Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 23, 1915, Page 11, Image 11

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M lief lUneum,
Gordon Van Co.x
til N 11th 8L
Tel D MM or Har lSTf.
ru and Sturaire
Co. Call us for
tlmstes for mov
Inf. packing.
shipping. 1713 Webster St
Holism Hm
SL.HVUK li.ll j Li
Phone Do vela a IKS foe complete Hat ot
vacant houses and apartments: also for
Storage, moving. and Jackson
WANTED To buy on monthly payment.
amall atora room, with living roomi
above. In Central school district. Phone
Red 7864.
11 mi bob Crelgh Bona A Co.. H Bldg.
nouses , J, prU of u,, pity.
Exp. Oa, moving,
parking A storage.
!2ti7 Farnam D. 144,
SEPARATE, locked rooma, for house-
hold good and planoa; moving, packing
and shipping.
W 8. loth St. Doug. 4W8.
n-.vfKV nnoMS strict! modern: nice.
homelike place; fine yard; 8840 FraMi
lln St.
126.00 rooma; strictly modern cottage;
paved street; practically new house; Wl
Sherwood Ave.
Douglas 1009.
Stores and Offices.
For Rent
Choice Offices
Being released by grain
dealers moving to their
new building February
First Can make reserva
tions now by applying to
F. P. Manchester, Secre
tary, Omaha Grain Ex
change, 755 Brandeis
Phone Douglas G733.
BRADY Dec. 1st, small office on lTtli
street, 2d floor. 270 en. ft. The Bee
Building, Office Room 103.
WE pay ChlcaKO prices for aluminum
scrao castings Psxton-Mltchell Co.
OFFICE furniture bought and sold.
C. Reed, 1207 Farnam. Doug. 6146.
Yale buys everything 2d hand. Web. 4904.
SMALL, furnished apartment for three
adults. Best of references. N. E. Bark
alow. '
40. 80 or 160 acres good heavy soil, well
settled part of Todd county, Minru;
food roads, schools and churches. Price,
16 to $20 per acre. Terms, tl per acre
cash, balance tl per acre a year; 6.0U0
acres to select from. Schwab Bros., 1028
FOR SALE 640 acres, 9 miles from Kim
ball, Neb.; near railroad station; 112.60
per acre. Will consider Omaha (dear)
residence property in part payment. Ad
drees L. Bee office. South Omaha.
FOR BAIE Best large body high-grade
medium priced land in Nebraska; vary
little money required C. Bradley, Wei
keek. Neb.
CHOICE 120 acres, rich, high bottom land:
40 acres in corn, 40 acres fall plow, 25
acres alfalfa, IS acres timber pasture; im
provements all new, house, barn, double
corn crib, etc; 2 miles to town, -mlle
to school; good road. Have two places,
ao wish to sell one. Priced to sell.
PIRT CHEAP My 240-a. farm, 3 miles
from Kimball, 83,000 In improvements;
school on farm; $30 per acre if sold
within 80 days. R. D. Wilson. Kimball,
UPPER WISCONSIN Best dalnr and
general crop state In the union; settlors
wanted; lands for sale at low prices on
easy terms. Ask for booklet 34 on Wiscon
sin Central Land Grant. Excellent lands
for stock raising. If interested In fruit
lands ask for booklet on apple orchards.
Address Land and Industrial Dept., Boo
Line Railway. Minneapolis. Minn.
Write a food description of your land
and send it to the Sioux City. Oa.) Jour
nal. "Iowa's Most Powerful Want Ad
Medium." Twenty-five words every Fri
day evening. Saturday morning and every
8aturdav evening and Sunday for one
month, giving sixteen sds on twelve dif
ferent days for 88; or 80 words, 84, or 76
words. $.
Largest circulation of any Iowa news
paper. 850.000 readers daily in four great
DAIRY farm for rent. About 400 acres.
Two miles from Council Bluffs. One
of the best dairy farms In the country.
8f per acre. Apply to George O. Clark,
18 Pearl St. Phone 174. Council Bluffs, la.
1 .XI TO $10,000 made promptly. F. D.
Wead, Wead Bldg., 18th A Farnam Sts.
CITY aud farm loans, 6
per cent.
J. H. Dumont & Co.,
419 State Bank.
A "For Sale" ad will turn second-hand
furniture into cash.
CITY property. Large loans a specialty.
W. H. Thomas, 22B State Bank Uldg.
6 AND 8 for loans on best class city
residences In amounts $2 OK) up, also
fsrm loans. Reasonable commissions.
PETERS TRUST CO., 1622 Farnam St
OMAHA homes? East Nebraska farms.
101$ Omaha National. Phone Douglas 1716.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loana
H. W. Binder, City National Bank Bldg.
ICL CITY LOANS. C. G. Carlberg. 8u
" 1$ Rr.nd... Theater Bldg.
NEAR 29th and D dge Bu.. b-rm. all mod.
home. In fine repair, very valuable lot;
a bargain for some one: terms or small
property taken in exchange.
HASP BROS., 10S MoCague Bldg.
TO EXCHANGE Improved 160 acres
three miles from Yates Center; want
hardware store. Address E. B. Hatch,
Yates Center, Kansas.
( rooms: living room, dining room, bed
room, kitchen and pantry on lt flour;
two bedrooms and bath on 2d floor; oak
finish: all modern; cement basement and
walks; east front lot, 4"xl42; located 2j42
8 36th Ave. $ouu rash: balance terms.
tli BrandeU Theater Bldg.
Nearly All Cereals Take Drop, with
Wheat Makin- a Fall cf Two
to Two and a Half.
OMAHA, November 12. 1!!5
All cereals rn the l!st dropi-ed a half
to 2 cents lower. V heat takes the biggest
slump, selllns 2 to a1 cents under Sat
urday's prices.
t orn was also lower, selling a quarter
to a half lower, arid oats were a quarter
to a half lower. . , .
Kye advanced a half to a cent higher.
Rarlev was nominally unchanged.
The receipts of all cereals were good.
Clearances were: Wheat and flour
equal to 2,2.C0U bu.; corn, 14.000 bu.; oats,
362,0(10 bu.
Liverpool close: Wheat. V.iffld lower;
corn, unchanged to d hlaher.
Primary wheat receipts were 3.941.000 bu.
ana shipments 1,529.000 bu., against re
ceipts of 3,026,000 bu. and shipments of
l,Mo,Ou0 bu. last year.
Primarv corn recelDta were 776.000 bu.
and shipments 62.2.vOt bu., against receipts
ot 1,307,100 bu. and shipments of s.i.wu du.
Inst year.
Primary oats receipts wera 1.308,000 bu.
and shipments 1,436.000 bu., against re
ceipts of M3.0UO bu. and shipments ot 2,
140 bu. last year.
Wheat Corn. Oats
Chicago VA 207 U0
Minneapolis 1,001
Duluth i,;e.s
Omaha 141 3 oo
Kansas City 867 ra
St. Louis 26 t7 67
Winnipeg 2.7
These sales were reported:
Wheat No. 2 hard winter: 1 car, 98c.
No. 8 hard winter: 2 cars, Mc; 8 cars, 9oc;
cars. Wo; l car, 93V. No. 4 hard win
ter: l car, Hoe; 2 cars, imc; l car, no;
1 car, 91c; 1 car, 9uo;, 8 cars, 90c; cars,
Kc; 11 cars, Mc; 4 cars, &8S;c; 12 cars,
8Sc; 3 cars, 7c; 2 cars, 86c:. Sample: 1
car, 90c; 2 cars, 84c: 1 car. 82c; 4 cars,
S2c; 1 tar, 81c; 1 car, 73e. No. 2 spring:
1 car, 98c. No. 2 mind: 1 car. S1.(0. No.
