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    TIIE BEK: OMAHA. FRIDAY, 1)K(T.M!.ER 3, 1015.
Brick and Stucco Residence
Farnam Hill
' !' ,..' , v' t, 'V' " '
' ' s'" I
"V ' - V ..
. S, .--
w . s-j i --"I-
r t
- ' .a.ja.., ... a-
319 No. 41st Avenue
Thin is a well built, well arranged, 8-room bouse with sleeping porch.
Larse living room with fire place and window seat. Finished In oak.
Attractive diniiiR room; In fact, a bright, livable, convenient house at very
much less than cost.
Price $7,000, and we will make very reasonable terma.
George & Company
Douglas 75-6. City National Bank.
FOR SALE 240-acre farm, stuntel Iras
than 25 miles from On Hha, in southwest
cin Iowa: located one mil" of good town
of one thousand pop.: 160 acres wl .ter
wheat, 50 acres corn, balance In pasture;
good house, large barn and oiher neces
sary improvements; this is good home,
ciose to town and school. Wl 1 sell on
easy terms. Addreaa Box 677, Olonwood.
monthly buys 40 acres grain, fruit, poul
try land; some timber, near town: price
$:10 Other bargains. Box 426 V, Car
thage, Mo. o
QUARTER-section. southeast Neb., a
good one at a bargain; improved and
convenient to good town. Write for par
ticulars. Owner, address E 450. Bee.
Buy a Section
Corn land near Omaha, second bottom,
rich land, no overflow; improvements
cost t&0,000.
O'Keefe Real
Estate Co., .
1018 Om. Nat. Bk. Douglas gH5.
Dave Shuter
Grant Neb.
Neve Mexico.
SC.OCO ACRES fine pasture. Irritable, big
gest barg-jin in 8. W. Price, J2 per acre.
Acdrees Y 152. Ree
UPPER WISCONSIN Best dalrr and
general crop state in the union; settlors
wanted: lands for sala at low prices on
easy terms. Ask for booklet M on Wlscon
In Central Land Grant. Excellent lands
for stock ruislng. If interested In fruit
lands ask for booklet on apple orchards.
Addresg Land and Industrial Boo
Line HrIIwsv. Minneapolis. Minn.
80-ACRK farm for gale or will trade for
lumber yard or hardware. Improve
ments good; brick home; barn 39x60; good
granary, etc. Two and one-half miles to
Leer Park. Wis., R. b 1. and telephone
line. One-half mile to graded school.
Good soil fine location. Price. $7,60). W.
E. Dlngman, owner. Deer Park, Wis.
Write a good description of your land
and send it to the Sioux City. Oa.) Jour
Hal, "Iowa's Most Powerful Want Ad
Medium." Twenty-five words every Fri
day evening. Saturday morning and every
taturdav evening and Sunday for one
month, giving sixteen ads on twelve dif
ferent days lor $; or 60 words, H. or 76
words. M.
Largest circulation of any Iowa news
paper. 150.000 readers daily in four great
73 ACRES for rent. 13th and O.
Lake club.
Must Be Sold
$3,300 House
for $2,650
This five-room, all modern, neariy new
cottage is located in the south part of
the city Just off the Ieor Park boule
vard. Dandy big lot and nice homes
mi nil Hides. You must sea thla nlaca
lu appreciate ll miu t ii i u iau iw
show you any time.
Hiatt-Fairfield Co.
230 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg. Doug. 49.
. . , . I . Jt ,A ...III V. . .1 .1 .
6 rooms, oak finish, modem, cement
basement and walks, east front lot, 40x
14a; Just completed, large living room
and sun room. Price J3.wj0; $500 cash, bal
ance monthly. Located near &lh and
313 Brandeis Theater Bldg.
$oo KINK lots, near car; $6 cash,
monthly. Owner. Douglas ?947.
House for Sale.
To Be Removed.
Frame house ln god condition, 1713
Douglas St. must bo removed before
January 1; leave bids at our office.
George & Company
D 7K 903 City National Bank Bldg.
BAVU $juu.
On a -room strictly modern, well built
home from owner; hot water heau
M. 37. Omaha bee.
$j).Xi0 FIRST mortgage, secured on 4.6oi
acres of land, to n. hauge fur a good
flour mill. chwab Bros. Itiet plymoutn
Lidg., Minneaiiolla, Mlno.
h i
LEAVING City. I owe 1H0 on my lot at
ttth and Uodge. Maka offer for my
qulty at onec 1-144 Bea.
Make Offer
44 ft; next First National.
146,000 asking price. Make offer.
Harrison & Morton
Investment Bargain
Corner lot. 6Rx75 ft., close in, with S
old frame houses rented for tdu per
month. Price $3,750; easy terma. Thla
lot Is only 60 feet from railroad trackage
and is a mighty good buy to hold for a
rise in value. The owner of the back
end of tho lot with two cottages and
railroad trackage wants H,000 for It.
Owner needs a oar and might take a
1915 Ford in part payment. No use of
fering any other make.
J. H. Dumont & Co.
416-18 Kcellne Bldg. Phone Dong. 690.
Trout Streams, Cliffs, Waterfalls,
Forests, All Exist in Confines
of Nebraska.
Men there were among; the dele
gates to the Nebraska Farmers'
congress who opened their eves in
amazement at the wonderful things
which Prof. G. E. Condra of the state
university unfolded to them In mov
ing pictures at the reception, enter
tainment and lunch given them by
the Commercial club last evening.
Beautiful landscapes, bluffs, cliffs
hundreds of feet high, great forests
of pine, lovely streams with rushing
rapids and great waterfalls, streams
of clear cold water lu which trout
abound, hillsides covered with blue
bells, clematis, asters, mountain
roses, marlposa, lilies and other wild
flowers. And all these things right
here in the great state of Nebraska,
whose natural beauties are often
lost sight of in the more useful corn,
wheat and oat fields, cattle, bogs,
hay and so on.
"If that waterfall was in Bwltserland
or some other foreign country we'd prob
ably rave about it," said Prof. Condra
as he showed one tremendous, dashing;,
splashing, smashing waterfall as pretty
eg Minnehaha, but smaller.
The pictures were taken by the Ne
braska Conservation commission and are
for exhibition free in any part of the
state on payment merely of the expense.
John Ik McCague, president of the Com
mercial club, in an address of welcome,
called upon the assembled farmers as
''representatives of three-fourths of the
Itople and three-fourths of the wealth
of the state" to accept the hospitality of
the club, made up of more than 1,900
leading business men. He declared that
the farms furnish to the towns and cities
the foundation of their wealth, the fresh
Mood and brawn and brain and nerve
needed to build up a big city like Omaha.
