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Ilalian Eeport Sayi Shell Ag&intt
5 Wireless Apparatus First No
? tice to the Captain.
2 NAPLES. Nov. 18. (Delayed' In
Transmission.) The official report
of the Investigation into the sinking
Of the Italian steaniRhlp Ancona by
m submarine off the Tunisian coast,
It was announced, was sent to
Thomas Nelson Page, , the United
States ambassador at Rome, tonight.
The Investigation reached the con
clusion that the submarine fired a
rjiell against the wireless apparatus
of" the Ancona without any warning.
The captain brought the vessel im
mediately to a halt.
-The aubmarit4, having hMstrd the Aus
trian flag, the investigators found, the
Ancona waa about to hoist th Ttatlai
hulira, but the Mas; waa only half wav
up the mast when the submarine launc'.ej
C torpedo, which at ruck the steamer
.Th captain of the Ancona, the official
account says, ordered the lifeboats low
ered, but while thia was being; done the
submarine continued firlnrr Sftelnat the
Si tamer's boats. - Some of the boata were
Jwed by shots. oMlKlnK lbs survivors
t climb up the ropes. In th meanwhile,
U Is alleged, those on board the lubma
rme Jeered their victims. ,
Charity Federation '
Tor Omaha is Urged,
By Welfare Committee
A movement looking toward the fed
eration of the various charities In Omaha
hd the Installation of a budget system
rr handling finances, has bean started.
committee to consult with the heads
ej the various charities In Omaha with
regard to such a plan waa appointed at
riion by the welfare committee of the
Or.mmarctjU oiab.
IN. P. FWI of The Omaha Bee presented
15 the committee the plan used In Cleve
land, where the federation and budget
rian has been conspicuously successful.
Mr. Fell also had experience In Cleveland
eith the Jewish charities operated also
oh the budget plan, lie pointed out that
While the Jewish charities collect some
S30.CC0 or $30,000 per year for use ' In
charity work the system has so elimi
nated the unnecesaary expenses that
fcirmerljr burdened the societies that leas
than 4 per cent of the money collected ,
IK vnnaumea in cosi or collecting, ac
counting and the general administration
of the, finances.
hrThl record Is In marked contrast to
foe situation In many charities where .a
ttre per tent of the money oollectfld,
cslnnalbly for charity,' actually iou as
ea'ary for the collectors, t bookkeeper
feoord keepers and ethtr attaches, while
De poor continue to suffer end -melt.-'
, (Continued from Psge One.)
JXfed.' trie candidatesusppeat-ed .ndaftr
-Wing cautioned to obey every Instruction
is the letter, the tnlUatloo was started.
A this point the doors of the building
i6re olosed'to the, public. end after that.
Ivhat happened to the candidates will
ever b known to aiy except them
fMves, the officers of the order and the
Hhrlners who were spectators, for none
2 them will ever tell. 1 ;'
git at Bassstt Board.
.The Initiation of candidates wss fin
t'Thed, shortly after o'clock. After that
all candidal who wars, able to do so,
t aether with 6hitie spectators, hurried
suway to the banquet at the Masonic Tern
X"'0. They were back in the', Auditorium
vt T:t0 o'clock. A recital and musical
tii'ogram continued until o'clock. The
recital was in charge of Wave Whltcomb,
eeprano; Miss Amy Neill, vlollnlut; Wll
Vjfjn Clair Hall, tenor, and Edgar Nelson,
ptuiist. The program follows; , , ..... .
liolberg Suite ;...'..:..;..rieg
i'relude v v V..
"Harabande ..j ..J ,,
Stoclurne, C minor ,Clipln
lOdgar Neiaon.
llecltatlon and aria (from The SlgUrd -
opera) ! K. KeyeV
William CTalie Hall.'
fctcena ed Aria "'11 dole suono" , '
"Ardon gl 'Incense Mad e-ene
. from "Lucia" ..(.,..... Donlxettl
' Wave Whltcomb, .
it) Barabande and TaatbourIn.,.'..Leclalr
tti Cprlce Vleiuiols Krvleler
,tt) Tarabourln Chlnola. Krelsler
Amy Fmeraon Nelll.
a) rulflllment .v.,..McPermld
At Iawnin( , ("adman
IV) Bacnunent '. ......McLnrrnld
i'i)I.ina Florenao
JUJ Mother o' Mine ......Tours.
