Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 21, 1915, SOCIETY AMUSEMENTS, Page 6-B, Image 18

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Second Popular Price
and r.n
All-Slar Cast
'The Rehearsal'
A Modern Comedy" With Mn.ilc
The Powerful One-Act f!cet
hven l'lny.
Trlcen: Arena, ?tV to 91.50.
ItaW'nny, BOr to ?I.RO
Continuous from Hi.'
to 11 n. m. All
ats loo. Botk Atr.
sraeoa ul Evenlar.
Home of Paramount Pictures
Today and Monday ,
Oil THE 171! EEL"
A Tortillas; Brans of Katrtmony
and Sivctee, with KJ lbrook
Blina and Vivian Martia
Tuesday and Wednesday
Li Th. rascinatloT Emotional Ar."
tier, is rtmom Flayer ruai
of th Oriental Hay.
Mr Hobft
rj iiiti.uaj, iiiua, tfalUIUSJ
H rlwt Tim oa th Sore.. ,
KUnA .
Va International Sjtas;. Bsaaty,
fourth Wif of Wat .
Goodwin, la
"Armsirong's Wife"
I An Zacltlag Varaatonnt rtotur
vi j hob ana irj.
r A J, llT'gPg3jm ain 'f 'fl
uf "ThA I ' , i- jaav aaw D :-
i mJ ' -yr ,-4 -i,c 'V--"v.-. : J ? :: :h -, v iJIartaret Taylor N
fSmj EVZLYIT NESB1T U . 1?": v
Tho.horon.cmborh.rdrit . 1 ll' ' 4? 11 I
uti,u..anc In vaudevlllo In thia country
a little over two years ago, may recall
the danrlnn frock a ah thrn wore, which
wero almple and ord nary and were aome
tlmra erltlelaed for allowing Xwt taata.
But that la all poat hiatory, and after
flnrlarlng a determination to work to ao
compllah hera'.f for tilai hoadllne dlatlno
II in, which, It !a tald, ahe haa done ao
well that rhe d-norvca her poaltlon and la
In It cn fonuli-o morl'e, ahe la In a po
kltlon to (ratify licr dra rea and haa aoi
about InM-atlna; her net with a wardrobe
that la a distinct feature. Hhe now poa
tet'fit mnny clabcr.ite catumea anl la
rankrd with the brat dreaacd women in
vatdevllle, the ehlhltln plnco fir late
Crai rr.-atlona. At the Talnce theater.
New Tori:, aho waa on the aame bill
with the Farhlon fihow and la aald to
have attracted much more attention than
tie much advertlacd million-dollar dla
flay on the twenty mcdcla.
For a rtellar event thla week, the
Orf'beum la presenting Evelyn Neablt.
Not once alnce her return to the ata;
haa ahe l ad anything to any to the
newapapera In regard to her connection
with tho moat aenaatlnnal criminal rase
ever tried In the atate of Now York.
With Jack Clifford, who appeared with
her In the English mimic hnlis, ahe la
offering a a nglng and d-ncln noelty.
1'revloua to tho tlmo of her marrluge,
Robert fonttll
t tAi String
Genevieve Fusseli
Evelyn Neablt waa eomethlng of a atago
favorite, and It la only a a meana of
earning a livelihood for heraelf and child
that her theatrical work haa been re
Burned. The act aha la to offer in Omaha la
the aame that won wide aucceaa for'
her and Mr. Clifford in London. It la
concede by reviewers that Mlaa Neablt
haa a ilnglng vole of good quality and
that aa .a dancer aha la exptlonally
Charlea Howard, who acorcd one of hla
blggcat blta with Ward and Vokea. h
to contribute a alnglng, dancing and
talking melange. In thla act called "A
Happy Combination," he la aasHted by
Keman Orlppe and Margaret Taylor.
Clever aa acrobat and equally clever
aa dancera, Brown and McCormack ore
vtraatlle', entertalnera. ' They are panto-
mtmla dancera whoae offering la
to be popular to an unuaual degree.
With their old auoceaaful sketch, "A
ease of Emergency," Charlea and Fannie
Van will be another of the entertaining
features for this week. Hilarious amuse
ment 1 provided by Mr. Van aa the
stage hand.
Toe-dancing Is a rarity In vaudeville.
For thla reaaon the work of Arnold
Grazer and his sister Ethel, Is likely to
be highly appreciated. Their act Is said
to be one of exceptional grace and
rhythmic beauty. '
Feat a-wheel that eem utterly Ira
poiaihlo are accomplished with pre
cision by Jed and Ethel Dooley. They
are versatile entertainer who wer
formerly seen her with h Harry
Lauder show.
