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Decisive Defeat of Washburn Proves
Cornhuskers Will Find Stiff
Opposition in Kansas.
That Coach Stlehm's Cornhuskers will
encounter aome mighty tough .opposition
when they attempt to down the Jayhawk
on McCook field at Lawrence Saturday
la the client testimonial of the Kansas
Waahburn game last Saturday. Kansaa
trounced the Topeka school, 41 to 0, and
'tis said the trick was turned with many
substitutes In the frame.
That overwhelming acore proves that
Kansas has a team regardless of the bear
stories which have now and then emerged
from Lawrence. Nebraska, It Is true, de
feated Waahburn as decisively, the score
being 47 to 0, but the big Kansaa score
does prove that the Huskers should not
be particular favorites over the Jayhawk,
especially as Kansas is laying for Ne
braska and can be depended upon to put
up the fight of the year.
Nebraska's victory over Wesleyan was
expected. With Rutherford, Reese and
Gardiner out of the game, Procter, Seller
and Porter went in to show that Btlehm
has some dependable substitutes who can
take the places of his regulars In case
of Injuries. Caley and Chamberlain were
in the game but a short time and Shaw
was not used at all. All together twelve
subs went into the game, and, aa Wes
leyan has a really good team this year,
Nebraska followers are pleased with the
score of 30 to 0. '
Umf, of, W(it Upheld. . . ,
Notre Dame very successfully upheld
the honor of the west Saturday by its de
feat of the Army, while Michigan waa
being worsted by Cornell. It waa, of
course, expected that Yost's men would
be given a trimming, aa the Wolverines
this year are the worst in the history of
the school. Other western games came
out according to the dope.
Cornell and Pittsburgh are left to fight
It out for the eastern championship. Both
Princeton and Washington andfjefferson
were removed from the running Satur
day. Harvard upset the dope by trim
ming the Tigers, who were favorites, and
Pittsburgh put an end to all Washington
and Jefferson hopes. As Cornell and
Pittsburgh do not meet, and probably will
not lose another game this year, these
two schools will be In a deadlock for the
eastern honors.
Pitt Look! Stronarcet.
The honor will probably be given to
Cornell, as Pittsburgh is one of those
smaller schools of the east not supposed
to beat the big colleges and will promptly
be slandered concerning the eligibility of
its players and the methods it uses so
that the championship can be given to
the Ithaca school. There Is, however, a
well defined suspicion in this part of the
country that Pittsburgh would give Cor
nell quite a neat licking if the two teams
should Jock horns.
Yale's defeat at the hands' of Brown
was expected. The closeness of the score
indicates that the Blue is recovering un
der Bhevlln's treatment and will prob
ably put up a game battle against Prince
ton this week.
Hussane Declares
He Is Ready to Do
Battle with Joe
Tousiff Hussane, who la now In New
Tork taking part in a wrestling tourna
ment, has written the sporting editor of
The Bee a letter In Which he wishes to
make a public denial of an assertion of
Farmer Burns regarding his connection
with Jack Curley.
"I want Mr. Melady and all the public
to know that, any articles signed by Mr.
Curley will be carried out to the letter
by myself," declares the Turk. "I never
Xold Burns or anyone else that there were
aiy differences between Jack Curley and
myself. I also wish to assure the Omaha
publio that I am ready to wrestle Joe
Btecher, and, while I look upon him as
the best of the American wrestlers today,
I feel positively confident that I will de
feat him."
DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 7. -When the Lib
erty bell comes to Dallas on its return
from Ban Francisco to Philadelphia it
will be convoyed on Its trip through a
portion of the state by a squadron of
aeroplanes. Several local aviators have
announced they will fly over the relic.
The bell reaches Dallas from the west by
Fort Worth and leaves for the south by
Captain B. D. Foulols, commander of
the aero squadron at Fort 111. OkL,
which Is to make a cross-country trip to
fan Antonio, Tex., during the latter part
of the month, has been asked to time his
Ult here to be simultaneous with the
arrival of the Liberty bell on Novem
ber 1.
Captain Charles Barrett of the Cornell
foot ball team, which beat the University
of Michigan team on Ferry field Satur
day. Barrett's remarkable work in the
game against Harvard, when he per
sonally scored the ten points which
lowered the Crimson's flag of champion
ship, has thrown him into the limelight
as one of the greatest football players of
the year.
