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Til ft HKK: OMAHA, JMIMMJAl . DrA tvWlSbK , I'M.).
f Bj MELLIFICIA. Tuesday, November 30, 1915.
SOCIETY for the coming four weeks bid fair to- be mora occupied with
helping the destitute at home and the pillaged abroad than in the
mere intent of amusing Itself. Matrons of prominence are not only
giving their names, but their time and endeavors to promoting sales,
teas and baxaars for philanthropic objects, not to apeak of the great charity
ball to be given at the Hotel Fontenelle Monday evening. The Yuletlde
tearoom Is a great undertaking and means the outlay of much strength and
nerve force.
Another hard personal tas kwhlch many smart matrons have taken
upon themselves will be the work of telephoning in a gigantic endeavor to
reach all Greater Omaha and induce every Christmas gift giver to put a
Red Cross seal upon the gift package. ,
.A well know student of sociology has Istely eid that the days of a
wholly frivolous society seem parsing, and that the fashionable world ia
showing itself in a new light. "What has been railed the Bon Ton has be
come a bulwark," he Raid, "without which our best Institutions would crum
ble to ruin. In every big undertaking today. In art, in music. In philan
thropy, there must be a backing of names of those socially prominent. Anl
such nanies are never asked for in vain."
Evidently what was said of the east holds true In the midwest. The
Omaha social calendar, while covered with names of the richest and most
prominent families, looks more like a register of good deeds than a record
of frivolities.
Violet Asquith, daughter of Premier Asquith, who was
just married in London to her father's secretary and right
hand man, Bonham Carter. The wedding was postponed
on account of Miss Asquith's illness, contracted while nurs
ing her brother, who was wounded at the front.
Art Patrons' Luncheon
Mrs. Halleck nose was hoatras t a
tuncheon at 1h I'nlvmltv rluh this aft
ernoon in honor of Mr. Raymond Wyrr.
who ipeake before he Fine Arts society
today. The rtirsta of tho occasion wers
the members of the board of the Omaha
Klne Arta eoflrty and the exhibition
committee, of which Mrs. Roao Is chair
man. The decorations were rod rosea In
takrta wirti at via and mara;urHee. In
addition to th board and comm'ttee
tncmlwre. tho following kumiIi from tho
friends of art wrr present:
Messrs -- Messrs.
C. N. 1'lels. John I n Webaler.
Oeorse B. t'rlns, Francis A. Drosan.
llaMeck Rna.
Th other aural were:
Mevlames Mesdames
rhsrlep Konntz. ieoro H. I'rlns.
Wsrd Rurue. llir K. U lmure,
Oscar 11. Williams, Maorge R. Voes.
Aiiiit F. Jonaa. 7,. T. I.lnrtsey.
Ilenrif R. Blckneil. W. If. Oarratt.
Kdrar W. Morsman. Warren nosrera,
Arthur V. Morainan.Oliitrlrs W. Ruifll.
William (I. Mre. Kdward U Hurke.
I-:. J. M('.llton,
i, E. Hummer.. Miss Edith Tohllt.
Miss Edith Leas entertained the Tues
day Kensington Luncheoa club at bcr
lion.c this afternoon.
The Queen in New Tfork.
Mrs. It. C. Mow returned Keturday
morning from New York, where ehe ac
companied her daughter, Miss Marlon
Howe, the Ak-Har-Ben quean. Mlaa
Howe's return to New York, where aha
la oonllnuln her musical studies, was
I union has planned a r-'mber of'n'lgh-
borhood prnyer meellnts,
Today's Events.
The Kt-A-Virp club will gtve a dancing
party tills evening at Hotel Rome
Miss (ieorge Trimble waa hostess this
afternoon at bridge-luncheon. Tho
dot-orations ere pink roses
Prairie Park Ciub.
The rralrle Park club save their reg
ular week end dancing; party at the club
hctise Baturlay eventra. During- the In
trritiltslon Mr, K. A. l'ucc entertained
tho dimcers with several muslcsl num
bets The following were present:
Messrs. -and Meadameg
('. llavnea.
