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    THE l.KK; OMAHA. KM PAY, OCTOREU 20, 1915.
Ths Bee rubllnhlnjt Compsny Proprietor.
ICntareS at Omth poatofflc a second --! matte.
P carrier Py mall
per month. per yar.
1 fry an. Sunday "0
pslly without Sunday. ..." o
J-Ventr.g and .Snnrtav "r Son
Fvenlng without Sunday o 00
Sunday Pee only
pond notice of chart of addia nr complaints of
Irregularity In jllvTy to Omaha faee, Circulation
Bomlt hy draft. ipr r portal order. Only two.
ont itiiniK received In payment of small a
counts Personal rhwH, cept on Omaha and eastern
axehanra. not serepted.
Ornaha-Th F Pwllrtins.
9 outh Omaha 3il N wfrH.
Council Itluffa 14 North Mala street,
ttnooln Lltrt Building.
Chicago SOI Hart pul'dlnr
tw York-Room im. V Fifth avsntia
St TOiile- Rut New Fans: of Onmmerr.
Washington 7 Fo u r I n t h Bt.. N. W.
aeMress pcimtnunlcatlona rnlstlns to ntwi and &U
korial matter to Omaha Boa, Editorial Department.
Stat of Nehrsska, County of Dotiglna as:
rw1rht Mlllnma, circulation nuntiar of Tha Baa
Publishing company, brlnic duly aworn, saye that tha
average circulation for Hi month of Bapiambar, una,
was MM.
nwiOlrT WILLIAMS. ClrculaUcm Manager.
8ubwcriid In mr p'eacne and aworn to bfor
tna. this Ut day of Octoiier. 1!1S
HUBERT HUNTi-il, Notary Publla
8obcrib?rs leaving ths city temporarily
should have The nailed to them. Ad
dreae will ba changed aa often as requested.
TZ October a
Thought, for the Day
5ctsf by Clarm B. Maon
Ataks n great account of eho may 6a ftr Ihtt
or againtt (foe, but mind anil taU ears that
God bt Uh thtt in tverything tm &otL
2oma$ A. Ktmpu.
Fine weather none better anywhere.
Look, like "open season" once more for
After-dinner orators.
It ought to be about time for the water rate
to bit the downward trail again.
A ministerial wage of $1.87 a day affords
ample Justification for a red-hot strike.
Gaill poll remains on - the allies' map, but
. Constantinople is all but out of eight of Baxon
and Gaul.
Hallowe'en Is all right, for boys will be boys,
now aa always, but still Hallowe'en should not
be spread over a whole week.
Protection T Never! Any other name Is sweet
ness boiled down for, the administration pro
- cram against the 'dumping" sol foreign goods.
' Official figures on the Inequalities of taxa
tion merely underscores the fact that personal
property schedules gauge Individual lle-abllltles.
Omaha baa the rare felicity of being the
host of a distinguished group of bishops and
bankers at the same time. And peace reigns In
the temples. t
The Omaha market Is the "top-notcher" on
receipts of sheep the biggest sheep market in
the world. There's something to brag about when
you are abroad.
Despite the decision of the learned umpire
In the case, suspending the rule of holding hands
vhils dancing, "Old Dan Tucker" Imperils the
sanity of the ancient sport.
Four shells exploded on the western front
within 200 yards of King George. The shocking
discourtesy of enemy gunners to his majesty
ought to be good for a boom in British volunteering.
Testimony in the San Plcgo court-martial
case leaves no doubt of the quick perception of
aviation novices In qualifying for the extra pay.
As a stimulus to speed your uncle's till is an
unequalled self -starter.
No event In the future is surer than that the
deadening load of war taxes will cause an exo
dus from Europe to the republics of the western
hemisphere. Signs of the movement are already
UMble In Creat Britain.
"V should atop frittering . away Omaha's
mvslc money," so we are told, "on transient and
foreign musical attractions except those of the
bight t character." V will all agree to that,
but who can find two musicians who will bar
rtioDite their views on the high or low character
of any one's else music?
Lisht Guard ball was tha air no of a aorta Na (Wan
ity tha Kutli Kcbrkah lodge. Tha commlltoa In chare
Included 1. htandevan, llitity Jarkaun. John Ptaborn.