8 mixed: 1 car. We; 1 car, 94V; 2 cars,
92c. No. 2 durum: 11 cars, 94c. No. 3
durum: 2 cars, 92c; 2 cars, 91c. Corn
No. 2 white: I car, 61V. No. 4 white: 1
car (new), 87c. No. 6 white: 1 car (new),
57e. No. 6 while: 1 car, 61c. No. I .yel
low: 1 car, 64V No. 2 yellow: 1 car,
64V; I car, 64c. No. 3 yellow: 1 car, 64c.
No. 1 mixed: 2 cars, 62c. No. 2 mixed: 1
ear (near yellow). 63c; I car. 62V; 2 cars.
62c; 1 car, 6lc. No. 3 mixed: 1 ear (near
yellow), mc; l car, b;c. Io. 6 mixed; 1
tar, lc; 1 car, 61V. No. 6 mixed: 1
car, 6lc. Oats Standard: 2 ears, 36c; 1
car. 3uc. No. 8 white: 2 cars, .Vc; 9
cars, 34c. No. 4 white: 4 cars, 84V; t
cars, 34V. Sample: 1 car, 33c; 1 car,
32c; 2 cars. 32c. Kye No. 2: 2 cars. 91c.
No. 3: 2 cars.. 91c; 2 cars, X9c. No. 4: 3
cars, 87c; 1 car, 86c. Sample: 1 car, 85c.
Barley Rejected: 1 car, 4HV.
Omaha 'aih Prices Wheat: No. 2 tur
key, rWcjrll.OO; No .8 turkey, 974W.)c; No.
2 hard. 9tj98c; No. 3 hard. 9.1Wc; No. 4
hard, S.ri!jc; No. 2 spring, 7JijS8c;
No. 3 sprlnv. 95rd98c; No. 2 durum, 92
9Sc: No. 3 durum, 9102c. Corn: No. i
white, 61Mlc; No. 3 white. K3lc4
No. 4 white, 6trt4iffi61c: No. 5 white, 60V(
oc; No. 6 white, $P$60V; No. 2 yel
low, 64W64V: No. 3 yellow, 63lf4c;, No.
4 yellow. 6o0l3n; No. 5 yellow, 634f
63V; No. 6 yellow. 63JM3c; No. 2
mixed, 625J62V; No. 8 mixed. l42c;
No. 4 mixed, eiViiTWI No. 6 mixed. 614
(f(61V; No. 6 mixed, 0ati1c. Oats No.
2 white, 364fr36V: standard. 3636c;
No. 3 white. 84V 85e: No. 4 white. 84
34V. Barley: Malting, 63ff57c: No. 1
feed. 47H63c. Rye: No. 2. 90iilc: No.
3, Piffrttlc.
Chicago closing prices rurnlshed The
Bee by Logan A Bryan. Mock and grain
brokers. 31o South Sixteenth. Omaha:
Artli-lel Open.l High. I Low. Close.1 Sat'y.
Dec. I 1 02
I 1 02'
May. 1 (kVh
Corn J
May. 65V4'
1 03r i m i 03ii 03'g
1 OfS
1 06 1 Wft 1 06HI 1 05
I 1041 .
62 f 61 F61ifcifM2( 61
6l eeniKHifi'?; 66
38, 38 38H3SS5
40N 40 40l40V(5H
IT 17 18 77H 1717 16 7S
17 17 16 76 17 171 16 T!
9 30 9 15 9 20 9 12U
9 16
945 9 86 9 45 936
9 27 9 16 27 12
8 60 9 87 9 47 9 S6
I 9 60
Pork .
16 fe
16 76
9 1ft?
9 17H
9 40
Jan..9 1WB
May. I 9 40
Quota trons of the Day on Varloos
CHICAGO, No. 22. Although depressed
most of the time today, wheat rallied
in the last half hour, influenced by a
falling off In the Canadian visible sup
ply. The market closed strong, at Hnc
net advance, with December at
$1.03 and May at $1.0ti. Corn finished
a shaijp off to c up, oats virtually
unchanged, and provisions varying from
ten cents decline to a gain of forty cents.
At the end of the session, the fact was
plain that speculative short sellers of
wheat had been over enthusiastic
throughout the greater part of the day
Later announcement of a small decrease
In the Canadian vlalbe supply came as
a surprise and found the market almost
competely devoid of offers, the bear side
having depressed to exhaustion. Attempts
by shorts to cover made prices run up
at once with an Impetus which even in
the latest trading had received no per
ceptible check.
Reports that a blockade of Greece was
in operation and that a Scandinavian
steamship line to the United States had
been compelled to abandon all traffic
were effective early against the wheat
Corn swayed with wheat. Afactor In the
comparative strength late In the session
was a notable decrease of the country
offerings to arrive, whereas the outlook
during the first part of the day was
Make Offer
44 ft next First Natlr.nsi
$46,000 asking price. Make offer.
Harrison & Morton
For Two Davs
We offer 60 ft. on Farnam near h
for 846,000. Act quickly.
Harrison & Morton
BENSON heme, $26 cash and $26 per
month. Benson 723 J.
HAVii, about AM city lots in growing
city in Wyoming. Win trade for real
estate near or in Omaha. Make an offer.
Address M-416. care Bee.
GOOD 6 or 8 room, well located, clear,
iiuubv, ftniunu i.9ju, iay ror it in
clear lots. Colfax 4l3.
FOR SALE Modern house. Doug. 4602.
CHELAP for cash, 3 dandy lots. N. E Cor.
32d and Seward; paved street. Phone
Webster 8726.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed pro
posals will be received by the Board of
Directors of the Short Line Irrigation
District at their office in the Village of
Bayard. Neb., for the purchase of fif
teen thousand five hundred eighty-two
dollars face value of the I per cent
serial bonds of said district until l a
o'clock p. m. on the 7th day of December
1916; said bonds are issued under and by
virtue of an Act of the legislature of the
state of Nebraska, approved March 26th
1SU6. Session Laws 195. Chapter 70 and all
amendments thereto and pursuant to a
vote of the majority of the qualified elec
tors of said dletricL The Board expressly
reserve the right to reject any and ail
bids and will in no event sell any of a id
bonds ror less uw mueiwiv, per cent
of the face value thereof. By order of
the Board of Directors
Davrviai - . '-.nju wisvricc.
for more 1'berfil receipts. Oat' held
within narrow limits.
Most of the option ceveloped tho
market to a more decided advantage.
1 he main renson wan thm the weea's
svcrsRe weight of hog arilxals hero a
the lightest on record.
(lets followed other cereals downgrade.
Hl'TTER Steady; creamery. ?3ij;tlr.
rXIGS Steady ; receipts, l.W'S cases,
firsts. JH1H29V: ordinary firsts. 2iytf
1"V: at mark, cases Included, JtIV.
POTATO KS Hisher; receipts. 60 ears;
Mchl)an and Wisconsin whites, 8-lfOc;
Minnesota ant Dakota white-;. 0'uij7c,
Minnesota anil Dakota Ohlos. WMt'tc.
POri.TRY Alive, lower; fowls lie;
srrinss, li'; turkeys, old. 16c; young, lift
lfc; dressed turkeys, 22'!3c.
Fratnres of the Trading and Closing
Prices on Hoard of Trnde.