.1. K. imtlnger,
H. A. Lticke.
Ixn'ls Nelson,
('. I. I'enn stnn.
Oatea II. Rheam,
8. K. Kent,
.1. M. Morris.
II, J. Hlcklcr.
A. V. Hunt.
W. 1 niarkatt,
Charlea Neff,
R. i. King,
I'. K. luncan.
May me Iatt&,
Ruth Key.
Bsrlle tjitla.
If. K. Wallace.
& S. Carl In,
J. I.angfnllner,
. W. nardner,
K. R. Rralnard.
I-;, r. l0'eNal.
A. A. We
A. F.. Iire.
Dr. J. C. Houkup.
K. ':. i'onlay,
K, ri. Clav.
W. F. Reynolds,
Ir. J. Reg Hell.
8. 8. Watt.
Ida Duffack,
Orace Hunt,
J. .Von Rensselaer.
Personal Mention.
Mr. r. a. Kellogg
and daughter of
delayed until ao lata and this popular .Omaha are guests at the Hotel Hnapp In
young western lrt haa been anowerea Kxcelslnr Springs.
with so many Invltatlona for the holiday
season that It Is doubtful whether she
will return to Omaha for the holidays as
originally planned. Mr. and Mrs. Howe
will give a dancing party for Weir
daughter Chrlatmaa week It she la hare.
Surprise rarty.
A surprise party was given In honor of
Mlaa Etnme Kuncl, at her home, Sunday
afternoon. Those preaent were'.
Antonle Kralla. .
Francos Ha ear,
Kinma Kuncl,
Marsret Ooeefelt,
Hose Nameatek,
Mayme Vrava,
John Welch,
Harold FuK-her,
Arthur Turpln,
Bud narrower.
'Anna Hansen,
Jnaephlno Bvoboda,
Catharine White,
Mabel Johnson,
Myrtle Madtaon.
Anna Kuncl,
Joe Kelly.
Harry Pymore.
r Tnr
Mr. . Harry E. O'Neill returned to his
ranch In Tuckarvllle Sunday evening-
after a short visit In Omaha.
Mlaa Oeorge Trimble and her slater,
Mre. Harold Fobotker, will leave ft
Lincoln toward the end of the week to
be gueata of Mre. Charles Mateon.
Mrs. B. Nathan and Mr. and Mrs. will
Urbach, who have been making their
home In California for the past two
years, are the guets Indefinitely of . Mr.
and Mrs. Mas Burkenroad. "
Walter Thrane,
Robert Chldeaur,
Pleftiurei Put
The Pupils Miser club gave their first
dance at the Hotel Rome Saturday even
ing. Forty couples were preaent. The
next dance will be announced later.
Tor Mi" Judge.
Mr. and Mrs. George Redlck will give
a dinner thle evening at their home for
Mlaa Alice Judge of St. toula, the houae
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles SV Mots.
Those preaent will be:
Meaara. and Maadamea
Charlea E- Meta, Ueorge Redlck.
John Redlck.
M last a Mlasea
Alice Judge. ' Meaara. '
Harriet Mats. . M,-"1:lt
Gerald Wharton. Elmer Redlck.
Bride Luncheon. -
Mrs. William HUl Clarke was hoateas i
this afternoon to twenty-eight guests at
a luncheon followed ey bridge, which
was unique In Its selection of decora
tions and favors. The guesU were seated
at small tables where sweetheart roses
and lilies of the valley were set In Tif
fany glaas baaketa. The favors were
tied with mallne of the same ahlmmar
of shades as the glass baskets. The
players pivoted at bridge Instead of pro
gressing. Guild Tea.
The Pundee guild of All Saints'
church, of which Mrs. Joseph Poloar to
president, met this afternoon at the of Mrs. R. E. Wlloo for their
regular guild work, which was followed
by a tea.
Dinner Dance to Choir.