Oeorge Coupland, president of the Co ra
in ess, responded and recalled the time
when he had helped institute the first
farmers' elevator In Nebraska at his
home town of Elgin.
'The Interests of the town and the
country are Identical," he said, "and I
have always found the leaders in the
busineas life of the cities most ready to
co-operate with the farmers.
Harry Byrne Introduced the speakers.
Miss Anna McCormlck of Ralston gave a
dramatlo reading, "The White Silhouette."
After the moving pictures came the
eats," consisting of "wieners" and
sandwiches and coffee. And then, over
the cigars, there was a pleasant "get to
gether" time and a few more of Prof.
Condra1 s pictures.
The affair was held in the main dining
room of the Commercial club.
Recruiting ''On the
Bum" Over in Egypt
BERLIN. (By Wireless to Tuokerton,
N. J.), Dec. 1. Among the items given
out today for publication by the Over
seas News Agency Is the following:
"The Egyptian sultan, who was ap
pointed by Great Britain, published an
appeal to the population inviting volun
teers for the army. Altogether 128
Egyptians responded, but when they as
certained that they were to be sent to
the Dardanelles they mutinied end all
of them were arrested."
Einr Paaha at Soft.
BERLIN. Dee. 2.-(By Wireless to 8ay
vllle.l The Turkish war minister, Knver
Pasha, is said by the Overseas News
Agency, to have arived today at Sofia.
Ha was received by the Bulgarians' war
minister, M. Newdenow, and General
Receipts Good, Demand Good and
Wheat Makes Advance of One
to Three Cents.
OMAHA.. December 2. 1915.
There was a Rood run of train today
nnd thee ws n irood demand for erery
IhlnR on the Hat.
The wheat market wna especially
Mrona-. alllns from 1 to :i cents hlKher.
Wheat recelum totalled 14.1 enra and tha
rale of thla oerenl were corrcsiiondlnal I
h'avy. !
The recelpla of coin were modarate CHKKSK Imported SwiMj. -'4c;
nd the demand for this i-ereal wa a I domestic, ; block, 24e; twin.
fairly active, t'orn nlo lulllh and oalrie, lc; trln eix, lio; younir Amcil
Bold from 1 cent to 1 cent hiRher. Iran. JUc; hlie label brick. lc; Umburver,
Uata remained firr;. i-e ranRtng j riv; Niw loik wnite. !; inoricd
from H to cent higher. The raxh Fr.Tn h. Koequefort. 4.V.
demand for this cereal m arood and the' FRUITS OrauRe: 'allfirnta 9 inklst
rccelpta were fair. Navel-., k, .v, ;4.on bo. ( a If Tn'a
Ry receipts were Kood and the dc- Sunklal Navel., "Wa. t4.1 bus: Cill
mand u unite active, ruling from 1 to f.irri( Sunklst Navcln. t nnd amaller.
2 cents higher. ... HK1 bo: t'lorl as all atiei., 1 o box;
Barley recetpta were unimportant and , l aliforaia Valencia. $-.0) box.
the market remained practically "- Im.,n!,: inklst. . V. a. :.( Iirt;
chnnaef). Red fall. fog. ( $4.50 box. Oratie-
tloaramea were: best and flour, .,-,.,.. J ... .... ,,,, , L.
r,,...! to l.m.m bu.; corn. 2..XM Int.; oat,' 'ftars: 'lnter NVllH. '
(01 bu.
Uvarpool close: Wlicat. unchanged to
IT " vU
' hlrniin ImiI ,nlnl Ar. ! lOT (Yll till
nd aliluments x.U2,oim bu., ag
mprtil of
reipta of 1.57.4 bu. and shlpmen
Ml Oik I Ktl I..I vm 9
Prlmarv rnrn r.ealnta -r K2 flflfl hil i
and shipments S,'ii.li0 bu., against receipts
if l.a.&.Cut bu. and shipments of 613,000 bu.
Int year.
Primary onts receipts were ISW.flOO bu.
nnd shlpmenta Maooo bu., against receipts
ol l.OtOiiiM bu. and shipments of 8 i 4.0m) bu.
laat year.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Kansaa City
t. Loula
K 1!W 84
Hi S7 !!
is K 6
im f 14
Winnipeg M.esi
Theao sales were reported today:
Wheat: No. 2 hard winter, 1 car (heavy),
$1.03; 1 car, $1.00. No. t hard winter, 1
ear (heavy), $1.02; 1 car. $1.01; 1 cars.
$1.00; 1 car, Wc; 10, cars. "Xks; 2 cars,
Wc; I car, 7c. No. 4 hard winter, S
fars, tc; 5 csrs, DSMic; 6 cars. Hoc; 1
ear. Wc; 3 cars. S4c; 1 car, 93c; 1 car.
tic Sample. 1 cars, Mr; W cars, lc; 1
car. 0c; 1 cars, 8c. No. 3 spring. car,
8c; 1 car (white). JTic. No. 4 spring. 1
ear, c; 1 car, 5Bc. No. g mixed, 1 car,
o; 1 car, 9gc. No. $ durum, 1 car, 7c;
3 ears, WHc. No. $ durum, 4 care, He.
Rye: No. 3, lc; $ cars, 80S.-; 3 cars, 0c
No, 3, 4 cars, 90c; 1 car. Wo. No. 4. 1 car,
9c; I car. 884c; 1 car. 37S4C. Corn: No.
3 white, 3 cars. CVc. No. 3 white, 1 car
(new), KAte. No. 4 white. 3 care (new),
Jc; 3 cars (new). C2c. No. 5 white, 1
car (new), S3 4c; 1 car (new). 6Jc. No. 3
yellow, 34 cars, 9c No. 4 yellow, 1 car
(new). SSVsc; 1 car (new), 4Hc No. 6
yellow, 1 car, 68Sc; 1 car (new), 3c; 3
cars (new), 62Vic No. 6 yellow, 1 car
(new). Sic. No. 3 mixed, 3 ears (new),
5c; 1 car (new), 64Hc. No. 4 mixed, 1
car (new), 644c; 3 cars (new). 63V4c. No.
I mixed, 1 car (new). 62c; 1 car (new),
1ViC Sample. 1 car (new), (tic, Oats:
No. 3 white. 3 cars. S9c. No. 4 white. 1
car. SH4c. Sample. 1 car, 87Hc; 3 cars.
SB He: 1 car, 36c; 1 car, 34'c; 1 car, 32c.
Barley: No. 4. 1 car, 68c.
