Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1915, Page 11, Image 11

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Board aad Rooms.
ROOM suitable for two men; good board.
Webster 1187. .
llixiMg or "board and room wanted for
four biilno women. ll."-.' l,wv
LAROK nloelv-furnished room In private
family; close to car; 1" minutes to port
office; will rr,t reasonable; board If de
al red; reference. Web. 7W4. .
Furnished Hoiims.
NICFLY furnished room! close In; all
modern, mi w.
f'l.RASANT south room, 2 men pra
ferdTACj!nW THR M1M-F.R HOTSR. II M St. Murr'l
Ave., excellent rooms by day or wek;
In fine location: handy to business dis
trict, uougias
STT7Ttriw T- MOl ..1 a. mm.. Mnm fflfW.
ti J DIN r. I SSI.. ),, unco, . mf , -
white furniture; suitable for three; 11.60
per week; private home. Harney
JV KN1SH KD room for gentleman, close
In. s:4 f. zist en.
NICELY furnished room; close In; all
modern. r-M s. ot
MASON, WIS Two modern rooms, en
suite, fumlhed complete. Harney 4ivi
MOPF.KN, newly furnished '-P",'
and second floor. 1018 N. Hut. South
Oinnha. I'bone wo.nn
NEWLY furnished room In Private
family; modern flat. Reasonable. W.
JACKSON. 2717. beautifully .Lrfn",?d
rooms. Wltn Or wmurm.
FimNISHEO room In private home.
TT. 37U
117 8. KTH ST. LWht house keeping and
furnlrneii rom: ni cihqd
BEAUTIFULLY furnished room suitable
for private lamuy. n. an.
afii..i t I I V WATF.M
HOTEL SAN FORD. 19th an J Farnam,
HOTEL HA RLKY. ?th end Farnam.
MODERN roomull b' tor two. W. KS2.
1214 DOUGLAS Newly turnlshed rooms.
Furnace neat iiose m. m-u
THREE furnished rooms; partly modern;
reason Me. X424 Pahlor,
I nfnrnUI-.i-a Rooms.
I OR 4 unfurnished rooms. Web. 67.
Furnished llonsea.
8-ROOM modern bungalow: completely
rurnlsneq; near car. , --
MY home for 6 months or longer, near
89th and Harney. Phone Harney IsTl.
HotiacVt-n"t Rooms.
.leases aod Cottasree.
SEVEN ROOMS 2427 Charles, 818. rhons
Walnut z.
2526 PARKER ST. e rooms, t!8. Doug. 61&
IJOSEVEN rooms and bath, all modern,
m - , C5 lltnk OHVi
m' Manoerwm rt. .
ELEGANT 6-r. eottape, modern except
FOR RENT 6-room house, all modern
conveniences. H block to car. 4..13 N.
th St. M. A. Past. 4519 N. 38th St
Phone Colfax 1173; .
2635 Bristol New', mod., bungalow. 127.50.
FOR KENT Beautiful modern resi
dence, T rooms and bath, iot water
heat. Large garage: at 3920 Florence
Rlvd. Pnone Colfax 39S0.
6-room. all modern. 117 Lwhrp. t22.M.
WALKING distance, 2638 Dodge, 8-room,
modern. 825; key. 1640; call Web. 48,5.
WALKING distance," 268 Dodge, 8-room,
modern, 825; key, 2640; call Web. 4875.
Rent Reduced
Nice 8-room house, modern except heat;
storm windows; arranged for two fami
lies If so desired; rent 822. 2511 Corby bt.
lei. weu.
8EVKN and five-room houses; modern;
walking distance, uougiaa "o.
-ROOM oottage, 4 lots, near car and
school. 4244 Fort St. ,
NICE 5-room cottago, with bath, gas,
electric light, shades. 2610 Wirt St.;. 818.
6-R. mod, cottage. 24(16 EmmetTweb. ldfii).
2706 Howard, mod, oak (I., metal w'th'r
stripped windows; beaut. Int. Wal. 2017.
7-ROOM house, strictly modern, with
garage; splendid neighborhood, 3o32
Ma-rcy; 830. Call Harney 27U6.
STRICTLY modem, 7-r., Hauacom Park.
cottage, oak floors. 82a. Tel. Hax. 4.9.
1-KUOH, modern, 2369 Poppleton Ave.
IIUUKKN 7-1 oom house. lal Par Ave..
IS6. Pnone Harney 1566.
827 PARK AVE. 9-room mod home, Stf;
garage extra, Oarey Cleaning Co. H. 7307.
PROOM cottage. Ill S. 28th St.. 8U. Water
6-R. houne and sleeping porch. H. 3824
Fine modern home, practically new,
prettily decorated, good woodwork,
easily heated, good location, near car
lines Inquire 712 Park Avo. Harney 1241.
b-r. house, mod, ex. heat, too 8. 21st.
6TRICTLK modern collage, large yard,
fenced In. 818. 2419 So. 24th. Call 2411.
8 ROOMS WEST FARNAM. 3.104 Daven-
fort St-, good modern home
or large family; beautiful
ROOMS West Farnam, dandy, new, all
modern home; sleeping porch;
mahogany and white enamel
finish; very choke, 3310 Dav
enport St., 845.
Peters Trust Company,
12 Farnam St. Douglas m.o
438 North 38th Ave.
4 rooms down; In mahogany and oak;
8 rooms, bath and space for sleeping
porch upstairs; will finish third floor or
build garage. Price accordingly, owner
Just left Omaha.
1016 Omaha Nat. Douglas 2715.
Phone Sunday. Wal. 3.18 or Har. 4778. o.
A VERY cholco flat. 6 rooms and bath.
modern, ground floor, close to cross
town and Leavenworth car lines, bee
owner. 546 . 27th Bt.
827.60 6-r , t(4 S. H4th Ht., modern.
816.00 6-r., 3321 Ohio, partly modern.
8J0.00 e-r., 224 Ruggles, modem.
iW.OO 5-r., 54o S. 26ih Ave., mod. flat
842.50 4-r. apt., The Harold. 27th and
Jackson SLs.
8V).0O 7-r., 112 S. S7th St.. modern, hot
water heat, garage.
800.00 g-r.. tXM Harney, mod., first class.
875.00 8-r., 3321 Farnam, extra fine.
Tel. P. T56 902 City Nat. Hunk Flrtg.
t ROOMS, modern. West Farnam die
strict; furnished, 846; unfurnished, 840.
8 rooms, modern except heal, 81".
t rooms, partly mod., 714 Hickory Kt., 815.
2o2 So. 17th St. roug. IwlS.
2JH N. 27th St.. 5-r., mod. ex. heat, 81S.
1110 N. i2d St , 4-r., mod. ex. heat. 816.
3o36 8. 16(h St., city water and gas, $i0.
2425 Spencer St., -r., all mod. houjse, 8-S.
620 N. 41nt St., 6-r., all mod. house. 8 .5u.
1122 S. 32d St., 8-r., all mod. house, 8J5.
U19 Grnce St., 6-r., part mod. house, 8'6.
Is43 N. 21st St.. 4-r . part mod. house, 113.
2o.ll Capitol Ave., 6-r., part mod. house,
U. oo.
607 N. S2d St.. 4-r. house. 810.
M First National Rank Bldg.
Douglas 722.
2.08 N. 24th Ave. &-rwoiu huse, 810.
Globe Van&Storage
Stores, moves, packs, ships; S-borse vaa
ar.J 2 men, 81.26 per nr.; storage 82 per
rio. Hatiria.'itnn tfuar D. :cts it Ty. 23U.
