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lb VCK - I MOT
4, J I f 4
Biilway Share i Are Almoit the Only
Redeeming' Feature of
KBW YORK. Nov. 11-iUllway shares
were almost the nly ied-mln feature
rf today's irregiilir and professional mar
ket, these Issues dtsplsylng general
strength and a broader Imiulry, after an
early perod of hesitancy. Krle m the
moat active stork In tna hat end ad-
a need to 464a, It highest price In
a I meat a decade. Unlm Pacific's steady
rlseof almost three polnla, to 14m. the
t p Quotation of the vear, stimulated a
demand for such stocks aa St. I'sul,
Ureal Northern. Rending, Lehigh Vallfy
and New Haven, which were higher by
on to two points.
There were sporadic iralna In the war
and semi-war descriptions, aa well aa
automobile and sugsr atocka, and United
Fruit, but preaaiire upon theae Issues ti
vartably waa followed bv reveraala. Mer
cantile Marine preferred, which recently
waa elevated on extravagant eatimatea
t earnings for the current year, reacted
three point to 7V
Coppers failed to make appreciable
progress In eplte of another advance in
tha metal to li1 centa, the third upward
revlalon In a week'a time. There waa
further ad vera criticism of the Guggen
helm dissolution plan.
Cnited States Steel waa the largest of
the short Intereata. and RethUthem Hteel
ran red -'tween 490 and 474, rloaliiK at 4KB,
a gain of five polnta. In irnneral. ape
rlaltlea of all kind a susgeated an la.
creasing lack of publle Interest. Trading
waa dull except In the first hour, with
total en lea of CSS.WIO aharea.
T A tret developmenta In tha European
alt nation, particularly tha crlala In tha
Haitians, contributed meaaurably toward
tha heavier tone of International laauea
In I,ondori. That center waa attain a
aeller here. Home of Ita liquidation being
ascribed to continental Intereata. Virtual
completion of tha New British eommer
laj credit had a favorable effect on
sterling exchange, which rose to Ita beat
rate pf recent weeka.
The weekly statement of the Bank of
Knxland showed a gold loss of about
$.o.ja. with a reduction of liabilities
and reserves and a moderate decrease In
total reserves. The Bank of France
gained about SS.OuO.ooO gold, with a sub
stantial Increase of Ita note circulation.
Iionda wore firm to strong, with a fair
request for convertible Issues. Total
pr ,u. aggregated $5,4,OK
United Htatea registered Is and 4a ad
anced H per cent on call.
Number of aales and leading quotation
on stock were a follow:
Saiaa. HlrV tx. Close.
la Ooi
Amrifun Het BHt&.,tt
Aawiicaa w ,
Aaiertraa tocfmiMlve
Aaxrlraa ti. ai R
Am. R. 4k IV jM
Aa. titnr Rerftilna
Amarloaa Tel a Tat
Amertma Tohareo
Anarn4e Vntrmr
fulrivla IMiantle ....
lultiatara 4k otilo
BMbletiani Kuwl
hrunhlra lUtjitd Tratwlt.,
t'alilorma leirolauaa
l aaadlan P.
niral ImIw ,
I heaaiaaaa a Ohio. ,
!! G. W
t)lrS 11. t. P....
laa N. W.
bi.eso. IC I. P. Hy.
htna rper ,
V,lnnil Kvl 4 Ima...
craclbta Rm
!" H. O. ,14
I'latillm' tkwarUlas ...
Unral Eiarla
Oraet Nortlxra ptd
lra No. t)r nil
Ouaaenhrlm Kiplunuloa.
"4 11(4
. I.oe
, 1H. KM
h ill
I nr, imv4 I rut
i.KO H W14. n,
1. Ita) V"H4j iiiisl km
1." e w
1.400 4Wi 4T4
i.nn m iiu
1.7WI IW14 1MV4 IUS
, lt.aa)
' ittiie
, Ik
1 ;,
nilaola oatral MM m
InlerlKin.aah loa. tor,.. 4.XA) 11
IntM-iMkllfNtal HarvaatM!
Kokus I'm Bouihara..,.
