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    Till: BKK: 0MA1IA, MONDAY, IN U I, l'J15.
Nebraska Alumni Pledge This Sam
Toward Great Union Club
A total of $4,000 has already been
raised In Nebraska to add to ap
proximately $500,000 raised else
where throughout the country for the
erection of the great Michigan Union
club house for students on the Ann
Arbor campus.
Reports to that effect were re
ceived at a banquet of Michigan
alumni Saturday at the University
club. The campaign of raising
money for the Union building will
be continued until the last of Novem
ber, when the total Is expected to
reach $1,000,000.
It. John R. ErfTna r. W, fan of tha
literary college of tha unlvenlty. came
all the way from Ann Arhor to be the j
guest of honor at the banquet of loraj
alumni last night. He made an Interest
Ing and stirring speech on "The Uni
versity and tha Union."
Lyalo I. Abbott. 'SI. waa toaatmaatar.
Other peakera Included Dr. Charles F.
Crowley. 'S9, retiring president; Duncan
M. Vlnaonhaler. '91, and R. C. Peters. '84.
These new offlcera were choaen for the
Unlveralty of Michigan Alumni associa
tion of the Missouri valley: President
Lysle I. Abbott; first vice president. J.
C. Ryan, Grand Island; second vice pres
ident. Dr. Claude T. Uren; third vlca
prealdent. A. A. McLaughlin; secretary,
C E. Paulson; treasurer, Raymond Cross
man. The $4,X) raised In Nebraska for tha
Union building Is only part of tha total
to be raised In the state. It was said, as
many of the alumni have not yet been
reached because of Insufficient time ao
far. - Omaha district gave 13,000 and tha
other $1,000 waa raised In tha Lincoln dis
(Continued from rage One.)
last week, and at last evenlng'a service
a number of the men of thla number wer
baptised. Others will be' baptised next
Sunday and other Sundays.
Grace Kaptlst church expects to begin
bsptlsma next Sunday, but has taken In
no new members yet.
Thirty-seven were received Into mem
bership at tha McCabs Methodist church
yesterday momlnf, four of them being
Iirueeela carpet trall-liHera
At St. Mark's Lutheran church a dosen
wer present and remained after tha
service to talk with tha pastor and maet
members. They will ba Inatructed In
church fundamentals before being re
ceived. In the evening the pastor. Rev.
Oroh, was In the church to meet
ethers' of those who had designated this
church as their preference.
The number of "Brussels earpet trail
hitters" indicates that some of those who
hit the "sawdust trail" are doing per
sonal work bringing In others.
"It Is a harder thing to walk up to tha
fronj: In a church, where every eye Is on
you, than It was at the tabernacle." said
one pastor. "When they do It In the
church it Is a mighty good sign."
Seventy-Two at North fa area.
At the North Presbyterian church tha
auditorium waa crowded to capacity at
the morning servlcea. overflowing Into
the gallery. The preaching was out short
and the time given over to tha receiving
Into membership seventy-two men,
women and young people converted as a
result of the Sunday meetlnga. Cards
have been algnrd by nearly as many
more, and It U expected that they will
unite with the church next Sunday, the
data for holding communion.
. Wednesday evening of this wee, at the
North church, there will ba held what haa
been designated as a "fellowship meet
ing." Upon this occasion It Is expected
that .all old and new members will be
present for the purpose of getting ac
quainted. Trall-hlttera at the Sunday
tabernacle will tell of their experience,
and In addition there will be a song serv
MINDEN, Neb., Oct. Sl.-(8pectal )
pi. m nt tha rieath of Oenriza Hart-
- i
sough in I'eru, noma jimrn, wiinj
the mother of Mr. Hsrtsough today.
Oeorg Hartaough waa th son of Oeorga
HaHaough, for twenty years and up to
the time of his death agent for th Bur
lington rai'road at Minden.