KlVK-ROM cottage. 54ii 51st SU
ENTIRE downstairs, 5 rooina, nice house,
private entrance, good neighborhood.
814. Welster 60t.
Gordon Van Co.3j
tit N. 11th 8t
Tel D 84 or Har. U0f.
EE the Central Furniture S lore s FREB
i t.- k' r a r . r i "t
Maggard's SSbS
tag. paclniLg.
hipping. I7ij Webster fib
IT. HIKE'S Crelgh Bona Co.. Bee Bldg.
UOUb'-a la all parts of the city.
llonsea aad t vltasr.
Pbnne Doi'KlAs PS for complete list ol
recant houses and s part me ma; also for
torase. moving. V'th and Jckson f'a
S-ltOOM mod cottnse ij . i9th. R. Vv-8
161S N. THT"rear, S-r. house and base
ment, with sink and toilet, walking dis
tance, colored, 810.
T. J. HOOK. 1W1 V. 1TH.
11"6 N. 18T11. tSood 6-r. cottase. part
modern, walking distance, saves car
fare, fi.
T. J. HOOK. 1101 N. ivnf.
T C Reed .ro
I2U7 Farnam- D. 6141
To people wishing to build
homes or business buildings.
For complete information con
cerning terms, etc., call on or
Ground Floor Bee Bldg.
Telephone Douglas 29J6. a
FARMS and city loans at lowest rates.
TO LAND TRUMbLLL. 448 Be Blrtg.
8100 TO 810.000 made promptly. F. D.
W VV ...... tJ;J.. ( . L - .
. . " t-.iv. .-.m m rarnam Dia
CITY and farm loans, 8, 6H. per cent
J. H. Duniont A Co.. 414 state Hank.
A "For Sale" ad will turn second-hand
furniture Into cash.
WANTED Geod farm and city loans at
lowest ratea
PETKR3 TRUST CO.. !S Farnam.
CIT property. Large loans a specialty.
W. H. Thomse 22n Stst Rank Rldg.
OMAHA homes. East NebraKa farma.
im Omaha NatToial. Phone Douglas ml
MONEY on hand Tor city and farm loans.
i r i, i i . . . . . . . . .
n. vr . riinier, raiionai nanK mag.
iC' CITY LOANS. C. O. Carlberg. r.
U Brande. Theater Bldg.
WD pay Chicago prices for aluminum
serap castings. Paxton-Mltchall Co.
OFFICE fiTtilture bought and sold.
j. neea, rtn f arnam. Doug. .
Strictly high grade piano Web. 872.
Tale bua everything 2d hand. Web. 404
HIGHEST prices for old clothing. D. 4714.
VKltY nloely located Income proierty,
worth $20,000. for exchange for N. E.
Colo, land; mortgage. 7.wu, equity, 8ia.
'00 Want clear land. B. 407. Hee.
DENVER property for exchange. Seven
room, one and a half-story brick, mod
ern except heat, lot 50x130; price 83,000.
mtg. 8s00. Four-room frame bungalow,
modern except heat; lot 31x130; price 81.608,
clear. Both houses are in good neighbor
hood, and will trade for Omaha or Lin
coln of about same value. Y 128, Bee.
8-room cottage. Council Bluffs. 80 acres
Irrigated Colorado land; for lota or cot
tage in Omaha. Colfax 8309.
CHOICE Improved W in Phillips county,
Kansas, black soil. Exchange for cat
tle, other land or cash 8tj,4oU. Hellycr,
Republican City, Neb.
200 ACRES good timbered stock farm,
well Improved, easy terms; 2 miles
from county seat. Write for full infor
mation to Miss Rosa Stefka, Route L
Burwell. Neb.
FOR BALK 160 acres, one-half mile from
Clarks, Neb.; 80 acres in wheat, balance
In pasture, hay meadow and timber; good
buildings. Price 8120 per acre, half cash.
W. D. Abel. Clarks, Neb.
FOR SALE Best large body high-grade
medium priced land In Nebraska; very
little money required C. Bradley, Wei
bach. Neb. e
160 ACRES raw land to break In Keith
county, 6 miles from Ogalalla. If ln
terestcd write A. A. Qrler. Kingsley, la.
40. SO or 1E0 acres good, heavy aoll. well
settled part of Todd county. Minn.;
good roads, schools and churches. Price,
115 to 82O per acre. Terms, $1 per acre
cash; balance l per acre a year; 6.i)
acres to select from. Schwab Bros., 1(124
Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis. Minn.
85 DOWN, 85 monthly, buys 40 acres good
land; some timber; near town: price
8200. Other bargains. Box 426-V, Carth
age, Mo.
Investors, here Is your chancel 6.000
acres in Dent county, Missouri; all tim
ber, good farm land when cleared. This
Is a lumber proposition: lumber estlmnte
6,000 feet per acre. Price. 8s per acre. Will
be sold on very easy terms, at a low
rate of interest, or would take in some
Omaha property. Call and have a talk
with Mr. Prugh. He will show you he
is from Missouri.
201 Neville Block. a.
Wise asla.
CPPER WISCONSIN Best dairy and
general crop state In the union; settler
wanted; lands (or sale at low prices on
tasy terms. Ask for booklet 84 on Wiscon
sin Central Land Grant. Excellent lands
for stock raising. If Interested in fruit
lands ask for booklet on apple orcuarda
Address Land and Industrial Depart., Bo
Line Kailwar. Minneapolis jalnn.
Write a good description of your land
and send It to the Sioux City, la.. Journal.
- . i ml . 13 I if n Ail Ua.
dlura." Twenty-five words every Friday
evening. Saturday morning and every
Saturday evening and Sunday morning
for one month, giving sixteen ads on
twelve different days tor 2;. or 60 words.
H. or i ws,
Largest circulation of any Iowa news
paper, Xal.uov reader dally Ut four great
WANTED to Buy A homestead renn-
4560 N. 14th St., Omaha. Neb.
Six rooms, with living room across
front of liouse, dining room with Dutch
windows, nice kitchen, pantry and back
entry, two nice bedrooms, sun room and
bath on second floor, oak finish and
floors, elegant electric fixtures, modern
In every detail, cement basement and
walks, close to school, close to Hanscom
I'ark. Price. 83,600; 86uu down and bal
ance monthly.
812 Brandels Theater Bldg.
Six-Room House
Lot 63x140
Price $1,600
$300 Cash
This Is a good buy. 8010 S. Mh, east
front, plenty of shade trees, one block
from Farnam car, ten minutes' car ride
from down-town district. Chicken yard
and chic ken house fenced off, also
chicken tight fence around entire lot.
House is in very good condition; six nice
large rooms. Mr. Worklnguuin, this is
your chance to get a good place cheap,
and one where you can raise your own
garden, chickens, etc. Call us at once
for furtlier information..
Hiatt-Fairfield Co.
noomai.a Nat. UK. Ulcig.
I'll iiw D. 48.
In oak. lot 4 X142, east front. Price, 82,'juO.
V-ju cash, balance 8 per month.
312 Brandels Theater Bldg.
Cash Wheat H&a Stronger Tone and
rrice Advances One Cent
Over Tuesday.
OMAHA. November V 1 5
The wheat market Imd a stronger tonn
today, and although the receipt of this
cenal were only falily heavy, the mar
ket advanced 1c.
Cash corn also advanced, soiling V4T
IV hUh r, and there was a fairly gooa
Oats were quoted t.fiyje hig'er, whilo
rye n unchanged to higher.