Dean and Mrs. James A. Tancock will
entertain the adult members of Trinity
cathedral choir at dinner next Friday
evening at the deanery. This will be fol
lowed by a dance at Jacobs hall and
Christmas muslo rehearsal.
Bridge Tea.
Miae LAiclle Bacon was hostess this
afternoon to the Tuesday (debutante)
- Bridge club. Bridge was followed by
tea. Those preaentwere: . ,
Uiues- Mumes
Eugenie Patterson. Stella Thummel,
Ami Ulffurd. I'ailotte Callahan,
i Alice Jaouith, Harrlrt Meta,
iMarton Kubn, LajiIIs tiaocn.
Telephoning for Charity.
A list of prominent women have
' pledged to give their peraoaal effort la
' .... Ik. I.Unhnu Ia MAltrlfe. Mia r.
! chasers for the Red Croaa aeala. so that
: no possible buyer may be overlooked.
Those already listed to uae the telephone
, for this good work ere;
Meedemee Meadames
.. I.uihtr Kountsa, " T. H. Ward.
iN. H. Dodge. Jr., W. J. liyn
The name of "Menoma Chorus" was
adopted by the new men's chorus f
Omaha at a meeting held Monday at the
I.yrlo building at the second rehearaU
of the organisation. The Idea repreaentai
by the name la "men of Omaha." The
chorus will meet each Monday for re
hearsal, under the direction of Jamei
Edward Carnal.
- . m lira Thlagr.
T. Wlson. Farmers Mills, N. T.,
has used Chamberlain's Tablets for years
for dtaorders of the stomach and liver
and aays, "Chamberlain's Tablets are the
beat I have ever used." Obtainable
everywhere. Advertisement.-- -
A "
V, i( -erim
VW1 - . '' Sa-t'
i Special Committee Atki that Matter
Be Taken Up by the Entire
Commissioners Butler, Kugel and
Wlthnell,' appointed several months
go by the city council to serve as a
special committee to investigate the
reasonableness of the B-cent tele
phone toll between Omaha proper
and the South Side, have asked that
the committee of whole discuss this
matter. A conference will be held
next Monday morning.
The committee Is Inclined t believe the
toll should be removed, but Is agreeable
that the telephone company be granted
a hearing.
Areameat of Officiate.
Thj gist of the argument offered by
officials of the telephone company Is
that tinder the existing anne arrange
. nt 12 per cent of the patrona of Greater
Omaha now pay 80 per cent of the
Omatm-Pouth Side buslne -, these patrons
having what Is known as unlimited serv
ice In return for a rate o. 0 centa more
than the limited tone service. The com
pany . further asserts that the prenent
aversge toll paid per year by M per cent
of patrona Is n cents. The logic of that
argument la ssld to be this: Those who
have real need for the South Side serv
ice pay the extra d0 cents per month, and
that under the 6-cent charfie S8 per cent
of patrons average only twelve calls per
yea The company contends a readjust
ment of rates would be necessary if the
toll should be abolished.
Commissioner Jardlne aatd he believed
the preaent plan Is the better, and he
added that to disturb conditions would
result In the telephone company receiving
even more revenue for the service than
la being received. Commissioner Hum
mel aald it Is the duty of the commis
sioners to regulate the rates.
Aged Man Hangs
Self by Rope in
Rooming House
Isaac Brown, aged 60 years, was found
dead, hanging by a rope attached to a
stesmpipe in his room at 32 South
Twenty-aixth street. He was found by
J. B. Gelsing, proprietor of a rooming
house at the above number, who asserts
the old man has been In 111 health. An
Incoherent note was found on the
dr-sser. also a cntd. asking that Mrs.
tr & V -. 9oi r-arlv avenue. Phicairo.
be notified. Brown has been a resld-Tie
at the oeising piece ior io iwo
months, and had no regular business.
He lived from an Income from some
property In Indiana, and was a widower,
with no relatives In this city, Mrs. Nevs
ia believed to be a daughter.
