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Th Bee rubllphlng rompin Proprietor.
Entered at Omaha postofflee a acoond-e'ai matter.
fcy carrier By mull
per month. pr year.
end Sundav kso is ft
I'slly without flunday....' c
en!ng and Runrtav .r. i
Kventne: without Sunday ...tho 4.00
Sunday Pe only r i ti
Bend notice of of address or comnlelnta of
Irre gularlty ia delivery to Omaha B. Circulation
Ttemiit by draft expren or postal order. Only two
rnt stamp received In payment of small s
count. I'emnnal checks, except on Omaha and eastern
exchange, not accepted,
Omaha Tha Pw railrttng
South Omaha N srret.
Council Bluffs 14 North Mala street
V.lnooln M I.Htte Building.
C'hlfago 01 Harat Huldlng
New Tork-Room II. " f ifth sverm
Ht. Iuta- MB New Hank of Commerce..
Wsenlngton ?3r Fourteenth St., N. W.
ftMre communications rlat!n to news end odU
l.-riel matter to Omaha bee, Editorial Department,
Slut of Nebraska, County of Dntiglss. as:
Iiwght WlUi-ime, clrcriaf Ion man'r of The Bee company, loin duly sworn, aay that the
avcrsge circulation for the month ot October, IW,
was 64.744. . .
DWIOHT WILIJAM3, Circulation Msnarter
Mihnrrilwd In mv preaenc and aworn to befor
mi-, this 2U day or November, li'lii.
HOB HUT HUNTER, Notary ruUlc.
Kunscrttrcrs leaving Uie city temporarily
Kliould have The Bee mailed to them. Atl
Aero will ho clianiretl as off m reqtiestetl.
)Tovinbr 3
Thought for the Day
a-aaavawamM a aa s s
Tou moy not U able to Jsat'i your eMftlrif a
great intarifanc., Cut day by da fou may b
waving eoaf Jvr thtm wMc they will twr
ihr all tUrnUv. T. L. Cuyltr.
"Safety first'
tbe schools.
everywhere; but first ot all In
This must be the season for bargain sales of
gubernatorial hats specially made to be thrown
in the ring.
Doubling up work Is bad for school teach
ers, but doubling up salaries not so objection
able from their point of view. (
As an example of American thrift with po
litical trimmings, selling admissions to a hang
ing at $2 per Is about the rawest that has come
out of Illinois.
A museum of imported atrocities has bee.
opened at the Ranslaa capital. Delicate respect
for native traditions forbad stocking up with
utrocities "made in Russia,"
. "When Mr. Bryan declared that defeat or vic
tory, at the. polls measure ot success, was
he tnrowlng an anchor to the windward on his
,v.ork for prohibition In Ohio?
The suffrage campaign in Massachusetts is
tald to represent an outlay of 1160,000 on
each side. Beside that, Nebraska's suffrago
campaign of last year looks like a "piker."
A high British court has held that soldiers
a the war arena are Immune from process for
divorce. Still, It Is a question whether such a
ruling will prove an. encouragement or a de
terrent to enlistments,
.' ..! '. . -! : b
The last Anglo-French loan was sold to Bet
the investor &W per cent. Italy offers 6 per
cent for American money and Russia 9 per cent.
The great American dollar is the chestlest coin
n the pike.
The outreach of modern methods piles more
dust cn the ancients. A dotcn cities claimed
Homer, dead. Five live communities claim an
unknown outlaw, alive or dead, and offer cold
canh on delivery.
The new Chinese ambassador to the United
States answers to the name VI Kyuln Wellington
Koo, a graduate ot Columbia, Call him Dr.
Koo for short. It is more befitting the govern
ment atmosphere.
"As I walk along the streets I must, guard
Liy eyes because of the dress of women," de
clares one of our ministerial moralists. Well!
Veil! Why not save all that trouble by keep
ing off the streets?
Anti-Alien Law Void.
The derision of the United States supreme
court declaring unconstitutional the Aritona
rnti-alien law, is one of the most Important re
cently handed down by that court. It Is lm-
t ortnnt In Itself as defining the rights of sllens
;n this country, but even more so In its defini
tion of the rights and powers of the federal
Kovernmont and the states, respectively. While
following along old lines, in this rate the prin
ciples Involved are clearly enunciated and re
defined, with a broad and unequivocal declara
tion that this country, having both by treaty
end practice permitted these aliens to become
rtoidents of the United States, is bound to ac
cord them equal protection of our laws with
thoxo of native birth.