E. U Armetrons. J. W. Klchola, Mrs. H. Wrtaht.
MUa Carrie Jackson. Uiaa Emma Von Colt. Mla
Aililla Uluiuore. Mn. fc. K ArmatrotiB-
Th city la ati over the k.lllnf of a highwayman.
In tha act of robbing a atreet nnT caah boa at Him
corner of Eighteenth and I-akr hy tha drtvar of thu
car. H. U, Moodi-xJaa. Tha body of tha deaptrad
exhlbltc-d and by hunilrrda of pvoolv.
A beautiful rUn of tha propose city hall aa
aiiiftiea by twralary Mryera of lvtrolt. la on x
hi LiLU,n at Orchard's at tti corner of rtftawuth and
Mr. and Mr I. W. Ulnar are back from an
tended vUlt to New York.
Mrs. A. U. Ianlrla aod lira. M. M. La-on of
. ruaaant ara vtaaumj at tha raaidenr of Mr.
anq Mr a. jc. n. Aiun.
Tha Gun club's banuuet mas dul held at th Mil
lard, and tha Hay all It. snip. Suck. . pralilo
maima aua iuiiu er washed dun was a
fYlcnda ot lr. and Mrs. K. N. Allan, UU Mm.
tecntll street. tkm a urprle party on th
ci uir r. urn Iroin an extended Uxir of U
fbllip Andrea anU It known that be is an Inds-
canoioais lot JuaUc of the
Straddle that it Almost a Stretch.
our npmocranc nrrinren are at mis juncium
facing a dilemma more annoying than ever be
fore encountered by Inst party. Having miser
ably failed to carry out promises made In their
campaign, such as to reduce the high cost of
living, save money on governmental expense,
and the like, they are now under compulsion of
taking some action to protect American Industry
against European after-the-war competition.
Their antipathy to a protective tariff Is leading
them through many devious ways in search of a
remedy, with little avail. Even the president Is
now understood as being on the point of aban
doning his "ethical" plan for holding the foreign
ers out of the American market, although be is
still looking for a substitute or the tariff.
The policy ot protection, as developed by
successive republican administrations, will not
be lightly set aside. Under It American Indus
tries were fostered and built up, while under the
democratic policy of free trade the manufactur
ing enterprises of the country are seriously
menaced. Coining new phrases, such as the
' dumping" that Is now filling so much of the
official utterances from Washington, will not
niter the situation. The straddle of the admin-
Intration and Its supporters on the tariff ques
tion Is becoming a genuine stretch.
Squirrel Lovers, Up and at Them!
Omaha may soon be the scene of a lively
ruction between two schools of nature lovers.
The Audubon society Is about to declare war on
the red squirrel, alleging that he chatters and
frisks through the forests of the village In such
unseemly manner that the favored feathered
choristers shun our shady avenues and bosky
larks. Mebbe so, but It basn't been proven.
The squirrel Is a busy little scamp, and he frisks
his bushy tall across the paved streets and along
overhead wires in utmost nonchalance. Neither
noisy auto nor fearsome trolley car holds aught
of terror for blm, and from a safe spot on a tree
trunk or a telephone pole, he will scoff at the
most active dog that ever Jumped In futile rage.
He will make his way to the uppermost balcony
of the tallest apartment bouse, and there ac
cept bis ration of ready cracked nuts from the
hands of his fair hostess, and will even enter and
search her home In quest of more. What song
bird has shown this quality of social adaptabil
ity T
We want songsters, but surely the woods are
big enough for them and the squirrels both.
John James Audubon found It so, and it Isn't on
record that be ever advocated killing off one
kind of God's creatures that another might live.
Lets make very sure the little red squirrel
really deserres extermination before we declare
war on him.
Protest Sent to Great Britain.