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. t tur
key, tl.OMM.04; No. 3 turkey, $1."M.(W;
No. i hard, 9!cift$1.03; No. S hard, Hci
tl.02; No. 4 hard. yxfiOSe: No. 2 spring, 97c
4i$1.60; No. 3 spring, 95rlc: No. 3 durum
MW7c: No. 3 durum 93r!Me: sample, 90
V2e. Corn: No. $ white, fi6fi&Hv No S
white, 64iBrc: No. 4 white, 2'Hi3c: No.
S white. amjj&Hc. No. tl white. 6 0".?c;
no. I yellow. KiHWWtc: No. yellow.
6oMc; No. 4 yellow, 44(ff fiHc; No. S
rellow, (saffioe; no. yellow. itvifo7'c: no.
mixed, CWfflGifcc: No. 8 mixed, 64'$iRc;
No. 4 mixed. 6S'n64Hc; No. 8 mixed. 61
Jo: No. mixed. )HTSll4c. Oats: No.
t white, 39i40?j standard, S9tttt3'4c; No.
i wntte, sutWiKic; mo. t wmie,
Barley: Malting. 5MT 0c; No. 1 feed. 50tP
64c Rye: No. 2, 90fllc: No. S, HOifiWc.
(TIJcago closing prices nimlshed The
Bee by Logan A Bryan, rtock and grain
brokers. 31& South Sixteenth. Omaha: i
Atttclel Open. I HlghT Low. Close. Yes'y.
Wheat i 1
Deo.. 1 03141 09 1 0814 1 1 S'
May. I m 1 1S4 1 09 1 124 1 OW
Corn i 1 1 1
Peo.. ifi f! 6ii 67A fcH
May. 69i&70 71 6SN 70 B &J
Uau 1 I I
Dec. 42ig 44 42H 4SS 42
May. 4644 46A U 4i 44
Pork I 1
Jan.. 17 96 18 25 17 95 18 35 17 80
May. 18 00 18 30 18 00 18 30 17 77
Jan.. K 62 9 55 1 9 42H45
May. '9 70-3V& 90 970 9 SO 9 70
Ribs 1 I
Jan.. SR 9 77H 9 I 9 75 9 DO
May. 9 82 9 97 H2H 9 96 9 77Vj
80 ,
A Asked. B Bid.
Featares of the Trading; and Closing;
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Dec t Fears expressed that
Canada would seise more wheat had a
decidedly bullish effect today on prices
k.. n ' w ..!... t ...... .4 , . . ' 1 , .
U.I., A . W BO, U.UU RUUIIH, ..7111
in IU. n ma. hlffh.. u, 1 1 V. I Iai... .r, V,. .. t
$1.06 and May at $1.12. Notable gains.
too. were made in other staples corn,
lV824c; oats, lVti'lftc, and provisions.
Bulges in the price of wheat were vir
tually continuous throughout the day.
Despite a good deal of profit taking by
holders, the close was within Vko of the
topmost level reached.
Bullish Sentiment was stimulated by
private estimates that the available
wheat crop of the United States was
only 7M.O0O.0Oii bushels, notwithstanding
that the latest government figures had
Indicated a total of 1,002,000,000 bushels. By
the lessened aggregate was meant wheat
suitable for milling.
Corn advanced to new high prices for
the season. Favorable weather bad
failed to bring about any Increase of
country offerings.
Big export sales helped to lift the oats
market The total of European pur
chasing was said to e l.OuO.OuO bushels.
Huge decreases ln stocks of meats at
western points as compared with a
month ago were largely responsible for
the strength of provisions.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No. $ red,
nominal; No. 3 red, $1.11; No. 3 hard,
nominal; No. t hard, t' 0714. Comt No. 2
S allow, old, 71ViT2c; No, 4 yellow, new,
IVic; No. 4 white, new. 4'4&6c. Oat.
No. t white. 41V4i5H3c; atandard, 44'4W
c. . Ryej. No. 2. nominal: No. 8 Mc.
rianey, rJTj'iic. ceea; iimotuy, .wi'i. .v,
clover $10.009 00. mostly $13.6017.60.
Provisions: Pork, $l87H; lard. $9.37 ;
libs. 81U62V,.
BUTTER Firm; creamery, who.
voos HlKher: receipts. l.m cases;
firsts. ClJOc; ordinary firsts, 271 28c; at
m.rli eases Included. 20fa'J9c.
POTATOE8 Unsettled; receipts, 30
curs: Michigan and Wisconsin whites
amtutl- Minnesota and Dakota whites
uiiiac; Minnesota and Dakuta Ohlos, t
POULTRY Alive, higher; fowls, lie;
springs, 13c; turkeys, 14c.
POULTRY Alive: Turkeye. any six
over 7 lbs., 17c; broilers, i5v,'M'7o; springs,
lie; ducks, 10c: geese, luc; hens, K-UHc;
young giunea hens, each, 36c; roosters, to
OYSTERS Chesapeake standards, per
gallon, $1.10; standards. $1.26; aelects, $1.60;
nortnern, sianuarua, selects, 41. la:
New York count. $l-9u. Northern, small
cans, 2442c; large cans, lr4HM. Chesa
peake, small cans, Vxa'Stv; large cans, iKy
FISH Halibut, 12c; salmon, fresh pink,
9o; fresh red, 12c: catfish, fresh, lc;
trout, fresh. 13c; white fish, fresh, 17c;
red snapper, fresh, 13c; catfish, frozen,
Mc; smelts, froxen, 10-lb. boxes. $1.26;
smoked white fish, 14c: kippered salmon.
FROZEN FISH-Halibut. sixes to suit
10Hc; catfish, large, for steaks. 13c: sal
mon, falls, 9c; salmon, slivers, ICe; No. 1
trout. He; No. 1 whlteflsh, dressed, 10c;
No. 1 whlteflsh. large, 16c; No. 1 white
fish. Jumbo, Ibc; pickerel, round W. C.
Ic; pickerel, headless, so; black bass,
order size. 2Sc: herring, dreaaed, pair
frosen, c; bluefish. extra fancy, lie; red
snapper, heaulew, dressed ibc; floun
der.. 10c; scallops, per gallon, $3.00.
SMOKED 10-lb. baskets
per lb , 14c.
KIPPERED FISH Salmon. 10-lb. bas
kets, per lb.. 17c
('KT.KRY Mammon th. per dcs.. T5e.
BEfEF CUTS Ribs: No. 1, 19Wc: No. 3.
U'tc; No. 3, Uc. Loins: No. 1, 3U-'c;
No. 3, lc; No. I, 14e. Chucks: No. 1, lOu;
No. 3, 9Vc; No. I. 9c. Rounds: No. 1. 14c;
No. 2, 13c; No. I. 12c Plates: No. L I0c;
No. 3, Vr-: No. 9. i'c.