Important as is this feature of tbe case, it
lias no more far-reaching significance than the
I ule laid down concerning tbe powers of the
state and federal government. In the opinion
the court, formulated by Justice Hughes, tbe
undisputed right to admit or refuse to admit
aliens is the sole province of the federal govern
ment and the denial of the right of the alien,
once admitted, to work and earn his living, Is tn
effect the denial ot the right to enter. In ether
words, the states may not do by Indirection
v.hat It is admitted they have no right to do
directly. This rule, csrried to Us legitimate
conclusion, gives the general government,
through Its check upon state legislation, the
ppwer to follow federal enactments to the legiti
mate fruition of their purpose, and provides a
method of preventing numerous controversies
arising with foreign countries over the treat
ment of aliens within our boundaries.
Its bearing upon the anti-Japanese land
holding laws of California, however. Is not so
apparent, as the federal government itself has
thrown restrictions around Japanese and other
Asiatic Immigration and the rights of these peo
ple when admitted.
Wanted A Friend of the Court.
The test .case just instituted to secure a
Judicial ruling on the constitutionality of the
law creating a municipal court for Omaha, and
of tbe appointments made by the governor
uuder color ot that law, suggests that here Is a
proper place for some one to intervene as "a
friend of the court." With due respect to the
young men who are engaged as tbe attorneys ot
record representing the plaintiff and the de
fendant, respectively in the, appeal which is
being perfected to try out the question of con
f titutlonallty, there are other interests Involved
quite separate and apart from the laudable am
bition of the newly appointed Judges to make
their jobs stick. Tbe municipal court law Is In
tended to work a long-needed reform In the ad
ministration of "poor man's Justice," by doing
away with the Justice court fee-mills. The gen
eral public is interested In this side of it, espe
cially in view of previous failures of smllar at
tempts; and tbe basis for the proposed munici
pal court my be sound, even though the gover
ror's assumption of appointive powers may be
legally unwarranted.
The Bee calls upon the author of this law,
Representative Jess V. Palmer, to get Into this
case for the people as "a friend of the court"
and make sure that the trial , of the test suit
brings out all phases of the issues.
Condition of Bniinen.
Tbe dominant not of trad reviews for soma
time has been one of business Improvement, but
the last report of the federal reserve board is
the, most encouraging of any. It notes not only
continued activity in sections dominated by war
orders, but also a visible Improvement In por
tions of the country that have been lethargic,
particularly the south, so hard hit by the low
price ot its great staple, cotton. The Pacific
coast, too, Is said to exhibit a more hopeful out
look. So far as the country is concerned, these
conditions re more important than the feverish
activity of the stock exchanges, reflecting only
the gambling mania, for tbe operations In ordi
nary business channels are built on a more cer
tain and permanent foundation.
The great central west, with assured crops,
has been the spot from which this improved
business condition has radiated. Our western
farm products always command a market and
the consequent buying power of the fanners must
be, as In other years under similar conditions,
to sustaining fore which sooner or later starts
the revival and spreads it over the entire coun
Inventors are flocking to th war and navy
offices with defensive contrivances warranted to
I low invaders off the sea or land. The glowing
prospect of preparedness stimulates the reach ot
pnius for fame and a divvy.
W'-w rv. , " '
The election waa characterised aa "quiet" and
:ha rvpubttf-ane carried tnoat of their ticket by a
mre majority, in soew tora iavia u. jiiu was
re-elected governor.
Glloiore's . band cava a concert to a houaa that
filled the Boyd from the orcheitra circle to the rear
tier of h reJlery. Mma. Loulaa Pyka was the vooaj
At the People's theater Mies Mabel Courtney held
torth aa "Topey- in "t'nele Tom's Cabin" with eles-
M n returns read from the stase as an additional at-
.i action.
Jchn N. Weatburg has returned from aa caster
t.ip, bringing with Mm a bride.
(Jovtrnor Dawc has appointed H. 8. Smith ef
Omaha, publiaher of the Nebraska Cultivator and
Houb'kf eix-r, a dnlotnite to the butter, otioaaa and
tiit: convention to be held la Chlcaao nest week.