The long-delayed note of protest to Great
Britain has finally been dispatched from Wash
ington, a special messenger being now on his
tay to London with the document. Its contents
are but measerlv disclosed in tha nntch
from the capital, 6ut are said to follow the lines
of the original memorandum on the topic ot
the order-ln-councll of last February, under
which the British government set up a war sone
rracucally Including the seas of the world, and
totally putting to one side the declaration of
London. The position of the United States was
plainly made known at the time, and since then
rothlng has occurred to even suggest a recession
Irom this attitude. Certain events Have aggra
vated the case, while others have served to delay
the more formal process of diplomatic pro
cedure, now under way. The language of the
tote may be later given to the public, but It la
taken for granted that the president has upheld
tne case or the United States against England
vlth the same firmness as he did in the contro
versy with Germany.
Bankers and Farm Credits.
In bis annual address to the Nebraska Rank.
ers association, President McNish approaches
tne topic of farm credits from a friendly stand-
lolnt, and offers some suggestions that are
worthy of careful consideration. His principal
p oposal is that the matter be left to ataA
lather than to national, legislation for the forma
tion and direction of the agencies through which
the end sought is to be attained. Tha neeri r
tetter means for the flnsnclng of farm opera
tions Is apparent, but the method of supplying
wis wsnt is not so readily determined. Th
bankers have a great interest In the subject, and
are not inclined to hamper any fpaaihU nUn
Their views are surely entitled to consideration,
because of coming from men who are experienced
in aeaung wun matters of credit. The plan for
state rather than national control has attractive
points, but it may be that national supplemented
bf state laws will yet bring the solution.
A decision of wide import comes from the
Wisconsin supreme court, which allows an em
ploye who contracted typhoid fever from water
supplied at the workshop the benefits of the
workmen's compensation act. A similar case for
death damages growing out of the alleged Im
purity of wator supplied la Omaha Is pending
It the local courts. The lasues involved are or
vest Importance and open no an hitherto i,n.
touched field of personal Injury claims.
When It was first proposed to inaugurate a
train exchange in Omaha a lot of people said It
could not be done, and some of the very same
people are now saying H Is impossible to make
Omaha a primary butter, market. But Omaha
Is already tnarketlbg more butter than any other
tlty la the country, and is bound to make even
more of a stir In the butter world than it has
biade in grain circles.
The funnybone of Uncle Sam thrills to the
erge of a scream at the cleverness of the real
estate men who put over a raw one at Seattle.
pusiouic site covered with iht r
water at high tide, and for which the cus
tomary rancy price was paid goes to show that
th mtlnni fiwn ... .
..Uupa, wim an nis 'acuities
and accomplishments, is as easy as some ot his
It turns out that the futur. mt.t ,.
White House Is not a suffragist, which may
an extenuating circumstance offsetting
prt-Biaeni s espousal of "the causa" In N.w J
sy Just on the eve of Its defeat In that t.t.
I ut thea the president is a practical politician.
"anoee nas Heretofore refrained from
aTouueaj activities.
Learn to Fly-QhLSo Easy!
ST. A. ScmarTlll la Aortal Are.
Peoi1Mn Stud ant Coara at Itaaea.
t l FT OM yotir duatrr and w ahall what we
JT can do." Thle la In all pronaMHtf tha manner
In which you will recHY your Invitation to
mount an aroplana and start for th first tlm your
esploratlon of that element which for eo many cen
turtoa remained a scaled bonk to man. Tour brother
atudenta are lounging about and the words of the
Inetructor salvanlse them Into action. Tha machine
la turned around preparatory for a fllaht. One stu
dent mounts th machine and amlna th level of
th gasoline In th tank, and. If ncaarir, replen
lahea 1L Another take tip hla position at th pro
peller, ready to crank the motor, whil a third sub
mits th pontoon to an eiamlnation In order that no
mall eracks or fracturea may s unrvJd. By thla
tlm another student perhap has helped you to but
ton your "dueter." It mlht b explained that
dueter" In the vernacular of the flying camp
meana a short quilted jacket Intended to fulfill th
function of a life preserver la eaae you and your In
structor fall Into th lake.