Markamanahlp with thcr pistol and rifle
Jhij Morrissy -At the Giye
will be expertly shown In tho work cf
the sharpshooters. Corrlgan and Vivian.
Some lively thrills are also caused by
their performance.
If you have no Idea of how plctureaque
la the Contenttn valley of France, you
should not miss aoeing the motion pic
ture view of that region aa presented by
the Orpheum Travel Weekly. Other
Views will be street scene of Cairo and
a curious collection of young birds.
As the world advances, should It hap
pen In hi time and while he atill haa hla
wonderful grasp, perhaps D. W. Griffith
may find a aubject to produce that will
mean Infinitely more to all the people,
that will be bigger and more elaborate
and entail Inconceivably more expense
and difficulty, but. until auch a time
cornea. If It .ever doea, hla "The Birth of
a Nation," now seen at the Brandela
theater for an Indefinite run, covering, aa
It doea, the whole rupture between the
two distinct factiona of a great country
and what cam out of it, to a glorloua
conclualon will remain the high water
It ahows what can be done. It Is true,
end most people believe that whtt haa
ben done ran be done, yet Shakespeare,
hundrrxle of years axo prayed what It la
possible, to do with the Knal.Ph language
and still ho has not been surpassed or
even approached to this day and liktly
never will be.
6ee "The Birth of a Nation" during the
time It ia being presented at the Brande'.e
theater and you will warmly agree with
all you have read of It. In It one la
actually wltneasing In a single night tnc
condensed action of a lifetime In the
annals of our nation. War, roman' and
eoclalogy play Immense parts but the
entlro gauntelet of human emotions Is
played upon as never were they before
and as It Is doubtful If they will be
The full and aplendld musical score,
rendered complete at each showing by
an eapeclally trained symphony orchetra,
alone Is worth going to hear, and this l
but one of the crowning features of ihj
glorious presentation.
The Gay New York, is, the widely hcar
alded musical burlesque show, are now
making the r annual appearanco In Omxha
at the Geyety theater, beginning loot
evening. The company, numbering forty
people, which characterized Its opening
New York aucceaa, la being aoen hora
Intact. "Madam. Who Are You?" la tho
title of the two-act mualcai farce. It con
tains bits from everything and every
where. It la unpretentious, light and
airy, however, and la light fare for the
patrons of the Gayety theater. The book
and lyrics are by Don Roth. Harry Vou
Tllaer composed the acore of original
muslo. The ahow has a sprightly ohorus,
a plot of more or less continuity and la
offered by a company that his spirit,
coupled with earnoatneas and enthusiasm.
The presenting names are Fox and Stew
art, Ed Jerome, Dolly Morrlsey, Ahna
Fleming, Helen Van Buren and Florence
Talbot. There is also featured a beauty
chorus equal to a Fifth avenue fashion
plate. Today's matinee will start at
S o'clock, as will the grand holiday
matinee Tnanksglvlng day. The big
excitement around the Oayety all week
will be over the Saxon "Six" touring
car, which Is to be presented free to
some patron during the week. Particulars
as to just how it will be awarded may be
obtained at the box office. The car la
valued at 7S5.
The New Tork Fashion show, feature
pictures of recent Metropolitan Fashion
shows at George M. Cohan' October T, S
and and Carnegie hall September IT, 38
and will be the Thanksgiving attrac
tion at the Boyd for three days.
The films are correct reproductions of
events that recently stirred fashion cir
cle, and. In fact, the larger part of the
general reading public of the metropolis
tn two marvelous fashion shows, the first
at George M. Cohan's theater, the other
!at Carnegie hall. Mrs. Bell Armstrong
"Whitney's Fashion show on September 27
' 2S and & represented a value In exhibits
of nearly 1000,000, and requirement were
such that nearly fifty professional living
models were necessary to serve exhibits.
There was a crush of anxious sightseers
and patrons each afternoon of exhibition.
Here was lingerie, robe, gown beyond
The earn was true at the International
Fashion Show association' a exhibitions at
Carnegie hall October T, I and t. Her
the exhibit represented an aggregate of
less value, probably, but sufficient to
daxsle the most keenly expectant; robes,
gowns, mantle and what not, the Uving
model supplied wholly by noted actresses
with Alice Brady and Grace La Rue In
special numbers, all staged by Julian
Living model wearing the latest style
of gown will also be shown.
Beginning tonight and at every per
formance for the entire week, Mrs.
Heulah Dale Turner the well-know
Omaha roprano and a favorite In musi
cal circles will sing afternoons at 3 on J
at nights 9:15.