Rev. t. A. Kroderick, lata of the Iowa conference
now baa charge of tba Mm hod let church at the stock
C. E. Thornbers, welt known Omaha trevetlnf
man. waa married to MUa Dora TarevB at Platta
tnouut. TToae woo aiundea from tills city were
MUa Mary Itoee, Wlaa tJie Harvester, Mr a, Ruaa
W 'orrulck, lleiutrs. 1'at Smith. John Petard and J
A. Uoo:h.
Mtmorlul service were held at tha Klret Con
grcgaUun&l church fur another of Nebraeka's pioneers,
Humurl tSttuaennan. He had been in the mercantile
bueirirea here einre 1 and lately a imitner In the
Jirm of hlini y, liuari uvan at CV., wholesale grocera.
Favon Soon Forgotten.
Uncle Sam is learning, what many ot bis
people have had brought home to them many
times, that favors extended r soon forgotten,
and that promises to repay such aid are subject
tc a liberal discount. It must be apparent that
few ot th thousands of Americans abroaa when
tbe European war broke out and who would
have been stranded but for the loans and as
sistance girea them by the government, are of
tbe poverty stricken class who cannot pay. The
oiks who tour Europe for pleasure are people
c means, but for all that tbsre are several
thousand of tbe in who pay no attention to the
government' "Please remit" notices. Perhaps
some of these people who so soon forget bene
fits received will remember Uncle Sam with a
rich legacy in their wills, having then no longer
any us for tbe money and perhaps they wili
When the Zeppelins
Bombarded London
The automobile is making a persistent drive
at on of th last trenches of horse stage power.
hitherto safeguarded by the national govern
ment. Permission was granted for automobiles
tr enter Yellowstone national park for th tim
time last summer. Large numbers traversed th
wonderland without developing tbe dangers
feared, and motor-driven stages are more than
likely to supplant th horse stage next season.
Th old-time stage, like the cowboy, is about
all in.
t .. .... J"
Statistics supplied by a member of the High
way commission shows that Iowa counties spent
IU.S68.0v0 for roads and bridges during th
year 1914. In his opinion th money was
largely wasted. Properly expended is executing
definite plans of road building Iowa would bar
stretches of good roads worthy of th nam,
Actually th returns are as cheerless as an In
vestment In blue sky stock.
Mount Lassen one more proves Its loyalty
to the Parifto coast by pulllns- off an eruption
just as westbound tourUt travel showed symp
toms of weariness. Lassen belches mud as copi
ously as a mopser campaign and Is a more en
gaging thriller than an earthquake.
rivet Latter of Bdlth K, Brows.
v rviT'ttftia w.... rniiBf hav, ---.i r.r fh I, 7. i . n -
f J pelln raid on London soma k ngo. It w
'TriVMjr ilUinui II4 awin- ......
nlsht By ths war. on dlt that anything can he
proved from ths BiWe, and I couldn't h-lp thlnk'.ns
laat Hunday morning In ehnreh, when In. the apedal
paalms for the day wa cams to the veree about "the
terror that flleth by night. " It would be enny to nay
th Zeppelins had been prophesied as far back
tha days of King David!
Months ate peopl began making prfpnrathms for
ths promised ralda, and wo kept them tip for some
time, half aa a joke, though, for the Zeppe they are
spoken of quite familiarly and offhnnd In eplte of all
were so long In corning that people sot tired of fill
ing tha bath at ntshts, and packing the "Z-px-lln bag
with special treasures.'' dipping renpiratnra In soda
water, and the clothes Una had long ego repoaed In
its kitchen drawer, I used to go to be.1 with It at
tached to one of tha posts ss a forlorn hope of escape
through th window. However, on September 7 when
the preliminary raid took place, I slept the Bleep ot
the Jmt, but Mrs. Bank and our maid heard the (run.
She thought it was some wretched late home-comers
banging doors; ah anathematised them and turned
over and went to sleep again. But first thing in the
morning when the paper came, aha realized that the
bangs'' she had heard were our entl-alrrraft at work.