Ihlt Vilr
Iaivlll a Nl.hrllU....
Mexi'aa Pi roi.wa
M4. i
1 too
ailaml Capimr
MlMourl, K. 4V T. sfd..
UIourl l-Klfle ,
N!hal HiMalt
National .tut
Marada ppor
Now York 'ontral
N. V . N. H H
!r!k a w(ra
N.wihern Parltlo
Cat Ida Mall
Cat-Hie Tol. Si Tal
Cullaiaa Calaoa Car.,.,
ft ay t'oa. i'vwr ,
Hopiikllo ima a ul..
Riiuihoni CoA-lfto ,
rtuthere Kallwar
etudohAaar (Vaipaay .,
Teaooain 4'pior .....
Toiaa Cotrpan ,
1'nKaa Cawlria
t'nma Parltlo pit ,
I altoe Hiaioa HtooL...
I'. S. Stool pld
t'ta Oppor ,
V ootora t'alaa
a oatiitakottoa Bloctrta
afouuuta Cowvr
.auaral Motor
WotaYoh fct ....,
4u 74
4. am
1 r
7 ! Ila at
I li nt
n natj ,,,,,
...... .... .... 44
i.un 'iiu uii
law it;v, im, int
10 t
11 an ti
like im
US 11(4
11 111
S4 aaat
ll Mr HI im
too r,J
M, 141 lll 141
, M eua r,
, I. a II
II. :
ll'ti Mis
, I.PtW
, 1 TUB Jt
I.4U0 tuix
Total taJos for too dar. TM.ant akaras.
Laveal earltlea.
Qoolatloaa niralokod by lira, Brlakor A IVa
44 Omaha NaltoaaJ Bank kulldla. Oaa.ha
Aam. Saeltora Sorojitloa f4 A m'vi A'a.?
i'tty Nolluaal bulldLaa, T Bar east e(4- .,
looro A Co., pt4 1 iz
ratranotit Ceaaouorf pfd tj
lok klukbor Co., 7 par seat lot sfd. .lot
horald Uaudlas. 4 par 0004 pti a
Now 04 lo lot. pfd ,
(xaaba a rooacll Blata St. Mr ft.... 1
boau Couacii Blurts Hj. a a. ate. aa
fetalo Bonk ml Uaaaaa lit
koltl A Company ,a
taiua Slack tarda tUook
Aoaio-Kroark f Bar aoat sotaa. IM ... T
(joranaa Uovora't f aor aoot BBlaa. ItM
I.Kaia Tol a Tol. oa. 13 at
Mor-ao.nto lloat lJ,U ta. ttXt ti
Cxnoha Wotor 4a, ItU u
,oaona .' tUutra ax By. ta, 1H4 ... M
Oaaaa Uoa as. 111 pa
Iowa hallway 4k Local to. 1M1 ....... M
Ka Ouud Nooeaaaa 4a. 1M m
kioos City Stock Yaeaa ta. 1M4 to
Moua raiia a. u . aa, l3t
Taaraua CovatT Nok. ta. UM
.! !t4
I aloa atook Taida. S Oaaaka, ta. lal past p2
Wuaita I aioa kiua Tama sa, 1(4..., p lav
wtowiaa camaty aKaooia. ta.
Uadea Sloefe Market.
iyN'rxj.V. Nov U Except for a mod
ri s mount of buaiita in the lower
irwd tiatuars on the sttH-k markoi, Anu r
.r. svi uriiles weie dull and inclined to
di'""D on ti rit) in eachaiiiga.
Ml.Vr K bar. H UIM; per o'lnca.
MNt-y 4' ..r -nt. I acount rates, tva par ceui; months, 4 mt
I U - I
Much Talked-Of Battle Between the
Rival Eleveni Will Be Staged
at Luxus Park Sunday.
The Columbiana and Nonpareil
hare finally come to terms and will
lattlA on tha gridiron at Luxus park
Both teams have been anxious for
a game this fall, but Qulgler and
lynch, managers of the Columbians
end Nonpareils, respectively, could
not agree on terms. After many
heated conversation battles Qulgley
finally gave in and accepted the
terms provided by Lynch.
