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8 A
State Board Eas Made Call for Esti
mates of Amount Required
to Fix It Up.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Nov. 13. -(Special.) Plan
have been drawn and a call for estimates
mad by the board In chars of the state
how for the purpose of doing eomethtns
to aare the writ wine of the ancient
trurture from fall In down on top of
the people who are seeking to earn their
bread by the aweat of their browa work
in on the inside,
Thla la something entirely new and un
looked for In atata houae condition. It
haa been known for aeveral year that
the east win of the build Ins waa on the
verse of collapse and considerable money
haa been laid out in an effort to keep the
southeast corner from falling out, the
foundation havlne already settled about
eight Inches, but nobody knew that the
west wing wa in a dangerous condition
mtll about a week ago when a part, of
the foundation In the basement crumbled
and fell Inside. -
Matt- Kept Qolet.
The matter was kept quiet by the board,
but the fact that estimates had been
asked for at the time Indicates that the
board considered the matter serious.
About 178.000 ha been paid out in the
last four or five year on the old shell
In an attempt to get It In condition so
that people who had taken a chance on
av political Job might have a show of
serving their terms without having to
rail on the undertaker. Now It appears
to be a pretty good chance that some
time. If something Is not done pretty
soon, the state may be called upon to
pay heavy damages to the families of
those who some day may be burled In
the ruins of the shaky old building. It
xnay need some such calralty to convince
future legislatures that the state really
need a state house which may not be
taken by visitors to be one of the old
ruins found in Mexico moved to Ne
braska. Phone Consolidation.
U B. Wilson of Columbus and E. M.
Mors man of Omaha, representing the
Bell Telephone company, with C. J.
Garlow of Columbus, representing the
Platte County Independent Telephone
company, were holding a conference with
the State Railway commission this morn
ing looking to a consolidation of the two
companies in Platte county, the Bell
selling out to the Independent
The conference was nothing more than
an effort to find out what would be
nessary in order to meet the approval
of the commission in making the deal.
Gibson Realsrns.
The state normal board ha received
the resignation of Prof. II. H. Gibson, of
the department of biology and agricul
ture of the Kearney Normal school. Prof.
Gibson resign to accept a position with
the Ames agricultural college of Iowa
at salary about one-thrld more than he
ba-Deen receiving at the' Kearney
School. ....
Heart of South Side Father Made
Glad at Finding His Children
The heart of a father on the South Sid
is singing with joy today. For out of
the slaughter house of Europe ha com
word that his fire tittle children are safe
and well, sheltered In the convent of 6t.
Antonlus, Aerseelle am Delnse, West
Flanders, Belgium.
The happy father Is Richard l Foort.
West q street. For more than a year he
has tried in vain to get word of his chil
dren. He wrote to the convent where
he had left them when, following the
death of their mother, two years ago, he
resolved to com to America to try to
ran out a new fortune and make a
home for the fire moth ness ones.
But. In the turmoil of wsr and car.
nags, his letters were evidently lost or
undelivered, and the father knew not
whether the little ones had gone to Join
their mother or were still In the world
About two months ago he cam In to
see Postmaster Wharton in' 1.14 li-
case sadly before him. The postmaster'
wrote to Beoretary of Stat Ianslng.
Aftsr wni further correspondence be
tween Omaha and Washington the State
department set Its International ma
chinery in motion to carry to flva little
waifs the news thst their father was
living and thinking of them and to bring
to an almost distracted father the news
that his fir little ones were alive and
Saturday came a oablesvam which had
been received by the State department
from the convent. The mail were too
slow to carry such glad news and It was
flashed In an instant across 3,000 mile
of ocean and relayed on to Omaha,
Maurice and Ueorge and Ravrhet and
Lionet and little Anna are safe and well.
An Richard Ds Foort on the South
Sid Is talking rapidly In a foreign tongue
with many smiles and gestures, telling
how his little children have been found
by the great government of thla good
land. And he Is planning to bring them
over to lir with him and go to school
her on the South Side.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Nov. ll-(Special.)-Wlth a
persistency worthy of a better causa, the
Stat Board of Secretaries of the State
Board of Health still persist that Dr.