Tha Zepps had passed pretty close, and a penny bus
ride away, had simply demolished bouses, a whole
family having been wiped out Thousand of people
went to see tha ruins. One house had gone flat Just
Ilka a house built of cards. Every one In It had been
killed. In Orenwlcb park twenty rulnuteK walk from
ue five incendiary bombs had fallen, but fortunately
had done no damage, falling in the grass, hut not
vpry far from tha obaorvntory- They have one In
th guard room of a barrack near as a sort of
trophy. Welt, we all felt very Queer on the Sth and
wondered If It would he our turn net, and the thought
uppermost In my mind was, whether It would bo better
to have an Incendiary bomb or an explosive. It was
difficult to decide, and anyway would not have helped
at alt, for of course the Germans do not wait to con
sult you before dropping them. The chancre of escspo
seem ta he about equal In either cane If it ta in
cendiary the (Irs Is terrific and goes on burning; it
seems very hard to put It out, and we came to the
conclusion thst as wa would not want to delay our
eitlt, It was a pity to wast any more water by filling
tba bath!
The only satisfactory thing about explosive bombs
Is, that you would In all probability bo deaded in
stantly, whereas with the other kind you might be
pinned down under wreckage, and see death stalking
you in the flamea. W went to bed on that vednes.
day In a rather uneasy state of mind, and we bad not
been long there, not really got to sleep, when terrific
banks" began. Mrs. Banka knocked on the wall be-
twen our rooms aaklng me If I "heard that?" I certainly
did, but I could not answer at first, for I waa already
scrambling out of bed, searching for slippers in the
dark, with a horrible choking sensation It was fear.
We put thick coats on over our nightdresses, called
Maggie, and all felt our way down to the cellar. There
Is a gas Jet down there, and an area door. We lighted
the gas and opened the door, and sometimes were in,
and sometimes out In the garden. When we were In
wa expected a bomb through ths roof at any moment,
when we were out, shrapnel from our own guns. '
Talk about the boms of a dilemma! Everyone was
up. and lots of people out In th road gazing skywards.
litke a good many ethers, we thought at first. In fact
until th next day, that th bangs we heard were
bombs exploding, and aa th sound came nearer and
nearer until It seemed right overhead, you can imagine
our suspens waiting to see what would happen, and
though everybody w saw was very calm, we were
all terribly nervous, and I frankly admit I waa so
upset that I shivered from head to foot and felt quite
sick. We sat crouched up en boxes In the cellar for a
long time, close to the main wall of the house, which
an architect friend had told us waa the safest (?)
plaee. Every now and then, even when tbe guns near
us had stopped firing, the sky waa lighted up an
though by lightning; it was th flashes from distant
guns, to distant for us to hear the report. We
knew the raider had passed us on their way to Lon
don, but atlil the Idea of going to bed was Impossible
they might come back. I wanted to go upstairs to
get some things you will b Interested to hear that
at the critical moment whan w made for the cellar,
we did not forgot our "Zeppelin bags!" but I dared
not; suddenly the house had become a sinister place,
a Strang place, only waiting for me to enter it to fall.
Nerves, I know, but very real things, too. At last we
had to go to bed, and shuddered to think what wa
should bear next day.
Of course the authorities suppressed all names of
localities, but I can assure you that In spite of what
German reports say to ths contrary, that absolutely
no damage of any military Importance waa done, and
nior than that, th peojrie hav not blenched. There
Is n talk of "atop the war. w cannot stand this any
longer," no, on the contrary they say go on; a friend
of mln said he would say It with hla last breath if
ha were bombed. But it was grievous to visit tho
places in the heart of London and see the shattered
warehouses, and hear of th deaths. Our only con
solation Is that It might all have been worse, and I
am so glad that none of our old buildings were hurt,
and that t. Paul's "caped. It Is too horrible to think
of it being destroyed, and Imagine if Westminster
Abbey were hit! The German raiding commander, who
was supposed to have been Interviewed by an Ameri
can Journalist, said he had been told to be careful not
to aim at these buildings, nor tha Palace. Well, I
only hop It Is true. We aan only Judge by their be
havior lit Franc and Belgium, It fairly broke my
heart whan I heard of Rhetms. I visited It Just four
summers Sgo. However. London had been consider
ably (hook up this time, but there waa no panic. We
beard atl sorts of stories about the fires and bombs.
People Just coming from th theater the raid began
about 10:90 p. m. hurried to se the fires, which were
quickly put out A bus was hit by an explosive bomh.