Hy this tlm yon hav conquered any fear which
may hav arisen In you, and you take your sat beald
th Instructor. About thla tlm on of your com
rades may slip up braid you and tie a string around
your knees. When you aak what th meaning of thla
procedure la. you ara Informed that It Is to keep
your knees from knocking together, and then thera
la general laughter. The Instructor takes a last look
at th motor and Informs you that your first duty
will b to retard th motor aa he will shortly be
buay with the throttle. Tha student whose duty It la
to crank the propeller shouts "Haf," th Instructor
replies, "faa," and then the propeller ts given a few
preliminary spina and everything Is now In readiness
to make tha start. Th man at th propeller shouts.
"Put her on. and with a sharp, swift, downward pull
on the propeller the motor la started. It must be re
membered that aviation motors ara relatively Mrher
powered than automobile motors and ara unmuffled.
The din that an eighty-horsepower motor can make
altuated Immediately behind your head can better b
Imagined than deacrlbed. Thla does not In any de
gree contribute to your composure. When your In
etructor la satisfied that tha motor la turning over
strongly he waves hla hand and th machine Im
mediately commences to allp down the quay toward
the water. When It reaches th water th "motor Is
throttled down until th lake proper la reached
through a somewhat narrow channel Notch by notch
the motor la lot out. and by thla time you find yourself
racing over the surface of th watet at express train
peed. Umall patches of weds are seen In th distance
and no sooner. It see ma, ar they sighted than you
shoot acroaa them. By this time the first shock has
dlaappeared and you begin to observe th movements
of your instructor. FVat, by meana of the foot bar
you will se him tak up a straight cours and then
ha will correct th attitude of th machine trans
versely, this being accomplished by means of th
ailerons of th auxiliary movable fine on th ex
treme enda of the main planes.
When thla hmm hmn Hone tli. m.av.m. .111
tak place. When you se hint begin to move his ele
vator you will know that you ar about to leave
th surfar of tha water and gild Into th air. If
th machine Is flying strongly he will "baby" her
Into the air. The dream of your life Is about to be-
rm a reaniy. iiy mis tlm th exhilaration Inci
dental to VOUP mnrt tniaK ava Ik. . w
- m.w .HI. WW V. lilt
water haa Invaded vnur whnU iv.tom wmi.
- . -, St-". w.vw
flows fast. Perhap you will turn your yee upward.
anu wnen you asain gianc downward you will se
in water lying many rest below you. Tou hav com
mitted yourself to tha tend
ment, Tou ara struck with amassment Ther ar no
lumping about, no wild buffeting by th air cur.
rents, about which you hare read ao much. The
machine mounta with the steadiness ot an ocean liner
coming Into Its pier. The' next time you look down.
... w.ior nwni a long way orr. it, however, inspires
no fear. Tha hllla which laini. h. i.b.
pea red so high hav shrunk Into nothingness; you
m dov an mings terreatrlal. cavorting with tha
Twice Told Tales
Vala of Deliberation.
On mornln In e i
--- ... vipbuu awrci svi 1119
villagers were having an amiable dlacuaalon on th
iiminmonuu arrarra or a coupl who, though quit re
cently wed, had already begun to find th yoke of
iutim wriifTiiiina or a ouraen.
" "Ha all along o" them haaty marriage a." remarked
a cauatlo old gentleman who had taken a prominent
POaltton In tha rflacuaalon. 4"Th. t - ....j
- ---- - . . niiuviiuina
each other. They'd nobbut knowed each other for a
r di eevwn year.
"Well, that seems long enough," said a visiting'
traveling man.
"Long eno'T" said the old gentleman. "Te'r wrong.
When a body' courtln he canna be too careful. Why
my courtship wf Janie lasted a matter o' nineteen
"You wer certainly careful," aald the vialtor. "And
did you find your plan successful when you married r
"f Jump to conclualona too hastily," he replied.
"I understood her then, ao I dldna marry her!"-New
York Time.
The Irony of It.
Walter J. Travla, the golfer, act up hla ball anl
then mad a half dosen s wishes at th ahort grasa
with th driver.