NEW YORK. Nov. 12 -KIOV R-Steady ;
spring patents, $'i.4ji6.75; winter patents,
'HEAT Spot. Irregular; No. 1 durum,
$111. f. o. b. New York; No. 1 northern,
Duluth. $1.68. and No. 1 northern, Mani
toba, $1.07 c. I. f. Buffalo. Futures,
barely steady; December, $1.10.
CORN-Spot, steady; No. 2 yellow, 76c,
prompt shipment.
OATS-Spot. ateady; No. 8 white, 42
HAY-Btendy; prime. $1.82; No. 1. $1.30;
No. 2, $1.20; No. 3, $1.0utj'l.(; shipping. Wo.
HOp! Stes-dy ; state, common to choice,
1!M5, Si30c; 1S14, MUOi-; pacific coast,
1!U5, l:itrl6c; 1914 98 11c.
HIDKS Stcadv; Bogota, 30a31c; Cen-
. . . . , M.
imi niiiprn-R,
UKATMKH-Hrm; hemlock firsts, S'i:"
S4c; seconds. 3.IH3-V. : Cov-
tllMH'lUIMVa . LI...I, .I...J... A 1-IVllOV.
iffi 7 Ml fainiiv fmnnhi iin..i .ia..u.
mesa. l.!i'l7.0i); family. $ls.0if iS.So!
Ixird, firm; middle went, $.t-9.3i-..
i A wLOW steady : city, 7V; country,
7(ii7V; siH'Cial, Sc.
BUTTER Firmer: receipts. 4.664 tubs;
creamery extras, S2t?S3V; firsts, ffiJiJlc;
seconds. 2fi27c.
rji Htb i rreg u la r : receipts, i.uiti cases;
fresh pnthered extra fine, 4yrf44c: extra
firsts, :HtW42c; firsts, 3T.(?j39c; seCcmdn, 2Vd
CHEESE Firm: receipts. 8,14 boxes;
state, whole milk, flats, held, specials,
1V; stHte, whole milk, flats, held, av
er.ise fancy. I'c; state, whole milk,
flats, held, current make specials, 16V;
state, whole milk, flats, held, current
make average fancy, 16c.
POULTRY Live, prices not settled;
dressed, firm: western fresh chickens,
barrels, lKff23c; fresh fowls, loed, 124W
17c; turkeys, l&tff2Sc.
POULTRY Alive: Turkeys, any sise
over 7 lbs.. 17c; broilers, 160 17c; springs.
11c; ducks. 10c: geese, 10c; hens, !altc;
young glunea hens, each, 36c; roosters, 8c.
OY8TEKS Chesapeake, standards, per
gallon, $1.10; standards. $1.26; selects, $1.60;
northern, standards, $1.46; selects, $1.76:
New York counts, $1.90. Northern, small
cans, 24(ft28c; lurge cans, 35(&4;c. Chesa
peake, amall cans, 20i)2c; large cans, 300
FISH Halibut. 12c; salmon, fresh pink,
9c; fresh red, Uc; catfish, fresh, 16c;
trout, fresh, 13c; white fish, fresh, 17c;
red snapper, fresh. 13c; catfish, froxon.
13c; smelts, frozen. .10-lfc. t.oxes. $l.2fi;
smoked white fish, 14c; kippered salmon.
FROZEN FISH-Halibut. rises to suit.
10c; catfish, large, for steaks. lc; sal
mon, falls, 9c; salmon, silvers. 10c; No. 1
trout, 11c; No. 1 whitefiah, dressed, 10c;
No. 1 whlielish, large. 1Jci No. 1 white
fish, Jumbo, 18c; pickerel, round W. C.
6c: Pickerel, headless. 8c: black bass.
order size, 20c: herring, dressed, pair
frosen. 6c; blueflsh, extra fancy. 12c: red
snapper, headless, dressed 0c; floun
der, ioc; scallops, per gallon, is.ou.
SMOKED USH-Whlte. 10-lb. baskets,
per lb.. 14c.
KIPPERED FISH-Salmou, 10-lb. bas
kets, per lb., 17o.
CELKRY-Mommonth, per dox., 76c.
BEEF CUTS HI us. No. 1. 19 V : No.
2, 16V; No. 8, 12c. Loins. No. 1. 2ic;
No. 2, 18c; No. 3. 14c. thueks. No. 1.
10c; No. 2, 9V; No. 8. 9c. Rounds, No. 1,
14c; No. 2, 13c; No. 8, 12c. Plates, No. 1.
10V: No. 2. 9V: No. 3, KV.
LIVE POULTRY Broilers, 1 to 1
lbs., in separate cornn.. 17c: over 1 to 1
lbs.. 16c; springs, nny slxo; 2c; ducks.
ficxea, price, out not wanted, izc;
lens, over 4 lbs. per lb., 11 V; roosters.
8c. Turkeys, 17c; old Toma, 15c; under
8 lbs., 8c; less than 6 lbs. each not
wanted. Ueese, full feathered and fat,
8c; picked, price, but not wanted.
Guineas, each, 25c; young, 1 to 1 lbs.
each, 86c. Homer squsbs, 14 ox. snd over.
$3.00; 10 to 12 ox., $2.00; No. 1, must welgn
8 ox., $1.80; under 8 ox, jOj Pigeons, any
kind, per doi., 60c.
Btar Brand Ben Davis. $2.75 ner barrel:
Willow Twigs, $3.26 per barrel; Wlnesaps,
$3.60 pet barrel, Jonathans, $3.00 pur bar
rel. Shield Brand Black Twigs. 13.60 ner
barrel; Black Twigs, commercial brand,
83.26 per barrel; Ben Davis, Illinois, $2.76
per baire .
FRUITS California Valencies. 12Ss. box.
$4.76; lt.08. $6.uo: isXw, 3j4s, $&.2o; l,s to
zms, inclusive, 16.60. Florida oranges, all
sizes, box, $3.60. Lemons, SuiikIhi, 300j,
360s, box. S'i.00; Red Ball, 800s, 360s. box
$4.50; Grapefruit, all sizes, box, $4.00; 9,
$.1.60. Peaches, Colorado F.lbertas, Call
tornla Sal ways, box, 50c. Pears. Winter
Nellls, box, $2.26. Grapes. Tokays, crate.
$1.76: Emperors, crate. $2.00: Emoerora. In
Kegs, Keg, li.ia; Malagas, bbl.. Ji.10 t J i
iiMl Bananas, bunch, $1.75 to $4.00.
VEOETABLKA Cabbage, lb., ln. Head
lettuce, dox., $1.00; leaf lettuce, dos., 4c.
Celery, Pascal, doi., 75c; Jumbo. 90c;
Mich., 3fo. Onions, red, lb., 2c; yellow,
IV. Cauliflower, crate, $.'.50. Brussels
sprouts, lb., 20c, Tomatoes, lug, $1.50.
Peppers, basket, 76c. Parsley, doi., L5a.
Rutabagas, lb., lc. Green beans, wax,
basket, $1.00. Spanish onions, crate, $1..'0.
Squaiih. lb.,' 2c. Artichokes! dos.,' $L2f!
Casabas, crate, $3.40. Potatoes, Colorado
white Stock, bu., mc: huge Amherst Onljs,
bu.. tc Sweetpotatoes. bbl., $3 00. Cran
berries Belle and Bugle, bbl., $1.60; Belle
and Cherry, $7.50.
CIDEK Motts, keg. $3.75; Motta, bjls.,
bbL, $7.25: Neliawka, keg, $3.2o.
NUTB Walnuts. No. 1, lb., ltc; black,
3c; hickory nuts, lb., 4c; filberts, lb.,
15o; pecans, lb. 12c; almonds, Non
pareils, lb., 19c; Ne Plus Ultras, 16c;
1XL8, 17c. Figs. 12-10 ox., box, 80c.