Well Known Remedy
Relieves Chronic
Important toDitpote of Waste
from the Stomach With
People frequently attribute to failure
of he digestive orgar.i conditions that
are primarily due to l-iactlve bowels,
and apply remedies that from their very
nature are more apt to aggravate than
to relieve the disorder.
When the bowela act regularly the
stomach la In better shape to perform Its
allotted tasks and can usually be de
pended upon. To keep the bowels in
condition there Is no more effective
remedy than the combination of simple
laxative herba known as Dr. Csldwell's
Syrup Pepsin which Is sold in drug
stores for fifty cents a bottle.
Dr. Caldwell haa prescribed this rem
edy In his practice for over a quarter of
a century and It is today the standard
houaehold remedy In thousands of
homes. Mr. Thos. Iel-oach. with the De
partment of the Interior, Office of Indian
Affairs, at Washington, wrote Dr. Cald
well recently that "Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin is. the best laxative I have any
knowledge of and the cleaning up guar
anteed by its use relieves every organ."
ft N
I " iT' f
A bottle of Dr.' Caldwell's Syrup Pep
sin should be on hand. In every home
for use when needel. A trial bottle,
free of charge, can be obtained by writ
ing to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 4.4 W h
Ington St., Montleello, 111.
During the nine months since March 1,
the Omaha end of the Burlington's land
department haa located l,w0 persons in
the dry farming section of Wyoming, In
what is looked upon aa Omaha trade ter
ritory. Moat of the settlera were located
around Buffalo, Sheridan and Gillette,
filing upon 324 acrea of land each. Aa a
rule the .parties filing upon the land
are men with families.
Wednesday Evening, December 1
AT 8:00 O'CLOCK.
Tlee President. The Sheldon Sohool, Chicago
Not Cruel to Force
Husband to Buy Car
if it is a Flivver
To compel a .husband to buy an auto
mobile, even though It be a flivver, la
not cruelty on the part of a wife, if he
haa the money to pay for It, District
Judge Bedlck ruled In the divorce suit
of James J. Marecek against Fanohlon
Clara Marecek.
Marecek testified thst his pretty 20-year-old
wife had required him to buy a
car and take herself and her relatives
to rae Panama exposition. He alleged
that that constituted cruelty.
But Judge Itedlck denied that the wifely
command to buy the car, waa cruel, al
though he granted the husband a divorce
on other grounds.
If, Instead of belag content with a
flivver, Mre. Marecek had Insisted upon
a huge twin-six. costing much more
money than her huaband had in his pos
session, his ruling might have been dif
ferent, the Judge Intimated.
"Although the wife Insisted that her
husband should buy an automobile," said
Judge Redlck, "the car which was pur
chased was sufficiently low In price to
be well within the means of the hus
band, and It would be going too far to
ray that the attitude of the wife con
stituted cruelty.
... V
t s
Gypsies Arrested
Here as Warning
Through a warning from the Bt Paul
Chamber of Commerce several . gypalea
were picked up by the police Monday
night. It aeems that In St Paul a hand
of the nomada have made a practice of
establishing a business as coppersmiths.
and securing several pieces of kltchenware
from hotels for trial repair. The Joba, It
is asserted, were neatly done, and as a
result they secured contracts with various
hostel rles for considerable work. On the
return of these articles they were found
to be exceedingly heavy. Close perusal of
the contract revealed the fact that the
hotel men had agreed to pay for the work
by weight at an exorbitant figure. The
gypalea arrested here came from SL Paul
and were arraigned for the purpoae of
giving them a warning that such actlvr
Itles would not be telorated In Omaha,
Herbert Honors.
KaJp W. i ounoll,
. 4 liarlva Meta,
' C. E. bcharr,
.' U laaea
: Alice Uuchanaa.
Frank J. Norton,
O. J. lngwarsen,
A. M. banders.
Clara Thomas.
Temperance Prayer Meeting:.