Hartaough, Jr., graduated from th
State university In tha electrical engin
eering department and for a while waa
employed in th capacity of electrical
erifineer on th Panama canal and when
it was finished took up work for a cor
poration In Peru, South America. It was
her that be was working when In some
way he was accidentally electrocuted
while in line of his work. He was married
a year ago to Mlas Mona Clearman of
this city, who was with him at th time
t-f th accident. Mrs. IJartsough la th
daughter of on of th prominent mer
chants in Minden. both she and her de
ceased husband having been reared here.
Mr. Hartaough leaves hla mother and one
el-ter. Mrs. Koacoe J. Slater, of Ber
trand. Neb.
NORFOLK. Neb.. Oct. tl.-OpecUl Tel
Taru.)A sU-cyllnder Hudson automo
bile belonging to P. II. Davis of Norfolk
was stolen last evening while Mr. Davl
and tils family wer at a picture show
P.eiiorts Indicate " that th car took
gasoline at Stanton and that It went
through Pllgtr at a rat of fifty mllea
an hour.
M. Ma the.
M'COOIC. Neb.. Oct !. (S poets 1.)-
Thla community was shocked yesterday
by the death of M. Mathe. a veteran of
the civil war and for years a resident
of this city. Mr. Mat1 s had . been a
sufferer with a severe heart trouble, and
cam to hts death by his own hand,
while doubtless temporarily suffering an
attack tf m-ual alteration. Hla. wlft
.r.d a daughter aurvlve him here.
Denies Order to i
Beopcn Saloons
CTTICAOO, Oct. SI. A sreond prwnl
for an Injunction to retrain tlnyor
Thompson from Interfering with saloons
OH Bunds? was denied by Judsre Wlnde
In circuit court yesterday. The Injunction
nought was to prevent Interference with
the sale of tobaoco. cigars and soft
Ths court held that to allow the saloons
to remain open to ar-ll thltiss "t pro
hibited by law. would p n the donrs to
all aorta of vlolatlona. "The city and
state b th have powers to reuulita siloons
In tha Interest of crime prevention, peace
,anl morality." Judge Wtndes declared
Lincoln Man Fijrurei Out that
Massachusetts Will Certainly
Go for Suffrage.
(From a Stft Correspondent.)
I tVPOLM rw-t 11 rMnarlal t Tha
question of 'who la tha greatest prophet
In Lincoln. John Q. Maher or Fell New-
ton, wU ba settled next Tuesday when
the ststa of Massachusetts votes on tha
proposition of woman suffrage. Iet week ;
Colonel Maher Issued a statement do-1
in au.ira.a u urir.. ...
that state. Today Judge Newton
a Biaiemeni oecianng mat me imy
state win oeciare lor aunrime. im J".nrtimcnt and called police headquartoia.
glvea aome Interesting figures as fol
Women beside the cradle, over the
cook stove, at the club, whist parties and
the churrhea, and men on tha lienehea
In t!ie front of tha city hall and in the
'lsr atorea are earnestly nl usainff
woman surfrsge. Hut suffraglnta aril
antia eagerly the lesuit of the
next Tuesday election In the eastern
Home claim that Pennsylvania, Massa
chusetts and New York will vote agnluat
suffrage hecauae New Jersey did. Others
say mat INew York la a liberal state and
will surely do Its own thinking. Hit '.
thai a are many philosophical theurl.a 1
who sre always concerning themselves
scout ruture airy protuems.
Personally I am thoroughly In avm
palhy with the great French writer,
Anatole Franca, who In his personal ad
dress to women riles: "if i were you,
I should hate those emaiicliiatitra who
wUh to make you the equal of men. Tney
are degrading you. A fine vocation for
f'ou, to be euual of a lawyer or a chem
st! Take heed; already they have de
prived you of soma of your mystery
and your charm. Hut all la not yet lost;
men atlll fight for you. commit sulci. In
for you, ruin thrmselvca for you, al
though they have ceased to give up their
seats to you In omnlhusaea." We see
here the fine perception of Anatole I
b ranee In accord
d with the Intuition of
ex-uovernor Huchtel of Colorado when
the latter gave his famous tosst shortly
sfter the victory of tha suffragists In
Colorado: "To the ladles! Formerly our
superioral Now our equals!"
