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j By MELLIFICIA. Thursday, November 18, 1915.
THERE Is a distressing rumor afloat. It hints that, with the return
to the styles of 1830, the little girls will be dresmd In exactly the
same modes as the mothers.
It may have been all very well to have dressed the girls of
1830 as adults, but one trembles to think of the children of today, with
ttielr training to Individuality, given this footing with their elders. With
Ihe- bit between their teeth regarding fashions, what If they would take it
to hand to announce their own romlngs-out, presenting themselves and
lurrying their social careers in other ways.
The little girl of the first half of the last century was a very different
feminine creation from the little girl of today, and ahe wore her mother's
Vshlons as a mere echo of the mother.
The girls today show no echo tendencies they are loaders.
Again, does every mother Just fancy the idea of dressing her daughter
to look as old as possible?
There are two very good reasons that the atyle wl'.l die an early death.
Honor Fine ArU Lecturer.
Waiter Scott Perry, who la giving a
terlee of lectures before the Omaha
koclety of Fine Art's at the Hotel Fon
Knelle, was entertained at dinner last
veiling- by Mr. and Mr. Ward Ilurgess.
Be .was taken for an automobile ride
tiroaah the city today by Mr. J. E.
lummers and the board of directors of
frie Fine Arts society gave a luncheon
t the University rlub In his honor this
oon. Officers of the Friends of Art were
rivited, but many were out-of-town. The
llrectore Include;
Kant Hurgeaa,
Oeore I'rlni.
. K. Ollmore.
Kdaar M. Moraman,
11 limit Roue,
Oenrae Vow,
Arthur W. Bowman
Charles T. Knuntie.
I . J onaa.
K. it. I re.
W. Williams,
II, Plrknell.
U . MeUllton.
K. Hummer.
Mia Kdlth Tobltt.
Dinner Preceding Dance.
Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Crofoot will (We a
1 Inner to ten guests.
Mr. and Mrs Henry Wyman will din
With eight guests this evening upon the
Rcarlon of the Subscription dance. Those
present will be:
Meier and Mesdsmes
W. A. Fraser. Dr. C C. Alllnon. '
fcenry Wyman. Dr. C A. Hull,
Mra. Warren Hogers.
Mr. Karl Gannett.
Mr. aad Mrs. Frank It. Oalne will
intertaln at dinner before the flubcrlp
son dance this evening. Th guests will
Meaiir. and Mesdsmes
tr. J. K. Rummer. Oegood Eaatmsn,
fc. H. iSpraaue, Jamri I P.iton.
Mra. K. W. Dixon.
Mr. Edward W. Hart of Council Bluff.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert' Wheeler will
intertaln a dinner party at tha Omaha
tlub this evening. Those present will be:
Messrs. and Meadamea
I. V. Kln.ier. Herbert Wheeler.
r. . cowgin.
Mr. Dan Wheeler.
Mr. Charles Watson Hull.
Press Lnnoheon for Misi Shaw.
The Omaha Women's Press club gave
Rs bimonthly luncheon this afternoon at
the Rome hotel. The guest of honor
la Miss Mary Shaw and th member of
Ml Shaw'e company, Mlsa Fisher and
Wis Ida Mulle. Those present were:
Meadamea Mesdamrs
l.muei Hee. Fred Carey.
Harry I.. Cumminga.Mart'n Harrl.
Keen Abbott, Ilobert Kutiedae,
f . K. Oault, Kllsaheth Hlgglns
harles H. Marple, Sullivan,
larriet MacMurphy,
MImus Miaaes
j.yda Wllaon, Kllzabeth Kern,
lo. Roalcky, Corlnne lllatt,
va Mahoney, Joy HlKgtna,
Ury Duffy, Henrietta Kees.
ell. Dewey. Nan Murphy,
)lla Flelachman,
On the Calendar.
The department Inspector, Miss Nettle
Jewell, will meet with the U. 8. Orant
Women's Relief Corps Saturday at I
S'Aock In Memorial hall.
The newly organised drama class will
kieet tomorrow with Mrs. John A. Mo
thane, with Miss Kate Mcllugh, leader,
the class wilt finish Alfred Noyes'
"Mermaid Tavern" and take up the
Study of bis poem, "Drake." from the
Spanish point of view. Tho members of
the class are:
Mend . me Mesdsmes
Howard H. Haldrige, W. It. McKaen,
V.. H. Bpragua. Arthur Itetnlngton,
Franrl A. Brogan. Frank W. Juilnon,
Marry U Cummnlgs, Osgood Kaufman.
W. A. O. Ji hnson, F. r. KlrkendalL
John A. Morthane.
