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cember 1 received orders lo evacuate the
city of rievlje anil to retire on their
defensive podtlons.
Kntrnte (rnlsrr DamasT.4.
Pee. I.-The Turkish war offlca an-
lnounred today that In '.he fighting- at
the re.rdanellea a rrulaer of the all'ns
WASHINGTON, DM. S. There had been hit three time and forced to
Will be no delay ID the delivery of retire. An allied torpedo boat u at-
KtTy Department Openi Bids for
Material Needed in Construction
of Two Battleships.
(Continued from Psse One.)
teel for battleships No 43 and 4 4
It the government undertakes their
construction In navy yards. Bids
from eleven steel company opened
today at the Navy department all of
fered to begin delivery within six
months and complete It within two
years. Prices show an apparent in
crease of from SO to 40 per cent over
material purchased for the battleship
California over a year ago.
Private bidders for the two ahlps Indi
cated there would be dnlar In deltverlei
cf steel and conditioned their proposals
rn this circumstance. All private bids
were rejected as exceeding the 7.K,O0O
limit of coat fixed by confess. Alt navy
ard estimates were well below that ft -vre.
The Cameirls Steel company apparently
was the lowest bidder for the majority
of the steel needed, which runs Into many
millions of pounds.
On the bJrgett lota of platea the Came
rle figures were $0.016 and to. US a
lund for different classes. The aams
company made low offers for high tenalle
suet, prices ranging from SO.O.'U to I0.MM6
a pound, and was the only bidder for va
rious kinds of shaped steel.
The American steel Foundries of Ches
ter, Pa., was low bidder for steel east
ings at W.08 per pound, and the Carbon
Meel company of Pittsburgh was low for
nickel steel plats at tO.OW per pound.
(Continued from Page One.)
the Inevitable suggestion that his con
nectlon with the embassy should be term
inated. Each time, .however, the threatened
action came to nothing. While the State
department consistently refused to dis
cuss the captain's rase, the German em
bassy intimated that it had reason to be
lieve he had dons nothing for which he
should be censured.
Captain Boy-ed'a first activities which
attracted the attention of the government
were In connection with the misuse of
American passports to Oerman reservists
seeking to slip through ths allied lines
to join their armies. Boms of ths men In
eonnsctlon with whom ths captain's name
waa mentioned now are serving terms in
federal penitentiaries.
rbi-trlnar Shine.
' Later Captain Boy-ed's name was men
tioned In connection with the chartering
ef ships from American ports to supply
fuel and food to Oerman vessels, whloh
In the first months ef the war were hard
pressed by the allied flying squadrons.
The asms alleged connection rams up
again during ths trials ef ths Hamburg
Ameriran line officials Just concluded In
New York, In which witnesses testified
that Captain Boy-ed handled ths money
which earns from Berlin for chartering
ths ships and furnishing them with sup
plies. Ths government did not contend that
an offense sgalmt ths neutrality of the
United Btates had been committed by
sending ths ships, but that ths officials
of ths Hamburg-American line had guilty
knowledge ef ths fact that ths customs
houses of ths United States were de
ceived and defrauded Into Issuing clear
ance papers for ships , on false state
ment. Name Freqaeatlr Mentioned.
The inference ran broadly all through
the trial that Captain Boy-ed. too, was
cognisant of the offenses which the gov
ernment charged and. In the early .days
of the trial his nams was frequently
mentioned In open court by ths govern
ment prosecutors. Finally the State de
partment, here suddenly Intervened and
cautioned the officials of the Judiciary
arm ef the government that unless they
expected to indict Captain Boy-ed for
the offenses charged, the language em
ployed by prosecutors should be avoided
for the reason It might endanger the
friendly relations between the United
States and Germany,
Carman Embassy Displeased.