nut aome statistics of these state's
population may be Interesting to your i
iv .. .7 lo .,. ,n proof M'"""1-
ThrjrJa'of'N'ew fcWvT. 2 "'.'re !
miles and of Massachusetts 8,:M square !
miles, or practically tho sumo. New Jcr- j
Z .IL."'! V'f.""" th.', ln,,-lorl,r, of i
JewEtlm I
and its foreign population la Hi) 7mH, of
whom 2l Sm) are Uemiaiia: 11b.4t ltei-
tans; Sl.iin Irish and ou.uiO English, and
M.t per cent of the population is Homan
t'athollo in fslih. The Italians and the
itunalana of New Jersey are mostly an
archlala who do not believe In voting,
though thoy were In aympHthjr with tha
suffiagis.s, yet tlicy refused to vote,
turthermore. New Jersey haa only ona
university, I. a. Princeton, and two col
legea with a total of atudenls. Waa-
tHohusetts' estimated
,W.(i;3 and its furelgn population la n,,rr, Ki.u., ,nn... annnunea va
l,.l.uo, of whom 222u. are Irish; ui bjn wrln pUBr company announced yea
are (.'snadlsn-l'rench; 117, 2A0 Kus.l in.n;! terday they would build at Oaring, work
,M k"'t.lfl!li J''t Hallana; Uer- ! commencing at once, and completion In
., an,. ocuica, t,o 4 oriugutse,
and U pir cent of the population U
Koman Catholic In faith. 1 tt-aides, thern
are within the state seventeen iolhK
and unlvvrsltiea of which fourteen are
non-s.ctarli.ri and three ara sectarian
(two Calholin and one Methodist). Of
these seventeen Institutions five are ex
clusively for women with a total of G.u
atudenta, and deducting the H.oOO wtwi
aiuuuiiia from the total number. 1 1.11
mo'.7 oV'whoT'w?!. 'vote ? booTr
suffrage. There are also ten normal
schools, with a lotal enrollment of 2, .
products and wlU a"..'? 1',
woman suffrage. i
.iAn.lher ,"lt "'l11 nrt b forgotten ,
that Masanchnsetts la very socialis t.- The'
foreign population of Massachusetts Is'
the most socialistic and dnoH rot fall to
ni.Th.,,iU".hn"'!.,,''" fch and :
r ngll.'h are th l at rs of soinllsin
and naturally are strong support, re fori
noman eurirwge. The atudenta of lUr-'""
vara university ara of rich parents nd
will support suffraae with money and
with voles. Th Oerman population I
very small In comparison with the other
For th above reasons I cannot help
but believe that woman surt'rage will
carry in Massachusetts.
Erwin Brothers Open
Revival at Auburn
AUBURN. Neb., Oct. 31. (Special. )
. .
iiie r.rwm uroiners or Texas, evan-
gellats, will start a series of revival I
meetings fter today, under th auspices
of th M.nistrlal association of thai
Protestant churches of this city. '
A large tabernacle la almost completed!
for tha us of th meetings. It Is thought
that th building will aeat about S.W0,
people. Th work was performed largely '
by members of th various churches and
Prayer meetings have been In progress
In varloua parts of the elty nightly. The
proposed revival Is looked forward to
with much enthus'asm by the workers
and thos who have it In charge.
AUBURN, Neb., Oct. ffl. Special )
Th November term of th dlatriet eourt
In and for this county will conrena on
November I with a Jury. Th term will
not probably last mors than two weeks.
Th jury has been selected and has
been notified to appear on the Wh.
Yesterday at Tecumseh Judg Rsper
sustained a demure to th petition or
school district No. 11 of Nemaha county
against school district of the village of
Brock. Th suit waa tor an Injunction
restraining th county clerk from run
ning th vy on land recently taken
from th plaintiff.