William Claire, Hall.
v Ave Maria Hach-Oounod
With Violin Obligato Py Miaa Neill.
" J'ai oleure' en Hove Ueurac Hue
K?) An Open Secret Woodman
Wave WhltconiD. ' .
JCpoa the, .conclusion if the program
Mere waa a short interralaaion, during
which the lower floor was clearud of the
aeata, eiter which the danclna; began.
Tue danos was one of the social events of
the year and as a function quite up to
tue annual ball of the Knights of Ak-r-Ben.
j. " i
FEATTLR, Wash., Nov. 1.-The bodies
ef six men were recovered from the
-iiortb weatera Improvement company's
mine at Ravensdale Uat night and early
today, making fifteen recovered In all,
jt leaving alxteen bodlea in the mine.
1 which a duat exploaion occurred Tuea
iuy. It waa a 1 moat certain all bodies
w-juld be out before night.
DENVER. Cplo.. Nov, 1,-H. U. Mudgs.
Ttewly elected president of ths Denver
Kjo Grande Railroad company, arrived
TTday to tfk personsl direction of ths
rempaay affairs..
Jit 'Aeat tm te llMSUal.
C. B. PUnchard, postmaster at Blanch
ard. Cat, writes: "1 bad kidney trouble
o bad I had to go to the hospital. Folsy
Kidney Pills were recommended to me
-aud they completely cured me. I cannot
speak too highly of them." Sufferers la
every stats hsvS had similar benefit
jrom this standard remedy for kidney
in. A bladder ailments, it banishes back-t-
ha, stUf joints, swoliea muscles and
e.11 tba various avmptoiua of weakened
it dlaeaaad kidney a ol4 everywhere.
Moloney Goes
Agrees to Cut Money Demanded to $1,085
Io ynu .now this man?
Ksve you evrr ern him snywhrrc?
If so, ahrrr? When, t "rider what clr-
Tho l' turo In the In t st and heat
photo of Arthur Hauser, allna Buck
Vraer, dcs;nerse desperado, charsed
with terrible crime thai reused half a
dol' n c!tl" to seek him.
Chief of Tetetlves Malrnev Roes tij
Wlrhlta In hrlttv Kit, rt.. V. .
i for trlal on rh of mllrr,n w.
If. Smith, caahler of the Woodmen ef
the World.
In order to assure the proper admin
istration of J-istlce. the nuthnrltlra are
anxious to ret In touch with everyone
who rsme In contnet with ilauser while
he was In Omshs waKlng his rnmpslgn
of crime. I
Thus far It Ik a mystery where
Maimer lived while In !tnaha. This plj
ture la printed In the hope that some
hotel clerk, some rooming house pro
prietor, street car rond'irtor or sny
other cit'ten who mlsht rosslhly have
I rubbed elhowa with the denpergdo. will
coine forward and throw more light on
Hauarr'a actions In Omaha.
The picture printed her la one taktn
in Indianapolis the day after hla arreat
there.' It la aald to he an exceptionally
faithful llkrnoes, In fait, the first really
good plct'ire local police have yet seen.
Kiom the rlrture the peculiarities of
Mauser's features which gave rlae to his
nick name, "The Ane-Msn," msy be
Ills neck Is short and thick: bis ears
appear to be the lobeleaa ears of an
animal; bis prominent, fang-like teeth;
From Our Near Neighbors
Mr. Charley Veatal and Cheater Men
drlckevn weie Omaha via tors Wednes
day. Mrs. Chatmsn and Mrs Johnson of
Omaha vlalted at the Veatal home
Mra. Naah, who has been vlxltlng old
frlenda around here, left for her home
In California.
Mlaana Mary W'txke and Anna flundall
returned Monday from the Norfolk Chris
tian Eniioavor convention.
Mra. S. r. Firewater and Mrs. TCvans
sttended the birthday club, which met
at the Phil Brewater home in Omaha
Mrs. A. D. Knight entertained Mon
day for Mrs. Naah of California. Thoae
preeenl were Mra. B. R. Brewster, Mra,
Hwltser, Mrs. Fred Noyce. Mrs. ftprlng,
Mra. Powell. Mra. Prl Cbrlatopheraen,
Mra. llarta, Mra. Tuney, Mary Noyce,
Mr and Mra. Kvana. Mrs. IJ'an. Mrs
Hasard ana Mrs. John Anderson, Light
refreshments were served.