"I am not In good form," h aald. "I am playing
Ilk a broker we had here laat week. Thla broker
played once around. mki II sT am W-siaiH f ut avV.IV.lti a
s IUUM lull VI
hlmaalt Of thla. though, h was not aware. It was
u,"" prriiy wen tor mm. Tha man's caddta was an
unusually quiet, atolld lad. a boy with a freckled fac
quiet devoid of expression. And sine th caddie never
onco laughed or aneered at hla bad play, th broker
took a fancy to him. And h aald at tha end of th
round. In the hop of getting a compliment:
'I hav been traveling tor th. .1.
am quite out of pracUoa. That la why I am In auch
asssu 1 'I uj IU11R y ,
"The caddlo replied, calmly: 'Then ye've played
grah bV6 "-MtMburh .hroiiic.le-T.le-
Th Needed Tool.
Andrea, C.n..l. . ...
. . v..,..n u .re a reporter w hile
h waa playing clock golf on th Newport eat at which
giafe Ka at mniiul a W
- waaBB4 S VS a I ASF UJIimfr,
w V" bV"r " thu M' Carniri began,
than I uaed ta b. I remember th tlm when I was
so had at holding tha ball that trmu . ...
- - - f w v. lift viUUlf
one aald to ma:
" "Shan't I get yon a shoehorn, elr?"
People and Events
dene Peba Is tll abroad In the land, preaching
red-hot etuff to eager crowd. In Itilladelphla laat
Sunday ha talked to a crowd that packed Broad atreet
theater and I.SJS people wer turned away, unable to
get maid th door a.
rtlmpltfled spelling gets a boost from th Illinois
Pally Newspaper association, and twelve worda,
chopped to th limit, hav been adopted, aa follow.
Tho, altho. thru, thruout. thorn, thoroly, thorofara!
program, prolog, catalog, decalog and pedagog.
Raetdenta of yVrgus Falla. Minn., hold a grouch
against th new postmaster because he was not th
favorite for th Job. and ar knocking hla Incom by
buying postage atamp rleewher and mailing their
letter on trains.
A letter carrier la the Manchester (N. H poat
offlce has solved th problem of sorting out mall when
on dark streets, lie has a amall electric lamp, with
a reflector attached to hta coat, and by turning on
th switch ha can hold th mall In front af him and
read tha addreaaas aaUy.
Waahlngton Is not cracked up aa a health resort,
though many g there for their health. Occasionally
a resident beats tha expectancy table. Mr. Samuel
Baoon haa Juat died thera at th ag of Ss. h aaw
John Qulncy Adams tak th oath of onto aa preai.
dent of th Vnlted State and every president sine
that tlm.
A get-rtch-qulck expert of ltilladelphla, Frank C.
Marrta. toaaed hla laat dollar Into a child ren'a charity
box Juat a moment before th door of tha Peanayl
vanla penitentiary closed on him. During a swindling
career of tan years Marrin under varloua allaae gath
ered In nulllona ot dollars, apent four yeare In JaU sad
won th preaant tana for swindling; an old woman
ut of lUsOK
Hot Shot from Shotwrll.
OMAHA, Oct. 2v To the Editor of Th
Bee: If there la any merit In the Initia
tive and referendum as to at at legisla
tion. It la tha fact thst the queatlons of
woman auffrage, prohHHtlon and moral
matters can be submitted to the people
without party dlvlalon or party recom
mendatlona. In other worda, these ques
tions may be removed from party rancor
and party dlvlalon. They have no proper
place In party platforms and are not Is
sue, for party determination. Men may
honestly differ on these que.tlon. snd be
members of th sam political party.
Thee ara queatlona of amotion and sen
timent, rather than queatlons of govern
ment. During the last fnw years a great
many political fortune hunters and
bralnlesa reformers hav become at
tached to the payroll of our state by
reason of the fact that they hav been
carried Into office through the agitation
ot one of these questions. Thea men
could not hav been elected by their
own party organisation on account of
their well known unfitness for the offices
which they sought. They knew nothing
of th science of government and war
unabt to comprehend and underatand
the duties which they were elected to
perform. By reason of the election and
elevation of the political nondescript
to offlc. our atat. has lost prestige at
horn and abroad.
Th leader of these man In Nebraska,
Mr. Bryan, became tha secretary of state
for the nation and when tha hour of peril
cam to his country he deserted his chief
and slunk away Ilk a thief In th night
to begin anew bis preachments of political
fakery. These men hav represented us
In th congress of the United States and
the result haa been that Nebraska has
received no recognition of any Impor
tance. These men hav been elected gov
ernors of th stat and th result has
been that our stat government has had
no leadership worthy of remembering.