Under th act of th last legislature,
school districts maintaining ten regular
grades, and which eoi talned Isj than
six sections of land, raa apply to the
county upciintendmt, county clerk and
county board to tak from aurround'ng
districts such territory aa may b found
Just and equitable. l'ndr this law said
board took about a section of land from
school dlatriet No. JL and th object of
the suit waa to test th legality of the
law. The eourt held that ecaal ekttrtct
No. U could not maintain th suit.
NaTeaaber te Muala fur Colda.
Harden your ay.tera with Bell's Pin-
Tar-Honey it kills th cold germ. Cureslthe eViuihrn I'aelfio iialltx-ad cemoany
the cough. VOiy aw. All oruggiata. Ad -
Julian Homan Instantly Killed by
Car Driven by W. A.
Julian Homan, aged 13 ypars, wan
Instantly killed last night when an
auto driven bjr V. A. Davenport, !
4121 North Twenty-fourth street, I
chauffeur for the Blue Tsxl con-many. '
- - "ln !
Intersection of Twenty-fourth and
Bancroft streets. The little fellow ,
was the son of Joseph Homan, 2710
South Twenty-fifth street, an em
ploye of the Cudahy Packing com
pany. The taxicab was proceeding at a
fair rate of speed south on Twenty
fourth street, when, witnesses say,
the lad ran directly In Its path and
was struck down and run over. The
neaTT car crushed out his life almost
Lavenport atopped tha machine and
plcknd up the body of the lad and started
...rhv ..or, hut anelnr ,
mU attention waa uaeless. he,
,a(, ,h- body Jf)Wn went t0 tn(! e,ub
f'rowat Threaten.
A big crowd gathered aad when they
found Davenport vim the driver, one man
exclaimed, "Get a gun and we'll finish
thla right now."
"I'm the driver, all right, boys; but this
waa purely an accident. I have nothing
to defend myself with but two hands,
and I'll use them as long as I'm on my
feet." replied Davenport.
lie wss saved from certain rough han
dling, If not serious violence, by tha
llmelv arrival of an automobile load of
police) reserve, who were forced to keep
vigilant eye on the angry crowd
The dead boy was one of ten children,
four brothers, Joseph, I'aul, John and
Leo, and five sisters, Mrs. Francis Ilahn.
Mrs. Martha Wills, Mrs. Anna Ander
son, Julia Homan, his twin sister, and
Polly Homan. The twins were next to
the youngest In the family.
Km Hoi ta Wee Mather.
The mother, Mrs. Julia Homan, Is con
fined to Ft. Josoph's hospital, where she
Is critically 111.
The little fellow had Instated on going
In the hnxrtltnl fn mi. hie mnthep All .VK.
i if. .v.. v,,. ,,,.. w.
,". ... ,.. '
I'prmiwum ui ma enipri wni uil ine yibiu
The Injuries wtilch caused his death were
found by the coroner to consist of a
broken neck, two fracturea of the Jaw
bone and a hole an Inch In diameter In
the skull.
With Davenport In the auto were Fred
'"ms n. proprietor of th. Her Grand
bath house, and Rudolph Larsen, 1118
South Twenty-eighth street. Davenport
wss taken to the station, where hie bonds
were placed at IS.000. Coroner will
bold an inquest.
Big Sugar Factory to
Bo Built at Gering
GEniNG, Neb., Oct. 81.-Spcclal.) The
most complete and modern sugar factory
In the 'world Is what the officials of the
tlme for slicing the 1916 beet crop. Thla
Is an auxiliary organisation of he Great
Western Sugar company, which owns
numerous factories throughout the state
of Colorndo and tha factory at Scott's
Bluff. They have purchased their own
alte and make the definite announcement
Without suhnldv or nther Inrltieamant
,h' """"l f --'' .
Jubilant over the prospects. One phase
of the new factory will be Its method of
"indUn h r
cattle and sheep feed nit purposes, and
has hnd to be hauled hereofore In a
. . . . ... .
