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Premier Asquith Says. Total Number
of Casualties in France and
Flanden is 377,000.
LONDON, Nov. 1. In his address
t.pfore the House of Commons this
afternoon Premier Asquith stated
that Field Marshal Sir John French,
cmmander of the British forces on
the Franco-Belgian front, was now
lu command of nearly 1,000,000 men.
Mr. Asquith said the total casualties
lu France and Flanders amounted to
377,000. He asserted the Germans
bad not made a net gain of a foot of
tround since April.
The premier accepted hi full share of
the rponnblllt y for the first attack on
tha Dardanelles, which reunited In fail
ure, with the lose of several capital ships.
! said this attack was made after full
Investigation and consultation with naval
experts, and that it was sanctioned hy
the government, notwithstanding" some
doubts In the mind of the government's
principal adviser.
Reviewing 'the work of British sub
marines In the Turkish campaign the
premier said that In the Pea of Marmora
they had sunk or damaged two battle
ships, five gunboats, one torpedo boat,
eight transport and 197 supply ships.
Will Staad Sly Serbia.
Mr. Asquith said there was full agree
ment between Great Britain and Franca
to maintain Independence of Serbia and
not let It "become the prey of tha sin
ister and nefarious combination of Ger
many, Austria and Bulgaria."
Tha premier asserted the financial sit
uation of Great Britain was serious and
that tha nation must be prepared to make
far greater sacrifices than It had yet
dona to enable It to sustain tha burden
Imposed by the war.
Premier Aaquith said ha strongly be
lieved tha recruiting plan of the earl of
Derby would succeed and that compul
sion would be unnecessary.
Confident of Victory.
Mr. Asquith asserted ha was as confi
dent as aver that tha allies were going to
carry their righteous causa to a trium
phant Issue, and ha was not going to
shift tha burden from his shoulders until
satisfied he was unable to bear It. He
would not surrender tha task as long aa
he enjoyed health and t.i confidence of
tha king and tha country.
Commissioner Wlthnell Introduced an
ciJInance which, when passod, will re
quire that all eaa heaters shall be equip
ped with vent pipes for carrying off
P.ecent deaths In Omaha suggested the
passage of this measure.
Mardock War orroa4eat.
WICHITA, Kan., Nov. t. Victor Mur-
ock, former congressman from Kan
sus and chairman of the national pro
gressive rommlH' will go to EuroiMS
a war correspondent, lie will write
rbout the war for an eastern publication
n ml for his own Paper In Wichita,
sailing for France about tha middle f
Tlie Most Amazing Value in
Ever Offered at Any Price!
Never before in the history of the industry has any maker
live, so POWERFUL or richly finished a town car at to
Stylish, handsome, r It lily finished an fitted,
and exceedingly graceful in line, it represents
the supreme achievement of the coach-builder's
art It has all tha elegance and the luxuries
and the many refinements that one desires in
Town Car upholstery of tine prey cloth
handsomely nickeled daoropcners crystal
I' Id le glasa sides and door-tone that give unob
structed vision glass in lite tonnes a doors
divided fur ventilation wind-proof and weather
proof construction.
It has the convenience of being readily con
verted into an open car. Yet the price is only
$1035 less than yon pay furs mere touring car
that equals it in power, siae and quality.
Jhr. ChuAjts ZxzehVax.
"Advertlslig and Clvla Advancement"
will be the subject of an address by
Charles Zueblln st a public affairs lunch
eon at tha Commercial club this
noon. The speaker has a national repu
tation as a lecturer snd student of Clvla
Russian Banks for
Cities in America
rKTROOrUD. Oct. Jl. Via London. Nor.
l- Delayed. ) V. V. Pemellor will leave
shortly to start Russian savins banks
In tha United States. If the American
government doea not give Its consent to
tha proposed plan It is purposed to make
arrangements with Individual hanka tnr
savings funds. Tha plan Is not designed
to draw money to Russia.
A dispatch from Petrograd October M
said the ministry of finance was develop
ing a plan to open Russian savings banks
In the United States to receive deposits
from Russlnn nationals and that tha first
of tha banks would be opened in New
Tork and Chicago.
All Grain Prices
Make an Advance
A good demand sent prices up on the
Omaha Oraln market, wheat advancing
1 to a cents; corn, to cents, and
oats, H to H cent
Wheat receipts wars ninety-two car
loads, and tha bulk of the sales were
made around 96Tl.0o per bushel, with
off grades, I to i cents lower.
Corn receipts were twenty-seven cars,
and prlcea ranged from K to to cents
per bushel. There ware eighteen cars
of oals, selling at Wli cents per
Do Yes Have Roar Stomach f
If you are troubled with sour stomach
you should eat slowly and masticate your
food thoroughly, then take one of Cham
berlain's Tablets Immediately after sup
per, Obtainable every whore. Advertisement
Convertible -r ?nSnC? .