Barley was unchanged.
Cleaianoa were: Wheat and flour,
equal to 1,40. ,0(0 bu.; corn, S9.000 bu.; oats,
62 (W bu.
Liverpool clone: Wheat, Id lower to tid
higher; corn, unchsnged to Hd lower.
Primary wneat receipts were 2.MIT.1O0 bu.
and shipments 2,:fVi,000 bu., against re
ceipts of 2,017.000 bu. and shipments of
1.1S...O0O bu. last year.
Primary corn receipts were 7M.000 bu.
and shipments 2U3.0O0 hu.. against receipts
of 84.u0i bu. and shipments of 476,000 bu.
last year.
Primary oats receipts were 1.S8S.000 bu.
and shipments I.6IS.U00 bu., against re
ceipts of 1,1.16.000 bu. and shipments of
813,000 bu. last year.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 212 151 428
Minneapolis 6-9 ...
Duluth T:l
Omaha 66 17 35
Kansas City 17 13 4
St. Louis 127 84 87
Winnipeg Wl
These sales were reporUd today:
Wheat No. S hard w ntcr: 4 cars, 9Sc;
1 car, l7c; I cars, 96c; 8 cats, !c; 3 cars.
SMWc; cars, Mc; 1 car, 2c. No. 4 hard
winter: 1 car, mc; 12 cats, lc; 1 car,
poc; 8 2-5 cars, ihc; H car, 90c; I cars,
Me; 1 car, Ro. Sample: 1 car (sprlngi,
9."c; 1 car S:c: 1 car, STc; 2 cars. 86c; 3
cars, 1 car, STc; 1 car, 77c: 1 car, ioC.
No. 4 spring: 1 car, 8oc; 1 car tllght). Sic.
No. 2 hprlng: 1 car, '. No. 3 spring: 1
car, 95c; 1 car, S.k!. No. 4 mixed: 1 car,
9ic; 2 cars, Ulc; 1 car, JWo; 1 car, 7c.
No. 1 durum: i cars, 9e. No. 3 durum: 1
car. 94Sc; 8-6 car, 3c. Com No. t
white: 2 cars, nlc. No. 3 white: 1 car,
OOSc No. 6 white: 3-6 car. 0c. No. 2
yellow: 3 3-6 cars. 62c. No. 3 yellow: 13 6
cars, le. No. 2 mixed: 1 car (near yel
low), 61i,c; 2 cars (near vcllowi. 61c: 3
cars, c; 2-3 car. 6Hc. No. 3 mixed: 1
car, 61c; 1 car, oc; 4 3-6 cars, Ooc. No.
S mixed: 3-6 car, 6lc. Oats No. 3 white:
15 cars. 84c. No. 4 white: 6 cars, 33'c
Sample: 4 cars, 32l4c: 2 cars, 82c; 2-6 car,
31c; 1 car. ;K ltye No. 2: 2 cars, 4c.
No. 8: 2 cars, 93c;. 1 car, 9ivc; 8 cars, 91c.
No. 4: 1 car.; 1 car, 88ic; 1 car, 88c.
Sample: 1 ar, 8".o.
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 tur
key, 9WciTi8!.iO; No. S turkey, "WfiWe; No. 9
hard, ofie;; No. 3 hard. 92i(Sc: No. 4
hard, S7'yl4c: No. 2 spring. 35frr7e; No.
3 spring, Ii39r)c: No. 2 durum, VnUrfprc;
No. 3 durum. 9.Vgmic: sample, 7V(t8.c.
Corn: No. 2 white, flomiOti-o: No. 3
white, 6(VS60'ie: No. 4 white," 6.4rr'04c;
No. 6 white, 691i0c; No. white, 6H4
69c; No. 2 yellow, 6fiA2c: No. yel
low, SlWWlVic; No. 4 yellow, fffimc;
No. 6 yellow, 60Vi61c; No. ve low, tOVi
6ic; No. 2 mixed, eomff Hie; No. 3
mixed, 6.iUe: No. 4 mixed, 6'?iic;
No. 6 mixed, 59H'5'fi014c : No. 6 mixed 64
felloe, oats: No. 2 white. 84tff3fic: stand
ard. S414(p34Hc; No. 1 white. 833le.
Barley: Malting, 61(fi6c; No. 1 feed 45
tOc. Rye: No. 2, 3i.t4c; No. 3. 'Otn'Jlc.
Chh;ago closing p.itea, furnished Th
Bee by Logan & Bryan, stork and grain
brokers. 313 South Sixteenth street:
Artlclel Open. Hlgh.f Low. I Close. Yes y.
Wheatl I
Dec. II 02ti 104 102H103AI 1024
I 1 03 I
Mayll Wtt 1 06 1 03 1 04Hi 1 0 '
t 104V. 104 . .
Corn, ill i
Dec.luSe 60 6!N, BOM.WH T.9 .
May6'i7 63, 62 63'4Ai61T'.i.J
n . i 662' I
Oats. (
Iec.l S8 JWHiSSWV 38HA 384j
May 394(ff H 3S 39H 3A SSOi
. 639
Dec. 14 45 14 45 14 30 14 SOB 14 50
Jan. 16 2& 16 40 16 15 16 32 16 30
16 20
Lard. i
Jan. I 8 96 I 8 97H 8 82 t 92 00
Modern In every way, oak finish, good
sleeping porch, full basement. Milton
Rogers furnace, lot 40x125, located on the
boulevard, near the Prettiest Mile. This
Is a good buy at 83,500. Reasonable terms.
House is vacant. I will be pleased to
show you through at any time,
201 Neville Block.
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages
can be rented quickly and cheaply by a
325 CASH-812.50 PER MO.
Will buy a dandy 6-r. bungalow. 1 year
old; good well, 2 corner lota. Price, 31.200.
Located at 5306 N. 18th.
RAXP BROS. Pouglaa K68.
6-ROOM cottage, bath, gas, shades,
fenced. 1411 N. 41st St., SW.00. C. O.
Hutchinson Co., 1623 Farnam.
OWNER will sacrifice 8-r.. strictly mod
ern houae, with large sleeping room, oak
floors, woodwork nicely decorated. Tenna
Phone Webster 1127.
FOR SALK By owner, lot In Evanston,
the exclusive residence district; on
Harney St., near 63d; 60x136 feet. Price
31,150. one-third cash. O. I. Carpenter.
Phone Harney 6987.
on 3 fine lots on the southwest corner of
27th and Burt fits. ; they need no grading
or filling; the lots lay fine and are in
good ne'uhborhood. Will sell for cash or
psyments, either one lot or both. Write
Wallace Benjamin
Room 1, First Nat. Pk, Co. Bluffs, la.
Phone S03.
Your Cottage
as psytnent on this fine Dundee home In
the new part of Dundee on Farnam St..
on a beautiful corner lot, 59x150; every
modern convenience; Islington one
panel oak doors throughout the entire
house. Rudd automatic hot water heater,
hext plurnhing, tile bath, beautiful oak
finish and oak floors, 7 rooms.
This Is new. never occupied, splendidly
built and well located: can take your
cottuge as part payment, balance at 331.50
per month.
Charles W. Martin & Co.,
Phone Tyler 187. 742 Omaha Nat. Bk. Bldg.
FOR SALE Fine two lots, 45x130 feet,
Kansas Ave., south side Miller park,
half block west 24th St. car line, sur
round) d by beautiful new homes Cool
In summer, warm in winter. Web. eauO.