MISCELLANEOUS Crackerjack, case,
$3.50; half case, $i.76. Cornpops, case, $J 2.
half case. $1.66. Hallo -w dates, lb., Sc;
Fard dates, 12V; Drom dates, box. $2.75.
Popcorn, lb., 40c; ease. $2.f.0. Salted Pea
nuts, can, $1.15. Sugar walnut dates, box,
$L50. Honey, case. $3.75; Airline, $1.80.
Cocoanuts bag, $5.23. doz., 76c.
APPLES Per bbl.. Ben Davis, 111. .$3.00;
Jonathans, 11.. $3.50; Jonathans, Kas.,
$4.00; Hlack Twigs. Star, $4.00; Mo. Pip
pins, Star. $3.50; Ben Davis, Star, $3.00;
Willow Twigs, Star, $3.60; Genltons, Star,
$3.50; Jonathans, Star, $3.50; Ben Davis.
Mo.. $3.00; Ben Davis, Ownpack, $3.50;
Black Twigs, Shield. $3.50; Black Twigs,
Commercial, $4.00.
Bechtel's Jonathans. $4.60; Domlnos,
$4.00; Mo. Pippins, $4.00; Ben Davis $1.50;
Willow Twigs. $4.00; Romaniess, $4.00;
Genltons. $4.U0; Wlnessps, S'i.00; Mlnklers.
$4.0; Osceolas, $5.00; Black Twigs, $5.00.
Colo. Columbine or Blanket Prarmalne,
box, $2.26; Colo. Peony or Pappoose Pear
mains, box. $2.00; Colo. Tomahawk or
Robin Peermalns, $1.60; Colo. Paragons,
box, $1.60; Colo. Manns, box, $1.60; Rome
Beauties, Idaho fey. ex., box. $2.00; Rome
Beauties, Wash.. 64s, fey, box, $2.26; De
licious fey. Wash., all sixes, box. $2 tut;
Spitaetiburgs, Wash., ex. fey., box, $2.76;
Ark. Blacks, ex. fey., box, $2.75; Stay
men Wlnesaps, ex. fey . box. $2.26: Orlmca,
Wash., fey., box. $2.00; Grimes. Wash.,
choice, box, $1.75; Wlneraps, old fash
ioned fey., box, $226; Winter Bsnanas.
fey., box, $2.50; Black Twigs, ex. fey., box.
$2.2i: Wagners, ex. fey., $2.25; Wenatcheel.
ex. fey., box, $1.85.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
cember, 9MV; May. $1.02; No 1 hard.
$1.06'; No. 1 northern, $1 .01'1.03; No.
2 northern, 97c'til .Ot.
FLOUR Unchanged.
BA HLEY 54Ui3o.
RICE 8:'94c.
BRAN $18.00.
CORN No. 3 yellow, 68fi9e.
OATS No. 3 white. 84M5c.
Evaporated Aiuilea and Dried Frnlts
APPLES Steady: fancy, KirOV; choice,
7ic: prime. 7fr7V.
DRIED FRUITS-Prunrs. unsettled;
Cailfornlas. 3(jjUV; Oregons, 9(i9V.
Apricots, firm; choice, 10filov,e; ex'rv
choice. lUfUc; fancy. JlV&12c. Teaches.
If'rm; choice, 5V5V; extra choice, lift
6c; fancy, otiiiV. Kalslne, rt aJy;
loose niUMcateix. 7Vit)7V: choice 'to
fancy, seeded, 8(fi8o; seedless, Srjjllc.
Ouiaba Hay Market.
el ol' e upland, $10.6m-u.tO; No. 1, $10. (XH
30 50; No. 2, $.5X(il0 00; No. 3, $6 OOiH O),
choice midland, $10.50; No. 1. $j.0w I0.(;
No. 2. $S.Ufi.00; No. $. M .Ofr'a ; ciiolce
lowland. f9.Wni9.50; No 1. I.'.0.00; No.
2, $7.00& (10; No. 8. $5.00i(T.OO.
ALFALFA Choice, $I2.0UOO; No. 1
HLoO-uU-OU. No. 2, $9.0tsttll.0O; No. 8. 7.0u
Cattle Receipts Heavy and Prices
Lower EverywhereSheep and
Lambs Higher.
OMAHA, November 22. 1915.
Itecelpts w. iv (.V P". IIoks Stu-en
Kstlmafe Monday 13.000 6,000 13,'0
Same day last week..b,275
Same day I wks. .. 1J.S.4
S&me day 3 wks. ago.. 15. 513
Same day 4 wks. ago.. KM
Same days last year.. 6.926
'Ihe tumiK.iirf tame tint reerip.s
of cattle, hoiis and sbeep at the Omaha
live stock market for the year to date, as
(.oinpared with last year; .
1H 1"14 P"
Cattle '...1.0X0.0 832.927 HT.
Hogs 2,3i.87S 1,001.847 631
Sheep 2,994,6m 2.892,861 108.234
The following table shows the averag
prices of hoes at the umana live stock
market for the last few days, with com
parisons: Date.
I 1916, I 1914.1 '13.1 1918. I 19)1.1 1919.
t fe T 36
$ 4S 1 S3 T 861 I 79
7 61 781 $ M J
7 63' T 791 6 14 7 H .
B Ml -j I 7 SN
i ; $4
I 86 T 86
S 8 08 T li
i 121 7 SOl 7 T
6 61
7 61
7 in
7 721
1 4
7 98 7 73
T 84! 7 W
7 47
7 86
4 87
Ik -
121 KM.
7 4,1
7 67
1 bit
7 m:
7 Is
7 M
7 88
IS' 8 &:
8 87
T 70!
7 74l -7 81)
7 74
UOtr. 16 8 SBH
T 661 7 91!
26! 1 M
7 84
1 98
7 94
7 96
'ov- ll fc
'.ov - ''1 H,
7 83
T S3
an 7 44
7 Ml 7 63
8j 7 44
So 7 81
',. is, s mvij
I Nov. 1 6 S.l
'ov. fill 58
Nov. ti;
I Nov. 8.1 K
7 191 7 H T TV
7 331 7 69
7 441 7 71
7 71
7 73
6 14
7 46 7 69
7 7
8 13 7 08
7 li 7 S 18 6 8 7 84
Kec lpis and disposition ot live stock at
the 1 nlon stock yards In Omaha for
twenty-four hours ending at 8 o clooK
Caltle,llogs.Hneep.M ses.
C, M. A St. P IS
Missouri Pacific ... 1
Union Pacific 9
C. A N. V.t east.. 3
C. N. W., west.. 130
(., St. P., M. A O.. 3
, 14. A Q.. east... 3
C, H. A Q., west.. 107
'., K. 1. A P.. east 83
C. H. I. A P., west 1
Illinois Centrsl .... W
Uileagi il. W 44
Total receipts ..612
S 26 ..
26 ii i
!'. i
14 I 8
6 .. 1
I 1
66 60 iO
Cattle. Hogs, eneep.
Morris A Co 961
72S 928
Swift and Company 1.0W
(Ydahy Packing Co... .1.436
Armour A Co 1,216
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co,,,. 17
634 934
1.89 2.30!
1,18 1.276
W. B. Vaneant Co 191
Benton, Vanssnt A L.. 265 ....
Hpill A Son 68
F. B. Lewis 836
Huston A Co 69 ....
J. B. Root A CO 6
J. H. Bulla 151
L. F. Husx 161
F. G. Kellogg 184
Werthelmer A Degan., 4M ....