And when yon remember that this car has not
only plenty of room for SF.Y'KN passengers, the
famous Studebaker FORTY 11 one Power motor,
with all its marvelous flood of lt)WLK and its
flexibility and hill-climbing superiorities that
made the Studebaker FOUK the GREAT
4Vcy Under value of the Tear, yon can appreciate
what a remarkable value lias new Studehaker
Sedan FOLK offers. ,
Vs urge that yon see this new Stndehaker model
at once. For shopping, calling, theatre going,
taking the little folks to scboof or Ksther to the
ollice, or fur any social use, it is IDEAL. And
st its is truly a remarkable value 1 Come
in today.
South Bend, Iod. . Detroit, Mich. WalYerrille, Ont
Studcbaker Factory Branch Bldg. 25th A?e. and Farnam St.
President of Steamship Company De
claret No Eeaion for Seizure
of Steamer Exists.
NEW YORK, Not. 2. A protest
against the seizure of tbe American
steamer Hocking by a British man-of-war
which carried It, with a prise
crew aboard. Into Halifax, was lodged
today with Secretary of Slate Lansing
by Richard O. Wagner, president of
the American Trans-Atlantic Steam
ship company, the Hocking's owners.
Mr. Wagner asserted that the of
ficers and shareholders of the Amer
ican Trans-Atlantic Steamship com
pany were all native Americans and
that he knew of no reason whatever
for the vessel's seizure.
"We hsd considerable difficulty In ob
taining American registry." ha said.
"E. T. Chamberlain, United States e m
mlssltnrr.of nvUatn. wis suspicious
of me, apparently, when I applied for
American registry tecaute my name is
Herman. He asked a great many ques
tions, all of which I answered. The ap
plication was turned down by Mr. Cham
berlain because, ha said, ha feared there
was a Oerman Interest In this company.
"I then went to Secretary of Commerce
Redfleld, Mr. Chamberlain's superior. Ha
upheld Mr. Chamberlain. Finally, Secre
tary I,anslng, to whom I next applied,
notified the Department of dmmerce,
after a long Investigation thai there was
no reason why registry could not be
granted, and accordingly tha Hocking
was admitted to American registry on
August 10."
Tha A merles n Trans-Atlantic Steamanlp
company la capitalised at 12,50,000, all of
Healthy Old Age
Brings Happiness
Simpl Rtmtiy Promotti Health by
Overcoming Tendency to
Advancing years impair the action of
tha vital organs. Old age should be the
period of greatest happiness, but good
health la necceasary. Constipation should
not be tolerated It is often tha direct
oause of 111 health.
Headache, belching, bllllousness, bloat
drowsiness after eating and other symp
toms of constipation can be readily re
lieved by the use of a simple laxative
compound sold In drug stores under tha
name of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
Mr. J. H Bristol, 1413 Oeddes Ave., Ann
Arbor, Mich., who Is S3 years old, says
"Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is tha best
remedy I aver 'used for constipation and
I always have a bottle of It In the house
to usa when I feel tha need of it; It
never disappoints."
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Is a mild
laxative preparation, positive In Its ef
fect, acting easily and normally with
out griping or other pain or discom
fort. For over a quarter of a century
It has been the standard household rem
edy In thousands of homes. Druggists
Closed Cars
of cart offered eo attrao
LOW a price aa $1033.
wtiloh la said to be paid in. W. J. parser
'a vies president and J. P. Wagner, secre
tary. It owns ten steamers, all recently
Waistsslos Displeased.
WASHINGTON, Nor. l.-Offlclale hers
informally Indicated today their ilspleas
ure st tha action of Great Britain In
seising the American ship Hocking be
cause of tha alleged Invalidity In Its
transfer of registry. H Is considered
likely that a protest will lie transmitted
to the British foreljm off:ee within a
few days.
The State department will Insist that
the nationality of American ships Is de
termined by the flag and not by owner
ship, and will recall previous positions
taken by Oreat Britain which are said
to conform to the American point of
The fact that the capture was made
while the veaesl was en route from one
port of the United States to snother also
caused much discussion.
IS Reason Fortheemlas;.
HALIFAX, N. B., Nov. 1. Proceedings
were begun In tha admiralty court today
for the Issuance of warrants for the ar
rest of the American steamer Hocking
snd the Dutch steamer Hambom, which
were brought In here yesterday by prise
crews from a British warship.
Admiralty officials would give no In
formation regarding the selsure of the
steamers and the same silence was main
tained by the American consul and the
captain of the Hocking.
COLOGNK, Nov. t (By Wireless to
Sayvllle.) Dr. Josrf Neven Dumont,
proprietor of the Cologne Oasette, d ed
today as tha result of an accident. He
was 69 years old.
Panama Waata to Borrow Cash.
PANAMA, Nov. J. The national as
sembly after a disorderly session today
passed a bill authorising President Por
ras to borrow Il,2j0,'iu0 In the United
States with which to rehabilitate the
finances of the country. The opposition
endeavored to force the government to
state the purpose for borrowing the
money, which the government declined
to do.
everywhere sell It for fifty cents a bottle.
A trial bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
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y . ,',;n
... . . .. . .
I ' V
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