This little brochure expUlns fully bow
we can sell your real estate or business
for cash, no matter where located. We
mean It- Write today describing what
you have to sell, buy or exchange, and
receive this booklet free. H. F IOo
CO.. 4i3 W. Walnut St.. Ds Molnas. la.
KENT 840 PRICK 83.000.
Where can you beat it for an Invest.
mentT Four nice little cottages, well lo
cated and always rented, tee ui quick
annut i nia
6th Floor Omaha Nat Bank Bldg.
Douglas 17KI. o
DAIRY farm for rent. About l' ace.
Two miles from council I'luffs. One
of tho best dairy farms in the country.
Sf Ter acre. Apply to George O. Clark,
18 Pearl l. Phone 17L Council Bluffs, la.
8 00
I 024
8 87HI 8 37HI 9 0--t
8 9"
9 OS
8 MV4J
8 SH 8 9JV 8
8 97H'9 02BI 9 07V,
A Asked. B Hid.
Feat a res of the Trailla and t losln
Prlree on Board of Trade.
CHIC A(K). Nov 10. Wintry conditions
northwest, giving sanction to reports that
the maximum or spring crop movement
had been rearhed ere effective today In
lifting the wheat market here. largely as
a result the finish. ilthoiiKh unsettled,
was lS'ulV net higher, with December
at Sllsiv and May at ti.04Hfrl.04V Corn
Clored iVdlHe up. oata ahewtng a gln
of He to Vl'-c and provisions varying
from 20c decline to a riKe of 20.
I'nexpected strength In quotations at
Liverpool added to tho anxletv that wheat
traders manifested In consequence of
advices about snow and told and rain
threatening the Dakota an.j Minnesota
as well as the Canadian prairies Recent
sellers rushed to cover and rommlnslon
houres gave evidence of a decided Influx
of new orders to buy.
lter a setback In prices came about,
the reault In part of temporary weakness
In all street and also because of rumors
that some European purchases of Mani
toba wheat had been cancelled. The de
clines, however, were promptly succeeded
by a strong rally, offerlmta here having
dwindled almost to nothing.
Pit speculators in wheal had an un
usually bad day. Kach time a majority
of the crowd tried to force a break In
the market they were put to rout and
were compelled In self-defcneo to buy at
a higher level.
Corn showed Independent strength. Cn
settled weather was an Incentive for buy.
ing and so, too. was an Inirease In the
number of husking returns that had been
a disappointment to owners of the grain
Oats hardened with other cereals Ship
ping demand, though was onlv fair.
Hog arrivals much In excess of what
had been looked for weakened the provi
sions Mat as a whole. Nevertheless, a
few upturns at the last were scored be
cause of the bu'se in grain.
Chicago Cash Prices When! : No. I red.
noinlna:; No. 8 red, tl.07' 0S: No. 2
hard, nominal; No. 8 hard. lt.0"t 1.03.
Corn: No. 2 vellow. old. 64U"65Hc; No. 2
white, old, 6444)4c; No. 2 white, new,
62Sc- Oats: No. 3 white, SnHP ;We ; stand
ard. ,ViM!39c. Rye: No. 2, nominal; No.
3, 97M.i99c. Barley: 54fl'vV-. Seed: Tlmothv,
8(i.OuK.oo; clover. 310 u2rt on; potk, 814.30.
Lard, 3S 77. Rlha: tlO lJffNn 62
BITTER Higher; creamery. 33'B"0o.
K.O38 Irregular: receipts, S,"S7 caaea;
fresh gathered extra fine, jt940e; extra
firsts, Sfv&JSc; firsts, SI j 35c; seconds,
POTATOES Ixiwer: receipt. 68 cars;
Michigan and Wisconsin whites, 68fW)c;
Minnesota and Dakota whites, f.nfft8.;
Minnesota and Dakota Ohlos, &04?56o.
POULTRY Alive, steady: fowls. 12o;
springs, 13c; turkeys, old, 16o; young, 3o.
Quotations of the Day on Various
Com modi ties.
NFW YORK, Nov. 10 -FLOT'R Steady.
WHEAT-Spot, irregular: No. 1 durum,
$1.12. f. o. b. New York; No. 1 northern.
Duluth. 1.07i, and No. 1 northern. Mani
toba. 81.10, c I. f. Buffalo. Futures were
firm: December, ti ll.
CORN Spot, barely steady; No. I yel
low, 74c, prompt shipment.
OATS Spot, steady.
HAY-Pteady; prime, tl W; No. 1, 81 ;
No. 2 , 8t.; No. 3, 31.01C1.05; shipping, ic
HOPS Quiet; state, common to
cholco. 1915, 2?X; 1914. 7''fl2c; Pacific
coast, rafi, liHii15; 1914. 10tJ2e.
HIPFNStrady; Bogota, 30JJ31c; Cen
tral America. 29c.
LEATH Kit Firm: Hemlock firsts. TW
84c: seconds. ;'33c.
PROVISIONS Pork, unsettled; mfess,
t16.frtfel7.'iO: family, 821.5(Vrt;2.50, short
clear, 818.6OQ20 00. Beef, sttady; mess.
816.5317.01); family. 819 0v.t1S.50. Lard,
tai-y; middle west. 89.15ifO.35.
1 TALLOW Steadier; city, 7c; country,
i:l'TTER Firm; receipts, T.637 tubs;
am try extras. 30ii'32c; firsts, 27if
.,ic; seconds, 25(-'7c.
I i-.OO-S Irregular; receipts. 7.637 cases:
firsts, 3T4(40c; first, 834136c; seconds, 2tf
CHEESE Steady; receipts, 8,733 boxes;
state, whole milk, flats, held, specials,
15fl6c; same, average fancy, 16o;
same, current make, specials, li-USc;
same, average fancy, 16c.
POULTRY Dressed, firm: western
fresh chickens, barrels, 1l4MSc; fresh
fowls, iced, lfrl7c; frosen turkeys, 1!)
22c. Live, firm; western chickens, 14!(ji
15c; fowls, 14loc; turkey, 20gnac.
Kansas City Oraia and Provisions.
No. 2 hard, Sl.0ogi.06; No. 2 red. ll.0S4
1.10; December, 9c; May, 31.00.
CORN No. 2 mixed. 68c; No. I white.
R8'5(5c; December, 66gioyc; May,
OATS No. I white, 7(ir37c: No. t
mixed. 34g36o.
BUTTER Creamery. 29c; firsts, 37o;
seconds, 25c; packing, 19o.
KOGS-Firsts, 80o; seconds, 22c.
POULTRY Hens, llc; young rooster.
12c; broiler. lc.
Mlnneaplol Grain Market.
cember, 9c; May. 81 01'i; No. 1 hard. 31.03;
No. 1 northern. tl.OOOfll.Ot
FTjOlTl Unchanged.
RYE 94c.
BRAN 818.25.
CORN No. 3 yellow. r"W7c
OATS No. 8 white, 3434o.
FLAX 82.04ig2.09.
Liverpool Orala Market.
No. 2 Manitoba. 11 4d; No. 3, lis Ssyd;
No. 2 hard winter, old. 12s 4d; No. t
Chicago, new, 11 2d.
CORN Spot I -a Plata, f.
St. IO n Is Grain Market.
ST. IXJUIS, Nov. 10. WHEAT No. I
red, 81.15$rl.l6; No. 3 hard. 81.04; Decem
ber. 31.02V: May. 31.04.
CORN No. 2. 60c; No. t white. 60c; De
cember. 67e; Msy, 61o.