The Germany embassy manifested to
the Btate department Its displeasure with
features of the trial in New. York which
reflected upon the character of officials
not under charges. - Ths State depart
ment In turn Indicated that It could not
psrmlt any action of the Department of
Justloe to bind It to any particular
course toward any foreign diplomatic of
flrtal With the conviction of the Hamburg-American
line fficlais, however,
the situation became one where a Jury
bad given a verdict holding to be Illegal
certain operations in eonnsctlon with
which the German naval attache was
generally accredited with having been
connected and the usual diplomatic pro
cedure la such a ease Is to regard the
usefulness of such an officer as ended
and his further presence as objectionable.
in the case of minor officials of an
embassy, such as Captain Boy-ed, the
government does not ask for a recall, for
that Is quite outside of Its power. Ths
usual course Is to Indlcats to ths head
of ths embassy. In this ease Count von
Bernstorff, that the offending attache In
persona non grata, and nothing remains
for the ambassador but to sever his con
nection with the embassy.
Has Few Slaves ls Ge.
.Captain Boy-ed would not necessarily
need to leave the country, although It Is
expected he probably would. The coun
tries to which he might go under exist
ing circumstances are limited practically
to Mexico, Cube, South America or tl
Dutch West Indies, and he might have
difficulty ta getting that far. slnos It is
doubted that the allied governments
would agree to a eafe conduct.
The German naval attache would be
the second foreign diplomatic officer t
find himself la difficulties because of his
conduct In the United Slates sines ths
war begaa. The first was Dr. Dumbs,
ths ambassador from Austria, whosere
call President Wilson asked because of
tils connection with plans to cripple
American munitions plants.
tucked by a Turkish aeroplane after It
had stranded on the coast of the Bay
of Saros.
The statement follows!
"At some points of the Dardanelles
front there has been bombarding. Two
hostile cruisers near Anafarta and two
near Art Burnu participated with land
battoriea In a bombardment. Our artil
lery milled, damaging trenches of the
enemy and destroying machine gun posi
tions at Arl Burnu.
"Our artillery thrice hit a hostile
crulwr near Seddul Bahr, compelling It
to retreat One of our eeroplanea dropped
bombs on a torpedo boat of the enemy,
which had etrandad on the northern
coast of the Oulf of Saros, two miles
west of Cape Eridsche.
Knsr Delays t'amnalarn la Isenso.
ROME, Deo. I. (Via Paris, Deo. 8 )
The following official statement was la
sued today at ths headquarters of the
Italian general staff:
"The enemy developed an Intense artil
lery and machine gun fire against our
positions on Monte Piano at the head of
the rtlens valley without making any at
tack, however The fire caused no dam
age. "Along the Isonso front persistent fog
and rain hampered artillery action. The
enemy tried to profit from weather con
ditions to maks surprise attacks against
our new positions east of Oslavla and
along the northern slopes of Monte Ban
Mlchele, but everywhere was repulsed
Immediately. Raids by our Infantry gave
us a fsw prisoners and on Mnll ws took
a machlns gun."
Minor Operations t Western Front.
BERLIN, Dec t-iBy Wireless to Sajr
ville.) Various minor operations along
the western front are recorded In today's
tfflclal statement by army headquarters.
No Infantry operations of moment are
Near Lombaertsyde. northeast ef Nleu
port. In Belgium, hostile Frenoh outposts
wers surprised by a German detachment
and several prisoners were taken.
West of Roue a French biplane waa
forced to land under ths fire of Oerman
artillery, and Its occupants, two officers,
were mads prisoners.
Westende, on ths Belgian coast, was
shelled by two British monitors, but with
out effect, according to the official statement.
Oerman troops of Von Unsingen's army
on the Russian front attacked a Russian
drtachmsnt nsar Podesarevlese, on the
tyr river In Volhynla, north of the rail
road from Kovel to Sarny. Blxty-slx men
were taken prisoners by ths Germans.
Berlin Says Subsea j Burleson Consults
Sunk by Aircraft
Not of German Navy
Five Navy Captains
Are Detached from
the War College
WASHINGTON. Deo. . Five navy
captains and one commander were de
tached today from the navy war college
at Newport. R. L, and ordered by the
Navy department as follows! '
Captain Edward Simpson as comman
dant of the Cavlts and Oiongapo naval
Captain It. A. Field as commander of
the battleship North Dakota, now in re
serve at i'hlladeliihla.