The grudga existing between tha
Columbians and Nonpareil I of long
standing. Several player .on the 1913
championship Columbian team Jon led the
Nonpareil this year, with tha result that
they ar anxious to lick their former
team-mates, while those .who remained I
with tha Columbians are equally eager.!
to trounce tha deserters. -
Tha Nonpareil are leading tha Class
A field to data. They handily defeated
the Monmouth Parka and the Park de
feated tha Columbiana. But the Colum
bian ar e pec ted to put , up a setter
game against Lynch' warrior than
they did against tha north side eleven,
and tha betting on tha combat Is about,
Both team have been practicing hard
all week and will continue to do so the
remaining day before the game. No
matter who win, it Is certain to be one
of the beat amateur foot ball game ever
stated In Omaha. Women will be ad
mitted to the gam without admission
Nebraska Wesleyan
is Preparing for
Homecoming Day
UNIVERA1TT PLACE. Neb., Nov. 18.
(Special.) There was a feeling of keen
disappointment In the Coyote camp for
a few hour last Saturday when word
waa received from the athletlo board ai
the University of Wyoming stating that
tha Wyoming foot ball team would be
compelled to abandon Ita Nebraska trip
lor financial reavson ,aa it had failed to
make arrangement with another team
which It had exoected to meet nn that re
turn trip. Tha authorities here, however,
wired an additional guarantee and hive
received reply that they will be hers lor
tha gam on Friday nest
Some of tha Wealeyentte ' who hare
been on the hospital squad for two or
three) weeka ar rounding Into form,' and
with the exception of Johnson the Coy
otes should be able to present their
strongest lineup. The team are about
evenly matched. Judging from compara
tive scores, and barring bad weather the
attendance should be tha largeat that has
ever, witnessed a game on Johneon field,
aa It la home comlrvv day.
Elaborate plana are being made to en
tertain tha alumni, former students and
friend who will rlock to University Place
on the annual home coming occasion.
Senior recognition eternises and addresses
by prominent alumni will occupy the
chapel hour, at noon an a la cart lunch
eon will o served, at 1:10 there will be
free moving picture for the visitor In
the Auditorium, at t o'clock will occur
the toot ball gam with the University
of Wyoming and In the evening tha an
nual foot tall banquet in tha First Meth
odist Episcopal church.
Tickets ar now on saia for th tstecher
Huaaana match at Lincoln on Thanks
giving day and judging from tha demand
at me aiercnant hotel there will be quit
a bunch to go from thl city. Dan Gavin
nas maa arrangements with th Burling
ton to run a twenty-flv car special,
leaving Omaha at 1 o'clock. That th
Chicago men who want to ba 4 k.
Turk can easily be accommodated la
snown ty tna statement of Pet Loch
who sent word to the aoorttnar editor nt
The Be that h bad 600 to bet at two
to on on Steelier.
Th tlOO that Loch Dotted with Tna Tlaa
as guarantee for a tU bet that he had
a man right here in Omaha who could
throw Strangler La aria, haa not been
Covered and tho money has beea re
turned. lwui was In Omaha last week
and although his attention was called
to th offer he did not jover th for-
llavvard Haa Nat Edge.
CAMBRIDGE, Mas.. Nov. 17. A few
houra ater (Viech llauahtnn .t h
Harvard toot bail team had heard that
cnwnini weuia not oe available for the
ante with VaJe. becua of scholastic
uiu.-utiira, 11s ioig a mass nirtmg tt
Bludttuta ton.hl that neat CMtturtlay'
I sou wa an even tuaiuiy preptteiuou.
Copyright, International
News Service. Ktglalered U.
8. Patent Office.
I TToTrrTroTra flrnia''r1 io
Off for Lincoln to
Meet Cornhuskers
IOWA CITY", la., Nov. lg.-(Special )
Twenty-five sturdy Hawkeye gridiron
warrior, accompanied by the entire
coaching and training rt-tlnue and tha
first and second freshmen elevens, leave
Iowa City tonight for IVncoln, whore they
battle tha Cornhuskers Bsturdoy In the
concluding game of the year. The stu
dent body held a monster mas meeting
on Iowa field this afternoon a a parting
exhortation to the team.