Th Incubator of this class of politicians
has been th legislature of th state,
where laws have been passed in profusion
and confusion without regard to the wel
fare and the upbuilding of the state. Th
result is that today In Nebraska ther Is
not a single promotion or undertaking of
sny great consequence under construc
tion. Even in th laat legislature the
leader of this bunoh of political dema
gogues slmost succeeded In destroying tha
stat militia, and had It not been
for Influence brought to bear from Wash
ington this long-haired statesman would
have succeeded In his desire.
It strikes me that th tlm has ar
rived In Nebraska, when we should cease
to elect members of the legislature, gov
ernors, congressmen and United States
senators upon' issues that ar Immaterial
and which do not determine th fitness
of th man who seeks th office. Long
hair does not denot brains. Neither
does self-laudation prove virtue. We
should elect men. who stand for a policy
of government and who represent a politi
cal party so that the political party In
power will be held responsible for Its
policy of government. I personally be
lieve that th. big problem confronting
the government of our atat and of tha
United States Is th obtaining of men to
construct and guide who ara big enough
and broad enough to grasp the big In
ternal economic questions and to cope
with the serious international problems.
Th days for political fakers and bigots
ar. over. They have had their feast.
They hav left their path of destruction
and they must now b replaced with
men who possess courage, brains and
Therefore, let th lssu in Nebraska be:
Party principle with fltnes. and ability
for th office sought, th test, rather
than a long face, long hair, religious
bigotry and a hypocritical sneer.
Tips on Home Topics
Philadelphia Ledger: Mr. Bryan still
haa some influence with the administra
tion. Hla man has been appointed post
master at Lincoln, Neb.
Philadelphia Ledger: ' Peace among na
tions, as among Individuals, rests upon
friendship and good will, not upon forco
or fear," observes Mr. Bryan. A potent
argument for the abolition of th police.
Boston Transcript: Becauae on. can
remember th time when th girt who
wore her skirt an eighth of an Inch above
her sol leather was considered downright
daring It doesn't necessarily stamp him
as one of the oldest Inhabitants.
Baltimore American: In a case before
th suprem court of the United States
on. of th. lawyers quoted poetry. The
court ot last resort in th. country should
glv. th. final decision against this prac
tice once and for all. The courts hav.
trouble, enough as It la without poetry
being added to their burdens.
Springfield nepubllcan: American
women of German deacent have become
Inoorporated in New York for the promo
tion of sentiments of esteem, lov and
reapuct between America and Oemuuiy.
Even closer to th important point la tha
newly Incorporated Tadensy Kosclussko
Polish and Lithuanian political union to
ITomot patriotism and to teach loyalty
to tha United States.
Baltimore American: The Safety First
Federation of America, which Is meeting
In Detroit, haa one recommendation for
preventive legislation that all careless
persons who cause rtrea shall be made to
tear th cost of calling out th fir. de
partment and also of th property loss of
ths fir. If this drastic regulation ia
taken up no careleaa peraon will be
threatened thereby, for ther will b "no
alch persona."
New York World: There never waa,
never could there possibly hav. been, a
year when the farm yield of a single
country meant so much to humanity. The
Roman empire drew for It. political cen
ter grain from all th. world then known,
a marvel of business organisation for a
day of oar-drlvea galleys and timid little
sailboats hugging ths Italian shore. To- 1
day a population fifty time as great
looas to in American crop as a bulwark
against hunger.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: Th world owe
no man a living. Ths debt la Juat th
other way. Man -ow th world all that
la in him. mentally, morally, physically.
That's what ha waa put her for. When
he realla thla In Its fullest and largest
sens, and acta thereby, hi return from
th world in th am sense that h. gtvea
will b great accordingly. And no on
need wait for such result until a time
wha this sentiment shall b popularly
acospubl and aoosptad. If It vr should
b. It Is available now to ens- man. Get
wusyt ,
Mahett aaw that a Judge somewhere
ma in a womin In court tell her age.