H. F. Hamilton 276
Sullivan Bros 164
Rothsch'ld 145
Mo. A Kansas Calf Co.. 179
Christie W
Mlgglns 7 I
Huffman 22 ....
Roth , 67
Meyers 16 17
Glassberg 8 ....
Bnker. Jones A Smith. 86 ....
I s nner Bros 91 ....
.tchn Harvey 244 ....
Kline m
Tennis A V 164
Other buyers ,..1,495 ....
Totals 10.040 4.192 13.964
CATTLE Receipts were the largest
that tmy have been on a Monday since
two weeks ago, and really larger than
anyone had anticipated. At the aamts
time all other market points were heav
1 y loaded with cattle and prices were
i very here sharply lower. Unoer the In
lluencu of heavy receipts and lower prices
the nmrket here broke in about the same
lyropurtlon as at all other markets.
A few choice light yearling Blockers
Id at prices that were Just abuut steady
with fast week's close, but trom
that the geutual market opened with buy
ers bidding anywhere from lOdttftc lower
on killers, both sleeis and cow stuff, and
alHo on the general run vt feeders, where
sellers could get bids that aid not look
over 10oi6c lower they were inclined tj
rut loose, and early sles were generally
quoted about that much lower than last
(quotations on cattle: Prime cornfed
beeves. $9.603 10.00; good to choice fed
yearlings, $a.6u(Ul).60; fair to good fed
yearlings, 7.2i-.g common to talr leu
yearlings, $6.O0n7.00; good to choice heavy
lx eves, $s.6txht).00; fair to good oornfud
t eeves, $7.20(16.60; common to fair corn
led beeves, o.2o'yi'.0o; prime grass beeves,
i". :ViH.2o; good to choice graaa beeves,
7.2tniJ.75; fair to good grass neeves, $6.6o
(p7.iA,; coinu.on td fair grass beeves, to. 26
ltl6.60; good to choice grass heifers, $..7u
(yti.7i; good to choice grass cows, $&.5u3f
b.ti; fa Ir to good cows, 4.fnif7i.fiO; commj.i
to fair rows, 3.5it(4.5o; good to choice
feeders, $7.2ofy8.0i; fair to good feeders.
b.UK0 J.3; common lo fair leedera, $u.uutf
6.50: ffood to choice Mtoekers. a6.uOrM.ui:
falr. tod1. lockers, $Mji7..; common
to fair stoekers. 86.606.60: stock halfcrs.
$5,760(6.75; stock cows, 4.60np6. ,6; stock
calves, $6.00t)X.2ri; veal calves, S6.O0fi4).6O;
bulls, stags, etc., $4 366.26.
Represents.tive sales:
No. At. Pr. No. At. Pr.
I MO I 7t 6 ait I 16
71 u 1 1101 I S)
11 104 4 Sa
1 1344 4 10
8 tso 10
I l I n 1 7M I 76
aa ton M Ms I (0
Ill 4 to U 7W 4 10
a US 111
HOGS Receipts this morning were the
heaviest since November 11, and with
only two exceptions the hcavieut since
lale in September, About seventy-two
cars, or 6.0UO head, were received, this be
ing 141)0 head larger than a week ago,
and about 200 head larger than last year,
but smaller than two weeks ago by a
little over 100 head.
Shippers did not get In very heavily,
and as packers were talking sharply
lower, what purchases they did make
were anyway 10815c lower. Tops failed
to beat $6.36. a flat $16c reduction from
Saturday's high price of 86.60.
The close also found quite a sprinkling
of underweight hogs still unsold. Part
of them were from western territory, the
balance being natives, and while some of
the corn feds moved, killers have taken
such a violent dislike to the range stuff
that light hog values suffered more or
less all around. Buyers claim these light
hogs are being bought, much more cheaply
in Chicago than they are at this point,
and that was another bearish factor.
The bulk at $6.2(X6.3.. with a sprink
ling down to 86.00 and a good .probability
that some of the lights would sell "under
the hill." Two or three loads reached
1136. the top.
Representative sales:
AS. ..
at ..
u ..
A 1. Sk. Pr
..tli 40 4 09
..111 ... IIS M I 11
0. .,
A. Sh. Pr.
. .so so si
.. 4 11
..tut n S
..871 40 4 at
..lit 1W I I7t
. .no m) i
..Mi 0 M
no to 1 re
at t o
... 11
:::.t? $H::
SHEEP The smallest Monday supply
received in a long time put In an ap
pearance this morning. Estimated re
ceipts were ftfty-stx cars, or 18.500 hsad,
In addition to which were the seven cars
that arrived Saturday, but were not sold.
Supplies were only a little over half as
large as either one week or two wseks
sgo, and were smaller even than last
year, when 14.211 head were reported in
on the corresponding day.
Trade in fat lambs opened out early
on a mostly 16c higher basis.
Feeders were not in very heavy supply
and held firm at the comparatively hlh
price that were paid last week. Pretty
good light feeding lambs equaled last
week's top of St. 66. while others had lit
tle trouble In making $o.60. Four cars of
feeding wethers held from Saturday
looked high enough at $5 HO. This Is the
largest single shipment of feeding weth
ers that has bteu marketed her this
season snd Is nearly as many as have
been here during the whole summer and
Muttons followed the fat lamb advance,
and looked a flat 16c higher. Supplies
were light, consisting almot entirely of
ewos. best of whtrh sold at $5 40.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Lambs,
food to choice, $ 4ti8.H); lambs, fair to
good, $t 2fti..40; lamos. feeders. 17.75'if
60; yearliiiKS. fair to choice, $ 00i6 50,
yearlings, feeders. 6 isTiV,,7.!,; wethers,
fair to c'lolce, 15 0 05.75. ewes, good t)
clK-lee, $.'i.i'ti6.40; ewes, fair to good, $4.5)
6.25; ewes, feeders, $4 1fi6.2o.
Cattle tnaett led lions Stron
lets Slrona.
CHICAGO, Nov. 22. CATTLE Receipts,
2.tAo head; market unsettled; native beef
steers. $T..7."irlv.30; western steers, $6 .Hmf
8.S6; cows and hellers, $;'.7O7.10; calves,
J6Aif 7o
HO; Receipts. .;.ii head; market
strong. 6c hlgner; bulk of sales, 6 05'jf
.); light, $5.7vu.r.8; mixed. $Y9Otr.s0;
heavy. $6.06416.90; rough, S6.OwiT6.26; pigs,
head: market strong; wethers, $5.8fifi6.35;
wes, $3.904f,76; lambs. $6.76(19.10.
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
ST. I1UIS. Nov. 81. CATTLE Re
ceipts, ' 9.900 head: market lower: native
beef steers. $7.50fl.20; yearling steers and
heifers, $s.6(vtrl0.2t):, cows, 3VMVfJ7.eO; stock
era and feeders, $,VCW7.i6; southern
steers, $6.?Mff t.60; cows snd heifers, $4.00
f6.60: native calves. $6.0010.50.
HOGS Receipts, 11,200 head: market
steady: pigs and llsht. MOOlYtlftl- mired
snd butchers, $6.Sf.,76; good heavy, $6.70
SHEEP AND LAM RR Receipts, S.frt)
head; market loOTXic higher: lambs, 800
8 85; sheep end ewes, $6.50ft6.25; year
lings. 86.60ir7.3i.
Kansas City Lire Stock Market.
Receipts, ss.fW head: market lower;
prime fed steers. $9.2MnO.0O; dressed bee
steers $7.SOfi9.0: western steers, $6.ft
ro; sto-kers and feeders, S.5t'fu.78; bulls.
