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brief city news j GOULD DEFENDS
fv WUif Blags Baholna, Jeweler
Bare Boot Frlnt. XV Now Beacon Preen,
To Sell Beal Bstate, list it with J. H.
Pumont & Co., Weellne Ulrig.
Jobs 9. Baldwin moved his law off lea
to room 60S. Keellne bulldlnr. Telephone
Tyler 181.
Manor Admitted to TadaTal Court
Alfred Munger. on 01 reuerai Ju-ne f.
l Munger, was aa.nitted to practice law
In the federal court.
"Todays Movie rrofTaja" classified
section today. It appeara in The Baa
KXCLU3IVELT. rind out what tha v.
itoua moving picture theaters offer.
freak J ohnston Back iFVank Johuston,
superintendent of the fouiteouin u.i"ii,
railway mall service, haa returned from
Washington, where he went on official
Fodronsekl Bound Ortr Jamea FoJ
rounekl, charged with Blabbing Anes
Paloru with Intent to wound, waa
bound over to the dletrlct court with
bonds fixed at Sl.cno.
Money to Keep Auditorium doing- The
city council approved an emeiaeu-y or
dinance offered by Commissioner Wlth
nell, providing for 11,000 for maintenance
snd Indebtedness of the Auditorium to
January 1.
Iks Memorial ntiaaay me annual
memorial services of tue Klka win u
held Sunday morning at 10:30, at the
Orpheum theater. Quite a number of
prominent members will not respond this
year when their names are called.
Dr. Henry to Talk Tha Weat Farnam
Men's Korum. a new organization, will
meet Friday evening in the McCabe
Methodist church. Forty-flnst and Far
nam streets. Dr. W. O. Henry will give
a practical talk to men. All are Invited.
Tha Stat Bank of Omaha, corner Six
teenth and Harney. Pays FOUK per cent
i time deposits and THREE per cent
on savings accounts. All deposits In this
bank are protected by the depositors'
guarantee fund of the state of Nebraska.
Prlos of Chicken Ooss TTp C L.
Brown, arrested while in possession of
a sack containing four dead chickens,
pleaded guilty to stealing them from
Wallace Pettlgrew's henhouse. Ha was
bound over to the district court with
bonds fixed at RflO. "Tha price of
chicken has sho' gone up some," re
marked brown as he was led back to the
Judge Wants to See Bog On com
plaint of C. Serpen, 1726 South JTuurteentu
street. Clyde Bland, 1711 South Fifteenth
street, was brought bofore Judge Foster
charged with keeping a vicious dog. Ser-
nn iu inn annum vii 111111 w
Judge Foster ordered the dog brought to
police headquarters for disposition.
Pet Stock Clan to Meet County Com
mlsslnner Lynch, in charge of the court
house, has given the new Omaha Pet
Stock club the permission of the county
board to hold a meeting In the agricultu
ral room of the building next Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. Several members of
the club will make ahort talks on raising
pets as a hobby.
From $90 Month to
81,090 is Fortune
of BurlingtonMan
Sixty days ago John Rogers, night fore
man at the Burlington's roundhouse at
Ureybull, Wyo., was drawing a salary of
0O per month.
He Is still drawing that salary, but In
Addition thereto he Is receiving 11,000 per
month as-royalty from oil flowing from
wells that have been drilled on a little
tatch of land that ha owns Inside tha
town limits of Greybull.
Long before- oil was struck within the
town limits of Greybull. Rogers bought
four town lots, pretty well out In tha out
skirts. .They cost htm a little more than
MOO each.
An oil strike was made at Greybull and
subsequently wells were sunk on the
block adjoining the one In which Rogers
wned lots. Oil men came to him and
wanted to buy his lots. He would not
tell, but he made a lease. It providing
that the parties taking the lease could
drill wells and he be given a royalty.
Drilling was commenced and continued
with tha result that on the Rogers lots
there are now four producing wells and
his royalty on the oil amounts to $1,000
per month. However, he still wears his
greasy overalls, works nights and draws
his $90 per month from the Burlington.