Tha players w'ho will make the trip
ar Captain Harron, Uowlesby, Jacjbsen,
Fosdick, Davis, McKee, Oross, Oarrett-
aon, Kerwlck, Itun, Donnelly, Hoi men,
Orubb, Blackburne, Tripplett. Ollllland.
Hands, Jenkins, Mendenhall. Scott, Dun
can, Wyland. Petersen and Barber. In
addition Coaches Iiawley, Kent and
Adam, Trainers Watson and Mann and
Coaches Brueckner and Ounderaon of the
freshmen eleven will make the trip.
The Howkcye went through the final
scrimmage drill of the year on Iowa field
yesterday afternoon. With the exception
of Oarrettaon, whose place was filled by
Scott, tha varsity lineup was Intact. For
over an hour tha regulara tussled with
the first year men. The freshmen, using
Nebraska formation, were unable to gain
consistently against Hawley'a men and
were repeatedly tosstd for losses. The
Hawkeyes, on tha other band, were also
weak on offense and fumbled continually.
They were able to register but three
touchdown In the long scrimmage.
Davl featured the practice with a
forty-yard run to a touchdown, after re-
celvlng a twenty-yard pas from Grose.
Uross also broke loose a couple of time
for sensational daahe.
Harvard Offers Ten
to Eigth on Yale
Game Saturday
CAMBRIDGE, Ma., Not. 1,-The
hard campaign of preparation for tha
Tal game ended, the Harvard foot ball
team Is prepared to receive the applause
of tha undergraduates In tha stadium
late today, With the sober elation becom
ing to a successful army, which haa yet
before It the crucial battle. The students,
less cautious In their expressions of con
fidence, rallied to give the players an
enthusiastic send-off to their retreat on
Tynga Island, in tha Marrimao river,
where they will seek complete relaxation
until Saturday.
In spit of th warning of Coach
!aughton that tha chances In tha game
should be regarded a even, many beta
were placed at 10 to t on Harvard. Tha
general expectation seems to be that
Tale will niaJts a sharp, bruising attack,
which must be met by more scientific
defense. Interact la especially keen In
tha prospective kicking duel between
Mahan and Guernsey.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. It Th
Tale .foot ball team and substitutes, a
quad of about forty, left today for tha
gam with Harvard on Saturday at Cam
bridge, The men will go to Auburndale,
Mass., leaving there Saturday for Sol
diers' field. They were given an en-
thualaatlc. send-off. practically tha entire
atudent body being at the station to
cheer them a tha train pulled out.
Omaha High Plays
Sioux City Today
Coach Mulligan was still undecided last
night who would start in several posi
tion when Omaha High clashes with the
Sioux City eleven at Rourke park this
afternoon. Those who probably will start
th battle ar: Nichols and Daugherty,
ends; Grove and Crowley, tackle; Payn
ter and Mason or Cohan, guards; Krogh.
center; Neville, quarterback; Welrich and
Logan, halfbacks, and Peterson, fullback.
It la not certain whether Smith will work
at a halg or at an end. Beard, tha regu
lar center, who received a dislocated
collarbone and numerous minor Injuries
at North Platte, will be unable to play.
"Chuck" More arty, th speedy halfback,
will be unable to play on account of an
Injured leg.
Not much I known of th Bloux. and
Coach Mulligan Is making no prediction
on th outcome. Th Sioux were able
to core on tha tinooln High team early
in th year. Although this was more
than Omaha was able to do, It gives no
real Hn on their ability.
A big mass meeting was held In the
school auditorium yesterday morning.
Coach Mulligan, tha Girl Booaters' aiea
club, th high school cadet band and
Warren Howard, a former Omaha High
school and Nebraska university foot ball
star, war tha headltnere.
Jack Ness Signs
White Sox Contract
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. Not. ll-Jack
Naaa, first baseman of th Oakland club.