,om bllt n iulpment will be
Installed In the liew plant at a coat of
12.i.oio to dry same so that It can be
. . . .
t"1"1"01 easily and transported or shipped
TRCt'MSFH, Neb., Oct. Jl (Special.)
Judge J. H. ' Hnper ad.lourncd the John
son county district court Saturday. J.
H. Brlllhart, a local farmer, pSetidcd
guilty to the charge of selling home
made wine, an intoxicant, ao the grand
Jury said, and paid a fine of 13) and
The bond of Oeorg F, Dorsch chnrged
w,th forgery, was fixed at 13.000, which
w"1 pe "' i've.
u ,HlJ th villus board at Sterling
last night revoked th saloon license of
"'""en Ptelnkuhler, the saloonkeeper
founJ ul"y by this court of th illegal
'" of Intoxicants.
M'COOK. Neb., Oct. 31.-(Speclal.)-The
School Men's Club of Southwest Ne
braska met la McCoook In on of their
regular sessions. The club discussed the
question. "What la the beat method or
supervising school workf At this gain
ing the nxecutlv committee of the
Southwest Nbra.ka Teachers' associ
ation alao held a meeting, and some
tentative plana wer made for th next
meeting of th big association In Mc
Cook, March , 30 and 31.
Mr, llimsfr lain il,
TORK. Nb., Oct 81. (Special Tele
gram.) Mrs. N. A, Downey of Merna.
who la visiting her mother. Mra. N. A.
8 trickier, fell from th top of a stair
way this morning fracturing hr wrist
and tearing th ligaments from th knee
end dislocating her elbow.
Meta Tram Beat Fee m ant.
FRF MO NT. Neb.. Oct. Jl.-HpiaJ V
Tha crack Meta team of Omaha defeated
Heln'a bowling team of Fremont Friday
evenlns on the new allvya Inatallod at
the Ilein parlors, taking thre atralaht
anva The Mets five scored
naulnat J.St for h n niont. 'id" Hunt
ington Of the Vletx team scored W H
H thre games. It was th first match
th Fremont team haa lost sine the
oiientng of the alleys last ailing. Fr.
mont plays Hellwlg'a Prla Winner of
Lincoln at th opening of th new alleys
at Wahoo Tuesday vnlng.
Frrlaat Kkaraa Lifted.
pn rRsvt-soo. rw- r. th --
barr n on California freUrht i tialveaton
to New York haa beuii lifted by th
Santa Fe railroad, it waa announced
t'l while the freight derartinent of
1 save omi in iiuormation mat fre ght
I 0.''""n or n' V'S water iroin
uti.toiva waa lull uein rriui:(.
New Freight Rates
On Panama Held Up
WASHINGTON. Oct. 31 -frcretry
Oarrlaon temporarily suspended today
damnified frelaht rate on the ranama
railroad which steamshlpe claimed
would force thrm to abandon service
bctwien Ilia Atlantic and the Pacific
con-la until the canal la reopened. The
"t rate of n a ton fixed by the rail-
road on the rasis of the actual expense
of handling the freleht and designed to ( Jn connection with the tragic end
meet the emergency and congestion . , ,, . . ,.
.... , , ... , . Ing o" Mamie a. Miller, 50 years ol
caused by the closing of the canal by '
earth slides, will continue in ef.'ect until residing at 3123 Sherman ave-
Hecretary Garrison hai had an oppor- nue, the police have been asked to
tunity to thoroughly investigate the sub- investigate the theft of diamonds and
Ject. The classified rates were to have
gone Into effect November 1.
1 a - - 4 A 1 I
Ten Others, Including Three
Women, Sentenced to Penal Serv
itude by German Court.