Wild, ,tate bacteriologist, must pick up
his duds and get out.
All attempts so far have been unsuc
cessful In convincing the state board
tbat Dr. Wild should K and now they
come again, with a proposition that they
have a man who will work cheaper.
ThsTt Is. he will accept the same salary
that Dr. Wild gets, but will use it to
hire the help needed to run the office
according to the Idea of the secretaries.
attempts of the secretaries to get the
doctor scalp wm not eucceMful ud
- he will continue to sit on the lid and keep
the secretaries from getting their hands
n the soup.
Dr. Wild this morning received a let
fWTth m,nar9r t th Nebraska
tr.rtcompal,jr d'nyln that the
ater at Nebraska City 1. bad. He does
,k,nT, Where the Islington "lcial
got hi. Idea thst the water wa impure,
J?C .y" Umt they are following Dr.
W I Id , Instructions and that the water Is
satisfactory to Nebraska city people and
a JL m Cm " Th board " received
petition signed by nine of the twelve
in Nebraska City asklng the Wa
in the interests of the health of the peo-
Son W,M hi" prcaPnt p'-
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Nov. 13.-(SpecIal.)-Fig.
ure prepared by Mr. Sleeth. giving the
amount of exports yesterday should hav0
rid exports from Nebraska, instead of
from the United States. Mr. Sleeth pre
pares another table this morning itlving
the Imports from other states into Ne
braska during th same period from
April l'to November 1.
April 1 to November 1. The amounts do
not Include shipments of stock to public
Stallions, 106; horses, t.OU; mares. 766
mules. 1S8; cattle. 3.025; dairy and breed
ing cattle. 914; sheep, 25,'JUS, and swine
m oIea of ,abara.
AUBURN, Neb.. Nov. 13. (Special.)
Albert Delung, residing at St. Dcroin, in
the extreme southeast corner of this
county. was badly cut and wounded by
Abe Kahorn yesterday, and it was
thought at first the wounds would prove
fatal, lie was stabbed in the neck, just
missing the Jugular vein, and in the back
and the shoulder. The last report la thai
he Is likely to recover.
... Miss Irene Tyler, daughter of Dr. and
Mis. E. M. Tyler, departed for Cali
fornia Tuesday. On her arrival at
Modest. Cal.. she a ill be married to
Neal Cecil, a prominent business man
Kit that place.
WEST POINT. Neb.. Km- 11
The district court for Cuming county
ha adjourned to Monday next when Jury
cues win oe tried. The criminal can
against 8. Warahavskv. the man
of passing a bogus check upon Bchln
stock Bros, of this place In payment for
a carload of horses, has been adlnurnl
over the term and meet likely will not
oe aisposoa or until next spring. The
following residents of Cuming county ob
tained their final citisenshlp at this term
of court: Arvld Pllgren. Sweden; Andrew
Alfred Dahlqulst. Sweden; Christian Niel
son, Denmark; Hons Hemmlngsen, Den
mark; John Radeckr, Helniich Schlaka
and Herman Thommet, all born In Ger
many. Soma very Important civil cases
win be tried to th Jury during next
week' soselon of court. Judge Welch
The Cuming county Sunday school con
vention will meet at Wlsner November
a and 23. The officer are J. Herman
Larsen, president; Emma R. Miller, sec
retary. Miss Margaret Brown and A.
Kimberly, state worker will be in at
tendance at the convention.
New haa reached th city of th mar
rlag at Kansas City of William Fischer,
former resident of this place, to Mis
Marl Elmer of that city. The ceremony
wa performed by Father Breen at St.
Aloysius church. Th groom Is the son of
Mrs. John Fischer of this county and
the bride Is a former resident of Snyder.
Mr. and Mrs. Fischer will make their
home at Excelsior Springs, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodora Schwarts,
pioneer resident of CJming oounty, cel
ebrated their golden wedding this week.