M'VrftJR; calves. $6.0iMT 10.00,
HOGS Rectlpts, 8.000 bead: market
lower: bulk of sales. $6 5rb6 SO; . heavy.
$.WliM.6V narkers and butchers. K.lMf
6.50; light. $fl.:(Vfi.60: pig. 85601M.J8.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 7,200
head; market lopnc higher; lambs. $4.
8.60: yearllnss. $on7.10; wethers. $6.60
tl6.00; ewes. $4 7M?6.0.
lonx fits- Lire- twk Market.
Receipts, 7i0 head: market s esdy nn
tlv steers, SI.r-8T7.lS; butchers. $4 -0
J..0: rows and helfera, $4.0f((r6.i: csnn-rs.
$3 0004.25: stoekers and feeders, $l.?6irr6.':
laVi? ,45oflr': bul1"- " e,c-
HOGS Beee pts 6O0A head: market 10c
'ower; heavy. $6.15fr6.26; mixed, 86ff.ft6.18;
light. S6O0.ns; bulk of sales. 66.0H6,$i
head; market steady; ewes. $ i0fV. S;
lambs. $7.00(68.80.
St. .frtseoh Live Stock Market.
rr J" head; market wealC, steers,
$6 oo9.00: cows and heifers. $3.7&rS.;
calves $6 00fl.60.
HOGS-Recelpts, 8.900 head: market.
1y: hulk of sales. 88 264TA48.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1.000
head; market steady; lambs, $,0tt9.6O.
Stork la Slsrht.
Receipts of live stock at the five prin
cipal western markets:
Cattle. Hogs Sheen.
Omaha ,
Fioug City...
SL Louis
Jvanras City.
. 5,700
. 8 900
..83.600 77,200 47,70
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK. Nov. 23 CnirjrFIC xh
market for coffee futures was easy to
day under scatterlnv ltquldat nn an-1
some trade selling which seemed to be
Inspired by apprehensions that Interfer
ence with shlpmens of coffee t
'Scandinavian countries might tend to
restrict the Buropean demand In Brasll.
A good deal of the bua'nasa was' In the
way of switching from December to later
months, and while December ruled rel.
tlvely steady, there was very little sup
port in evidence. The market opened at
a decline of t to I points and closed at
a net loss of 10 to 11 notnta with Mv
(contracts selling off to 6.71c and July to
soo. i-oiea, s24j nags; November, 6.6k;
lVcember. .6oe; January, 6 60c; Feb
ruary. 6.60c; March, 6.(2c; Arrll. 8.81c.
May. 8.71c; June, 6.76o; July, 6 81c; Au
gust, .86c; September, 8.81c; October.
Spot, quiet: Rio No. 7, 7o; Santos No.
. 8'4C. Cost and frelrht mark it was
aomowhat Irregular, Santos grsdos being
about unchanged st S.lOc to 9.8'c fir 4s,
whl'e Rio offerings were easier with 7s
quoted at 7.00c to 7.20c.
The officii I cables reported a decline
of 1 1-I6d in the rate of Rio ex'haig
on London, with mllrels prices uncha S'd
j at Santos and &o rels higher at Itlo.
Bahla reiiorted a clearance of 1.40J baia
for New York.
Kansas City Grain and Provisions.
No. $ hard. 99cfi$1.04; No. 2 red, SlOfyfJ
1.09; December. 96c: May, $1.00.
CORN No. I mixed. 68c; No. t while,
69c; No. 2 yellow, 6c; No. 8, 5V; Decem
ber. 6Hc; May, Slle.
OATS No. t white. 371380; No. I
mixed. 35U36c.
BUTTER-Creamery, 80c; firsts. c;
seconds, 26c; packing stock, 19c.
EGGS Firsts. 28c; seconds, 22o
POULTRY liens, UVi turkeys, 12c;
broil rs, 19c.
Metal Market.
rulet; offered at $".tV Spelter, strong;
spot. $18.7f1925. Copper, firm; electro
lytic, $20.00. Iron, steady; No. 1 northern.
$17.rA818.l: No. 8, $17.2o(817.7S; No. 1
southern, $17.6018.00; No. 2, $l7.2.a'17.75.
Tin. quiet, at $33.60340.00.
At London: Spot oopper, 8$ 16s; fu
tures, 82 15s; electrolytic. 96 10s. Spot
tin, 172; futures. 170. Antimony, 12Y
Lead, spot, 27 7a d. Spelter, spot, 00.
Cotton Mrrket.
NEW YORK. Nov. M.-COTTON-8pot,
quiet: middling up'snds 11 76c: no snles.
Cotton futures opened barely steady;
December, 11.66c; January. 11.80c; Maroh.
1206c; May, 12.17c; July, 12.24c.
Cotton closed steady at a net deollne
of 6 to S points today.
steady: good middling, 7.40d: middling,
TOM, low middling, 8.68d. Sales, 10,000
Oil and Rosin.
TINE Firm. 64c: sales. 600 bbls.: reeelDts.
326 bbls.: shipments. 149 bbls.; stocks,
'12.6V1 bbls.
I ROSIN-Flrm: sales. I,0?8 bbla re
jcepts, 1,444 bbls.; shipments, 1 0 bbs.;
1 stocks, 66,750 bbls. guotatlont: A, B, C,
!D. F, E. O, 86 66; H, S.V70; 1, $VTT5 K,
6.0j; M, $6.H); n, 86.85; WW, $6.90.
afar Market.
NEW YORK. Nov. 22. SUGAR Raw.
firm: centrifugal, 4.77c; molasses. 4c; re
fined, dull; cut loaf, 4.90c; crushed, 4.80c;
mould A, 6.45c; cubes, 6.26c; XXXX pow
dered, 6.10c; fine granulated, Sc; diamond
A, 6c; confectioners' A, $.90e; No. 1, l.7nc.
Futures opened firmer today on covering
by shorts and some support from trade
Interests. At noon prices were I to 6
-oints higher.
St. Loola Grain Market.
ST. IOUIB. Nov. 22,-WHEAT-No. I
red. I1.13&1.16; No. f hard, $1.06; Decem
ber. $1 .02; May, $1.06.
CORN-No. 2, (IV; No. t white, 41fj2c;
re"ember 69c; May, 6383V,
OATS No. i 86c; No. $ white, nominal.
Liverpool Grain Market.
No. 1 Manitoba, 11a 6d; No. 8. lis Id
No. I hard. old. I3s 44: No. 8 hard. new.
lis an; no. a, iiiicago, new, 11s CO.
CORN-Spot La Plata. 7s lid.
FIUR Winter patents. 42a.
HOPS-In London (Pacific coast), I4fl-tt.
Dry floods Market.
Cotton goods steady. yarns, steady;
dress goods, steady: jobbers report 1 a
good advance of bus ness.
Will stxfead Plant.
PITTSBURGH. Pa . Nov. 22 -Extensions
costing $760,000 are to he mad to
Ihe Donor plant of the United States
Steel corporation, according to an an
nouncement made today. Work Is to start
Cotton (ilanlnsr Report.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. Cotton ginned
prior to November 14 amounted to 6.777,794
running bales, Including K2.6n2 round bsles
and 69.477 bales of ses island, the census
bureau announced today.
Dfilinirs Mark Lowest Ebb of Any
Reg-ular Session for
NEW YORK Nov. 22 Dealings In
stock today marked the lowest el b of any
regular tension loi several inontha. Sans
amounted to only 4:'l,0no snares, one-thtrd
of the tolal number occurring In the
tlrst hour, in the afternoon there weie
long stretches of absolute spathy when
former favorites were almost motionless.
