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John Cunningham SuiUini Broken
Leg and Fire Unknown Occu
pant Are Bruited.
An automobile landed la m tree top
on the Millard road, about ten miles
west of Omaha, and its occupants,
four men and ' two women, were
lumped through the limbs of the tree
Into a thirty-foot gullj, shortly after
midnight Saturday night. The tree
Is probably all that saved them from
One of the occupants, John Cun
ningham, 1103 North Twenty-third
street. South Side, who operates a
saloon at Twenty-fourth and Q
streets, sustained a broken arm, an
injured leg and other hurts. .
The other autolsts sustained va
rious Injuries. One of the women Is
said to hare received a broken leg,
while the other Is said to have suf
fered a wrenched back. All were
badly bruised and shaken up.
Cunningham, who la recuperating at the
home of hla brother, James Cunningham,
SOI V street. South Side, aaya he does not
know the namea of unf of hla fellow
paaaengera in the wrecked ear, nor the
name of the owner of the car. He says
he waa Juat riding In from Millard with
them and doea not desire to talk further
of the matter. 1
Some of the Injured people were taken
In other autoa to the South Omaha hos
jltal. where their tnjurlea were attended
to. Then they went away without giving
their namea, the hospital authorltiea say,
and Mimed to want to avoid publicity.
Roy end Harry Swanson, 3010 California
street, were motoring along the same
road shortly after the accident happened,
and with other autolsta helped the In
jured people out of their predicament.
Two of the men were taken to Fortieth
and Farnam atreeta by the Swanson
brothers, where they caught a late street
car. The two young women In the party
were taken direct to the hospital, aa their
injuries were considered the most serious.
Goes Over Brldare.
The accident Is supposed to have re
sulted from the speeding car striking a
piece of timber that had been carelessly
left lying across the floor of a big steel
bridge. When the auto hit it the car
veered to one aide and over the edge of
the bridge, where It hung suspended, one
end resting on the bridge and the other
end resting in the tree top.
According to Roy Swanson, one of the
women remained in the boughs of the
tree, while the other occupants of the
auto wre dumped through the llmbe onto
the ground, the severity of their fall be
ing greatly lessened by the tree. Swan
son aaya he did not learn the names of
any of the injured people, nor the number
of the auto that had the mishap. It was
badly wrecked.
Dozen Guests Are
Invited to Hear
Ex-Senator Burton
A dosen guests front various parts of
the state have been Invited to places at
the speakers' table Wednesday noon at
the Commercial club when ex-United
States Senator Burton of Ohio la t
at the public affairs luncheon.
Those already Invited are: Con
man M. P. Klnkald of O'Neill, Congress
man C. F. Reavls of Falls City, Con
gressman Charles R. Sloan of Geneva.
E. J. Hainer of Lincoln, ex-Scnator Elmer
Burkett of Lincoln, L. D. Richards of
Fremont, E. Ourney of Fremont, I
J. Dunn of Lincoln, Frank M. Currle of
Brewster and A. p. Epperson of Clay
Senator Burton la to speak on "Nine
teen Hundred and Fifteen and Its Rela
tion to Business Conditions." At .night
be is to speak to the McKlnley cluh.
Omaha Hospitality
Being Sung Abroad
The letter carriers who were enter
tained In their national convention by
Omaha were very well pleased with
Omaha hospitality, as witness the fol
lowing paragraph from an article by
Charles H. 8cogglns of Oakland, Cel.,
published In the Postal Record: -
Never In all of my experience as a na
tional convention microbe have I seen a
more whole-souled welcome tendered by
a city than that tendered the delegates
to the Omaha convention by the gover
nor, mayor and postmaster. Vest less,
with wilted collars and steaming facs.
red from the summer's heat, these men
stood before us in all the sincerity of
plain Informal manhood and gave ua a
welcome that one could not but feet
proud of, and the honesty snd sincerity
that shone from their eyes told us better
than words that they were glad to hare
ua with them. Well I know that many
an Omaha carrier's heart will beat in
sadness when their present blg-henrWd
postmaster must step aside.
Children who avail themselves of the
public library privileges are much Inter
ested In a number of closo-up photo
graphs of wild animals, which have been
hung in the children's room of the brary.
President C. N. Diets or the library
board presented eleven framed photo
enlargements of wild animals and Rocky
mountain scenery, which were taken by
Enoa Mills, the Estes park naturalist.
Miss Edith Tobttt. the librarian, bung
pictures of a grlxxly bear cub, mountain
sheep and beaver In the children's room.
Other pictures were hung In other rooms
on the second floor.
The photographs of the animals woray
taken by Mr. Mills at a distance of ontyl
six or eight feet, and are remarkable
studies of their kind, resulting from long
and persistent effort and great ezpert-no.
Car Har of Cns.