Mayor Proclaims
for Red Cross Seals
Mayor Dahlman la In sympathy with
the work being done ty the Nebraska
Soctety for tha Prevention and Study of
Tuberculosis, and during this Christmas
season he believes the sale of the Red
Cross seals should receive general sup
port In this city. Tha mayor has been
familiar with the efforts of tha organi
sation and It waa with gratification that
he wrote the following message to the
people of Omaha:
To Omaha and Its PeopleWhereas,
The last year has been one of unprece
dented proserUy. both for state and
city, of rog reus and advancement un
equalled n our history.
siould be taken care of by ourselves.
PerhaDa the sreaUst need within tha
border of our state Is -that felt by tha
tubercular people. Officially, these little
children, with lust a little care, with
just a little better food and surroundings,
may be made whole and sound for their
entire life.
Therefore, I heartily endorse the work
done by the Nebraska Association for the
Prevention and Study of Tuberculosis.
Mrs. Joxephine Groves, 64 years old,
Omaha pioneer and widow of the late
John Groves, former Douglas county
clerk, died at her home, 3(30 Chicago
Death was caused by a chronic ailment
from which Mrs. Groves had long suf
fered. Mrs. Groves is survived by two daugh
ters, Miss I.eonie Groves, of the office
of the clerk of the district court, and
Miss Josephine Groves. John Groves,
her husbsnd, who died about ten years
ago, waa for many years prominent In
business and politics In Omaha.
The rlg.
Grip la something tf a Joke to those
who hare never had It, but when they
get it they become dead to all sense of
humor. No disease was ever more ap-
roprlately named because grip takes
hold of the entire system. To get rid
of It take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and carefully observe ths directions with
each bottler. This remedy Is highly
recommended by those who have used it
and knew its real value. Obtainable
avarywhere. Advertisement. -
Fanners Anxious to Hare Accurate
Figures on the Various Crop
H. R. Gould of the United States
National bank bad to make good at
the Farmers' Congress on bis esti
mate of tho corn crop of the state.
Gould Is the man who for several
years baa carefully prepared an an
nual crop estimate of Nebraska by
taking the figures furnished him by
hundreds cf banks In the state and
hundreds of elevators.
The farmers criticised the figures and
said the corn crop was not nearly so
large as represented here. C. H. Qiia
tafson of Mead, president of the Farm
ers' Union, read the figures, 23,000,000
bushels of corn, and declared he would
give the president of the bank a new hat
If there were actaully over 176,000,009
bushels of marketable corn pulled over
the scales this winter.
Maybe Gustafson didn't know Gould
waa present. Maybe the reet of tha farm
ers did not know, but Oould poped up un
expectedly to defend his figures and he
was granted tha privilege of the floor.
Merchantable Cora.
He walked back and took the pamphlet
from Gustafson's hands. Then he read
the report, which stated that of actually
merchantable corn there la only lfl.OOO.OOO
'There," he said, addressing Oustafson
particularly. "That la even below your
own estimate, and yon ire accusing us of
making the estimate too high. If you
had put on your glasses you could have
read this correctly."
The matter of over-estimating crop re
ports waa threshed out as a side Issue,
coming up after C. J. Brand, chief of the
office of farm marketing of the United
States Department cf Agriculture, had
made his talk on marketing. He was
asked a hundred question and many of
them were concerning the accuracy of
the reports on volume of crop that are
published by the government.
finessed at Ftsjrsuros.
Charles Wooster of Sliver Creek de
clared the figures could be nothing
but the wildest kind of a guess. "I know."
he said, "because for aears I waa the
man who was charged with the duty of
furnishing the figures from my town
ship every year. They aent me a blank
form with long lists of questions to be
filled out They asked such questions
as "How many bushels of corn remain
unnhelled, In the cribs of the township?