R'Klnald Then when women vote
Where that iurtae la. thev'll all favor hia
recall. Kaltltnore American.
Willie Paw. I It proper to Bay that a
man waa given In marriage?
Paw No. mr aon. A girl 1s given In
marriage Th man alwavs gets sold.
Mawwyvillle, you go out In th back
yrl and atay there Milwaukee Sen
tinel. "Tou mustn't neglect your studies for
"That's what father says." replied the
young man. "Hut father never gets tip
and cheers when he heara me quoting
I-atln the way he does when he sees me
playing foot ball. Waahlngton Star.
f tI II taw I
online 13m UNUCKY?
oh wormiM Qtl
Little Lemuel What Is fame, paw?
Paw Fame. son. is a high ladder, with
grease on each rung. Indianapolis Star.
"Has tha man you sent m for this
responslbl offlc any recommendations?"
"Well, he was honor man In a model
prison league. What mora do you want."
Chicago Post.
Th. Merry One Cheer up, old man!
VV hv don't you drown your sorrow T
The Sad One Bhe'a atronger than I am.
and, beside, It would b. murder. Life.
"I see thst a man has Juat been fined
fM for Impersonating an officer," ssld
"Ooodr said tittle Blnks. "All this Im
personation stuff onrht to be rna1ld.
If every man who maJtee an as of him
self tn pulillc were fined 1M We'd have a
lower tax rat. rew York Times.
Father, aald a small boy. "wnai is a
"A demagogue, my son, Is a man wh
can rock the boat himself and persuade
avervpodv trt there a a terrible storm at
es. Woman's Journal.
"Stop look, listen."
A reflectlv man was reading this rail
road sign.
"Those three words Illustrate the whole
scheme of life." said lie.
"Aa to how?"
"Tou see a pretty girl. You stop. You
look. After you marry her you listen.'
Louisville Courier-Journal.
John D. Long.
The songs we sang wer few and plain:
W sang them o'er and o'er again.
Twaa long ago, yet now and then
We meet and sing them o'er again.
And when the last sweet chord had died,
W. sit In silence aide by side.
Our hearts are full to running o'er
With raindrops from th. skies of yore;
And none dsrea speak, but, silent all.
We almost hear the shadows fall.
Then, while th. twilight deepens fast.
As dim and somber ss th. past.
Like souls revisiting the spheres
Come back to us the buried years.
And In their light, but not ss then.
We live their seasons o'er again.
Till closing round our downcast eri
We feel the blinding tear-mists rise.
The olden songs, ths simple lays.
Full of the breath of other days.
With dear associations rife,
Hav. com to be a part of llf.
And though they touch th. heart with
We sing them o'er and o'er again.
Contains No Alum
I .-: - U AT HERS X
is one of the greatest foe3 of
womanly beauty. It is quickly
cleared by correcting the cause
sluggish liver with the aid
of the gently stimulating, safe
and dependable remedy
Larsest Sal mt Aay Medlotae la th World.
SeU evarywbsre. la bra as, 10.. 26.
K I'sje-1 'lv 1 'a1 SWISH!" 9w r- inj
Make Your Home
Safe by Using
Safe Home
They are the strongest,
sturdiest, safest matches
in the world.
They light almost anywhere.
These are real safety
They don't spark. They
don't sputter. The heads
don't fall off. The sticks
are unusually strong.
They are non-poisonous
and conform in every
respect with the new Fed
eral law.
Sc. All grocers.
Ash for them by nam.
The Diamond Match
f J . ; . "Ail
Ths opportunity ws (Irs Toa to Innet
manor Is a lubl xmuln Diamond
wear It whll paring a amall amount
wek or month, will ba full appracuuaa
wh.n jour pamants are all ma4e aa you
fna.iOT mat yov aoaoiuieir owa a Dlaauw4.
no. M n ' s
Diamond Rlni. t
prong Toe lb mount
ing. 14k solid gn
Komao or pol- tl
lahrd flnUh
S1J)S a Weak.
ess Ladles Dia
mond Ring. UK
aolid gold. Loft la
'Perfection" !
tS a Month.
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tin. at quallt? gold flllad.
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ItM a acoath.
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