LONDON, Oct. 81. Nine per
sona who were convicted on Oc
tober 26 of espionage In Belgium,
were executed yesterday, according
to the Amsterdam correspondent of
Reuter's Telegram company, who
says this Information was received In
an official telegram from Berlin. Ten
other persona, including three
women, were sentenced to penal
servitude, it is stated. The corre
spondent's dispatch follows:
"An official telegram from Berlin
atates that in the last few days two
additional important espionage cases
have been detected In Belgium and north
ern France. In Belgium twenty-one per
sons have been arrested.
"It is alleged that after having con
fined their energies for some months to
obtaining news by espionage and sending
it to France by way of Holland, they
became bolder In September, planning to
dynamite railwaya and buildings, besides
assisting persons of military age fo es
cape from Belgium to Franca. Among
those arrested are four women, the prin
cipal charge against them being that
they were endangering the safety of the
German army.
a espionage system reported to have
been discovered In France is alleged to
have been managed by the wife of a
raeeiv. h,. riirt .h
French military authorities."
Nine persons, the message adda, were
tried for espionage In Belgium October
M. All were found guilty and were aen
tenced to death. The eentence was exe
cuted today. Ten others, including three
women, were sentenced to penal servi
Tllnrr inr-e. r-r i a -s.
I nntC VVCd I Cnn d I A I ta
WASHINGTON. Oct. IWSpeclal Tele
gram. ) Postmasters appointed:
Nebraska Aahby, Grant county, Har
vey C. Hubbard, vlca Mrs. Maria U
Frenlrrberg. rvsigncd; Nattlck, Thomas
county, vtiiuam i.iuey, vice George W.
Ixiwe, resigned- Bead, Arthur county,
Lee! resigned1'' ' VlC AUert J-
Iowa Dumfriea. Potta wattamla esointv
Carl J. Brandt, v'ce H. H. Turner, re
moved; Dundee, Delaware county. No
than M. Rowley, vtce Nelaon (Mlhert, re
signed; Melcher. Marlon countv. Miss Ola
Onode, vice Warren T. Newklrk, re-
Wyomlng-Blttcr Creek, Sweetwater
county, August Schneider, vice Mrs. N.
O. Bruce, resigned; Lyalte. -Fremont
F. Cunningham, reslifned; Pitchfork;
Park county; Charles J. Belden, vie Mrs.
P. C. Newell, resigned.
The following lay Inspectors have been
appointee) in connection with the bureau
of animal Industry and where they will
I b located: W. V. O'Brien, Waterloo. Ia.,
at National Stock yards, Illinois; F. J.
Hulmela, South Ottumwa, la., at Mason
City, la.; F. I Rodeis, Cedar Rapids,
la., at Cedsr Rapids; W. H. McArl, Sioux
Falla. S.. D.. at Sioux Falls.
C. Arthur Orr of Cedar Rapids, la.,
hits been appointed assistant statistician
In th Department of Coi-.imerce.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Oct. 31 (Special.)
Dr. Walter M. I.acey returned today
from France, where he served three
mor.ths In a British concentration hos
pital near Boulogne, holding the rank of
captain. He was a maniber of a party
of Harvard surgeons and nure who
volunteered for duty behind th British
lines. He state that the British are
doing a remarkable work in prevent Inn
typhoid and lockjaw among their act-
lv and wounded troop, but say. that
the character of th. righting In northern
S I a ll V BS S" U W(i(,a V W ' IIU' VS C Li t I II
untold misery before they can be given
sttentlon, th mortality for this reason
being very high. A large percentage of
th men with limbs blown away, or a-rl-
ous abdominal wounds, succumb bc."a'iso
It Is Impossible to give them attention
Immediately after they ara wounded.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Oct. -.-(Special.)
One hundred business men tonight sat
down at a banquet In honor of O. O.
Brophy, who leaves tomorrow for Omaha,
wrier he will becom superintendent of
tha Nebrsska division of th Vnlon Pa
cific, and Samuel R. Touaey, who suc
ceeds Brophy as superintendent of th
Wyoming division. Brophy haa b-en
highly popular during his service her.