It would have taken me a week to deter
mine anywhere near accurately that one
question alone, to aay nothing of the
hundred others equally difficult. So I
knew they expected nothing of me hut
a crude guess, and so I made that guess
with absolutely nothing at all to base It
Mr. Brand said If the farmers had sug
gestions to make as to methods of Im
proving the accuracy of the estimates, or
any other suggestions with good bottom
to them, tha department would be glad
to consider them.
Third Case in Row
Taken from Jury
in Federal Court
When the litigants In the suit of
Thomas J. Donahue against the Santa Fa
and Burlington railroads came to an
agreement for eettlement Wednesday In
the midst of the trial before a Jury, It
was the third consecutive case that haa
boen taken 'from a' Jury In federal court
before Judge T. C. Munger. Donohue
settled for SMI.
The- -case preceding this was Nelson
Fish against the Union Pacific for i,X
damages because of a shipment of twen
ty-six cars of cattle held up at North
Platte by the floods in 1911 This hinged
on a point of law, and In ths midst of
the case the Jury was sent out and tha
lawyers argued and made concessions
before the Judge. He now haa this casa
under advisement.
The case before this waa a 125,000 dam
age suit brought by Mrs. Elisabeth Mo
Coy against the Missouri Pacific railroad
for tha death of her son, a car Inspec
tor. After the plaintiff's evidence was
In the Judgs took the ease from the Jury
; td decided It In favor of ths defendant
Cash Incentive
to Increased Sales
The Burgees-Naah company Is going to
give every one of Its employes a substan
tial Christmas present this year. An
nouncement has been made of cash pres
ents and prises which will be made.
All sales people will receive one-half of
1 per cent of their total sales from De
cember 1 to 14, inclusive, in addition to
tehlr regular salaries. All other em
ployes will receive a certain percentage
of their respective salaries In addition to
their salaries.
Besides this, three special prizes will
bo awarded to salespeople who are In the
same departments as a year ago and
whose sales In tha period from Decem
ber 1 to M show the ST as test increase
over their sales during tha same period
a year ago. To the salesperson whose
sales show tha greatest percentage of
Increase will go a cash prise of 150; to
tha one showing trie next greatest per
cents, will be awarded a prise of 1,
snd to the third greatest a prtae of l.
Two Hundred Apply
for Saloon Licenses
City Clerk O'Connor reports he has re
ceived M0 applications for saloon licenses
for 1H. With few exceptions these are
for tha same locations and tho same
proprietors aa war In fores this year.
The city council will begin to sit within
a short time as an axclaa board. Informal
consideration has been given to what has
been referred to as a saloon policy for
the new year, on feature being the
calling In of saloon men who have been
careless this year.
Ths council already has gone on record
as being In favor of limiting tho number
to those now In operation, reserving the
right to decrease the number If circum
stances seera to Justify such action.
Thus far no protests havo been filed
with the eity elerk.
Slant Ceask Helleved.
Dr. Ball's Plne-Tar-Heney eases your
cough, soothes the lungs, and Invites
sleep. Only Sac All druggists. Advsr-tlsemcnU
Practical Giving
The approach of the holidays
stimulates the spirit of Christmas
giving and. as always, there are
many people eafrer to help spread
good cheer without knowine just
how to do it
For these generous-hearted people
The Bee will again point out oppor
tunities for practical Christmas giv
ing that promises permanent results,
especially to helpless women and de
pendent children, by describing
worthy cases that have been investi
gated by the Associated Charities,
with the assurance that any help
received will really do the good in
tended. The Bee's suggestions for practi
cal Christmas giving should not in
terfere with any one being a
"good fellow" or a "big brother,"
cr furnishing some one a Christmas
dinner who otherwise might have to
put up with ordinary fare. This is
a big world in which to plant happi
ness and it is only a question of the
best way.
The cases for which this special
appeal will be made are now being
looked into by the Associated Charities.
Judgment in Two
"Peyton Cases" Are
Given Affirmation
Mandates of the supreme court affirm
ing Judgments of the district court In two
cf the famoua "Peyton cases" have been
received In Omaha.