Woman Will Defend
Her Cattle with Guns
CHICAGO, Nov. 7. Mrs. Scott Durand,
wealthy owner of a prise dairy herd, to
day threatened to shoot any state offi
cials who came to her farm to harm any
of her cattle. She recently saved the cat
tle from slaughter when suspected of foot
and mouth disease by an Injunction.
Mrs. Durand today armed her employes.
"I will shoot the first, person who at
tempts to harm any of my cattle," she
said. "I have a revolver of my own and
I Intend to use It. I have been informed
that the state Inspectors Intend to invade
my farm. en ihey arrive, they will
find me prepared."
Russians Announce
Victory Upon Stripa
PETROGRAD, Nov. 7.-The official
communication issued tonight, claims the
capture by the Russians of 8,600 prisoners
as the result of a surprise attack near
the village of Semikovltse- (Sienikowce)
on the Stripa river.
LOUISVILLE. Ky.. Nov. 7.-Wlth of
ficial returns from only two of the
state's 130 counties missing, republican
headquarterj tonight was still claiming
a majority for Edwin P. Morrow over his
democratic opponent for governor,
Former Congressman Augustus O. Stan
ley. Unofficial returns, however, still
Clve Stanley a lead of ESS votes. It U
expected the official count will be an
nounced Monday.
LONDON, Nov. 7. The Board of rade
figures for October show an Increase In
imports Of 16.413,000 t&.C5.000). Exports
Increased 3.387.000 (tl6.8K.000).
Tho principal Increases In imports were:
Food, 3,000,00; chemicals and drugs,
1,000.000; raw materials, 1,000.000. of
which cotton from America contributed
The principal .increases In exports were
In Iron, steel and textile manufactures.
tor Throat mm (heal.
Quickly relieved by Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
It eases the throat, soothes the
lun?s. loo. ens phlegm: only J'c. ah
druggists. Advertisement.
V v. )
Bx-f t
Orvrtght. 1'IS. International
News Service,
Inflicts Second Defeat on St Thomas
Suffered by that School in
Six Years.
In the best game of foot ball seen on
Creighton field In many a day, Coach
Mills' gridiron machine Saturday hum
bled St Thomas college by the score of
27 to 7. Tho victory Is the second any
team has gained over St. Thomas in
tlx yea is. The other defeat was at the
hands of MacAlester college last year,
20 to 0. and St. Thomas wiped that 'out
by coming back at MacAlester, 40 to 0,
thU season.
Tho battle was hard fought and
spectacular to the finish. Creighton
showed immense Improvement over Its
early season play, while SU Thomas also
produced something that sent repeated
thrills Into the crowd.
To Paul Kamanskl, the lengthy Creigh
ton center, belongs the honor of scoring
the first touchdown. Creighton had
kicked off and recovered the ball on a
fumble during the first scrimmage. A
forward pass to Nigro sent the leather
over the goal line, but it was here
knocked out of the HUle quarter's hands
and a general scramble for Its possession
resulted. Kamanskl recovered the pig
skin about six inches from the line, with
Nlgro and Captain Shannon sprawling
on top of htm. Nlgro hissed "Shove her
over,'' which "SI" lost no time In doing.
Takes Ball om Fumble.
Creighton again kicked off and on
another fumble by St. Thomas Lutes
recovered with a clear field before him,
but lost the pikskln, another Creighton
man falling on It. Then commenced a
display of terrific foot ball by both
teams. Line smashes, end runs, hard
and desperate tackles, and forward
passes followed each other rapidly.
Flanagan finally tore through the entire
opposition on a trick play for forty
yards, following which a neat pass from
Nlgro to Hale scored Crelghton's next
tally. Plats kicked goal. Score: Creigh
ton, 1.1; St. Thomas, 0.
The second quarter was scoreless. Far
rell, Sullivan and Ward negotiated a
number of nl-e gains for the visitors,
but as a rule the Creighton defense was
Invincible. Lutes, Flanagan, Shannon,
Stapleton, and Wise time and again
smashed to pieces the attack of the
halting backs, and on only few oc
casions was first down made. In this
period a clever trick forward pass. Plats
to Brennan, netted Creighton about
thirty yards, and was followed Immedi
ately by another peg by tlje same parties
for ten more. Plats then tried a field
goal, but was standing too near his own
line, and the kick fell short.
When Saliita Score.
The Saints made their only points In
the third period, but the score was
earned. St. Thomas kicked off. Creigh
ton made no gains and Wise punted. A
forward pass. Farrell to Ward, advanced
the leather, and a penalty to Creighton
j for holding added fifteen yards. . Sullivan
broke away for twelve yards more, and
the following play, a pass from Har
rington to Conmy, brought the ball
across the chalk from the thirty-yard
line. Several Creighton men tried to
block the play, but without avail.