Mrs. Thompson was an Omaha visitor
Mra. Brener and daughter, Angle, were
Omaha vleltors- ..... ".'..''
Mra. Veatal and family were Omaha
Vlaltors Saturday.
Mr. and Mra. John lillca were umana
visitors Saturday. . ,
Ti e Iullxa' Aid met at the Evans noma
Wadnrsdsy for dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. John HeiMjrtchson were
Omaha visitors Thursday
Mra. Ilackman and Minnie Detn were
Ontalta vlattors Wednesday.
' Mr. Archer Hasard and Mlas Annie
Jacobs were Omaha vlaltora Thursday.
Mrs. Carl Spring of Benson is visit
ing at the John Blelck home thia week,
John Plmpklna of Winner. B. D . vis
ited at the- John Chsse home Iset Sat
urday '
Clint Chsse of Stanton,- weo., waa ine
guest or hla parenia, mr. aim mr.
Chaae. Tuoaday and Wedneeday.
Miaa Gladys Mom, aaaiauKi ny aiiae
Alice Hut-aard, entortained the prcspjrte.
rian Christian Endeavor society Thurs-
dsi' evening. . "'
Mr. and Mrs. Frsnk Keen inn it. anu
Mra. A. A. Crandall anj cnuoren u
Omuha were Bands y gueels ot we. anu
Mrs. Janes tstewooa. . R. O. Fase. K. 8. NlcVerjota
tnr 11. U. l'attei-eor entertained th
Preabyterlan Ala eooieiv im""T
nocn at th noma oi i
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. urunner ana
i.i.i i,M.n, who .have been Visit
ing wltn Mr. and Mrs. Frank acn, i
spending this week with frlonds at B
nlnuton. , . -.v
Mlna Oeorgia Oliver rei""'" "
dsv from Madison. Jsen.. w'
been Vla'ting.wun "- -;,: -;:
dy.. Mlas Ol v.r ;,
tlan F.nUeavor ranmn
fore going tu Madlaon.
1 gprlaaMetd.
Walter Prugh of Blnkln. Mo., was here
on a short visit Friday. "
O. Adalt has returned from a visit to
rierca. Neb. . , , . ....
Frank Armstrong of Grand , Vsllsy
Colo,, Is here vlaltlug hla parehW, Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Armstrong.
Mrs. W. J. Armstrong wss taken to a
hospital Thursday for a surgloal opera
tion. ,
Mra. W. H. Davidson arrived Wedneev
dsy from Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Qulnley of Omaha
were here last Sunday.
J. C. Wads returned from Mississippi
last Sunday. v
T J Wright has been appointed as
sessor of thia precinct to take tee place
ef K. J. Qulnley. who realgned to become
deputy I'm ted States marshal.
Andrew Mortenaen of Primrose visited
his daughters. Mrs. Chester Keyee end
Mrs. Robert Keyes, ths fore pert of the
Alois.' Alice snd Joe Blwell attended the
Nebraska-Kanaaa toot ball game at Law
rence. Kan., iaat Saturday. They went
by automobile.
Evangelist Moore cloeed hla revival
meetings at the Adventlst church last
Sunday. There were thirty couveraiona.
Mra. W. H. Ellis left Iaat Monday for
Centonla, Miaa., to visit her daughter,
Mrs. Bert Boien.
Mrs. Sarah Armee, formerly -of this
place, died in Wyoming at the reatdence
of her son, Joseph Lrtskell.
Mrs. M. C Stearns of South Omaha
vuited at A. C. Heed's the fore part of
the week.
Miaa Clara Mlntura visited friends In
Cniaha Iaat Sunday.
A vara.
Mlsa Myrtle Calkins was here from
Yveeplng Water Friday.
Mrs. (Jeorge fhsrklay entertained ths
Woman's club Wedneeday afternoon.
Mra. 'Herman Behrns was an Omaha
visitor Thursday.
Carlos Durham returned Tuesdsy eve
ning from a trip west.
Mre. John Kastens and daughter tf
Ola the, Kan., are spending the week a 1th
relative southwest of town.