Eapper After the Dance.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles II. Keller will
give a supper to thirty.! guests after
the Subscription dance. The dining
room will be decorated In yellow chrys
anthemum. Personal Mention.
Masters Bill and George Holling. a ho
have been the guests of Master Carroll,
- kave returned to their home In Elkhorn.
Mia Clara Thomas, secretary of th
VlalUng Kurae association, 'who has been
on the Pacific coast for the last three
months, has returned. Mlaa Thomas
went west Via the Canadian Rockies and
Malted at Seattle, San Francisco and
Spokane, ,
Mr. Beecher B. Baldwin returned en
Wednesday after spending several months
letting in New York. At Conesua Lake
Mr. Baldwin was th guest of his daugh-
Women and U. S. Government
Co-Operate and Work Hand
Tentative plans for the big Baby
J'eaUh week, which will be observed
all over tho country the week of
A'arch 4-11, were outlined to the
home economics department of the
Woman's club by Mrs. K. R. J. Ed
toltn. state health chairman, and the
federal children's bureau representa
tive In Nebraska. The plan orig
inated with Mrs.. Percy Pennybacker,
rresident of the General Federation
cf Women's Clubs, and received the
endorsement of the federal bureau,
beaded by Miss Julia Lathrop.
Mlas lAlhrop and her department will
co-operate with the women's clubs In the
work. This Is the first time a dpai tiuent
tif the national government ha taken up
a work haud-ln-h&ud with tba women's
Tha health, clvtcs and home economic
department of women's clubs will super
u lu work, lfliai vlau for toe eb-l
Following the fashion of
adopting waifs set by Mr.
and Mrs. Finley J. Shepard,
a 2-year old boy has been
adopted by Mr. and Mrs.
Warner M. Leeds of
York and Plandomo.
boy's rame is David. '
came straight from heaven,"
is all Mrs. Leeds would say.
ter. Mrs. Horace Cliapin, at the Chapln
cottage. Mr. Chapln vn formerly Mlas
Desdomona Baldwin of Omaha. Mr. Hahl
lln alao visited with his sunt, Mrs. Helen
Mr-Cumber T at, her famoua show farm
and country place near Buffalo. The first
of the coming week Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin
will leave for their ranch In weatern Ne
braska near Dinning.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. Clear ire Brandele has returned from
New York City. Mrs. Brandels remained
In Chicago to hear the grand opera.
Thanksgiving day Mr. Brandels will Join
Mrs. Brandels in Chicago.
Past Festivities.
The Kt-A-VIrp club gave a dancing
party Tuesday evening at Hotel Rome.
The I.adlea' Auxiliary aave a baser
Monday evening. The members of the en
tertainment committee were:
Meadamea Mosdamea
Kingsbury.- William Mc.Murry
L'- .f'Wulf' Marknuart.
Ai.H- n,,l"n. . H. Weatlnnd.
Mrs. Fred Petersen entertained Wednes
day afternoon at a luncheon an.i hn
party at the Orpheum. The gucei were
Meadamea Charlea Dunn, tjiil Khaw and
Thotnaa O'Brien
Mrs. Henry Keating entertained the
Rummy club Wedneeday afternoon at
luncheon. Tha table was decorated with
a centerpiece of large yellow chrysan
themums. Three tables were set for card a
The hlhrat acore was made by Mra C.
Stock ham. Thoa present were:
Meadamea Mesdames
r Blmkham. M. M. Kline.
VV. A. Bmllh, , Frank . Browne,
Alex Jeix-a. J Mehrena,
Ja ne ftoger. It. k. Newton.
vL"nry ,K',nk-. J. A. Freelan(i.
w. B. I.aree.
servance In Nebraska will be formulated
December t and S, when Mrs. A. T.
Davuuou of Lincoln, state chairman of
home economlca, Mra. La Masters of Te
cumseh. state chairman of civics, and
Mrs. Edholm will hold a conference In
All mothers' clubs In the city will be
asked to co-operate In the work In
Baby health programs, exhibits Includ
ing mechanical charts and literature,
meettngs every day and publicity of all
sorts win te uaed lu connection with-
Baby Heulth week.
Pet Stock Club to
Meet Next Monday
City Commlaaloner Joseph, B. Hummel
Is co-opiat'ng with the newly organised
Omaha Pet rHock club and has gVanted
the us of his offtc in th city hall for
the club's next meeting, to be held next
Monday evening at I o'clock.
Officer will b elected and the pep.
manent organ sat ton of th club will be
completed. Fully fifty Omahans, who
have pets of all kind, are expected to
attend Monday' meeting, fj. p. WTg.