LIVE POULTRY Broilers, 1 to U
lbs., in separate coup , I.e. over m to )
ba., He; springs, any rite, ilc; ducks,
picked, H price, but not wanted. ie.
hens, over 4 Itm per In. 1 !; rooster
He. Turkeys. l?e: eld Tom, 16e; uexW
lbs.. 8c; less thsn lbs. each no I
wanted Oeese. full feathered and fat
s; picked. V .prli. but Dot wanted
Guineas, each, 7!c : young. 1 to 1H lb
each. Kc.. Homer aduaba, 14 oa. and over.
10 to U oa., 12.00. No. 1, roual wotith
fl.&O; unilrr S oi. jMc rifrrtti, any
ktnd, t d"i.. tiOc.
8ar Hi o Ion Iartm tl T5 pr harrt-l;
Willow Tslaa. pr barn-l; Wluwpi.
$.1 W pet barrol: Jinathana. I. 50 per bar
rel. HMeld Rmnd- niack Twina. (3 80 p.r
barrel; Hlark Tla. commprwHal brand,
tiae por barrel; Ken Unvia. llUttota, U.73
per barre'.
BuTTKR Rest crrnmery. 31c; aeoonU
tn carlona or tvibn. us.
txd dairy, rMT
3&r; county, common. !!'.
, box.
I'eaches: t a Iforni i Sjuwavs r
do K.lhertHS, iV'c tn. Hnimnas,
SI.T5 to 4 hun-'h.
la!le: Kmprors.
W - Clgt
Kmperos in Kegs iiui : i
no C herry. 7 0 l-bl.: Hrllc and
1?-W OS.. bOX
VBUKTAHLHS-Cabhage, 1'c lb.; hesd ,
'.i "T '.eli..S?i Z?,.niL
M'lSCKLL.KNrTOUS-Crackerlack. $3 F0
case; crackeriack, one-hair case, II .ft;
ense; fard dates. ISHo lb.; salted peanuts,
$1 .16 can; popcorn, 40, 1 lb. package,
case; corn pops, t-':.3S case; eornpopa. one
half case, $l.n rase: 8. W. dates. tl.&
box. Honey, $3.7!; case. Airline. 2 dos. i
os.. 10 case. Cocoanuts. $i.o0 bag. 7uc
dos. Cldcrr Motta, $3.7S keg; Motla. on
h.ilf bbl.. $7.25 bbl.; Nehawka. $X$5 keg.
Kansas City Urala Provisions,
2 hard, $1.0161. OS; No. 3 red, $1 .101.12:
Heiember. $1.00T: May. $l.O6Strt.O01.
CORN No. 3 mixed, 4Vtr; No. 2 white,
(4'4c; December, e4'tic; May, 67ic.
OATS-No. 3 white, tSa-IOc; No. 2
mixed. srrmfSSc '
H'TTER-Creamery, Kci firsts, 30c,
serrnds, 2flc; packing, l'--
EOi8 Firsts, 90c; seconds, 21c.
POCLTRT liens, lOHHi-llo; turkeys, 15c;
epilngers. 13c.
nflnnenpolla Oralu Market.
cember. tl.07: May, M.OHH; No. 1 hard,
$1,114; No. 1 northern. $1.07Wl.08H; No.
2 northern, $1.03Val.06'.
FLOCK All grados 30o higher.
BRAN $18. OtKijpl 8.80.
CORN No. 8 yellow, 71?T7?c.
OATS-No. 3 white. 4(Xtf40Ho.
St. I,ooIa Uratln Market.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 3. WHEAT No. J
red, I1.2K&122; No. 3 hard, nominal; De
cember. $1.06; May. $1.10,.
CORN No. 2, flc: No. 2 white. 6408Hc;
December, SS'ac; May. 874i!le.
OATS No. 3. 41c; No. 3 white, nominal.
LlTernoo' Orala Market.
No. 1 Manitoba, lis HHd; No. 3, lis 7Hd;
No. 3. Us tiStd; No. 3 hard winter, new, Us
Sd. old, 12s 6d.
CORN Spot La Plata. 8s 3d.
Quotations of the Day on Various
NEW YORK, Dec. FLOUR Firmer;
spring eatenta, tt.406.80; winter patents,
$j.40t?66; winter straights. $6.30i&6.46.
WHEAT Soot, firmer: No. 1 durum.
I $1.1614, f. o. b. New York; No. 1 northern.
1 , mhi-
easy : December, Jl.lbV.
CORN Spot firm; No.
S yellow, 82Hc,
OATS-Spot, steady; No. I white, 469
HAY-Steady; prtme. SI 30; No. 1, $t V9
I A. I7S. lU. ,l,l4Wrl,W, 4U. . ,,.uuv,.
shipping, 90a
noi iuiet; s:nie, common 1.0 cnoi,
1916. 20Klc; 1914 SlSlOc; Pacific, coast, 1916,
L'4(l,"c; 1914, 84il0c.
HIDES Steady; Bogota, 3031c; Cen
tral America, iWc.
PROVISIONS Pork, firm; mess, 117.60
fH8.00; family. $21.00iS'22.60; short clear,
zm.UOWZl.uu. Beer, steaay; mess. io.wai
17.00; family. $l8 0Ofil50. Lard, firm; mid
dle west. $9.70 to $9.80.
TALLOW Firm; city. 7Vc; country, t
tvlVtc; special, VtG.
MIJTTKR Steauy; receipts. 7,868 tuhg;
creamery ex tram, UVtUMic; flrsU, at(c;,
seconds, u-iytc.
EGOS Steady; receipts. 9,083 cases;
fresh gathered, extra fine, 39i(40c; extra
firsts. 33Mc; firsts, 8336c; seoonde, Kstf
CHEESE Firm; receipts, 3,101 boxes;
state, whole, v milk, flats, held, specials.
17c; same, average fancy. 16to4yl6c;
same, current make, specials, lftftc; same,
average fancy, iHC.
POULTRY Live, firm; western chick
ens, 134c: fowls, laeiSc; turkeys, 144EP170.
Dressed, dull: western rresh cnioaens, 143;
27c: fresh fowls, 12W17c; fresh turkeys.
14 22c.
Coffee Market.
market for coffee futures was at prao
tlcally a standstill during today's earlier
tiading. The opening was 1 to 4 points
Inwar. but the ownly actual busineas re-
I orted up to midday was at laat night's
closing figures. Later, however, the sell
ing became a little more active on Indica
tions that there would be little. If any.
decrease ln the world's visible supply for
the month of November, with May eas
ing ort to s.6oc and July to .ic, ana
with the market closing at a net decline
of 3 to 7 points. Sales were 117)0 bags.