OATS No. 2, Soc; No. I white, nom
Inal. Coffee Market.
n-arket for coffee future was somewhat
unsettled by near month liquidation dur
ing today's trading and after opening at
a decline of 3 to 6 points prices eased off
to a net loss of about 6 to 13 points, with
December selling at 4 71c, Mav at 6.S2o
and July at .95c. Talk of rather an
easier tone In the primary markets prob
ably accounted for some of the scattered
selling, hut prices rallied a few points
l&te in the afternoon on covering. The
close was 3 to 8 points net lower. Bnles,
Including exchanges of December for May
at 10 and 11 points, were 49.7 0 bans. No
vember. 6.74e; December. 876e: January,
8.76c; February, 8.7c; March, 8R2c; April,
.84c; May. 6.87c; June, 6.92c; July, 6.97c;
August, 7.01c; September, T.0$c; October,
7.10c. Spot, quiet; R1o 7. 7c; Santos a,
c lower, at Sc. Tho cost and freight
market was reported easier, with quota
tions ranging from about 9.26e to 8. "5c; for
Santos 4s and around 7.35c for Rto 7s.
bssls English credit. The official cable
reported a decline of 125 rel in the Rio
market with Santo unchanged.
Metal Market.
offered at 86.15. Spelter. 315.75fl!l 26. Cop
per, firm; electrolytic, 81 lSrft 18.37. Iron
etcadv and unchanged. Tin strong; spot
J34.5W97 60. At Ixjndon: Snot copper, 74
17s 6d: futures, f75 5s: electrolytic, .) ls
Spot tin, 164 6s; futures. 164. Antimony'
136. Lead, 24 15s. Spelter. 78 10s.
Evaporated Apple and Dried Fralt
A PPLRS Steady.
DRIKD FRUITS Prunes, firm. Apri
cots, steady. Peaches, easy. Raisins,
Notice Is hereby given that sealed pro
poeals will be received by the Board of
Directors of the Short Line Irrigation
District at their office In the Village of
Bayard. Neb., for the purchase of flf.
teen thousand five hundred eighty-two
dollars face value of the 8 per cent
serial bonds of said district until 1:80
o'clock p. m. on the 7th day of December,
1916; said bonds are Issued under and by
virtue of an Act of the legislature of the
state of Nebraska, approved March 26th
lfu. Session Law 1A96. Chapter 70 and all
amendments thereto and pursuant to a
vote of the majority of the qualified elec
tors of said district The Board expressly
reservea the right to reject any and all
bid and will in no event sell any of said
bonds for less than ninety-five per cent
of the face velue thereof. By order of
the Hoard of Directors
Secretary Bhort Liu Irrigation District
, N9&X ;
Cattle Receipts Large and Trade it
Slow to Lower Sheep and
Lambs Mostly Steady,
OMAHA, November 10. WS.
Receipt were: Cattle. Hogs, dheep
Official Mondav IS T 5.140 2J.S14
Official Tueada'v 6.702 4 192 1K.5:
1 -slims te Wednesday.. ,500 4.7ofl 16.&m
Three day thl week 30.076 1 4 02 67.M4
Same days last week. .71.293 10.812 47.0XH
Same days 3 weeks auo 84. 6.730 6 921
Same days 3 weeks sxo SO.;'.'i3 IS 9S
Same da 4 weeks ao 44.2.4 .76 110,74)i
Same days last year.. 15.140 16.737 43,9i
Ihe following tame anuw th" receipts
ef csttle. hogs and sheep at the Omaha
live stock market for rne year to date, as
coi.ipared with last year:
1913. 11 1n.
Cattle I 042 24J 810,676 HI. 569
Hogs 8 27o2M 1 9.V..4"3 .V4.661
Bheep 31900.926 3.610,;37 90.1x8
The following talla snow the average
prices of hogs at the Omaha live stocs
market for the last few day, with com
psrlsona: Date 116. 1914 1U I lit
I911J 119
7 87, 3 461
I 3 84!
T0t IJ
7 671 8 08i
t4i 8 471 7 54)
191 8 36 7 59
8 l
8 131
7 54
7 41
7 68
7 7tf
7 74. T i9
7 s-;
7 r.
12 8 01
04. 7 t;
10: 7 91
T 711
7 T5i
7 71
7 4.
7 "
7 74
7 70
8 091
1 31 8 07
' 7 86
1 7 '
xl 8 01 7 7.
12 7 H 7 7
III 7 Mi 7 73
Receipts and disposition of live stock
at the Union look ards, Omaha, for
tcnty-lour hour ending at 3 o'clock
yeaterday :
cattle Hogs. theep.H,e.
C. M. A St P 3 2 1..
Wabash 1 .. ..
Mliaaourl Pacific .. 1
Union Pacific 119 21 89 8
C. & N. W., east... 14 3 3
C. N. W.. west... 40 10 14 1
C, St P., M. O.. 1 8 7 1
Ol, B. at Q. east.... t ..
U, B. & W, west.. 166 11 4 t
C, R. I. A P., east. 8 7 6 ..
C. R. I. A P., west 1
Illinois Central .... 13 I
Chi. Ut Western.. 4 11..
7 35.
7 33! T 01
7 111 8 96
8 3 7 09
7 0,v-- 7 0f
T 80 7 12 7 76 7 M
I 1 121 7 71
7 0? 7 68!
6 l 1 7 10
t 8V. 7 09 7 66 e
8 M'S 7 U 7 HI 81
8 fc 7 3., 7 N 7 M
6 Nixil 7 3X1 7 W 13, 6
1 7 841 7 631 7 7 a
73 I 7 651 7 s-;
i.7 7 61 7 .7 6
6 61 7 5i 7 72
Total receipts... 379 68 76 14
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Morri A Co 739 231 1.146
Swift A Co 817 )96 2.221
Cudahy Packing Co.... i 1.019 1.N92
Armour A Co 706 1,266 3,358
Schwarts A Co 86
Lincoln Packing Co.. 88 70
8). Omaha lack. Co.. 3
Corn Slate Serum Co.. ... 48
Kellogg Packing Co 324
W. B. Vansant On.... Ill
Benton. Vansant A L. 339
F. B. Lewis 213
Hueton A Co 132
J. B. Root A CO 311
J. H. Bulla 77
L. F. Hu.a 29
Rnsenstock Bros 100
Kellogg 1!W
W'erthelmer A Degen.. 841
II. F. Hamilton 266
Sullivan Bros 34
Rothschild 91
Mo. A Kan. Calf Ct.. 250
Christie 216
Hlggins 7
Huffman 1 10
Roth 3
Mey jrs 6 6
Baker, Jones A Smith 93
Banner Bros 46
John Harvey 3"
Kline 161
Dennis A Francl 24
Jensen M .Vi::
Other buyer 1.300 -.&
Totals 7,278 4.008 17,C
CATTLR-Recelpt were very liberal
this morning, not only here, but at most
other selling point as well. At the same
time there naa a general weakness In
trice everywhere, with the reult that
thl market was slow and weak along
with the others. The weather was very
much against the market, it being dara
and rainy, so that buyer were late in
getting out into the yards, and the fore
noon was well advanced before anyono
tried very hard to do business. Tue trade
as a whole could be summed up a slo.
wiak to lower,
in the end killer of all kind sold at
i rice that were anywhere from weak to
04; lie lower, A few of the choicest light
feeder did not show much change, but
I he. general run of both stockers and
feeders was alow to 10uiuo lower.