Nothing frightens a mother more than
the loud, hoarse cough of croup. The
labored breathing, strangling, choking
and gasping for breath call for Instant
action. Mrs. T. Neureuer, Eau Claire,
Wis., says: "Foley's Honey and Ta
l ured my boy of a serious attack of
ir. up after other remedies had failed,
i recommended It to every one, as we
knew from our own experience thtt It
Is a wonderful remedy for coughs, colds,
cwup and whooping cough." it clears
air passages, soothes and heals. Sold
verywhere. Advertisement.
President Sends a
Receipts Four Hundred Can and All
Roads Have All They Can Pos
sibly Handle.
The freight car shortage starts in
this week In a most acute form, with
every indication that it Is going to
keep on increasing. Qmataa grain re
ceipts yesterday were around 400
cars, with eqaully as great at the
other grain markets.
Railroad men figure that In hand
ling the cars In the most expeditious
manner it takes at least a week for a
freight car to make a round trip, and
as a rule the time Is about as long
attain. Thus it Is easy to be seen that
the Omaha market alone requires an
Immense number of cars to handle
the grain In its trade territory.
What Is true of Omaha Is equally true
of Chicago. Kansas City, St. Louts, Min
neapolis, Duluth, Wnlnipeg and the other
big grain markets, so that besides the
cars that are bringing the grain to the
markets, there Is an equal number tak
ing It to the sea ports and an equally
great number enroute back to the loading
Every road operating Into Omaha Is
making every possible effort to get cars
out mto the grain territory and at the
same time every road finds Itself short
on cars.
Receipts Are Hravy,
Right now the bulk of the grain com
ing to Omaha passes through the ele
vators here. Is blended and then goes out
on the milling In transit rate, destined
for gulf ports. Receipts are about the
heaviest 1A the history of the ' market,
so far as wheat Is concerned, the grain
on hand In storage not showing the real
Diogenes to Find tho
volume of the grain business transacted.
Mlsaourl Pacific, Rock Island and Bur
lington officials representing the roads
that do the bulk of grain business to the
gulf ports assert that the export demand
Is the heaviest ever known, and that at
Galveston and New Orleans scores of ves
sels are lying at the docks or out In the
harbors watting to load out. At this time
the greater portion of the shipments are
goiisj,- to England and France, though
Germany Is able to now and then get
out a cargo.
American owners of the wheat and
other grains going abroad are not taking
any chances on losses. It Is asserted
that In every Instance as soon as a boat
ts loaded and before It welgha anchor the
cargo of grain la paid for and the owner
I has the money In his pocket.
Omaha Represented
in Big Studebaker
Endurance Contest
E. R. Wilson, local representative ef
the Studebaker. started Monday morning
on a 1,000-mllo journey In a Studebaker
car, accompanied by an observer and an
other passenger.
Mr. Wilson ia making the run as a
part of an endurance and reliability con
test In which over 00 Studebaker dealers
are taking part. Every state In the
union la represented. The rules aro that
the run shall be madft tho first four days
of this week, starting this morning at
8 o'clock and concluding Thursday night
at 6 o'clock. Each car must run 2Ti0 miles
each oay between the hours of t a. m.
and p. m.
A sneak thief entered the home of
Oeorgo B. Barker. 33 South Thlrty
sevonth street, and stole ,"0 cents, ac
cording to a report ragtateied at pol'ee
Joe Funculla's fruit stand ut Tenth
and Jackson streets wits robbed of cigars
and tobacco to the value- of f JO.
Demand Full 14 Ozs. of
Spaghetti for Ten Cents
You're entitled to it. j You can get it by asking your
grocer for Faust Spaghetti a full 14 bzs. net weight
for a dime the weight printed on every package.
You get over 16 more Spaghetti when you ask for
the Faust brand you can easily prove this by com
paring the weight of Faust with any other Spaghetti
in this city.
Of course, Faust Spaghetti makes its first claim upon
you on a quality basis its goodness and flavor but
you must have quantity and quality to insure value
lor your money.
Faust Spaghetti is packed in fine, dust-proof, moisture-proof
packages. Made in one of the brightest
pure-food kitchens in the United States.
Faust Spaghetti
Full 14 Ozs.
for 10 Cents
Man for that Federal Judgeship Vacancy
r -
Parcel Post Packages Handled at
Lower Cost Than Any Other City
in the tJnited States.
The Omaha postofftce handles par
cel post packages at a lower cost than
any other city In the United States,
namely about one-fourth of a cent
This fact was established by the
semi-annual count of packages in the
fifty largest cities of the country.
The further fact was established
that there has been a tremendous In
crease In the volume of parcel post
business and, while the sice limit of
packages has been constantly in
creased, the cost of handling has at
the same time decreased.
The semi-annual count la made during
the first fifteen days of October.