Coast league and holder of the world's
record for hit made In consecutive
S antes, haa algned a contract fur next
year with thl Chicago American league
club, according to a atatajsent of Danny
Dong, representing tbe Chkago club,
made publlo today.
eVS-- A A .
Offenam Play of Delamatre'a Pu
pils Wins Against Heavier
Opponents, 19 to 14.
In a game replete with spectacular
play, the University of Omaha foot ball
eleven humbled the strong Tarklo, Mo.,
team yesterday at Chi Is Lyck park 1J
a 14. Though slightly outweighed the
Omaha squad put up an offense that
brooked no opposition. Omaha gained
consistently on open style of play, two
of their touchdowns being the result of
aerial passes. The Scarlet and Black
also hammered the Tarklo line with
good results, Bruce Adams. Leach and
iplllanv plowing through for their
yarda when the occasion required.
The Mlssourlans repeatedly opened up
on forward passes, but the perfect work
of Omaha' ecnndary defense made It
Impossible for the visitors to have but
momentary success at this style of play
Game Fast at tart.
lng. Tarklo reeled off noveral long
passes In the first period, but after that
Omaha Intercepted the ball for long
run. Neither side resorted much to
booting, preferring to loose the ball on
line play or Incompleted forward passe.
Tho contest started off In whirlwind
fashion for the Mlssourlans. On in.
klckoff the visitors carried the ball to
tha center of the field and by straight
root nail worked It to Omaha's ten-yard
Hn. On the next play Grimm was
shoved over for Tarklo's first touch
down Ust four minute after the aama
started. McCoy kicked goal.
Tarklo's second touchdown Mm.
after, when Lunnan plowed through for
a ten-yara smash after the ball had been
worked rapidly toward Omaha's godl.
Th local found It Impossible to stop
the onrush of the visitor In thl quarter
Time and again tha Tarklo back came
tearing through Omaha' line. In thl
quarter the Mlssourlans had the Omaha
contingent bested in every, department
of tha game. All of Tarklo' point were
mint in thl quarter.'
Reversal ta Second.
Omaha had a reversal of form in ih
eoond quarter. Duncan received th.
ball on the klckoff and 4.
twenty yards. Sullivan reeled off tew
more with a wide end run. Ad.m."... 1
off five mors bv sklrtln, .h" i
ana umtnt was on their way to a
touchdown. Tarklo held On thole aovoM-
yard line for two downs. On th next
piay uapiain ruc with a tackle back
Play waa shoved through the line for
Omaha's first score. Omaha lost Its
K. , , . .. . ' v
Se!n .v. v ' ka.,Ck When Ada,M
dropped tha ball on the punt out The
period ended with the ball in tho -.t--
of th field.
Though Tarklo had tha ball In Omaha'
" itt wiiwnai
terrltorw several tim.o t- .a.
- an second .
nalf. Omaha had the better of th argt
ment- Tarkln hid l - , .
- , v v,. H iiumuer or
time to booting, and a-alned tin
but twlc on atralgh foot ball.
Second Score fop Omaha.
Toward the cloae of the third quarter
Adam made Omaha's second touchdown
wlth a sensational run around l-ft a
fop forty yards, through a field of Tarklo !
played. Leach kicked goal.
Th last period found Omaha ad van- '
clng th. ball at a rapid rate toward the
visitors' citadel. Short snappy m '
and wide end run. completely daisied
the vlaltora. Om.h. T.kin. 1. . , I
looforathirty-vardrun '"k 1
loose for a thirty-yard run. Leach kicked
goai. ine contest ended with th oval
on Tarklo's forty-yard line.
For th locals Adams and Sullivan did
th best work. Both th halfback were
consistent ground gainers and Invariably
made their yard when called upon to
perform. The long apectacular run of
th two halve were the feature of the
gam. Leach at fullback also did good
work, especially on the defensive. On
th line Captain' Bruce, DeBolt and
Dutcher showed up well. DeBolt and
Dutcher- tackle spilled many of th
visitors' plays before they were well un
der way.
Urlaash a (.roaad tialaer.