Quotations on cattle: Prime cornfed
beeves. 89. 1 610.00; good to choice red
yearlings, S9.oon9.76; fair to good fed
yearlings, ta.&Kia.OO; common to fair fed
yearlings. 86.iVkiiH.60; good to choice heavy
beeves. S9.0O(rt.6O; fair to good cornfed
beeves. 3a.00uie.00: common to fair corn
fed beeves. 86.50ii8.26; prime grass beeves,
S. 00718.60; good to choice grass beeves.
S7.60(8 00; fair to good grass beeves,
S6.754r7.60; common to fair grass beeves,
tn.76ftrtl.76: good to choice grass heifers,
S4.OfW7.00; good to choice grass cows,
86.8Oli6.50: fair to good cows, 86.0Oan.iw;
common to fair cows. 84 OCX&5.00; good to
choice feeders, S7.4W00; fair to good
feeders, S6.76iif7.40; common to fslr
feeders. tn.75'ri4.75; good to choice
stockers. 87.504lrt.00; fair to good stockers.
Si.75'ir7.50: common to fair stockers, M 6048
6.76: stork heifers. 86.75ffl41.75: stock cows.
S4.7ixfO.00; stock calve. S6.6oa8.50; veal
calves. S6.5Ofl9.50; bull. stags, etc,
84 r6 SI;
Representative sale:
330 steers. ..1138 8 9 118 steer... 8fO 16
41 feeder. .1011 8(0 81 teer.... 809 8 00
19 teers. ...1101 8 25 20 steer.. ..1050 183
I eow 1223 6 26
1 calf 150 8 (0 In leeder..028 8 96
17 steer. ...1126 7 81 13 feeder.. 798 7 26
II rows U&3 8 50 34 feed rs.. 93 7 35
IS feeder.. 406 7 50 6i calves... 396 1 80
7 feebers.. 951 t 60 6 calves... 410 7 So
HOUS Local supplies continued mod
erate, although most outside points were
overloaded again today. Receipts were
estimated at sixty-eight cars, or 4,700
head, bringing the total for the first half
of the week up to 14,0.12 hesd. Thl 1
more than 3.000 larger than last week and
over twice as large as two weeks ago,
but Is 3.700 short of the corresponding
period of last year.
Chicago was deluged with hogs today,
and while the local run was moderate
shipping orders were slim. The few ship
per buyer that did get out were aliie
to purrhase whatever they wanted at
prices that were at least 169 and In
siHrt as tnucn as o lower. Top failed
to neat 86.70.
Packer used heavy runs and slumping
market at other point a a club on the
local trade, and while early rounds were
dull killer buyers succeeded In forcing
a too decline. It was well along towards
mldforenonn before much of anything
sold, but after a trading bssls was estab
lished movement livened up. and a pretty
decent sort of a clearance had been made
before 11 o'clock.
Bulk of the sales was mad at '
with the long airing selling at 36 60. and
scattering sales both above and below
thrse figures. Today's bulk snd average
are the lowest since the latter part of
Julv. when price hit the vear' low snot,
while tops today touched the lowest nolnt
reached since early In April. Current
value are mostly 40c below last Bat
uHir Representative sales:
Ne. At Eti. Ft k. A, a. Ft
9 41 ... IN to Kt 1)0 I M
Tt ii ii t 45 it ii4 im t a
41 107 VI M 71 VI ... t K
li 4 M 60 XI 180 t M
rr s7 n mi it in ... u
71 II 1 ... 4 44 i ... 6 to
41 re ... 4 et 74 im ... 146
4t IM ... 4 TO
4 121 ... 4 00 10 1W ...
BHEEP Receipt were somewhat larger
than on the same day last week. Cut
with that exception were the smallest
for a Wednesday since August. About
seventy rsrs, or lk.suu neaa, were received,
bringing the total for the week to data
up to 67,644 bead. This Is 10.6u larger than
a week ago. and li.OOu heavier than for
the same week last year, but ll.Ouu short
of two weeks ago.
A good percentage of fat lamb waa in
cluded in today s supplies and packer
took a bearish streak, early offer being
generally lower than yesterday.
The sellers refused to rut loose at less
than steady prices, and Intimated that
they thought values should show a Utile
improvement. None of the packers broks
over, however, and first sd'es maco
looked shout a dime lower. Very little
sold until nearly noon, when bids were
raised a trlfl and sellers carried their
Point to a certain extent, prices being
steady or nearly so In most cases, al
though In spots trade was quoted a dime
off Bulk of the lambs moved at 8s XVif
8 M, the latter price being top. There was
nothing here to compere with the 89 00
laml'S yesterday and It la probable that
another conslsnment of the same sort of
stuff would have duplicated that figure
old muttons were generally lower, al
though the decline was fought hard and
quite a few aged sheep In killing flesh
remained In first hands up to noun. Such
stuff a had sold up to midday was
fully a dime lower and In spot was
? noted 15c off. Pretty decent ewes had
idled to beat 85.40. while yesterdny top
was 85 55 and wethers took 85. M, sa
sgalnst 8no Tuesday. The few yearlings
here brought about Meedy figures. A
hesvy class moved at 86.70. while a lighter
string, although not so well finished,
landed at 3 75.
Feeding lambs old fully steady with
yesterriav. Choice ones were scarce, but
best again reached 86 60. Feeding ewe
at 85 K looked about steady.
Representative sale:
64 Idaho ewes M 4 TS
116 Idaho bred ewes Tu 8 80
119 Idaho feeder lamb 69 8 10
440 native lambs 69 8 00
9M Idaho lambs 72 8 96
, - It'...., i t u a 1 1
jku )) j)iuiutK injmB tar I H
2.'3 South Dakota feedr lamb.... 48 8 40
827 South Dakota lambs 71 3 76
837 South Dakota feeder lamb.. 68 8 40
Cattle Rteady Hoar Weak sheep
CHTCAOO, Nov. 10-CATTLlO-Re-oelpte,
16.0X) head; market steady; native
beef steers. t6.tvtT'lii.40; western steers,
S6S.V(i8 60; cows and heifers. t3.70ft10;
calves, S6.enid10.M.
HiMJB Receipts, 42.000 head; market
w-eek. I5tik- lower: bulk of sales. 86 4oyi
4 9.; light. S UOW7.06; mixed. 86 154f7.26;
heavy 86.104f7.S0; rough. t6.10HT6.26; pl.
83.7NH. 00.
8UEBP AND LAMBS-Receipts, 18,000
head; market weak; wethers 35.9OC6.40;
ewes, S3 fcnuii.Ml; lamb, 87.0O4j4).16.
I '
tit. t.onla l.lve Stork Market.
ST. Ilt'18. Nov. 10. CA TTLK Re
celnt. 4.H110 head; market, steady; native
lcef steers 17 60fi 10.40; yearling teers
anil heifers. St.5oj'l0 35; rows, 6. 0017.60;
stockers and feeders. 86.007. 75; southern
steers, 85 26jf6.50; cows and heifer. 14.000
6.50; native ca've, 86 Oom 10.60.
HOO-S Receipts. lt,M head: market
lower: pigs and lights, t6.7S4K8S; mixed
sndbutcher. t6.60V7.00; good heavy, 16.90
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt. 1.400
head; market stesdy; native muttons,
yeerllngs, 868057 3f : lamb. fa.0iN9W.U0;
sheep and ewes. 85.tVi(tbS 26.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
Receipts, 8,700 head, market steady; prime
fed steer, 89.2610.00; dressed beef steere,
87.50440.00; western sieers, S6.60T 40; stock
er and 'feeders. !5.5o37.75; bull. 84.60i
6.00; calves. SH uj 111 00
HOGS Receipts 18.000 head; lower;
bulk, 86 4"r6.70; heavy 86.6541-6.80: packer
and bin -hers. t6.504j.75; lights, f6.40tT4.fl5;
pigs. S6 2nf6.0.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt a 18000
he. d: market steady; lamb, IV.Vff't 91);
yearlings. 84S5f7.36; wether, 6.60S.28;
ewe. 34.7506.76.