The Increase in tho number of pack
ages handled at the local office is in
dicated by these figures made during the
first fifteen days of October each year
that the parcel post hns been in operation:
On t frnln a I nfn m t n tr
'THlllfT I IO lt. 1HM .HX tivs
October 1 to 1R. inn R7 sr.
October 1 to 15, 1915 "2.S10
Of the 40,324 Incoming parcels during
these fifteen days 27,431 were delivered by
regular carriers without extra cost; 2,804
were delivered by substitutes on toot at
a cost of S.l conts each; 4,463 were deliv
ered by automobile at a cost of 1.83 cents
each and 7.280 by horse-drawn vehicles
at a cost of 1.4 cents each.
The cost of delivery by substitutes on
foot Is the highest of all delivery costs
iM this mode of delivery Is constantly
being curtailed, dropping from 28 per
cent in 1913 to .S8 per cent in 1915.
The low cost of handling the parcels In
St. Louis, Mo.
the Omnha office, which Is now i cent
per parcel, has been reduced from a
cost of .88 cent per parcel in 191S, when
the parcel post service was Instituted.
Plan Quadrangle
of Eight Buildings
for Medic School
The new state hospital building to be
erected In connection with the University
of Nebraska College of Medicine in
Omaha at Forty-second and Harney
streets, is to form the central building In
the group of medical college buildings
that are eventually to form a stately
quadrangle. Although up to the present
tlmo there la but one building at the
medical college, the architectural plan In
Its entirely calls for eight structures, ar
ranged lna magnificent square. The
present building Is built according to the
I Ian and Is to form one comer of the
final quadrangle, whenever future legis
latures shall appropriate enough to com
plete the plan.
The plana for the hospital building have
been approved, and the regents of the
university, In session at Lincoln today,
plan to authorise the advertisement for
bids. In order to be the central building
In tho quadrangle of medical buildings
the state hospital must be located directly
southwest of the present medical building.
A large space ia to be left between the
It Mill Relieve Backache.
Apply Sloan's Liniment to your back,
pain gone almost Instantly. Don't rub,
It penetrates. Mo. All drugglsts.-Ad-vertlsement.
The ceremonies attending the laying of
tne cornerstone ror the new X,000 city
hall of Benson are to take place next
Bunday afternon at S o'clock. Th Wuii.
men of the World camp of Benson Is to
have charge, of the ceremonies and A.
W. Jefferls and W. A. Fraaer, sovereign
commander of the Woodmen of the
World, are to speak.
County Attorney Magney Filei Com
plaint and Authorities Will Try
to Get Him Here for Trial.
Arthur Mauser, alias Duck Weaver,
t.nder arrest in Indianapolis, .and be
lieved to be the ape-man wanted in
Omaha for numerous crimes, is
charged with killing W. II. Smith of
Cmaha, in an information prepared
ry County Attorney Magney and filed
in police court. The murder was
committed October 16 at Thirtieth
and Dodge streets.
The Information charges Ilauser
with first degree murder. The pen
r.'ty if conviction is secured will be
f'eath or life imprisonment, accord
ing to the decision of the Jury. The
fact that the crime was committed
during a robbery renders it necessary
for the state to prove only that
Ilauser was the man who held up
Smith and that he fired the shot
which killed him.
Ml" Mater Only Witness.
Mis Grace Plater, 21 years old, whom
Mr. Smith was acrompsnvlng to her
home, was the only witness of the murder
of Smith and upon her testimony the
state bases Its hope of conviction.
Although Ilauser Is wanted for many
Climes In numerous cities of the middle
west, local officials believe that the man
can be brought here for trial, since a
murder charge Is usually given precedence
over others of less serious nature.
Ilauser Is also wanted here for the rob.
bery of Mr. and Mrs. V. T. Ha use and
their guests. They and numerous other
victims of the ape-man will be able to
Identify Ilauser, It la believed, as the
holdup who committed a series of crimes
la Omaha.
Best Treatment for Catarrh
S. S. S. Removes the Cause
Specialists In Catarrh troubles have agreed that It is an Infection of
the blood. The laboratories of the 8. 8. 8. Co., at Atlanta, have proven it.
Once you get your blood free from impurities cleansed of the Catarrhal
I bOlSOnS. Which It Is now a nm tn l.oratla nf It. nnhllll mmm th.a
will be relieved of Catarrh the dripping In the throat, hawking and aplt
tlng, raw sores In the nostrils, and the disagreeable bad breath, It waa
caused, In the first place, because your Impoverished blood waa eaelly In
fected. Possibly a slight cold or contact with someone who had a old. Bat
the point K dont suffer with Catarrh lt ia not necessary. The remedy
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tainable at any drug store. It has proven Its value In thousands of cases.
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ing it clean. They will prove to you that thousands of sufferers from Ca
tarrh, after consistent treatment with 8. 8. 8., have been freed from the
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never again be satisfied
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Five Minutes! No
Gas, Indigestion
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