December. 8.67c; January, 6.69c: February,
c . ' 1 . . k 1 .. u a., -11 c t-j,. VI .. iic?..
w.wvr ri"i w., .mj,
uly. 8.75c; August, 9.79c; Sep
tember, 84c; (ictober, spot, quiet;
Pic 7s, 1c; Santos 4s. 8lc. Cost and
freight offers were reported somewhat
irregular with the tone rather easy,
quotations ranging from about 8.76o to
D.wc for Santos 4s, English credit. The
official rabies reported no change ln
mllreis prices and sn advance of l-3Hd in
tho rate ot Rio exchange on London.
Omaha Hay Market.
. PRAIRIE HAY-Cholce upland. $10.50
11.60; No. 1. $10.00tT10.60; No. 3, $a 6Otl'100.o0;
No. 3. 6.00.00; choice midland, HOOmfg
11.00; No. 1, III Ooi 10.00; No. 2, $8.00qVOu;
No 3, $.00tf8.00: choice lowland, l-.i"t
10.00; No. 1. $8.00ig0.00; No. 8. $7.00.00,
No. 8, $5 006(7.00.
STRA W Choice wheat is quotable at
$0.60; choice oat or rye, $6.0004.60, and
possibly $1 00 for extra choice.
A IjK A I. FA Choice, $12 .OOtyll 00; No. 1,
$11,002(12.00; No. 2, Js.OO&U.OO; No. t, $7 0u
I'ottoa Market.
NEW YORK. Dec. 3. OOTTON-8pot,
quiet; middling uplands, lZ4oc. Salts, euO
Cotton futures opened stesdy: Decem
ber. 12.90c; January. 1246c; March, 12.78c-,
May, 12.98c; July, 1106c.
1 lie market closed barely steady today
at a net decline of 913 points, or at
the lowest level of the day.
ateaay; goon mioonng, i.wm; middling,
low miaaiing, i.via
sales, IO.ojO
Sagar Market.
NEW YORK. Dec. 3. KT'll A R Rs w,
firm; centrifugal, 1 14c; molaaaes, 4 37c.
Refined, steady. Futures opened steady
today; at noon prices were about a point
Dry ttonde Market,
NEW YORK, Ie. 2 -Cotton goods
firm; yarns firm snd active; raw silks,
easier; men's wear was bought for fall,
1918, at advanced prices.
Evaporated Apples aad Dried Frail's
APPLES C'ulet.
DItl Kl l' Ht ITS "runes, easy. Apii
cot and peaches firm, luislns steady.
- er Ulnliioan vel fin nn 11 1 1 rln U'A P a Ml v - .
crt.; squash. Ic lb. ; hruaael sprouts -oc ov. 27 6 31WI 7 M " "l "1 01 17 Thoirlr? ' 4 ' Heading's October statement showing
lb.; tcrrat.ea $1 & lu.; peppers, S.-.Nov , " 7 41' 7 ! - ' ' 7':,, ',l;'n?rri.!V n operiUnt revenues oP
basket; parsley, dot; rutafca-. l'c Nv. . 7 M 1 n l 1 i; ljr S.Wt.W; l7:.2.wi and New Haven s Increaso of
I..; onions: Spanish. $1 M crt .: red , Nov. SO) 3T. 7 18 1 70i 1 CO) iioUv iIeV. J Ji' ft .V' ' $fM.H.M wen confirmatory of recent e
lb.; yellow. IMo lb.; artichoke. r.'-" dos ; . 1 eo. L.I .814 ( r 7 51 03! 7 13 0i , J'. P."' ' 1. ml"k?, hlhlts by other leading railway systems.
a sal as, $f.(M crt. Potatoes: Colorado lec. .. Ji-SI 51 7 4 7 t71 01 7 Ui t . ' -'ff ". .il .e"T.rJ, K'.aA i"' ',4L'; nu were heavy with market weak
whites. 7' bu.; large Colorado whites, - 7 - - 'ihn ' "ht' -V.ll bulk. ln MlMO,,rt, tfansas and Texas is-
WerT hiWS 15 SWePt I BP J f ,ln of ,,ve stck M Kl' A X I I.AM BS Receipts. ,., fgrewtej
NCThIno. 1 walnuts. lb.: hlh. tne l nlon: Stock ;1Vt:,1!,i!rh lamb, "mm "'-dy; wethera. t.W.7i; ni,Pd Slates bonds were unchangei
walnuts. 3c lb.; hickory. 4o lb.; filberts. 1 " L,Lr l lambs, $, on
IBc lb: ycn. 13VM lb.; Braalla, lbc lb; ol,ocK p,ntSKTis-iA iih it 1 ,,.1. 1 .. . ,. . Nun. ir of sales and leading quotations
almonds. lSe lb. ULcUli TS-CA US. St. I onia M, MrkM. on 8tochi wer, follows:
-a. . m iv inaan. wun vnuiu i" ,i , w .s-w 1 IMIV. B . i. 7 is. 1 1.. 1 H Mi 1JJ . ' .in- a n le41
No Material Change in Cattle for
the Day Fat Lambs Slow
and Weak.
O.MAKA. liecemhcr 2. 1U.
fame das .1 w'ks :ixo. IU.'inI IH..4.
Sunie riaya 4 w'ks ngt.3.MK H.St"
fame days Inst vonr la.tTi 4S.IT.
The following table shows tha revelpta
of cattle, huus snrl nheon at lha Omaha
llva stock market for the yaar to data, as
compared with last year-
l!iir WI4. Inc.
Cuttle V.'i.S "9 atfi.S.
lloits I s..7.s:t 2,M.;ot rri.fbS
Kheerj .S!U;i l,lVt.ll1 Wk.i
The following table shows the average
pelves of hoga at the Omaha live Mtock
market for the last few days, with com
pnrli.ona Vov. 17; it I4HI T 83 I t
l 7 441 7
Nov. , t tl1,! T Ki 1 ' 7 T 1 a ul 7
, Li V i i I -u
l .1,' .
liiiaitlios e
jcov 7 , I . 1 ..
7 KJ 13 7 08
N nw 9 'I c
7 14 fi lsl . a T li
Nov. i i ;u a
7 tiv $.; 11 'J-l 7 ') j
?.ov- l tHil 1 4 7 l
Ii ' "
I 7 fal 7 Wl 7 69 19! t 7
C. M. & St. P
Missouri I'HI'lflC
I'nlon Pacltio
C. & N. W east ....
C. . N. W., west ....
C, St. P.. M. O...
C, B. A Q., cast
C, H. g., west ....