In one case a verdict for the defense
was rendered In the suit for alienation
of the affections of his wife brought by
Lacey E. Peyton against Hugh Williams,
wealthy Omaha manufacturer of Iron
In the other suit Mrs. Peyton secured
A Judgment for $2,600 and Interest against
her husband on a note which he had
ence given her, but later aold.
Girls! Lots of
Beautiful Hair
25 cent bottle of "Danderlne"
makes hair thick, glossy
and wavy.
Removes all dandruff, stops
itching scalp and fall
ing hair.
'i'o be possessed of a head of heavy,
beautiful hair; soft lustrous, fluffy,
wavy and free from dandruff Is merely
a matter of using a little Dandarlna.
It la easy and Inexpensive to have nlc,
soft hair and lots of It. Just get a X cent
bottle of Knowlton's Danderlne now all
drug stores recommend it apply a little
as directed and within ta minutes there
will be an appearance of abundance,
freshness, flufflness and an incompar
able gloss and lustre, and try as you
will you can not find a trace of dandruff
er falling hair; but your real surprise
will be after about two weeks' use, whsn
you will sea new hair fine and downy at
first yes but really new hair sprouting
out all over your scalp Danderlne Is.
we belle, tho only sure hair grower,
destroyer of dandruff and euro for Itchy
scalp and It never fall to stop failing
balr at once.
If you want to prove how pretty and
soft your hair really Is, moisten a cloth
with A little Danderlne and carefully
draw It through yourha!r taking one
small strand at a time. Tour hair will
he soft, glossy and beautiful In Just
a few moments a delightful surprise
waits everyone who tries this. Advsr-tlsament.
TA Hair-Destroying
Curling Iron Pa$ie
The heated iron makes - the hair dry
and parched looking burns off ths ends,
givlns a roost untidy appearance. You
who nav learned this from sad experl
ence will be glad to hear of a very sim
ple method which Is open to none of the
objections referred to and which gives
better results than tha curling Iron.
Just gt a few ouneea of plain liquid
fltmeitne at your druggist a and apply a
little to the hair at night with a clean
tooth brush, drawing this down one
strand at a time from root to tip. in the
morning your hair will be aa beautifully
wavy and curly aa though Mother Nature
did It, and it will be quite msnaeble,
no matter what style of coiffure you
adopt The effect will be much preitier
than If you used a waving iron, and the
health of your hair will not auffer. Aa
sllmeiine is not sticky or grassy It is
suits pleasant t use. Advertisement
gJ? zffic Cirisimas Store for SvcryBocfy
TIU KSn.W, 1)KC. 2, 1S15.
1'HONti I. 137.
The First Friday in December Brings
Unusual Savings in Wanted Merchandise
Big Selection of Plain and Fancy
Silks $1.00 to $1.50 Values, at 59c
5PfwJJje Several thousand yards of plain and fancy
silks including such favored weaves as silk
poplins, striped messalines, taffetas, foulards, crepe, de
chines, plaids Rnd many other pretty styles, widths 3(5 to
42 inches. The usual $1.00 to $1.50 qualities, at 59c yard.
Burgess-Hash Co. Main rioor.
A Sample Lot of EARRINGS
Values to 75c, Friday at, Each, 19c
SPECIAL: notncr lt of sample earrings, including
jet buttons, jet loops, pearl buttons, pearl
loop, pearl and jet combination, jade, some rhinestone
set. The lot is really too large to describe, must be seen
to bo appreciated. Values to 75c, at, 19c.
Burgees-Vaak Co Mala floor.
. . .
Women's and Children's Knit Hoods
Were $1.00 to $1.50, Friday, at 25c
SPECIAL ere s i,ulCP(l a remarkable special an ns-
portment of women's and children's all-wool
knit hoods in a variety of styles and kinds. Large selection
of colors, were made to sell at $1.00 to $1.50, Friday, at 25c.