110 Vinton street. Is temporary chairman
of th tlub.
al4 Hot tw with Kh.aasatlaaa.
A satisfied patient writes: "Sloan's Lin
iment cured my rheumatism; an grate
fU. I ran now walk without pain." Only
26c AH drugglata-Adveplactnent.
a r
Omaha's Woman Attorney a Suff,
But She Wants Men Clients, Too
Much burning of the midnight oil
given Omaha Its only woman lawyer In
the person of Mrs. Ktrlla B. Wlleon. She
has Jut been sdmltted to the bar by the
Nebraska stipreme court end will "hong
out her shingle" as soon ss she secures
sn office.
Most of Mrs. Wllrnn's study has been
don st nlrht. During the last three
years while her friends and acquaintances
were attending thesters. dances or par
ties, playing cards or seeking ot ler
amusements. Omaha's prospective women
lawyer was attending Crelghton nUht
school op studying Iliac kstono'a vast field
of legal lore. ur vacations from work
In the office of the rlerk of the dint, Met
court were not ent st summer resorts,
but In learning what evidence should be
received and what Is barred In court
ronteata betwen litigants. Moat of last
summer Mrs. Wilson spent atten'Vng lam
school at Ann Arbor, Mich.
Mrs. Wllnon hss alwsys believed, she
declares, that a wemsn should have a
profesaion by which she msy earn ier
own living if necessary. After the death
of her husband severs! yesrs sgo and the
ensuing disarrangement of her plans she
secured employment at the court house,
She became Intere.ted In legal questions
snd soon determined on the lgal profes
sion as her future csreer. She studied
In an attorney's office for a time, then
entered night school.
Mrs. Wilson Is a suffrsglst, but takes
that doctrine aa a matter of course and
doern't believe that she has done any
thing astonlehlng In becoming a lawyer.
"Any business woman la bound to be a
suffragist. - Mrs. Wilson said In neply to
a Question.
"A woman Is Just ss cspable of be
coming a lawyer as a man." declared
Omaha's modern Portia. ' Women are
tucceedlng In all lines of business, and
there Is no reason why they should not
succeed In the professions."
It was suggested that Omaha women
James Keenan Dreams of Gold Three
Nights in Row and Then the
Strike Occurs.
Tor the last three nights dreams
01 sold all around blm have dis
turbed the slumbers of James Kee
nan, 1638 South Twenty-eighth
street, a foreman at the Armour
packing plant.
At breakfast Thursday morning
he was suddenly greeted by Mrs. A.
S. Midlam, a neighbor living at 1543
South Twenty-eighth street, who
rushed Into the bouse with a copy
cf The Bee and pointed to a front
page article about a rich placer gold
strike In the Black Hills.
, The reported bonanxa proved to be
within six miles of a number of gold
claims owned by Keenan, his son, Joseph
H. Keenan, and T. J, O'Brien, the latter
two being manager and proprietor re
spectively, of the Henshaw hotel.
"At last my dreams have come true,"
the elder Keenan exclaimed. "The Black
Hills country Is coming Into Its own
Other Omsktsa Have Claims.
He plans to go to the Hills soon with
other Omahsns who have mining Inter
est Quite near the location of the big
strike. Among other Omahans who have
gold claims near the reported rich mine
are: Herbert Keenan, freight solicitor
for the Northwestern railroad In Omaha;
T. F. Maloney, retired, Tark avenue and
l'aclflo streets; members of the Coad
family of this city; and the father ot A.
B. Hall of the Omaha smelter.
Considerable . gold hss already been
taken from the Keenan claims, Joseph
II. Keenan says, and he wears a ring
made from placer gold secured by his
fsther on one of the claims. The elder
Mr. Keenan lived for many years In the
Pactola dlatrlct of the Black Hills, and
with his sons and T. J. O'Brien, he now
owns fifteen claims of twenty acres each.
just six miles west of the Terry Lodge
strike reported In current press dis
patches. He says he believes firmly In dreams,
and considers his recent dream of guld
a sure Indication of the richness of his
Black Hills gold claims. He has been
twins In Omaha with his daughter, Mrs.
Oeorge Alwlne, for some time, but now
wants to return to th Hills and work
bis gold holdings some more. .
Ir. Richard Wyche of New York City,
president ot the NaUonal Story Tellers'
league, will come to Omaha about De-
"Gcts-lt" for Corns,
SURE as Sunrise!
Any trn. With "tJeta-lt" on It, Is an
Absolute "Uniier!"
Yes, It's th simplest thing In the world
to get rid of a corn when you use HJets
II,' th world's greatest eorn-rtdder.
