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fating ristnres Furgess-uranaf.
Boot Print It Now Beacon Pre.
To Sell Beat Xstate lint It with J. H.
Pumont, Ptste Bank Bldg.
"Todaj'e JeTuvle Fporrm" classified
Ttlon todsy. It appeari In The Bee
I'Xl'LCSIVELT. Find out what the va
ikus moving picture theetere offer.
ItaUaa la rlaad Joe Mike. Eighth anl
'lirw strwts. charged with Insulting
women on the street, u arraigned be
fore Judge Foster and fined 140 and
wecrglaa Will Speak Rev. Jesse
Slicrrill of Atlnnta, On., for twelve yeara
proaldent of the College of West Africa,
in Mberia, will apeak Sundny evening at
irove Methodist church. Twenty-second
Bin? Seward streets.
The State Bank of Omaha, corner Six
teenth and Harney, pays FOUR per ceift
on fine deposits and THREE per cent
on savings accounts. All deposits In this
bank are protected by the depositors'
guarantee fund of the state of Ilebraska
teals Wooden lief C. C. Pmlth.
colored. Twenty-third and lrard streets,
appeared at headquarters and reported
that Mabel Woostcn, a colored woman, stolen his wooden leg, valued at $13.
nashlne Gets Bond Charles Sunshine
Bpr4 uniin in ni urn pmin nn " iibi ui'
of wife abandonment. He pleaded not
guilty and was released on bonds fixed
at . The preliminary hearing was
continued one week.
Find Car In Horry Five minutes
before Ray Imbert, 114 North Twenty
sixth street, learned that his auto had
been stols.i. Officer Ollle Faxrand found
the enr, mil recognising the number re
ported the find to the station.
Mock Trial at Benson A mock trial
staged by the Young People'a society of
the English Lutheran church Tuesday
evening followed a church boxaer supper
which the women of the congregation
served. They also served a lunch the
following day during a two days' baaaar
which netted about S100.
Petit Jury Zxotued 'Federal Judge T.
C. Munger Las gone to Sioux Falls, S. D.,
to sit with two other judges on an Injunc
tion case. The petit Jury In the local
division of the federal court waa excused
till next Monday, when the damage suit
of Ellrabe'.h McCoy, administratrix of the
estate of Charles F. McCoy, against the
Missouri Paclflo Railway company for
26.0O will be tried.
Council Urges Une
Scene Be Removed
from Big Picture
Upon request of John Grant Pegs, Rev.
G. O. Logan and Rev. W. T. Osborne,
negro citizens, the city council voted to
urge the management of Brandela thea
ter to eliminate from "The Birth of a
Nation" the scene wherein the negro ser
vant, "Gus," pursues Flora Cameron to
her death at the bottom of a cliff.
The action of the officials became of
regard In the form of a resolution of
fered by Commissioner Jaraine who ex
plained he witnessed these motion pic
tures and his view of the scene in ques
tion coincided with, those of photestanta.
"I think there might be no objection
to the first part of the scene, showing
the girl running away from the spring
when she sees the negro, but I believe
the subsequent chaee and death could be
eliminated, without detracting from the
general excellence of the pictures,"
stated Commissioner Jardine.
Mr. Pegg said he visited the theater
and observed expressions of aroused feel
ings during the presentation of this ob
jectionable scene. He added that thla
particular scene had been eliminated In
most cities where "The Birth of a Na
tion" had been presented.
The mayor explained there is no ordi
nance I" force at this time covering a
situation of this character. An ordinance
Is pending.
Says Everything Posiibls it Being-
Done to Prevent Spread of
Health Commissioner Connell con
tends there is no foundation to state
ments which have been made that
Information regarding diphtheria
and scarlet fever cases In Central
Park, and Monmouth Park districts
have been neglected by his office.
He asks for specific Information on
the subject
Inspector Jensen, he says, has
been detailed to watch the north
west part of the city and arrest any
persons breaking quarantine.
Dr. Connell states that during the last
two weeks only three eases of scarlet
fever have been reported to his office
and no cases of positive diphtheria re
ported during the same period from the
districts mentioned.
Dr. Connell Makes Statement.