BnrgeeaTash Co. Basement.
Women's Fancy Bath Robes
Specially Priced FRIDAY, at, $1.98
fPECIAL "Wmen'8 l)ftth robes with collar and cord in
' J light, medium and dark colors, all sizes. De
sirable as Christmas gifts.' In the basement Friday at $1.98.
Burgees-Bash Co. Basement.
Men's Coat Style Shirts That
SPECIAL nth(?r shipment of those splendid laundered
neck band shirts that have been the cause
of such active selling in tho basement. Made coat style,
with cuffs attached, new designs and patterns, all sizes, 14
to 17, special, at 69c.
Bnrgess-nTash Co. -Basement.
Clear away of Women's New
$3, $3.50 and $4 Values, for $2.15
"Women's patent leather lace and button
. high shoes
Women's gun metal lace and button high
Women's kid skin lace and button high
Women's black suede button high shoes
Women's tan Russia calf high shoes
All sizes in this immense lot.
Women's House Slippers
Sensible, comfortable house (Uppers for Chrietmat gifts, all reduced
for Friday.
Women's felt slippers, In red, blue, black, purple; a regular $1.50 slip
per for 91.10.
Women's fur trimmed Juliets in brown, black and red; a regular $1.25
slipper for 80c.
Women's felt Ererett style slipper, In gray, red, blue and brown, al
ways sold at $1.00, Friday, ic
Burgess-Beeh Oov Basement.
Men's Heavy Kakhi Shirts
The Usual $2.00 Quality, 69c
CDs? PI A I . Men' heavy kahki shirts, large sices only, 1 C Vi to
0 tvlinls. 16 H, to close out the few dosen we have and to do It
quickly w offer you shirts that usually sell for $1, Friday, at, 60c.
Bnrgess-Baah Co. Basement.
Men's Union Suits, at 89c
That Usually Sell for $1.50
AI IIere "n underwear special that will Interest you
urCAstaLt. Chalmers' two-thread Union Suits, all slses, extra
quality, in fact, the regular 11.50 grade, in gray, and ecru color, sale
price Friday, 0c
Burgess-BTaah Co. Bas.m.nt.
Men's White Toot Sox at Syc.
Good quality. Maco yarn, the 124c kind; sale price Friday, 8,c.
Men's extra quality black half hose, gray sole; the 16c kind. 13 He
Men's cashmere hose, black only; the 25c kind. 10c.
Men's wool hose, gray only; the 25c kind, at 19c.
Borgess-Hash Co, Basement.
Women's and Misses' Coats
Easily Worth $15, Friday at
AN exceptionally good se
lection of women '8 coats
in a variety of the newest
style ideas including the new
wide belt, buttoned on the side,
with 3 large pearl buttons ex
tra flared bottom with box
plaits in front and back.
Children's COATS
$2.95 to $6.95
Mothers with girls 6 to 14
years, will appreciate the splen
did selection of coats offered
here Friday at these prices.
Every one is an exceptional
Bnrrese-Knh Co. Basement.
NOTION Specials
Darning cotton,
spool, fie
Needles, paper,
Thimble special
at lc.
Dressing combs,
Man's shirt
bands, 2 for fie
Pearl buttons,
dosen, lc
Women's hose
supporters, lOr.
Baby bibs,
each lOc
Fancy buttons,
from 6 to dozen
on card, desir
able for coats
and suits, all
new patterns,
at card. ioc.
Fancy barrettes
and back combs.
plain rninestones and fancy f-
settings, special, each OC
200-yard ma
chine thread,
spool, 2c,
Large scissors,
pair, 10c.
Inside skirt belt
ing, yard. Be.
811k finish cro
chet cotton,
spool. 8c.
Urge botU ma
chine oil, Be
Unen tape,
bolts. 8.
Common pins,
paper. Sc.
Safety pins, $
cards, Be
Wire hair pins,
2 boxes, Be.
Bone bair pins,
bo. Be.
