils
inum say
' m w are.
theivare tkatX99A$! is no aes-
tioitd M?ut the Vvjjeo or tf:this AJgimijurri
tj sv. m . ; i" - , fr v . - . jJ-j 'r" -r - 1 r w .
ere ia
f satisfac-
e till in aci
it- tr- . j ki js mm -. u a ta. hi
tlon in this XrMRMa;gmator9 of
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ookIntf utensil, and t3&&&itt gtftJfiMAUmnt in knowing tnat
'1892" Purt Spun Aluminum Wareifa You pure, itanJf nigh and alone a,
. tne representative ware ot thie wonderful metal Aluminum.
Beauty of design and finish ar just as individual of u1892" Ware as tne distinction we"
possess of being the originators of Aluminum oooking utensils in this country. Handy little
contrivances add greatly to their general utility and your fondness fjr using them.
Heavy gauge sheets, perfectly treated, go into tbe making of "1892" Ware thick
enough to give body and strength to the shape arid assure a long active service, hut, light enough ;
to be of exceptional advantage in handling.
Aluminum as a kiteLra wars, nds no introduction to. American housswivas this dar and stfe nearlv
every woman knows tns advantages, both economical and sanitary, in tb use of Aluminum for cooking utensils. '
Every "1892" Pure
Spun Aluminum uten
sil has been trade
marked a mark that
stands for the highest
quality Aluminum
Ware that the market
affords. Look for this
mark, it is your assur-
Quallty First
Mads in America
ane that you are not
not being deceived into
buying anything but
the bestt We have
made it easy for you to
know "1892" Ware by
putting on this symbol
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There are Scores of .Various Shapes and Styles
A aUnslI for vmry kltchsn ni bas boon snada to supply that spoclfla roqulrasMnt. Cart sin shaped ksttUs r
pans aro mad foe- eoaomlcal aaJ scistntifie reasons waUr balls oa Use beat, or heat spreads at cortain angUs with
greater intensity, ail these bare reasons or principles tor mat application to each case.
Tea Kettle and Oat
meal Cooker i a com
bination of two
important kitchen
utensils. Tho cooker
ljrr"'' P Jj down in tho ket-
Hi L cJF' tie, resting on tho
I EI V .2 beaJod eeat. Kettle
can be used separ
ately. One cover sufficient for either vessel.
Polished outside satin finish inside.
uerlin Sauce
Pans one of the
most beautiful
designs in our entire line.
The gradual and gentle
swell in the sides make it
one of tho most efficient.
Water boil, mora evenly
and at less consumption of
heat than most so called Berlin shapes, will
not boil over owing to the shape. The water
boils in instead of out or over.
Percolating Coffee Pott
another one of the conven
ient combination utensils,
can be used cither as a
Coffee Percolator or as a
etr eight Tea Pot. An im
portant feature of the per
colator stand is the quick
action gained by steam
activity and perfect per- '
iv -a-.. sir
Oatmeal or
Rice Cooker (
the regulation
double boiler
Quick to heat and boil. A
cooking process that makee
oatmeal or rice a great deal
more palatable and easy to
prepare. Lartfe water com
partment permits ot a Greater
supply ot water, more evenly distributed and re
quire less attention when boiling.
Extra Spun
Fry Pan or
Skdlet I wood
handle rem-
. forced and triple aluminum riveted. Spun from
extra heavy ehects, even texture and gauge.
No eeame or joints to catch or lodtfe food part
icles, alwaye clean and eanitary. Double lipped,
deep eidee. Heavy enough for durability; light
enough for easy handling.
Deep Preserving Kettle.
Often a need for a deep
kettle comee to hand, espe-
eially during preserving
aeaeon. Largo eheete of
extra thick, eren gauge
Aluminum are ueed in
etamping and shaping tlu
kettle. Top ie heavily
beaded, which also givee
strength and body to the
Sold on a 20-Year .Guarantee
The makers aaree to take back and replace or repair any "1892" Pure Spun
Aluminum Cooking Utensils showing aetect through imperfection In the
ware or workmanship at any time during the 20 years of service, the utensils
being subjected to ordinary care and attention during that period.