Domestic policies were a factor. In the
sense thst some discussion was Indulged
In concerning the main points of the pres
ident's forthcoming message to congress,
more especially the question of national
defense. Wall street expressed the bel et,
however, that no legislation Inimical to
legitimate business would be proposed.
The Bnlkan situation was considered
from various angles. Greece's attitude
toward the all es was again the source
of much conjecture.
Metal shares afforded the chief diver
sion of the day, that group manifesting
further strength on the JO-cent quotations
for copper. Gtigrenhetm exploration rose
1 to the new high record of 79. Pe
troleums were substantially higher for
much the same reaain. various producing
companies advancing prices of crude and
renneq oils. Texas company rose
4. to the new record of 3f4. and Asso
ciated Oil. In which the Southern Pacific
company has large stock holdings, rose
7. to 68. Motor shares and the recog
nised wsr issues were two to rive points
higher at their best. American Iocomo-
tlve common and preferred being helped
py reports of additional large contracts.
United States Steel was slpgglsh, and
Bethlehem Steel was not quoted at all,
Ralls were backward throughout, with
sudden weakness In New Haven towards
the close, the stock falling $. to 77.
Baltimore A Ohio for October reported
a net gain of $1,202,000. and Lehigh Val
ley Increased Its net business $116,000.
The only unusual feature of the firm
bond market was a transfer of $1,000,000
of United States registered 2 per cent
bonds In one lot at 99. sgslnst a pre
vious quotation of 97V Total sales, par
value, aggregated $5,779,000,
United States registered 4s were per
cent lower on call.
Number of sales and leading quotations
nn stocks today were as follows:
SklM. Hltl. Low. Clnsa.
H r4
t.tno IM4 IIS Ilk
) ea 7H '' am, lux, a
U.IM 1t 10'
i.soo ns n t
no 117 lit 11
to )rH 1S !!"
0 mS tM4) 824
II, (rm mti, m-
l.mti 1074, tms lots
14.100 lit-, nit, lit
8,100 H', tl MS
I too n4 to its
Te-in ins rTH t;s
I. ton IM IMS P-'S MH " M
I. soo MS MS .1s
lw 9n lis Its
.oo It, MS
I rm Ms MS
.4"0 Ts "S s s sit
It. 400 4"S 4T 411
rt 4S 4ns lis
WW tT,S 178 ITS
II. 0OS IMS 1S 1344
I (OH IHM, 4D ms
It.Sisl 7tH t TS
4. Win us 41 414
l" nn let inn
W si a:s
no MS i IS
it nn tns as ms
I. toe H, 1444 !'4,
Vl 4441 64S 44S
i.Mn Its 1S lS
i.w mi lnts lets
1J.OW 1 77 77
1tm 114S. HI IIS
000 nss HS l'S
1.600 US M M
3, ton n, H14 j,tXlll
too l7 17 IS
, I tnt pss M s
, t.nno Ms tJS ts
, t son sis M Ms
, I 'nn lots ints tots
1 400 ss iiu rs
l.tnn ini m l'lu
II inn ms "1 ant
nnn 140s 1S ls
too 4S ms MS
tT,n T ( ft
1.100 lit ltns lins
4 eon us 77 rrs
II. sns T4
no s ' S
imn 4t 4-n
son DOS In an
11 ion 7IS MS )
Amsrlran Beet Susar.,..
Amnrl,n Can
Amsrlrsn teoeio)T ....
American g- a R
Am. cas tra
Am. Susar Ksfinlss
AmsrleM Tel. Tsl
Amrtrn Tnhseee ,
Anaormda Copper
PsMwis LwoetMlT
Pa Ml mors A OMo
Potnlstimn SimI
Brookljrn Rapid Transit.,
rkliromts Pstrohnm ....
'snsdisn Paelrlo '
Otilrml lathr
! a otiio
tliii-sro O. w
Chloasn, M A St. P....
Chlog N. W
ftilrago. R. I. P. Rr..
C6tn Cnpper
rolorsiio Fmi iron....
Crucible Stsel
rnr S R. O. frf
filMlllsrs' Hseurltles
fTirsl Flei-t.rto
flmet Northern pM
Orsat Nn. Ore rttt
Omtmholm Eiplorttton..
Illlmla Central
Interhormish Cen. Cnrp. .
Inspiration Onnpae
International Harvaatar...
Kansas f'ltr "outharn ...
Ihlrli Vsllay
IxiiiIpvIU. a Naatirllla...
Manlran Palnlnim
Miami rnpr
Mlaamirl, K. T, pftf...
MlaaonH THrtfla
National niaetitt
National laa
Navaria Owpnrr
Naw York Cantml
N. Y.. N. H. A H
Norfolk A Woatarn
Northara Paelflo
Paelflr Mall
Paotfle Tal. A Tel
Pullman Palaaa Car
Par "nn. Coppar
Hanuhllo Iron A Staa'i..,,
Southarn Paelflo
Southarn Railway
Studahakar Company . ...
TannaasM Cmmer
Tawa Company .,, ,
Tnlon PnHfln
t'nion PaelMa nM
Cnl'-d atatae staat
1 S. Steal pM
t'lall Cnpoar
fMlnrfl f'ntnn
Weatlnahnnaa Kleotrle ,,,
Montana Power ,,
41-nrsl Motorg
Wsbaah R efi
Intornatlnnsl Marina pM.
442,ore rharas.
New York Money Market.
PAPER 8W3 ner cent.
STERLING EXCH ANOE 60-dav bllla.
$4.6450; demand, $4 6960; rabies, $4.7036.
SILVER-Bar. 62e; Mexican dollars,
sain ,
BONDS Government. Imnl,.,
-,1, linn.
MONEY Time loans: easier- Ml 11111 on
days, 2itf2V6 per cent; six months. 2.1
per cent. Call money: Steady; h'gh, I
per cent: low, 1 per cent; ruling rate,
1 per cent; last loan, t per cent; cloa ng
bid. 1 ner cent: offered at t per cent.
Closing quotations on bonds today were
ss follows;
tl. B. rrf. Si. ras.... MS Mo. Pan. ry. (a 44
4o coupon W N. T. C. dab. 4S....1II
V. S. aa. rag 101 14 N. Y. t'llr 4Sa 10', S
to coupon 101 UN y. stata 4S....llt
V. H 4a. rs lossn. I . N. H. a H.
So aoupoa 110 ev. a
Panama la nounon. ,1tS No. Pacific 4a..
Am. Kmaltar a....ltts Va Is
A. T. T. a. 4Sa..lOTsr. 8. L. rat. at
Armour A Ca. 4Sa.. ptu r-ae. T. A T. ti
Atrhtaon san. 4a.... Pans ran. 4Sa
Pal. A Ohio 4a tl 60 saa. 4Ss.
, M'4
Can. rcin 1st tosPaaillnc san. 4a
hoa. A Ohio 4S.. iss. LA a. P r. 4a Tns
1 A. f l Am Aft iX SEm Pas jaas 8a 1vT It
O m A S P 4V.. lm o rf 4a ms
C. R. I. A P.
441 So. Rallsrar la.
C. A . raf. 4S.,
TV A R. O rat. k
Prla sn. 4a
Can. raectrto M...
Ot. Nn. 1st 4S.
III. fan. raf a..
K. C So. raf. 4a.
I, A N unl. 4a..
M. K. A T. 1st 4
. stsUnlaa Pacific 4..
. t'H oo ct 4a
. T4P. . Ruhhar la.
.ItnstT. S. Slaal Is....
. sou Wahash tat Is
.. 4S
. MSWaat. t'nlne 4S. ..