Captain H. O. fetlcknay as commander
of the battleship Vermont.
Captain W. U. Howard as comman
dant of ths Portsmouth, N. U., navy
Captain W. W. Oilmer as supervisor
of the Twelfth naval district and senior
member of ths board to survey vessels
of ths Paclflo coast.
Commander W. L. MacDougall to the
naval observatory.
Officers ordered to the college are Cap
tain J. L Jayne, now commanding ths
New Jersey) Captain H. Mel P. Hues,
recently relieved as Admiral Fletcher's
chief of staff, end Captain B. A. Ander
son, recently commander of the New
RERUN, Dee. I (By Wireless to "ay
vllle.) "In spite of the Herman dental
of reports circulated by a Brltlh news
agency that a British aeroplane hsd sunk
a German submarine, a news arency
now gives details of the alleged combat."
says ths Ovsrseas New agency which
"Compelent German authorities repeat
that no Oerman submarine haa been de
stroyed by a British aeroplane. The Oer
man newspaper point out that If the
Ena-llsti report Is correct there Is no dou!t
that a British or a French submarine has
been destroyed."
Field Marshal Sir John French In an
official report given out by the press
bureau In London, November 28, said:
In the afternoon (of Sunday) a Brit
ish aeroplane destroyed a Oerman sub
marine off Mldde.lkerke. It was seen to
break In halves."
Wilson About New
York Postmaster
British Steamship
Langton Hall is
Sunk by Subsea
LONDON, Dee. . The British steam
ship I.anxton Hall has been sunk. Tart
of the erew has reached land.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa.. Dee. I.-Axent
in this city of ths British steamer Lang
ton Hall, sunk In ths Mediterranean war
xone, understand that the vessel was
heavily loaded with a general cargo,
mostly of Jute, goat and other skins,
burlay and coeoanut oil. It Is believed
the Langton Hall's cargo waa worth
half a million dollars.
Ths Langton Hall evidently was an
other victim of the submarine campaign
In the Mediterranean. It left (Calcutta
October tS for Philadelphia and New
York and waa reported at Sues on No
vember tS. It waa owned by the iiall
line of Liverpool, was 177 feet long.
built In 1906 and of ,M7 tons gross.
Only One "Broae Qalnine."
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Laxative Broino Quinine. Look for sig
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one day. t&c Advertisement.
Crude Oil Advanced
Ten Cents a Barrel
PITTSBURGH, Deo. I.-Crude oils were
sgaln advanced today, 10 cents a barrel
being added to the principal grades, whlsi
made the new price as follows. Pennsyl
vania crude, 12.10; Cabell, tl.SS; Mercer
black, Newcastle, Corning, IV flu. Bomerset
waa advanced 8 cents to 11.50, but there
waa no change In Ragland from 70 cents.
The last previous advance af 10 oents
made several weeks ago failed to bring
out the crude oil which the refiners need.
and the opinion waa expressed today
that another rise would be nnceaseary to
start the movement. Producers are now
predicting KM for the early spring.
Meantime the advance Is causing
marked activity among drillers In the
western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and
Ohio fields. '
LIMA, O.. Dso. I. Crude oil went up
today t oente for cheaper gradea and 10
cents for expensive a-rades, as follows
Lima, II. tt; South Lima, $1.18; Indiana,
11.11! Wooetcr, $145; Illinois, $1.13;
Princeton. $L4rt riymouth. II. U. f
NEW YORK. Deo. . Telegraphers all
over ths Unltsd States employed by the
Western Union Telegraph company, are
rejoicing today over the news that after
the first of next year all traffle em
ployes will receive annual vacations
with pay.
"All regularly asslgnsd employes who
have been In the service of the company
for two years or more will receive two
weeks' vacation, and those who have
been continuously In the service for one
year will receive one week's," reads the
company's announcement.