Grimm showed up well for Tarklo. The
hard-hitting full wa the most consistent
ground gainer. In the last quarter while
making a tackle he suffered a broken
nos and was replaced by Orr. Lunnan
also waa In tha limelight, hi hard tack
ling preventing Omaha from adding to
Its score.
The contest was unusually fast and well
played. Both teams played clean, steady
foot ball. Th line-up:
vr ait a
Korbmaker C.
iSelbert R.U.
Da Holt N..U11
Uruc (c) R.T.
Dutcher L.T.
Callahan H.K.
in laimatre u
Adams Rll
hulllvan L.H.
eraon '
, '
n'VT sMoCoy
r.U..... Grlniin
L.H B.ird
enkaj UK
lIV IQialn Lunran ror jenks, Orr for
Grimm. Touchdowns: Adams t, Bruoe.
Ortnim, Luunan. lioals kicked: Ieach
McCoy J. lieferee: Hud Kerna. Bellta
ue. Umpire: t'harl-a Thomas. Omiht.
ea.l linraman: Morev t'ohn, Owaha,
7Uus of quaiurs; U minutes.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
Kansas Trying to
Get Lined Up for
the Missouri Game
LAWRENCE, Kan., Nov. IS. -(Special.)
Practice for the coming Missouri game
began on Monday of this week. Prac
tically every member of the Kansas team
who opposed the Cornhuskers la In a
bruised or stiffened condition. Early
practice of the week came nearer being
drills in calisthenics than foot ball. Real
: work was begun Wednesdsy and will con
; tlnua until tha day before Thanksgiving.
! The Kansas quad 1 In bad shape, and
.practice thus far has been extremely
ragged. Reber has a wrenched knee, sus
tained In Saturday's game, and may be
I unable to play against Missouri. Croft's
1 malaria Is bothering him again and
I greatly hinder hi effectiveness at guard.
Reedy, who haa a sprained ankle, get
about with difficulty. Ill losa aa a klckar
will be felt.
A possible change In tha backfleld line
up against Missouri was Indicated during
Tuesday's practice when L. Gillespie waa
played at fullback Instead of "Swede"
Nellson, who ha held that position all
year. Captain Tony James would ' not
affirm the rumor that the shift would be
permanent, but admitted that th Kansas
coaches were considering such action.
Lindsay, Fast and Wood will be used In
tha other backfleld positions. Wood's
showing against Nebraska Saturday was
exceptionally brilliant, he being the only
man on th Jayhawker squad who tackled
Chamberlain as though he were not
afraid of him.
Huskers Will Not
Go to the Pacific
Coast for a Game
LINCOLN, Netj.rNov. l&-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Nebraska will not play on the
Paolflo coaat New Tear's day. It was
definitely determined, when Chancellor
Samuel Avery this afternoon received a
telegram from th Pasadena management
withdrawing tha offer t th Corn
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
W AKltTNIfJTOV ftnv 1ILarxu.ol T.lo-
gram.) Max J. Baehr, former American
consul at Berne. Switzerland, was In
Washington today en route to his home
.,T"mnxon ..y tn oul? to bon
?D" "na th Tn"
giving ana c-nrisimaa nouaays witn his
Mrs. Baehr has been in ftenfWa-na
Cuba, since his resignation from the con
sular service, and, having large holdings
there, haa been Interested in develnnlna-
' and managing a tile company which gives
"ouia.Bing a uie company wnicn gives
prom," of b,n verttabla gold mine
for those Connected with the ntrnnralltia
The lata consul tn Rwttaeplantl eolto
today upon the head of th consular
service in the State department, by whom
wrtiLi m itie oiaie department, ny wnon
a. . . . . . ..
"w wo. a iiiuoi graciously receivea. tne uni-
"vra regret being that he could not have
ai. . -t .
"to wtajr ciear to accept tne post at
Rt Mlchala A m, aa-klxh ... a.-,,.-.,
,hlm In the summer.
Mr. Baehr. had he known that the St
Michaels station was In the same class
with Berne, would nmhahiv hovn, ac
,cepted the transfer, but having no knowl-
" to hoW th d8"rtmnt looked
Upon St' MlcHaxel-. tendered his reelgntv-
w .'a. L. EWtpwo mon "aniiy
V? 8U1 deprtmnt n "' '"m
"" "ho spok.