The remainder of this quarter was spec
tacular. Conway, St Thomas' wizard left
end. snapped . up the ball when Nigro
dropped it after receiving a forward pass
from Plats and raced thirty yards be
fore being downed. A few seconds later
Plats repeated the performance for
Creighton, tearing down the field sixty
yards on an Intercepted pass. He was
brought to a halt on the twenty-yard line,
but his run gave Creighton Its third
touchdown. A risky forward pass, which
one of the visitors stabbed at and
touched, landed in Captain Shannon's
arms on the one-yard line, and Nlgro
plunged over for the score.
Darkaeas kettles Dowa.
Perhaps the roost spectacular playing
was witnessed In the final period, though
darkness rendered It difficult to follow
the amaslng attack. This quarter was
almost entirely one of forward passes.
Creighton carried the ball down the field
by the air route, and Flanagan, the
doughty half, battered his way from the
thirty-yard line through the whole St
Thomas team for the last score. Plats
kicking goal.
Then came the Saints with a vengeance
Three different times they carried th
leather to the local goal entirely by for
ward passes with gruesome success, a
touchdown failing In the first Instance
when Conmy muffed an easy forward
pass, next time by Crelghton's brilliant
defense on Its five-yard line, and finally
by the timer's whistle, the ball resting
one yard from goal. This heroic series
or passes waa little short of marveloiu
although ultimate success each time
Flcarlagr Next Umr,
With a week in which to put on some
finishing touches. Coach Mills' machine
ought to be a worthy foe for Notre Dam.
Lutes, Plats, Shannon, Wise. Stapleton,
Flanagan and Brennan all showed real
class yesterday, aud Nlgro at quarUr rani
i wieH
the team like a veteran. For the visitors
full Ivan. Ward and Farrell starred, while
Conway won distinction in capturing for
ward passes, and his running mate, little
Conmy, at left end displayed the best
defensive work witnessed hereabouts for
some time.
The lineup:
Hrennan L.K.RK Conmy
"iso i . k. l Arirmtrnng
ray L.O. n.Q Farmer
Kamanskl C. C (c.) Graham
Stapleton U.G. L.O HarrinKtnn
Shannon (o.)....RT. L.T Panrieln
Hale U.K. UK Conway
Nlxro U Q Farrell
'lata Lit. L II Sullivan
Tlanagan R.H. R.H Ward
Lutes F.H. F.H McCough
Score by quarters:
Creighton IS 0 7 T V
St Thomas 0 0 7 07
Touchdowns: Kamanskl, Hale, Nlgro,
Conmy. Goals from touchdown: Plats (S,
Conmy. Substitutes St. Thomas: King
for Armstrong; Kgan for Farrell; O'Con
nor for Farmer; Ean for FarrWl.
Creighton: Warren for Stapleton, Doty
for Lutes; Meally for Plats; Moriran for
Shannon; Lutes for Doty; Stapleton for
Warren: Plats for Meally; Wllaon for
Hale. Referee: Ghee, Dartmouth. Vm-
lre: M. P. Kane, Dartmouth. Field
udge: lister Caldwell, Marquette. Head
Inesman: Vic Halllgan, Nebraska. Time
ot quarters: 15 minutes each.
Belgians in the
Hospitals and Prisons
In Need of Books
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
NBWi TORK. Nov. 1 Among the thou
sands of Belgian soldiers now In hos
pitals In England and In France, detained
In camps in Holland and prisoners In Ger
many, there Is a widespread need of good
books, and a committee that has been
formed to enlist American aid In the
matter announces that books or money
for their purchase will be received by
rierre 'Mall, Belgian consul general In
New York. The members of the honor
ary committee Include Emmanuel Have
nlth, he Belgian minister at Washing
ton; Joseph H. Choate, Charles J. Bona
parte, Rev. J. F. Stillemans of the Bel
gian Relief fund and Louis de Sadcller,
minister of state for Belgium, who Is In
New Tork. A statement given out by the
committee reads:
"The heroism of the Belgian soldiers
has won universal admiration. Thou
sands of them are now in hospitals in
England and In France, detained in
camps In Holland and prisoners In Ger
many, Suffering and deprived of liberty,
without news from their relatives now
somewhere in poverty or dead, the anx
iety of those brave men must be painful.