Inns City l.lve Stock Market.
Receipts. 3,600 head- market 10fl5o lower;
native steers. 8.60e7.76: butchers, 84.60a
6.25; rows and heifers, f4.15tjn.90; canners,
tS.0OHN.86: Blocker and feeder. f4.754i4 60;
calves, 34.604.g5; bulla, stag, etc., 84.50
HOOS-Recelpta. 6,000 head; market 16c
lower: heavy, t6.454T6.66; mixed, 8640r46;
llpht. 8100r6.4O; bulk of sale. 36.40if(6.46.
BHEEP AND LA M BS Receipt. 3.000
neau; market steady; ewes, 4.4iP&-00;
Iambs, 87.006.60.
St. Jnaenk Live Stock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Nov. 10,-CATTLT&-Re-oelpts.
r.40) head: market slow: ater.
86 0O4J9.S0: cows and heifers, f4.00tr.00;
calve. t6.frrfM.tS.
HO IS Receipts. 8OO.head; market
for shjpvers. 107115c lower; top, 88.67;
packers doing nothing; bulk of sales,
SHEF.P AND LAMBS Receipt , 1,000
hosd; market steady; lamb, 88.0LKQ3.90.
Stock tn Sight.
Receipt of tlv atook St the five prin
cipal western markets:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheen.
South Omaha 9.500 4.700 16,900
Sioux City 2 miq 6.00 2 mm
Chicago 16.0U) 43.000 18.000
St. Louis 4.800 14.200 8.400
Kansas City 8.700 13.000 13.000
.40,500 78,900 61,2(X
New York Money Market.
PAPER 34i:t ner cent
bills 84.61; demand. 34.6V; cables, 84 6576.
hil,v.ii uar, wo; Mexican dollars,
BONDS Government, steady; railroad.
TIM K IOANS Steady; sixty days, 2
V? per cent; ninety day, Iqp3 per cent;
si months. 2.1cS ner cent
CALL MONEY-Steady: high. S per
rent; low, 14 per cent; ruling rate. 144 per
cent; last loan, 1 per cent; closing Did.
14t per cent; offered at 3 per cent
Closing quotation on bond today were
as follow:
0 . rf. Sa. reg.... M Mo. FSa or. 8s 41
e eoupoa N N. Y. O. dab 4s.. ..10116
C. . 8a, nm Ml N. T. ritr 4Hs (H
do eiwsoa mi N. T. tutl 4S 11
V. S. 4. r IM N. T . N. H. A H.
do eousoa lie or. ut
Panamo ! coeseo..l01l4No Paetrlo ia. m'4
Am. Hmolur ...... I) 4o Ss
A. T. A T. 44S. .107 O i. L rat. 4e.... M
Armour no. 4o.. UHr.e. T. T. ta Ml
Atchlooa rn. 4i ... llHPenn. 000. 4la 10414
(Dal. Ohio 4a 9o4 4s sn. H
n. PuKle 1st W 4W4las saa. 4a 4m
!) a Ohio tu... n. L. A B F. r. 4s. ins,
( n. O. I. 4.... i 0s. Pax. try. la I(i7
o M g P s .. 101 as rr. 4s u
C. R. 1. r. r. 4.. MURa. RallvaT 6a im
C. B. rar. 4s ... M t nlon Paciflo 4a I7U,
D. A R. O. rat. Ss.. 41 4s or. 4a MS4
Brla a. 4a T4HU. B. Rubber s...
Oaa. KRaetrla (a 10 1' S. Hll Is UMtt
til. No lat 4ws.... lattWahaah 1st ta K1V4
111. Ota. rat. 4a U Wart. Calna 4Ss....
K. C. a. rat. is.... 94S4Waat. Biaa ov. ta..iutk
LAN. sal. 94 Ansle-rroaoh ts .... Ilk
M. K. a T. lat aa. . II
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. Nov. 10.-XTTON Boot.
steady; middling upland, 11.75c; sales,
I 000 bales.
Cotton future opened stesdy; Decem
ber, 11.43c; January, 11.58c; March, 11.79c;
May. 11 9.'c; July. 12c.
Futures closed steady; Tiecember, 11.61e;
January, ll.76c; March, 11.96c; May, 12.10c;
Julv. 1116.V
The cotton market closed steady at a
pet advance of from 16 to 10 points.
tteady: good middling. 7 22d: middling.
8 58l; low middling. f.40d. Bale. m.OvO
Omaka liar Market.
PRAIRIE HAY Choice upland SlO.OfVfj
in 60; No. 1. jnwffra.wi; no. j, 88 00-9 80;
No. 3. S4.0offioo. Choice midland: SlO.Oo
No. 1, M.50fl60; No. 8. S7.50rueV6n; No. 3.
mH i DV)T C" h nl lAOvlanrf. XTa 1
37tiOw:oo'; No. . 86.007.00; No.' t. fl.OO
STRAW-Wheat: IS.OOflB 80. Oat or
rye: .ui'ni.u.
ALFALFA Choice, t17.0Oflnt.0O; No, X.
till and Rosla.
TINE Firm. 67c; sales. 100 bsrrels; re
relpts, 228 bsrrels; shipment, 177 barrel
stocks. 12014 barela. i
ROSIN Firm; sales, 923 barrel: re
ceipts, 1 o barels; shipments, 713 barrels:
storks, 63,997 barrela Quotations: A, B.
C. D, E, F. O. H and 1. to.06-M.0TH: K.
15.70; M. 86-16; N. 84.40; WO, 8660; WW,
Drr Good Market.
Cotton good, quiet; gray good, easy;
worsted yams, steady; nuriape, firm; em
broideries, in better demand for spring.
Colonel Ruppert
Meets Fed Magnates
FRENCH LICK. Ind , Nov. 10. rederal
league magnate were met here today
by Colonel Ruppert. part owner of the
New York American league club, and ex
peeled. It was aakl, later to meet Barney
Dreyfus of Pittsburgh. No conference
ere held among the magnate early to
ds y, and If any peace terms were dis
cussed or other base ball affair talked
over with Colonel Ruppert the confab
were kept secret
Distinct Line of Cleavage Between
Standard and Speculative
NEW YORK, Nov. ln-A distinct lln
of cleavage between standard stocks and
thoe in the speculative e'.aaa waa the
significant feature of today s active mar-
ei. investment Issue, especially hlgn
grade rallrcada. were consistently strong;
and In good demand, while war share
snd allied Issues were again subjected
to severe shrinkage.
Dm-1 nee in war stock during the
precipitate oreak of the mid eeaalon
ranged from 6 to 10 points, wh le Petri
lehem steel at Its low figure of 400 showed
a lose of 35 though closing at 43 1. The
weakness of Bethlehem was tiatura ly
ascribed to the damage and possible
delay In operations resulting from a fire
t the company's main plant, but the
violence whl h attended the slump In
such descrlvrtons as Baldwin Locomotive,
Ptudebakar, Lackawanna Steel, Crucible
Steel and Continental Can were largely
In Hie nature of a weeding out of weak
ened accounts.