Heally. It's almost a pleasure to have
corns juat to see thero come oft with
Oata-IV rte Your Faat U Clover.
"Oata-It." It Juat tooeen th corn from
the true flaah. eaally. and then makea It
coin "clean off." iX hour enda corn
for ke(. It makea the uae of tape.
corn-atjueesing Iwndagea. I r r Itaiing
aalvea, knives, eclaeora, and rasora really
kouk ridiculous. Ul rtd of tnoss corns
quickly, suraly, IiainlrjMly ju.t eailly
aith ""lela-lt." V'or wart and bunions,
too. It's th. 10th century way.
"U.ta-It" la sold by all drug-tts. JSC
a bottl., or Mut direct by K. Unnc A
Co., Chicago. Sold In Omaha and r.
commendMf aa the world's beat corn rem
edy by bh.nuan A McOonneU Drug- Co. 'a
vV,' ' W
! 1 i
i : irrf.j 1
w"'e. -P.i. Mr, ,t y -vt, Jt-- ' . -.J
hl" " "
should find In Mrs. Wilson an especially
stdent advocate of their legal rights, but
she declared men clients would be as wel
come In her offices as those of tho gentler
cember I or to give a talk tinder the
auspices of the local Story Tellers' league
named for him, the Wyche. MIhs Abigail
Manning Is president and Miss Mary
Krebs, se"rctary-treasurcr of the Wyche
lesgue The plan is to have the lecture,
open to the public.
Has Close Escape
When Auto Hit by
. Train at Crossing
R. O. Mr Panel. 6:4 ftouth Sixteenth
street, was hurt, but escaped serious In
Jury, when an auto which he was driving
was struck Tuesday afternoon by Union
I'sclflo train No. at the Sarpy crowing
on the Millard road. On June 11, J314,
four Omaha people, occupants of an auto,
were struck st this crossing by a train
snd killed. McDanel was Just crossing
th track when his engine choked end he
got out of the car to crank It. No.
ceme along, wrecked the car and hurled
McDanel ten feet He sustained painful
but not serious Injuries.
Breaks Arm When
He Falls Down Stairs
William Oould of Sixteenth and Cuming
streets, fell down stair at 4502 Burt
street and broke an arm, which was at
tended by the police surgeon.
it Is stated that the Injured man had
been attending a party and was in a
hurry to catch a car when he was In
jured. DAUGHTERS 0F.1812 TO
The Daughters of 1813 will present a
flag 'to the sixth grade room at Long
school this afternoon at S o'clock.
Mrs. J. J. Stubbs, the president, will
make the presentation. The frag Is given
to encoursge patriotism In the schoola
Last of the Mohicans, As It Were!
300 pairs or thereabouts. The finer
Shoes for Women; Shoes which sold at
$5.00, $6.00 and $7.00
The styles are recent. These are the Odd Lots left
from this season's active selling. Mostly "BAKER"
makes. Experts to aid you in getting a FIT.
Starts at 8 O'clock on the morning of FRIDAY, the
19th. Remember how we were thrilled when we read
Cooper's "Last of the Mohicans?" This last of the sea
son shoe sale will be a "thriller" also.
Former Omaha Police Officer Passei
Away After Illnei Extending
Over Three Years.
Thomas Hayes, retired lieutenant
of the Omaha police department,
died Thursday morning at bis home,
905 Castelar street. He was 74 years
of age.
He bad been ill ever since his re
t.rement from the force over three
ears ago and his death had been ex
pected since an attack several days
ago, when a blood vessel In bis bead
He had been living with his son, John,
sines his wife died three years sgo, and
Is survived by one other son, Thomas, of
thlt city. .
l ieutenant Hayes csme to Omaha In
lSriH from the soath, as a private In the
army, in which he served seventeen
years. He is a tailor by trade, and it
was In this capacity that he worked
while In the employ of Uncle Sam.
Bhortly after his arrival here he became
a member of the police department. In
time becoming sergvant, then drlllmas-
ter, and finally receiving, the title of
lieutenant, the only officer of that rank
ever serving on the force.
He was an officer of unquestionable
courage, and waa the 'central figure of
many heroic episodes during his twenty-
five years of rervlce with the depart
ment. He was slso for a short period In
the employ of the Union Pacific.