Ight passengers snd the poor driver were killed; the
latter bad his legs blown off, and died. In a few hours
la a hospital. One man, seeing bombs dropping round
him, fell dead, and a policeman had to put on plain
clothes and go and break' th news to his ooor wife
There were splendid deeds of bravery, and wonderful
escapes. Tha Zeppelins had been seen quite plainly
two passed over our house; they looked Ilka small
gray clouds they were very high up. One bomb fell
exactly in the middle of a square, round which are
built hospitals, but only windows were shattered.
The next night, Thursday the 0th, wa were tol.l
they the Zepps had been sighted on the roast, so
there waa no going to bed. Fpeclal constables were
going up and down ordering lights to be lowered.
Tou would hardly belleva how dark every place Is
already, and what lamps are st'll lighted in the streets
nre daubed over with whitening or something, to dull
th flams. Of coure Scotland yard haa a plan, and
varies the plan I believe, aa it should be confusing,
but then there are plenty of spies about. But on thla
particular nl.ii.t the darkness was made darker, and
wa were in snd out on ths road, and sitting In our
porch, waiting, waiting. And it waa such a lovely
night, too; th stars shone ta a rttrk-blue eky: you
could hardly believe such fiendish things were hap
pening, and that such horrors could coma from the
fair heavens. Well, they did not come, and at last
we went to bed, tired out with our two nighta of ex
citement and no sleep worth speaking of. Thu next
flay we heard that our aeroplanes had driven back
th Oermena, who had got Into Kent that Is our
county and we also heard all sorts of cheering things
that forty French aeroplanes had come, that forty
French airmen had come, that the Thames waa lined
with special ships with special guns, all for our de
fense, and that our anti-aircraft now could fire twelve
miles Instead of seven. 8o we have taken heart of
grace whatever that is and we go to bed aa usual
one more, though I must say with straining aara.
aud an intense "wish fur tlie day."
M Kit I n Molars la tw Aaalaat.
OMAHA. Nov. !.-To the realtor of The
lee; Will you please give smh' to the
foilow. ng resolutions, adopie.1 by the
humocr of commerce, as printed in tne
lies Moines llegikier and Ueauer, which
tntl their own atory of what Lea Moines
is up aitalnet as a resmt of the adoption
of prohibition and the invitation it offers
to p.'iiesins and
"U has come to the knowituge of the
direeiury Ooru of tue t riinuvr of Com
merce mat aooui tiiiiety-wve suns havs
Ow n (lieu asuiisi aa many Dusiuos men,
aim an uguai number of prutme in
i hca Aiolnes, seeaiiig to cstauiinu injunc
tions Mxaiimt me ueierv,lius and adiiuit
the pioirnrs ior a period ot live yer..
"'ih injunctions re sought on itio
rlRiiu thai rt-vetone and cermn other so
iiiku temperance or lire uoine wkiiiii
tne uetirimon of intoxicating liquors un
der me law; and the sld una will be
suHtaiiietl or TllaiiiiaM-u uyon trie question
of wnetner or not tnese are lutoxn utiutf
'il nas been established that In thu
paot the Injunction has been used by
parties who have instituted suits as a
meaiia of collecting tees latnur than for
the purpose of law enlorcornent, and
that this has been done oy stlulsUnK
that If derrsea were permitted to run us
to the occupant, the suits against the
property owner and other doK-ndanls
would be dismissed.
"Ave are aaiis.icd there Is no disposi
tion on the part of most property owners
to permit unlawful occupancy of their
premlHcs and that all of tne Issues in
volved In the ntnty-flve suits should
hsve been determined In two or three
test canes.
"It nas been Indicated that part!. rv
stxinsllil.; for the bringing of the present
suits have offered to some of thJ do
fervdHnts the dismissal of cases as to
property and property owner, provided
said property owmrs would consent t.i a
decree as to other parties Involved and
thus establish the claim of tho com
pli, inants to costs and statutory fce.
"We ere satisfied that if this pra:Me
is permitted It will result in farcies I law
enforcement, encourage a multiplicity of
suits with a view to extorting tees, fit
ter a system of blackmail and involve
the county In heavy court expenses.