United btate Steel, In Which trading
waa the largest of any recent day,
opened at a traotlonal decline, but grad
ually roae 3 to 87H. closing at a small
fraction tinder it maximum. Meel
strength was directly traceable to the
Corporations hUhly gratifying October
statement, which disposed an increase of
about 850,000 tons in unfilled orders and
exceeded any similar exhibit since thi
early months of 1913.
Hallway storks were at their brat in
the later dealings. Southern Pacific and
Canadian Pacific leading toe broad up
ward movement. Southern Pacific' rise
ol 1 to lAlti, It highest quotation in
two year, gave point to the negotiation
now under way between a banning syn
dicate and the Pennsylvania railroad for
the letter's largo holding of Southern
Pacific shares.
Average gains of 1 to I point wro
scored by Union Pac.flo, St. Paul. Now
York Central. Reading and Norfolk dc
Weatern and specialties made pronounced
recover a, some showing net gains on
the day. Total sale amounted to 1.SJ0.000
Bonds shared only In moderate fleeree
with the advance In stock, additional
"future" sale creating some Irregular
ity. Total sales, par value, aggregated
United State bona were unenangea
on call.
Number of sales and leading; quotation
on stock were as follows:
Bales. HI. lAtw. Clo.
Alaska OnM i.x S
Allla-Chalmara 8S.u 1 17 J
Amarlraai Beat Huar.. . . .64 6
American aa I4.sn0 It t 44
Amatiraa Loontalv .... 4.M J U
Amarleaa g. A H 17.S04 94 91 94.
Am. V a It. pf4 1
Am. Susar Kallalns S.44 H4 1U44.
Amarlru Tal. aV Tm 1 IM 1
Amarloma Tottaroa 4-4 l4 811 Ut
Anaoonda Mining .i $1 w
AtrAlana 14 l"11 1V
HaMwla lxenmntlTS ma lle l!w l"1
Baltimore A Ohle 94 M
Balhlaltam Steal . 4M 4M 4U
Brook I rn R.pl4 Tranall.. I.KW a a an
Calllornia Patralaum .... 1.100 it 18 14
Canadlaa I'arlflo 11. M m 114 lbl4
Central I ather I. 0 47 Mj 66 47V4
(-4waaueaka Ohio 1.400 ti Uj lie
Chicago O. W I.JO0 11), 16Uj 14
OMcaso. M. IH. P.... S.1 M
Ohlcaso N. W lUSi 111 1JIJ4
ChliO. R. I. T. Rr.. 17.T 11 II 90'.
China CWar 7.000 4H 1H
Celondo lNa Iron ... ll.)W 41 4I4 40i4
IVuelbla Htaal 47. let 7t 67 7t
Panvor R- O prd 1
Matlllara- gaourttlae 14 9n0 43 u, M 41
grla 11 41S 4 42
Oanaml Blactrta 1 IT 174 VI
Oraat Northam pt4 l.MW 1st lUi IM
Oraal No. Ora rtta II. we i 4S 41
Ouirtanhelm nplortloa.. 4.S04 71 OH 71
llllnola lanlral 107
Iflterhnrouch n. Corp.. 9.K 3 1114 11T4
Inaplratloa Oppar 14. TOO It 41 41
Intarnailonal Hanaalar... I0 Kt 107
Kami CHr goutbara.... 4.0no 1S rt Jl'i
Laklgh Vallay 8.100 81 71 90'4
Inllavllla Naativllls l.74
M.ilran Petroleum S.ioo TUj 84
Miami Ooppar 4.100 tlv, S2i
Mlaaourt. K. 4 T. (4.... TOO 14 Ik 14
Mtaaourl Parltlo 4.4M INa 7H 8
National Blacult 1
National Lull 8.100 44 44 4
Naiada Coppar l.tM It U4
Naw York Caatral 4.1W 14 1o)s lnti
N. Y.. N. H. H 4.400 SOH 71(4 IS
Norfolk Wura....... 4 oo 1114, 117 1194
North.rn Paetlls S.tue 1I1V4 14 1UU
Pacino Mall 110 11 II it
raetfls Tal. A Tal SO0 41 41 41
Pannarlvaala 8.4U0 SO 4H4
rullmaa ralaos Cr M
Bar Cob. Coppar 1. 40 tt 84 H
Raaaln 84.MO 1H
KcvablTs Iron gleal... 4,1 40 47 40
goutiMra Paal'la 84.40) lul Iy lSi
Smuthara kailwar 4.on0 U 3 U
tuaabakar Conipaay 4. W0 111 11 141
Taawaaaaa CVpuar M
Taiaa i-empaay 1X0 IM 1w lax
Union r.oin 81. lo 1S7H lit in
Vnloa Paolfla ofd oS $t t
Unltad Stataa ((teal. 834.400 K 414 47
It. g. (Raal p!4 700 11 llf. W
t'UB rappar U.OOO 11i 70 7114
Waatarn tinloa s7
Waatlnsbouaa Elactrt ... 81.000 07V. H 47
Montana Howar 100 40 414.
OanaraJ Motors I7 87 l"4
Wahaah B pf4 S.IOO 10 10
Total salas for the day. I.UQ.400 sbaras.
agar Market.
NEW YORK. Nov. 10. SUGAR Raw.
strong; centrifugal. 4.89c; molasses, 4.13c.
Refined, firm at 10 point higher; cut
loaf, 8.c; crushed. 8fi; mould A, .30c;
cubes, 4c; xxxx powdered, t.toc; pow
dered, 8 86c: fine granulated, 6.75c; con
fectioners' A. 8.05e; No. 1. B.SOe. Further
strength In both raw and refined led to
a renewed demand for future and price
advanced 4 to 13 point early today.
Lon den Stock Market.
LONDON. Nov. 10. Further blockg of
American gold bond were brought out
for sale and readily absorbed on the
'Stock market today. American rail
were quietly steady at a lower level
without special feature.
SILVER Bar. 34d per ounce,
MONKY 8WiB4 per cent.
DI8COUNT RATES Short bill and
three month. 4Ta per cent.
Bank Clearing;.
OMAHA. Nov. 10. Bank clearing for
Omaha today were t3.U3.K73.13 and for
the corresponding day last year t3.197,-
Orders for iter! Increase. -
NEW YORK. Nov. 10 The unfilled ton
nsee of the United ft tea Steel corpora
tion on October 81 totals (,1i.4o3 tons, an
Increase of 817,834 ton over September.
What Will Happen to
War Stocks When the Kaiser
and the King Shake Hands?
( An article that appeared
In the September number
of McClure's Magaxlne will
give you aa Idea a to what
a lot of tho so-called war
supply plant will do to
utilise their surplus facili
ties when peace again
reign In Europe,
f We thought the article go
practical that we secured
McClure's perming Ion to
publish It In pamphlet
form, tn order that pec pat
Interested tn War Stock
could sls up the sltaationv
for themselves.
1 It will be sent without
ehai'xe upon request. Ak
for t-O.B including booklet
explain. ug
"Th Twenty Parment Plan"
tA'ilseaaaav 10
40 ExdMkac rtac Nov Terk
eoaisiaat lr " obar StaS beaw s( THIS
naat lr " obar StaS beaw s( THIS
LOT BJtVlEW. ti.00 a rrar. Simula
oa rw.b -Jan Mulr a Ctmoi f.
ban ef Iba Na Yurk Aiock Bxibaaga,
,,..)-..v NIrw Vnrk -l)v
)il llr.Mi.lway. Nrw YorkOfv