The health commissioner dictated this
public statement:
' The charge is unjust and uncalled for
and Is wholly without facts. It Is true
there were some cases of scarlet fever
In the northwest part of the city and
through my endeavors the Board of Edu
cation engaged two nurses who form a
nucleus for larger activities along this
line. These nurses discovered a case of
scarlet fever at Central Park school and
another at Lothrop school a few weeks
ago. It Is reasonable to assume that those
casos spread more or less contagion.
"As for conditions at Central Park dis
trict, I want to state here has not been
an Instance of a contagious disease or
even suspected case reported to this of
fice that has not been attended to within
a fow hours by myvlf or assistant. If
anybody has evidence to the contrary I
want to hear from that person.
Ilea Man to Make Roindi.
"t presume there are some cases now
under quarantine and In some Instanoes
the quarantine regulations may not have
been obeyed strictly. I have a man who
goes the rounds, but I cannot place a
policeman at every house under quaran
tine. "I have been criticised because I have
Insisted upon proper observance of quar
antine and vaccination regulations, but
this Is the first time I have been oen
sured for falling to be striot In tho en
forcement of rules and regulations to
prevent spread of contagious diseases."
U 5. Commerce Expert Urges
Ncbraskans to Study Spanish
"Learn more Fpenlsh, study Spanish,
put courses of Spanish tn your schools."
that Is the advice given Nebraska and
Omaha, by Stanley H. Rose, special
stent of the Buerau of Foreign and Do
meetlo Commerce, who arrived in Omaha
'Herman and French are all right In
the schools for educational and cultural
purposes; but get at It and learn the
commercial languages.
"Here we are with twenty republics
south of us In this hemisphere. Klgh
teen of theni speak Spanish. One speaks
Portugese, and the republic of Haytt
speaks French. Why should we then not
learn Spanish, next to Bngllsh?
"For the very reason that we have neg
lected the study of Spanish we are not
at all ready to build up the trade with
South America that we should. We
haven't nearly men enough to go Into
South America and speak the language
well enough to carry on commerce on
any large scale."
Mr. Rose says while South America Is
a good field that American manufac
turers should look to for an outlet for
their goods. It Is In his opinion not so
good for Immediate market as New Zea
land, Australia and China. "South Amer
ica will be very good, too, for the future,
but I believe the best Immediate pros
pect now Is China, Australia and New
Zealand," he said. "South America is
not so well fixed financially just now as
to be able to do as much buying as we
should like."
Mr. Rose came to Omaha from Lincoln,
where he has just been attending the
meeting of the Nebraska Manufacturers'
association. He Is on a junket now,
traveling over a large part of the United
States, meeting manufacturers personally
and giving them Information gathered by
the government of interest to their par
ticular line of manufacture. He has just
been visiting manufacturers tn New York,
Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and
other states, and Is now on his return
trip to Washington, after which he starts
immediately for a long trip throughout
the southern states.
He Is to speak Friday noon to the
Omaha Manufacturers' association at a
meeting at the Commercial club rooms.
He ts meeting manufacturers personally
and talking over their business with
them. He has with him a trunk full of
Information regarding markets of the
world for goods of various lines. He has
Judge fyiles War
Widow Cannot Get
Mother's Pension
The petition of Mrs. Louise Saco and
her three small children, left destitute
since Joe Saco, the husband and father,
was called to the colors by Italy, for a
pension for their support, was rejected
by District Judge Leslie On the ground
that they are not cltlsens of the United
Statu. ,
The Italian government will be asked
by J. M. Leidy, administrator of county
charities, to support the family. The
county has been providing for the mother
and children through the ordinary chan
nels of relief and will continue to do so
until other aid Is secured.
Mothers' pensions will not be awarded
In Juvenile court for the benefit of sol
diers fighting in the European war, ac
cording to tho precedent established by
Judge Leslie's ruling.
i"- . - ''JJ- V
long llate of dealers In the various coun
tries so that a manufacturer may get
lists of dealers In his particular line pre
paratory to circularising them.
Mr. Anna waa areatlv Interested In what
little haa thus far been done toward es
tablishing river navigation on a section
of the Missouri river out of Omaha. He
said, too, that Omnha and Nebraska oc
cupy a peculiar position In the matter of
commerce, being so far from the sea
board, "but." he anld, "they have done
wonders In a short time and I see that
this Is a wonderful state and Omaha a
wonderful city with a great future. I
can see It no other way."