. MSWaat. Plan. ca. I.
. SSAntlo-Pranok la ...
., II
London Stock Market.
LONDON. Nov. 22. American securities
on the stock market were quiet, but
toady today, Americans buying a few
gold bonds.
SILVER ?6d per ounce.
DISCOUNT RATES Short bills snd
three months. 606 per cent.
Loeal Seenrttlee.
Quotation furnish ail or Burns Blinker A Co..
44t Omaha NcUkmal bask building.
Bankers Mortsasa Loan
!aars A Co., p!4 , ax-Ola
Fairmont Oraamarr. P'
Klak Rubber Co.. 1 par eant ot4 ....
Saw state Talaphoaa pfd
Omaha A C. B. Bt. Rr.. pM....
Omaha A C B. Rr A .. P'd
r-lata Bank of Omaha
Swift A Co
Bulibursar A Son. pfO
Btawart Warnar gpardomater
I nlon Stack Tarda Stock. al-4l....
Anslo.rranrk I per aant petaa. 1.
fhlraso Tal. Co. first ta. 1zl
Chlra.a Br- "o. flrat ta. lart
German rinv. 6 par cent sotaa, 1114.
Unroln Tal. A Tal. as, ttt
Omaha Watar 4Sa. I4t
Omaha A ' B. st I(r. la. 1MI
Omaha Oas ta. ml...,
Iowa Jtr I- U. ml
Bad Cloud, Nab.. 4 Ha lit
fttoax fit Stock Yards ta. I9M
siomi Falls. S. n.. ta. IM".
Thuraton Co.. Nob., la. Itll
t'nloa Stock VarnW. S. ").. ta. Mil ..
Wichita talon Stack Tarda Is. 1M4.
Bid Askad.
. MS 14
. W-S
. im
, 104 0t
. 44 tS
, 70 71
. 4 MS
. Ill 1
.. 1s IMS
. MS 4
. Is to
. . 97
. 17 M
. ioi s mis
. RS
, . Sot.Tt
. let)
. 1 VIS
. ti it
. HI M
. W N
. M
. P0 tl
. 10-.S 1"4)
. 104 I04S
. MS 100
. MS 100
5 Of OrtflirtO 5203.75 nit forties 1,000 Mirk,
JO &jftJO Ei-Conpoi, April 1,1111
With German Exchange st normal rates the Bonds would jrieU
about 8.
Members of the New York Stock Exchange
Russ Commander at
Tannenberg Is Dead
1iNDON. Nov. 2i.-A dispatch to the
Morning Tost from Stockholm says that
Lieutenant Oenersl Samaonoff. who com
manded the Russian troops in the battle
of Tannenberg, died a prisoner of war
In Germsny. His body Is now In Stock
holm on the way to Russia.
New Yoik Capitalists Consider
Taking- It Over and Converting
It Into Electric Line.
DER MOINEH. Nov. 21.L-(8pecial.)-A
party of fifty csrltalista from the east
made a brief visit In Des Moines Satur
day, going from here to Fort Iodge on
an Intemrban Inspection tour. The visit
ors were the guests of N. W. Halsey &
Co. of New York, which concern handles
the bonds of the Fort Dodge, Des Molne
A South railroad. The party has been
traveling In a special train and visiting;
several holdings of the Halsey company.
It Is claimed one object of the Des Moines
visit was to look over the lies Moines
A Keokuk line with a view of Its pur
chase and ultimate conversion Into in
electric line. The Rock Island has a
lease on this property, hut It has not
been regarded as a profitable Investment
as a steam road. It is claimed that oper
ating obstacles would be overcome If the
road were electrified.
"Hilly" nnnrtay'a Bevenaea.
An echo of the "Billy" Sunday meetings
of a year ago was revealed In the report
of the au-lltlng department of the street
railway company recently. During a
period of fourteen days in November this
year the earnings of the company show
a decrease over those of the same period
a year ago of 83,281.80. Thla Is an average
decrease per day of $234. That th ap
parent decrease is really due to an ab
normal Increase during the Sunday meet
ings Is shown by the faot that no such
decrease for this year is revealed when
Mondays are compared, and Mondays
were the days Sunday held no meetlns.
On the Sundays of a year ago the street
ear earnings showed a decrease of $600.
Snffraare Orator to Aid.
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt former Iowa
woman and one of the best known suf
frage crusaders In the United States, has
offered to pay the expense ot a auffrags
worker to assist the Iowa suffragists to
win at the coming election. She has pro
posed to send Mrs. Elsie Vandergtift
Benedict of Colorado, who was all
through the recent campaign In New York
state, to help In Iowa from January to
June of next year. Mrs. Benedict is said
to be one of the most competent women
In the whole movement.
Screeds on Chnrck Doors.
"Society Is a dangerous criminal" was
written on church doors In many parts
of the city Friday night The police,
who were notified, are of the opinion that
friends of Hlllstrom. who was executed
In Utah, Impelled agitators to get busy
with the red paint. A short time ago
the same screed was painted on the steps
of the city hall.
e Girls Ask Police Aid.
Gertrude and Mabel Hyde rushed Into
the police station In great excitement last
night and asked the protection of the
police from two young men, one of whom
was their brother, Fred Hyde. The boys
were drunk, the girls stated, and they had
been following them snd they wanted ths
police to help them. The police went
out and found the boys waiting near the
station. They were arrested and given
five days oil the charge of Intoxication.
Ktlnr "tidies Franchise.
Will Friable, editor of the Minneapollt
News, who was a newspaper reporter in
Des Moines twenty-five years ago, Is lo
Des Moines studying the local t ranchlst
situation In the street car matter and
also Into the strength of tho Cummins
for president mdvement.
f -t-n't,!!! f Grower,
Wade Hauser, a 17-year-old Hardin
county boy, is Iowa's champion corn
(rower this year with a production of
160 1-10 bushels of shelled dry corn on an
acre of Hardin county soil, so it was
announced by ths boys contest club
management st Ames Saturday, He will
get a free trip to Ban Francisco for his
winning. The names of thirty-nine other
winners from all over the state will be
announced soon. These boys will also
get trips to the exposition.
"tttrhts llnnae Throuarh Malls.
Chief of Police Crawford Is fighting
boose by using postal cards warning
property owners that tenants are sus-
S plcioned of housing unusual quantities of
liquors and unless the practice, is stopped
Injunction proceedings will
be begun
against me property owner.
The chief
' w,!l "'1st the Injunction law to aid him
in bis boose crusade.
Greece Will Flout '
The Entente Allies
LONDON, Nov. 23.-A Dally News dis
patch front Athens, filed Saturday, says:
"The newspapers here take the view
that the allies' action In Imposing a com
mercial blockade upon Oreece la contrary
to International law, because non-combatants
will suffer from the fact that
grain cargoes destined for Greece have
been held up. The newspaper, Hestla,
declares Greece will not give the declara
tion demanded by the allies.
"Bulgarian troops have ceased their at
tack from Prllep toward Monastlr, be
cause they fear Serbian troops at Katcu
anlk wfll advance and encircle them."
To Confer on B rid as.
AUSTIN. Tex., Nov. 22. Governor
James H. Fern-uaon of Texas will confer
Tuesday with first Chief Venuatlano Car
ranis. of Mexi-o on the International
bridge at Laredo.
As artlila In las Nov. It taaua of THE ODD
1iT RHVIBW daacrlblns atocka
which sra still ow prtrsd la compartaoa with
previous years Sand for ssmpla oopy. John
Mulr A Oa. , Mambara of taa Naw York Btuak
Eit-Kansa, 41 Uroadwar. Naw York city.