Operating employes who have not been
regularly assigned, but who have worked
for the company the equivalent of full
time for each period, also will receive
vacations. It la stipulated that the va
cations shall bs employed for rest and
recreation and not used In other employ
ment. ,
The cost to ths company Is estimated
at H.
WASHINGTON. Dee. I.-Postmaster
Oeneral Burleson conferred with Presi
dent Wilson today over appointments of
postmasters at New York and Brooklyn.
The term of B. M. Morgnn, postmaster at
New York, expires December 24, and W.
E. Kalley, postmaster cf Brooklyn, re
signed to become county clerk.
Representative Fltxgerald has reeom
mened P. J. Cleary for the Brooklyn
office, but It ta said at the Postofflce de
partment that he will not get the place
"for departmental reasons." Mr. Flts
gerald will be asked to recommend some
one else.
The postmaster general is conferring
with the New York City congressional
delegation about the New York appointment.
K.rf'tor Sue. Editor for Libel.
MASON CITY, la., Deo. s-(8pee!al.)-
Aceordlng to the preaent schedule Jack
Dalton of the Man son Democrat and Tom
Long cf the Manson Journal will transfer
their activities for battling from the Jour
nalistic field to the district court this
eek. long waa getting more than he
rculd assimilate from Dalton's battering
ram, "The Democrat," and assuming that
money spoke louder than words he called
upon Dalton for $10,009 damages for libel,
tarns great legal talent haa been engaged
by both plaintiff and defense and a hot
legal fight Is sure to follow.
WINONA, Minn.. Dec 1 Rev. Father
M. Leeches this morning waa sentenced
to the hospital for the Insane at St.
Peter by Judge Granger In district court
for the assault upon Bishop P. R. Hef
fon of ths diocese of Winona on August
27 last. The Jury's verdict acquitted
Father Lesehes of ths charge on the
ground that he was Insane and declared
that he had homicidal tendencies.
PHOBNTX. Arts.. Dec. l-Wllllam Fal
tln, convicted of ths murder of Carl
Peterson here three years ago, was re
sentenced today In the superior court
to be hanged January T. Faltin was or
dered returned to the penitentiary, pend
ing a decision by a Jury as to his men
tal condition,
ber M.
The Jury meets Decern-
SAN FRANCISCO, Cel.. Dec. 1 The
steamer Iroquois and tug Dauntless were
ordered today to go to the assistance of
the Hill liner, Minnesota, which was "60
miles south of here at midnight.
The Minnesota cent word Wednesday
by wlreleaa that It was putting back
here because of disabled machinery. It
waa learned also that there was trouble
with the crew.
The Minnesota left Seattle, Wash., No
vember 14 with 16,000 tons of foodstuffs
for London, where, it wss said, the ves
sel would be sold. It was the largest
freighter flying the American flag. It
was reported from the start as having
boiler trouble.
II. P. Reynolds.
DODOB. Neb., Dec. 1 Speclal.)-B. P.
Reynolds, manager of Bolton's store, died
this morning at the age of f4 years. Mr.
Reynolds had been elck for about three
weeks. Hs waa president of ths Dodge
Commercial club and a director of the
Dodpe Milting company. He leaves a
wife and several grown children. Th
funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at f
Gteucoe cemetery. f'
Carpentier Wins r
French Military
Cross as Aviator
PARIS, Dee. J Sergeant Oeorges Car
pentier, champion heavyweight puglllsti
of Europe, now attached to the French
aviation corps, hss been decorated with
the military crosa for brilliant end dar
ing reconnolssances In an aeroplane.
Carpentier Joined the colors when war'
was declared and has been In the thick
of the fighting ever since. He was
first with the signal service and twice
his apparatus waa blown away by Ger
man shells. Later hs became an auto
mobile courier on the firing line and
then was assigned to the aviation corps 1
In May last. -
Carpentler's last Important pugilistic
achievement waa to win from Gunboat
Smith on a foul In London In six rounds
on July IS, 1914.
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