"The Chamber of Commerce In order to
encourage honest and impartial law en.
forcement and for the purpose of com
munity betterment urges upon the ) roper
authorities that all liquor prosvulljns
In Tolk county be brought on their
merits; that no filing ot compromises
effected out of court be permitted; h:vt
cases founded upon technical violations
where no willful intent to violate the
law la shown, ba not entertained; and
that in every way possible efforts to em
ploy the statutes for private gain be at
all times discouraged."
The resolutions were passed by unani
mous vote, the members of ths board
present being B. F. Williams, Alshton
demons, W. B. Southwell, E. T. Mere
dith, W, L. Hinds, George Mercer, W.
J. Massey, John H. Cownle, Louis David
son, R. R. Rollins, John A. Elliott and
Alex Fitzhugh. , U
Aa o Mr. Wooster.
OMAHA, Neb., Nov. J.-To the Editor
of The Pee: It seems impossible for the
defamers of Mr. Wooster 01 Silver Creek
to grasp and appreciate the fact that
a mnn may be entirely sincere in his
disbelief in the usefulness of Billy"
Sunday's theology, and also have no con
nection with the liquor Interests or vice.
That he may be strongly convinced that
"Billy" Sunday's theology is harmful to
mankind as thoy are that it is useful.
Kvery right thinking man admires Mr.
Wooster for his Independence of thought
and his frank and fearless expression
He also deserves honor and respect for
not stooping to the level ot his would-be
defamers In heaping th same silly per
sonal abus on them as they did on him..
Mr. ' ttooster also signs nl nam to his
letters, but his defamers ar mostly too
cowardly to sign their. R. B. BENDA.
Ton Many Convicts Pardoned.
OMAHA. Nov. l-To th Editor of The
Bee: 1 have been a reader of your pajper
for seven years and would like to have
you writ these few Una about criticis
ing the police. Thar are men arrested
very day and sent to ths penitentiary,
but It seems like they are' pardoned even
for murder, Th pollc have arrested lots
of good burglars and thieves, murderers
and every thing else that you could think
of, and they ara pardoned In a few years.
Then th public wonders why th police
don't stop crime. If the, critics would
criticise th pardon board for letting
these men out when they are caught,
there would not be ao much robbing go
ing on.
I hud my horn burglarized and the po
lice arrested the man wltu my Jewelry
on his person, and in nine months he
was caught again holding up people.
Now, how on earth are they going to
atop crime thla way. If the publlo would
stop reading that yellow sheet It would
go out of existence. Th Judge will not
do anything with th buma that come to
O'tr city, so what can you expect but
crime. The murderer of Smith la out on
parole. That is the kind of men that
should never be paroled. Here Is a good
example. I ara a resident of Omaha,
for tewtny years and a taxpayer.
241S North Eighteenth street.
Tips on Home Topics
Washington Post: Perfect preparedness
In school conflagrations calls for the In
vestigation first.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: To paraphrase
a justly famous bon mot, where the wet
snd dry issue sits there is the head ot
the table.
8pringfleld Republican: If canal slides
could be commandeered for purposes of
defense at Just the moment a victorious
enemy fleet was entering th Panama
waterway, we should have preparedness
to perfection. Cannot this little dotail be
Pittsburgh Dispatch: Complaint Is
made that inventors are flooding th
War and Navy departments with devices
for use In war. But th government has
not been so ready to make use of in
ventions in the past that any now should
be overlooked.
Houston Post: Th woman who makes
a specialty of pumpkin pies baked in pans
twenty Inches In diameter may not get
the ballot soon, but her husband will
hand over the pay envelops whenever she
requests It and th children will riaa up
and call her blessed.
Sioux City Journal: With mora than
twice the population of Dea Moines,
Or-nha did not elva "Hilly" Sunday as
many trail hitters aa th Iowa capital,
in th matter of cash, however, Omaha
was not "tight." seeing Dea Moines'
113.000 and raising It mor than tT.OOO.
Washington Post: Upon every hand.
In every direction, our business men are
th witnesses of a transformation from
trade depression to marvelous industrial,
commercial and financial aelvtty. Pessi
mists are dumb befor th spectacle,
croaker have loat the power ef decrying
nd even poor, old paralysed Wall street
hts thrown away its crutches and Is
capering with glea as It feels th throb
ef vigorous health which the prosperity
of the nation has injected into its veins.
"IVies your wife lecture youT'
"le?" excia.nied Mr. Meeslon. "V h
Henrietta o.i.,.n t ;uiU ner time let a lime ml ot an audience li..
me,' Wasnuutton Mar.