Ladies Will Meet
to Complete Plans
for Christmas Fair
The ladles of tweniy-four churches will
meet Friday momlnir et 10 o'clock In the
small assembly room of the Touna
Women's Christian aasoclut'on to com
plete plans for the seventh annual Christ
mas fair to bo held in the court of tha
Bee building from December to 18, In
This fslr hss come to be looked upon
as a permanent institution by Omaha
ohurch women and Is spoken of very
highly, aa evidenced by th following
extract from one pastor's acceptance. He
says: "We are very grateful to The Bee
Publishing company for Its generosity.
expressed, as It has been for the last six
years. In granting this spaoa to the
women of the different churches of the
No Saloon in Grain
Exchange Building
A rumor' that a saloon was to be opened
on the ground floor of the new Grain
Exchange building at Nineteenth and Har
ney streets, aroused business men and
residents of that neighborhood, many of
whom are opposed to such an innovation.
Secretary F. P. Manchester oi the
Omaha Grain exchange quieted the talk.
however, by denying that the exchange
was considering such a proposition.
"I have not heard a thing about It, and
know that no space has been leased
for a saloon In th new building," he
John Mexican of nowhere and every
where, became Inebriated . Wednesday
afternoon, and in this condition mistook
the Rees Printing company for a national
bank. He entered the place and Insisted
upon depositing 1110 In currency. Finally
he tossed the money to a clerk and left
the building. A police officer was sum
moned and the Mexican was locked up.
yesterday after receiving his savings,
he was discharges with about ll.OOO.uOO
worth of advice aa Interest for his de
posit. er
iX-' -.
--.. j
J ja " ' ' f
1 r S -
a V a
Lieui. Thos.Hayes ,
To Talk of Sunday
Closing of All Meat
and Grocery Stores
Next Monday morning the city council
committee ot the whole will consider the
subject of Sunday closing of grocery and
meat stares
A petition bearing 152 signatures of re
tailers has been received and will be
spread before the committee as evidence
of the desire of these merchants.
Mi Safo1
Just a Little
Is needed to lvca
cenerous quick cleans
(tut lather. In hard or
soft water, for the rea
son It (s economical,
and preferred by many
ivbohave tried It.
Voor Dealer Sens It
Little Jack
Horner Sat
in a Corner
Have you trlod one of our JacK
Horner I'les? Have one for you"
iJInner Tarty It will sare yoi
from all the trouble, bother an!
perplexity usually causel by t i
difficulty of deciding upon taoU
favors for your dinner quests.
Jack Htrner Ties sdd dellelit t'i
any dinner party. They are flt
trd with tiny ribbons which rui
from the mystic Interior of ih
"Pie" to the tilaces at taMe. Th?ti,
when each guest In turn D ill 4 a
rlbhon, a present is drawn front
the pie. You will rcudl y uaue. -stand
how Interesting; it In.
We liave Jack Horner Hie for
nil occasions, for olil end to
young folks, at pr.cts ia,,Kiri
lrom 13.00 to 17.00.
And there are Place Curds. Con
undrum Place Cards. ThMc liaini'S
and all such delightful li tie
things for the Thanksgiving table.
Book and Sta
tionery Store
1620 Harney. Phone D. 3141.
Opposite Boyd Theater.
m Kind I Want!" j
riQ "Mother tried all brands, SC
jrVl She Jknow which Is best tja
(Ofl knotvt bow to get good, QO
(fjej wholesome bakings every fvj .
Kq bake-diT how to aare 'Oj
Kg Baking Powder money k
Kq avoid bake-day sorrows. ST a
KXfl "She like the wonderful 55
MU leavening strength fine DQ
KfCj raising qualities absolute jC
QCj purity great economy of TTi
Kfl "Don't think the Baking R
qq Powderyounowuselibett. jOC
Krjj Try Calumet once find jC's
tStJl out what reobaklngi are." K.4
053 Rc.rd HIsHart Awards
OGj Ainu Cook Booh I ret ry)
Set Slip in Pound Can QC
REr.1Er.1BER 1
When You Reallv Know
You Will Want It
It sdds to th dally food purs -fruit-derived de
ments necessary for health and strength, snd
causes such ailments as a weak stomach, conitl.
patd bowels, run-down nerves, to pais away like
mist befor. the sun. You need it. Th momma
drink will do for you whet no physic, pill, mineral
wstw, oil or enema can do. It is as different from
such things as day is from night. It means aenve
functions, sound digestion, pure blood, wholesome
Skin, raatful sleep, strong nervei, a dear brsin.
You can aspect these results. They will come.
It Is Just What You Need
Your druggist or grocer can get Fruit-Vigor
for you at per far. But if h. won't, tend
St tor ss. ar. or 93 for four lara, to be
snt pr.pald and au.r.nta.d by us.
Haven't read ALL the
new8(until you Lave read
the live items o interest
on the Classified Pages.
There's always so,
thing bright and newsy,
well worth reading.