Democrats Try to
Agree On Dr. Hall
In an effort to save some state office
for a democrat In the election next fall,
leaders of the party are trying to agree
on Dr. P. L. Hall of Lincoln as a com
promise candidate for governor.
"We don't believe Morehead can make
It again," one leading democrat said,
"and we have about agreed on Dr. Hall"
as a man that could draw the votes from
the various factions of the party."
The movement for Dr. Hall comes
largely from the antl--Bryan faction, al
though Dr. Hall Is a Bryan man and
was a pro-Bryan and pro-Wilson national
committeeman from Nebraska.
Nevertheless so desperate do the demo
crats consider their chances for success
in 1910 that they are ready to agree to
any kind of a compromise that would
ueom to promise a sliver of hope to cling
to in the whirlpool.
R, R. Kimball Leaves
Estate of $75,000
'Me will of the late R. R. Kimball, filed
for probate in county court, disposed of
an estate valued at ITa.Ctfi. The entire
it, conic la to be paid ti the widow until
i he two children become of age, when
Mrs. Kjnhall will receive one-half and
it-.c liiildren the remainder. Thomas It.
Kimball. Omaha architect, brother of the
dead man, la named executor. The chil
dren src. Thomas L.. aged 18, and John
L., gU 11 years.
Anaoyla Pall Toagk.
The first dose of Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Hcr.ey
will help you. It kills the cold
g rni. Only 2dc. All druggists. Adver-
Henry Payne Whitney, the many times
millionaire of New York, passed through
Omaha yesterday on his way to the
coast. He stopped long enough to get
aonie Omaha literature from the Bureau
of Publicity and the railroad offices, and
to say that Omaha is a wonderful city.
Street Cars Bump
Each Other on North
Twenty-Fourth St.
Two street cars on Twenty-fourth
street, near Michigan avenue, scraped
as they passed each other, wHh the re
sult that the sides were torn from the
cars and several passengers were slightly
Injured by broken glass.
The condition of the paving of Twenty
fourth street has been a source of an
noyance to the city commissioners as
well as the street railway oompany for
some time. The pavement has been or
dered relald and it Is probably due to the
bad condition of the track that the ac
cident happened.
The conductor of the south-bound car
reported that but one person was hurt
by the broken glass.
Florence Laborer
Diesin City Cell
Thomas Clark, laborer of Florence, was
found dead in a cell at the police station
early Thursday morning by the turnkey.
Clark was arrested Wednesday after
noon on a charge of drunkenness and
begging on the streets. During the even
ing he complained of heart trouble.
Coroner Crosby took the body to the
Baal Habits.
Those who breakfast at I o'clock or
later, lunch at IS and have dinner at (
are almost certain to be troubled with
Indigestion. Tney do not allow time for
one meal to digest before taking another.
Not less than five hours should elapse
between meals. If you are troubled
with indigestion correct your habits and
take Chamberlain's Tablets, and you may
reasonably hope for a quick recovery.
These tablets strengthen the stomach and
enable it to perform Irs functions natu
rally. Obtainable everywhere.- Advertisement.
The Chalco cutori en the Burlingtoa),
connecting the Omaha-Lincoln Una with
the Ashland-Sioux City line, will not be
constructed this year. The contract 'of
the grading on the Chalco cutoff waa let
last spring and work was about to be
commenced when the wet weather of
early summer set In. Then work was
called off until the ground dried up, and
now a further postponement has been or
dered. '
The proposed cutoff is about twelve
miles in length. It leaves the Burlington
n.aln line Just west of Chalco In the
northern part of Sarpy county and runs
northwest through Douglas county, con
necting with the ttlou City line at Yutan
in Saunders county.
Resolutions of regret fer the death of
the late John Dale, passed by the Omaha
Church federation, are in part as follows:
Resolved. That in the death of John
Dale the Omaha Church federation haa
lost a valuable member, a wise coun
sellor sud a tireless, faithful worker.
That our rlty has lost a loyal. Intelli
gent cltlsen, whre devotion to the rm im
of better government and a "Qraaler
Better Omaha' was admired by all who
knew him.