The Avoca Oun club will bold a shoot
ing match bar on Tueedejr. Neveinber St.
Melvln Kear ot Alvo was a visitor here
the flret of the week. ,
Mrs. Florence 'Durham has returned
frotu a few weeks' visit with relatives at
John Ehlere and wife, who have been
vialting relatives here, have relumed to
their home near be rt rend.
Mrs. P. Nutsman la visiting relatives at
Mrs. Omar Jameaon and ' children of
"Weeping Water apent Mr vera 1 days thia
week with A voca frlenda.
Superintendent Eda Vargusrdt was over
from plaiumouth several days this week.
Mrs. Marie Mngenaen of Weeping Water
waa here the flret of the wevk vUilluf
About fifty ef the friends of Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Holienberger pleasantly aur
Prised them Wednesday evening at their
koine. That data the tweuly-aeoond
anniversary of their wedding.
KvangellatM meetings at the Congrega
for Hauser After Wichita
low forehead, small, beady eyes, - and
laatly, hla gorilla-like arms of unusual
length, all combine to give one an Im
pression that he is sn spe. rsther than
a human being, his victims told tho
police before his rapture. The picture
bears out the "Ape-Man paeudonyn.
Chief Iunn announces that the
Wichita authorities hsve agreed to turn
Arthur Itauaer over to ' the Omaha
tional church will continue all next week.
The Avoca High school girls' Kensing
ton met with Mlas Villa Oapen Wednes
day evening.
Mr. snd Mrs. John Blschof snd aon of
Council Bluffs visited Avoca relatives on
The Ladles' Aid society of the Presby.
terian church held Its annual harar i i
the old postofflce building last Thursday.
The aale waa well attended and a good
profit for the new kitchen was assured.
Ths construction snd operation of the
ferry operating between llellevue and the
loaa Bine of the Mlaaourl has been de
layed because of a sandbar which has
formed near the Iowa aide. The J.flO-foot
cable la burled beneath twenty feet of
sand on the bar.
llr. and Mrs. E. EL Stark have moved
Into tha houae formerly occupied hv Ed
ward Meyers while they are building; a
L J)
My 0!o Cob Pipe ' : ' (f
1 iais4S:s ..w smsmak (..
I An' what voa lack btbmt, ' XJ I
II Yo' bovlUjart a corn co& i . J'f 1
1 But wh,n o V VW Va&f, . VTT A -Ss-: I
f smaarWfAeneeef V -' ' - J II
I Ofm 6ffer rVwn b-idm mm I LM l) ? ilf I
I ft'fW. tA. .row on' V.lvt ' t 11
I Ee'ry day 1 find yvabrtt.r, rW' JWl K. l
1 - ,&ssr kinder than befo' Ps2kJt i'liJiK i' -J v. 1
The economy of VELVETS
slow -burning may not mean a
great . deal to you, but it is cer
tainly no drawback. .
No quick artificial process
gives VELVET these qualities.
Time alone makes VELVET
Panama-Pacific Ex
"Tha Grand Vim Avas loom mwmrdad
VELVET "for fcs mupmrim emaKty,"
Crfra Hit
10c Tina
Sc Metal-lined Ba$
One Pound Claaa Humidora
if , V
-s . ' ;f
si' uwees!- ;S
t V t..
police uponpayment of tl.085, which 's
a reduction"" from tho original demand
of 11.600.
Captain Maloney or the detective de
railment left Friday afternoon for
Wichita, taking with him the money
and tegiiiMtlon papers for the fugitive.
It is expected that Hauser will be In
Cmnha Saturday evening or Sunday
new house on tha Nurlall'
which they have recently purchaai
Floyd Bplcer and family left for Mer
man last week, where Mr. SWcer has se-
i-umu employment.
f ' , ,, ... . 1
, . --
tary academy, ,.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whltmore spent
j uiwhjt biiu nruortuRr ia vsxnana.
Mr. and Mrs. Butts motored to Fremont
Mr, and Mra. Richard Webster motored
from Lincoln Sunday for a short visit
with Mr. snd Mrs. Fred Whltmore.