"What's your bua.iiesa. stranger?
"1 m a business ooctor. 1 uucior up a
business tnat nappen to lie ailing
Urmis your business?'' . ,
ii .. . . knaifiHi flnrtor. 1
,, iii. at jrtiu i, ... -
k'uess you miaht call me a business un-.
rtertikar I in the. sheriff. ' LoUISVIlie
t uuiier-journal.
"whn'i rahnw eiilnrlsing 'this
rana and glorious republic?' "
1 don t Know w no ne is, om. wun r"
bear a man talKlng iIk mat the chances
are ten to one that ha thinks this grand
and giorloua republic ought to support
him." ilrininghm Age-Herald.
He Whst do you think, mv dear? lj
waa held up last mgni on my "
Hue I know you were. I saw your
friends running away after they had
propped you aaainat tne door Jamo, Hul
ii more American.
"If a man kills another man la lie al
ways put in Jail, mamma?"
"Not always. Sometimes he Is paid by
the government to do It: and if he can
oniy kill enough he will have monuments
erected to him." Life.
"A mn ahn brinks should never run
an automobile." '
Of couim not," agreed Mr. Chuggins.
"And yet when I was touring in a dry
state 1 couldn t help wishing that every I
drinking man owned a motor car. It
would make hlra more careful about i
smashing bottles In the road." Warihin.-
ton Star. i
The prohibitionist was weeping bitterly.
"What's the matter, friend?" asked the
rympainetic cancr.
"It bub-breaks my heart." he rep ed. i
lli lllllin Hint li v,i
lam Jennings Bryan, goes around on ills
.... .. . , ;n. A n , BntllH I
mission oi iw.-ice at n"n .im". t
Point, he will beyond oil peiadventure bo
half-seas over!" Philadelphia Ledger.
"I hoard Plgnor Bluffo sing Hamlet
lat night." .
"Ah! Did you? Now toll me do you
think Hamlet was mad?"
"He must have been. There wasn t H'W
in tha house." Musical Courier.
"Well, look at the billy goat. He's the
first one I've seen for ages." ... .
' "He's hardly an Impressive looking ob
ject "
"He may not be Impressive looking, but
he certainly has a striking forehead.
Boston Tranacript-
Wherein Ilea service?
S me d ) claim
Religion stould be
Man's chief aim.
The means wl.eieby
He earns his keep;
His food, his bed
M hereupon to sleep:
Tbe roof that shelters
Himself and those
Who look to him
For food rind clothes;
That his work tn life
nd Its compensation;
That 11 these be minor o nslderations,
That he should slight
Such sordid cares,
And serve hia God
With eongs and prayers;
Is this the service
Th-t Ood demands.
Despising the labor
Of brains and hands?
A grave mls'ake
T Is seem t) me.
Our dally tak
hat e'er It be,
In office, homo.
On se- n'li-g blwh,
At school room desk.
In factory,
Deman-'s tn best
That tn us lies
That Ood be praised
In our enterprise;
That Our daily work
What'er it be
May bear the marks.
Of divinity.
Wherein lies service?
I d claim
Bellion annnld b
Man's c-lef aim.
But i ell -ton that hallows
Our dail" t-sk
Ia the kind that Ood
Of ech ul shall ask.
Therefore be not
Dece'ved pv Mmds,
Let not the means
Ot-scure the ends;
For th faith that lives
In the work you do
Ia the Mh that shall bless.
And hallow you.
Everyone Should
Drink Hot Water
in the Morning
Wssh away all th stomach, llvr,
nd bowel poison befor
To feel your best day in and day out,
to feel clean inside; no sour blls to
cost your tongue and sicken your bresth
or dull your head: no constipation, bilious
attacks, sick headache, colds, rheuma
tism or gassy, arid stomach, you must
bath on the Inside Ilk you bath out
side. This is vastly more Important, be
cause the skin pores do not absorb Im
purities into the blood, while th bowel
pores do, says' a well known physician.
To keep these poison snd toxins well
flushed from the stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels, drink before breakfast each
day, a glass of hot water with a tna
spoonful of limestone phosphate tn It.
This will cleanse, purify and freshen the
entire alimentary tract, befor putting
more food into the stomach.