That we extend to his fsmlly our sin
cere sympathy. We are comforted with
them and all who knew him In the ri h
heritage of his noble, useful life. "We
sorrow not as those who have no heps."
Anti-6aIoon League Will Keep Rec
ord of Opinion of Every Man
Who it Registered.
Every voter la Omaha and Doug
las county, and hli name, age, na
tionality, religious preference and at
titude toward the liquor question,
are to be catalogued by the local
office of the Antl-saioon league. A
now filing ease has been Installed by
District Superintendent F. A. High.
jNames and details concerning the
voters of Greater Omaha already
have been obtained by the office
from the election commisBloner's
c'ficc. A separate canvass is to be
Made In the country precincts.
More than 160 members of young
people's societies of seven churches
cf Omaha have volunteered to fill
cut the cards for the filing case.
They will begin to work evenings
lthln a short time.
Petitions t'lrealated.
The Antl-Baloon league will make a
greater effort In next year's state-wldo
prohibition fight than It has ever made
In any of the numerous contests In which
it has engaged.
At thla time also initiative petitions
seeking to bring the state-wide prohibi
tion question to a popular vote In im
are being circulated.
Itat Sunday these petitions were taken
Into most of the churches of the city,
and hundreds of signatures were ob
tained. The league must have about 40,000 sig
natures to place the proposed constitu
tional amendment upon' the ballot for
191. Mr. High says they expect to get
16,000 signatures In Douglas county. There
are about 30,000 voters registered In
Oreater Omaha.
Mark M. Orass of Chicago, charged
with embe ailing $807 from the Omaha Fi
nancial company on January 14, 1013, was
arraigned In police court and bound over
to the district court with bonds fixed
at 11.000.
Austrian Aeroplane
Drops Five Bombs
Into Belluno, Italy
BELLUNO, Italy. Nov. 17.-(Vla Parts,
Nov. 18.) An Austrian aeroplane threw
five bombs on the city at o'clock this
morning, but only one of them exploded.
Three persons wece slightly Injured. No
material damage was done.
The report of the aerial raid on Bel
luno apparently clears up the Rome dis
patch sent out last night by the Stefanl
News agency, whloh said sn "Austrian
aeroplane appeared over the city" at I
o'olook and dropped five bombs.
The name of the place bombarded was
not given and It was Inerred the dis
patch might refer to Rome.
Bedduno Is on the Plave, fifty-one miles
north of Vsnloe.
The Price She Paid for Lydia
Which Brought
Good Health.
Danville, Va. "I have only spent ten
dollars on your medicine and I feel so
mucft Detter man i
did when the doctor
waa treating me. I
don't suffer any
bear Lug down paloa
at all now and I sleep
well. I cannot say
enough for Lydia E.
Plnkhem's Vegeta
ble Compound am)
Liver Pills as they
have done so much
for me. I am enjoy.
lng food health now and owe It all to
your remedies. I take pleasure in tell
ing my friends and neighbors about
them." Mrs. MATTIB Haley, 601 Col.
qubone Street, Danville, Va.
No woman suffering from any form
of female troubles should lose hope an
til she has given Lydia EL Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound ft fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
Ingredients of which are derived
from native roots and herbs, has for
forty years proved to be a most valua
ble tonic and Invlgorator of the fe
male organism. Women everywhere
bear willing testimony to the wonderful
virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
If yon hare the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound will help you, write
to Lydia IlPinUham MediclneCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mas for ad
vioe. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held In strict confidence.
Engineer is Eun
Over by Automobile
Bmli Carlson, engineer at a hotel at
Thirteenth and Jackson streets, was
struck by an automobile at Seventeenth
and Davenport streets.
The police are searching for the driver,
who Is said to have sped on after strik
ing Carlson, who suffered vstious
Ths Injured man was cared for by the
police surgeons. ,
Commissioner JCugel will recommend '
to the city commissioners that petitions
be circulated to raise SM additional
money asaeeaarr eacMre Use seiease eg
Artie HaJser, sllegtrd luuiuu,. .
H. Smith, now being held by the Wichita
It has been stated that the Wichita
authorities will turn Hausor over to
Omaha upon payment of 11.500 reward
The Omaha reward was twOO,
2S, WO, $15 nd up.
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