Mlsa Nora, Peterson, who Is attending
school at Peru, vlalted her parents this
Mrs. A. L. Zwelbel baa been quite 111
this week v.ith neuralgia,
O. X. Kopp went to Fremont Sundav to
see Dr. Agce. His eye Is slowly Improv
ing. Mlas IJIIisn Morrow and Miss Nichols
entertained the Kentlngton club at the
home of Miaa Nichols Thursday evening.
Mr. snd Mrs. FTed Whltmore enter-
viiniic nununeu arrived noma rrom i ""i , ,
Lincoln Thuraday evening for a short1 Miss Lucllo Coyer of Lincoln vlalted
visit. He Is attendinar tha Nubrmjika mih. 'her Simi,r ..hi, vti.. s i
A S a pipe improves with age, and
f by no other way, so the best that
is in tobacco can be brought out
only by time. 4
All tobacco is matured to some extent,
but VELVET is matured thoroughly. And
the smoothness from which VELVET takes
its name is the result.
Fragrance VELVET has, and all the
qualities of good tobacco. Yet VELVET'S
natural mildness is made even mellower by
its more than two years ageing.
position' kimKat
talned faturdsy evening for Mls Kva
Mavier and Ml Freeman of H-naon.
The men rf the Mcthodlxt F4licopiiI
rhurfh will entertain tha women ef the
congregation Friday evening at the
W. 8. 'Eddy moved into the house Just
vacated by John Lenteil, Mr. Ooodno Into
the houae vacated by Mr. Kddy and Itoy
Kbert Into the house vscated by Mr.
The Woman's Mlaaionary society held
Its monthly mooting (VVedncaday at the
church. Rev. Mr. Hurgeen gave an ad
drena on China. Margaret Itoldsworth
eang a solo.
Mlae Frieda Heimhach, who has been
111 for four weeka. ia able to be out and
will return to her school near Be Id en
after Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mra. F. C. Knnedv motored to
Fremont Thumday afternoon.
The regular meeting of the Valley Wo
man'a club was held Friday sfternoon at
the home of Mra. Roy Fgbert. Mra.
Webb gave a paper on Schubert and alao
an Inatrumentai aelection from his nom
poaltions. Mra. Monahan gave a paper
on Nebraska under France.
August Prochnow of Fort Calhoun was
here Monday.
Victor Klonlnger was on the sick list
several days this week.
The Pleasant It HI school wis give an
entertainment and box social Wednesday
evening, November 24.
Henry Keuhl. whose health haa not
been good e,ncj hla operaMon In the
spring, returned to the hospital Monday
snd underwent a second operation.
Mr. and Mra. E. E. Odell entertained
the former'a sinter, Mrs. Smith, and aon
of Clark county. South Dakota, aeveral
days thia week. From here they go to
Iowa for a vielt.
Mrs. Wesley Pliant, who has been suf
fering with atomach trouble ' for some
time,- was taken to a hospital at Omaha
last Friday. It la tea red she may have
,o tiii'irro an operation.
George Dierks, -a ho ia one of the board
of mnnagera of the Douglas County Ag
ricultural aoclety, haa contributed to a
fund offered as a reward for the mur
derer of James Man y at Benson.
Weeping Water.
Mr. and Mra. H. W. Orton left Tuesday
for Cal fornia, where thoy will spend
the winter In the vicinity of Fiillcrton.
The. Plays-rounds rssociation has -recently
purchaaed some new equipment
for . the public school' playground.
Mr. and Mrs. Adnlnh Moaenaen rvUlted
Sundav et the Chris Raamussen horns
T --t I '
J - ...... -' ir. ViriCKQ,
nr nelDal of the hla-b a ;hool. . .
Rev. Will Reed, a mlaslrnay In
wwaor, comn Jimonca is here on n
wlth relatives,
Thli cltv.wna hla
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Johnson returned
Wednesday' from a three weeks' visit In
Minnesota and South Dakota. They re
ported snow and cold weather In tha
sections vlalted.
Dick Koester unloaded 3fX) head of
sheep here Tuesday to feed on his farm
south of town.
W. O. Clark cf Kanaas City visited sev
eral days this w?ek at the home of his
pa rente, Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Clark.
Mlsaea Eva Fmbry and Mildred Claflln
of University Place. Neb., visited Sunday
with Mrs. E. I Hunter.
Mrs. W. C. Ladd has returned from
Dayton, O., where she spent the sum
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