Oct a quarter pound of limestone phos
phate from your pharmacist. It is Inex
pensive and almost tasteless, except a
sourish twlnga which is not unpleasant.
Xrlnk phosphatcd hot water every morn
ing to rid your system of these vile
poisons and toxins; also to prevent thetr
To feel like young folks feel; Ilk you
felt before your blond, nerves and mus
cles became saturated with an accumu
lation of body poisons, begin thla treat
ment and above all, keep It up! As soap
and hot water act on the skin, cleansing,
sweetening and purifying, so limestone
phosphate and hot water befor break
fast, act on the stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels Advertisement.
Girls! Moisten a
Cloth and Draw
It Through Hair
It becomes beautifully soft,
wavy, abundant and glossy
at once.
Save your hair! All dandruff
goes and hair stops
coming out.
Surely try a "Dander in Hair Cleanse"
If you wish to immediately double th
beauty of your hair. Just moisten
cloth with Danderin snd draw It care
fully through your hair, taking on small
strsnd at a time; this will cleans th
hair of dust, dirt or any excessive oil
In a few minutes you will be am axed.
Tour hair will be wavy, fluffy and abun
dant and possess an Incomparable soft
ness, lustre and luxuriance.
Besides beautifying th hair, on ap
plication of Danderlne dissolves every
particle of dandruff; Invigorates th I
scalp, stopping Itching and falling hair.
Danderlne Is to th hair what fresh
showers ot rain and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes rurht to the roots,
Invigorates and strengthens them. Its
exhilarating, stimulating and life-producing
properties cause th hair tn grow
long, strong and beautiful.
Yeu can surely have pretty, soft,
lustrous hair, and lots of it, if you will
Just get a io-cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderlne from any drug store or toilet
counter and try It as dircctod.
Sav your hair! Keep it looking
charming and beautiful Tou will say
this was the best 25 cents you evar spent.
A Vew Boms Our That Anyone Caa TJs
witaoni sisoorniorl or Xfoss ef Tim.
W have a New Method the earns Asthma, anil
tl .111 tm IA tmm I mi W- .
ur whstrir your ease Is at lost steading r re-
uni navsioprarai, wBtnr It is atot ss es
01 on or ehronle Aithma- vou kH,w.m m.i n-
a rre trial of our nutlioS. Ne BMUer la whst
ellmtts yea lira, as matter what year ar nr
occupation, if yoa ara troubles with asthma, our
method will relltrs yoa promptly.
w especially wast to Hnd It to those appar
ently heMlaaa fifLSaa. whr all Sai i.h.i.
ira, douches, opium preparations, runes, "pttsat
wunjmvw, wvc., un isiiea. we wsat to snnw
Toryons at our own expense, that this new
method la deelftied to end sll difficult bNethlni.
all wheeilni, and sll those terriMs paroxysms at
ortos ts.i for all time.
IriRle dey. Write now artd then hurts the
method at once. Send no money. Simply mUl
coupon below. Do It Today.
FnoNTIBIt ASTHMA CO.. Boom at.
Nlasert end Hudson Sts., Buffalo. N. T.
Bend free trial ot your method Is:
You ran wear and own a beau
tiful Genuine Diamond by simply
opening a Charge Account with
S Scurf Pn.
solid gold, English
finlRh.fine k1)
Diamond . . w 1
SI a SCoBtb.
Vo. &5 I,a d I a
IHamond King, I4lc
solid gold Loftle.
mounting. . f w
$3 Month
T3 Round Belcher
Cluster Ring, lla
solid gold, T fin
Diamond set tn
platinum, looks Ilk
a slngl 3- $50
caxat stone .. W w
3 a Month
fine solid go i
fenuln onyx
center, pearl
pendant, I flu,
diamond ; c o in
piete with U-
".?!?. $15
lib icoatu
so n l -
mond etu i,
soled gold.
IiOf Hi'
B l c h r
New thin mode Elgin, Waltham
or Haniden Watches, guaranteed
23 yearn, from CIO up. Terms as
low as ft a month.
Open sally till pan. etarday till SrSt)
Cell er write tor Illustrate Oatalef Mo. Sot.
Itiene Deuslae UU sad ear aalowmaa will call.
C edit Jeweler
bros & car
T-f M
lr M,
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may he
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really succcessful