Well educated aa they are and without
recreations any Intelligent person Is look
Ing for, nothing can do more to alleviate
their sufferings than literature in their
own language.
"There Is a real need among those Bel
gian soldiers for books In French and
Flemish, and to a certain extent in Eng
lish, especially works of travel and
novels, history, books on electricity, me-
cnanica, motoring, etc., and Illustrated
magazines of all kinds, also grammars
for the study of English, French-English
dictionaries and vice versa.1
Cleveland Teachers
Rockefeller Guests
CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 7.-John D.
Rockefeller today tendered an invitation
to all of Cleveland's 92.338 school children
to attend the Cleveland flower show as
his guests. It la estimated that -r h
j regular charge for children the party will
I cost Mr. Rockefeller 123,084. The children
j will attend In three divisions on as many
days to avoid congestion.
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
VIENNA, Nov. 6 A remarkable feat
of markmanshlp la reported from the
southwestern front, where many of the
famous Tyrolese riflemen are fighting
sgalnst the Italians. A troop of the so
called Kaiser Light Infantry, which was
fighting on the Do be redo plateau, got
Into most precarious position in advance
of the Austrian lines. They could not
retreat as the ground over which they
would have to run was fully covered by
the Italian guns. They held their ground
for several days, while suffering greatly
for lack of food and water.
The Italian artillery was playing upon
them with accuracy, being directed by
means of $ post of observers on higher
grouna than that held by the Tyrolese. I
It was regarded as necessary to get rid
of that post, which consisted of eight
Alplnl, and a soldier who had made a
reputation for himself In the Oetzthal as
a highly expert poacher volunteered to
undertake the difficult task. Climbing
stealthUy by night as If hunting chamois,
he reached a hiding place In easy shot
of the post, and when the eight Italians
began to stir the next morning he quickly
picked them off, one after the other.
Chasaberlala's Coach Remedy Most
"J have taken a great many bottles
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
every time It has cured me. I have
found it most effectual for a hacking
cough and for colds. After taking It a
cough always disappears." writes J. It.
Moore. Lost Valley, Ua. Obtainable
ei y bvre. AdvertUeinent
Drawn for
Eleven Strong- Outside Teams Send
in Cash Entries and Thirty Local
Crews Pay Their Fees.
Entries and requests for dates In the
coming Mlddlewest tournament are pour
ing In every day to Carl Cain, local
tournament secretary, and Victor B. Par
rtah of the publicity bureau of the Omaha
Commercial club, who Is conducting the
advertising campaign, la being swamped
with Inquiries and requests for hotel ac
commodations. Already eleven of the
strongest tournament teams In the coun
try have sent In their entries, and reser
vations have been made by sixty others.
Every clly of Importance has now been
heard from and all will be represented
with large delegations.
Up until yesterday the Chicago bowl
ers had not been heard from, but a let
ter from Billy Lee. bowling manager of
the Brunswlck-Ualke-Collender company
states that the Windy City is sure of
entering six teams, and that this figure
will probably be Increased to eight or
ten. With' his letter came the entry ot
tho famous Mlnerallte team, which has
been heavy prize winners in all national.
International and mlddlewest tourna
ments. The local entry, too, is heavy, twenty-
nine cash entries have already been
made, and most of these are teams en
tered by firms who have not been iden
tified with the ten-pin game. The cap
tains of the regularly organised league
teams are still conforming with their
ancient custom of waiting until the last
minute before entering. , There are about
ArUREW Hi if:
I M'N-1VJ a iHubl v
, mlm-. J.tKsaAl.0 l' ,.
? j DOM, Vd.. . j
M -oe. kwra.! W I II
aw nsmw n .f '; all
The Bee by George McManus
thirty of these teams who are sure to
William F. Weber, who la chairman of
the local entry committee, la well pleased
with the situation and la positive that
the planned local entry of seventy-five
teams will be reached. He la being as
slated by Dick C rot to. U M. Holllday,
C. E. Terrell and George Zimmerman.
The present lurge entry list la due to
the keen Interest being taken by the
Omaha businessmen in the Mg sporting
event Many who have nt been Identi
fied with the game In the past have come
to the front and have entered teams to
represent their firms.
This season's tournament will have a
special feature which former tournaments
have not had. The local tournament com
mittee has arranged a place on the sched
ule for the women. Six teama of feminine
bowlers will occury the runway one night
during the progress of the tournament
and roll the team event only. Arrange
ments have .been made so that their part
in the tournament wilt be entirely sepa
rate from the events rolled by the men.