C, R. 1. A P., east ,
C. R. 1. & P.. west
Illinois CVntral
Chicago Ot. West. ..,
Total receipts
Receipt, war: Catt.c. Hog.. Sheep, sell fairly we.. n,e dv, ,e demat la hU'to "KJ ,7m i'u! atrven.TZ-
Official Monday l.'.ST4 o..M II I very alack. A string of weighty feeding ? ,h.lV7l? i TXv i mLTt
Official TieUy T.4L1 S..1,- II 4 I yearllnga that has bee,, here ainee "es fwne . rVnewU l?rrVHn of our strka
Kour dys ,M. week KXZZlKV. Bl"
Rnnie diivs tost wcK. '-'!.: 1". i'.i'Wigood to choh-e. ';..Vmi m.i; lambs, fair to "T,. 'rL-.T.w U ? .
Snn, .1.,.. .. ... ri r.:.f c,ii7 I .....i J,, i........ The further setback In war shares wi
I . . I 1, . 1 O. 1 1 , . 1 r I I IfO 1 'I1TI .IT Han M. -, , ( , k ,
3 1 .1
:i 2 1
26 211 24
lft . 1
30 29
8 6
1 1 2
33 37 14
6 4 8
13 3
3 3..
1 3
118 120
Cattle. Hgs. Slip.
... 4K1 l.tifi l.SA
..k MM 1.4K6 4,aai
... 48 2,245 3.607
... fcM l.aiKV
Morris A Co
Bwltt and Company
Cudahy Packing Co.
Armour Co ,
Schwarts A Co
J. W. Murphv
Lincoln Parking Co t
South Omaha Pack. Co... 13
W. B. Vansant Co. 29
Hill & Son .1.
F. B. liwls W
J. B. Root & to. 95
J. 11. Bulla M
F. Huss 19
Kelloa 3
Werthelmr A Degen ..... Si
11. F. Hamilton 7
Sullivan Bros 3
lhmer Hire
Missouri & Kan. Calf Co.. S3
Chrtatle 101
Huffman 1
Roth t
Banner Bros. 9
John Harvey 91
Kline w
Dennis A Francis 74 1
Jensen at L. 62
Other buyers 401
Totals 3.27$ 7.834 14.418
PATTLit-Heceinla were moderate tills
morning, uniy iw cars ooing repuneu m,
but the total tor the four uays loots up
25.47. head, which is 3.600 larger than last
week and s.tAsj larger than a year ago.
There was a lair demand for western
beef steers, which were steady with yes
lei day, and. for that matter, about steady
iv 1th a week ago. Cornfeu beef showed
liulu change as compared with yesterday,
tut the market on that kind of cattle is
round 26c lower than test week, the
trade being alow and dull, with a down
ward tendency at all market points.
Cows and hetters were about steady
wIlxi yesterday's later market, or around
2i-c lower than last week. This would
apply more especially to the fair to good
Kinds, which sutler more man on ao- t9 thte nnrwitmA m.i'b.l I 'mint., etiwa
vnu heifers have not shown so much
change. a, nrl feehara ware 1 nw. aa nana!
tot this late in the week, but there was
but much change as compared with yes
terday. Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
lea yearlings, t.0vue.60; fair to good fed
yearlings, .wu.w, common to fair tea
yearlings, $8 0Oo7.00; good to choice heavy
boeves, $H.uow.60; lair to good oornled
bttves, t.7uy(i.Oi; common to fair corn
tod beeves, $S.0Wq.76; prime grass beeves,
f7.6wti8.00; good to choice grass beeves.
i7.Ouu7.60; fair to good grass beeves, to.ib
(., common to fair grass beeves, IA.20
178.36; good to choice glass betters. $o.76
8.76; good to choice grass cows, tifctKa
8.26; lair to good cows, I4.6o.ipi.u0; com
mon to fair cows, VI. oh(4.60; good to
(holes feeders, $8.76497.60; fair to good
leeder. $6.26'a.76; common to fair feed
ers, $.26iij.26; good to choice atockera,
$7.007.60; fair to good Blockers, $H.2.itf
7.00; common to fair stackers, $6.3j48.3o;
stock hellers. 5.tO(u.L; stock cows, $4.60
(i..26; stuck calves. $8.UXu.M; veal calves,; hulls, stags, eto.. $4.26y.uo,
HOUS Receipts .were of fair volume
again today, about 129 cars, or 9,000 hud,
being reported In. yesterday's official
Sount overran the estimate several hun
red head, and the total for the four days
Is Si.Wl head, more than twice ae large
as either last week or two weks ago, but
a falling off of about 16.000 head as com
pared with the same days last year. Re
ceipts so far this week are larger than
for any similar period since the third
week of Auguat.
There was a broad shipping outlet
again today and more than a fourth of
the supply was sold on shipping orders
at prices that were steady to strong, and
lu spots possibly as much as a nickel
higher. There was no change in tops,
several loads making $8 46 again today,
while the bulk of the shipper purchases
landed at $8.0 40.
Early packer bids were no better than
steady, and first sales did not look to be
more than 6c higher, but when the bulk
began to move values were all of tlOu
higher, and on paper the packer trade
looked close to luc higher, uuallty was
on the whole better than on Wednesday,
there being a smaller percentage of lights
in ine rwTeiyis man iur a long tune, and,
considering this packer trade was not
quoted as any more than 64 10c hiirher
Movement was rather active and a fair
clearance man oy iu o ciocg.
l acking hogs sold largely at $6 SOfjtt.lfi,
and bulk ot all the sales was quoted at
$i tl8 40.
Representative sales:
No. An. HIi. Pr. No.
tt 1M 0 8 00 70...
41 1U M 111 SO...
M M .. 8 ft) l4..
71 )M ... in )...
40 Ill ... I I7S ...
17 t ... 8 40 7...
0 10 ... 8 41
Av. gh. Pr.