7 B"hr ta th"
nearly twenty years he had been con-
T't?' WUh-
h m. . a l ot 'u5"
Mr. Baehr, after a day or two tn New
Tork. for which city ha left today, will
reach St. Paul In time for th Thanks
giving turkey.
DENVER, Colo., Nov. 11. 8pcleX
A call has been Issued for the convention
of th American National lav Stock
association to meet in El Pain t
January SS to IT. Among tha many sub
ject ior consideration ar:
Ferderal control of publlo grastng
lands; the eto-acr graaing homestead
bill: administration of fureat reserves.
eravdlCAtliin lit rtiloinAiia . .l..
lng of live stock and Ita product; delays
; at terminals; stock yard facll tlea; flnanc-
111a live aioi'a loaua; vaiutiona In railroad
live stock contracts; rharfa for cleaning
and disinfecting- of cars; railroad rales and
service; recent rate casea before the
Interstate Commerce commission:' sup-
fireaalon of the foot and mouth and other
nfectloua d'seeses; sanitary regulations
of different stales, problbiton of the im
portation of live stock an animal pro
ducts from countrlejt where mnial.,iia
,dlaeea exist; inspection of meakt and
ii nn tiuiu mpiKu, iraitiiun or Amer
'rn "va stock owners and rachmen In
Mexico; live stock conditions In foreign
bavrr ' countries; destruction of predatory an-
... Long tct'lmals; exports and import a of live stock
Green nd rn"ts; meat inspatction law: prohlbl-
iita 11a aria wtwainuars onnai , urauvu teitts
latlon; resporta of offtcera and stantung
Us Th Bee' "Swapper" column.
tallraavaa 1st Maw aisle. .
BOSTON, Masa. Nov. 17. "Th pall
roads of the country, from being a peril
and a corruptive force tn politics have
now become the helpless eubleols of gov
ernment communions and too often their
Mt-tuns," t'ultttd states Senator Henry
Cabot Lodg said today.
1 u J ( )
Ed Hanlon Says O'Neill Resigned
Western Loop Presidency After
Compromise Was Effected.
Ed Hanlon. owner of the Sioux City
club and acting pres'dent of the West
ern league, and Frank C. Zehrung, president-elect
of the leag e. rret in Oinaht
Wednesday to make preliminary arrange
ment for Zehrung to take up the affair
of executive of the loop.
Zehrung becomes the active head of the
circuit January 1. Until that time Han
lon will continue a the acting head.
Th election of the Brandels theater
manager waa unanimous, according to
Hanlon, both Isbell and Holland, who
favored retaining O'Neill voting for hlra
when they found Tip's case was hopeless.
Hanlon brings back word from the
San Francisco meeting that O'Neill re
Uned. "Didn't he demand his salary for 191H?"
Hanlon wa asked.
"He did when he first came out," said
the Sioux magnate, more or less evas
ively. "Why tha sudden change of heart after
the declarations of war,' continual the
Comprnanlae Effected.
"Well," saldV Hanlon. "w compromised
with him. That, of course, is Inside stuff
and I couldn't give It out."
Just what the compromise was there
fore remain uncertain. It is thought,
however, that O'Neill did not get his
salary as he originally demanded as th
Insurgent magnates. Including Hani n.
vigorously declared before they went to
the coast that no such concession would
be made to Tip. That Tip lost heart
and came to easy terms when the creden
tial committee gave Pa Rourke th West
ern league seat on the convention floor
Instead of O'Neill, Is th general belief.
la th future there 1U be eight direc
tor of th league Instead of three. Bach
magnate In the loop will be a director.
This last action was taken at the special
meeting In San Francisco In order, to
appeas Isbell and Holland, who were
frossn off th board at the Omaha meet
ing and who put up a lusty howl as a
Not Acquainted Yet.
It will be a case of the magnate lie
lag Introduced to the president they have
Just elected when they hold th meeting
tn Lincoln the first of th year. Only
two of th club owner before yesterday
had ever met Mr. Zehrung, Owner Jone
of Lincoln and Pa Rourke of thl town.