They both enjoy good health, being 75
and 78 years old, respectively. All their
children were present, as also twenty-five
granacnuaren ana four great grand
Th death is announced of Henry M.
Klln. only son, of Mr. and Mr. George
Kiln of this city. In a hospital at Toledo.
The deceased was a native of Pennsyl
vania and wo in his tMrty-flrst year.
Ha wa brought un tn thla nommiinlrv
hi parent being among the earliest set
ters or ims city. He leave a wife.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Nov. U.-(Sp-ctal.)
Action for damage in the sum of
$S.N0 ha been brourht aralnat the. rtnr-
lington railroad by Nile Ferguson, a
young man who was injured during the
summer by Vie overturning of hi auto.
Th accident occurred about three mile
at of town. The petitioner Is th son
of Rev., Mr. Ferguson, pastor of the
Christian church here. The caae win h
tried In th federal court, having been
reraovea rrora the district court of Cus
ter county to that tribunal. According to
Mr. Ferguson's statement, he did nnt
know then wa a railroad, much leas a
crossing, in that section of the country,
a there waa no sign to indicate auch a
thing. H wa within fifteen feet of the
railroad crossing, when he noticed a train
bearing down upon him. To save himself
he Jammed th wheel over, threw th
car into a ditch and capsized it. As a
result, he was In the hospital for several
.Votes from Falls City.
FALLS, CITT. Neb.. Nor. 18. (Special.)
William Heutne. while sawing wood
with a buss saw, caught his arm tn such
a manner as to loose his left hand, which
was cut off above the wrist. A great
deal of dirt go into the wound and lots
of blood lost from th severing of blood,
vessels. Fear of blood poison caused the
physicians In charge to administer serum
Lloyd Giannlnl. who moved with his
family to th Miles ranch near Bern,
Kau.. wa taken HI Monday and waa
hurried to the hospital at Sab the, Kan.,
where he was operated upon for gall
stones, the appendix wa found to be
In a bad condition and moat ready to
burst and it wa remqved also. He re
covered from the anaesthetle and seems
to bo doing well.'
The 8-year-old daughter of Mr and Mr.
O. H. Belcr. living near Preston, fell off
a chair and broke her arm abora'thj
elbow, the bone protruding through the
flesh. An anaesthetic had to be admin
istered before th break could be ad-Justed.
State Board Gives
Estimate of the
Crop of Oats
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Nov. 13. -(Special) Accord
ing to figure prepared by th Stat
Board of Agriculture, th state of Ne
braska raised 73.76l.2S4 bushels of oat
thl year on 2.077.803 acres, an average
of 84.8 bushels per acre. .
Knox county led In th number of acre,
th amount being 84,680, on which was
raised 8,461,170 bushels, an average of 84.1
bushels to the sere, which was also th
largest number of bushels raised In any
county. Arthur county rained the least
number of bushels, only 4.730 bushels be
ing raised on 230 acres, an average of S.l
bushels per acre,
Dawes county raised th highest aver
age per acre, the report showing KM
bushels. Other counties which raised fifty
or more bushels to the acre were: Deuel,
60; Morrill. 61.0; Scott'e Bluff. 60, and
Sheridan, SO. Boyd county was th only
county which failed to report.
Neb., Nov. IS. (Ppecail.)
Joseph Hathaway, a farmer, living near
Murray, came near losing his life this
week from bring trampled and kicked
by a maddened horse. Mr. Hathaway
had been butchering and his clothing
was plentifully spattered with blood, and
upon going Into the barn, where hi
team waa standing after dark, on of
horses became excited, presumably from
the smell of the blood and In kicking
and striking knocked Mr. Hathaway un
der Its feet, where It trampled him tn
a vicious manner. Hi crlea and a noise
mad by th horses brought help and
th unfortunate man wa rescued. Upon
being examined by a physician h was
found to have received a compound frac
ture of the ankle, th bone being splin
tered and protruding through th flesh
and on arm badly fractured above th
wrist and otherwise crushed and bruised,
lie wa taken to Omaha and it is feared
. that on foot may have to be amputated.