..141 Ml H
l SI 8 M
..171 ... tlO
III 140 I M
..M ... 8 40
40 3 U
8 Ill ... IS) M 141 ... IH
SHEICPPheep and lamb receipts were
liberal for a Thursday, some sixty-five
cars, cr 16,600 bead showing up. Ho far
this week 80,779 bead have arrived this
being twice aa large as a week ago, and
more than 16.000 larger than last year,
but smaller than two weks ago by a
few hundred head. Today's runs is the
largest for a Thursday since the first
week of October.
p at lamba made up a pretty good share
of the supply and the trade opened dull
again toddy. Lkte trade yesterday win
anyway 16c, and In a spot or two as
much us a quarter lower, and even at
that, the clearance was not very satis
factory. This morning first bids were
little. If any, batter than tha later rounds
Wednesday, and looked anyway 16c loer
than Tuesday sellers were unwilling to
iah their holdings on this basis, but
packers refused to raise their hands to
any great extent, and wh .n tho bulk of
the fat lambs started to move, pretty
decent to good lambs were bought at
! i 6141 80. the latter price being the high.
vet peiu wfj uiiin . nuur in in, fore
Fat ewes were In good supply receipts
Including several strings of them, but
trade opened steaay to strong, and an
other cut of the Montana hunt s, wl lch
brought $j.'XI yesterday, eold at ti Oj this
morning, a ilat ico advance,
inii.i Koud stuff made 96.90. and bulk
of the fair to good offerings moved at
$6.8mij6.76, with a buneti that waa none
, loo attractive at $5.66. A car of goats
The liimb trmlc provnl nrcltv much of
a drag all through, but by mlililny a fnlr
clearance m.iiic at prices I tint rniii
iiKi.t aioumi i.v i xver than Tuesday.
.fniniiK pom ot-r . ana nioav ni ina i
inmns were ni'iinni ul (s .iu, with tmo or
lliice sales at Ji...
Feeders were m small supply, but In
the Inmh division wvlghts ran from
m.d'lini it iHiriv henvv. nun nractlea Ir
nothing hnd been sold up to noon. About !
Ibe only kind of feedln lamha that ara I
... "V "!!,'0,,1 '
S.40; ycarltnca fair to choice. ;.(Kfl-.M
yearlings. f-eders. $vii""(it.Mii: r ethers
to choice. 1i. n.iii Oil
- . .
choice, (j.
&( i0: ewca. Wr to good. S.A
s. feeders. 34 0 iS.V t
41 . it; ewe
( IlirtllO l.lH uTIK K M tRKKTI
tattle gv Unas tir ceti
CHICAGO, lire I I'ATTl.F Hecelota
(MP head; market ' slow; native I eef
aieers. t,ViM io..v. western
ii: cows and heifers, f-'.t.".4t.i1l; calves.
UM1S-Receipts, fo.otn) hend: market
ulrong. 10nl.,c higher: hulk 3'i.Mi
llyht. $.aiiA.00; mixed. $.()0iilt !iO; h.avy
t.:i".: rough, H."it.. pigs. U i).m.
FHV.V.P AM. LVMHs'-ltecelpla, l.,,..,
""'': wethers, tn.tKV..W; ewes. 4. iun 10:
id n: lis, $7.(ntj.ia.
lon tr Live Mock MarW-t.
lee 1 A T-T I ir
4.; steady; native beef, ateenf. $7K,f
v'"r"1; eers and heifers, $.6a;
10.J0; cows $S.o7.00: atockera snd feed
ers. $. 0.13,. ; southern steera $R.36fl60;
Ti.??'1 """. t.oofl,to; native calves.
J! ii,.IO,SRfct,C'" 'rt: hlgherj pigs and
ariii i Jr,,""V"i rnixea ann butchers.
fh.Ji'Jtft.trt: good heavy. $a.70.A
SHLKP-Receipts. 3,900: steady; yesr
lings. $.vM7.6H; lambs, $8.264J10; aheep,
and ewea, $6,60i..
Haraaa Cltv Live Stork Market.
!PL"; iAmj prime fed steer,,
$!.., yi 1 0.00; dressed beef steers, I7.00itr9.0i;
western airrra. $ti.5; atockera and
$flOft ,7k &-SM"'7 W" S0.7&; calvtu.
i)2rRr,pU-'nn: hlhr: bulk.
WSOiHd.aO; heaw W.604(S: Taekers snd
bm. l J46llM; pigs, $5.5fJU0.
,oB,-LhiKJ,-HM"'t". steady; lamba.
Vrltn $4.6007.40; wethers,
e.5 iti.21; ewes, $4.7MJ5.7B.
l .
at. Joseph Live Stock Market.
rr'I'Lfi J.800 """'i market steady; steers.
Ii.fl8.75; cows and heifers, $3.60tg.tO;
calves. $8. ODflS.OO.
Hilda -Receipts. 13.M0 head; market
fiCXL bulk of W-3MW.4S.
MIEEP AND lA MRS-Receipts. 8.000
head; market steady; lambs, $S.00irS.S6.
Stook It
Receipts of live stool. .u. ,
clpal wesUrn markets yesterday:
catTie. Hovs. Sheen.
. t.ono to.000 15 .mi
South Omaha
Sioux City ...
St. Louis
Kansas City
. 3.SW)
. 1.M0
. 1.600
15 ))
.18,700 S3.S0O 4!,I0
New York Money Market.
PAPKR 3fca per cent.
STERUNu EXfrHANQB-eO-day bills.
K ,'mn. HTOdO; oablea.$4.710.
SlLVER-Bar. 664c; Mexican dollars,
PONDS-Oovernment, steady; railroad,
TIM K LOANS-flteady; 80 days. 1 per
nt; 90 riaye, 3Vf24i per cent: six months,
(iS per cent. Call money steady; high.
3 per cent; low, l per cent; ruling rai
3 per cent; last loan, 1 per cent; clu
IK per cent: offered at 3 bar cant.
Closing quotations on bonds today were
V- B. nt. 3s. rag..
, Mo. Pae. er. la 48
M N T. C. oeb. 8s, ...ill
leiS'W. T. Clt 4S.... IM
lOIWN. T. M, 4S.....IUS
1WSN. T., N. H. A H.
,110 ev. a. ifiiu
I an eouoon
V. S. n
I wuvun
V. B, 4s. rut
so Miunoa Is aoupna..l0IS No. Paeirta tm uu
Am. Mm.ll.m 8... ..HIS Hft Is MS
A. T. 4 T. 0. 4S...107 O. B. U rf. 4s MS
Armour 4 Co. 4S,. HSPao. T. A T. I Ks
AtnhUioa bob. 4.... 94SPaa. oaa. 4S PS
B. I. Clhlo 4. US to ttn 4Ss 1.014
Cm P.Jlfle 1st HISRMdlns a.. 4. n
Chaa. A Ohio 4S.. l H. L g. F. r. 4s 71
C. B. Q. I. 4..... MS So. P.r. cr. I. lt
C at B T g 4S. 101 s 4o r.f. 4 M
C. R I. 6 P. r. 4. tTKfto. RaIIw.t la. 101
0. A H. rf. 4Ss... MSt'Dloa Pacin 4i..,. IIS
D. A R O. rf. Is. a t. n h Mu
m. sen. 4s 14 V n. Ruhbor l....l(VI'2
no. Kltrla I. 101 St', a gtMl la 104s
nt. No. 1st 4 MS 'Wabash 1st I. lma
III. (Sa. rf. 4a.,
" ""v. i.nioa 4HI... n
K. C. So. rf, la,.. MSWit, KIm. ct. (s,.1I8
1,. m r. uni. is. ...