It was a case of Mr. Zehrung beng In
troduced to Hanlon when they met at
th Fontenell laat night.
But this will not make any difference
In handling tha league' business, for
Zehrung Is )ery much Interested in the
success of ths league and probably will
make a visit to each of th town repre
sented before the season starts to liven
up Interest tn ths Western.
"I have no policy except trying to get
everybody to attend the games," sa'd ha
last night. "That will be my aim and I
see no reason why the public, which al
ways likes good ball, should not continue
to patronise It when it la provided. We
have just gone through an unfavorable
season, but with conditions different
there Is no good reason why the attend
ance should not reach the old marks."
Nothing hss yet been said by the mag
nates about the length of th playing
season. It Is quits possible th meeting
New Overcoat
"We have just received some nobby
Young Men's Overcoats like this il
lustration. Box backs, patch pock
ets, velvet collars, 42 inches in length
and in handsome novelty patterns.
They are,a very dressy coat for young
men and are very at- t r flOA
tractively priced at tjlO-ipiCsU
Cooper's Ribbed Under- Ji or
wear, $2.00 value pi3D
This is a high grade, closed crotch
union suit. Splendid fitting, ,heavy
ribbed cotton garment. Just the
weight for winter. Every one knows
what the Cooper quality is. We of
fer the $2 garment this week for $1.35.
at Lincoln January 1 wlllbe aachedule
meeting. Hanlon Is In favor of this If
the others are agreeable.
Penrose Says He Did
Not Authorize Report
His Hat is in Ring
DENTON, Tex., Nov. 18. Boles Pen
roe, I'nlted States senator from Penn
sylvania, made the ftillowing statement
today about reports last night from San
Antonio, Tex., that he would shortly an
nounce his candidacy for the republl-
can nomination for the presidency.
"I have been mentioned for the presi
dential nomination next year, but there
is no authority from me for the state
ment from San Antonio laM night that
my announcement is shortly to be made.
As a matter of fact, there are no candi
dates for the republican nomination yet.
other than the complimentary votes and
boosts for the favorite sons and for
neighboring states' favorite sons, and the
probability now Is that the question of
a nominee will be quite unsolved until
the convention baa acted.
"Rome of the greatest republican presi
dents hava been of such convention
nominations. Lincoln, Grant and Hayes,
not to mention tho others, hav been li
this class."
Senator Penrose was here for a few
minutes during the passage of th.3
Liberty bell today.
Auditorium Ready
for Shrine Work
Ths Auditorium Is all set for the Shrint
ceremonial that will be held there today,
the members of Tangier Temple officiat
ing. Shrino mechanism and Instruments
of torture were installed this afternoon,
and the first floor has every appearance
of a well-regulated Shrine lodge room.
At 10:30 o'clock the ceremonial will be
gin with the Initiation of mor than 10)
candidates, men who have taken the
Scottish Rite degree during th Masonlo
meeting that has been held here this
week. The Initiation will continue all
day, with a short breathing spell for
luncheon at noon. The secret work will
be concluded late In the afternoon and
at 530 o'clock a banquet will be spread.
Following thl and In the Auditorium
there wll be a muslral and literary en
entertalnment, -concluding with a dancn
later In the evening.
Chamberlain's toagh Remedy lloat
Effect aal.
"X have taken a great many bottles
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ani
every time It has cured me. I have
found It most effectual for a hacking
cough and for colds. After taking it it
cough always disappears," write J. R.
Moore, Lost Valley, Ga. Obtainable
everywhere. Advertisement
Genung Funeral
Largely Attended
GLEN WOOD. Ia., Nov. IS. (Special.)
Many prominent men and women from n
distance joined the home friend and
neighbor at th funeral of Hon. L. T.
Genung, which wa held at the family
residence here yesterday morning. Rev.
Mr. Stevenson of the Methodist Episcopal
church conducted the service. An address
waa delivered by Hon. John J. Stone
the man of all other who knew Mr. Ge
nung best.