DAVID CITT. Nov. 18. (Special Tele
gram.) The proposed 860,000 bond lasus
for th erection of a new high school
building carried at a special election
today, by a vote of 434 to 107. The band
had th support of th local Clvio league.
Woman' club and Commercial club.
School children paraded th streets Fri
day afternoon.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Nov. 18. (Special
Telegram.) Th first snow of th season
fell here thla evening. Th temperature
la falling and haa almost reached th
freezing point.
Hermit Dies er Kavtsss.
RAVENA. Neb., Nov. UL-declal.)
Herman Meyer, an ecoentrlo character,
who haa lived the life of a hermit near
Ravenna for many year, died thla
morning. Being found sick and alone
at hi place by a neighbor several day
ago, attention was given him and a
physician called. This morning, on advloa
of the physician, preparation were mad
to bring him to town, where he might
receive better attention. HI bed waa
placed In a wagon, but Mr. Meyer died
before they reached town. H wa a
German by birth, ES or 60 year old, and
often declared he had no relative. H
owned a small tract of sandy land and a
few old horses.
Pender Roll Vp Bis? Isere,
PENDER, Neb.. Nov. 18. (BpeoUJ.)
Fender High sohool foot ball eleven de
feated th Wal thill team her Friday, by
a aoor of 88 to 8. Both team played
a dean game, but Pender wa too much
for th WalthlU boy. Hern took Smith
half in th third quarter and Rogers, half
in th laat. Fullback Wank wsa re
placed by Grave in the last Quarter. For
ward passing by Wenk waa on of th
feature of th gam.
i I or era Ko nmtrr - xi i. - - .
NORTH GEND. Neb.. Nov. 13-(6pu-clal.)-Lux
Bros., living four miles west
of town, lost four good horse Friday
morning and ha three more that are
very sicic from overeating of wheat
This loss was caused by a rat which
ate a hole through th kin. The wbeat
lan out and the horses found before
the ownrr did.
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Omaha Wins in
' Effort to Secure
Endeavor Meet
NORFOLK. Neb.. Nov. 11 (Special
Telegram.) Omaha won the contest for
th next meeting of the Nebraska Chris
tian Endeavor union at the Saturday es
slon of the state convention here. Has
tings was the only othrr conttfeMat for
th net convention. The vote In favor
of Omaha was unanimous.
The following r wofflcers were elected
for th ensuing rears: President. It. H.
Price, Friend; vk-e president. Rev. B. A.
Fhlvely. Callaway: secretary. Miss Addi
Wagey. Cambridge: treasurer. Miss Clar
Klmmerllng, Beatrtr.
Rev. Thomas Mc Evans of Omaha wa
elected superintendent of general liter
atur. About fifty Omaha delegates
swelled th attendance her Saturday,
but cold and snow resulted In a cancella
tion of e street parade and open air
ong service.
About 800 of the delegates planned to
attend the divine Esperanto service Sun
day morning. Th visiting minister will
fill th various pulpits In Norfolk en
Sunday. Stewart C. Wlggs of . Omaha,
Dr. William Shaw of Boston and Rev.
Bdgar T. Farrlll of Milwaukee and Miss
Mildred Haggard of Minneapolis and
Rev. A. Reittel were among th speakers
Cwaier Fair Elects Oftirs.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Nov. 18.-tSpe.
eial.y At the annual meeting of the
Custer 'County Agricultural society, th
following officer were elected for the
coming year: President. J. E. Wilson;
vlo president. J. T. Cole of Broken Bow;
treasurer, Alpha Morgan of Broken Bow:
secretary, Emery Buxh of Broken Bow;
eireotor Tor three-year term. B. J.
Tlerney of Ansley. R C. Gibbon of Oom
stock, C. IT. Zachsrv of Merna: directors
for on and tyo-year terms, respectively,
J. B. Demlng and Fred Hayes, both of
Broken Bow. The auditing committee
for 1915 comprises J. E. Wilson. James
Leonard and Tred Hayes.
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