A noon-day prayer meeting for state
and nation-wide prohibition has been a"
raJigsd for Thursday at 11 M o'clock at
the Toung Mea'a Christian aaaocktUoa
ly the Omaha Women's Christian Tein
Bcrance union- The r'rancee Wlllera
t-rr-r-r m yn r n 1 1 tirt t t-T
SAAA H hA Ar A r. Ai
lflsiftnAnlVait ijIUIg:
V4 XerTr7! ?r
Specially Low Prices on
All Furniture
Dining Suites in All the
levcst Styles and
Soo Our Daylight
Display Room '
Bxia Seamless Brussels Hugs, 9g73
l!l Sramlewa Velvet Uuga, ' 9 jjOO
V2 Axmlnster llug, 'jTOO
Special Value ia Small Uaga.
3 H MOTEE 6.
24th and L Stc South Omaha
Quality Mlgh - - Prices Low
We have them in plentiful quantities and there are bnt a few stores in the United States
which are able to say the same. We arranged it all with Santa Claus months and months ago.
With slides, films and lamps.
26-Inch All
Joined at knee.
elbow and hip,
blsqna bead.
closing , eyea,
long curls,
shoes and
- stockings.
Bran Boiler
Steam Eofioe
V4 inchee high.
Alcohol lamp
filler and all
ready to start
Are worth 75c,
Moving Picture
Can be used with electric
light by dropping bulb In top.
All complete.
worth $1.60, male
Hip Jointed,
pretty face,
closing eyes,
bisque head,
beautiful curly
hair; shoes
and stockings,
Novelties for Christmas
in Fancy Goods
Our Art Section is now showing all the latest
novelties in Hand Bags, Kensingtons, Tie Hold
ers, Fancy Pin Cushions, Candy Boxes and all
the new and eaelusive ideas for holiday gifts.
u5r7.Ti:..",d..R!bb!?..25c to 75c
Faney Cretonne Covered Candy Boxes, with
!5tWbr-!..,.50c to $1.00
Fancy Cretonne Covered Glove and eflr
Handkerchief Boxes, each OUC
Of Course You WW
Give Some Neckwear
v Ladies' New Tailored Collars are very much
in vogue.
Pretty Chin Chin Collars, Embroidered
Swiss, Lace Trimmed Organdie, very neat and
good for coat as well as dress p-
collars, up from OC"OUC
Vestees, dainty organdie and lace. Many
new styles. Specially priced at up pa
from D)C
A beautiful lot of many styles in neckwear,
Swiss embroidered in white and colors. j-
eh nice. Wdnesdav at IOC
Special Values in
Womens Gloves
Woman's One-Clasp Kid
G lores. In black with white
backs and white with black
backs, beautifully embroidered.
Erery pair guaranteed. tQ
. Women's Guaranteed Wash
able Kid Gloves, in Ivory, putty,
gray and black. Every pair ac
companied with guarantee slip.
Children's Best Quality Kid
Oloves, famous "Den forth"
make, fit perfectly. Fleece lined,
unlined and silk lined, in black,
gray and tan. All sixea. from
1 to 14 years. They are built to
fit and wear. Special fl f rv
Wednesday, pair Psili
Children's Fleece Lined Kid
Gloves. Gauntlet or Mittens,
specially priced. 49C
Harrison's Guaranteed Wash
able Chamolaette or Leatherette
Gloeea. white only. 5QC
Palm Beach and California Display
Indicative of the Early
Stylet, in Klillinery
This remarkable display in
cludes the new materials, such
as "Glazed Sklyer," "Satin
Chlrult Fabric," "Taffeta Al
sace." "Satin Soliel." In a va
riety of new colors from the
spring, 1916, French Claude Card
These fabrics are adapt
able for immediate wear
and most of the hats shown
are medium sized or small
and close fittinq,with large,
roomy head sizes. Purple .
is one of the favorite colors
used. However, tan, bot
tle green and a couple of
shades of bright blue and
cerise all have their place.
Bags. Pillows and Scarfs
matched up Into sets with
Jaunty little hats are one of the
clever features enown -
$12.50 to $25.00