On the csll board for the first half ot
the week at the Km press Is found Evetvjr
and Dolly, those clever girls, who, o-
murs vinpcing iuia untieing bit rxrnp tiii
rvnllal. mnA .Allf. k. I... Hlnfnn n n 1 '
Hooney offer songs, dances and chntt r.
Wlnsch and Poorc, In a song offering en
titled "No Trespassing" is the h 1
line attraction. The sketch Is presented
In two parts and Is written by 0ori
Potten Pmith and staged by AlV-r.
White. The bill will be closed by Han
Ion, Dean and Hanlon In a style of acro
batics of their own, which Is to my tlie
lenst decidedly orig'nal.
"Frlond Wilson's Dougliter" Is tho
photoplay for the first part of th? rvfol..
It is a story of rrvclutior.r.ry tlims p.i-J
excertionnlly well ccstumed. TU ra-f
Ircludns HMer' HoTcr, n ?elw CP'T
and Gertrude McCoy. The play la li
tlirre i arts and handles dnmili.' :i-
tims In a v.ond.Tfui manner, and ut t
same tlmo Is filled with exciting In - -drnts.
For the last half of the week the t.U
Is opened by Bert Wiggins and company
In his nonsensical bit, "On Joy Street."
Empress patrons will recall him as hav
ing played here two years ago. An at
traction for the women is offered In
"The Tarls Fashion Shop." presented by
Mr. C. V.'. Cross. Gowns decidedly Pari
sian in a maze of chiffon and velvet,
brocaded charmcuse and beaded lace, mi
attractive models. Bongs and latiTT
dancca make thla a rare treat. George
Rosoner. !n his characteristic studies,
"The Old Soldier" and "The Dope
Fiend," w'll ba more than welcomed.
Hi portrayal of the latter character U
probably tho bent that will ever be seen.
Tho bill Is closed with a big musical
surprise offered by the Five Musical
MacLarens, who also offer a lvgo num
ber of sonss and novelty dances.
"The Pitfall." the modern drama In
four parts, is offered for the Inst half
of the week. . Thomas Llngham, Mary
Sola and Truo Hoard man are the lead
ing characters. Hearst Sclig No. 93 and
a Vltagraph comedy entitled "The
Counts" complete the bill for the last
half of the week.
ThU week's offering at the Strand In
cludes Rlohard Travers In a thrilling
"The Man Trail," Sunday and Monday,
followed Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday by Robert Mantell In "The
Blindness of Devotion," a beautifully
Produced modern society drama. This
la Mr. Mantell's first film appearance
and he Is said to score a moat trium
phant suooes. Friday and Saturday the
pleasing actress, Mile. Petrova, will be
aeen in "My Madonna," a story of aa
artist life, her Joys and sorrows. Each
uiu every piuiure is oi a mriereni na
ture and all come here with the hlghi
"The Raven." Edgnr Allen Poe's mr
terplece. wh eh futures Henry L. V.'a
uau miu vt arua no. vara, wii ue s.iov.v
at the Boyd theater fj f,ur days, starr
ing today.
In order to make this martrrr I"c - nb
aolutely perfect In every detail. Kssr.n.-' y
haa spared neither time or money .
architect of national renown was tj
Fordham. near New York, Poe's horn .
for the sole purp so cf drawing a set of
plans of both the Interior and exter'or
of the house, which was bu It In the
Revolutionary period and wh.'ch now
stands as a historic memorial to Amer
ica's greatest poet Henry B. Walthall,
who plays the leading role. Is a lover of
Poe and has read and reread the famous
poet's works so many tlmea that he
(Continued on Page Seven Col. Three.)
,r., rny , . , eHTrrT-'
'm sisal tarsatsJi
Bbft aaaVQaSaaUttafi
-li'l HI 1 ! II f ' - " itf.. r. J a.
In All Its Entirety
' . Critics Say:
The uncanny call of the Klu
Klux Klan made goose pimples
rise. Omaha Bee.
Whoever; misses it will live to
regret the day. World Herald.
The thrill and dash of the
charging clansman calls for wild
applause. News.
IF A 1
Fromvcoast to coast the most
stupendous dramatic sensation
this country has ever known now
playing to delighted and enthusi
astic multitudes.
Two Shows Daily
Afternoons. 2:15 Sharp
Evenings, 8:15 Sharp
Matinees, 25c to $1.00
Evenings, 50c to $2.00
HIGHLY IMPORTANT: "The Birth of a Nation1' will never be presented In any but the highest class theaters and at prices customarily charged In such play houses.