I K. T. 1st 4a
4S ABBla-rraaek H .,
Oil and Roaln.
SAVANNAH. Oa.. Dee. t-TITPPiev.
TINE firm 64o bid: sales, .00 at 660;
receipts. 343 bWs.; shipments, bbla;
stock, 14,191 bbls. '
ROPIN-Flrmi sales, 1, T38 bblavi re
ceipts, 3,168 bbls.; shipments, 106 bbls.;
stock. T,,644 bbla Quotations: A, B, C.
i. k, r', saw): u.H, T, $6 86; K. $8.16:
M, $8.80; N. $8 60; Wo, $4.78; Vfto, fr.W. '
Motel Market.
offered at $5.36. Spelter, $17. iVcl 17. 7J. Cop'-
pir, aieauy; electrolytic, 2U.0U. Iron,
steady and unchanged. Tin, $:. 604339.00.
At London: Spot copper, av79 las; fu
tures, 80; electrolytic, 4v99., Spot tin.
tins 6s; futures, 184 IPs. Antimony,
Iad, a) 38 16s. Spelter. 100.
Lea8aa Stock Market.
LONDON, Doe. t. American securities
on the stock market opened lower today
nnd failed to recover. The close was dull
flLVER-Rar. MU-ld per ounce.
MONEY-4ij4i per cent.
DISCOUNT RATES Short bills end
three months. t per cent.
Rank Clearing.
OMAHA. Deo. t Bank clearings for
Omaha today wars $3,890,141.79 and for
the corresponding day laat year $3.78u.
301.84. Three Smothered to
Death in Mud Under
an Upset Automobile
GARY, Ind., Dec. 1 A woman and
two men, one from Needles, Cel., were
smothered to death In the mud under
their automobile which overturned end
ground its occupants into the muck of
the West Qary marsh tonight. Oary po
lice are. searching In the vicinity of the
accident believing that another man may
have met death in the mishap.
The fire department was called to ex
tricate the bodies of the three victims,
which have been identified as those of
Mrs, Anna Adklns of Hammond, M. H.
Ooodrode of Chicago and Jack Thompson
of Needles. Cel.
The wrecked automobile wse discovered
by a pedestrian who noticed the tall light
of the car gleaming at the aids of the
road. He Investigated and saw one of the
woman's feet sticking out of the mud.
Police end firemen who were summoned
extricated the bodies with difficulty.
WASHINGTON, Dec. l-Speaker Clark
reached Washington today prepared, he
said., for a long session of congress, last-
WS "until the dog days,
which wa Included In the offerings aoW
. ... , , ,
Foreijfa Selluig of Standard Shares
aad Heariness in Special
ties Depress.
n s mirfirrnn
u 01JVi4 UUJKi A-1 UWBWiflU
, ,
NEW TORK, Pec J.-Forelgn nelllng;
n re tlv I m'liMo to the utterances of a
leading financier, wi e ventured ,h
I'lL.-w ii ni n. ,, wvu inrers woiiin nrncr-
r d"' " lh'r r "''ts in t .If
eou-itry berause esh would he lacking
P',"lonl selling, wnlrh again c-n-
eentrated upon such leaders as I n t.l
8'atea Fteel, the rippers and a few of
h rrpiesentatlve ralla. gave added
force to tho iloellie. Steel fell pilnts
!? M,, "nrl Anaconda i to wh I-
' '"clflc, Canadian Pa Ifle. Atcl-
"". h-rt and New lUvcn ! et
1 o almost 3 points. Anaconda's loss fol
lowed publl a'lon of the company's s:nl-
"l"," Novmb" showing a rndiictdiii
of ln.i.OtO pounds In product) m romparcil
w in tne preoeoing montn.
Among tl
f 7 "
''''Vlfl .
mong tne more severe nec.mes or tne
some of wnlch were partly ie-
the later dealings we,e (j.n-
eral Motors whl -h lost ! at 40. Ftud -
j bakor. V to H"j; Haldwin Ii.omotl.e,
4 to H; Crucible 8t e. m to TV am
1 a -r-..i .. ......,.-! kJih
A tasks Oel4
Amerli-an ael Busar. ..
Amsrlcaa an
Amsrtoaa 1cosoIIt ...
American ti. A H
intnAm. 8. R. pfd..
Am. Suw Hanntas .... T.I. A lsl..
Am.rlean Tvh.eoe ....
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Creighton Band Men
Seeking Letters
Efforts ere being made en the part of
the Creighton university band to have .
letters similar to the foot ball emblems
awarded to the musicians In recognition
of their services. Tha contemplated de
sign Is a "C" entwined In a lyre.
A committee composed of Waldo Shil
ling ton, arts department; Splitter, phar
macy college; Thetssen. dents Kawa-
leskl law school, conferred with President
MoMenemy on the subject, the project
being favorably received by the univer
sity heed, although no definite action
waa taken.
The band is this year under the lead
ership of Mr. Mullina. a Junior in the
dental college, end played et ell the foot
ball games. The musicians era also
counted upon to furnish tnuslo et Creigh
ton' s baskst bell contests, in recognition
of which services It Is likely that the
letters will be granted. Eighteen of the
players are professional musicians.
Man Chases Girls
Near Rourke Park
Two young women were pursued by a
young man, near Rourke park, early
yesterday evening. They escaped and
called the police, but a hasty search of
the neighborhood failed to bring about
his capture.
The young women, who ware ap
proached by the man ware Mias Mabel
Berger. 17t4 South Fourteenth, and Miss
Mary Cllnes, Fifteenth and Vinton, book,
keeper at the Telephone company main
Prof. E. L Pula, of the department of
expression, and rrof. W. A. Peters, et
the department of English, of Bellevue
college, will Initiate a series of lecture
reoltals Frldsy night In the college
chapel. Prof. Peters will give a short
lecture on "Lady Windermere's Fan,''
with a reaume of the life of the author,
Oscar Wtlda, following which. Prof. Puis
will read portions of the drama. Tha
other lecture recitals, which will follow
will take up other modern dramas and
LAREDO, Tex., Dec. I. A decree issued
today by General Carranu. head ot ha
da facto government In Mexico, does
away with supervision of tha railroads
in Mexico by military authorities and.
according to reports, places the roads un
der tha direct control of Alberto Paul,
president cf the National lines ef Ma
ico, who Is now in the United States en
business. It is reported on good author
ity that the government will return the
tiackage properties to the railroad. tn
thg near future,
1 H Kfk M4 Z' a