Cold Weather Needs in the Base-
ment Specially Priced for Friday
Perfection 0 1 1
heaters, stand
ard sire with
leaded steel
front, black
epamel trim,
odorless and
s m o k eless;
$3.50 values,
at 82.88.
Toilet paper,
best quality.
crepe tissue,
13 rolls, SBc,
Cedar oil pol
ish ror mops
or furniture; 26c sise, 10c
Triangle cdar oil mop,
oiled and ready for use,
4-foot polished handle,
3 5e value, 19c.
Oak heaters, nickel plated
trimmed, 15-Inch fire pot,
heavy grates, $7.75 val
ues, $5.08.
Buck's steel kitchen
range. 6 hole, warming
rloaet, white enanielail
splasher and doors. 16 40
5 -V
Japanned o a 1
hod with rein
forced bottom,
16-1 neb site, 26c
value. Ifir.
or sms-ST ash Co. .Baassssnt.
Wool Challie Formerly Priced
50cFriday in the Basement, 25c
SPRPI AI A splendid assortment of wool challie, in light shades,
nwrneVi. with neat floral and pretty figures, variety of colors,
very desirable for waists and dresses, regularly 60c, Friday special,
at SBc the yard. Wash do.- Basement,
Remnants of 50c to 85c Silks
Friday at 29c and 39c a Yard
QPpf I AI e Two big lots of plain and fancy silks in a wide va
Ul -"Virav. riety of colors ami styles, were 60o to 85c; very spe
cially priced Friday at. yard, 29c and 89c
Borf s-Baeh Co. Basement.
New Wool Dress Goods
in Skirt Pattern Lengths
SPFrf AI Wol 6rw l"00 ,n lee-th' of )H to 8 yards, in
ua iiVinit. each piece, consisting of all weaves, mixtures and
colors; were up to 10.00 patterns, Friday at O.V to $8.48 each.
Bnrgees -Wash Co. Bemeat.
Remnants of Plain and Fancy
Flannels About Underprice
CHOOOB from hundreds of remnants of All kinds, plain and fancy
flannels for gowns, kimonos, dresses, children's wear. etc. Each
piece measured with yardage and price marked on special price ticket;
the goods are all perfect, the aale price is about tt less than the regu
lar price; Friday at H nnderprice.
The regular lOo grade, white twilled, 17 inches wide, snow white baby
flannel, will bo sold Friday at, yard, 7 He.
36-lnch wide cretonnes for making comforters, new floral, perslan and
fancy figured des(ns, II He value, at, yard, 8 He.
82-Inch striped flannels, gray grounds, for dresses, gowns and children'
wear; worth douoe the sale price, -ard. 8 He.
Bite 66x80 heavy fleeced cotton blankets, grsy and tan with pink and
blue borders. T.e regular 11.39 grade; Friday only, at, pair. 88c.
Burgees-Bash Co. Basement.
WoiWs $1,00
Union Suits 69c
Hid II neck, long sleeves,
low neck find no
sleeves, ankle length, white
cotton, fleece lined; regular
$1 quality, Friday, at. .69
High neck, long sleeves,
ankle length, white cotton,
fleece lined, mill run of 50o
and 59o quality, Friday, at,
only ...30t
White or cream color, fleece
lined, drop peats, sizes up to
15 years, special, Friday, at,
only 45
Bargnna-Basn Co. . B seamen.
voute and
e n a meled
seam lesa
tea kettles,
6-o.t sise,
81.75 value,
Friday at
L Igbthous
cleanser, 6c
sise, t for Bj
Wire cost
hangers, 3
for fie.
Universal food chop
pers, heavily ratio
ned, complete with
full set of blades. 11.36
value, 8fic
Galvanised Iron wash tuba
No. X else, guaranteed
first quality, special, 60c,
White and white enam
eled preserving kettle, 60
cent value, 28c
"Mikado" seamless Boast
er, enameled, with cover,
self basting, large sise,
13.35 value, very special,
at 8130.