NEW YORK, Oct. . Sixty houaea
were raided laat night by ninety detectives
In the first wholeaale gambling raid in
thla city In many years. Armed with
axes and wedges th dstectlves stormed
th houses located in various parts of
Manhattan and arrested sevral hundred
on warants. The detectives worked un
der Lieutenant Costtgaa and formed into
eight squads.
WAfmTNVT OV. Oct- tV Th net
amount ef federal nam aota taaaa
out by - aderal Kraerv banks IncraasaJ
nearly H.oou.ouo during th last wk. ac
cording to a ataternt of th banks'
condition October 29. Issued today, by
th Federal Beserv board.
Mamie Miller Dies After Living in
Want, Though Possessed of
m..,,h. ,ha Vllliw, isnn alWpd
to have been stolen from the resi
dence about the time of the woman's
death, last Thursday morning.
To determine whether the death
resulted from other than natural
causes, the police requested Coroner
Crosby to hold a postmortem exam
ination, which was done by Dr. S.
McCleneghen, coroner's physician,
who reported that death was caused
! by an affection of the liver.
The funeral was held yesterday and the
body Interred at Forest Lawn ceme
tery. Rev. C. W. Bavidge officiated In
tha preaence of a small group of ac
quaintances. .
Led Life of Reriaae.
Dr. J. Alexander Williams, who says he
was first summoned to the Miller resi
dence on Sundsy, October 3, statea that
on his first visit the patient had a sali
vated mouth and throat and wss In a
serious condition. Ha says death was
Imminent for soma time before she passed
away. In his report of the case to the
health department the debtor ascribed
liver trouble as the cause of death.
It Is stated by neighbors and others
who hsd occasion to know of the life
of thla recluse, that during the last few
months of her Ufa she experienced many
difficulties due to Ulneaa and depleted
It Is further stated that on account of
her disinclination to mingle with neigh
bors she waa neglected by them during
the last days of her Illness, and that she
even went short of food until a former
husband, W. J. McEethron, took an In
terest In the case.
Bnrled by Former Hasbaad.
Mr. McEathron, who la a civil engineer,
residing In this city, but at present at
work In Iowa, arranged for the funeral
and engaged a nurse during the last
week of the woman's illness. The Rev.
Mr. Savidge, who operates the House of
Hope, states that W. J. McEathron,
father of J. W. McEathron. left hla in
stitution on August at the request of
I Miller, to atay at her house, and the
I m,n",,'r saya the elder McEathron was
at the Miller house from the date men
tioned until yesterday.
Second Husband Dead.
Mrs. Miller's house was known to have
been furnished with costly furniture, some
of which she sold during the last few
montha to provide money for necessities.
After her separation rom Mr. McEath
ron a few yeara ago, Mrs. Miller married
Willi- Ultl.i, - l a
I """" - r, -no uieu
! last spring. It is said that the death of
her second husband cauaed her to grieve,
and the attendant financial distress ag
gravated the situation.
The home at Sherman avenue and
Spencer street Is a two-story brick and
was owned by Mrs. Miller. It Is a sub-
! stantlal residence and the property Is
j worlh about W'0oa The onl known rel-
tlve Is a sister, who Is believed to live In
Pennsylvania. Mr. McEathron has been
trying to get In touch with the sister,
Nrlg-hbora Know Little.
Rev. Mr. SavldRe says he wss first
ca"el " lust Monday, and he adds that
a nurse was summoned arter he called
Nelehbors discuss the case in whispers,
! nd on neighbor woman stated that
i Mrs. Miller neither sought nor received
tha attentions of thos Hving near her,
for reasons. It Is aald, generally known
i In the neighborhood.
Miller lived in Omaha twenty
CLEVELAND, O.. Oct. . Miss
Blanche Walsh, actress, who in private
life Is Mrs. W. H. Travers. is near death
at a hospital here. She had been play
ing In vaudeville and two weeks ago be
came ill. Doctors tonight say her death
Is only a matter of hours.
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1 rat ll.a- t