By so doing they will not have to com
pote against the men, but will divide the
prise money among themselves. The
entry fee has been made $10 a team. The
Hayden Bros.. Brandels Stores, A. B.
Sweet Shop and Omaha Towel Supply
teama have already entered. Two others,
probably from the Carter Lake club, will
enter to fill the squad.
A general mass meeting of all Omaha
bowlers will be held at the Paxton hotel
this morning at 10 o'clock. The meeting
is held for the purpose of acquainting the
mass of bowlers with what has been ac
complished by the tournament oompany
and to urge all captains and officers of
leagues to get busy and assist In the
local entry campaign.
Below Is a complete list of the teams
who have sent In cash entries, both local
and outside, and a list of outside cities
and the number of teama which have
asked for reservations: - , . I .
Brandels Stores. t
Corey McKensle Printing Co.
Bees Printing Co.
Farnam Alleys.
MmmmSmmmm1mmmmiti Wm
I - v )
Constipation is Caused ,,
by sedentary life, careless eating, lack of sufficient exercise,
and by the use of harmful laxatives and cathartics which ag
gravate the very condition they arc supposed to cure.
Constipation is Cured
by a return to regular habits of eating and exercise, by break
ing off the laxative habit, nd by the use of Nujol as an
internal lubricant. , '
Is odorless and tasteless, absolute!? neutral, and
is not digested or absorbed into the system. It
acts merely as a mechanical lubricant
Nujol is not a drug. Its um will not give
quick, temporary relief. But Nujol is a
genuine remedy in that it relieves constipation
in the most natural way by lubricating the lin
ing of the intestines, softening the intestinal
contents, and thus promoting healthy and
normal bowel activity.
The mineral oil treatment for constipation, -first
advocated by Sir William Arbuthnot Lane,
the distinguished English surgeon, is now being
successfully prescribed by doctors all over the
Write for "The Rational Treatment of Con
stipation' an informative treatise on constipa
tion. If you cannot get Nujol from your
druggist, we will send you a pint bottle prepaid ,
to any point in the United States on receipt of
75c money prder or stamps.
(New jersey) t
Bayonne New Jersey
mind CLoaiss
THE vitsinrtw-
Omaha Electric Light Co.
Hotel On' In
Baker foe Machine Co.
Hotel l,oyal.
Flrat National Bank.
Hotel Kd wards.
llrr Grand Hotel.
Hotel Fontenelle.
Kwanaon it Aylesworih.
Klopp Partlett Co.
Nebraska ( lothlng Co.
Tracy Bros. "I'alo" Cigar.
Hotel Harney.
V. . National Bank.
South Omaha Merchants.
Wellington Inn.
Hotel Rome.
'Jetter'a Old Age. , . ',
John L. Kennedy.
i lay-ItobliiHon to. ,
Murphy Did Its. ,
Krug's Luxua.
Nebraska Telephone "o. No. I.
Nebraska Teli hone Co. No. 2.
World Herald.
Wroth's Cafe.
Humo Stars, Mason City, la.
C. O. Taft Co., les Moines.
Hotel Martin, Sioux City.
Beck's Jewels. Sioux City.
Your Hoom Frlenda, Kansas City.
Ha mm Brewing Co., Sioux Falls, & D.
Hanfords, Sioux City.
Schml.lls, St. Paul. Minn.
Centrals, Minneapolis; Minn.
Niagaras, rUoux City.
Coffins, Pes Moines.
St. 1Oiiln. Mo., twelve teams.
Kansas City, Mo., seven teama,
1 ' Moines, la., five teama.
Moux City, la., eight teams.
Dubuque. la., one team,
Peoria, III., two teama,
Chicago, III., six teams.
Marshalltown, la., ona team.
Ht. Paul, Minn., four teams.
Minneapolis, four teams.
St. Joseph, Mo., three teams.
Imogen, la., one team.
Lincoln. Neb., five teams.
Fremont, Neb., two teams.
Grand Island, Neb., three team. -Columbus,
Neb., two teams.
Pender, Neb., one team.
Jefferson, S. f., one team,
Lemars, la., two teams.
Oftklaad Beats Berlbaets
OAKLAND, Neb.. Nov. 7. (Special. V
Oakland foot ball team defeated Be rib
ner for the second time this season ly
a acore of 33 to 0. The forward pass was
an important factor In the scoring. H.
Palmquist and W. Holland starred for
i ;!
r; - 1
sa ' '